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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 5, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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attorney faces recall effort, there is one group trying to help him keep his job. good morning. it is monday, april 5. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec in for michelle. >> i am len kiese. mary lee is up first with a check of today's forecast. another lovely week shaping up for us. for sure. we are looking at afternoon sunshine as we go through the day. that will be the case for most of the week. a live look with our san francisco camera, mark hopkins camera, the sales force tower. you see some doves on the tower there. temperatures are in the 40s and many in the low 50s with clouds as we start our day. we are going to have the clearing as we head through the afternoon, daytime highs where we should be. 60 san francisco, 63 oakland, 66 san jose, 67 concord. you see as we go through our day that clearing on futurecast. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up. let's check with gianna for a
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look at traffic. how are the roadways on this monday morning? good morning. it is starting to get busy that, ride into altamont pass. it's the usual stuff if you are on west bound 580, ready to head out, brake lights out of tracy, 205 to 580. then pockets of slowing to north flynn. once you are past that you have a seamless ride towards the dublin interchange. a trouble spot along highway 4 east bound near franklin canyon. traffic seems to be moving at the limit on the west bound side which is the commute direction. highway 4 is still in the green, 25 minutes antioch towards east shore. west bound 580, 205 to 680, 34 minute commute. we are seeing yellow there so things are getting slow. >> thank you. today vice president kamala harris returning to her roots. she'll be in the bay area this afternoon. she'll be visiting oakland, her
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hometown, for first time as vice president. it's where she launched her campaign in 2019. harris is expected to tour a facility and talk about water infrastructure. she's scheduled to hold a listening session. senator padilla from california is set to visit the vaccination site. he has been pleading with the federal government to keep running the site for several more weeks. fema is slated to pull out april 11 after declaring the eight week mission to vaccinate people at the colosseum was accomplished. today critics of san francisco's district attorney will submit latest finance figures for the recall campaign. organizers point to sharp increases in property crimes like burglaries in 2020. that is the first week she took over as the new district attorney of san francisco but supporters of the former public defender highlight how most violent crimes dropped since
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this time last year. in 2020 violent crimes overall dropped by double digits but same police data shows property crimes like burglaries jumped by more than 50%. >> proponents of the recall are cherry picking very specific things to say. this increase is because of the d.a. this increase is because of the d.a. but we have to look at the entire picture, that over all crime is down in san francisco. >> someone who has no experience in prosecuting criminals has gotten elected and now we have to go through the process to remove. >> recall organizers need more than 50,000 verified signatures for the recall to be put on the ballot by early august. the state has administered nearly 20 million doses of covid-19 vaccine and it's a race between variants and vaccinations. more than 3.4 million doses of the vaccine were administered nationwide yesterday. about 61 million people have
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been fully vaccinated. in all about 165 million doses have been administered in u.s. to date. ucsf infectious disease expert weighed in on the road to recovery in the bay area. >> we have vaccinations in place. we have low numbers. we have low hospitalizations throughout the state. we are in a really good point. >> meantime, sf chronical is reporting another coronavirus variant is surfacing in the bay area. it's being dubbed double mutant because it carries two mutations in the virus. the variant originated in india. stanford clinical virology lab has confirmed one bay area case. the location where the new variant has identified has not been disclosed. covid vaccinations help prevent you from getting infected but for some with a certain mysterious ailment, vaccine appears to be providing an amazing benefit. >> it's been a very pleasant spice. >> it's really interesting.
