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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  April 1, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cbsn bay area, four people killed in a mass shooting. the latest on the tragedy in southern california. >> as california expands vaccine eligibility today, the oakland colosseum site switches to johnson & johnson but will a mix up affect the roll out? >> students in the north bay heading back to the classroom today for the first time in a year. details of their hybrid program. good morning. thanks for starting a new month with us. it is thursday, april 1. i am anne makovec in for len. >> i am michelle griego. it is another day of record breaking heat. mary, we are loving this warm spell. we have our short sleeves and we are good to go. >> i love all the spring outfits we are start showing here with our shorts, our dresses and all of that. we've got that today. if you like this warm weather, you will like today. looking at coming close if not tying or breaking record highs for the day once again. we will watch those temps soar.
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a live look with our san francisco camera with clear skies. we are starting off in the 40s and 50s. we are talking 17 to 19 degrees above average. we are in the 70s and 80s this afternoon. 83 oakland, 86 san jose, 86 for concord. super excited about this. oak land a's taking on houston astros, first pitch at 7:07, sunshine and 70 degrees. it is still slow going through the altamont this morning. it is. brake lights out of tracy onto 580 west bound. it's the usual stuff if you are a super commuter. you know what to expect. a few brake lights connecting onto 680. 39 minutes from 205 towards 680 on the west bound side. better news, we had a vehicle fire on highway 4 east before
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bailey road. that's been cleared out of lanes. highway 4 is looking good in both directions. your south bay commute so far so good, few brake lights north bound 101 as you approach the 880 connector. south of there you will see slow and go connections outs of san martin. >> thank you. today all california residents 50 and older are eligible for a coronavirus vaccine. in two weeks all residents 16 and older will be eligible. meantime, we are learning more about millions of doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine that had to be tossed out because of a manufacturing error. officials are saying the j&j doses now in the nation's supply chain are safe. let's go to kiet do who joins us live from the mass vaccination site at the colosseum in oakland. >> reporter: good morning. in a couple hours, they will be opening the gates and begin administering j&j doses here for the first time.
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no, they are not canceling appointments. yes, officials are saying that the doses are safe. according to the "new york times" the mistake was caught at a factory of a subcontractor named emergent biosolutions in baltimore. johnson & johnson issued a statement saying "this quality control process identified one batch of a drug substance that did not meet quality standards at emergent biosolutions, a site not yet authorized to manufacture drug substance for covid-19 vaccine." >> it would be nice to have more because it is a one dose and it gives options for people who might have a harder time coming back for a second dose. >> operations at the colosseum will continue as scheduled this morning. they're doing about 7500 doses a day. the original plan was to shut down the site after april 11 but it looks like state and feds are working with local officials to possibly extend
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that deadline. those officials in alameda say they will do what it takes to keep the site open at the colosseum even if it means transitioning site into county management. >> the last thing you want to do now is shut down any facility because people are going to all the facilities. we just have to be a little bit more competent geographically and culturally in terms of where we set up shop. >> this is as the state is preparing to expand eligibility to all people over age 16 in california on april 15th. today governor newsom will be vaccinated. this is the first day he is eligible. he is 53 years old. he will get the johnson & johnson shot in l.a. county. we will bring that to you live at 9:15 on cbsn bay area, streaming at and the kpix app. to find out who is eligible and how to get one check our
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resource guide at four people are dead after a shooter opened fire at an office building in orange. a child is among those killed. the shooting happened around 5:30 at an office building in orange. witnesses say the first sounds of gunfire were followed by a gun battle with police. in addition to the four killed, two others including the suspect are hospitalized in critical condition. this is the city's deadliest shooting since 1997. we will bring more details as we get them. developing, a san francisco school board member is taking legal action against the district. collins was ousted from her position as vice president over past twitter posts against asian americans. a rally to support collins was held outside the san francisco board of education office. last week the board stripped collins of her role as vp and removed her from committee assignments. >> it is wrong to cancel
