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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 2, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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capitol, i'm jan crawford. it's friday, april 2nd, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." >> he said, "can i pray with you?" >> powerful testimony. the girlfriend of george floyd takes the stand, and jurors hear audio of former cop derek chauvin defending his actions. sex, money, and politics. a new report details bombshell allegations against congressman matt gaetz. nationwide spike. covid cases are up in more than half the country. the cdc's message as families the cdc's message as families get ready for easter. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we're going to begin with the murder trial of former police officer derek chauvin, accused of killing george floyd. the minneapolis police chief who fired chauvin and three other officers is expected to testify today. jurors heard emotional testimony yesterday from floyd's girlfriend. she broke down while talking about his life as a father and son, and she also talked about their struggles with opioid addiction. michael george is in minneapolis. michael, here's the thing, why bring up floyd's past drug use if the defense says that that's probably how he died? >> reporter: well, the prosecution appears to be trying to get ahead of that argument. george floyd's girlfriend testified that like many americans, he suffered from an opioid addiction. yesterday we also heard some key testimony from derek chauvin's own supervising sergeant.
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on thursday, a retired police sergeant said derek chauvin restrained george floyd longer than was necessary. >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers, they could have ended the restraint. >> reporter: david pluger is the first police official to testify that chauvin may have used excessive force. >> and all of them sat on this man -- >> reporter: klueger called chauvin after a 911 dispatcher reported what looked like an unusual arrest. the jury heard a recording of what the veteran officer told him. >> holding the guy down. he was -- was -- going crazy -- >> reporter: the sergeant said chauvin did not initially tell him he'd been kneeling on floyd's neck. jurors also heard for the first time about floyd's medical condition from paramedics who responded to the scene. >> in lay terms, i thought he was dead. >> reporter: prosecutors also called to the stand george floyd's longtime girlfriend who became emotional when recounting
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among other things their substance abuse issues. courtney ross wept as she discussed their relationship and their shared addiction to opioids. >> we both suffered from chronic pain. mine was in my neck, and his was in his back. >> reporter: ross testified that floyd was hospitalized after overdosing on drugs two months before his death. under questioning by the defense, she insisted he had made a full recovery. and this morning we expect the minneapolis police chief to take the stand. the two big questions he'll be asked to answer -- number one, what did derek chauvin say about the arrest, and number two, were his actions excessive. anne-marie? >> it will be interesting. michael george in minneapolis. thank you so much. a justice department investigation into republican congressman matt gaetz is reportedly focussed on his possible involvement with multiple women who were recruited on line for sex and received cash payments.
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"the new york times" says it reviewed receipts that show payments from gaetz and another florida politician to one of the women. the women allegedly told their friends that the payments were for sex with the the two men. the paper says that the meet-ups took place in 2019 and 2020. the justice department is also investigating whether gaetz had sex with a 17-year-old girl in exchange for anything of material value. gaetz has denied paying a woman for sex. and we are learning new details about the gunman accused of killing four people at a california office building. authorities identified the 44-year-old as aminadab gaxiola gonzalez. they said he knew all of the victims personally or through business dealings. police were called to the scene in orange outside of l.a. on wednesday. they say the gunman slowed down first responders from saving victims by chaining the gates to the business with bicycle locks. authorities are still searching
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for a motive. >> at some point we're going to be able to explain the motive because of the relationships and what was going on. but that is under investigation. >> a 9-year-old boy among -- was among those killed. police say that he was found in the arms of a wounded woman believed to be his mother. and breaking overnight, there was a deadly train derailment in taiwan. at least 36 people were killed in one of the island's worst rail disasters. the train reportedly derailed in a tunnel after smashing into a truck that fell from a cliff and landed on the tracks. roughly 350 people were on the train. some were trapped. people had to force open the doors and crawl through windows and roofs to get out. turning now covid. the biden administration is said to be finalizing travel guidance for vaccinated americans. those details could be released today during the white house coronavirus briefing. meantime, the u.s. is expected
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to pass 100 million inoculations today. so far, 99.5 million americans have received at least one dose. and 56 million are fully vaccinated against the virus. that's almost 17% of the total u.s. population. the number of cases is still inching up, and the cdc has a message for people who are planning to celebrate easter this weekend. here's manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: there's news about the pfizer vaccine. the company says its ongoing study shows it's more than 90% effective for at least six months after the second dose. >> i would not be surprised at all if moderna and other companies that did the same thing would get similar results. >> reporter: despite more shots going into arms, there's fear of a fourth wave with cases rising in at least 26 states. the nationwide spikes are possibly driven by more contagious variants like the one detected in the uk. florida is reporting the highest number of variant cases. >> it's distresses that there's
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-- it's distressing that there's such a high incidence now considering how well we're doing with getting people vaccinated. >> reporter: the concern comes as another holiday weekend approaches. the cdc is urging those celebrating easter and passover to limit interactions. some businesses looking to return to normal are considering so-called vaccine passports to verify vaccination status as one form of admission to events like the upcoming south beach wine and food festival. why did you decide that was it the best route? >> i felt that i was responsible for doing everything that we could do to be the first event back and the safest event back. >> reporter: but some oppose the idea, like florida's governor who's vowed to permanently ban them. and basketball is rebounding. the miami heat is the first team nationwide that will have a section dedicated to vaccinated fans only. masks will be required, but social distancing guidelines will be relaxed. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, miami.
