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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a trip to the beach spend went to a tragic turn. >> she had a loving, motherly feeling. >> ab area bar owner is getting threats of asian hate, he tells his exclusive story. >> the party in palo alto continues tonight as stanford
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welcomes on the new national champs. we take you to all of the national excitement. >> i had so much energy. i was back in my head again. >> a very pleasant surprise. >> a shot of relief, for those suffering from a mysterious ailment called covid long-haul syndrome. a chilly and cloudy week, when the sunny weather will return. now at 11:00 and streaming on the cbsn bay area, a mother and daughter were killed when their car plunged off the cliff of bodega bay. the mother worked in san ramon. her daughter was a teacher in present. that is where andrea is this evening. >> reporter: elizabeth taught tonight, a former student left flowers and a candle in her
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memory after eight tragic loss left many in disbelief. >> i did not believe it. i was really shocked. >> reporter: the toyota plunged over the cliff. investigators discovered the body of the 64-year-old and her 41-year-old daughter elizabeth. gabriel castillo knew her as his daughters first grade teacher. her love for anything disney helped create a bond with his daughter. >> she also found a way to connect with her, through disney. >> reporter: tonight they created a memorial for the fourth grade teacher. >> she was really understanding . she had a loving and motherly feel, she was really fun to be around. >> family members did not want to speak on camera, but a close friend says her close girlfriends all wanted to grow
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old with her, myself included. i'm really happy i told her how much i admired her strength and kindness before she passed. they will be offering counseling to the school community when it returns from spring break. >> this is a heartbreaking loss. elizabeth has been part of our community for over 15 years. >> reporter: he stresses that this is a purely tragic accident and investigators agree so far. they need to look into mechanical issues before making a final determination. a live look at san francisco, tonight in an exclusive we are hearing from the bar owner who is receiving death threats over accusations of asian hate, after a filipino of asian descent was punched in
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the face. betty has both sides of this story. >> reporter: the bar owners this incident had nothing to do with race, he was simply asking the young men to leave because he was under underage. the family says this is about asian hate. police say there is no evidence to show that this was racially motivated. >> i am not a racist, and in fact i kick people out of the bar and they say racist things. >> reporter: he says the unfortunate attack has nothing to do with racism or the establishment, and he does not condone violence. >> this viral video was made by an 18-year-old and his mother, living otherwise, it shows her son and his bruise i. they were visiting san francisco for the weekend. he says he was sitting alone in
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an area outside the bar, waiting for his parents. the owner asked him to leave several times because he was underage, but he refused. >> said this is a bar, and you need to be 21 or older to sit here, and you need to get out of here, by the way it sounded said get the [ censored ] out of here come to me. >> i said you have to leave this area, you are not allowed in this area, this is our area, it is considered inside the bar. >> reporter: he says a bystander and patron got involved and punched him. >> i went when he hit him, i cannot believe he did it. this guy, it was no threat, no threat. i was horror struck by it. >> the video alleges that if you are asian, this is the kind of servant you get waiting for pizza, and it has led to
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hundreds of negative reviews at the bar, and he has received a flood of death threats. >> what do you want to say to the family that is accusing you of being a racist? >> i want to say that they are mistaken. their son should not have been hit, but we had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: a retired sergeant spent two decades covering the area, and knows the owner, he says no because he has ever responded to their are related to racism. >> both accusations, it is something that we all have to stand against, because when the real situation is in place, there will be a lot less merit. >> it should be noted that the parents made another facebook video encouraging folks to
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leave reviews on yelp, those posts have been suspended, saying this must be firsthand customer accounts. police have not released the name of the suspect, but they arrested someone for assault and battery. >> better betty, thank you. the coliseum best vaccine site will remain open. it was supposed to shut down on sunday, just four days before eligibility opens up to every californian 16 and older. the reversal was announced by vice president, harris in her first visit to the bay area since taking office. the primary goal of her visit today was to promote the $2 trillion infrastructure plan. she made a stop at a water treatment plant in oakland, she also met with the owner of red door catering. the stanford women's basketball team still basking
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in the glow of a historic victory tonight, with their first title in nearly three decades. >> maria medina has more on the momentous homecoming for the cardinal. maria? >> it is always quiet here, and a few hours ago, it was excitement on the campus as the cardinal returned home. a hometown welcome for the stanford women's basketball team. on sunday, the cardinals one by one point against arizona. they clinched the national championship title for the first time since 1992. >> that is it! that is it! stanford survives. >> it was electric, it was wild. people were so happy. >> reporter: megan owns the patio where stanford students and fans packed the bar for the
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sunday game. >> everyone was jumping up and down. the last second, my gosh, it was wild. >> the stanford cardinals are national champions in 2021! >> it has been emotional. i went there as a kid, and watch them play. >> a well deserved win for the cardinals, who drawn praise from the vice president, the president, and tiger woods, and they said it was great after living in lockdown. >> it was good to see people happy about something again. you know, after a year of sitting in the house. cardinals titles and all under the coaches leadership. >> much deserved, maria, thank you. amazing. and covid vaccines could have an unexpected benefit with a shot at believe for people with
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mysterious ailments. >> i knew that there was a light out there at the end of the tunnel, i feel like i can almost see that light. >> i just have to say give it a shot. >> the milestone in the vaccine rollout, how it could make it easier for places to reopen. one of the most popula ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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as we continue to return to classrooms... parents like me want to make sure we're doing it safely. especially in the underserved communities hardest hit by covid. trust me, no one wants to get back to classroom learning more than teachers like me. using common sense safety measures like masks, physical distancing, and proper ventilation. safety is why we're prioritizing vaccinations for educators. because working with our local communities... we will all get through this together, safely. it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay y to have ququestio: everyoyone deserves answers.. i'm wary thahat there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worrieded, or both.h. it's alrigight for it t to te whatevever it takekes for yoyou to be reready. hi mom, reready for yoyour sh? yes, i i've been w waiting for this d day. wewe just got t what? vavaccinated.. we just t got vaccininated! let's s get you ththere.
