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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  April 2, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for the second time in eight days. confrontation that led to shots fired. upping vaccine distribution. what's being done for the thousands of people newly eligible for a shot. another holiday approaching while covid cases are surging nationwide. pleas from health experts for safety this easter. good morning. it is friday, april 2. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec for len. >> i am michelle griego. mary lee joins us with today's forecast. >> if it's been too warm, we will cool it down today, running about five to ten degrees cooler and already seeing that fog roll in along the coast around the bay and even some of our inland locations as well, indicating those changes with that on shore flow. a live look with our san francisco camera, you can see the fog rolling in. temperatures right now are in
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the 40s and 50s. let's show you what you can expect as we head through today with partly sunny skies, mid 60s san francisco, 70 oakland but still warming up in san jose, 78 in san jose and concord 79. just not as warm as yesterday or the day before. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on this friday morning? a little busy in the south bay. we have a trouble spot along highway 17 this morning. there is a broken down big rig blocking at least the number two lane from the left which is the right lane. we will start seeing brake lights depending how long it takes to clear this one. keep this in mind if you are headed north. if you are along 101 through the south bay, it is friday light but there is police activity still at monterey highway and kurtner at the intersection. still partially shut down from an overnight incident. 25 minutes from 205 towards
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680, altamont. no delays on the east shore, friday 4 looking good. >> thank you. new, san jose police investigating a deadly traffic incident. so far we have learned a person walking at the intersection on monterey highway and kurtner was hit by a road. it happened last night after 11:30. no word if the driver remained on scene. last check monterey highway remains partially closed. this is the 10th photographic fatality of the year. in fremont, suspect shot and killed by police in the parking lot of a hotel. it unfolded around 630 last night at the hyatt place right off of 880. >> shots fired at hyatt place. >> police say detectives were at the hotel following a suspect they believe has been involved in recent gun violence. he was wanted on several outstanding felony warrants. when officers moved in to
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arrest him, they say he refused to comply so they sent a police dog. >> the suspect presented a firearm. during the conversation two fremont police detectives fired service weapons at the suspect. >> the suspect and officers who shot him have yet to be identified. this is the third shooting involving fremont police so far this year. an update on wednesday's mass shooting at an office building in southern california. investigators say the suspect knew and targeted all the victims. authorities say he entered the real estate agency, locked the gates, and started shooting. four people died including a 9- year-old boy. >> at some point we are going to be able to explain the motive because of the relationships and what was going on but that is under investigation. >> the suspect is in custody now in critical condition.
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in the south bay, open slots for first doses of the vaccine had all but dried up. health officials did not book first shot appointments for nearly a month but now santa clara has released a large block of appointments and more are coming. let's go to kiet do who joins us from the vietnamese american cultural center in east san jose with more. >> reporter: good morning. santa clara released tens of thousands of appointments yesterday. we checked with the county run sites and it looks like they've been snatched up. gotta be quick. yesterday santa clara released 32,000 appointments. if you missed out, not to worry. next week they're expected to release another 48,500 appointments for first doses. this is the same day the state opened eligibility to anyone 50 and older. case count is the lowest it's been in five months.
