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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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now at 5:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area. a glorious easter sunday in the east bay. parishioners filling the pews for the first time in over a year. and i'm so thankful. i'm going to shout. i'm going to give god the glory. >> i can't wait. i just couldn't wait to get here. >> more rallies to support the asian community this easter sunday. and on the religious holiday, no time-outs for more side shows roaring through san francisco streets. one takes a violent turn. thank you for joining us, jewels is off tonight. we begin with a huge milestone
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in oakland's fight against the pandemic. the city's church welcoming back its parishioners for the first time this easter sunday. kpix 5's da lin is at ax fold gospel church. >> reporter: it was a different kind of resurrection today. ax gospel church has been silent for more than a year. not anymore. ♪ ♪ >> we've been dead a little over a year now, one year. it was march 8th of 2020 that we closed the doors. >> reporter: bishop bob jackson said it was fitting to reopen on easter sunday. a lot of guidelines, temperature checks and six feet apart and masks on and no hugs. >> that was really hard not to hug. and kiss on people. because you know -- but easter is the atmosphere anyway. it was all there though. >> you give that eye contact. and from there, yeah, a little bump from the elbow. >> hey, hallelujah. >> reporter: the church has 4,000 seats and there was
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plenty of room to social distance. about 450 people attended the noon service and roughly 400 went to the 8:00 a.m. service but the energy inside still unmatched. ♪ ♪ >> i'm so thankful. i'm going to shout. i'm going to give god the glory. >> i was like a little kid this morning. you know like christmas you know, like i really was you know. i was like i can't wait and i just couldn't wait to get here this morning. >> reporter: most of the parishioners have been fully vaccinated. >> got my shots and i felt safer coming back. >> reporter: they say the safety guidelines make them feel comfortable. and they really wanted to go to church on easter sunday. >> don't be afraid. come on. >> reporter: bishop jackson says it will be a while before everybody feels comfortable to come back to church. maybe until almost everyone is vaccinated. and that is still months away. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. before the church was
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allowed to open, ax fold gospel church teamed up with the city to provide free covid-19 tests for east oakland residents. also hosted two vaccination drives recently for hundreds of locals. and in san francisco, grace cathedral opened its doors for an easter viewing. while people couldn't go into the cathedral itself, they did listen to music and enjoyed an impressive floral arch from beyond the gates. and in walnut creek the easter bunny appeared at ban croft garden. photobooths and easter bunny hunt and a lot of fun and safe activities for kids. >> it's just wonderful. we're so happy to be able to welcome people into the garden. for them to feel comfortable where they can spread out and just enjoy beauty and name and enjoy family time outside. >> the bay area rally for the asian community today but unlike the others, the theme in this case was self-defense. martial arts schools in san
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francisco sponsored it. dozens gathered outside city hall watching self-defense demonstrations and learning how to respond to an attacker. >> i think a lot of asians are stereotyped as being very, very pass i. this is more of empowerment and more of a showcase to not just the asian community but just to san francisco. >> organizers created the event in response to recent attacks on asians and pacific islanders. new video of a side show that broke into gunfire early this morning in san francisco citizen app video shows a crowd cheering and flashing lasers at the intersection in the mission district while the pickup truck and several cars spun doughnuts. shooting happened about 2:00 in the morning in the area of 20th and folsom. police say suspects' vehicle drove up to the victim's car and the suspect opened fire hitting a 19-year-old man from oakland. he was hospitalized with non- life-threatening injuries and the suspect is still at large. we're learning the north bay house party erupted into a fatal shooting. just before 5:00 in the morning, santa rosa police got a call from a resident along
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lazzini avenue and claimed a person at his house party had been shot. police found a man dead with at least one gunshot wound. no word yet on any suspects and $2,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the gunman. police now asking the public for help in trying to find a missing daly city man. police say edgar cuesta walked out of the facility on thursday. he uses a cane and a walker the family tells us and is deaf and mute. and may have trouble communicating when lost. >> he needs meds for hypertension. he may be scared. he may be injured. if you see him or know his whereabouts, we would appreciate if you'd call the tc police department. other news, check out this lovely display in the bay. san francisco fire boats spraying sea water into the air creating a spectacular man made rainbow under the clear blue sky. and one of the viewers sent us
