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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 2, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and ken bastida. >> i was with cup. a busy 24 hours for police. hours after a deadly police shooting at a fremont hotel, officers were called back for a bomb threat. the hyatt place on west war and was evacuated for several hours this morning after a suspicious package was bound. it turned out not to be a bomb but 24-year-old varun suresh was arrested on suspicion of making a false threat. right around this time yesterday, officers shot and killed the suspect who they say pulled a gun in the hotel parking lot as they attempted to arrest him on felony warrants. no word on what he was wanted for, and it is a second deadly shooting for fremont police in the past eight days. in san jose, police are on the hunt for the driver of a white mercedes cls, who killed a woman in a wheelchair. police say that woman was in a
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crosswalk at kirchner avenue at monterey highway. it happened just before midnight last night. police say the mercedes is likely damaged on the front and left side. hundreds marched through downtown oakland this afternoon to stand in solidarity with the aap i community. the community then rallied at the lake merritt amphitheater. demonstrators say they came to show their support for one another. >> atrocities against anyone walking on two legs, two arms and one head is an atrocity to all of us. doesn't matter if you are asian, christian, black, white. it doesn't matter. we all suffer pain. huge news for people sorely missing indoor concerts, theater performances, any indoor sporting, games, events. starting april 15th, the state will allow those events again. but they will be strict rules in place, as you can expect, to get people to attend. people have to either be tested for covid, or show proof of
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full vaccination. and the orange tier, capacity would be limited to 15%. but not all venues are rushing to reopen. >> well it is obviously a great step in the right direction, back to some sense of normalcy with venues, venues are a low margin business, and when you open anything less than full capacity, it really just accelerates or burn rate. you lose money. scoring an appointment, that is a whole different story. wilson walker explains when the vaccine supply might meet our demand. >> we have a lot of members on the east side. the community needs help on the east side, and it is easier for us to be here.
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>> getting an appointment here remains difficult, when access open to those 50 and older this week, the county's appointment page filled up immediately. that is now the case in many parts of california. >> i think it is just, these are moments in time, according to the white house task force and the president, you know, the stuff coming off the assembly line like hotcakes. >> more supply is coming for the 7 million californians who became eligible this week, so how long might it take to work through that population? >> right now, california is vaccinating 350,000 people a day, that is 3 1/2 million every 10 days. >> reporter: that number is about to jump to more than 4 million people every 10 days, so the 50 and older set will not have to wait long. >> i think that the vaccine supply is ramping up. it is ramping up and will get to the point where we will have probably more vaccine than we need. that would be, that is where we want to be.
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>> i want to assuage anyone spears who thinks the 50 to 65 group is some insurmountable population. comes out to about 7.2 million californians but of that number, 2.8 million have already received one dose of vaccine and of that, about half of those, little less are fully vaccinated, so it is not everyone in that age group, it is significantly less and we will soon be vaccinated about 4 million people a week, or i'm sorry, every 10 days. you can see how quickly we are going to get through that and if there's another doubling of vaccine toward the end of the month you can see how quick we we will have more vaccine, we will have people left to give shots to, so the end, not that far away despite the delays we are facing right now.
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more costco stores throughout the bay area now opening up vaccine appointments for folks 50 and older. and other eligible residents. you won't need to be a member to sign up. appointment can be made to their website. for more on where you can get a vaccine, you can download the kpix5 app by scanning the qr code shown there on your screen right now. new at 6:00, the violence in oakland has gotten so bad, police are setting up an entirely new division to crack down. da lin spoke to a grieving mother who will be watching to see if this new strategy works . >> reporter: 34 murders so far this year in oakland. police say they have not seen this kind of murder rate in many years. 10 homicides in the same period last year. that is a 230% increase. >> who killed my son and why? >> reporter: she misses her son every day. a father and a former basketball player at chico state university. >> oh, my god, it has really left an empty space, and empty place.