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i couldn't believe it. i had so much energy and i was back in my head again. >> on the road to recovery, shot at relief. find out how some covid survivors say they're getting more than immunity with their vaccines. on the road to recovery, elementary and middle schools in cupertino are reopening today. a live look at sedgwick elementary where it is gearing up to be a very big day, one of the schools where students are about to make their return. the district says about half of its 15,000 students have chosen to attend classes in person for part of each week. the other half will stay with distance learning for the time being. starting today, students can come to campus two days a week and that will expand to four days a week in late april and early may. a live look at san francisco after voting to rename dozens of schools, san francisco school board is
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expected to reverse that decision this week to avoid litigation. about two months ago, you may remember, the board voted to rename 44 schools with names associated with slavery, oppression, colonization. that includes washington, mission, balboa. a lawsuit claimed the decision violated the brown act and critics said branding would be too expensive. the board is expected to reverse course during tomorrow's meeting. to address emotional toll of the pandemic on students san francisco expanding a mobile response team that provides free mental health and wellness services. the program has helped nearly 200 families. the expansion will allow them to serve about 80 more families. another show of solidarity in san francisco in support of the asian community. local marshall arts schools put on a rally and demonstration. dozens gathered to watch live combat demonstrations yesterday learn to respond to an
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attacker. organizers created the event in response to the recent attacks on asians and pacific islanders. steph curry debuting new sneakers at last night's game. they featured bruce lee. they'll be auctioned off with proceeds going to the victims' families. a missing daly city man. take a good look at these pictures. he walked out of his care facility thursday. the senior has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old. he also uses a walker, is deaf and mute and may have trouble communicating if lost. we are told he lived in bris bain for years and was often seen at the library and the park. developing news out of st. louis, dozens much inmates broke out of cells and rioted overnight, some breaking windows and screaming to a crowd gathered below made of
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friends and family members. a chair was thrown from a third story window. other items were set on fire. >> about 60 inmates on the third floor, reached cell doors and what you see is what you see. >> police in riot gear took up positions inside and outside the city's justice center. inmates are demanding court hearings which have been delayed during the pandemic. detainees have long complained about conditions inside the jail and this is the fourth incident there since december. yikes. eight minutes after 5:00. still ahead, some san francisco trails are closed to dogs starting today all because of some wild animals. good monday morning to you. we are looking at on shore flow for today. that's why we have the morning clouds. we will catch some sunshine this afternoon with near normal daytime highs. i'll have the forecast where
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you live, coming up. as we look at the roadways, a few brake lights building through altamont pass plus details on a crash along highway 4. a live look outside before we head to break, this is the view from our sales force tower camera looking east across the bay this monday, april 5. thanks for startiting
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we have learned a side show in san francisco's mission district ended in a shooting. citizen app video shows a crowd cheering and flashing lasers at an intersection while a pick up and several cars do doughnuts. around two in the morning the suspect's vehicle drove to the victim's car and a suspect opened fire. a 19-year-old man from oakland was hit but is expected to be okay. the suspect has not been caught. a $2,500 reward offered for information leading to the gunman in a deadly house party shooting in santa rosa. police were called to the home just before 5:00 a.m. yesterday and found a man dead with at least one gun shot wound. no details on what may have led up to that shooting. hundreds of people are under evacuation orders along
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florida's gulf coast because of threats from a toxic liquid. a waste water holding pond near tampa bay leaking three you a containment wall. engineers have not been able to plug the leak and they're concerned it could expand to a breach that would flood surrounding areas. water is being pumped out at a rate of thousands of gallons a minute. in southern california, a brush fire near semi valley in ventura county. it is 0% contained. cal fire is calling it the westwood fire. no evacuations are ordered so far and the cause remains under investigation. a live look at the golden gate bridge. starting today walkers and bicyclists will notice a more narrow path on the eastern sidewalk because of on going construction of a suicide determinite. it is 20 feet below the sidewalk and 20 feet out from
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the bridge. the path for visitors while narrower will remain open during regular hours. vehicle entry fees in effect again at more than a dozen parks in santa clara. county parks and rec department is charging $6 for first time since it waved fees in march last year. it covers 16 parks including lexington reservoir. also today part of the bart parking garage in pleasant hill is closed so crews can retrofit and upgrade garage lighting. the work will be done in staging and some parking will remain available over the four months of construction. today a new proposal aimed at helping more small businesses in santa clara will be unveiled. the push promises relief to 1,000 small businesses by waving registration fees for
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restaurants, personal care services, gyms. santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on the proposal tomorrow. many bay area congregations came together in person once again this easter sunday. oakland's largest church hosted its first indoor service since the pandemic began. the church filled with song once again. there were more than 400 people singing, clapping, and praying. the church can seat more than 4,000 people and it could be a while before all the seats are filled. even still church goers told us they are thankful. >> i am so grateful i am here and get to see all these faces i haven't seen in maybe over a year. >> i am so excited. i was home getting dressed and said "yes i get to go to church"! >> it was hard not to hug and kiss people. we are hugy kissy people, you know.
