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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 6, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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news for this tuesday. check back later for cbs this morning and follow us online all the time at cbs reporting from the nation's capi ♪ it's tuesday, april 6th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." hey, texas, we got a national championship, too! the state deserves it. >> the best in college basketball. baylor routs gonzaga to win the ncaa championship. why the bears victory was also a win for the tournament. covid and education. the cdc released its new guidance on how often schools should clean to stop the spread of the virus. breaking the rules. the minneapolis police chief explains why he thinks derek chauvin went too far in restraining george floyd.
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good morning. i'm diane king hall in for anne-marie green. this morning, the baylor bears are celebrating. the men's basketball team clinched their first ncaa championship in school history, dominating top-ranked gonzaga 86 to 70 last night. the bears crushed the bulldogs' quest to become the first undefeated champions in 45 years. naomi ruchim is in new york. naomi, talk us through some of the biggest highlights for the game? >> reporter: well, diane, although the number of fans allowed to watch the game in person in minneapolis was quite limited, this is a takedown like no other. only one going in undefeated but it was the other team that got to celebrate that one shining moment. for the first time in almost two years, college basketball has a new champion.
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last night, baylor defeated gonzaga 86-70. in the ncaa men's tournament final. the bears jumped out to an early lead and never trailed against the previously unbeaten zags. >> our team has been special. last two years winningest team in the power 5. we've been really, really good. >> reporter: in person attendance was limited, many baylor students watched their school win its first national title from back home in waco, texas. >> after covid, having so many people here supporting it was such a joy to feed off the energy. >> reporter: baylor was also a victory for the ncaa, the coronavirus forced last year's tournament to be cancelled. to reduce risk, the organization decided to play all of this year's games near its indiana headquarters. the only major hiccup occurred at the start of the tournament. the team from commonwealth university was sent home when multiple players tested positive for covid-19. and you have to imagine how
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heartbreaking this would be for chose gonzaga fans watching an undefeated season and then losing it all in a game like that, diane. but for baylor fans this was sweet redemption. a lot of analysts saying they just played a better game from the beginning. they ended up winning it from the end, and that's a wrap on an unusual season given all of the covid holdbacks and issues along the way. >> right, i was going to say. >> reporter: an exciting moment for the baylor fans. >> exciting for the baylor fans but also in a covid climate, it is a victory as you mentioned earlier. you know, seeing how a team and big championship can operate in that climate, though, kudos for the ncaa for pulling that off. naomi ruchim in new york, naomi, thank you. >> reporter: hopefully, back to next year. breaking overnight, major league baseball has reportedly chosen a new location for the all-star game. it's being moved to coors field in denver. according to several reports,
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the commissioner's office is expected to make the announcement today. mlb pulled the game from georgia last week after the state passed a controversial voting law. critics argue the changes are too restrictive. also breaking overnight, the republican governor of montana tested positive for the coronavirus just days after getting his first covid vaccine shot. the of of governor greg gianforte released a statement saying he is experiencing mild symptoms and will isolate for ten days. all of his events have been cancelled and he plans to work from home in the meantime. the cdc issued new guidance for schools. the health agency is no longer recommending daily infection against the spread of the virus. chemicals like ammonia and bleach only need to be used within 24 hours after an infected person has been there. the last time the cdc said schools should use strong disinfecting chemicals daily to help stop the virus.
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turning now to the murder trial of derek chauvin who is accused of killing george floyd. the former police officer's boss said chauvin broke policy by pinning his knee on floyd's neck for more than nine minutes, even after floyd stopped resisting. and the e.r. doctor who treated floyd also took the stand. here's jamie redwood. >> absolutely violates our policy. >> reporter: minneapolis police arradondo is absolutely clear in his assessment that former officer derek chauvin did not follow proper procedures when he put his knee on george floyd's neck once he was handcuffed laying on his stomach. >> once mr. floyd had stopped resisting and certainly when he was in distress, trying to verbalize that. that should have stopped. >> reporter: chief arradondo fired chauvin one day after floyd's death based on video evidence. >> when i look at the facial
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expression of mr. floyd, that does not appear in any way, shape or form that that is light to moderate pressure. >> reporter: the defense attorney eric nelson focused on the defense allowed by the department. >> use of force has no precise, objective singular rule. it's different in every case. >> reporter: yes. >> reporter: the jury also heard from the emergency room doctor who treated floyd. and his initial assessment of floyd's cause of death. >> was your leading theory of mr. floyd's cardiac arrest oxygen deficiency? >> that was one of the more likely possibilities. i felt at the time, based on the information i had, it was more likely than the other possibility. >> reporter: the defense raised the possibility the oxygen deficiency could have been caused by the opioid fentanyl which is found in floyd's body. jamie reedwood, cbs news. a little relief in florida after crews said there was no
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second breach in a large waste water pond near tampa. late yesterday, officials confirmed just one leak, but the ageing reservoir could still collapse and send a 20-foot wall of waste water into nearby areas. crews have pumped out millions of gallons of toxic water at the long awaited pond to relief pressure at the pond. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. one woman tells us she's not taking any chances. >> thankfully, we have family that live a couple miles down the road so we sort of brought everything here that we needed to. and preparing for the worse. >> more problems to the site, the epa and army corps of engineers are on the scene. police have finished collecting evidence at a colorado supermarket where ten people were killed in a mass shooting. authorities in boulder said they have all of the evidence they need from the scene. no word on when the store will reopen. the overall investigation into last month's shooting at king soopers continues.
