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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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have been rooted in hate. is another milestone in the pandemic thousands of fans are filing into the ring central coliseum for the a's home opener. tonight's game will be the first time bay area fans get to watch a pro sports event live since the county started shutting down. the coliseum will be at 26% capacity that means 12,100 88 fans will get to experience a taste of normal life. at least nine innings, right? >> we kick off our team coverage live from the coliseum, kenny? >> reporter: the parking gates opened up just about 30 minutes ago before first pitch. part of that reason is it discourages fans tailgating this season during covid.
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right behind me some of the fans are starting to line up and trickle into the stadium, they are welcoming back there fans tonight. it's going to look a lot different inside. >> signature walking bat in hand and even with a bad back use ready to walk again. >> having to be on facebook and twitter, 24 hours a day. >> reporter: he had been working security for nearly 20 years. >> last year it was like a bad stephen king novel. all those cardboard cutouts it was very eerie. >> reporter: not this year, that's so 2020. we are focused on real life bodies, real fans. >> on one side of the park, the vaccination site is still up and running. on the other side they are getting ready for first pitch.
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the caesar zip tied to see of pods to our four people, concessions are all online they are all closed you can walk up to anything. >> san francisco giants announced that there fans will have to prove that they have either been vaccinated or test negative for covid. with the protocol for your fans? >> we have a system that does not require either vaccination proof or testing. we do have testing for our staff but for the actual patrons we have social distancing, masking that is a state approved system we are running with. >> reporter: distance for now but for fans, workers and players , baseball is back. >> i love it and i miss it. i miss baseball. >> i know the kland a's are working on a new stadium but this one actually works pretty well for covid, right? >> it certainly does. i asked him about that the new
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stadium not being ready, is it a blessing in disguise because it will allow for more people inside the stadium? the coliseum is actually one of the largest in major league baseball so that allows oakland a's to allow from 20% capacity all the way to 33%, it said 26% capacity they still have distancing requirements between those pods of two and four they still need 6 feet apart. that allows 26% capacity which equals 1000 more fans tonight, baseball is back. >> we're live inside the stadium, people are finally getting to their seats what is it look like? >> i have breaking news i just saw a fan eat a hot dog and drink a beer, it's a beautiful thing.
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the players are sick and tired of fake crowd noise. >> i think it's something we all took for granted, we need the energy in the fans in the stands. >> reporter: the players are also looking forward to getting back to their normal game day routines more face time with all of his teammates. for like a day or two. it's really nice. it's nice to see everyone. >> reporter: the oakland a's is the same one that ended their season last october.
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>> everybody is the challenger these guys don't like as they keep winning. >> reporter: dusty baker still going strong at 71 years old. he soap and his team will do the same just after most of them receive their shots for the vaccccine. >> you're always wanting to take care of your arm, i hope they got it. >> reporter: you're doing looking live it dusty baker one of my favorite managers of the game. at least he got his shots. today the mets game was postponed because of covid reasons. coming up in sports, a huge opening day for sandoval, can't wait to see the pandas, it's been too long. looking live out of the stadium issue on some last- minute tickets you're in luck. we just check their website,
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mpd and caesar still up for grabs. new at 6:00, health officials are sounding the alarm , all for the most concerning covid variance are now circulating. a race between those in the vaccine. >> reporter: warning that the variants threaten all the progress we've made in the pandemic. what are the existing or one that emerges later defeats the vaccine are we essentially back at square one? >> the more opportunity the virus has to circulate them opportunity it has to take on mutations and to change. so we have already seen a few variants of concern.
