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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 5, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, vice president kamala harris back in her hometown. her focus on jobs and small businesses in oakland right now. good afternoon. i am len kiese. michelle is off today. let's go to anne makovec following the vp's visit from the live news desk. she has been busy in oakland focusing on water infrastructure which has been a long running very hot button political issue in california as well as funding right now for small businesses. that is where we find her, a
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live picture now indoors. this is a local catering company in oakland called the red door. she is there to host a listening session. the company prepares fresh local ingredients for various events. red door catering got financial and tech support from two bay area community development financial institutions. the vice president is now talking about how those kinds of programs could help other businesses in the future. the vice president's air force 2 landed at the oak land airport from lax before 10:00 this morning. greeting her at the airport, the lieutenant governor, senator alex padilla who was her replacement and barbara lee. went straight to a water treatment plant in oakland. this is video from the visit where she joined governor newsom for a walking tour of
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the upper san leandro treatment plant. she discussed how new american jobs plan would provide investment of more than $111 billion in the infrastructure to be sure it is safe and equitable. >> looking at water policy in a way that recognizes whatever the region of our country, people may think west coast, east coast, rural, urban, they're so different. not on this subject. >> this is harris' first visit to oak land since she became vice president. she's planning on heading back to l.a. in a couple hours to spend the night there are. in a couple hours, senator padilla to visit the oakland vaccination site. he's been pleading with the government to keep it for several more weeks fement may is slated to pull out april 11 after declaring its eight week mission to vaccinate people at the colosseum was accomplished. in a 6-2 decision justices
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decided google did not copyright infringement by copying snippets of codes to build the android operating system. the court says it only took what was needed to create it. oracle wanted google to pay $9 billion for using the code n statement oracle said the google platform got bigger and market power greater, barriers to entry higher and ability to compete lower. they stole java and spent a decade litigating as only a monopolist can. supreme court dismissed a ruling that former president trump violated first amendment when he blocked followers from his twitter. the high court ruled the case is moot because mr. trump is no longer in office. it was initially ruled that his blocking of followers excluded
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them from a public forum and an appeals court agreed. on the road to recovery, elementary schools reopened today. about half of the 15,000 students have chosen to attend in person for part of each week. parents we talked to are feeling grateful. >> that's the thing they've been missing, the social aspect of going back to school. >> that will develop their skills over the long haul. it will teach life lessons and they'll learn to interact much better with others. >> starting today students can come to campus two days a week and it will expand to four days in late april early may. a superintendent decided to postpone his planned retirement. he originally said he would retire june 30th but he has agreed to stay on for another year. in santa clara, more relief for
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small businesses affected by the pandemic. today the supervisor announced a proposal to help 1,000 businesses by waving fees. >> so the county, so what we are bringing forward tomorrow is to wave the fees so that we make sure you still get the protection as consumers that you need and at the same time the businesses are getting some relief. >> the board of supervisors will vote on the proposal tomorrow. looking live at sfo, more people traveled by air over the weekend than any point since the pandemic started. health officials are concerned about whether loosening restrictions on travel will lead to another spike in infections. in san jose, california, kathy anderson reunited with her daughter for the first time in a year. >> i love you too. >> reporter: anderson is one of the millions of americans who returned to the skies this
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weekend shattering pandemic travel records. increased demand prompted delta airlines to temporarily open up middle seats and american's domestic bookings are 90% of prepandemic levels. >> it seems all of a sudden it's a rush. >> reporter: larry says he felt more comfortable flying because he had been fully vaccinated. he is one of the roughly 1/5 of u.s. adults who fall in the category. >> for vaccinated people it's reasonably safe. among unvaccinated, it is not yet. i am worried it will lead to more infections and hospitalizations. >> reporter: decreased testing, relaxation. >> it's really a race between the variants that have become widespread and are spreading more effectively and quickly and how many people we can protect through vaccines. >> reporter: variant initially