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allison collins for a tweet she made five years ago as a parent, for speaking directly of her own lived experiences of racism and discrimination. >> collins says she's suing her colleagues and district over free speech violations. she's seeking millions in damages. the suit seeks injunction restoring her as vice president and to her committee positions. that all comes after a series of tweets collins posted in 2016. she said asian americans used white supremacist thinking to assimilate and get ahead. collins says her words were taken out of context an has apologized. a santa clara city councilmember who wanted to speak during a stop asian hate rally was told he couldn't and he is asian. the stop asian hate rally in santa clara was hosted by the city's mayor and a councilmember. this is what she said after the
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korean american councilmember asked to speak. >> no, i am sorry. this is my event. that's okay. thank you anyway. thank you for being here. i appreciate the support. >> it was about unity. it was about togetherness and openness. i feel that the actions hijacked, you know, the theme. >> she responded via e-mail to kpix that the event which was permitted for an hour had 11 speakers and performers and councilmember park hadn't rsvp' d. she said had he responded he was coming, she would have scheduled him to speak. bay area tech companies announcing major donation to help stop attacks targeting the aapi community. what began as a conversation amongst a few asian american executives has turned into a $10 million pledge to action over the next year. among the dozens of supporters the ceos of zoom and door dash
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and cofounders of youtube and yahoo group took up a page in yesterday's "wall street journal." the open letter from asian american business leaders says they are committed to change and fighting violence and discrimination against asians. >> we have been building the railroads, mining gold of the last century. we are still doing that today in the internet world. yet when communities are hurt and when clearly we are not doing well, we are not given space and given protection we need to function in society. >> the support asian employees leaders are supporting to create and fund aapi employee resource groups to be sure asians have a safe space to report discrimination. update on the car crash that seriously injured tiger woods. investigators say they have determined the cause of the crash using the car's black box device. but l.a. county sheriff's department is refusing to release further details. they say they are not releasing
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it due to privacy concerns. let's go live to oakland. opening day for the oakland a's. tonight the a's will play in front of a home crowd, real live people, for the first time in 18 months. a's are capping capacity at 25% which means just over 12,000 fans. only the self lots are open for parking and tailgating unfortunately is banned. fans will be seated in pods of two and four. you can also order concessions on phones and that will be delivered to their seats. fans are required to wear masks at all times except when eating and drinking. the a's manager says it's been enjoying the simple things. >> on the field, we saw there were no cut outs. that's a step in the right direction. it's going to be actual people tomorrow night which we are excited about. >> the a's take the field against astros tonight at 7:00 and it looks like the weather
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will be beautiful. this is an exciting day. ten minutes now after 6:00. speaking of weather, drought concerns ahead of the final snow survey of the year. >> still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> something we saw in the last drought was a sharp increase in wildfires. >> we'll take a closer look at the conditions across much of california. we are going to continue with dry conditions. in fact temperatures will be on the rise well above average about 17 to 19 degrees above average, could see record tying or record breaking highs today. all of us in the 70s and 80s. we will start to cool it down as we look to the end of the week. back up building at the bay bridge
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some north bay elementary students will be heading back to the classroom today for a hybrid learning program. small groups will attend school in person two days a week and learn remotely three days a week. the rest of the students will begin the week of april 26th. one of the east bay's largest school districts is announcing all students will continue distance learning through the end of the school year. fremont unified school district says it was unable to reach agreement with the teachers union on a plan for safe return. later, the state superintendent will give update on the return to in person learning at 9:30. speaking of returning to normalcy, some bay area amusement parks are reopening today. >> you know i love a good roller coaster. first, santa cruz beach boardwalk. there will be limited capacity. some rides including the giant dipper will be running again.