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after a year of lock downs and weather warmer health officials know people are itching to get out but there are increasing numbers of uk and west coast variants of covid, so they're urging caution. >> right now we are in a race between the variants and the vaccine. we have some data regarding the variants and how effective the vaccine is, some but not all. the top line message is you are far more protected if you are vaccinated than if you are not. and the more people that are vaccinated in our county and our community, the safer we all are. >> reporter: back live at the vietnamese american cultural center in east san jose where we are expecting vips and elected officials at a vaccine event today. this is run by kaiser and this is by appointment only
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happening later this morning. kiet do, kpix5. with another holiday weekend approaching, cdc is urging those celebrating easter and pass over to limit interactions with others even though millions of vaccine doses have been administered. health experts fear a fourth surge. cases are rising right now in at least 26 states. for more news like this download our kpix app by scanning the qr code on your screen right now. we'll show that code to you again in a few minutes as we go to break. today san francisco's mobile vaccination clinic will kick off an event at china town's largest senior living facility. it will be at the ping center. up to 1,000 seniors will be getting their shots between today and next friday. more than 30 mobile vaccination events are planned in the next three weeks within the city. today everybody 18 and older can get vaccinated in
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east palo alto. a new clinic at the cesar chavez ravenswood middle school. it will be open today and tomorrow from 11:00 until 7:00. the city plans to host the clinic on an ongoing basis. appointments and walk ins are welcome. today, a grand opening of a new set of tiny homes in oakland. the tiny house empowerment village on haggen burger includes more than two dozen homes. it is geared to providing housing and job training for young people. the project is two years in the making led by youth spirit art works and east bay nonprofit. in oakland city leaders are promising increased police presence and traffic enforcement around lake merit. some residents complained about traffic jams and trash. so starting this weekend officers will enforce traffic measures and assist in enforcement of vending and parking regulations. the city plans to move street
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vendors away from lakeshore avenue and other areas where vend is not allowed. the a's welcomed fans back for home opener against the houston astros. it was first time the a areas got to play in front of a home crowd since wild card playoff loss to tampa bay a year and a half ago. people who came to the park were clearly excited some lining up to wait for the parking lot to open. it was a custom to an early arrival and had to change game day routines as the lot only opened an hour and a half before game time. some seats still had cobwebs. fans agreed on what they missed most. >> most buddies in our section. we have been all together these years. >> it's a big difference having a crowd behind you, having other fans that help support.
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>> a's say 10,436 people were in attendance. good for a sell out with restricted capacity. as for the game, not so good. astros came out on top by 8-1. ouch. i bet everybody was just taking in the atmosphere. >> exactly. they can win the next game. it's fine. >> true, true. nine minutes after 5:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, special series project home. how bay area house hunters are going to extreme lengths to stand out from the crowd. risky option that could lead to lost money and lawsuits. good friday morning to you. we are looking at temperatures cooler compared to record breaking highs we had yesterday and the day before. about five to ten degrees cooler but still mild and above average. 70 oakland, upper 70s san jose and could be cord. i will have the weekend
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forecast, coming up. as we look at the roadways, just a pocket of slowing as you come off of 205 to 580 but we have
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after a train derailed in taiwan. rescue efforts are continuing from wreckage partially inside a tunnel. the crash happened in eastern taiwan when the passenger train collided with an unmanned vehicle and rolled down a hill. national fire service says at least 48 people died and more than 100 are hurt. some survivors climbed out of windows and along the train's roof nor to evacuate. taiwan's president tweeted emergency services have been fully mobilized to rescue and assist passengers and railway staff affected. we will continue to do everything we can to ensure safety in the wake of this heart breaking incident. developing, los gatos police investigating a hate crime after a filipino woman was shoved in an unprovoked attack. the chief who is also asian is calling for the community to come together. >> asian americans and especially seniors are often reluctant to report crimes
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against them. we are committed to keeping the community safe and also remaining a haven of tolerance and acceptance. >> the suspect reportedly told her to go back to china. the victim isn't hurt but is obviously shaken up. police say the suspect took off on a bike, was wearing a black t-shirt and dark colored neck gator. another live look outside in the bay area's red hot real estate market showing no signs of slowing down, some homes getting dozens of offers. one way buyers are making themselves stand out is by waving contingencies. >> this morning in project home, susie steimle breaks down the risks real estate agents say could lead to lawsuits. >> reporter: first started looking at homes in november. they've placed seven offers and been out bid every single time. >> some cases we have decided
