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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 2, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> this is kpix 5 news >> breaking news on kpux 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a hotel is evacuated, and the bomb squad called in a day after a deadly police shooting there. the investigation underway right now. >> first more breaking news, lockdown at the u.s. capitol after a car rams a barricade. for the latest, let's get over to ann macovic at the news desk. >> reporter: we just learned one officer was killed in this attack, and the suspect died after being shot by capitol police.
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he climbed out of the vehicle after crashing into a barricade while brandishing a knife, and that is when the officer opened fire. let's go live to washington, d.c., where officers have the car in question blocked off. you're taking a live look at the capitol building. but we do have some video of the scene right after this all unfolded, and we're going to show that to you now. two capitol police officers hit by a car after it rammed into a barricade outside of the capitol building. it happened about two hours ago at a check point. this is on the senate side of the complex. u.s. capitol police sent an alert immediately to staffers warning of an external security threat after the crash. they now say there is no ongoing threat. the suspect was taken into custody. that person and the two officers were sent to the hospital. that is where the suspect and at least one of the officers has died this afternoon. here's another view, again,
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from a biostandard's cell phone there. congress is in recess. most lawmakers were not around. they were in their home states, but other stars, reporters, and police officers still at the capitol now. who the suspect was, what their intentions might have been remain. we're going to keep covering the latest on breaking news out of freemont. a hotel evacuated one day after a police shooting there. let's get to kpix 5's kent doe, at the scene. >> reporter: we spoke with one woman who stayed at the hotel overnight. she overheard management say that early this morning, a man walked in, threw in a knapsack, and said, "this is a bomb, and
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then ran out, and pan i could. the management called police, and here we are. we are waiting to hear the official word from police. this is the scene, a very active scene. they called the bomb squad around 9:00 this morning. they brought that backpack out in front of the hotel, inspected it for about two hours, and then they blew it up about 20 minutes ago. police did not say what was inside. the timing of all this is of interest, because there was a fatal shooting here last night in the hotel parking lot, where police officers killed a suspect. this forced the evacuation of 70 customers inside the hyatt, and an unnonnumber of people in the gym next door. we caught up with tom plash and his family, who could not get to their vehicles or families' funeral, which is taking place now. >> and this morning now, there's a bomb threat, and we're kick off. and the funeral is at noon, and we don't have any transportation. half of us aren't ready to be dressed to go there, and we're
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working on any kind of transportation from here to there. we'll just go the way we are. >> yes and no. i suppose it's an inconvenience, but i'm happy that nobody got hurt. >> reporter: and here is a look at that san from last night. unknown if today's incident was connected to that fatal shooting from yesterday. now, the streets here are open in fremont, but looks like these businesses will be shut down for a little while longer. we're told that hyatt is trying to help out tom plash and his family to got them to that funeral. in the meantime, hampton unn has taken them in. everyone is just trying to get through this at this point. new at noon, the cdc is out with a new travel guidance for fully vaccinated people. the agency says they can travel within the u.s. without getting a covid test or going into quarantine, but should still wear a mask and socially distance while traveling. the agency says, for international travel, vaccinated people should still get a covid test before flying
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to the u.s., and be tested soon after returning. i spoke with a stanford doctor about the new guidance, and he urged caution. >> many people think, well i'm vaccinated. i can do whatever i want. unfortunately, that's not true, because there are still so many things we need to learn about the vaccine. >> if you are not vaccinated, the cdc says you should still avoid unnecessary travel. governor gavin newsome says we are on the road to recovery with vaccine supply and shots administered, but speaking from san diego today, he also warned, this is no time to relax. >> let's not run the 90-yard dash. let's not put down our guard. let's not drop these masks up let's continue to be mindful as we move into this weekend. we reflect where we've been and where we're going. >> so far, came has administered 18 1/2 million vaccines. last week, the state did 2 1/2 million. the governor says we can double
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that if we have more doses. here are the numbers on next week's new supplies. 572,700 johnson and johnson vaccines will be delivered as well as 2.4 million doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccines. san francisco's mobile vaccine clinic is focusing today on the largest senior living facility in chinatown. the two-day event is at the pinb uwen center. officials say up to 1,000 seniors will be getting their shots today and next friday. more than 30 mobile vaccination events are planned in the next three weeks within the city. and today in east palo alto, anyone 18 and older is welcome at a new clinic at the caesar chavez middle school. it will be open today and tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 7 p.m. both appointments and walk ins are welcome. >> and for more on where you can get a vaccine, you can download the kpux app by scanning the qr code on your