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this video of a sun halo spotted over petaluma today. this happens when tiny ice crystals high in the atmosphere reflect and refract sunlight creating a circle around the sun. darren, we've got mr. peck standing by to give us the complete forecast. you were willing in all the viewers at home. you also need high clouds for that. if we were getting high clouds over the bay area dodd that tells us we've got that weak storm sitting off the coast. and clouds are going to be the main thing that we notice. not necessarily the high clouds giving us the beautiful halos. but the marine layer. it's been with us the last two mornings and we started out the day very gray. just the high clouds and tomorrow all the low grade clouds are coming back again. it's that time of year, and it's going to be a familiar pattern for us. daytime highs today? this is what we're going to do for the next few days. we're going to keep the daytime highs mid- to upper 60s. and if you watch the next 24 hours, here comes the marine
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layer again. for tomorrow morning. that gets us ahead into like 6:00 a.m. little before sunrise. and it's grayed out for everybody. but in addition to the morning clouds, which will burn back by the time we get to the late morning, a lot like today did, how the temperatures going to behave from here on out for the next few days? just to show you what things look like ticking us into the early part of the tweak, we'll be a little bit warmer than average. nothing dramatic and nothing out of the ordinary here. low 70s when we should be in the upper 60s. that just covers the inland locations and i'll be back with the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. i'll see you then. back over to you brian. we're learning that a batch of contaminated and therefore unusable johnson & johnson vaccine doses can be replaced within weeks. cnn is reporting that emergent biosolutions is still on track to deliver 24 million more doses next month. it successfully produced 115 million doses of j&j during a test run. it found a quality issue in one
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batch of 15 million. a live look at the golden gate bridge now. cyclists and walkers a heads- up. the east sidewalk on the alcatraz side of the span is about to get pretty tight. starting tomorrow crews will start installing a suicide deterrent net on the east side. and equipment will be stored behind barriers along the sidewalk. the project aims to prevent people from jumping off the bridge. it will take another two years to finish. and on the subject of construction, there's more of it this time at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. part of the garage will close and crews there will be up grading its lighting and retroo fitting. the building. it's expected to take four months. and still ahead right now, the video stirring up outrage and calls for justice in one northern california city after one teen's brutal encounter with police. plus, it was feared the san francisco institution would never reopen. but there is good news. for the oldest restaurant in california history. and making way for a
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different kind of pump. not that kind. why some popular san francisco trails are about to be off- limits to dogs. we'll be right back.
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calls for justice in stockton after newly released video shows a 17-year-old black high school student being violently arrested by police. reporter marly gentner has that video. >> reporter: voices high and
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emotions strong. >> somebody say our work is not done. >> reporter: people in stockton demanding justice after seeing newly released video of four officers beating 17-year-old devon carter. >> take your seat belt off. take your [ bleep ]ing seat belt off. >> okay. okay. okay. okay. >> reporter: the video starts with an officer telling carter not to move. and then telling him to quote take his expletive seat belt off. but once out of the car -- >> i'm not resisting. i'm not resisting. >> yeah you are. >> reporter: i counted carter's shouting at least six times he's not resissing. at one point you hear him screaming out in pain. [ screaming ] >> give him your hands. >> i watched it and i have righteous indignation burning in my bones. i am irritated, upset. i was irritated and frustrated but now i am enraged and angry. >> reporter: stockton police fired two of the officers
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involved. michael styles and omar villa padula. now community members want justice with the other two involved. >> stockton pd you don't get to beat somebody down on camera and think it's okay. ain't nobody going to check you. >> you can beat a 17-year-old child on camera, and not feel like you going to be held responsible? >> reporter: pictures of carter show his swollen and bruised face including what looks like an imprint of the bottom of his shoe. police chief eric jones released a statement earlier this week, reading in part -- our department has policies that state we should make attempts to avoid striking an arrestee around the head and neck area when possible. given the set of circumstances, i cannot and will not condone any excessive force. additionally, any use of profanity is considered unwarranted and not professional. meantime, a community angry, not backing down. >> when you start making noise and clapping back when there is