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not to offer because we know we will lose out. >> reporter: they're looking at every possible way to sweeten the deal. >> 49ers season ticket holder. >> a game of your choice. we just did that. >> reporter: they're planning to offer over listing whenever possible plus something never considered. dropping all contingencies. does that worry you? we'll come back to that. financing. the sale only goes through once the buyer is approved. appraisal, the home must appraise for equal or higher value than the offer. home sale, buyer can stipulate that the deal won't go through until they sell their current home. it's common practice to wave all of these. >> our agents are basically asking the first question. just how uncomfortable do you
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want to get? >> reporter: vp of experience, his main concern is amount of money bayers stand to lose with the noncontingent offers. >> the deposit is likely to go to the seller and 3% of $1 million is $30,000 that walks out of your bank account. >> whatever you decide you don't like, there is no out. you have to walk away from the deposit. you have to walk away from in essence $50,000. >> reporter: the real estate agent says this is unlike anything he has ever seen. he hates the idea of dropping contingencies. >> it puts the client at risk. my job is protect their interests, get the house they want. >> reporter: as for whether they're comfortable with the risk? >> we've gotten over it a little bit. we're like whatever it takes to get the home that we want to get, it's just the way the
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market is. >> reporter: according to national association of realtors, 76% of home sales in 2020 had contingencies attached. 9% of the home sales did fall through largely because the buyers in 2020 lost work during the pandemic. prepandemic terminations looked more like 2%. susie steimle, kpix5. let get a check on the roads with gianna. how is it looking? it's not bad. if you are up early heading to the altamont pass look at all this green. just a pinch of slowing away from the 205, 580 connector but it is certainly friday light for now as you work into the livermore valley area. just passed that towards the dublin interchange there is a crash there south bound 680 connector from west bound 580. a few brake lights approaching the dublin interchange.
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chp is reporting it is causing a bit of traffic. a heads up if you are working your way through. 24 minutes 205 towards 680. it doesn't look like it is affecting your travel time. 80 is looking good west bound, 14 minutes highway 4 to the maze and highway 4 is looking good, antioch towards 80, the connector to the hercules area. that will take about 26 minutes. 101 out of south bay doing okay. good news for highway 17 north bound near idlewild road. they just cleared a broken down big rig out of the number 2 lane from the left so things should be at the limit in both directions. let's check bay area bridges. reports of a traffic hazard west bound just past the toll plaza. it looks like we are not seeing brake lights or issues. things are clear for your drive out of the east bay into the city. it's 5:18. time to check your forecast. happy friday. happy friday. if it's been too warm the last
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couple days, we will start to cool it down today and into the weekend. wither talking about temperatures five to ten degrees cooler compared to the very warm record breaking highs yesterday and the day before. a live look with our sales force tower camera, you see that fog rolling. in that indicates change for us with the owe shore flow kicking back in. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. concord you are coming in at 50 and also for san francisco. oak land, mid 50s, livermore 47. 51 san jose, 41 santa rosa. you can see with current visibility, fog along the coast. two miles for visibility in petaluma and five at half moon bay. big changes are coming our way for today and into the weekend with the cool down in store for us. taking you hour by hour on futurecast, we are looking at partly sunny skies today. a few more clouds compared to the last couple days. we are going to cool it down
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more as we look to our saturday and also for our easter sunday with the clouds as well. daytime highs as we look to our weekend, near normal for this time of year. it's been so dry, we have had breezy conditions especially earlier in the week. because of that, sky high for the pollen count. that continues as we look to today through the weekend and early next week. not the best news for allergy sufferers, not looking at any relief any time soon. as we look to temperatures, 77 for a high in santa clara, 78 san jose in the south bay. still warm but not quite as warm as yesterday and the day before. as we look to the east bay, concord is coming in at 79 and also for pleasure an hill, low 80s antioch and brentwood, tri valley mid to upper 70s later this afternoon. around the bay san francisco mid 60s. you will notice that difference. 70 oakland, 67 alameda, upper 60s, close to 70 for san
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leandro. north bay, low to mid 70s this afternoon. here we go with the extended forecast and what you can expect for easter sunday, a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures near normal for this time of year. with the cool down saturday and easter sunday, continuing into early next week, at this point monday and tuesday look dry and that will continue through wednesday. at this point, a slight chance of a shower possible on thursday. back to you. today a portion of the pacifica municipal pier will reopen. high tides damaged a 40-foot part in january, the section where a railing was broken from the pier deck will remain fenced off. no word on when it will fully reopen. children's discovery museum of san jose is reopening today. the interior of the museum's purple building will be open for the first time in more than a year starting at 25%
5:22 am
capacity. all ticket sales are online and anybody age two or older must wear a mask. coming up later at 7:00 on cbs this morning, day five of derek chauvin's trial is here. what to expect today and how people in minneapolis are reacting. how one new york photographer is using her talent to celebrate black history in the latest unifying america series. arizona shelter that is struggling to keep up as number of migrants crossing the border sky rockets. we'll be right back.