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>> reporter: new infections peaked on january 8 almost 2 weeks after the day of christmas. at the time nearly 1500 people on average were getting sick each day. the numbers have steadily declined in just how verging over hundred infections per day. dr. says all those are balanced and not the time to abandon precautions like maths, social distance and avoiding travel. 's block everyone is chomping at the bit. people want to see each other. is kind of like that analogy you get into the most car accidents a mile from home. >> reporter: joe received a second shot today. santa clara county is vaccinated roughly a third of its population, 36% lagging well behind other parts of the bay area. >> we're using everything we get in as we get more we will increase it even more. >> reporter: pedal people
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don't suggest you're sitting on existing doses that other counties are ahead. >> reporter: that could kneecap the reference to when that all-important race between vaccine and virus. if there is one question the seem to give the doctor pause was one about tightening restrictions, potentially moving in the opposite direction that be a very unpopular decision. she said she is urging people to make voluntary decisions to protect themselves she said she would do it if she felt it was the only way she could save lives. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area . >> an act of vandalism at oakland bakery where the owners believe they were targeted. new reports of the data breach hitting a major vape bay area university. the sensitive information leaked wax later on you may be
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eligible but can you
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't.. second covid vaccine. it's okay y to have ququestio: everyoyone deserveves answer. i'm waryry that therere isn't enough i informationon. it's okay y to be excicited, or worrieded, or both.h. it's alrigight for it t to te whatevever it takekes for yoyou to be reready. hi mom, reready for yoyour sh? yes, i i've been w waiting for this d day. wewe just got t what? vavaccinated.. we just t got vaccininated! let's s get you ththere. lelet's get toto immunity.. newest 6:00, the owners of an oakland chinese bakery were concerned that they were targeted by a vandal. a suspect lit a recycling bin on fire luckily one of the
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owners was inside the store and put it out before the flames got too big. the flames were caught on camera, the owners posted on social media. they were unsure of the suspect's intentions but they suspect it was a crime against the asian community. the owners say there is sad and buy everything happening to be a api community and never thought it would happen to them. today we are, stanford daily of expose sensitive information belonging to members of the stanford community. the breach allegedly came from a widely used file transfer service. it has since been taken off- line. the leaked data include social security numbers, emails and financial information. still ahead the doors open for millions to get a vaccine, when we will get the vaccine
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a whole new chapter in the race to vaccinate californians against covid. it started today, those 50 and older can sign up. the new vaccine bottleneck and how counties are trying to keep up. >> reporter: busy day at
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diablo valley college which is now happy to be working with almost double the amount of vaccine it recently has. >> we got 45,000 vaccines two weeks ago and 85,000 last week. >> reporter: is not enough to make make up for the increased demand that is come with broadened eligibility. >> we have 60,000 requests on tuesday and that's a lot. at the end of the day we had 40,000 requests in our backlog, as of this morning we had about 23,000 in our backlog. it just requires people to get a little bit patient but were going to get there. >> reporter: the mayor acknowledged there will be a backlog and most of california is open to 50 and older. they say relief will come in the form of much more vaccine. >> i think if you read what is coming out of washington, the cdc and the state there is optimism there will be
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dramatically increased supply in may. >> that's why the mayor was happy to give a schedule like this. >> we expect by this weekend will be at 50% of san franciscans vaccinated. by mid-may we expect to be 80%. >> reporter: think back to late february in the discussion at large was really hot difficult it was to get an appointment anywhere, and the message, wait a month, is going to get better. he we are at the start of april. i think everybody understands suddenly vaccines are kind of anywhere, your friends might of been vaccinated, you know what's out there so it's happening. double that, think ahead another month and think about how much is going to be out there. we really are hurtling towards the point where there is plenty of it. actually talking about a vaccine surplus, yes a surplus
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by late may. so things are going to change quickly again. >> i think without question this will be a much different summer than what we saw last year. wilson walker, thank you for that. meanwhile california snowpack needs a little help we are at 59% of average statewide , usually april 1 is when the snowpack is the deepest and has the highest snow water equivalent. certainly we need the rain but right now it just is in here. we getting sunshine and heat. >> plenty of warmth, fair feel headed up to 90 degrees today. records were tied with richmond, 89 degrees, concord, san jose, tied and new records. at the airport, san francisco set a record high temperature downtown, highs were in the upper 70s. a stronger breeze is about to
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come through. as we head into easter weekend we will stay dry but with showers moving into the pacific northwest but those are going to mrs. by a wide margin. outside, blue skies overhead the cooler temperatures downtown, down to the upper 60s, we have artie dropped almost 10 degrees. 73 degrees in oakland, upper 70s and low 80s in most areas. this is in you know and kevin, great weather, temperatures are going to drop off quickly as the sun goes down but the fog shouldn't make its way that our inland as we head into the rest of the tonight. temperatures in the 40s by early tomorrow morning and then we start to see some big differences on the map. some of the very warmest spot staying closer to 50 degrees but we will start off tomorrow morning with some dense fog and around the bay.