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lelet's get toto immunity.. we have been reporting on coronavirus patients with a mysterious ailment known as
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long-haul syndrome. 30% of people infected with covid have not fully recovered. on the road tonight, juliette goodrich reports that they may finally have a shot at relief. >> the bay area outperforms most of california when it comes to adding vaccinated against covid. now the very shot aimed to prevent the disease may turn out to be a potential treatment for some. bruce wheeler discovered he was infected with the new virus, and he had just returned from europe. >> symptoms went away and about 10 days. i felt some fatigue. >> a few months later, a negative test >> reporter: bruce feldman better, he thought it was over. but the nightmare was just beginning. >> i have new symptoms. >> reporter: shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, brain fog and headaches. the retired banker is one of many thousands of people in the united states who are suffering
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from what is called long-haul syndrome. with it, the virus seems to disappear, but in its wake, it leaves a constellation of persistent and militating health problems. >> i would be up for hours and the need to go back to bed. >> i don't feel like me anymore. >> laura wrote her up be personality took a dark turn into deep sadness. >> i am not a sad person, so it took me away from me. >> reporter: laura tested positive a year ago, then the virus appeared to disappear. >> i had joint pains, muscle aches, and acute confusion. i could not think straight. >> more than one year later, bruce and laura became eligible for a vaccine. then it was explicable. >> i woke up, i was back.
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>> her brain fog lifted, as did her mood. >> i had so much energy. i was back in my head again. >> then a very wasn't surprised. >> bruce was starting to feel better. >> reporter: after getting vaccinated, improvements accelerated. better memory, less headaches. >> for the first time in over a year, i can no go out and not hike mountains, but hike inclines. >> reporter: no one knew if a vaccine would exacerbate his problems. >> we were prepared for every terrible site affect known to man. >> reporter: members of survivor core are highly motivated to share data with researchers. >> weber able to do a pole. >> reporter: among 900 people, 14% felt worse. 45% felt no difference. 41% felt better, reporting slight relief, to complete resolution. >> you could have knocked me
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over with a feather when we found out people were actually improving. >> we spoke with an infectious disease spent expert expert at stanford. some long haulers are reporting the same benefit, and no one knows why. >> there are all kinds of hypotheses and speculation. >> the vaccine could be during out left over particles in the body, or resetting a malfunctioning immune system. it also be doing better at reading antibodies. >> we have some evidence to suggest that the antibodies may be higher levels and better quality than the antibodies made from natural infection. >> this demands a lot of study. >> reporter: an infectious disease expert says while there is no scientific proof, there is no time to waste, long haulers need help. a >> without treatment, a lot of people do not function well, and will need a lot of medical
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resources. >> i knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. now i feel i can almost see that light. >> give it a shot. >> they are working with lisa with researchers to better understand the surprising benefit. juliet goodrich, kpix5. >> both laura and bruce felt crummy, after getting vaccinated, while they are not cured, they are hateful. a major equity goal in the vaccine rollout, tomorrow the state will reach 4 million doses administered to the most economically disadvantaged areas. when that happens, health officials will lacks the requirements to advance the reopening tears, we should also learn tomorrow whether or not any additional bay area counties will be advancing to the orange tear. there are four counties in the
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red tonight. researchers are working as fast as possible to learn more about another new coronavirus variant found in the bay area. the so-called india variant was found in santa clara county with a nomination of mutations. based off assumptions made about other variants, this one is concerning. >> we would expect this to be potentially more transmissible. it is concerning data vaccines may be less effective against this variance. and we have seen that with other variants of concern. >> knew at 11:00, body camera video shows the moment a wildlife crew rescued a bald eagle in calaveras county, that they believe was attacked by another eagle in an attack over breeding rights. it could take several weeks for the bird to fully recover, then it will be released back into the wild. >> he has a very large wounds