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disruptive behavior, people get agitated. that means you are doing a good word. go get this and don't get discouraged. >> the body cam videos released by the family's attorney. the police department says it would not release the video because it involved a minor. on the road to recovery now. after nine months of canceled reopenings and fears it would never open again, san francisco's legendary at the itch grill officially reopens tomorrow. the financial district institution and my favorite san francisco restaurant, but there is not why we're covering the story. will be serving lunch and dinner. established in 1849 considered the state's oldest continuously running restaurant. the owners have been waiting to reopen until the city allowed indoor dining at 50% capacity. the owners opened up reservations again in november. but had to cancel it. that's online reservations for
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tomorrow are still open. officially pupping season. that means that starting tomorrow some trails in san francisco's presidio will be closed to dogs. the closures will be to create a safe haven for coyote mothers and their pups. the trails will open back up in the fall when pupping season is over. they will remain open to humans but remember to stay alert because while we may be protecting the coyotes, they will not be returning the favor while they raise their young. and mr. peck one of the bay area's premier hikers. every week it's someplace different. is here with weather. >> and we can actually see it from the camera's view that we've got on top of the salesforce. another great lands to go hiking and you can kind of pick out just the edge there out there towards maybe past the palace of fine arts out over towards chrissy field. you can see the beach there. golden gate bridge.
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and the prom intour way out there. notice the high clouds here. those are pretty harmless. there have been a lot of high clouds today. there are going to be a lot more mid level clouds tomorrow morning. that are really going to do a number on the morning lows. for tomorrow. it's going to stay pretty warm for the morning. for tomorrow. i'll show you that in a second. more high clouds over the tri- valley and the current numbers right now are in the upper 50s for most places. it's 58 in oakland and 59 livermore and 58 in the city. look at the morning lows. what's missing on here? nobody's got to go into the 30s and if somebody was going to go into the 30s. santa rosa that'd be you but you don't have to do it. 48 for the morning low tomorrow. coldest number i have on here is napa at 43. that's weird. but it's important because it's part of the transition. the reason why we're going to be able to stay out of the 30s tomorrow is because once again, in the overnight hours, this
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deck of mid level grayness is just going to envelop the entire bay area. you have no doubt noticed it for the last two months when you start out. we start out gray everywhere and then as it does every time, it melts back to the coast and you get a beautiful day like we had today. and that's what tomorrow will be like too. once we burn off the clouds it's sunny and these will be the numbers back up into the mid and upper 60s. south bay, you are going to go to 67 in santa clara. redwood city goes to 63. numbers over here for inland contra costa and alameda counties from sit similar to that. concord upper 60s and youer 50s right near the gate and closer you are to the water the cooler you will be tomorrow. so mendocino, that does not include you. you will be near 70. 68 degrees. look how pretty the storm is right off the coast. started watching that two days ago. we will continue to be able to see this for the next week.
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it's one of those cut off lows and it looks really cool when uplook at it on the water vapor but let's put it in the futurecast and watch what happens to all the rain out there. tantalizingly close and we could really use it. that storm is not going to budge. even in the long-range forecast. the resolution is not as good because i'm going to play this out for a week and a half. still there, still going. that's next weekend and then just kind of disappears by the time we get to the middle of april. meantime there are a couple of weak systems that did try to get into northern california. and they're just not going to be able to get far enough south. so that was a very long way of saying it's not going to rain. and april, the chances for rain really go down anyway. but we're missing out on any hope that we would have had for. instead, there's a good looking 7 day forecast for sunny and low to mid-70s. for inland locations. we'll probably keep the flow of the marine layer coming in and burning off for about the next three days. and then perhaps by the end of next week, as high pressure starts to build in, even that
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might give us a little bet of a break, not that far away from may gray though. over to sports now, dennis, what's going on? talking your language darren. we're talking droughts, can george spieth weak a four year winless drought on the pga tour? and just in, the stanford women haven't won the ncaa title in 24 years. drought busters, next.