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screen. we'll have that code for you in just a few minutes as we go to break. to our weather now, it is sunny out there, but conditions are cooling off a bit into the holiday weekend. here's meteorologist mary lee with more. hi, mary. >> you can definitely feel that difference with that cooler air. i'm tracking that on-shore flow kicking back in for us. you can see, over our sales force tower camera, looking north at golden gate. you can still see that fog out there, that lay your of fog understood skating that on- shore flow making its return. our temperatures are cooler, by several degrees. we're talking 50s and 60s for many locations, although right now in livermore, 70 degrees, 53 in san francisco, 55 in oakland, and looking at 58 for santa rosa. so 24-hour temperature change, and we are anywhere from 4 to about 15 degrees colder compared to yesterday at this time. we will continue to see those temps cooling down as we look to our week. so with that strong on-shore
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flow, we're going to see those temperatures tumble as we head through saturday and for easter sunday, back down to where we should be for this time of year with near normal daytime highs. michelle? >> thank you. we are getting new details about a deadly crash in san jose. police say a woman in a wheelchair was hit and killed. it happened at monterey highway and kurtner road around 11:30 last night. police say the woman was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk when she was hit. she died at the hospital, and police say the driver took off. investigators believe the person was in a white 2004 to 2010 mercedes cls that will have damage to the front and left side. developing news from taiwan. rescue effort continue in what's being called the country's deadliest train crash ever. more than 50 people died, and more than 100 others were rushed to the hospital after a train slammed into a truck. authorities say a construction truck slid down a hill and on to the track, striking the train just before it entered a
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tunnel. the impact ripped train cars apart. those who could walks caped on to the roof. authorities are now promising a thorough investigation. the murder trial for derek chauvin is done for the week. today ended in a short session, and two law enforcement officers took the witness stand. today prosecutors focused on how police secured the scene in minneapolis after george floyd was taken away in an ambulance. yesterday, a retired police sergeant that was on duty that night addressed use of force, even though he's not qualified as an military. it's possible the defense could file for a mistrial. >> you have to understand that defense lawyers move for many mistrials during the course of a trial, in part to preserve an issue for appeal if a defendant were to be convicted. >> a big part of the defense's strategy centers on floyd's opioid addiction. they claim it was largely responsible for his death. and we continue to follow breaking news at the u.s.
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capitol. a car rammed a barricade, sending the area into lockdown. the latest on the deadly situation in washington. >> plus big gains on the u.s. jobs front, but why we're not in the clear just yet.
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>> the u.s. capitol still on lockdown. and now the suspect and one
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police officer have died. a car rammed into a barricade outside, hitting two officers. authorities say the suspect got out of the car and brandished a knife before he was shot by police. more breaking news just a few minutes ago. major league baseball announced it is moving its all star game out of atlanta. that's in response to atlanta's new voting restrictions. critics say they restrict voting access. the all star game is scheduled for july 13th. wall street is closed today in observance of food friday. we are getting some positive news on the u.s. job market. employers want on a hiring spree last month. with more people vaccinated and stimulus money fueling the economy, employers added 916,000 jobs in march. that's the biggest gain since last summer. the unemployment rate dipped to 6%. job growth was widespread with the biggest gains in education, construction, leisure, and hoppalty. thunder valley casino resort outside sacramento is
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hiring on the spot. >> we're looking for over40 guest-room attenattendants, full-time positions. we have 25 positions for our janitorial staff. >> even though there is a demand for workers, the economy is still about nine million jobs short of prepandemic levels. to the coronavirus now, a new study focuses on the timing of pregnant women getting the vaccine. researchers looked at nearly 30 pregnant women who got the pfizer and ma door that vaccine, and looked at the core blood of their baby's after birth. they found women who got the vaccine earlier in the third trimester were more likely to pass on those protective antibodies. this weekend,. there anthony faucci is answering covid related questions from kids. it's part of an effort by nickelodeon. >> when will i be able to play again? >> i didn't have a birthday party last year. will i miss it again this year? >> natalie, it depends on when
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your birthday is. >> kids submitted questions, and dr. faucci's answers will be featured in a series of nick's news breaks. it covers major news topics for young people. kids can hear from dr. faucci this weekend on nick, teen nick, nick teens, and all of nickelodeon's social media sites. time for a check of our weather again, with meteorologist mary lee, headed into the holiday weekend >> we are looking good. cooler, though. you'll notice that difference. we're already starting to see that cool town today, and that will continue into our holiday weekend. so here is a live look at san francisco with beautiful blue skies out there, looking at the trance america pyramid. we are much cooler compared to yesterday at this time. so looking at the upper 60s in concord, mid-50s in oakland. san francisco, 70 in livermore, mid-60s in san jose, and upper 50s for santa rosa. tracking that on-shore flow. the return of that ocean breeze