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that we have cleaned out. it will take several cleanings for that. so far he has begun to eat some mice that we have stored. >> comfort food. >> nothing like a good mouse to make you feel better. >> that's not what i need this evening, but tomorrow is a new day. [ laughing ] the cloud cover is beginning to spread back in across the bay area. we are not seeing too much of it dropping down in the form of fog just yet, but that is more likely tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the upper forties and lower fifties, for most of us, pulling off a little bit more quickly in santa rosa, one of the cellists spots in the map this morning. most of us are in the early forties, santa rosa around 40 degrees, for the most part, lower to middle forties inland and middle to upper forties on the water. locally dense fog will begin the day tomorrow, this will be
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the case pretty much every day for the rest of the work week, it is just about how fast that fog will back up and dissipate, it will happen a little faster tomorrow, chances to warm up, displayed inland by 10:00 in the morning with most portions of the bay area. pretty good visibility, right along the coast by midday on tuesday, just a couple more hours of sunshine that should really help the temperatures. good dog walking weather in antioch, there was a treat involved in the taking of this picture, because that dog is very attentive. for eastern contra costa county, you are going to be one of the warmer spots on the map. committee middle fifties up the coast, more sunshine, grace to skies overhead, that will be the case most of this week. lower and middle sixties further inland, upper sixties and lower seventies as the very warmest spots in the map, middle seventies around fairfield, temperatures are pretty close to
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around what is normal this time of year. we are tracking made potential for moisture to accumulate over the next several days, the 10% chance on tomorrow and wednesday is basically a possibility of missed or drizzle, no significant brain chances in the forecast all the way through the weekend. and there's nothing to watch any pollen out of the atmosphere. it is going to be sky high through the rest of the work week, i expect more of the same into the weekend, so just be prepared if you are suffering from seasonal allergies. temperatures don't change a lot, without back and forth cloud and fog pattern. lower and middle sixties inland, lower to middle seventies around the bay. we will hunt for any chance of rain as we get farther into the month of april. good night in sports. the a's are hunting for their first win of the
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gonzaga had an all-time buzzer beater on saturday to advance the tournament final, you figured they were destined to be the first team since 1976
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to win it all undefeated. jaelyn suggs off tomorrow after he big shot on saturday, all to hide his disappointment. the bears lead from wire to wire . it's 11 oh one, baylor. they had that look. seven of 12 from downtown in the first half. jared butler makes it a 16-point game. the biggest lead was 19 points, even when they tried to rally baylor and shut them down. tori swatted it at one end, the bears went the other way, adam flagler with the three, and the confetti rained down on the new champion. they hand gonzaga their first loss of the season. >> it is a really, really tough one to end a storybook season on , but listen. baylor just beat us in every
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facet of the game tonight. they deserve all of the credit. >> the giants in san diego, terrible news for the padres, the $340 million man fernando to ortiz, who hurt his shoulder. evan longoria is going for the third time this season, solo shot, giants take a 2-1 lead. they blew that lead pinchhitting, did he get enough? his first home run, the eventual game-winner. they even the record at 2-2. and the fans camped out at the coliseum. his 2021 debut did not go well. corey seager, that shine should say cream them, not stream them . a three run double. dustin may add them seeing red.
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eight strikeouts, bats were flying, they move 10-3, dropping zero five in the season, they're worst start since 1987. the packers season ended when the coach decided to kick a field goal instead of keeping brandon rogers on the field. he was the host of jeopardy tonight. here is the guest host of jeopardy, aaron rupture and roberts. >> scott, the correct response, i wanted to kick that field goal. [ laughing ] >> it was the coach who wanted to kick the field goal, not rogers. by the way, rogers wants to be the permanent jeopardy host. >> i would take dennis questions aaron rodgers, or $500. >> that would be priceless. coming
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one of the most famous hours fields is open. the tourist attraction is 30 miles north of san diego, just opened after being closed for most of 2020. people flocked from all over to take selfies. the working farm sells the flowers. the deals are open to the public until may 9. >> my mother lives right there. i don't think he has ever been there. >> it is so beautiful, very popular, it is hard to find a parking space, but you have to be committed to go.
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we made it, one day off the list >> former speaker of the house john boehner is promoting his new memoir, and he is unloading on his former colleagues. >> well known around washington for his love of merlot, and so on, i believe he might have had a glass while recording the audio book.


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