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online reservations are recommended. this popular attraction at berkeley's 'til den park will be rolling through the red woods. steam train will reopen saturday after being closed during the pandemic. of course masks and social distancing rules will be enforced. you may need an ear plug. the train ride has been around for almost 70 years. today a much quieter train, santa clara's vta is running and resuming fair collection as well as front door boarding for buses, light rail, paratransit. it says it will continue to enforce limited capacity, social distancing, mask wearing. they'll still provide free rides to people traveling to vaccination sites. speaking of traveling, let's get a check on our commute because it's been busy on the roadways. gianna, how is it looking? it's looking busy especially towards the bay bridge. metering lights are on and
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already bumper to bumper traffic as you make the ride west bound heading into san francisco. if you typically commute into the city, you've got the slow and go conditions to deal with for that thursday morning ride. if you are headed across san mateo bridge, not bad. things are a little bit crowded. 15 minutes 880 towards 101. most of the brake lights are near the toll plaza area. golden gate bridge is one of our bright spots. no delays, traffic moving nice through marin county. still busy into the altamont pass. it's the usual stuff west bound 205 at mount house extending north to north flynn, 41 minutes to go from 205 towards 680. taking a look at traffic out of the south bay, if you are commuting out of san martin into morgan hill, you have those brake lights. no crashes in the south bay.
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things are moving nice along 101 north of there. 21 minutes. if you are headed towards 101, give yourself about 30 minutes to make that ride. a quick look on 880 both directions. it's getting crowded along the nimitz freeway near the colosseum. overall it's been an easy commute. you will see brake lights along 880 near hayward. it's 6:17, time to check your forecast. another warm day on tap. it's going to be a beautiful day as we are looking at the sunshine and temps on the rise. if you liked yesterday, you will likely like this afternoon as well. here is a live look with our sales force tower camera looking at our beautiful golden gate with clear skies, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. concord you are 51 and also for san jose. oakland 56, 56 downtown san francisco. livermore is coming in at 47 and a cool 41 in santa rosa.
6:18 am
likely coming close to if not tying or breaking some record highs for the day, near record highs for san francisco as well as for oakland, santa rosa. but we could break a record high for the day in san jose as well as livermore and concord this afternoon. it's because of this strong ridge of high pressure in place, this dominant ridge. that's why we are looking at the possibility of more record warmth as we head through today. taking you hour by hour on futurecast, you see all the sunshine. but you see the marine influence, clouds starting to build along the coast. slightly cooler along the coast. that indicates changes as we look to the end of the week. by friday and into the weekend we are going to start our cool down. it's been a little too warm for you, we will cool it down into the end of the week and into next week. if you are suffering from allergies we are looking at sky
6:19 am
high pollen count readings not just today but unfortunately through the weekend and early next week into the high category there, not really a lot of relief over the next days. sunrise is 6:54 and sun set at 7:32. checking daytime highs, mid 80s in the south bay from 85 in santa clara, 86 in san jose this afternoon and also for cupertino as we look to the east bay, concord 86, 87 in antioch, brentwood, mid 80s for tri valley. around the bay it is warming up for you as well. 79 in downtown san francisco, alameda, 83 oakland, 82 san leandro. north bay, low to mid 80s. 84 in napa and topping out at 83 in windsor. here is the extended forecast. we will start our cool down friday through the weekend as well as for easter sunday and into early next week. this point, looking at a slight
6:20 am
chance for a shower next monday and tuesday but staying dry likely through the next several days. today is going to be the final snow survey of the season in the sierra. spoiler alert, it's not going to be great. last time they measured early last month it was 60% of the march average. possibility of a prolonged drought spells trouble obviously when it comes to wildfires. latest map from u.s. drought monitor tells the story. all of the bay area is now suffering drought conditions. parts of napa, solano is listed at severe drought. >> the possibility of a prolonged drought like from 2012 to 2016 can be problematic. >> something we saw in the last drought was a sharp increase in wildfires and that trend has
6:21 am
continued since then. >> what are your concerns. >> for cal fire the dry winter means more risks and a changing schedule. warnings, inspections, brush clearing we normally see in late may or june may come a bit sooner. >> it's never a good thing to live in an area with so many big trees. >> it's really changed our way of life. >> with the lack of rain the concern is shifting towards what can potentially be another long fire season. >> i don't even want to think about that. >> i know. >> let's put off that concern. 6:21. the popcorn is starting to be popped. the theaters are sterilized. >> will the audiences return? >> people do want to come back to theaters. >> still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, summer blockbuster forecast as movie theaters finally reopen.
