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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 2, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now at seven:00, concerts, plays, and other live entertainment, coming back. we're live with the new timeline and why the exciting new announcement might be too good to be true. we are live the pacific up here which is reopened after some damage this past winter, a cool easter weekend in the bay area. i have details, coming up. down to the final shot. vern glenn shows us the crazy ending just a little while ago for stanford women's basketball. >> this is one of those surviving in advance and it was not a pretty game for us.
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two weeks from now, we could be watching live concerts, plays, musicals, and other indoor events. good evening. i am ken bastida. >> i was with cook. andria borba is live with the venues that say they still won't make enough money. >> reporter: well, they say the profit margin is very thin but here is how this works. depending on what tier the venue is in, what county that venue sits in depends exactly on how many people can be inside. but if the people inside are either tested or fully vaccinated, the capacity increases in every single tier. >> we are the first to close, the last open. >> the lights went out at venues across the bay area on march 13th, 2020. no music, no dancing, no laughter. on april 15th that is set to change as the state lifted
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restrictions on indoor venues as counties move through the color-coded covid-19 tiered system. >> it does feel that there is the hope of optimism in the air. >> reporter: don't expect venues big and small to come roaring back to life to mid april, robert he is the cofounder of piano fight, in the tenderloin. >> while it is obviously a great step in the right direction, back to some sense of normalcy, with venues, venues are a low-margin business, and when you open anything less than full capacity is really just excelerator burn rate. you lose money. >> it is not just the venues themselves. now deeply in debt, but supporting industries as well. he owns which rents touring bands to bands. >> it is critically important, we don't have much of an operating business without the music industry.
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>> reporter: epidemiologist dr. george rutherford urges caution, though, about reopening too quickly. >> there is styling back aplenty going on in the upper midwest and east coast because they have gone too far too fast. >> reporter: it is not a small venues that are worried about decreased capacity pick a we have a statement from another planet entertainment, that is the company that runs program and the fillmore. they say until guidelines, we are not able to produce concerts in a way that makes financial sense. we urge everyone to get vaccinated. this is the quickest path to safe return to concerts. 15% will not to for these guys. they have to be patient. thank you for that. people 50 and over have been eligible for the vaccine for two days now, but scoring that appointment can feel like trying to buy tickets to a sold- out show. today this new kaiser clinic helped get vulnerable people
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get their shots in east san jose, but getting an appointment in santa clara county still remains difficult. the guidelines changed yesterday, appointments filled up almost immediately. it could take a few weeks for the supply to meet demand. >> i think the vaccine supply is ramping up. it is ramping up and we are going to get to the point where we are going to have probably more vaccine than we need. that would be, that is where we want to be. >> reporter: the state is currently vaccinating 350,000 people a day. pacific appear back open to the public, just in time for the easter weekend. it has been closed since it was battered by some high tides and strong wind back in january. chief neurologist paul heggen is live at the pier hanging out, talking weather with some folks wishing out there. hey, paul. plenty of folks still down at the pier enjoying the fact that it has reopened and trying to catch themselves a little something.
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a lot of people have a line in the water without any bait just to have a line in the water. i did see one guy hauling a pretty good-sized crab so he found some success out here and it is a beautiful time of evening with a lot of clouds overhead but just a little bit of sunshine ducking underneath through those clouds, so it makes for that preview behind me. let's take a look at temperatures across the bay area and still a wide variety of amateurs out there right now. 50 degrees in half moon bay, that is about the temperature here in pacifica as well. decent onshore breeze. not too strong by coastline standards. temperatures have dipped down into the 50s for most of us but still hanging onto the low to mid 60s and the tri-valley. mid 60s in fairfield as well. these temperatures are going to drop down into the later on tonight as the fog makes a return for much of the bay area overnight. as we head into the rest of easter weekend we will be seeing near normal temperatures but it looks like a pretty nice weekend overall. we get into the details of that coming up in just a few minutes. when the man for minnesota has a hat and gloves on, you know it is cooling off.
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>> you know it is cold. looking my butt oakland this evening, the city's new police chief is planning to restructure the departments investigative unit. after a dramatic spike in homicides. her son is one of 34 people killed so far this year. shot to death at a gas station in january. this time last year, there were 10 murders. now the chief is creating the violent crime operations center. it will deploy more investigators to crime scenes faster. >> allows you to work quicker, to follow up more information and hopefully, to make key arrests in an expedited fashion. this level of violence is unacceptable. my condolences to the families. >> they will also handle all gun crimes, and support the departments say the cease-fire strategy which works with high risk people to prevent gun violence.
