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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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going to shout and give god the glory. >> i am like a little kid this morning like christmas and i really was. i can't wait. good evening. confetti rain down on a court in san antonio as the stanford cardinals were crowned the tournament champs and dennis o'donnell is here with the highlights. it was especially exciting for tara vanderveer. >> tough on the old ticker because it is been so long. stanford had not won the national title since 1992 but arizona had a chance to win the game. they had the second straight game and two minutes to play and stanford up 1 and haley jones into the lane and hits part of a 3-point play and five seconds left in arizona within 1 and mcdonnell for the three
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stanford defenders to win it and off the mark and stanford hangs on to beat arizona 54-53. they win their third national title in program history. >> the other one was not quite as close, last one, but we really excited and no one knows the score and no one knows who scored but it is a national championship. i'm really excited to represent stanford and it is a great team. >> we had like 15 seconds out of the entire season so we couldn't leave anything we would have regrets with at the end of the day so we left it on the floor and we did what we had and we communicated and talked and we showed how hard and how much heart and passion we have as a team. >> as i said their third national title and the first in 29 years and it was the buzzer- beater last night and the thrilling ending tonight and don't forget the men's title game right here on the big 5 tomorrow night. >> we will get more of that in sports in a few minutes.
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another show strength in san francisco tonight. local marshall arts schools put on a rally and demonstration in support of the asian community and dozens gathered outside of city hall for combat demonstrations and learn how to respond to an attacker. >> we have to empower ourselves and galvanize to rebuild our own community to be better and stronger. >> it struck home to me as well because dealing with a lot of uncertainty is uncomfortable as well so it is important for all communities to really come together right now. >> organizers created the event in response to recent attacks on asians and pacific islanders. and those attacks and covid-19 have hit san francisco's chinatown especially hard. coming up later in this newscast, we take a look at what it will take to bring the neighborhood back from the brink. the family of a missing daily city man wants you to take a good look at these photographs. edgar walked out of his care
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facility on thursday and his family tells us the senior citizens got the mental capacity of a 13-year-old. uses a walker and is deaf and mute and may have trouble communicating if lost. >> he needs medication for hypertension. you may be scared and may be injured. if you have seen him or know his whereabouts, we appreciate you call. >> i can imagine how worried they are. we are told he lived in brisbane for years and was often seen at the library and park there. it was a lovely easter sunday today for parishioners at oakland's largest church and they hosted its first indoor service since the pandemic began. we were there and show you the long-awaited reopening. there was a lot of joyful noise. >> reporter: it was a different kind of resurrection today and the gospel church has been silent for more than a year. not anymore. the singing, clapping and
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praying. the parishioner jaclyn missed all of it and she waited a long time to return to her house of worship. >> it was like i was caged in a box and now i can come out of that box and celebrate jesus. >> reporter: it was more than a celebration but also a reunion. >> i am grateful i am here, and i get the sale of these faces i have not seen in maybe a year or so. >> i am so excited when i was home getting dressed and i said, yes, i get to go to church because at this time last year we did not have no church. >> reporter: parishioners said they relied on their face during the years extreme hardship. some dealt with depression and isolation. >> i had my days and i stayed by myself. it was hard because i could not have people over. you know, i really had to lean more to god. >> reporter: those who returned found plenty of room to social distance. many were already vaccinated and they have 4000 seats and
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about 450 people attended the noon service. >> we have been doing this a little over one year and it was march 8 of 2020 that we close the doors. truck that is why the ship jackson said it was fitting to reopen on easter sunday. to do so a lot of guidelines and temperature checks, 6 feet apart and mask on and no hugs. >> that was hard not to hug and kiss people because we are hug and kissing people but it is an atmosphere that was all there. >> reporter: the energy inside was still unmatched. >> we can't wait where we can all celebrate under one roof and not even have to think about this pandemic. >> reporter: that is something we can all say amen to. bishop jackson said it will be a while before everybody feels comfortable coming back to church, maybe almost until everybody is vaccinated. that is still months away. in oakland, kpix 5.