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detected in uk now accounts for about 26% of covid cases in the u.s. this weekend officials announced a new variant initially identified in india was found in the bay area. >> it's just made up of a couple ovarians that we have seen elsewhere. the data so far suggests it may be more contagious like the uk variant is. >> stanford clinical virology lab has confirmed one case but it's not revealed where they found it. the vaccines do appear effective against new variants. covid vaccinations help prevent you from getting infected but for some with a certain mysterious ailment, it appears to provide an amazing benefit. >> a very pleasant surprise. >> it's really interesting. >> i couldn't believe it. i had so much energy and i was back in my head again. >> on the road to recovery, a shot at relief. find out how covid survivors
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say they're getting more than immunity with their vaccines. that's tonight at 11:00. stanford women's basketball has a new title. ncaa champs. it was a historic night and all came down to the wire. as ringo star once sang you know it don't come easy. jones and cardinals beat arizona twice during regular season. it looked like more of the same. early on williams hits the three, stanford has a 14-3 lead but defense turned up the heat forcing 21 turnovers using the 16-4 run to take the lead in the second quarter. called a time out. the team responded with an 11-0 run. wilson drains a three. stanford led by seven at the half.
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fourth quarter wilson, a nice pass inside. the freshman put the cardinal back up 51-44. arizona's star mcdonald was 5 for 20 but hit a big three to bring cats within one. jones had the answer. spin into the lane, hits a two, gets fouled. the star led stanford with 17. the final seconds, arizona down one. >> mcdonald, two seconds, trapped, heaves! that is it. stanford survives again! >> you can say that again. stanford beat arizona 54-53 to win their third national title in program history. gonzaga and baylor will play tonight for the men's final. see you tonight on the post game show. >> people all over the area are celebrating stanford big win.
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other athletes, coaches, political figures giving the team a shout out on social media. we have a special line up tonight for the last day of march madness. at 5:30, pregame coverage and men's championship game starts at 6:00. watch a special edition of news at 8:30. sports is at 10:00. then kpix5 news at 11:00. we continue to follow vice president kamala harris' visit to her hometown oakland. let's take a listen. >> they want to do better. if you walk into a financial institution and feel you are being judged, you are likely to walk out without receiving help that might be available. that's the other benefited strength of community banks. community banks are in the community. they're not going to say bob you can't afford that house.
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get out of here. they're going to say mary, that's a great business. we believe in you. but there is a certain connection with the folks that's not about the money. it's about growing the community and the economy of the community. i am really pleased and happy to be here. thank you for that. >> a live look there as vice president kamala harris speaks about jobs in oak land live. we'll have much more at 5:00. still ahead, the minneapolis police chief takes the stand in the derek chauvin murder trial. what he is saying about use of force and officer training in the case. support and criticism over major league baseball's decision to move the all star game out of georgia. the latest political fall out. i am meteorologist mary lee. it's been a gray start to our day, a gray morning. we
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min april police police chief on the stand in the chauvin trial. he fired chauvin soon after george floyd's death. he described training many minneapolis police officers receive for new recruits and on going training in the field. the prosecutor also had him describe the department deescalation approach. >> you try to give verbal commands if it someone is under use of alcohol or drugs or doing force may have a different reaction to them. so that's something to be
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considering. today the emergency room doctor who pronounced floyd dead testified saying floyd's heart stopped by the time he got to the hospital and he was not told of any efforts at the scene to resuscitate him. political fall out continues from major league baseball's decision to move the all star game out of georgia. it is in response to the state's in you voting law. skyler henry has the latest. >> reporter: the white house says president biden supports major league's decision to move its all star game out of atlanta after new voting restrictions. >> the president has made his view clear. he believes that he has major concerns about the bill passed in georgia, has consistently argued it should be easier and not harder to vote. >> reporter: the law shrinks window for sending in absentee ballots, limits drop boxes available, gives more control of local elections to state lawmakers, makes it a crime to give food or water to people