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more movie theaters reopening doors to movie goers and studios are eager to be able to release films that have been sitting on the shelf for a year. >> the big question we have been asking is will audiences return with them? nationwide, relaxed covid restrictions allowed more theater chains to reopen. regal is slated to reopen hundreds of screens tomorrow. theaters say the priority is making audiences feel safe. despite reopening several summer movies like black widow and in the heights will still
6:26 am
simultaneously release on streaming platforms. >> there is nothing like the theater. but streaming from your couch, i don't know. >> not bad. >> it's a trend that's not going to go away. 6:25. it is baseball's opening day. >> this year's all star tournament is making headlines this morning. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why a new law has put the big game in jeopardy. >> reporter: officials at the mass vaccination site in oakland are saying their johnson & johnson doses are
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a mix up at johnson & johnson ruins millions of vaccines. could that affect the roll out at the oakland colosseum today? day four of the derek chauvin trial about to be underway. latest jobless claims report just came out. we will have the numbers for you. good morning. thanks for starting a new month with us. it's april 1. i am anne makovec. >> i am michelle griego. it's april fool's day. it's those tricks ready. warm weather sticking around for another day is pretty cool.
6:31 am
no fooling with our weather. we are looking at warm temperatures again if not tying or breaking record highs today with plenty sunshine. checking daytime highs where you live, 79 san francisco, close to 80 with that sun, oakland 83, 86 in san jose, 86 concord as well as for livermore and 88 degrees in fairfield this afternoon. daytime highs are running about 17 to 19 degrees above average for this time of year. very excited about this, of course, opening day for oak land a's at 7:07, first pitch looking at sunshine at 70 degrees, looking great as we cheer on our a's. let's check with gianna. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. >> they are. we are seeing back up for the thursday morning ride. if you are commuting out of oak land, emeryville, you will see
6:32 am
some brake lights. traffic is backed up not quite to the foot of the maze just yet but slow into san francisco. you have a few brake lights across the upper deck. we've got brake lights as you head to the altamont pass and a trouble spot on 85 north near camden avenue causing a few brake lights. other than that, the south bay is quiet, delays out of morgan hill. >> reporter: we are live at the mass vaccination site at the colosseum in oakland where they will begin giving out the one shot johnson & johnson dose beginning in just a couple hours. this is notable because millions of the doses had to get tossed out. according to johnson & johnson this is due to a manufacturing error. the company hired a subcontractor in baltimore who mixed ingredients for the single shot dose with that of a different drug maker. as a result 15 million doses went bad. they were caught at the factory and did not get shipped out.
6:33 am
any doses now in the supply chain are safe including in oakland. no appointments will be canceled today. race to vaccinate has come at a time where states like michigan and parts of the east coast are seeing an increase in covid cases. >> we have been very careful at reopening. this is the time that all the calb when everybody doesn't like including all of us, this is the time it's paying off. >> reporter: also beginning today, april 1, anyone over 50 is eligible for the vaccine and on april 15, anyone over 16 can register to get a shot. operations at the colosseum will continue as scheduled this morning. they're doing about 7500 doses a day. the original plan was to shut the site down after april 11 but it looks like officials are working on extending that date. new, pfizer says its vaccine's protection will last at least six months following
6:34 am
the second dose. previous estimates indicated protection lasted at least 90 days. pfizer said the vaccine appears to be effective against the south african variant. let's take a live look at wall street this morning, opening bell ringing just about three minutes ago and the dow is up. investors are apparently unphased by the week's jobless claim report which is on the rise again. 719,000 americans filed for new unemployment benefits over the past week and last week's report the claims dipped under 700,000 for the first time in a year. dr. fauci says now is not the time to let your guard down. right now u.s. is seeing about 60,000 new infections a day. he warns we are at risk of rebounding like europe. >> with the vaccines coming in now, we are vaccinating about 3 million people a day. every day that goes by, we get closer and closer to a greater