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president biden held his first cabinet meeting nearly ten weeks after he was sworn into office. all 16 permanent members of the cabinet met in the east room of the white house. a less cramped space than the cabinet room. during the meeting, mr. biden tapped five secretaries to sell his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. the president also praised his team for accurately representing the nation's diverse population, tweeting this class photo with a caption reading "a cabinet that looks like america." coming up now, a health warning about real water. why the fda says you should not drink the alkaline brand of water. and school bus scare. a deer makes a surprise appearance. this is the "cbs morning news." . this is the "cbs morning news."
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nevada linked to the water. the product was earlier recalled after five children were hospitalized late last year due to an outbreak of liver illness. the fda says that the product is still being sold on line and promoted on social media despite the recall. a hall of fame college basketball coach announced his retirement, and there's fallout over the suez canal blockage. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "associated press" reports egypt says that it expects more than $1 billion in damages after a massive cargo ship ran aground in the suez canal. the ship got wedged in the canal last week. it was freed this week and is currently in one of the canal's holding lakes. the head of the canal authority says the damages include the salvage operation, the cost of stalled traffic, and lost transit fees. he says that the ship will not be allowed to leave egypt unless the issue is resolved. "the washington post" says vice president kamala harris and her husband will move into the official vp's residence next
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week. the couple has been living temporarily in blair house near the white house since the inauguration while repairs were made to their home on the grounds of the naval observatory. a spokeswoman said the renovations include maintenance on the heating, air conditioning, and refurbishing hardwood floors. "the durham herald sun" says legendary university of north carolina coach roy williams announced he's retiring. the 70-year-old hall of famer said he no longer feels he's the right man for the job. williams coached the tar heels for 18 years and led them to three national championships. >> it's been a thrill. it has been unbelievable. i've loved it. it's coaching, and that's all i've ever wanted to do since the summer after my ninth grade year in high school. >> north carolina lost to wisconsin in the first round of
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♪ bedsds get sick k too protecec. lysol l laundry sasanitizer kills 99.9.9% of illnessss-causing b bactera detergenents leave b behind. prproven to kikill covid-1-9 here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪ check out this spectacular sunrise over a beach in maine. this beautiful scene was spotted on wednesday. the sky is painted in hues of orange and pink, reflecting on the water below. on the cbs "money watch," the supreme court sides with facebook over text
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notifications, and major league baseball is giving away free tickets to essential workers. elise preston is in new york with those stories and more. good morning elise. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. wall street is closed today in observance of good friday. meantime, the labor department is set to release its march employment report after a record-setting day for stocks yesterday. the dow surged 171 points, the nasdaq rallied 233 points, and the s&p 500 gained 46. again, a record high passed 4,000 points for the first time. the supreme court says facebook can keep sending you texts. yesterday's ruling stems from a class-action lawsuit against the social media company. a man says he got repeated text notifications alerting him to unusual login attempts even though he never had a facebook account. he said the messages violated the federal ban on robo calls, but the court unanimously rejected that argument. nike has blocked the sale of satan shoes at least for now.
