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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  April 2, 2021 3:12am-3:43am PDT

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long-term protection. good news s from pfizezer abouts vaccine. easter guidelines, how the c.d.c. sayings americans should celebrate the holiday with fears of a fourth wave brewing. boarder crisis apprehensions of 50%. we'll take you to a small town in arizona where boarder patrol drops off dozens of asylum seekers. president biden's first cabinet meeting. first meeting with secretary of interior deb haaland, the first native american cabinet secretary in us the history. opening day in the snow? baseball's back and, by the looks of it, so is winter. a girl scout record -- guess how many cookies this eight-year-old sold? it's pretty impressive. and the covid journals, recording memories through a year of pain, sorrow and hope. this is the "cbs evening news"
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with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us. we're going to begin tonight with dramatic video from inside the balance ambulance as paramedics struggled to revive george floyd last year. the footage was shown in the testimony of murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. the 19-year police veteran is charged with killing floyd by kneeling on his neck for nine and a half minutes, and in court paramedics described arriving on the scene last memorial day to find floyd unresponsive and apparently dead. one first responder telling jurors today floyd later flat lined inside the ambulance, even after he shocked floyd's heart, saying he was trying to give the 46-year-old a second chance at life. in a surprise prove, prosecutors called floyd's distraught girlfriend to the stand in an apparent attempt to blunt a key defense argument.
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and a star witness now expected to testify tomorrow. cbs' jamie yuccas is following the trial and going to lead off coverage tonight again from minneapolis. good evening, jamie. >> reporter: good evening, norah. late today stunning testimony from chauvin's supervisor. he said he has own the officer since 2008 and chauvin did not initially tell him about restraining for with his knee restraining floyd with his knee nor for how long. he testified today chauvin should have stopped using force after floyd was and cuffed and on the groun dramatic never before seen video of the ambulance team arriving to safe george floyd's life. paramedic seth bravinder says the first thing he saw was multiple officers still on top of floyd. >> from where i was at, i didn't see any breathing or movement or anything like that. >> bravinder makes a hand gesture at officer derek chauvin telling him to move as his partner paramedic derek smith checked floyd's pulse.
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>> what did his condition appear to be to you overall? >> in lay terms, i thought he was dead. >> reporter: smith said he wanted to move floyd to a different location to get awayte wanted to move floyd from the crowd. >> there were multiple cell away from the crowd. phones out, there were elevated tones used. >> reporter: the prosecution showed these disturbing images inside the ambulance as emergency responders worked frantically to resuscitate floyd. they say the cardiac monitor showed floyd had flatlined. >> at any point did he regenerate a pulse or, you know, come to? was he revived? >> no. >> reporter: and, today, jurors learned about george floyd the man from the woman who loved him. floyd's girlfriend courtney ross says they first met at a shelter where he had worked. she was there to talk to her son's father with and was visibly distressed when floyd approached her. ( crying ) >> he said, um...
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can i pray with you? it was so sweet. >> reporter: she says floyd worked out every day and loved food. but, she says, he was devastated after his mother's death in 2018. he also struggled with drugs. >> floyd and i both suffered with opioid addiction. it's a classic story of how many people get addicted to opioids. we both suffered from chronic pain. mine was in my neck, and his was in his back. >> reporter: ross testified floyd had bought drugs froms ted floy maurice hall, the person sitting in the passenger seat of floyd's s.u.v. on the day of the police encounter. he's refused to testify, citing his fifth amendment right. tomorrow, prosecutors are expected to use the minneapolis police chief to make their case against his own former officer. he fired chauvin days after
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george floyd died, and all eyes will be on the answer to one question -- in his opinion, did derek chauvin use excessive force when his knee was on george floyd's neck. norah. >> o'donnell: we'll all be watching. jamie yuccas, thank you. tonight alarming evidence the u.s. is entering a fourth surge of covid, more than 40% of all counties are now in the red zone with cases spreading rapidly. we're also learning more about a setback from one to have the vaccines. here's cbs's manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: tonight, mixup mess. officials are trying to contain the fallout after a production mishap at this baltimore plant spoiled 15 million doses of johnson & johnson's vaccine. >> it was human error. the f.d.a. is investigating. this is not related in any way to any of the j&j doses that people have already gotten. >> reporter: better news about the pfizer vaccine. the company says it's ongoing study shows it's more than 90% effective for at least six months after the second dose. >> i would not be surprised at