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kicking in for us. it's the reason why we're starting our cool down today. we're looking at northwesterly winds at sfo at 20 miles per hour. breezy there. looking at 12 in oakland, and 13 in fair field. so that on-shore flow returning for us with those cooler temperatures, and those temps will tumble more as we look to the weekend. taking you hour by hour on future cast, and we are looking at at least those clouds along the coast with areas of fog as well. and as we look to tomorrow, temperatures will be even cooler for your saturday as well as for easter sunday with partly sunny skies. in fact, those daytime highs will cool down to right around where we should be this time of year. so near normal facetime highs this weekend. our pollen count, sky high, not just today, but through the weekend, and into early next week due to our dry weather that we're expecting. so not a lot of relief for allergy sufferers anytime soon. our sunset at 7:30, and our sunrise at 6:51. so daytime highs today, no
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longer talking about record- breaking highs like yesterday and the day before. so about 60 degrees in pacifica. we're looking at mid-60s in san francisco, and into the 70s inland. there we go with that extended forecast, as we're going to cool it down to the 50s and 60s for our week. we'll stay that way into the first part of next week. at this point, it looks dry all the way through next wednesday. those longer-range weather models give us a hint at the possibility of a few showers possibly on thursday. michelle? >> all right, mary. thank you. the children's foreverry museum of san jose is back open indoors today for the first time in more than a year. it's starting out at 25% capacity. all ticket sales are online, and anyone aged two or older must wear a mask. the museum's outdoor space reopened last month. coming up, a special bond between dad and daughter.
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>> their story is truly a team
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effort. >> she never want about things, you know, like in an ordinary, everyday kind of pattern. >> day don judaga has high praise for his daughter naja. >> she was accomplishing things, and before you could say, "great job," she was on to something else. >> reporter: thursday evening that included basketball, track, and school. daydon says he knew from day one nahjua would fly high in life. >> when nahjia was first born, i would hold her by the back of her shirt and spin her around like she was in an airplane, and we would call her flight 1018. that's her birthday, august 18th. >> reporter: but her road to success has had its tub listens. first semester of her sophomore year at high school, nahjia's parents split up. >> i ended up finishing that semester with the lowest grade i ever received in the class.
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i promised myself the next semester that i would prioritize my education. >> she did. >> reporter: pulling down straight as by the semester's end. >> good job. >> reporter: and playing through some tough moments as an aau junior track star with her dad as her coach. >> two weeks before we were to compete at the aau junior olympic national, nahjia turned her ankle. >> reporter: now will eel graduate high school and take off for university on scholarship. with plans to become a doctor, inspied by daydon, a vietnam veteran and former jurist, who has faced some health problems. >> there's so many veterans, specifically black veterans that have to deal with these chronic elements before they get the health-care benefits. >> she determines what has to be done. >> reporter: a determined spirit father and daughter share, and a connection both say will keep them close as
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nahjia takes off. >> i know that even though i won't be here in person, i'll still be here mentally to support them. >> both of them are very special. i know he said "10/18," and august 18th. it's october 18th, and he clarified that later on. nahjia's sports accomplishments, they go way beyond the junior olympics. she was congratulated by dr. tommy smith for being a platinum medal winner. president obama's presidential fitness program, and to get that award, she work 2 1/2 úyea points through activities, like swimming, tennis, and track. to learn more about students rising above and school larceny, go to our web site, taking another live look outside right now, mary's back with our holiday weekend forecast next. >> and later today, bull and
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hamilton star chris jackman shares his personal story.
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>> the first game is done, but the as had major issues delivering food to fans. we talked to the a's president about the concession at glitch
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and the lessons learned from opening day. >> all right. let's get one last check of weather with mary. a lot of egg hunting this weekend. >> a big holiday week for sure. and we are looking at cooler temperatures. i'm tracking that cool down. you can see the on-shore flow with those clouds with our golden gate bridge camera. and here is a live look from our sales force tower camera with clear skies out there. so we're going to continue to cool it down as we look to our holiday week, don to near normal, and staying on the dry side over the next several days. michelle? okay. that is going to do it for kpux 5 news at noon. we are on 24/7 on cbsn ba
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