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some advice this morning from bay area animal experts. >> if you are thinking of trimming trees or brushes this spring, it is best to wait until fall or early winter. it is to protect nesting baby birds and other young wildlife. peninsula humane society recommends you double check there are no bird or squirrel nests before trimming. another tip, look for rabbit holes or bird nests before mowing the lawn. >> wouldn't that be the worst, running over something like
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that with your lawnmower. makes me glad i don't have a lawn. 5:25. boating restrictions on the rise. in our next half hour, another state passes a bill cracking down on the voting process. why some people are saying these bills will make it harder for people of color to cast their ballots, after break. >> reporter: santa clara has released tens of thousands of new appointments for covid vaccine but they are going fast. i am kiet do. we've got a live report from east san jose. a quick live look outside before we head out for a break. this is a view of the city from our camera on the mark hopkins hotel. you can see
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a rising republican star facing allegations of sex trafficking. how he is continuing to defend himself this morning. variants on the rise. what experts say needs to be done to get new strains under control. what is expected today, day five of the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis. good morning. thanks for starting your friday with us. it is the second day of april. i am anne makovec. >> i am michelle griego. let's get to mary lee with today's forecast. i think i need some water. >> you got the water? good, good. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be cool are compared to yesterday and the day before. we are going to start our cool down, on shore flow kicking back in. you can see the fog rolling back in indicating the changes for us with that marine influence. looking at temperatures in the
5:31 am
40s and 50s. as we head through today, still a little bit above average. mild temperatures. just not as warm as the record breaking temperatures we had yesterday and the day before. upper 70s for san jose as well as for concord. we are looking at partly sunny skies this afternoon, even cooler for the weekend. let's check with gianna. i know you are tracking a crash on 80 and dixon. moments ago chp issued a traffic alert for the incident. this is just as you exit. several vehicles are involved. one is overturned and stuck on its side. it's starting tocause a bit of a back up. this is noncommute direction and it's still early. we don't see many cars early on friday. although if you approach, speeds are dipping down to about 14 miles per hour. we'll keep a close eye on that, west bound 80 clear with no
5:32 am
delays out of vacaville, fairfield. 80 into berkeley, things are quiet. at the bay bridge, traffic is moving nicely out of the east bay over into the city. new, a suspect linked to a deadly shooting at a san mateo wells fargo parking lot has been arrested. the shooting happened in december. the investigation began in san mateo. detectives had leads in southern california eventually tracking down the suspect and arresting him in oklahoma. officials say they have begun the extradition process back here to the bay area and they have not yet released his name. the minneapolis police chief is expected to testify at the murder trial of derek chauvin. the former officer accused of killing george floyd. thursday a retired police sergeant said chauvin restrained floyd for longer than necessary. the sergeant said he called chauvin after a 911 dispatcher reported what looked like an
5:33 am
unusual arrest. yesterday the jury heard a recording of the call. the sergeant said chauvin did not initially tell him he had been kneeling on floyd's neck. >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance they could have ended the restraint. >> prosecutors called to the stand george floyd's long time girlfriend who became emotional recounting among other things their substance abuse issues. she wept as she discussed their relationship and shared addiction to opioids. >> we both suffered from cronic pain. mine was in my neck and his was in his back. >> reporter: floyd's girlfriend said he was hospitalized after overdosing on drugs two months before his death. under questioning by defense she insisted he had made a full recovery. autopsy found fentanyl and meth in floyd's system. developing news, a close ally of former president trump
5:34 am
is under federal investigation this morning for sex trafficking. the florida congressman matt gates denies the allegations against him. >> a horrible allegation and it is a lie. >> "new york times" reporting that the investigation is focusing on payments congressman gates allegedly made to women for sex. according to "new york times" the meet ups happened in 2019 and 2020 and he paid the women via mobile app, sometimes cash. the republican lawmaker says allegations of impro priority were an attempt to criminalize his generosity to ex girlfriends. he claims accusations are part of a multi million dollar extortion scheme. political leadership on both sides say they are waiting to see what this investigation turns up. >> i haven't heard anything from the d.o.j. or others but i will deal with it if any of it comes to be true. >> if in fact these allegations are true of course being removed from judiciary committee is the least that could be done.