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all if moderna and other companies that did the same thing would get similar results. >> reporter: but tonight, despite more shots going into arms, there is fear of a fourth wave, with cases rising in at least 26 states. the nationwide spikes are possible driven by more contagious variants like the b117, first detected in the u.k.. florida is reporting the highest number of variant cases. >> it's very distress is therins >> it's very distress is that there's such a high incidence right now, considering how well we're doing with getting people vaccinated. >> reporter: the concern comes as another holiday weekend approaches. the c.d.c. is urging those celebrating easter and passover to limit interactions. some businesses looking to return to normal are considering so-called vaccine passports to verify vaccination status as one form of admission to events like the upcoming south beach wine festival. and food festival. why did you decide that was the best route? >> i felt that i was responsible
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for doing everything that we could do to be the first event back and the safest event back. >> reporter: but some oppose the idea, like florida's governor who's vowed to permanently ban them. and on baseball's opening day, the president is calling the texas ranger's decision to open their stadium to full capacity a mistake. >> they should listen to dr. fauci and the scientists. >> reporter: after the nationals and mets game was postponed after three nats players reportedly tested positive. and tonight basketball is rebounding. the miami heat will be the first team nationwide to have a section dedicated to vaccination fans only. masks still required but social distancing guidelines will be relaxed. >> o'donnell: fascinating. you have to bring your vaccination card with you. manuel bojorquez, thank you. in orange, california, police y. are zeroing in on a motive afteu a gunman killed four including a nine-year-old. cbs' omar villafranca reports tonight from the scene of the ia massacre. >> reporter: this is the man
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police say shot and killed a nine-year-old boy and three adults in a shooting rampage just five miles from disneyland. >> we have shots fired. >> reporter: detectives say 44- year-old aminadab gaxiola gonzalez started shooting, targeting people he knew, trying to slow down first responders from saving victims he chained targeting people he knew, trying to slow down fir the gates to the business with bicycle locks. business w police rushed to the scene, breaking through the locks. >> in the meantime, horrific rampage was going on in offices, and people were dying or were being shot. >> reporter: inside, two women and a man, all dead. outside, the nine-year-old boy who was killed found in the arms of a woman believed to be his mother. >> it is believed that there was one of the women victims who was one of the women victims embracing that child, apparently after he was shot. >> reporter: tonight, that woman also shot in critical condition, as is gaxiola gonzalez.
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police say they arrived here on the scene less than two minutes before the first -- after the first 911 call. investigators say that thet 911. investigators say that the suspect used a gun. they also found a backpack, and in that backpack they found pepper spray, handcuffs and more ammunition.y norah. >> o'donnell: omar villafranca, thank you. tonight a shocking number from the crisis at the southern border. cbs news has learned 150,000 migrants were likely apprehended in march, that is 50% more than in february. among those allowed to stay, hundreds that have been dumped in a small desert down in arizona hours from the nearest shelter. cbs' lilia luciano follows their shelter. journey. >> reporter: in the tiny town of ajo in the middle of the arizona desert, border patrol comes by every day and drops off dozens of asylum seekers after they have been processed. they're left to find their way. >> this isn't a local decision. >> reporter: aaron cooper sayses
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the town dorsn't have resources needed so the county drives asylum seekers two and a half hours to the nearest shelter in tucson. >> so when we went from one to two drops a day, we had volunteer burnout and it turned from i'm willing to pitch in for a few hours to this is a full- time job. >> reporter: volunteers give them food and a covid test. in the last week and a half nearing 300 asylum seekers arrived in this town of about 4,000. were you guys ready for this? >> this is not the first time we've had to come together to solve a unique problem that hit suddenly. >> reporter: data contained by cbs news says in march c.d.p. apprehended an average of 5,000 people a day. we met a mother of two from venezuela at a shelter. she was separated from her son eleven days ago. the family had never been separated before?
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>> you got to this country of freedoms and you have been separated. >> no! >> reporter: today one family reunion. these asylum seekers from cuba had been apart two weeks, now they can take next steps toward asylum together. we've seen bus loads arriving here at casa alitas but these families are the exception. 90% people apprehended at the border by border patrol are taken to mexico. even for these families, asylum is not guaranteed. >> o'donnell: lilia luciano, thank you. tonight president biden has given five cabinet secretaries a big task boosting support for his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. the full cabinet met today 71 days into his presidency. cbs' nancy cordes reports from the white house. >> reporter: president biden held his first in-person meeting with his cabinet today socially distanced due to the pandemic. he appointed five of them including the secretaries of commerce, energy and transportation, to sell his new infrastructure plan.
