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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  April 6, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now taking a live look outside from our exclusive sales force tower camera. it is tuesday, april 6th. thanks for starting your day with us. >> good morning to you. first things first, it is tuesday morning. a check of our forecast. >> we are keeping this pattern going with the gray skies to start out the day. today could be very similar to yesterday. that is the top line in the head line. waking up to gray skies. we are see sun y -- seeing sun by the afternoon most locations. it will be breezy near the water. you can see those clouds from our camera on top of the mark hopkins hotel. you can just see gray pretty much bay area wide as we look at
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just how widespread it is. current numbers are down to the low 40s. it feels nicer because of the clouds. we stay relatively warm. see -- back over the you guys. ly over to you guys. good morning. already seeing a few brake lights coming into tracey. not too bad just yet. just know things are getting busy. also checking traffic along the peninsula. there is a trouble spot. if you are trying to access the broadway onramp to southbound 101 there is a broken down vehicle block lanes. there is an overnight closure in affect for 80 this morning. you will see detours and brake lights as you work your way there. this will be in effect for most
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of the week. right now no delays. again that detour is in place and all clear at the bay bridge. this morning california is poised to reach a major equity goal in the vaccine roll out. the state will reach 4 million dose administered in the most economically disadvantaged areas. we should learn later this morning if there are any additional bay area counties that will advance. taking a live look at oakland this morning where the coliseum mass vaccination site will remain open. it was supposed to shut down on sunday just four days before eligibility opens. senator alex padilla visited the site yesterday. >> it is with our ancestors maintaining that momentum that we come here today to shed light
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on the tremendous success, the tremendous example of what happens when the federal government, the state government and local governments work together to serve the people. we will continue work together to extend life of this facility. >> the chronicle reporting officials are asking fema to keep it open for another four weeks. the reversal was also announced by vice president kamala harris. the primary goal of harris' visit was to promote the biden administration' $2 trillion infrastructure plan. she made a stop at the water treatment plant. >> it is great to be here. >> there are a lot of crumby duties that come along with that position. somebody has to go and be on the
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road a lot. sometimes that falls on number two. researchers are working as fast as possible to learn more about another new coronavirus variant found in the bay area. stanford researchers detected the called india variant this is an that clara county. it carries a combination of mutations. researchers say bathe based off assumptions made about other variants, this one is concerning. >> we would expect this variant to be potentially more transmissible. we have seen that with other variants of concern. >> for more coronavirus developments you download the kpix app by scanning the qr code
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on your screen right now the stanford women's basketball team still basking in the glow of their historic victory this morning. they have won their first national championship title in nearly three decades. the cardinal received a warm welcome back home yesterday in palo alto after sunday's big win against arizona. that victory coming down to the last seconds of the game when arizona failed to convert their play into points and the stanford women's team won by one point. it is the first championship title for the team since 1992. >> thank you for everything. >> it was electric in the room. i -- it was wild. people were so happy. major league baseball's all-star game will be played in
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denver. last week the league pulled the game out of georgia because of a new voting law there. this comes as activists are asking for help from the government as the backlash from the state's voting law continues to cause an upheaval. more politicians are starting to weigh in as major corporations pull their business from georgia in retaliation. naomi has more details this morning. >> baseball season only just began. there is already mounting pressure off the mound. >> it is deeper than voter id. this is about people being able to participate in democracy. >> last week major league baseball made the call to pull july's all-star game from georgia. the decision is backed by the aclu and the naacp who are turning to federal intervention to overturn the law which shrinks the window for sending in absentee ballots, limits the number of ballot drop box available to voters, gives more control of local elections to
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state lawmakers and makes it a crime to give food or water to people waiting in line to vote. it is not just baseball. the ceos of a number of major companies including atlanta based delta and coca-cola have criticized the new law leaving republican law makers hitting back. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said its a big lie to call the new georgia voting law racist. >> my advice to the corporate ceos of america is to stay out of politics. >> president biden supports the decision to move the all-star game though the administration says it is not asking businesses to boycott the state. >> our focus is on working with dong put in place voting rights legislation. >> in protest texas republican governor greg abbott has said he will not throw out the first pitch at the rangers home opener. texas is considering a strict voting law similar to georgia's. back to you. the official announcement