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it was the atmosphere. >> don't you miss those hugs? in san francisco grace cathedral opened doors for viewing. people could not go to the cathedral but folks enjoyed music and flower arch from used the gates. the easter bunny made a visit. it's good to see people having fun safely. let's check on the roads now with gianna. good morning. so nice to see people coming together. we have a trouble spot along highway 4, heads up if you are ready to head out the door towards east shore freeway. you may run into a few brake lights. it's the east bound side of 4 near franklin canyon road. it looks like one of the cars is facing the wrong way in the left lane. no injuries reported yet. fire crews and chp headed to the scene as well as tow crews.
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a slight delay as you approach but over all highway 4 is at the limit especially on the west bound side which is the commute direction. all of this red is popping up on censors, west bound tracy 205 area from mount house, 580, extending well beyond flynn. this looks a lot better as you approach dublin interchange. you will need 39 minutes to go from 205 towards 680. 680 is clear, no troubles along 80 or 101 along peninsula, all clear wards sfo. south of there, things are looking good. good morning to san jose north bound 101 looking clear at least out of the south bay. 280 is off to a good start as well as 87. we are still seeing green for the south bay ride, only eight minutes from north bound 101 from 85 to the 680, 280 connector. traffic stays clear north of there. a quick look at bay area
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bridges, a live look at the bay bridge, no metering lights here and so far so good on the golden gate. it is 5:17. time to check your forecast. it's looking to be a nice day across the bay area, around where we should be. we have morning clouds. we are going to see afternoon sunshine with daytime highs near normal for this time. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east across east bay. in oakland it is 51 and also for concord, san jose, 50 livermore, san francisco, 43 santa rosa. we are looking at breezy westerly winds, on show flow, marine influence. we are looking at sfo with westerly wind at 16 miles per hour, 15 oakland, 10 hayward and 24 miles per hour in fairfield with the clouds as we start off our day. you can see that on our current visibility map. on shore flow today, morning clouds, afternoon sun with near
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normal daytime highs. tangk this cut off low but it's not really going to impact our weather, bringing that westerly flow for us but not the rain. it's going to stay offshore and away from us. hour by hour on futurecast, you see clearing with that sunshine through our afternoon. tomorrow we are starting with clouds and afternoon sunshine as well, temperatures a bit warmer as we look ahead to tomorrow. daytime highs for today, we are looking at 67 in santa clara. san jose topping out at 68 degrees this afternoon. the east bay, in concord, pleasant hill, 67 for a high, upper 60s in brentwood, mid 60s for tri valley, 65 in livermore. around the bay at 60 in san francisco, 59 daly city, 62 oakland, alameda, san leandro for east bay shoreline and north bay, mid to upper 60s, 68
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in napa later today and 68 windsor. the extended forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at dry weather over the next several days through the work week and into the weekend. you can see temperatures a bit warmer as we look to tomorrow and actually for the rest of the week. not a lot of change here. we will see a little bit more sunshine as we go through the work week and especially as we look ahead to the weekend. back to you. 5:20, going live to iceland this morning. check out this volcanic eruption that continues right now. you can see the lava on the left hand side of your screen, plenty steam being blown off this morning. this started flaring a few weeks ago. back in the bay area, today is the start of pupping season. trails in san francisco will be closed to dogs to make way for a different kind of pup. it is coyote puppies pupping
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season. to create a safe space, parts of the bay, ridge, park trails will be off limits to dogs from now through early september. trails will remain open though to people. 21 minutes after 5:00. in a nearly 200-year-old restaurant finally back in business. >> ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the famous san francisco spot opening its doors once again today. coming up later at 7:00 on cbs this morning, emotional interview you with hunter biden, the president's son opening up about personal battles and past allegations. mlb pulls an all star game from atlanta. the mayor will discuss the decision's impact on her city. >> plus talking about the upcoming horror series "them." we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:24. a live look outside from our sales for tower camera looking east at the city of oakland, more lovely weather on the way today in the bay area. mary has more on your forecast
