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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 5, 2021 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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the 7pm news, weeknights on kpix 5. this is the cbs overnight news. good evening, today marked the second easter disrupted by covid. while there's hope vaccines will help end the crisis, highly contagious variants are threatening to pro long it. tonight, europe and canada are experiencing a new wave of infections in lock downs. here in the u.s., it's an arm's race, 18% of american's, that is over 60 millionpeople are fully vaccinated. but the cases are rising in 27 states and washington, d.c. cbs's is in los angeles tracking all of it for us tonight.
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good evening. >> good evening. california keeps gaining ground in its battle with covid, that means more in person gatherings but there's concerns about less social distancing and not following other safety pro toe on coles. worshippers in l.a. today celebrated easter at church for the first time in two years. inside in pughs and outside in cars. relaxed covid restrictions allowing them to gather. elsewhere, some unmasked and ignoring safety pro toe on coles. >> jesus -- >> reporter: face the nation, said is americans must remain vigilant. it's a race between the deadly rar rarants -- variants at the
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baltimore production plant where 15 million vaccines were spoiled, the federal government ordered johnson & johnson to run operations. at the nation's airports this weekend, a record number of travelers as people gather for the holiday. >> i feel a lot easier now traveling being vaccinated. >> this is the gospel of the lord. >> reporter: in new york city, this pastor at holy trinity lutheran church welcomed people. >> tell me how your church is doing. >> to say the most obvious thing, it's been a tough year. >> reporter: how does it feel to go back to in person service after half a year of not doing it? >> having 30 people in the room is an amazing feeling. being in the same room together is prove to me that there's life past this pandemic. >> starting tomorrow, places of worship like this church be will be allowed double the number of people inside. and it's all parts of l.a. county as move toward fewer
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restrictions and more reopenings. >> thank you. at the vatican, pope francis use onned his easter message to urge countries to speed up the distribution of vaccines to the world's poor. cbs's elizabeth palmer has that story. the pope led easter mass in the vast st. peters bas is illica this morning. for a small congregation of the faith. masked and socially distanced. italian police are back to enforcing a lockdown this weekend as a serious third wave of coronavirus infections sweeps across europe. the highest per capita death rate is in hung ary. to vaccinate as many people as possible on as quickly as possible. it has started importing the russian sputnik vaccine to boost supply. france has the fastest growing infection rate in europe and it
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imposed a stricter lockdown. they were able to stock up on supplies but they have to stay close to home for a month and observe a overnight curfew. butpatience is wearing thin. in belgium, police broke up a public party with water cannons. in barcelona, in spain, officers tried to enforce social distancing on the beach. it's now clear that vaccinations work. britain is one of the world leaders and here daily deaths have plummeted from over a thousand a day? january. to ten on saturday. most of the developing world has gotten enough vaccine or enforceable covid restrictions. right now, rich developed countries have enough vaccine to vaccinate their entire adult populations twice over. meanwhile, developing countries on average have only enough to do 30%. elizabeth palmer, cbs news,
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london. in florida today, evacuations in a state of emergency have been expanded in three counties near tampa bay. the threat caused by a leak at a reservoir in a former phosphate plant, the governor said the water was not radioactive, but still dangerous. >> what we are looking at now is trying to prevent if need be a catastrophic flood situation. helicopters delivered extra pumps to the site and the toxic water has been leaking sichnce friday. the battle over georgia's voting law is intensify autoing. corporations and major league baseball have taken sides and now so have two former presidents. we have the latest. >> reporter: corporate america has a responsibility to advance
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and support and strengthen american democracy. >> darren be waurk, president of the ford family foundation joined 71 other black executives in a letter calling for corporate action. 193 other companies, you including coca-cola and delta and our parent company viacom-cbs signed a letter vowing their commitment to der democracy and equality. >> a top white house economic adviser would not he say in the biden administration was encouraging companies to use their economic power to pressure states to reverse course. >> it's a little early to judge what the economic impact will be. >> but the impact of moving major league baseball's all-star game out of georgia, is already being felt. cobb county, you said on of atlanta said it stands to lose
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$100 million in tourism. >> it means cancel culture and partisan activists areyour busi event in your hometown. >> georgia governor brian kemp said saturday, mlb and other companies caved to what he called liberal pressure. >> they ignored the facts of our new election integrity law. and they ignored the consequences of their editdecis on our local community. >> the white house said that president bide supports moving the all-star game out of georgia. >> thank you. week two of derek chauvin's murder trial begins in minneapolis tomorrow. the form police officer is accused in the death of george floyd, and witnesses are expected to include the city's
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this is the cbs overnight news. thanks for staying with us. president biden's son hunter has been the focus of seemingly endless controversy over the past couple of years. well, now, hunter biden is owning up to some of the accusations in a new memoir called beautiful things that is due out tomorrow. biden discussed his book, and what comes next for him with tracy smith. >> you have said your dad always saw the good in you through all of this. was there will ever a time when you thought okay, there's no way