5:35 am
>> at least one democratic lawmaker demanding gates be removed from the judiciary committee until the investigation is complete. new, the texas senate passed a restrictive new voting bill critics say that will make it harder for people of color to cast ballots. a new tally by brennan center for justice finds as of march 24, 361 bills with provisions that would restrict voting have been introduced in 47 states. that's a 43% jump in the number since the last report over a month ago. a handful of states have already acted including georgia where some are calling for economic consequences in response to the state's new voting law. there are calls to boycott atlanta based coca-cola, ceo of delta, state's largest private employer, blasted the law as based on a lie of 2020 election
5:36 am
fraud. cdc says the variants of concern now include the one first identified in the uk, the one spotted in south africa, and the one in brazil. every state has reported at least one case of a variant but the one from the uk is the most prevalent with more than 12,000 cases so far. >> think it's probably a combination of pandemic fatigue, loosening of people's guard, insufficient vaccination. >> we are lulled into this false sense that this thing can't get to us. >> health experts say booster shots may be needed to target emerging variants but existing vaccines do offer some protection. according to university of washington, deaths in u.s. may reach 609,000 by july 1 in part because of the spread of variants. >> reporter: i am live in east
5:37 am
san jose at the vietnamese american cultural center with an update on the vaccine situation in the south bay. santa clara went nearly a month without booking new first dose appointments. yesterday we learned the county released a large block. however they were snatched up very quickly. there were 32,000 new dose appointments yesterday. if you missed out, not to worry. next week, there is another 48,500. book at the case count in the south bay is now lowest it's been in five months. however uk and west coast variants of covid are still lurking and case counts are trending upwards. the doctor gets it and knows that people are getting tired. >> it is a beautiful day. we all have cabin fever. we all want to get out. we all want to get back to our
5:38 am
lives, but we can't do that quite yet. we can't do that quite yet. so i am calling on every one of us to continue to wear our masks whenever with anyone outside of our household. that includes people who are vaccinated. >> reporter: later this morning at the vietnamese american cultural center, we are expecting elected officials and vips from kaiser to come down here to tout a vaccine clinic happening for the 95122 zip code. this is by appointment only, no walk up available. encouraging development in the vaccine roll out this morning. last night, fda said it was safe to squeeze an extra dose out of moderna's ten dose vaccine vials. california will need the extra doses. anyone 50 and older can get a
5:39 am
shot. in santa clara yesterday residents jumped at the first opportunity to get the vaccine. >> i was expecting longer lines. i was expecting more waiting, expecting a little more confusion. it was all good. >> there was zero waiting. >> i felt like crying after. it's been a year. it's such a sense of life will get back to normal now hopefully, soon. >> the idea of creating a so called vaccine passport meantime running into resistance. yesterday california republican congressman introduced legislation that would ban the type of passport. people who travel by plane or train could not be denied entry based on their vaccination status. it would also block funding for a database containing proof of a shot. the congressman says activities like travel, shopping, and going to work should not be dependent on whether or not you
5:40 am