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coming up. a long time seafood restaurant is finally reopening in san francisco's financial district. >> it first opened more than 170 years ago and it is back in business. it's been completely shut down since july last year all because of the pandemic. today it's reopening with 50% indoor seating capacity. the white jacket staff is pois ed to serve steak and fish every day except sunday. a new food hall opening in the tender loin. it was created to help immigrants and women of color develop and launch their own food businesses. construction was almost completed when lock downs began in march. bad timing there. it is located on hide street and there are seven woman owned businesses at the site. there will be a bar and it will
5:26 am
be open from 11:00 until 2:30 p.m. for now, it will be take out only. i was checking out the menus. have you ever had a papoosa? >> i have not. sounds good. >> delicious he will salvatore varnell el salvador food. >> delicious. a bill that can redefine robbery charges is up for debate. why some leaders are pushing back. a live look outside before break. this is the view from our camera on top of knob hill. you can see the sales force tower there glimmering in the didistance.
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. today kicks off week 2 of derek chauvin's murder trial. who we can expect on the stand in just a few hours. another weekend of record breaking travel. new numbers from our nation's airports. could we see a fourth wave of covid-19 infections? this morning, what we are hearing from a former fda commissioner. good morning. thanks for joining us. it is monday, april 5. i am anne makovec in for michelle. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's go to mary lee with our forecast. i think you are going to like it. it's going to be a nice day. we are looking at temperatures around where we should be for this time of year. happy monday. if you look near normal temps you've got it all week long. a live look with our san
5:31 am
francisco camera looking at sales force tower and temperatures are in the low 50s. santa rosa, you are 43. we are starting our day with those clouds but we'll catch clearing and sunshine as we go through our afternoon. daytime highs around 60 in san francisco, 63 oakland as well as for fremont, mountain view, red wood city, 66 san jose, 67 concord. let's check with gianna. it is slow going through the altamont. it already is. a lot of red and yellow on our censors along west bound 580. sluggish conditions out of tracy getting onto 580 and it extends to north flynn. it's typical stuff for a monday morning commute. no accidents to report so that's good news. 41 minutes from 205 towards 680. the good news is everything else, all major freeways in the
5:32 am
green. highway 4 despite the earlier trouble spot east bound near franklin, everything seems to be moving at the limit. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights but we are seeing more cars on the road way making the ride out of the east bay into the city. >> thank you. second week of derek chauvin's murder trial begins in about an hour. the former officer is accused of killing george floyd in may last year. 19 people testified last week. that includes several who witnessed floyd's death and broke down in tears on the stand as they described attempts to interview. friday a veteran officer said kneeling on a suspect's neck as chauvin did for more than nine minutes is just uncalled for. court proceedings are expected to resume 6:30 our time with the jury returning 45 minutes later. today's witnesses will include the city's police chief who criticized chauvin's actions in the past. he has pleaded not guilty to
5:33 am
charges of murder and manslaughter. 53rd anniversary of the death of martin luther king jr. a vigil was held in georgia. king's family hosted a wreath laying ceremony at the reflecting pool and king's daughter spoke out against georgia's new voting law. >> we will continue to do what's necessary to be sure that the right to vote is preserved and that access to the ballot is not restricted. >> the civil rights leader was shot in 1968 on the balcony of the lorraine motel in memphis. he was in the city helping sanitation workers rally for better wages and working conditions. l.a. county will relax more restrictions. it moved into the less restrictive orange tier last week. that means places of worship, movie theaters, restaurants will increase services to 50% capacity. nail shops and personal care
5:34 am
services can open at 75% capacity. >> i can see customers, my employees which makes me super happy. >> bars that don't serve food will be able to reopen outdoors only and amusement parks can raise capacity from 15 to 25%. going live to sfo, another weekend of record breaking travel across the country. tsa reporting more than 1.5 million travelers at airports nationwide. this marks 24th straight day of more than 1 millionaire travelers. flyers attributing covid-19 fatigue and knowing more people are fully vaccinated to increasing travel numbers. president biden and dr. fauci are still urging more people to get their shots. >> share sentiments of pope francis who says getting vaccinated is a moral obligation. >> this will not last forever because every day that you get 4 million, 3 million people
5:35 am