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dennis o'donnell always likes to refer to presidential people who are in office and some sports events and so i think it was george bush the first last time the stanford cardinal women did this. >> excellent presidential knowledge, brian. as usual. the stanford cardinal women had not won the national championship since 1992. they had a chance to end that drought today against arizona. williams and the cardinal beat arizona twice during the regular season. looked like more of the same. early on. williams hits a three. and stanford has a 14-3 lead. but arizona would bear down. shanna pellington with the steal and the layup. part of a 16-4 run. and the cats took the lead. t dog calling a time-out, her team responded with a run of its own. anna wilson. drains the three. 11-0 run. big weather russell jacked out of his mind.
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fourth quarter, wilson nice pass inside to cameron brink. freshman. lays it in. cardinal up seven. six minutes left. arizona's star mcdonald strucked shooting but a big three, cats within one point. hailey jones had the answer. spins into the lane. and hits the two. gets fouled. the former star led stanford with 17. final seconds, arizona, down one point. >> lobs it into mcdonald. five seconds left. mcdonald. two seconds. mcdonald -- trapped. heaves. can't hit. that is it! stanford, survive. >> oh did they. barely. stanford beats arizona 54-53 to win their third national title in program history. woo. on the men's side, the national championship is tomorrow night. after the game, they'll play one shining moment. i guarantee you that will include this.
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>> juzang again with the ball in his hands. in the paint, floater, short. got it back, ties it with three. gonzaga has time to do something. suggests for the win. oh, yeah, oh yes. >> jalen suggs, 30-foot buzzer- beater. sent the zags to the national championship against baylor in indianapolis. back in december, these two teams were supposed to play in indy. that game was canceled at the last-minute due to covid-19 issues with gonzaga. >> we joked when the game got canceled and we went to the arena and we did a press conference saying that the game was canceled. and whatnot. and as we were riding back we were like -- well you know what? if we end up playing this game in the final four of the championsh gamip that sounds like a better idea. well, the a's probably wished the first four games of the baseball season had been canceled. still looking for a win any
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win. easter bunny was a no show. so we got the duck instead. what's up with that? second batter of the game. kyle tucker. that's going straight over the 388 sign. 1-0 houston leads. bottom of the inning. jed lowrie turned on the pitch. down the right field line to bring home mark canna to tie the game. lowrie into second with a double. 3-1 astros. 3rd inning. into the gap. the ball hits off canna's glove allowing two runs to score. allowed five runs in four and two-thirds. now 6th inning. chris mccormick goes over the other 388 sign. three run jack. blew the game open. 9-1 houston though. it got so bad the a's' outfielder tom came in to pitch the 9th inning allowed just an infield hit. in his pitching debut. family jacked out of their minds. but, but the astros won the
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game 9-2 to sweep the series. first 0-4 start for oakland since 1987. golf. would be today. be the day jordan spieth would end his drought? came into the final round texas open tied for the lead on 8. stuck his approach to set up a birdie and a two shot lead. on 16, charlie hoffman from the fringe. it's a fist pump birdie and the lead is down to one. 17th hole. spieth says i'll see your fist pump and raise you one. a birdie and two shot lead. spieth, a tap in par on 18 to finish out the win. his first since the british open in 2017. a string of 82 starts. >> man, i just -- it's been a long road. you know, i never really doubted in myself to be able to kind of you know, get back to where i wanted to go. but i mean you lose confidence, it's a lot of times it's hard to see the positive going forward. this is a monumental win for me. it's one that you know, i have certainly thought about for a long time. >> now you have to believe that
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spieth is one of the favorites heading into the masters next week. but give it up to the stanford cardinal. first national title since 1992. congratulations to them. >> sure we'll hear more about that on game day. still ahead easter isn't just for bunnies. the most adorable treat for a group of bay area meerkats.
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easter egg hunting is not
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just for kids. the meerkats also got to celebrate easter at san francisco zoo. cute little guys had fun tearing through easter baskets and even played inside a special little easter house. there it is captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, celebrations and covid concerns for another disrupted easter. some worshipers return to the pews, no masks, no distancing. others don't risk it, gathering again, online and outside. at airportrts, a record return o the sky. also, forgotten heroes. we meet the florida workers delivering covid victims who died alone to their final resting place. plus, georgia's voting rights battle-- big business takes sides. corporate america has a responsibility to advance and support and strengthen american democracy, as the governor lashes out.


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