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waiting in line to vote. the georgia governor brian kemp says while there was no fraud in the last election the law is needed to keep future ones secure. >> they ignored facts of our new election integrity law and ignored the consequences of their decision on our local community. >> reporter: the atlanta mayor told cbs this morning she respects major league baseball's decision. >> i don't like the fact that we have been put in this position by our state legislature and our governor because the people of georgia will suffer. >> reporter: a number of companies including delta, georgia's largest employer, criticized the law prompting former president trump to call for a boycott of the companies. cobb county georgia estimates it will lose up to $100 million in revenue as a result of mlb's decision. looking live at the big
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board on wall street, dow up in the green more than 360, stocks rising as economy shows more signs of recovery. time for a check of weather with meteorologist mary lee. we are looking at high pressure building in, so we are going to see afternoon sunshine as we head through the rest of the week. for today, at least inland, we are starting to see that sunshine. a live look this afternoon with our mount hamilton camera from the lake observatory with beautiful blue skies, depending where you are, along the coast and around the bay, still gray. this is our sales force tower camera as we look north at the golden gate with the clouds in the sky. we are in the 50s at our lunchtime hour. concord you are 59, livermore 55, 58 san jose with sunshine and santa rosa coming in at 53. looking at for the most part
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light conditions, breezy in spots, oakland westerly winds at ten and for napa 15 in fairfield and 14-mile per hour winds out of the west in livermore. we are catching on shore flow, that marine influence. we are going it eventually see afternoon sunshine but near normal daytime highs, settling into our typical weather pattern. hour by hour on futurecast, we are looking at clearing as we go through today. tomorrow morning, starting our day with clouds and then afternoon sunshine with temperatures for your tuesday a little bit warmer compared to today. sun set at 7:36 and sunrise at 6:46. daytime highs, mid 50s along the coast, mid 60s inland. there we go with the extended forecast as we are looking at temperatures a bit warmer for your tuesday. this weather pattern really sticks around for us all week long so through the work week into the weekend, dry weather,
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afternoon sunshine across the bay area with daytime highs around where we should be for this time of year. >> thank you. line up is out for the 56th academy of country music awards. more than 25 artists will perform from three iconic country music venues. among them dierks bentley, miranda lambert, kelly under wood, coach keith
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a recent study found black professionals make up just 5% of the tech workforce and 3% of executive positions. founder of several tech start ups is tackling the industry's issues head on. under represented minorities are more likely to attend computer science programs with outdated classes and limited resources. he worked with start ups that focused on tech education and one built a training program for companies like facebook , google, net flix called code
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path. he realized it could fill in the gaps in college. students at 60 schools nationwide can take courses on the most in demand skills like app development and cyber security. it helps prepare students for first tech job interview. >> we unapologetically are not trying to get people in somewhere. we are trying to get them to lead a company. can you found tech start ups? you have to talk about systemic change. >> cynthia lee created a course called race and gender and said programs like code path can help address main factors that have hurt candidates trying to move through the issue. today,
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coming up at 5:00, long time north beach bar trying to set the record straight after a customer claims he was singled out for his race. on 5, the owner tells us his
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side of the story and why he is worried about retaliation. sfo expanding plastic free policy. beverages in plastic bottles are prohibited at the airport. in august 2019, sfo became first in the world to implement a zero waste concessions policy. sfo is leading the way. that's it for kpix5 news at noon. remember we are on 24/7. our next newscast is at 5:00. have a great afternoon.
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watch cbs in bay area with the kpix 5 news app. >> hope: i didn't expect that to happen. >> liam: yeah, neither did i. but i'm glad it did. it just feels like forever since we've been close, you know, uh, and i didn't know if we'd ever get that back even for a moment but god--god, did i miss it. >> hope: liam, we're not living apart because i don't wanna be close to you. as wonderful as that kiss was, it doesn't mean that everything is okay.


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