vaccinated, you get closer and closer to control. >> new cdc guidelines no longer require travelers who are fully vaccinated to self quarantine. there is also no need to be tested before or after they travel unless required to do so by their destination. concerns emerged about a so called fourth wave of coronavirus in the u.s. a former fda commissioner says he doesn't expect that to actually happen. >> i don't think it's going to be a true fourth wave. i think we have probably delayed the point at which we can get this behind us for the summer. i think with the rate of vaccination that we are having now, vaccinating 4 million people a day, i think that will probably reach 5 million people a day. >> the level of immunity in the u.s. population keeps growing from a com din asian of vaccinations and past infections. rapid covid-19 tests will be available to everyone in england twice a week for free. that's set to start friday.
5:36 am
the prime minister boris johnson plans to announce the weekly testing push along with plans to reopen economy and relaunch international travel. philipine government extended a lock down by another week. this is after a spike in covid- 19 infections that's starting to overwhelm hospitals in the area. metro, manilla, four out lying provinces are included in the extended lock down which is a region of more than 25 million people. turkey seeing its sharpest spike yet. yesterday the country reported almost 42,000 cases. that brings total number of infections to 3.4 million. 32,000 people have died. the country's hospital bed occupancy is now 54%. for the latest news on the pandemic, download the kpix app by scanning qr code on your screen. if you miss it, we'll have the code for you again in a few minutes as we go to break.
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today the state senate is set to hold hearings on a bill that would downgrade robberies to a misdemeanor, not a felony. the penalty, a maximum of one year in county jail. petty theft offenders could face a $1,000 fine and qualify for diversion program. sb82 has generated opposition from law enforcement officials. members of the asian community are expressing concern following a series of attacks on asian americans in the bay area and across the nation. johnson & johnson taking over production at a plant hit by a contamination problem. the airline industry is getting a boost after cdc eased travel restrictions. elise preston of cbs money watch joins us live from new york with more in our money watch report. >> reporter: good morning. air travel is soaring after cdc eased coronavirus related travel restrictions. the increase overwhelmed delta
5:38 am
sunday. the carrier had to cancel roughly 100 flights because it didn't have enough crew members to increase capacity, delta allowed passengers to book middle seats on some planes. johnson & johnson will take over a baltimore vaccine plant after 50 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine were ruined. j&j and astrazeneca were producing at the plant when the doze were cross contaminated. astrazeneca says it will work with the white house to find a new production site. georgia based companies are under pressure from civil rights groups to condemn new voting legislation in the state. critics say the republican backed law threatens voting rights for black americans. executives from coca-cola and delta spoke out against the law. major league being pulled its 2021 all star game from atlanta due to the law. i hear a new survey reveals go to comfort foods following a
5:39 am
bad day. what tops the list? >> reporter: for most, it's chocolate. i am one of those people. in a one poll survey, 46% polled grabbed the sweet snack after having a bad day followed by fast food, candy, chips. most admitted that eating junk food made them feel worse. on the flip side more than a third opted for fresh fruit and veggies to top off a good day. another thing out of the survey is tacos are a game changer for people. about a third of people reported tacos instantly made them feel better. >> you can't go wrong with a taco. it is not often that i get to quote austin powers movie. it's like i eat because i am unhappy and i am unhappy because i eat. it's like a cycle. goodness gracious. >> reporter: back and forth. >> it's all good. we are in a pandemic and i see if you want to eat a snack to
5:40 am
feel better, you can. then we'll hit the gym when they reopen. >> reporter: even when we are out of the pandemic, i am going to eat a snack. >> you deserve that right. and you look good too. so it's all good. see you again coming up at 6:30 when the stock market opens. evacuations meantime going on this morning in indonesia as a cyclone causes deadly floods and land slides. crews have been using rubber dingies to get people to higher ground as quickly as they can. the storm has killed more than 70 people and dozens are missing. rescue crews trying to work around damaged bridges and roads. the tropical cyclone is producing waves, strong winds, heavy rain. the weather is expected to continue for days and possibly australia later. 20 minutes before 6:00. coming up, facebook under fire for a hack affecting
5:41 am
millions of users. why experts say your information could still be of value to cyber criminals. good morning to you. we are looking at temperatures that will be right around where we should be for this time of year. san francisco is 60, oakland 63, 66 san jose, 67 concord, just a bit warmer as we look to the rest of the week. that morning commute is in full swing for ride into altamont pass. plus reports of a new trouble spot on the bay bridge. details are coming up.