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san francisco grace cathedral opened its doors for dniester viewing and while people couldn't go into the cathedral itself, passersby enjoyed music and a stunning floral arch from beyond the gates and the arch was made up of easter themed purple and yellow flowers. in walnut creek and easter bunny made an appearance at the ruth been crossed garden and the easter in the garden event featured photo booths, scavenger hunt, and lots of fun and safe activities for kids. >> it is just wonderful. we are so happy to be able to welcome people into the garden and for them to feel comfortable where they can spread out and enjoy the beauty in nature and family time outside. a spectacle in the sky this easter sunday. one of our viewers of petaluma, michael, captured this image of a halo around the sun and we
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appreciate your sharing that with us. since you're looking at the sky, we're also looking for an update on the weather and a little bit, tiny bit of a warming trend this week. all of the clues are in those clouds and that halo you just showed was a really important one. you only get a halo like that when you get these really high thin serous clouds streaming overhead. what we will experience tomorrow in the morning is totally different than these high serous clouds. let me show you what we look like on the high resolution view from space today. these were the high thin clouds overhead. that is the marine layer. as we switch into future cast, that is coming back for us tomorrow. we are not quite may gray and we are not the fog like july or august but in early april this is when you start to notice this change and have you noticed it yet? the mornings are getting grade over. and the marine layer is coming
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back in and you will see over your monday with gray skies until probably about 10:00 in the morning before it burns back to the coast. since we did that today, here is the comparison looking ahead to the first day of the work week tomorrow. daytime highs today were average for this time of year. if we look at the difference for tomorrow on how things will play out differently, for concord in livermore, it does not. but there is a sudden warm up your in the bay. that is the start of a very subtle change in this trend that will take us into the rest of the work week and it will get a little warmer. i will show you what those numbers look like coming up in the complete forecast back to you. another big step on the road to recovery months in the making. san francisco's legendary grill
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opens tomorrow after a nine- month closure. the financial district institution just happens to be my favorite san francisco restaurant will be serving lunch and dinner and the establishment was established back in 1849 and i was not there for the opening. it is considered the states oldest continuously running restaurant and the owners have been waiting to reopen until the city allowed indoor dining and 50% capacity and they opened up reservations in november but they had to cancel that because of various surges in the virus but now online reservations for tomorrow are still open. meanwhile one of san francisco's newest businesses is preparing to open its doors for the very first time and true fusion will be offering boxing and hot yoga and cycling because construction began before the pandemic, the fitness studio was able to incorporate the hospital grade air sanitizer and disinfection system. they are thrilled. >> we are so excited to get people indoors. it really feels like people want to be coming back together and the community people want to be getting back in shape and taking care of themselves. >> it is the first weekend back open for a hotel and its dirty
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habit restaurant. >> i think we were both hesitant but also very excited and various ways to get out of the house and to be here and enjoy ourselves and, i don't know, feel like we are part of the world again. >> for those seeking a little bit more social distance, few guestrooms have been converted into private dining spaces. this features a special menu. >> still to come, free rent is one thing another is a job that will pay you to have a house all to yourself. and there is a big catch. new video of a bay area sideshow that spun out of control and put a teenager in the hospital. some popular trails in the presidio are about to be off limits to dogs to make way for a different kind of pup. it is all coming up. covid has made clear that having health insurance is morore importanant than ev. at coverered califorornia, evevery plan i is comprehehen,
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southern california real estate agents have had with break-ins at local listings and they tell us they are now hiring people to live in the houses they are trying to sell. >> this one will definitely need to get a housesitter. >> reporter: samantha sees the desperate and ugly. >> somebody punched a hole in the wall there. >> reporter: a listing agent, she has seen an uptick in people breaking into homes she is trying to sell. >> it shocked me that it got broken into to find it two or three times and we hired a housesitter. >> reporter: she got so fed up with chasing out squatters and filing police reports on burglaries -- >> appliances would get stolen and they would remove the door and go to the garage. truck she is hiring people to
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live in the vacant homes now on the market, housesitter's to deter people from breaking in. >> the house cedar is usually a single person doesn't have a house and he lives in a backpack and has a makeshift hammock. >> it is rough for buyers because when they see a house they want to make sure the neighborhood is good and make sure the house is in good condition and when they see that type of stuff they get scared. truck this realtor said it has kept him busy in a market that is already hot with back to back showings and he is now dealing with break-ins in between. >> frustration we have is we have the higher housesitter's and we have a pretty long service because escrows take 20 or 30 days. >> reporter: it comes out of cost of the pricey locks they are breaking to all of the damage and now the cost of hiring a sitter. >> we have the sellers pay for it and it's not just a housesitter we are paying for but we buy them food and water so in the morning we drop off breakfast and lunch for them. >> in addition to room and board, housesitter's also get a stipend in the sacramento area and the going rate is $75 the