6:35 am
degree of protection. now is just not the time to pull back and declare premature victory. it's just not the time. >> in france, schools are being shut down as the country becomes over run with new covid cases. the country is banning domestic travel for a month. in peru the government imposed a new nationwide lock down. among measures, a total ban on use of private vehicles plus a 24 hour curfew. to mexico, despite pandemic concerns thousands of tourists are traveling to mexico for spring break. for all coronavirus related stories download the kpix app by scanning the qr code on your screen. we'll have the code for you again in a few minutes as we go to break. developing, four people are dead after another mass shooting, this time just outside of los angeles. a child is among the victims. the shooting happened around 5:30 last evening. an office building in the city
6:36 am
of orange. witnesses say the first sounds of gunfire were quickly followed by a gun battle with police. >> all of a sudden i heard five to seven gun shots. then the police came and i heard a few more gun shots go off. >> orange is a very safe city and we don't have stuff like this that happens often. >> in addition to the four people killed, two others including the suspect are in the hospital right now in critical condition. a lot of questions about what went on here. so far, no word on a motive. this is the city's deadliest shooting since 1997. a live look at minneapolis where the derek chauvin murder trial will resume. yesterday featured more emotional testimony and video of george floyd's final hours. >> i had to control the guy because he is a sizeable guy,
6:37 am
looks like he is probably on something. >> parts of the body camera recordings had not been seen publicly before including that one in which chauvin reacts to what happened to floyd. one witness worked at the store where floyd just paid with an allegedly counterfeit $20 bill. >> it took him a little long to get to what he was trying to say, so it would appear that he was high. >> today prosecutors are expected to question investigators about technical aspects of the case. chauvin has pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter. obamacare enrollees, if you are one, if you have a health plan under affordable act, you likely qualify for additional help. you can go to the website to see what is available. this is funded by pandemic relief package signed by president biden last month.
6:38 am
going live to the oakland colosseum, it is opening day for oakland a's. fans will be able to watch in person for the first time since october. they've got to keep their masks on and capacity is capped at 26%. food can be ordered on their phones and it will be delivered to their seats. tonight's game against houston astros starts at 7:00 and parking will open 90 minutes before first pitch. the mlb all star game is in atlanta where republicans passed a law to restrict voting access in the state. sporting events could be restricted in atlanta. mlb players' union says they're ready to talk to the league about moving the all star game out of atlanta. president biden weighed in on the idea saying he supports the move. >> obviously i have seen a little bit about it. to be honest i have been focused on the season and getting ready for opening weekend, this being my first time going through it. >> when it comes to masters teeing off next week, national
6:39 am
black justice coalition is calling on pga to move the tournament elsewhere. it wouldn't be the first time this happened. in 2017, nba moved all star game out of charlotte because of north carolina's transgender bathroom law. new, a 6.3 earthquake in new zealand. looking at the usgs map, you see where it hit earlier this morning. there is no word on damage or injuries. it is 6:39. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. bay area big tech back in business. when google's first employees are returning to the office in silicon valley. the stock market opened about ten minutes ago. taking another quick check, the dow is up about 70 points. our cbs money watch reporter will break down the numbers for us right after the break.
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welcome back. 6:42. we are looking live from our sales force tower camera as we look to the bay and down the peninsula. a pretty cool shot. a live look at sfo, changes are coming if you are flying delta. the airline says it will stop blocking middle seats starting may 1. this reverses a policy that had been in place since last april. 6:43. a good start on wall street for a new month. my twinsy in gold is joining us now from the cbs broadcast center. >> reporter: hi twin.