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that the colorado rockies will host the all-star game is expected later today. experts say colorado's voting laws are some of the most inclusive in the nation. going live to san francisco now. this morning we are hearing from a bar owner who said he is receiving death threats over accusation of asian hate. he said he told c.j. to leave several times because he was underage. the young man acknowledges the owner did ask him to leave several times but he refused. that is when a by stander and patron of the bar took matters into his own hands and punched him. >> we had nothing to do with it. there was no threat. no threat. i was completely caught off guard by it. >> c.j.'s mom created this tiktok video which alleges if you are asian, this is the type of service you get waiting for pizza. the viral video led to hundreds
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of negative reviews of the bar. san francisco police have not named a suspect but say they have arrested someone for assault and battery. san francisco police have made an arrest in a road rage shooting that injured two people including a 13-year-old. it happened on march 18th on 3rd street. authorities say the suspect identified as 24-year-old bailey armed himself with an automatic rifle. he ran into a running vehicle and took off. at the time of his arrest he was wearing a court ordered ankle monitor. he was arrested back in 2019 after he brought a concealed firearm to san francisco's pride celebration. we now know it was a mother and daughter who died when a car
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plunge off the cliff. over the weekend a silver toyota plunged off the cliff at the parking lot. investigators found body of 64-year-old and her 41-year-old daughter elizabeth. she was a 1st grade teacher. >> she was like really understanding and like -- she kind of like had a loving motherly type feel. she was like -- she was really fun to be around. she was a good teacher. >> this is a heartbreaking loss. elizabeth has been apart of our pleasanton community for over 15 years. >> the district will offer counseling to the school community when they return from school break. the chp believes the crash was an accident and right now they are looking into possible medical or mechanical issues it is 4:41. >> coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area one of the most popular selfie spots
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in california just reopened and it's more beautiful than ever this year. we will give you a closer view coming up.
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it is 4:43. this morning a new push so u.s. companies don't move overseas. plus what you need to know before booking a trip on a
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cruise ship. we are have more in today's money watch report. >> stocks soared on monday amid growing optimism for a post pandemic economic recovery. the dow gained nearly 374 points to close at an all time high. the nasdaq was up 225. the s&p 500 rose 58 to extend its record. janet is calling for a worldwide minimum tax rate for corporations. president biden wants to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. that increase has already received some push back from moderate democrats in congress. norwegian cruise line said no one will be allowed to sail on their ships if they haven't been fully vaccinated against covid-19. they said all passengers and
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crew members will have to show proof they received their last shot at least two weeks before boarding. the policy will apply to all ships and to all age groups. that is your cbs money watch report. after being closed for a year the grill is officially back open. the 172-year-old restaurant had been waiting to reopen till the city allowed indoor dining at 50% capacity. yesterday's grand reopening brought customers from far and wide. >> we came all the way up to see it reopen. we are so excited. it is one of our favorite spots. >> it is a great place. it is just -- it has been tough for everybody. i'm glad they will reopen and we can come back and enjoy their food. >> the grill is on california street and the city's financial district if you are not familiar
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with it. this morning some body camera video showing the moments that wildlife crews rescued an injured bald eagle. they believe that eagle was attacked by another eagle in a fight over territory. >> he has a very large wound up against his skull that we have cleaned out. it will take several cleanings to finish cleaning that out. he has if -- begun to eat on his own. >> veterinarians say it could take several weeks for the bird to fully recover and then it will be released back into the wild. 4:46 now. >> it is somewhat less cloudy today than yesterday. still cloudy. you can see it from the camera behind me. the clouds are not quite as widespread this morning as they were yesterday. they are not reaching
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necessarily as far inland as they were. they should burn off a little bit earlier than they did yesterday. yesterday they were around like well into the afternoon for most of us. shouldn't be that bad today. that is the view looking down 880. as we look at the currents, the only spot that doesn't have a cloud in front of it is concord. yesterday you were gray over. this morning it is not. as we watch what happens with the future cast today, it slowly melts back and takes its sweet time. it is snot -- not till we get to late morning before it is gone. back to the coast. that leaves with us daytime highs that are being able to climb into the low 70s. we will hit 70 in concord and livermore today. we will be barely in the mid 50s. the coast is 56 degrees. just to show you how the temperatures will play out over the next few days, if we use the inland spots as good example, 68 would be the average daytime
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high for this time of year. we will be going to the low 70s today. that would give us the tuesday number which comes in at 72. if you look ahead from there we might cool down a bit on wednesday. we will start a subtle warm up with temperatures climbing into the mid 70s by the time we get to saturday. weak system spinning its wheels off the coast won't be able to bring us much rain at all. as we look at the rest of the 7-day we have already seen the warm up for inland locations to get up into the low and mid 70s. the coast will stay in the mid 50s with plenty of clouds and will be in the mid 60s for most locations right in the heart of the bay. that is where things stand at this point on the forecast. i will have another check coming up in a few minutes. hey, good morning. it is getting busy out there. we have delays into the pass.