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5:44. cyber security experts are warning information from half a billion facebook users has been posted to a website used by hackers. the records include full names, locations, e-mail addresses, phone numbers for 32 million americans. facebook claims this is all data from 2019 and they have fixed the issue and fixed it at that time. but experts believe the data could be of value to hackers with all of it in one place and easily accessible. linked in giving its full time staff an entire week off with pay starting today. the bay area social networking firm says the so called rest up week is geared toward giving employees a chance to take a
5:45 am
breather and tend to their well being. a core team will continue to work this week but will be able to schedule time off later. very lucky employees. president biden's son meantime hunter says he expects to be cleared by current investigation into his business dealings. he tells cbs news he is cooperating with the justice department right now, investigators looking at multiple financial issues over hunter biden's dealings in china. they want to figure out if he and associates violated tax and money laundering laws. he says he did nothing wrong and did not make a mistake by taking spot on the board of an energy company in ukraine. let's head over to gianna because she has her eye on a very slow altamont this morning, looking red, g. yeah, that's for sure. there is a lot of red on censors for the ride into altamont pass west bound 580. the good news is no crashes or
5:46 am
major incidents but it's usual stuff. we are seeing more people getting back to work, more cars on the roadways. sluggish out of tracy, west bound 205, around mount house and delays extend beyond north flynn at this point on west bound 580. a few brake lights as you approach dublin interchange. 42 minutes from 205 towards 680. east shore freeway, 80, clear, 15 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. 101 north bound out of south bay, so far things are moving for the most part at the limit. there are a couple slow spots near 280, 680. traffic across bay bridge on the upper deck. we have reports of a broken down vehicle west bound near treasure island. surface streets in san francisco, sixth and howard, activity at the intersection due to an earlier crash. at the toll plaza, no major issues. traffic is still at the limit. we don't typically see metering
5:47 am
lights until after 6:00. if you are up early and out the door, you should be okay for the bay bridge ride. san mateo bridge is looking good, a nice ride so far west bound out of hayward into foster city, 14 minutes between 880 towards 101. a look at our maps for south bay, you see some yellow popping up north bound 101 approaching 880. it is 5:47 and a bit cloudy but it will be a beautiful day. we are going to see sunshine as we go through our afternoon. here is a live look with sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay with those clouds in the sky. currently we are in the low 50s in many locations. concord, oakland, liver, san francisco, san jose, cool 43 in santa rosa. current wind speeds, breezy conditions with westerly winds at sfo at 16 miles per hour, oakland 15, 12 right now in
5:48 am
hayward, 24 for fairfield. looking at those clouds to start our day and areas of fog as well. we have on shore flow today, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine with near normal daytime highs. this cut off low offshore is not going to affect us and give us rain unfortunately. it will stay offshore for the rest of the week. as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, you see that clearing and sunshine as we go through our day, starting tomorrow with a few clouds and afternoon sunshine with temperatures tomorrow just a bit warmer. our sunrise is 6:48 and sun set at 7:36. daytime highs for south bay we go looking at 67 for a high in santa clara and also for cupertino, 68 san jose as well as for campbell for south bay. east bay, 67 concord, pleasant hill, mid 60s for tri valley and livermore coming in at 65. around the bay san francisco is looking at 60, 59 daly city, 62
5:49 am