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day. a $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to the gunmen in a deadly how shooting party and in santa rosa. police were called to the house before 5:00 a.m. and they found a man dead with at least one gunshot wound. is no details on what may have led up to that shooting. new video for sideshow that ended in a shooting early this morning in san francisco and the video shows the crowd cheering and flashing lasers at an intersection in the mission district. while a pickup truck and several cars spun donuts, the shooting happened at 2:00 in the morning in the area of 20th and fulsome. police of the suspects vehicle drove up to the victim's car and the suspect opened fire hitting a 19-year-old man from oakland. he was hospitalized but expected to be okay. suspect still at large. and if you're week to the commute starts here you may want to allot a little extra time for parking. starting tomorrow the garage
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will be closing in stages for lighting upgrades and retrofit work and the project is expected to take four months. a warning for cyclists and pedestrians on the golden gate bridge. the east facing sidewalk is about to get pretty tight as part of the ongoing installation of the suicide deterrent that along the bridge and equipment will be stored around barriers along the sidewalk. the project is expected to take two years to finish. some trails in san francisco's presidio will be close to dogs beginning tomorrow to make way for different kind of pup and it is coyote popping season enter create a safe space for the coyotes parts of the bay ridge and park trails will be off- limits to dogs through early september. the trails will remain open to people. and mr. practices it will be a nice week for walking in the park. it will be and stay aware of your surroundings if you go to the presidio. the story is about a warm-up
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for us over the next few days. not like what we had last week we will not go back into the mid-80s, but we will warm back up into the low 70s for a good part of this coming week. it was mid-to upper 60s today so this will be subtle but just enough that it is something worth pointing out. high clouds out there now and tomorrow morning it will be the low stratus cloud pointed out in the top of the newscast and we are getting back into that season now where we wake up with the low clouds through the morning better great and burns back by late morning and i will show you more of that in the next half hour. if 68 where the average daytime high for this this time of year, there is the orange wavy line that shows us we won't be too far off the mark for the next several days. so well going from 68 to 71 tech nucleus a warm-up, you don't notice much here and not necessarily in the afternoons. i think it is the rnings with the return of the low clouds when you notice a difference. this is probably the number one
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aspect of that. there is not a single temperature on here tomorrow morning that goes down into the upper 30s. so this is another sign and here we are in early april and things are starting to change and the coolest number on here is 43 up in napa, but santa rosa is usually the one that gets picked on the most for those cold morning those and now we go down to 48 tomorrow so a big difference there. and for the daytime highs tomorrow, these are all almost exactly what we did today but justin review, in case you don't know exactly what that number was, palo alto was 64 and union 6062. a little further into the upper 60s here for inland, contra costa and inland alameda county and dublin ghost 63 and it will be a few degrees shy of 70 up in concord and san rafael will go to 64 tomorrow and upper 50s in the immediate bay , we will go into the low 60s and places like berkeley. we will be that close to 70 for
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mendocino county tomorrow. if you are wondering about rain, there is rain really close. beautiful looking storm just right around the coast and it is so beautiful and i can't help but show that. look at the future cast. the showers are there and three days later the showers are still there. this is a cut off low. it does not matter how pretty it is and well-organized it is, but there is nothing to direct it and move it along. it is cut off from the jet stream. there is nothing to motivate it to move it. it has no direction in life. it is not only through wednesday but i will put this into the long-range forecast. you can see the resolution on the forecast goes down a bit, but it is still there. that takes us all the way ahead to april 17 and then it finally falls apart. that would have been our chance for rain. there are others that we will try to sneak in from the north
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but they won't get here either. it's a long way of saying forget the idea of rain because it is april and not a big rain month for us anyway. march already let us down in a big way in that regard and we can't blame april that much. >> who is your pick to win the masters next week? i do have somebody coming up that you may want to check out and add to your list. and reaction from the stanford w
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the drought is over for the stanford cardinal women. champions for the first time since 1992, that is ringo starr one saying, you know it don't come easy. williams on the cardinals beat arizona twice during the regular season and it looks like it will be more of the same early on. williams hit for three and stanford had a 14-3 lead, but she would bear down pennington with the steal and the layup and part of the 16-4 run and
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they took the lead and they called a timeout with the team responding on its own and wilson drains of 3 and an 11-0 run and big brother will check that was mine and a jump ahead in the fourth quarter and inside to brink and a freshman in the layup and the cardinals up 76 minutes to go and she struggled shooting but a big 3 here and the cats within 1 point and haley joins have the answer and spins into the lane hits the 2 and gets filed in the former star led stanford with 17 points and in the final second of the game arizona was down one point. >> five seconds left and mcdonald two seconds, hits and that is it, stanford survives again. >> you can say that again.