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guests are back in their rooms at the fremont hotel tonight after two massive police responses in the past 24 hours. the bomb squad had to be called out to the hyatt place on west warren this morning, to investigate a suspicious package. it turned out not to be a bomb, but 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of making a false threat. just last night, there was a deadly police shooting in that hotel parking lot. officers say that they were attempting to arrest a suspect on felony warrants when he pulled a gun. no word on exactly what he was wanted for. it was the second deadly shooting for fremont police in eight days. posters like these are about to rollout in part trains and stations across the bay area. it is part of a new public safety campaign, college not one more girl. the partnership with local community groups is meant to stop unwelcome sexual advances
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on trains. bart is also adding the option to report sexual harassment or groping through it safety app. and in rider surveys. >> this is the first of its kind initiative that takes on the daunting task of correcting a system that had is a lifeline for many, and addressing the wrongs that you never have existed to begin with. girls should not need an escape plan just to get to school. coming up next, with the cdc says fully vaccinated people can now do when it comes to traveling. >> when people say well, i'm vaccinated, i have this armor, and i can do whatever i want. last-minute changes to the mlb all-star game. why the league suddenly wants to move it and governor newswsom's respoponse. wewe had someme chchallenge mobile food orordering. the e openining daday glitc the oakland coliseum, so we asked the president about the fans who never got their food. a look at a thrilling
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finish of the ncaa women's final four semi final stanford on the brink of a national title game. another live look from the pacific appear, back open just in time for the weekend. it is much cooler tonight. paul is back with the hat on and with what is ahead
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that is something about the madness. you lose, you crews. stanford women are advancing to the national championship, after an ncaa nailbiter. >> they don't get much closer than this. is your blood pressure back to normal yet? >> i need one of those recliners with the speakers and them with like soothing sounds of waves crashing. i need that to come down from
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this one. that semi final was a thriller, stanford on the brink, we take you to san antonio, to number one seeds, getting after it. south carolina and stanford in white, picking up under two minutes left, they do not call the kickball. instead of a dead ball was of look ahead to cameron brate, layout, cardinal up 5. this is south carolina, they had destiny. her name is destiny henderson. up three with 40 seconds left and they led by one. next position, missed layup. haley jones, right place, right time, bang. stanford of 1, jones had 24, 10 seconds last left. turnover. south carolina, chance to win it. shot, missed. aaliyah boston, point blank minutes, and stanford survived it, one 66, 65, look at the emotion, as for the first time
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since 2010, stanford is in sunday's championship game against either connecticut, or arizona. >> they did have two good looks and this is one of those survive and advance and it was not a pretty game for us. >> luckily she was the tip in but luckily it was very hectic and we knew we had to get back into everything we could, so we left it out there and luckily it paid off. >> the head coach had one heck of a day. she was named aps coach of the year. that is a big national honor and now this. standard stanford moving on, this could be the third championship title in her resume. a long time since the last one. 1992. >> she is amazing, though. what a coach. >> thank you for that. >> take a live look outside, you can see the pacific appear out there. look close, you might even see
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good old paul. there he is. >> it was a little chillier early today. i bet it's downright cold. but you're from minnesota, you're used to this. >> it is been a while since i lived in minnesota, so i think my blood has thinned out, you know, the upper midwest blood that is as thick as porridge. got a little bit spoiled by the mild temperatures the last couple of days in still warm inland today here on the coast. temperatures have been hovering right around 50 degrees for most of the day. but it is still pretty out here, especially around sunrise. i will allow alex to pan off of me and show you what you actually want to see when you come to the coast. looking down at the coast here toward the point, and vern said he needed some kind of relaxation after that stanford game. i think this is a pretty good view of that. let's take a look at what is
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happening weatherwise as we head into easter weekend, you can the people making their way to the beach there. stronger on shore breeze has kicked in, it will continue to kick in as we head into easter weekend, so as we wind the clock forward from saturday into sunday, we are talking about near average temperatures as we go through easter sunday and it is going to be a dry weekend, the drive forecast is going to be sticking around for a while, very limited rain chances farther down the line. right now as we look out across the bay, temperatures all over the place, anywhere from 51 degrees downtown to low to mid 60s farther inland for livermore and concord. things are starting to even out a little bit, and will even out in the 40s by early tomorrow morning. not much variation here. 41 in santa rosa in napa, to 49