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a 21-year-old has been charged in the rampage, but a motive remains unclear. coming up -- filling the stands. tens of thousands of texas rangers fans packed the stadium for the team's home opener. and wild police chase. a man steals an ambulance and goes on a dangerous ride. thisis is the "c"cbs morningng " . ththis is the e "cbs mornining " ilillness attetempts to stst. ♪ dignity dedemands a rapid cocovid test,, ♪ because wewe all needd an ansnswer to movove forwar. ♪ didignity demamands your h ht stayays connecteted toto your doctctor, soso you know w it's beatitg as i it should.. ♪ it demanands a bebetter undererstanding of youour glucose e levels, so you c can enjoy m movie ni. ♪ and d knowing yoyour baby
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wiwith deliverery or pick-k. only at papanera. ♪ when it comes to family fun... it's the little things that bring everyone together... and the big ones too. kohl's. lawyers for convicted rapist harvey weinstein are asking a new york appeals court to overturn the verdict and grant him a knew trial. the 69-year-old former movie mogul was found guilty last year of sex crimes involving two women. he is serving a 23-year sentence. the lawyers claim the judge and a juror were biased. weinstein has maintained his innocence and denies all allegations against him. he also faces charges in california for allegedly assaulting five other women. police in dallas chased a stolen ambulance and arkansas'
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governor vetoes a bill aimed at protecting transgender youth. those are some the headlines on the morning newsstands. the democrat gazette reports that arkansas governor asa hutchinson vetoed a transgender bill for anyone under 18 years old. hutchinson said the bill would have interfered with a relationship between doctors and patients. and called it a product of the culture war. the republican state legislature can still override the veto and enact a ban with a majority. the associated press said a prayer vigil was held outside of a new york hospital where rapper dmx is on life support. >> dmx! dmx! >> reporter: yesterday, supporters and family of the rapper chanted his name and offered prayers. the 50-year-old whose real name is earl simmons was admitted to the hospital last friday, following a heart attack.
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>> we will lift up earl. we will lift him up. we will pray. we will give the gift to him. >> a statement released by the rapper's family sunday said he remained in a coma and was on a ventilator. and the dallas morning news says the driver of a stolen ambulance was taken into custody. the vehiclestolen yesterday from a dallas fire station. the suspect led police on a two-hour long chase. he was seen driving the wrong way on several roads cutting across residential lawns and maneuvering past police cars. he eventually abandoned the ambulance and found himself cornered along a fence. several officers apprehended him. still ahead, skipping the summer games. we'll tell you which country is the first to pull out of the olympics in tokyo. ch c country the firstst to pull out t of th olympics i in tokyo. er up.p. now, t that dream.m... .
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. north korea became the first country to drop out of the summer olympic games in tokyo due to concerns over covid. the move is a blow for south korea's president who had hoped the two countries could fill a combined team in tokyo and build momentum for improved relations. this will be the first time north korea has missed the event since it boycotted seoul in 1988 amid the cold war. and the "cbs moneywatch," a proposal to ban foreclosures for the rest of the year. and an early fixture on the internet is shutting down. elise preston is in new york with that and more. good morning, elise. >> good morning, diane. stock prices are turning higher after a record day on wall street.
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the market hit unprecedented levels after they got the first opportunity to react to the blowout march jobs report. the dow hitting 373 points hitting a record. and the nasdaq soared, 225 points and the s&p 500 added 58 points sailing further above the 4,000 level. the feds are proposing banning foreclosures until next year. the consumer financial protection bureau is also lowering so-called guard rails to protect loan servicers from a major hit if mortgage borrowers default. the agency is even proposing giving borrowers who are behind on their payments more time by providing a brief foreclosure review period. that would restrict servicers from starting foreclosure until 2022. as of february there were nearly 3 million homeowners behind on their mortgages. the supreme court handed google a major victory in a multibillion dollar copyright dispute with the computer software company oracle.