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a little windy through there. an overnight closure in effect on 80. eastbound 80 right at that 12 680 connecter. all lanes are shutdown on that eastbound side. this is for five consecutive nights. it will be an overnight closure. they are hoping to have lanes open up by 6:00 this morning. in the meantime we are seeing a few brake lights starting to build this that area. there are detours in place. they will reroute you as you work your way through there. no issues or delays on that westbound side. things are moving okay through there. already getting busy for that ride into the pass. we are tracking a few brake lights out of tracey. it is a little windy there this morning with chp issuing a wind advisory overnight. be extra careful if you are traveling in a high profile vehicle. better news for your commute along 101 this morning. we had an earlier trouble spot on broadway connecting over to southbound 101. that has been completely cleared out of lanes. we are seeing nothing but green in this area which is great news which means you moving at the
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limit and a lot of green on our travel times. things are moving day on the east shore freeway. highway 4 no delays. 101 an easy ride out of the south bay. we are about to show you some gorgeous video. as of today one of california's most famous flower field social security back open. >> yeah. check out those blooms. the tourist attraction about 30 miles north of san diego just opened after being closed for most of 2020. people from all over flocked there to take selfies. the area also serves as a working farm. the fields are open to the public until may 9th. coming up, can the a's win their first game of the season? and he came up big for the
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this u unplugged d device is protectcting ouour beautifuful coastlinis and d more. put ofoff chores and ususe less enenergy frfrom 4 to 9 9 pm to help p keep our state gogolden.
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we are wake -- waking up to another gray start today. the marine layer is back. it is not as widespread today as it was yesterday. it should burn back a little bit sooner. so it will be more traditional. like by late morning you will see more sun rather than staying gray all day like yesterday. i will have more on the forecast coming up in a bit. good morning everybody. gonzaga had an all time buzzer beater saturday to advance. you figured they were destined to become the first team since 1976 to win it all undefeated. freshman jaylen smiles after his big shot on saturday.
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mitchell -- [ indiscernible ] 11-1 baylor lead. there was 7 of 12 from downtown in the first half -- too much baylor. adam buries a 3. 67-51. it was not in the cards for gonzaga's national championship. instead its baylor getting their first. 86-70 handing gonzaga its first loss of the season. >> it is a really, really tough one to end a storybook season on. listen, baylor just -- they just beat us. they beat us in every facet of
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the game. colorado's coors field has been picked to be the new host of the all-star game after major league baseball moved that game out of atlanta. giants and san diego terrible moves for their $340 million man. just his fourth game. giants take a 2-1 lead. after the giants bullpen blew the lead, yaz saved the day. off the bench. a pinch hit home run. the giants win it 3-2. he dealt with finger problems in spring training. he cleared the bases.
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three walks, seven earned runs. a's lose 10 will have 3 and drop to 0-5 on the season. their worst start since 1987. for the next two weeks aaron rodgers will be the host of jeopardy as predecessor alex tremendous break was known at taking jabs at the contestants. last night it was the other way around. >> thank you. welcome to jeopardy. scott, did you come up with the correct response? who wanted to kick that field goal? >> i love the hair. aaron rodgers right now filling in as a guest host on jeopardy. that is the latest in sports.
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see you tonight. >> i actually watched that last night. he did a really good job. i was surprised. >> three minutes now before 5:00. leaving the red tier. >> next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area the north bay county that could join five other bay area counties in the orange tier this week. and taking a live look outside before we head to break. this is the view. gorgeous from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. you can see the clouds in the distance
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board to reverse course on a move that has been in the works for months. an elderly asian man dead after a violent robbery in oakland. the development to day with the suspect accused in the attack. plus a trip to the beach takes a tragic turn. what we are learning about the mother and daughter who spent decades working in bay area schools. good morning. >> good morning to you. another cloudy start but the sun will peek through. >> yeah. sooner today than it did yesterday. yesterday it hung around for most of the bay till we got into the afternoon. should don't that today. it will be around till late morning. top headline is we are waking up to gray skies once again. it is classic marine layer stuff over taking the entire bay area. it will be breezy near the water today. about 15 to 25 mile an hour breeze. that is the view down 880. you see there are plenty of clouds there. if we look at it on


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