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he is going to give up on me, i have done it now? >> never. never. not once. >> hunter biden is the president second son. a yale trained lawyer and a lobbyist who a's well publicized drug problems, personal scandals and business dealings seem to have kept him this the headlines for all the wrong reasons. there's a current department of justice investigation in to your finances. >> yep. >> what is it about, can you say anything more? >> i can't but i can say this, i'm cooperating completely and i'm absolutely certain, 100% certain that at the end of the investigation, i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> you are 100% certain is of it? >> i am, and all i can do is cooperate and trust in the process. >> from the time he was a toddler, hunter biden and his older brother were fixtured in joe biden's public life and when they were both hurt in the 1972 car crash that killed their
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mother and sister, their dad a newly elected u.s. senator took his oath of office in a hospital room. >> if in six months or so, if there's a conflict between my being a good father or good senator, which i hope will not occur. we can get another senator but they cannot get another father. as the biden sons got old onner, their paths die verged. beau was an attorney general, but hunter after getting kicked out of the service failing a drug test struggled with substance abuse for years. and after beau died, he was binge drinking vodka so much that his father came to his apartment and intervened. >> he was vice president, and he ditched the secret service and figured out to get to the house and i said, what are you doing here and he said honey. what are you doing?
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i said dad, i'm fine. he said you are not fine. >> he sought and got help in rehab. but in time, he fell off the wagon and deeper in to the abyss. >> you would wake up some mornings, i should not say some mornings, because you slept for 15 minutes at a time and be looking for crack and smoke whatever was there? >> yeah. you know, i spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine, i probably smoked more parmesan cheese than anybody you know, tracy. >> because there was crumbs mixed in and -- >> yeah. yeah. i went one time for 13 days without sleeping and smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that
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entire time. >> hunter biden's struggle with his personal demons is a big part of his new book from an imprint of simon and shuster. a viacom-cbs company, a title, beautiful things is something that they shared to remind themselves of the good in life. >> it was the last thing he said to me. >> was. >> beautiful things. >> and i held his hand. and he took his last breath. >> beau's death shook the entire biden fame. but the way hunter dealt with his grief made headlines. when he began dating his brother's widow. >> after beau died, you started a romantic relationship with his widow, hali. when the news broke, how did people look at you? >> i think people were confused by it. and i understand that.
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i mean, i really do. to me, it's not something that is difficult to explain because it came out of a real overwhelming grove that we both shared. and we were together and trying to do the right thing. and that, grief turned in to a hope for a love that maybe could replace what we lost. and it didn't work. it didn't work. >> you said you lost clients over this. you lost business over this? >> yeah. >> you had to step down from the world food program? >> yeah. yeah. >> well, i made a lot of decisions that i probably should not have made. there was a lot more compassion and understanding from the people who knew me. but it was a horrible time too. >> and then the there's this.
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in 2014, the younger biden took a job on the board of a ukrainian energy company, in a time when his father who was then vice president had an active role in u.s. policy toward ukraine. it raised eyebrows at the time and by the 2020 elections he was the center of a political fire storm. >> hunter was thrown out of the military. he was thrown out and dishonorably discharged because of drug abuse. >> none of that is true. >> he made a fortune in ukraine, and moss cocow and various othe places. >> looking back did you make a mistake in taking a spot on the board? >> no, but i made a mistake in terms of under estimating the way in which it would be used against me. >> but you must have seen the optics. even back then, you must have -- how could you not have foreseen
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that this was going to look bad? >> because it really didn't. i'm being as honest with you as i can. ly -- all i know, not one serious journalist has come to the conclusion that i did anything wrong or that my father did anything wrong. >> but the rumors lived on. in october 2020, a article said that e-mails showing shady dealings in the ukraine by hunter biden were found in a laptop that he left in a delaware repair shop in 2019. the details were sketchy at best and last month a on declassified intelligence report said that before the election the russians had launched a smear campaign against joe biden and his family. >> it does not specifically talk about your laptop. >> yes. >> was that your laptop. >> for real, i don't know. >> you know -- >> i really don't know. >> you don't know yes or no if
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the laptop was yours. >> i have no idea. >> could have been yours? >> certainly, there could be a laptop that was stole friend me. there could be that i was hacked. it could be that it was russian intelligence. it could be that it was stolen from me. >> and you didn't drop off a laptop to be repaired? >> no. >> in delaware? >> not that i remember, at all. at all. so -- we will see. usually he calls me are right before he goes to bed. just to tell me, that he loves me. >> hunter biden said that he is rebuilding now and sober since he married south african film producer melissa cohen in may 2019. >> the story meaning nis, it's that anything more powerful than an addiction or grief is a family's love. >> did you say you and your dad talk every night? >> every night. yeah. yeah. yeah. >> we talk at least every night. yeah. >> bythe way -- not only does he
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talk to me every night. he calls every one of my daughters, he talks to each of them every day. and he talks to me and i know that he -- >> the president of the united states. >> yeah. yeah. >> but, by the way, he has always done that. i mean, always. he talks to each one of us. i will tell you why, because he has lost -- because he like me, knows what it's like not to be able to pick up the phone and talk to your son. >> and he almost lost you. >> yeah yeah. yeah, it's hard.