get vaccinated. backers of temporary vaccine requirements say they can help the nation reestablish a sense of normalcy. for more news, download the kpix app by scanning the code on your screen right there. or we will show the code to you again in a few minutes as we go to break. get your phone ready. as brazil hits record numbers for cases and deaths, some pandemic problems may be spilling to neighboring countries. stores, schools, most government services are shut down. in chile all borders will be closed for april for its citizens and foreign residents. that is after the country reached 1 million cases yesterday. developments over racial bias allegations involving starbucks plus one airline is set to start a hiring spree
5:41 am
soon. we have more in today's money watch report. good to see you. good morning. >> reporter: good to see you. march was another month of strong gains for the job market. according to labor department the economy grew by 916,000 jobs last month. that was far more than what analysts predicted and nation's unemployment rate fell to 6%. good news for your sfo hub. united airlines banking on a post pandemic travel boom. the airline is telling staff it's planning to hire hundreds of new pilots. as many as 300 will be brought on board starting next month. more will be hired as passenger demand increases. following allegations of racial discrimination starbucks is making changes to corporate policies. the coffee chain has reached agreement with the eeoc. the federal agency said data from 2007 through 2011 showed
5:42 am
bias in hiring and promoting store employees. starbucks says it will create an application tracking system as well as a more formal promotion process. michelle. in other news, i am hearing tender is making it easier to find a fling once you are vaccinated. tell me more. >> reporter: this is definitely a talker this morning. the dating app will make its passport feature free this month. instead of swiping left or right in your city, you can look for users anywhere in the world. it is called a fantasy fling. new york, miami, paris, tokyo are some of the top cities people search while using the passport feature. no surprise, because they're cities that people love to travel to. miami, paris. >> it sounds great. i think i need to tell my single brother in law. he is probably going to be very
5:43 am
happy about it. thank you for that. >> reporter: he will be changing his relationship status soon. >> maybe. we'll see. thanks so much. we'll see you again at 6:30. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how some airlines are cleaning up their act. new technology being tested on board. good friday morning to you. we are going to start to cool it down today, already tracking on shore flow and areas of fog along the coast, around the bay, even some inland locations. daytime highs about five to ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday, mid 60s in san francisco, 70 oakland, upper 70s in san jose and concord. i will have that weekend forecast, coming up. we are following a traffic alert along 80 as you work near dixon. i will have the latest on that plus a look at your travel times, coming up.
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welcome back. remember last year at this time we were fighting over toilet paper believe it or not. new, bad news, you may have to start shelling out the big bucks for tp. kimberly clark, second largest toilet paper manufacturer in u.s. says increases are to help offset cost of inflation. hikes will affect baby and adult care products. they will go into effect in june and will be in the mid to
5:47 am
high single digits. two switzerland where a robot armed with virus killing ultraviolet light is being tested on airplanes. the robot's lights cast everything in a soft blue glow as it slowly moves up the isle. one can disinfect a single isle plain in 13 minutes start to finish. the larger take a little longer. aircraft makers must certify the devices and are studying impact the uv light may have on leather seats. if it's keeping it clean, that's pretty good. it's 5:47. let's see if the roads are clean. oh traffic alert, not good. not good unfortunately as you head out on 80 east bound through dixon. an update from chp, two right lanes are open. left lane in the center divide is where they have the trouble spot. one vehicle is overturned, still stuck on its side.