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stanford beat arizona 54-53 to win their third national title in program history. >> the sisterhood really has helped our team, i think and it is a close team and getting through all of the things we got through. we are excited to win the championship. >> we grew so much with each other because during the hard times there is nowhere to turn unless it's each other and we had strengthen each other and this was the goal all along so it is surreal to be here right now. >> it is not over yet. the national championship for the men is tomorrow night and after the game they will play one shining moment and i guarantee you it will include this. >> again with the ball in his hands and short and got it back and ties it with 3. and gonzaga has time to do something. for the win. oh, yes. oh, yes. >> i can't say enough. the freshman, 30 footer in a buzzer-beater and sent the on
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beating the bags into the championship against baylor and indianapolis and back in december they were supposed to play in indianapolis but that game was canceled at the last minute due to covid-19 issues with gonzaga. >> we joked when the game got canceled and we went to the arena and we did a press conference saying the game was canceled and what not and as we were riding back, we are light, you know what, if we end up playing this game in the final four of the championship game, that sounds like a better idea. >> i tell you what, the a's probably wish their first four games of the baseball season have been canceled and still looking for a win, any win. the easter bunny was a no-show and we got the duck instead. what is up with that. the second out of the game and tucker off and that is going straight over the .388 sign in a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the inning just inside the right field line to bring home to tie the game and lowery in the second baseman double. 3-1 astros in the third inning
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and into the gap in the ball hits off the glove allowing 2 more runs to score and he allowed 5 runs enough 6-2 in the 6th inning, chris over the other fine and they 3 run off and the game blown open and it got so bad that the a's outfielder came into the pitch at the ninth inning and he allowed in infield single in his pitching debut and his family jacked out of their minds but the astros won the game 9-2 and they sleep the series and oakland 0-4 start for the first time since 1987. >> would today be the day that jordan to get his first win in four years and he came into the final-round and they came into the lead and he set up a birdie and a two shot lead in on 16 charlie from the fringe and it is a fist pump birdie and the lead is down to 1. 17th hole
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and spieth says i will see your fist bump and raise you one in a two shot lead so spieth a tap and par and 18 to finish up the win and his first since the british open and 2017 and that is a string of 82 starts. >> it is been a long road and i never really doubted and myself to be able to get back to where i wanted to go but a lot of times when you lose confidence it is hard to see the positive going forward and it is a monumental win for me and it is one that i certainly hope for for a long time. >> you have to believe that jordan is among their favorites next week at the masters. >> coming up on game day tonight, the one shining moment for the stanford cardinal. >> thank you very much. coming up in our next half hour, the entire communities are cleared out as a reservoir on the verge of collapse threatens to unleash a wall of toxic waste water. >> we are looking at now is
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trying to prevent and respond to, if need be, a real catastrophic flood situation. kamala harris returns to her bay area hometown tomorrow for the first time in a vice presidency and pandemic heard and what san francisco's chinatown puts on life support and how they're looking to overcome the twin demons of disease and division.
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you are watching kpix 5 news.