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another covid lockdown in italy led to a subdued easter sunday at the vatican, pope francis led the easter mass, but the faithful were all masked and socially distanced. and the massive crowds that usually spill out in to the square were nowhere to be seen. for a second year in a row, all of easter week was up ended by the pandemic. we have the story from rome. >> reporter: this is not pope francis style, leading the way of the cross in a deserted st. peters square, as opposed to here at the coliseum where he normally send interests good friday, surrounded by thousands of faithful, he likes to be able to go to the poorest of the poor, and the pandemic has robbed him of that. he said that he feels like a prisoner in the vatican.
3:54 am
>> so he made a break fourth, visiting those getting their vaccine during holy week. he got the pfizer shot earlier this week. like so many, his first order of business was to travel. allbeit to iraq. the first time for a pope where he prayed in churches that were decimated by isis, while francis and his entourage were vaccinated the 10s of thousands that gathered were not and he said he prayed about it and god said he would take care of it. >> he wants to break normals to be with his people on. >> especially with the people leaving in droves. in the past 20 years, catholic church membership is down 13%. and that, was before the
3:55 am
pandemic. lockdown churches around the world have not helped. >> the pandemic is not helping church finances. specifically at the vat can museums, the source of 10ss of millions of dollars in
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as america marked the second easter sunday amid the coronavirus pandemic, religion a -- religious leaders have found creative ways to keep the faith. >> reporter: there was a problem, how in heaven's name was he going to sprinkle holy water on people's easter baskets while maintaining social distance. as you are pouring the holy water in the water pistol, are you saying forgive me, lord? >> yes, it's a form of absence lusion. >> reporter: the pictures went viral last year, much to the
3:58 am
delight of most people. >> i had a couple of detractors in the clergy saying it was sacre sacreligous this way. and i said, guys, we are talking about chocolate bunnies and sausages. >> reporter: this time he is going bigger. that's the kind of thing we have seen throughout the pan democrat you can from choir in your car, to zoom passover. >> i will not let them go. >> reporter: we saw people bundled up in beach chairs and lots of praying behind the wheel. >> the drive through has been a real god send to folks of all faiths. >> but even those who stayed home found ways to keep it special. like this 82-year-old of tulsa, oklahoma, who still got dressed up to the 9s every sunday, always in a different outfit to
3:59 am
watch the service on the computer. >> it's a reverance. >> i see all the clothes and not one is on the treadmill. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: she is running out of closet space. >> we cannot go another 52 sundays, that's for sure. >> reporter: fortunately there's much more hope this easter weekend compared to last. thanks to the vaccines. the renewal we celebrate in all of our spring traditions feels pro found. i felt that first hand. when my wife's parents now both fully vaccinated, came to visit us this week. >> look at you. >> reporter: it was theirst time w seen them in over a year. >> look at you. >> reporter: and there's an easter miracle. we can all believe in. steve hartman. cbs news. on the road. at home.
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and that's the overnight news for this monday, for some of you the news continues, for others check back with us later for cbs this morning and follow u onli reporting from w york city. it's monday, april 5th, 2021. this is it's monday, april 5th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." state of emergency. a toxic wastewater pond is threatening hundreds of homes in florida. the scramble right now to avoid a potential disaster. breaking overnight, jail uprising. inmates escape from their cells, smash windows and throw objects out the window. what led up to the chaotic situation. baseball brawl. major league baseball pulls the all-star game from atlanta igniting a feud with the igniting a feud with the governor of georgia. captioning funded by cbs good mng


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