5:48 am
crews are still trying to get this off the freeway. we are seeing speeds down to about 31 miles per hour. it's lightly traveled but because friday and we see less cars, and it is the noncommute direction. we'll keep a close eye on that. also if you are taking 80 the rest of the way west bound to the bay bridge, you should be good to go, smooth sailing with no issues or delays as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. overall a seamless commute heading into san francisco. 14 minutes west bound 80 from highway 4 to the maze. altamont pass commute is in the green, 27 minutes from tracy, 205 connector to 680. we will have crowding as you connect to 580 and as you approach grant line. other than that dublin interchange is clear and things are at the limit. both directions look good, no
5:49 am
troubles through the sunol grade. 101 north bound out of san jose, a little bit slowing as you approach 880 but it is friday light. it is 5:48. here is mary to check your forecast. cooler but nice. it will be a pleasant day with mild temperatures, just not as warm as yesterday and the day before with the record breaking highs. we will cool down starting today, highs about five to ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday. you can see the reason why, those changes are coming our way with the fog rolling in. that indicates that on shore flow kicking back in, marine influence back for the bay area. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s even down to 39, a cold start in santa rosa. 50 concord. oakland 54, 47 livermore. downtown san francisco 49 and 51 for san jose. checking visibility, watching fog roll in along the coast around the bay and even inland locations as well down to three quarters of a mile in santa
5:50 am
rosa. i want to talk about our sierra snowpack. of course we had our last snow survey yesterday and it does not look good. looking at 59% of average for the sierra snowpack. sierra snow making up and accounting for about a third of california's water supply. as we look at our rainfall, our water year for the bay area, looking at 39 to 41% of average. we are in a drought across the bay area, not a good thing. and dry weather will continue over the next several days. we are looking at cooler temperatures though, so changes on the way as we head through today and into the weekend. you see partly sunny skies through our afternoon, starting that cool down today and especially into the weekend. daytime highs saturday as well as for sunday, near normal for this time of year. from the record breaking highs we had yesterday and the day before and that cooler weather coming our way as we look to
5:51 am
today and especially our easter weekend. checking daytime highs, 77 for a high in santa clara, 78 in san jose, so still looking at the mild temps especially for inland locations. east bay, 79 in concord and pleasant hill, low 80s antioch and brentwood, definitely warming up inland especially the far east bay. mid to upper 70s for the tri valley. around the bay mid 60s in san francisco, 67 alameda, low to mid 70s for north bay this afternoon. there we go with the extended forecast. we will cool to near normal for this time of year for our weekend and into early next week, staying dry on monday, tuesday, wednesday with the slight chance of rain possible by next thursday. back to you. today is national peanut butter and jelly day. first reference to the sandwich popped up in 1901, became really popular in the 1920s when the price of peanut butter
5:52 am
went down. the average american will have eaten more than 2,000pb & j sandwiches by the time they graduate from high school. i can eat one every day. i just don't like the j. i am not a big fan of the jelly. >> yeah, i would prefer the plain pb but it's a national day. i can see waffles with some pb and j. >> i'm hungry now. eight minutes before 6:00. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how a shared love for dogs led to an unexpected friendship and a life saving donation. later today bull star chris jackson stops to spread awareness on world autism day.
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welcome back. i love this shot, the view from our camera on sutro tower. you see that fog that mary's been talking about. two sacramento women celebrating a new very important friendship. >> it started with a kidney donation. salvador went on dialysis last
5:56 am
year and that's when she met janie young, her wait list administrative assistant. the two connected through the love for their dogs. >> it was almost as if divine intervention, she took such good care of her dog, she would take such good care of my kidney. >> young decided to donate her left kidney to salvador. the two hadn't seen each other since transplant surgery until yesterday via zoom. it couldn't have come on a better day. april kicks off national donate life month. very sweet. that's a good friend. 5:56. yes. we'll negotiate that, michelle. but i can see giving you a partial kidney. we'll see. >> we'll talk about it. four minutes before 6:00. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we'll tell you what's
5:57 am
happening at the pacifica pier today months after it suffered severe storm damage. tens of thousands of new covid vaccine appointments are dropping in the south bay. >> the guys in back are razing me about giving a partial kidney. i will give you a full kidney, michelle. a live look before break, another view of the city of san francisco, you can see the trans americica tower ththere.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a suspect shot and killed near a fremont hotel. moments leading to the gunfire. the newly released vaccine appointments in santa clara county. we checked how


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