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in my family. and my heart. >> generate 15th, 4:00 in the afternoon. at a busy lake merritt chevron gas station. >> this level of violence is unacceptable. my condolences to the families. >> thoughts and prayers just don't cut it, so police chief is restructuring the investigative unit. previously, homicide investigators were assigned to five different city districts. now about 60 detectives will go to the newly formed operation center. >> allows you to work quicker, to follow up on more information, and hopefully, to make key arrests in an expedited fashion. >> they will deploy more investigators to crime scenes faster, aside from homicides that are also handled and all gun crimes and support the cease-fire strategy which works
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with high risk people to prevent gun violence. karen is hopeful more investigators will lead to a break in her son's case. she has this message for the killer. >> i forgive you, whoever you are. you know, my heart is heavy, but i forgive you. >> reporter: no arrest not homicide but they have solved 13 other homicides this year. at the oakland police department, i am da lin, kpix5. still ahead on kpix5, and cbsn bay area, how this neighborhood duck statue landed three people in very hot water. plus the fire sending huge plumes of black smoke over to bay area counties. later, returning to the pews and hitting
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these rioters, mountain views police just cracked the case of the stolen rubber ducky. the duck caper was caught in the security camera earlier this month. you can see the three suspects pull up and steaeal the duck. they found drugs and burglary tools. all three were booked into the santa clara county jail and grand theft in narcotics
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charges. along with child endangerment and outstanding warrants. the fire watch right now, crews are working to stomp out a wildfire that sparked in the burn area of last october's lightning fires. you can see the smoke on this camera. there it is. the fire started at the state park in san mateo county. it is not very big, it is small, about three acres but it was a challenge for ground crews to reach it. the flames are feeding on decades worth of dead branches and leaves. if you saw smoke in contra costa county, chances are it was from this island on sherman i went out and solano county. the flames creating a huge plume of black smoke. fire crews can't reach the area so they simply have to wait for the fire to burn out. in antioch, 30s are investigating a grass fire as arson.
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this one comes after a security guard reported seeing someone set this field on fire. the fire burned about five acres along deer valley road. still ahead, looking live at sfo, epic update for people looking forward to spring and summer travel. plus, imagine seeing this in front of you on the road. why it is prompting a warning from one bay area
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looking live at sfo, we just learned that yesterday was the airports busiest travel days since the bebeginning of t pandemic, with over 25,000 outbound passengers. this all comes as the cdc has updated its travel guidance for people who are fully vaccinated. the agency is saying tonight, those people can travel within the u.s., without getting a covid test were going into quarantine. but should continue wearing masks, and social distancing. people traveling internationally should still get a covid test before flying to the u.s., and be tested soon after their arrival. juliette goodrich joins us in oakland international, where many more people are traveling this easter weekend. >> reporter: they sure are interesting a lot of the reunions, people hugging at the airport for the first time in a
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long time. you can see the cars behind me. this parking lot is packed, an indication that people are traveling. another indicator, a busy friday on the roadways, it is one key indicator that people are not sitting home. also on the airplanes, every seat was filled on the flight according to one visitor who was flying from kentucky here to the bay area. also on this good friday, many taking time to rejoice in person at their place of worship because they can now. this particular church, ask full gospel church, they are checking temperatures as folks go inside. they will also be counting how many people are going into ride on sunday service. the bishop at the church was overjoyed today with the fact that they can open on good friday. laster they were closed. >> closed tight last year. yes. and so, we thank god that the coronavirus is behind us now, and thank god that we can go
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forward, knowing that we are going -- we are 50% now, 50%. pretty soon it will be 75%, pretty soon we will be back to 100%. >> reporter: one week away from the door opening, to anyone 60 and older getting that vaccination, so until then, what would be your best rule of thumb healthwise?'s mac my best rule of thumb is if you are vaccinated, you should feel free to do what you like in terms of socialization of other vaccinated people. you can go to indoor spaces, and maintain all the rules of that indoor space. >> other areas have had their mask mandate lifted. when you see that happening in the bay area and statewide? >> you know, i have this really come this idea of this nice round number, so i inc. that the criterion is when everyone in your municipality, who has wanted to get the vaccine has the opportunity to get the vaccine, and get their second dose, so in san francisco, that could even be as early as the end of may.