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it stems from a deckeds old case involving google's creation of the android operating system which is used on cell phones worldwide. the justice department ruled yesterday the company did not commit copyright infringement by building the operating system. the justices said it was an example of fair use. and it's the end of an era. yahoo! answers announced it will be shutting down on may 4th. users won't be able to post any new questions or answers after april 20th. the move ends the 16-year reign of one of the internet's longest runn running question and answer sites. the company says the site has become less popular over the years as its needs change. diane. >> i guess it's rest in peace yahoo! answers. elite preston in new york, thank you. up next, stealing the show, a friendly dog interrupts a live televisision report t but didn't far. i wawant time fofor the e people i l love.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. for the first time since the pandemic started, a full capacity crowd was allowed at an american sporting event. yesterday, the texas rangers welcomed more than 38,000 fans for its home opener at globe life field.
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the club said it was a sellout. the rangers are the only major league baseball team allowing full capacity. it came after texas governor greg abbott lifted the state's mask mandate last month. >> it symbolized a little bit of hope. like, we have had a full crowd for a long time in any sport. to be the first one, as long as it's done right and responsible, i think we should be fine. >> fans were supposed to wear masks except when eating or drinking at their seats but many were seen not wearing face coverings. for the second year in a row, the pandemic forced the white house to cancel the easter egg roll for children. but president biden still marked the holiday with the hope that things will return to normal next year. >> the scripture tells us joy cometh in the morning. as we celebrate the renewal of
4:22 am
this season, we know that long for dawn is almost here. >> mr. biden was joined on the white house balcony yesterday by first lady jill biden and a mask wearing easter bunny played by a military aide. later, life size bunny made an appearance at the white house daily press briefing with commemorative wooden eggs and chocolates for reporters. and a russian tv reporter had a rough time of it while doing a live report. take a look at this. >> reporter: [ speaking foreign language ] >> a reporter was suddenly interrupted last week when a dog ran away with her microphone. she took off with the dog. when the reporter turned to the air a short time later, as you can see, she was seen petting the dog with a mike fauxux croh b mimicrophone b back in herer ha.
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join us at our top stories this morning, the baylor bears have clinched their first ncaa championship. they dominated top-ranked gonzaga 86-70 last night, crushing the bulldogs' quest to become the first undefeated national champions in 45 years. and major league baseball is reportedly moving its all-star game to coors field in denver. the commissioner's office is expected to make the announcement today. the mlb pulled the game from georgia last week after the state passed a controversial voting law. the head of the capitol police union said his officers
4:26 am
are reeling from the death of veteran officer billy evans. evans was killed and a second officer injured on friday when a driver slammed into a barricade with his car. here's jeff pegues. >> reporter: capitol hill police were back on guard after the attack left one of their own dead and increased calls for more security around the building. >> the capitol is a target and it has been a target. it's such a strong symbol of democracy that those who want to call attention to themselves, or cause damage to our democracy will continue to attack it. >> reporter: 25-year-old noah green was shot and killed after he targeted officers, ramming his sedan into a barricade just steps from the capitol and attacking officers with his large knife. cbs news has learned that investigators are focused on green's mental health, believing he suffered from delusions,
4:27 am
paranoia and suicidal thoughts. with two attacks in just the last three months, the capitol hill police union warned of a crisis in morale. and force numbers. and a department currently over 200 short of the 2,000 officers required with many considering retiring early. ken shaver who survived the attack left the hospital this past weekend with a hero's sendoff. but friends and family continue to mourn officer william evans, an 18-year veteran of the force and father of two who died in friday's incident. jason laforce was a childhood friend. >> he loved to meet the people who came to the u.s. capitol and to serve the lawmakers, many of whom he knew quite well. >> reporter: capitol police are under more stress than ever before. overtime hours are adding up. by some accounts, 720,000 hours of overtime expended because of the constant security threat up here and also some younger
4:28 am
members of the force are opening talking about transferring out to other agencies. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington. coming up first on "cbs this morning," the story of onene ms escacape f from a an isis s sie mozazamb mozambmbique. and plus, on the eye on earth series, rare access to general electric's all-electric auto plant. ben tracy takes us inside for an exclusive look. and first on "cbs this morning," united airlines announces a plan to address diversity in its ranks. that's the "cbs morning news" fr this tuesday. thank you for watching. i'm diane king hall. have a great day. g hall. have a great day.
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