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state of emergency along the gulf coast where a leaking dam is threatening to unleash a 20 foot wall of water on hundreds of homes. the crews are scrambling to contain 300 million gallons of stored toxic waste water leaking from reservoir near tampa bay. nancy chen reports there is another problem as well. truck the florida national guard flew in an additional pump sunday in an effort to prevent the collapse of a large waste water retention pond in the tampa bay area that began leaking last week. >> what we are looking at now is trying to prevent and respond to, if need be, a real catastrophic flood situation. >> reporter: the governor flew over sunday morning. >> the greatest concern at the moment for human health and safety is the risk of an uncontrolled discharge. >> reporter: officials say a breach at the old phosphate plant reservoir could gush more than 300 million gallons of water in minutes which could form a 20 foot high wall of water and as a precaution more
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than 300 homes in the area have been evacuated. >> the steady drawdown of the processed water has continued and we have thankfully avoided uncontrolled breach that would have endangered people and property in the evacuation zones. >> reporter: the solid radioactive byproduct for manufacturing fertilizer right below the surface is what it is. >> the water being discharged is not radioactive and it's primarily saltwater from the project mixed with legacy processed water and storm water runoff. took they reported that they contain the situation and they are warned the danger has not passed. >> the utility customers can rest assured that their drinking water is completely safe to drink. the water distribution system is a closed system without any
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way for flood water to enter. >> reporter: the sizable leak was detected on friday. and the state of emergency was declared on saturday. cbs news. >> dam safety just happens to be one compounded of ththe $2 trillion infrastructure overhaul that president biden has proposed in the plan to pay for it in large part by raising the corporate tax income rate from 228% of the current 21% and another idea has been thrown around is user fees like gas and mileage taxes. but is that enough? today on meet the press, chuck todd asked the transportation secretary pete buttigieg if we will have to run ourselves into even more depth. >> division the president has put forward is fully paid for across 15 years and it would raise all of the revenue needed for these once-in-a-lifetime investments, so by year 16 you would actually see this package working to reduce the deficit. again, it is important to point
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out that the american people agree with this because we have seen corporations pay in zero. >> san francisco-based salesforce, new report found it was one of at least 55 fortune 500 companies to pay no corporate taxes last year and instead it got $12 million in rebates. on more than 2.6 billion in profit. of course big companies will benefit from infrastructure improvements, but republicans argue that boosting the corporate tax burden to pay for them will backfire. >> that is going to cut job creation in the united states of america and it is the very reason we lowered those tax rates in 2017. >> vice president harris is returning to her roots in the bay area tomorrow visiting oakland, her hometown for the first time as vice president. it is also where she launched her failed bid for the presidency in 2019. she is expected to talk about water infrastructure and small business. her congressional successor will also be in oakland tomorrow senator alex padilla is set to visit the big
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vaccination site at the coliseum. after voting to rename dozens of schools, the san francisco school board is going to reverse the decision this week to avoid litigation. about two months ago the board voted to rename 44 schools with names they associated with slavery, oppression and colonization. that includes washington and you're looking at lincoln there and mission and balboa high schools but a civil lawsuit claimed the decision violated the brown act and critics said that rebranding
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would be too expensive anyway and the board is expected to reverse course at tuesday's meeting. 53 years ago, civil rights icon martin luther king junior was assassinated in memphis, tennessee, at the age of just 39. he was killed outside the lorraine motel by james earl ray. after years of advocating peacefully for equal rights for african-americans he left behind a wife, four children and millions of followers that he inspired across the globe. in 1983 president reagan signed a law that made his birthday a federal holiday to be observed annually on the third monday in january. pope francis let a scaled down mass in a virtually empty st. peter's basilica and it was live streamed with tens of millions of faithful around the earth and instead of being delivered to the tens of thousands who normally would have filled the st. peter's square. we are there with a story from rome and with what happened today. >> once again, you want me to
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toss back to the st. peter's package. sometimes the stuff happens. once again we will get the story about the mass held at saint peter's square today. truck easter sunday at the vatican but take a look at this, virtually empty st. peter's square and it is in lockdown for three days and italians are being encouraged to stay at home and the vatican is also complying with regulations so pope francis said easter mass inside st. peter's the silica with only 200 guests and just after the mass the pope gave his address to the city and to the world. here is some of what he had to say. >> the pandemic is still spreading while the social and economic crisis remain severe, especially for the poor. >> reporter: he mentioned that in particular the conflicts in ukraine, syria and iraq among others and mentioned the difficulties in lebanon and the
6:38 pm
scandalous silence about the situation in yemen. he also spoke about an issue close to his heart that is vaccinations for the poor and not only for poor countries to have access to vaccines but also for the poor people in richer countries to not be forgotten and of course the pope himself offered to vaccinate 1200 of the homeless and poor here around the vatican in the weeks leading up to easter. back here in the u.s. long lines form for easter mass at st. patrick's cathedral in new york. in washington the faithful enjoyed a socially distant sunday service on the national lawn. there is a new coronavirus thread in the air tonight and it is not a new mutation. it is us. the new warnings about the takeoff and air travel