6:44 am
good morning. the dow is up as you can see. checking the tech sector, nasdaq is also up about 201 points. meanwhile, more americans signed up for unemployment benefits last week according to the labor department. 719,000 people filed for weekly jobless claims. that was more than expected and a step in the wrong direction compared to the 684,000 filed the week before. >> we'll keep riding that roller coaster. thanks for that. some google employees are heading back to the office. bay area tech giant announcing it will begin slowly welcoming workers over the next month. in office working will be voluntary until at least september. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. gayle king is joining us from
6:45 am
new york. good morning. always good it see you. >> good to see you michelle my bell. i was listening to you talk about people coming back. i miss people. we have a skeleton crew. even the people i don't like, i miss them too. coming up, some breaking news. you know people like that too, michelle. i know you do. >> i do. >> we will take a turn. the news is not good, another mass shooting, a gunman opened fire in a southern california office complex killing at least four people including a child. we'll have the latest on the investigation. plus, her first tv interview since starting her new role, first female deputy secretary of defense, kathleen hicks, tells us how she's breaking barriers. it's opening day for major league baseball. they're saying play ball. we'll look at how they're preparing ball parks and what they plan to do with give aways
6:46 am
that should have gone to fans last year. let's say this, there are a whole lot of bobble heads available. we'll have more. see you in about 14 minutes. it's opening day for the oakland a's. that will be cool. they're going to be in front of a crowd. >> people are ready. >> yes, they are. gayle, good to talk to you. see you at 7:00. speaking of returning to normalcy, a peninsula breakfast spot today is opening its doors again. this is video from its last days of flipping pancakes. if you are on a diet, look away. it's pretty tempting. the pancake house had to shut down temporarily in november because of the pandemic. owners say the third generation business will celebrate its 62 year anniversary in may. 6:46. it has been a busy thursday morning commute. let's check with gianna for the
6:47 am
latest. now that we are officially hungry, those pancakes are delicious by the way, i can tell you first hand. it is busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a slow and go ride out of the east bay as you head into the city. reports of a trouble spot near the metering lights. that may slow things down. no word on if it is blocking any lanes. east shore freeway ride is starting to get busy, few brake lights off of west bound 80. altamont pass, travel time is 44 minutes. that's how long it will take you to go from 205 to 680 if trying to connect to the dublin interchange. we are seeing speeds down to about nine miles per hour in some spots. also fire crews are on scene of a fire on the right shoulder on 85 north bound near camden avenue. i am tracking a few brake lights in that area. very as you head through there. the rest of 85 is moving at the
6:48 am
limit. north bound 101 is slow out of morgan hill, san martin area. that's pretty typical this time of the morning. taking a look elsewhere, still busy west bound 37, 31 minutes from 80 towards 101. other than that we've got usual stuff now which is one of our traffic patterns on highway 4 west bound through bay point 34 minutes from antioch to the east shore. bart extending service for a's night games which is great news because opening day is today. how is it looking for first pitch. so excited for opening day. oakland a's taking on the astros and we are looking at fantastic weather, plenty sunshine for the first pitch at 70. clear skies and mild temperatures, looking a okay. we are looking at our clear skies, golden colors in the sky with the sunrising, beginning to rise as we look across the bay, the east bay, with mount
6:49 am
diablo. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, 51 concord, 56 oakland and san francisco, 47 livermore, 51 san jose with clear skies and a cool 41 in santa rosa. we are likely going to come loss to if not tying or breaking record highs today once again. near record highs san jose, livermore, concord, possibly breaking record highs today. it's because of this dominant strong ridge of high pressure really keeping any storms from coming our way. we are going to heat things up, plenty unshine expected again for today. cloud cover along the coast. that marine influence is starting to kick in, slightly cooler along the coast today as we look to tomorrow, all of us will cool down and for our weekend as well, our easter weekend. if you are suffering from allergies, you know it's bad. and it will continue over the next several days. in fact sky high for that
6:50 am
pollen count not just today but through the weekend as well as we look to early next week. as we go through today, looking at highs with that sunshine and 85 in santa clara, 86 san jose as well as for cupertino. east bay, 86 in concord, 87 antioch and brentwood, mid 80s for tri valley. around the bay, warming up for you. 79, close to 80 in downtown san francisco, 79 alameda, 83 oak land. north bay, low to mid 80s, 84 napa and topping out at 85 for sonoma. the extended forecast and what you can expect as we will start to cool down a little bit, still mild friday, cooling down more for our weekend, easter sunday and even cooler early next week. at this point, a slight chance for a shower on monday and tuesday. back to you. the brand new season of the