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degrees and sentences go. some fog and low cloud cover to start the day on saturday, the future cast outlining in red the areas where the fog will be the guest in a starts to back up as we head towards midmorning and it should be mainly confined to coastal areas as we head into midday in the afternoons of temperatures will warm up, just a matter of how much. here along the coast, not a whole lot. along the bay, temperatures will be below average, near average temperatures farther inland, mid to upper 60s bubut that will l feel coolol cocompa how spspoiled haveve been recen along ththe coast, mid 50s, th wowould actualally be warmrmer papacifico ononly been upup to degrees for a high. upper 60s to around 70 in the santa clara valley. tri-valley reaches the mid-60s with some low 70s on the east side of the diablo range. that is not too bad for early april and around the bay, slightly below average, upper 50s for san francisco, low 60s for the east bay and low to mid 60s and the north bay. some of the fog may be holding on a little bit longer there. farther north temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for mendocino and lake counties. rain chances, what rain chances? maybe a slight chance by friday, 20% is not worth putting any rain icons in the seven-day forecast and the pollen count will remain skyhigh as we head towards the next several days without any rain to wash that stuff from
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the air. tempatures don't change much as we head into the seven-day forecast. low to mid 60s around the bay with mid to upper 50s along the coast, and returning live here in pacifica. well, it is chilly. it is breezy, but there were a lot of people out here enjoying the fact that the pier is reopening. good to see some return to normalcy, both in terms of the number of people out as the pandemic hopefully is drawing closer to the end but also enjoying the fact that the peer has reopened after that damage that happened back in january. i will be back indoors for the 11:00 news and i may be somewhat thought out by then as well. >> it's chilly, it is breezy, it is pacifica. here is look at your top headlines. the suspect who plowed his car into a police barricade at the u.s. capitol today made several claims on social media that the government was after him. 25-year-old noah green was shot
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and killed after killing an officer. the incident comes less than three months after the deadly january insurrection. looking like at sfo tonight, the cdc says fully vaccinated people can travel in the u.s. without getting a covid test, or going into quarantine. the agency also says vaccinated people traveling out of the country should still get a covid test before flying back to the u.s.. they should also be tested soon after returning and if you are not vaccinated, the cdc says you should still avoid unnecessary travel. >> many people say well, i'm vaccinated. i have this suit of armor and i can do whatever i want. unfortunately, that is not true. because there's so many things that you need to learn about the vaccine. >> the all-star game is out of there. major-league baseball is moving
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its midsummer event out of atlanta in response to george's sweeping new voting law. critics say it will negatively affect communities of color. as to where the game will go, well, governor newsom tweeted earlier, hey, mlb, feel free to give us a call. in california we actually worked to expand voter access, not prevent it. and i guess we will see if the mlb actually calls back. we have plenty of venues in california. plenty of options. world-class place. all right, thank you for that. the video almost looks like an april fools prank, but the new arrest in the southbay associated with this are not a joke. plplus, there e were a few glit duduring openening nighght for a's, but presidents tells me the level of excitement was off the charts. >> i saw people crying because it has been so long since they have been at the ball park. later, where some
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california tourists spotted this where
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watch cbs in bay area with the kpix 5 news app. right now more than 10,000 a's fans are back at the
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coliseum, for the second game of the season. during last night's game, the home opener, there were some glitches for fans due to covid. you can only order food through the mobile app and it never arrived for a lot of people. the fofood never showeded up. the a's president told me earlier totoday that itit wawa learnining experieience. >> we e going g to add d momor concessision hawkersrs, city fo walking ththe stadiuium withth options s including g beer. the e covid restrictioions we c ofoffer the ability y of fans t up to the concession stands and order, something has to be done mobley, and i think because it was a new app and because we just went to people wanting to buy, it really got backed up. people really enjoyeyed thememselves. theyey had beenen at the ballpa with the family so is really special moment. >> they just cracked the case of the stolen rubber duck. it was caught on the camera
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earlier this month. three suspects pulled up and stole the duck fromom her yard. yesterday, police tracked the suspects down to a home where they say they also found drugs and burglary tools. as for the little ducky, she is back to delighting passersby from her neighborhood nest. coming up
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people are calling this to a dolphin mega particular group of tourists were treated to the spectacular sight near dana point in orange county. experts say a dolphin pot is normally fewer than 200 so this mega pod of 1000 is somewhat rare. >> can you imagine being on
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you all doing? thank you all very much. i appreciate that. thank you all, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from bowie, maryland, it's the champs. it's the lyles family. and from bayonne, tennessee, it's the albright family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lotta cash, and somebody might drive outta here in a brand-new car.


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