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we are learning that a huge batch of contaminated johnson & johnson vaccine doses can be replaced within weeks. cnn has reported that emergent bio solutions is still on track to deliver 24 million more johnson & johnson doses next month. it successfully produced 115 million of the j&j doses but during a test run the company said it found a quality issue in one batch of 15 million vaccines and had to toss them out. >> more than 60 million americans are now fully vaccinated against covid-19 including more than 7 million californians. but we report that despite that progress, there is concern building about a potential fourth wave of infections as usair travel takes off again
6:42 pm
>> reporter: a record-setting weekend for air travel during the pandemic. saturday marked the 24th consecutive day that more than 1 million passengers were screened at you as airports and according to data from the tsa. >> people are probably tired of being at home and you get tired at a certain point. >> reporter: some players attributing covid-19 fatigue and an increase in vaccine doses administered to the soaring numbers. >> people are starting to feel a little they can get back out again with the vaccine. >> reporter: health officials say vaccination is the solution to covid-19 fatigue. >> this won't last forever because every day that you get 4 million or 3 million people vaccinated, you get closer and closer to control. >> reporter: and in a video message president biden first lady jill biden encouraging americans to do their part to help get things back to normal. >> we share the sentiments of pope francis who said that getting vaccinated is a moral
6:43 pm
obligation. >> reporter: is vaccinations and the virus compete, some states lift restrictions as variance continue to spread and some health experts fear another surge in the u.s. . >> at this time we really are in a category 5 hurricanes status with regards to the rest of the world and at this point we will see in the next two weeks the highest number of cases reported globally since the end of a pandemic and in terms of the united states we are just at the beginning of this surge. we have not yet begun to see it yet. the british government is about to roll out vaccine passports in the uk will start testing over the next few weeks and the goal is to allow people to gather at sports matches, theaters and nightclubs without a need to socially distance. passport holders must be vaccinated and tested negative for covid and the prime minister boris johnson is expected to reveal more details tomorrow. there are some that will weather it through and some that are not. >> still to come, it is a neighborhood hanging on by a
6:44 pm
thread. tonight, there is a glimmer of hope in san francisco's chinatown. a ghost ship emerges more than 3 miles under
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whatat? i was anan 80's kid. it only gegets better r whenu switchch and save e with gei.
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a world war ii navy ship has been found in the world's deepest shipwreck dive off the coast of the philippines and the uss johnston sunk on october 25, 1944 during a battle with the japanese. the fletcher class destroyer was found at a depth of more than 21,000 feet and that is more than half again as deep as the titanic. and now from the deep to the shining sky. darren will explain today's easter phenomenon. >> always good with those transitions. there are a lot of people who saw a halo in the sky today around the clouds. and fact, we have video of it to share with you. so if you did not see it today, that is what it looked like around the sun today. this gives me an opportunity for one of my favorite segments of the newscast called, hey what is that cloud doing?
6:48 pm
in this case there are very thin serous clouds in between us and the sun and so high in the atmosphere they are composed almost entirely of small ice crystals. when you put sunlight through ice crystals, think of like the cover for like pink floyd's dark side of the moon how the light gets shifted is a goes through it. that is what happened today. we will show you what a little ice crystal would look like in these things are perfectly shaped and we will see on the weather computer and you can see the six sides to this. when the sunlight goes to one of these crystals and these things are so small and like smaller than the width of a human hair but there are enough of them an important to know they bend the light. when you bend the light around the sun you get one of those halos. that was the serous clouds and there are other clouds we need to talk about coming our way for tomorrow and if you look at high resolution satellite from space and those are the clouds moving fast and the sunlight was able to go through them and that is what is coming our way tonight and into tomorrow and that is a much more familiar
6:49 pm
cloud for us. and that is the marine layer. if we put this into the future cast we will take that back to the low mid-level clouds and much lower than the serous clouds, but these are the kind of clouds that bring in that what gray blanket and you know the drill and it is early april but we do see a lot of this and the last two mornings we looked at gray skies like that until about 10:00 in the morning before it burns back to the coast and the main thing it does is it takes you warm for tomorrow morning and i don't have a single temperature on here tomorrow that goes down and that is a gift up in santa rosa where it will be 48 and you can think the marine layer for doing that and it is gone by late morning so it allows the temperatures to warm up and we will be about two or 3 degrees warmer tomorrow for daytime highs that we were today with plenty of sunshine
6:50 pm
and there is a really well- organized storm off the coast and it looks beautiful in the water in the future cast picks up on what happens over the next three days and it sits in the same spot. that is a cut off low, cut off from the jet stream which means there is nothing to steer are motivated to move in not just the next three days the long- range forecast model shows it sits out there for the next week and a half and that is weird but the cut off lowe's do weird things. we would have gotten rain if it had something to kick it toward us but there is nothing in the atmosphere to do that. what we have is plenty of sunshine and a gradual warming trend.