6:51 am
reality show the challenge all stars is debuting today on paramount plus. the show is hosted by t.j.lavin following competitors as they face over the top challengers in the andes mountains in argentina. a little dose of wander lust there. two of the competitors talked about returning for a chance at the ultimate competition as they try to win the $500,000 prize. >> not like your regular game show. this is people's lives. a lot of people grew up with this. a lot of people are emotionally connected to us. we are emotionally connected to each other. the challenges add an element of stress and pressure and the money is a big motivator. the relationships, they are going to play out on the show. >> when you talk about the biggest, baddest, best of all time and you are literally bringing them out of
6:52 am
retirement, it's literally like playing game of thrones in real life with real people and real emotions. >> watch the challenge all stars streaming on paramount plus starting today. eight minutes before 7:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> governor newsom gets vaccinated this morning, the shot he will get and why he's waited until now. >> reporter: johnson & johnson doses are here at the mass vaccination site in oakland. but why millions of the doses had to get tossed out, coming up in a live report. later on the drew barrymore show, seth meyers stops for a chat and
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> reporter: i am kiet do live in oakland at the colosseum's mass vaccination site where in a couple hours they'll begin
6:56 am
switching to johnson & johnson doses. no, they are not canceling appointments and yes the doses are safe. this is notable because millions of the one shot doses had to be tossed out. johnson & johnson says this is due to a manufacturing error. the company hired a subcontractor in baltimore who mixed the ingredients for single shot dose with that of a different drug maker. 15million doses went bad. they were caught on the factory and did not get shipped. any doses in the supply chain are safe including those in oakland. operations will continue as scheduled this morning. they're doing about 7500 doses a day on average. beginning today, anyone over 50 is eligible for the vaccine. beginning april 15, anyone over 16 years old can register to get a shot. kiet do, kpix5. three and a half minutes before 7:00time for a look at the other top stories.
6:57 am
>> pfizer says its vaccine's protection will last at least six months following the second dose. it also appears effective against south african variant. today governor newsom will be vaccinated, will get the johnson & johnson shot in los angeles county. he is 53 so today is the first day he's been eligible for a shot. four people including a child are dead after a mass shooting at an office building in orange, california last night. the suspect and another victim are in critical condition. it is the city's deadliest shooting since 1997. derek chauvin trial is about to be underway. yesterday featured more emotional testimony and video of george floyd's final hours including newly released body cam footage. hundreds of santa rosa elementary school students heading back to the classroom today. the district is using a hybrid learning program. small groups will attend in person two days a week and learn remotely three days a week.
6:58 am
today is a's opening game. fans will be able to watch in person at the colosseum for the first time in more than a year. limited capacity of course, team will be facing against the houston astros, tonight's game starts at 7:00. streaming today, we will take you live to los angeles for governor newsom's vaccine at 9:20. some kids may be struggling with anxiety as they head back to school. we talk with a doctor on how parents can help their kids cope. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights remain on and it's a busy ride for the traffic as you work out of the east bay into san francisco. also, lots of traffic, west bound highway 4, pittsburg to bay point, 34 minutes from antioch to the east shore. east shore is getting busy as well. altamont pass, 44 minutes from
6:59 am
205 towards 680. a gorgeous sunrise on our sales force tower camera. isn't that a gorgeous sight? we are looking at temperatures on the rise, near record highs if not tying or breaking record highs. 70s and 80s this afternoon. 86 for san jose. we are cheering our oak land a's, so excited for opening day today. first pitch, 70 degrees. we will cool it down friday and into the weekend, easter sunday, early next week. we will continue to watch the temps drop, just a slight chance for a shower monday and tuesday but many weather models are trending drier. so excited for our a's. in junior high i had an oak land a's jacket that i wore every single day. >> where is it? >> i know. i need to find it. >> that's for sure. wish them luck with that.
7:00 am
that is great. thanks so much and thanks so much for watching. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> we will be back with another local news good morning to good morning to you and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, april 1st, 2021. no jokes here. i'm gayle king. that's tony dokoupil. that's adrianna diaz. anthony is off today. four people are dead including a child after a mass shooting at a california office complex. what we know so far about yet another floyd's death. we'll tell you why one juror said she needed a break from the intense testimony. a major mix-up at a vaccine plant


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