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near zero visibility, 6 am to 10:00 a.m., contracts a little bit doesn't disappear. reduced visibility is the going to be an issue for mid to late morning. along the coast is going to be tough to shake that fog in cloud cover and that's going to have a big impact on high temperatures, if you related to the most 70s the past couple days, around 70 degrees in oakland that's a big drop from today. further inland it's going to be cooler still way above normal mid to upper 70s and some spots still in the low 80s for one more day on friday and then that cooler air makes its way inland. rain chances, maybe in a fog to register some drizzle on saturday morning. chance of showers i was looking so promising has really diminished. house and dropped to zero but heading in that direction which means there's nothing to reduce the pollen count. skyhigh category for most tree
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pollen. temperatures are going to be right around normal for easter weekend and most of next week weather is inland, around the bay mixed the cloud and sunshine some of the coastal fog each day. another update coming up at 7:00 p.m. cbs evening news is coming up. here is norah o'donnell with the preview. coming up, a girl scout cookie record, guess the many cookies this eight-year-old sold? it is pretty impressive and i will sh
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dennis is back now with sports at the coliseum. it's getting exciting out there, dennis. >> reporter: exciting for me, i'm scene fans in the ballpark for the first time , and can assure you a super fan tonight i just founund his family. >> how excited are you tonight to watch her son pitch in the open? >> you can put it in the top three. >> the a's will begin their season with rosenthal their new
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closer he was placed on the injured list with a sore shoulder that means sergio romo will get the call if it's the same situation tonight. houston is in town for four games. >> we are excited to play the astros, is probably our biggest competition in this division. the we are the reigning champ samantha prove it to us. good news michael be in the lineup despite getting hit on the head during the spring training gagame. >> anytime a pitch comes up araround your faface is not to but feeling good, just have a couple scratches on one finger from the ball and just feeling
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good and ready to go. >> pablo sandoval one started six straight openers, the panda in atlanta. homer is the time tie the game. how young is this family? 19 months. good luck tonight. >> the latest from the coliseum back to you. >> i love saying that family showing support what a thrill.
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would you like to live like one of hollywood's most legendary entertainers? >> if you have very deep pockets you can by being crosby's former hillsborough mansion. this three-acre estate has hit the market for over $13 million. the story goes he was invited to see the home in 1963 after finishing around of golf. as soon as he saw the foyer he fell in love and bought it on the spot. the home is just shy of 10,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and this is pretty impressive. the living room is a ballroom, complete with a fireplace, grand piano and french doors that open to a beautiful terrace. >> get this, one of the
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ballroom walls has a secret door in the wood paneling. it opens to reveal with the owners call a speakeasy. a room with the bench, windows and a bar cart. >> that is cool. i would love to see it in person. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the never-before seen video of medics trying to revive george floyd, as the jury in derek chauvin's trial hearsay emotional testimony from floyd's girlfriend of three years. the shocking new images tonight from inside the ambulance, as paramedics tried to save floyd's life. but one e.m.t. said it was too late when they arrived on the scene. >> in lay terms, i thought he was dead. >> o'donnell: plus floyd's girlfriend shares their struggle with opioid addiction. office massacre. chilling details of the shooting outside los angeles that left four dead including a nine-year- old boy. vaccine mix-up, was it human error that spoiled 15 million johnson & johnson se


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