6:51 pm
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the pandemic has nearly emptied san francisco's chinatown, and the wave of anti- asian sentiment only makes things worse. we report that an ancient tradition may provide a glimpse into the future of the neighborhood. >> if you walk the streets of san francisco's chinatown today you will notice a lot of colors on quiet largely empty streets and it is like a sparkling sequence dress at a party with no guests and there was real hope that the new year would bring relief and recovery and rebirth and it still might but it has not yet. so in the meantime chinatown is searching its roots and its reflection in the mirror. took the art of line dances based off of martial arts and to martial artists that were
6:54 pm
brave and they chose them to come out of the village to scare away a monster who would come back every year so they decided to build this costume to scare it away. >> reporter: the costume and the kitchen instruments, clanging pots and pans and the precursor to the symbols and drums of today were meant to the monster and prevent it from trailing us into a new year. after the year we had, keeping the demons of disease and division and frankly disparate day would be a tall order indeed. >> the worldwide epidemic. >> many millions of americans may become infected. >> there is no proven medical way to stop this coronavirus. >> coast-to-coast the economy is in critical condition. >> bills of not stopped coming though the paychecks in some cases have. >> 30 million americans have filed for unemployment. >> chinatown is a ghost town. >> asian-americans are facing
6:55 pm
discrimination over a disease that doesn't discriminate. >> a 91-year-old man knocked to the ground. >> battling the back lash of racial bias. >> the chinese virus. covid-19. >> it is not racist at all. >> there's nothing normal about the summer and chinatown. >> san francisco's chinatown is on life support and the virus in combination with the virulent strain of anti-asian sentiment has left the streets empty and door fronts shuttered. >> we feel like we are in quicksand. >> the chinatown merchants association says the backbone of chinatown's commercial district has been paralyzed by the pandemic. fewer than 50 of its roughly 200 restaurants and stores remain open. >> after all of this is over, unfortunately there will be a shakeup. are some that will be able to whether it's through and some that are not. >> reporter: what fortunes will this new year, a year of the ox bring? how will chinatown recover? will it manage to emerge stronger? or more likely scarred and scared and weaker than it was pre-pandemic? to know for sure, you have to
6:56 pm
be a fortuneteller or at least a fortune cookie factory owner. >> we locked up almost a year and a half now. right? and we have a life to live. >> reporter: his family has been making fortune cookies for nearly 60 years. dispensing bite-size encouragement like we must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by them. it is time, he says, that chinatown take its own advice to heart. >> we saw the future last year and we were all depressed because we don't know what to do but right now we see that and what is coming and we have a chance at a better chance. truck by tradition every costume has a mere embedded in the four head and according to legend the monster was
6:57 pm
ultimately defeated when it thoughts on reflection and was scared off. it is also possible that the inverse is true. that chinatown can search its reflection and instead find resilience and reserves of strength that it will desperately need to make a full recovery. >> the city has pitched in to help and created a rescue fund that offers money and of equal importance time. time for chinatown businesses that may be teetering on the brink of insolvency. the hope is that it buys them enough time to make it to the summer and hopefully to the other side of the pandemic. >> excellent work. by the way, kit did the animations. thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. we will see you tonight at 11:00. have a goo evening.
6:58 pm
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we made ususaa insuranance for members lilike martin.n. an air fororce veteranan made of doioing what's s right, not whatat's easy. soso when a hahailstorm hih, usaaaa reached o out before e could evenen inspect t the dam. that's's how you d do it righ. usaaaa insurancece is made just the w way martrtin's familily needs it
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with hasslsle-free clalaims, he gotot paid befofore his neneighbor eveven got starar. bebecause doining right bybyr members,s, that's whwhat's rig. usaa. . what you'r're made o, we're mamade for. ♪ u usaa ♪ captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. and ford. we go further, so you can. >> still waiting in line for your vaccine? well, hollywood moguls, new york socialites and tourists from overseas didn't. they went to florida, posting on social media and sparking outrage. that's because, early on, there were no residency requirements to get vaccinated in the state. >> people were saying, "listen, this is a resource and i know it's out there and i'm going to use whatever leverage i have to get that resource." there were no rules. >> it sounds like "the hunger games." >> that's a pretty good way of in


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