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>> the end of may for san francisco. >> reporter: she also says she believes the mask mandate may be lifted by june 18th, statewide. that is if everyone is fully vaccinated or able to get that vaccination. and ken, that certainly opens up april 16th for those 16 and older so it is starting to open up for those to be able to get that first shot. san francisco's balboa theater is preparing to raise the curtain for the first time in more than a year. it is planning a safe but scary film fest for the weekend of may 14th. they will be showing 10 classic godzilla films as socially distance staggered screenings. there will also be vendors, artists, and a raffle. masks, and a completed vaccine card, are required. now that the weather is warming up, the city of oakland is rolling out a plan to manage the large crowds that flock to lake merritt. beginning this weekend, the
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city will have parking restrictions dedicated vendor area to reduce crowding, improve sanitation and more. the city says that the spike in visitors in the spring and summer months has generated large amounts of litter, and increase the risk of spreading covid. the new changes will take effect every weekend him six a.m. to 10 p.m. let's bring in paul, after such a gorgeous week. you can imagine plenty of people are making outdoor plans this weekend as they shared. how are the temperatures looking? >> a little bit cooler for him and portions of the bay area. it cools down already where i come in pacifica, and so the hat and the clubs have made an appearance in by 7:00 i will probably be wrapped up in a blanket and finding somebody else to stand next to just for warmth. let's take a look at what is happening. the pan off a little ways here and show you the onshore breeze. the weights are making their way on shore, the surf not too
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high today, the swells are reasonable, and you can see the cloud cover making its way in past and on shore. we will see that spreading farther inland as we head into the rest of tonight, let's go to the weather maps and show you what we expect. as we head into easter weekend. the stronger sea breeze has definitely kicked in, temperatures for much of the bay area but not everybody. still warm inland. let's take a look at those current temperatures as they stand right now, looking to the east from the top of the mark, blue skies overhead, it is great here in pacifica. temperatures than the 53 degrees, so the marine layer has definitely made its return. 58 in oakland, still low to mid 70s in livermore and concord. we have the quartet of dogs for the dog walking forecast this evening. just sitting there very politely on the easter bunny slab as we head into easter weekend. temperatures as you just saw are all over the place. we are going to steadily cool off as we head into the rest of
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this evening but other than just a decent onshore breeze, no worries if you want to get your furry friends out for a walk. that's tick up is low temperatures for tomorrow morning. we start off saturday in the 40s, this is a normal-looking temperature map for early april and we will see a normal- looking temperature map during the afternoon as well. mid 50s along the coast, upper 50s and low 60s around the bay with mostly -- a quick look at the future cast. don't be startled if you see that to start the day, it will slowly start to back up as we had through the day on saturday , stilson clouds and fog, stubborn along the coast but i don't think they're going to be asked about on sunday. let's skip ahead to the seven- day forecast and we will show you how things are going to play out as we head into the rest of the first full week of april, past easter sunday. temperatures don't change a lot, right around 70 degrees. mid to upper 50s, along the coast. out here in pacifica, a lot of fishermen out here.
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trying to catch whatever they can, and just generally enjoying the fact that it is opened back up after being closed down after being damaged during the high surf and winter storms back in january. they are still doing some repairs and finishing things up. it is nice to see folks out and about and enjoying cool and breezy evening. i will have another update at 7:00. new video of a close call and an officer was following a pickup stuffed full of mattresses, when they suddenly flew out all over the road. obviously, loads like that are supposed to be secured. straightahead in sports, baseball take some a classic is moving on. stanford women's ba
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college basketball up top, pushing, shoving, loose balls. stanford, south carolina, was physical, ncaa women's a semi final basketball game could have gone either way, and it all came down to the last shot, to san antonio. two number one seeds, getting after it. south carolina and stanford, and white, and we pick it up under two minutes left. they did not call the kickball is ever did that dead ball, it was way up. south carolina had destiny, her name, destiny henderson.
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a3-three with 40 seconds, and they let it 65-66. missed layup. haley jones, right place, right time. she had and they were up one. jones at 24, 10 seconds left. turn it over. south carolina chance to win it. drove. missed. aaliyah boston, point blank, and she missed. stanford survived it, one and 66, 65, look at the emotion. for the emotion or for the first time, they are in sunday's championship game against either connecticut, or arizona. >> they did have to good looks and this is one of those surviving in advance, and it was not a pretty game for us. he was very hectic but we knew we had to get back into everything we could, so we left it out there and luckily it
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paid off. >> all right, baseball, here is the stadium in atlanta. major the respondent announced friday that they are moving this year's all-star game from this site, in response to georgia's new law that restricts voting access. baseball will announce a new host city for the game soon. it is that time of year again. ready for the masters? i know i. there are couple of events that are already there. the women's amateur, that will be tomorrow, and eighth grader caitlin shank of san jose drives it, shifts well, and lights out. the short game and skills will be put to the test, as she and two other bay area players will compete in the national drive ship and putt final at augusta national for kids ages 7 to 15. and for this, i asked her, what is the best advice she has received?
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>> my dad said before to dream big, live bigger, so you can have your dreams, but you want to live that out, even bigg
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: breaking news as we come on the air. an attack on the u.s. capitol: a man rams his car to two police officers, killing one before slamming into a security barricade 100 yards from the building. armed police swarm the area as the attacker jumps from his car, lunging at officers with a knife. tonight, the standoff with the killer and the dramatic scene as a helicopter airlifts the wounded, and national guard troops move in. search for a motive: the latest on the 25-year-old suspect and what could have led him to turn his car into a weapon.


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