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a federal judge ordered the maker to stop further sales of the sneakers it created in collaboration with rapper lil nas x. the judge said the black and red devil-themed sneakers detailed with the nike swoosh logo infringed on its trademarks. the brooklyn-based company said the customized version of the nike air max 97 sneakers are works of art. and major league baseball is honoring essential workers. it is distributing $1.5 million worth of free tickets to games to those people who have been at the front lines of the pandemic. the invites will be extended to doctors, nurses, grocery stores employees, public transit workers, teachers, and others. all 30 teams will take part and be responsible for distributing the tickets. anne-marie? >> lovely. elise preston in new york. thanks a lot, elise. so up next, moving thin mints. a california girl shatters the record for the most boxes of girl scout cookies sold in a
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪
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that's godzilla. >> movie theaters across the country are counting on good old king kong to help save them. "godzilla versus kong" could set a new high in ticket sales for any movie released during the pandemic on its opening weekend. experts say it could rake in at least $25 million. the movie is also streaming on hbo max. a virginia high school student sleeping on a school bus got a rude awakening. on-board video shows a deer crashing through the window of the bus yesterday. it landed in the seat of a 15-year-old, brandon martin, as he was taking a nap. he said that he felt the bus slow down and then he heard a loud noise. >> i was really stunned to see this because i was trying to sleep.
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i woke up to something on my back. so -- then i realized it was a deer. i was very confused because i've never seen a deer actually jump through a windshield and land. >> no one on the bus was hurt. the driver pulled to the side of the road and let the deer off. it wasn't a deer, but 15,000 bees that ended up inside a new mexico man's car. the man left his car windows open on sunday when he went into a grocery store to do some shopping. when he got back into his car and was about to drive away, he spotted a huge swarm of bees in the back seat. an off-duty firefighter who is also a beekeeper removed the bees and transported them to his own property. a store security guard was stung, but there were no other injuries. ick. and an 8-year-old california girl broke the record for the most girl scout cookies sold in a single season. lily bumpus sold more than 32,000 boxes. her mother says that it was an
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insane season as orders flew in. lily is a cancer survivor, and according to her facebook page, she also donated thousands of boxes to children's hospitals and homeless shelters. so coming up on "cbs this morning," hunter biden, president biden's youngest son, on his revealing memoir. son, on his revealing memoir. something g great fromom mr. cl. ststop strugglgling to cleleanh messes w with spraysys. try clclean freak!k! it has thrhree times t the cleag power r of the leaeading sprayay to dissosolve kitchehen greasen contntact. and d it's grgreat for babathr! justst keep pumpmping the popr nonozzle to rerelease a a continuousus burst of f mid make quiuick work ofof big job. itit even workrks on stainins ststeel. it cuts ththrough 100%0% of di, greasese and grimeme. avaiailable withth easy-to-s-p rerefills. to getet three timimes the clelg popower, try clclean freakk from mr.r. clean. ♪ easter eggcitement is in the air! get 15% off and kohl's cash on...
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our top stories this morning -- the minneapolis police chief is expected to testify at derek chauvin's murder trial today. george floyd's girlfriend took the stand yesterday talking about their struggles with opioid addiction. the defense has argued that floyd died as a result of drug abuse and pre-existing health conditions. and "the new york times"
4:26 am
reports a justice department investigation into republican congressman matt gaetz is focused on his possible involvement with multiple women who were recruited on line for sex and received cash payments. the "times" says that it reviewed receipts that show payments from gaetz and another florida politician to one of the women. as christians around the world prepare to celebrate easter, scientists are revealing new findings about the cross. thousands of them actually etched on the walls of a sacred site. ian lee has the story from london. >> reporter: researchers are shedding new light on a mystery in jerusalem's church of the holy accept occur. scholars wanted to know who created these tiny crosses etched in stone. >> you can see that the crosses are marked and carved around the symbol. this is a symbol of a knight. >> reporter: the thousands of crosses cover a chapel in the
4:27 am
church where christians believe jesus was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead. >> is it graffiti of the pilgrims, or rather something else? >> reporter: to answer the centuries' old question, archaeologists used new digital techniques. >> applied these various filters in order to try and pull out as much as possible information about the object itself. >> reporter: after years of comparing and contrasting the crosses, experts dated the markings back to the 15th century. >> look at it. it's precise. it's accurate. it has very certain depths. >> reporter: the research revealed it wasn't graffiti but the work of medieval masons. >> you pay something to this special artist, and he carved for you, for the benefit of your soul and your relative souls, he carved for you a special cross. >> reporter: leaving a lasting mark using christianity's most
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sacred symbol. ian lee, cbs news. well coming up on "cbs this morning," hunter biden, president biden's youngest son, is opening up about his revealing new memoir. we'll have a preview of his emotional conversations with cbs news. plus, only on "cbs this morning," minneapolis city council member jeremiah ellison shares his reactions to testimony in the derek chauvin trial and his work to heal the community. and we'll hear from commerce secretary gina raimondo, one of five cabinet members who will help president biden promote his massive infrastructure plan. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great weekend.
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