in oakland, alameda as well as for san leandro and north bay, daytime highs in mid to upper 60s, upper 60s in napa later today and 68 for windsor. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer as we look to tomorrow and actually through the work week and into the weekend with plenty sunshine. not a lot of change as we head through the next several days. we are going to stay dry with the ridge of high pressure building in. we were hoping we could get some rain in at some point. it does look like we will see near normal daytime highs over the next several days through the work week and at this point into our weekend as well. back to you. >> thank you. new, a free climber had to spend time in jail once again after scaling one of europe's highest sky scrapers in barcelona. this was the scene as the 21- year-old british free climber made his way to the top of the
5:50 am
381-foot hotel. george king climbed the building in london in 2019, highest tower in uk. the feat earned him six months in a young offender's center. not sure why he does it. maybe it is the thrill of it. >> that's no joke, i guess. then you have plenty time to cool down in jail. we're talking about him internationally. there he goes. ten minutes before 6:00. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, cherry blossom season nearing an end in japan. why scientists say that's cause for concern. a live look outside before we head to break. this is the view of the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic is moving but it's getting a little more voluminous this monday morning. today on drew barrymore,
5:51 am
kick off of diy week. brene brown, michelle lee,
5:52 am
5:53 am
good monday morning. thanks for waking up with us and starting off the work week with us. 5:53. we are starting with morning clouds and we are going it see sunshine through the afternoon
5:54 am
with daytime highs near normal if not a little bit below normal. 60 in san francisco, 63 oakland, mid 60s in san jose and concord. back to you. let's take a live look at some of the clouds mary has been talking about. this is a view from our sales force camera looking across the bay this monday morning at six minutes before 6:00. one of san francisco's new businesses preparing to open its doors for the first time. true fusion will be offering boxing, hot yoga, cycling classes starting mid month. because construction began before the pandemic the fitness studio was able to incorporate hospital grade air sanitizers and disinfection systems. >> we are so excited to get people indoors. it really feels like people want to be coming back together as a community. people want to be getting back in shape, taking care of themselves. >> it was the first weekend
5:55 am
back open for the hotel and its restaurant. >> hess dance and also very excited. we are ready to get out of the house, be here, enjoy ourselves and feel like we are part of the world again. >> for those seeking more social distance, a few rooms have been converted into private dining spaces featuring a special menu. >> very cool. new, cherry blossom season is nearing an end in japan. >> the season is typically a joyous occasion but blooms keep getting earlier prompting concern amongst scientists. they say it's a sign of global warming. blossomed peaked on march 26th, earliest date in more than 1200 years of record keeping. it's a similar story in tokyo. the trees are considered important for climate change studies because of how sensitive they are to temperature changes and due to extensive record keeping.
5:56 am
>> reporter: in the last 200 years, the peak blooming date has been getting earlier and earlier as temperatures rise, he says, higher temperatures and urbanization contribute to early blooming times. the spring has been unusually warm in japan. >> cherry blossoms hold cultural significance appearing throughout the literature and poetry. >> just gorgeous. i can just smell them looking at them. it's on the bucket list. four minutes before 6:00. >> in our next half hour on kpix5 and screaming on cbsn bay area, reversing course, why a school district might be stepping back from its decision to rename dozens of schools. let's look outside before break, on gorgeous view from
5:57 am
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, vice president kamala harris returning to her roots today. what is bringing her back to the bay area for first time since taking office. thousands of santa clara students setting foot back into the classroom. the in person learning plan. two seconds! trapped! that is it! stanford survives again! >> nearly three decades in the making stanford's women basketball, new champs. how it all came down to the wire. good morning. thanks for joining us. it is monday. we are off and running on another work week, april 5. i am anne makovec for michelle. >> i am len kiese. don't let the clouds fool you, more sunshine is still


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