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>> these cabinet members will represent me in dealing with congress, engage the public in selling the plan, and help work out the details as we refine it and move forward. and mov >> reporter: in an interview with espn, the president said he would support moving major league baseball's all-star game out of atlanta after georgia passed a controversial new voting law. >> this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing in georgia. >> reporter: two major georgia' based companies, coca-cola and delta aerials, are now taking delta airlines, are now taking the same substance, arguing the republican law was based on a lie and will restrict voting rights. delta c.b.o. ed bastian spoke to delta c.b.o. ed bastian spoke cbs this morning. >> the right to vote is sacrosanct and we can't do anything to send a message to people that we're going to make it more restrictive and harder to have their voice heard. >> reporter: georgia governor
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brian kemp accused those companies of caving to public pressure. >> i think the people are standing up and realizing the games that are being played here and they're going to be fighting back with us. >> reporter: major league baseball officials haven't decided whether to move the all- star game out of atlanta, but president biden is keeping the issue front and center as he works, norah, to discourage other states from passing similar voting legislation. >> o'donnell: all right, nancy cordes at the white house, thank you. and that cabinet meeting today showcased the most diverse cabinet in history including the first ever native american to become a cabinet secretary. we spoke to secretary deb haaland at the museum of the american indian in washington in her first tv interview as her first department of interior secretary, she told us what she said to the president when he offered her the job. >> i said you don't know what this means to indian country. it's significant, historical, it's meaningful, and i think we're all indebted to him.
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>> o'donnell: especially meaningful considering the department's past. >> the interior department's job was to assimilate or exterminate native americans. >> o'donnell: today the department oversees roughly one fifth of all the nation's land, that includes 574 federally recognized tribes. and secretary haaland's own the laguna pueblo of new mexico. >> i think a lot of malaysia native americans have felt powerless. so often it's been easy to take land away, to drill and mine in sacred places. >> o'donnell: she's pledged to transform the department to confront climate change, raising fears within the oil and gas industry that she says are unfounded. >> the fossil fuel industry will continue for years to come. >> o'donnell: are you saying there will be no permanent ban on oil and gas drilling on federal lands? >> there is not a permanent ban. it was a pause on new gas and
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oil leases because, rightly so, the program needed to be reviewed. so the existing gas and oil leases have continued. >> o'donnell: what are your plans, your goals as you leave the interior department? as >> one issue that i have been passionate about for a long time, missing and murdered indigenous women, that's as a crisis that's been happening since europeans came to this continent 500 years ago, and i'm really excited to announce that, at the department of interior, we will have a missing and murdered unit that will focus specifically on this crisis and make sure that families can have some answers.s >> o'donnell: american indian and alaska native women are and alaska native women are killed at killed at a rate ten times higher than the national average. >> there are a lot of cases that are unsolved, and those are the ones that we need to solve.
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insanity as i scroll from post to post. >> reporter: christine deng has kept a journal documenting her feelings during the pandemic, which took the life of her grandmother. >> writing and journaling for me has always been a way to survive. >> reporter: deng is one of 1400 women participating in "women writing history: a coronavirus journaling project" for the national women's history museum in alexandria, virginia. many share their frustrations, even anger. a doctor warns mr. covid to back off from one of her patients but later that day writes, "mr. covid, i just learned that you had no ears to listen and no heart, you just took her." one woman shared poignant photographs of life in isolation. some turned their journals into works of art. breast cancer survivor diana sanchez writes that her journal brings peace of mind. grocery store worker taylor sampson cried tears of joy after getting vaccinated, and lara tenbarge says she felt empowered
3:36 am
and capable after giving birth to her baby, norah, while wearing a mask. women sharing soar vows and joyce in the age of covid. cbs' chip reid, washington. >> o'donnell: what we've all experienced. cbs's chip reid, w i like the baby's name. we'll be right back. experienced. i like the baby's name. we'll be right back. this is the planning effect. as carla thinks about retirement, she'll wonder, "what if i could retire sooner?" and so she'll get some advice from fidelity, and fidelity will help her explore some different scenarios,
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good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh this is the "cbs overnight news." i'm jan crawford in washington. thanks for staying with us. christians around the world are marking good friday. commemorating the day jesus was crucified. at the vatican, pope francis will lead the way of the cross through the square. because of the coronavirus, there's expected to be fewer of the faithful attending. >> reporter: this is not the holy week that pope francis wanted, speaking on palm sunday,
3:41 am
he said that the devil himself is taking advantage of the pandemic, which for two years in a a row, iss not j just taking advantage of people's lives but on the collection plates. he has long been called the people's pope on. he has been the pope with no people since the pandemic. and it's the virus that still reigns at the vatican in holy week after the pandemic exploded in italy. painful for the pope, the absence of bill -- pilgrims. 2020, $108 million short fall, 25% less revenues. it's led to even the cardinal's
3:42 am
having a cut in their salaries of 10%. so there's a lot of credibility for the church because of the sexual abuse crisis and now the pandemic. it's like being in a boxing ring and not knowing where the next punch is coming from. >> reporter: the pandemic did not stop francis from going to iraq, the first of ever time for a pope. praying in churches once ransacked by isis. and gathering with thousands of people like we have not seen in a year. only possible by the covid vaccine. for him, and his entourage, the vatican is paying it forward, vaccinating homeless many around st. peter's square, the rare few that can be here in holy week. >> hend


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