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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 31, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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investigators looking for clues near a bay area city hall. a breaking story. a crazy situation in southern california threatening homes. temperatures into the 80s across much of the bay area and i am tracking high temperatures in the forecast on thursday. people are anxious about wildfire for sure. started a group and we have about 68 or 70 homes. the close call earlier and one high risk area. the clock is ticking on the coliseum's role as a vaccine super site. we are live with the new fight to keep it from shutting down.
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>> the last thing you want to do is shut down any facility. right now police and hayward are investigating a homicide that happened on b street and watkins street near city hall. officers blocked off the intersection. no word on how the person was killed or if they have made any arrests. a fire is burning out of control at a pallet yard in compton . it is getting dangerously close to home. massive flames and plumes of smoke for miles. thousands of pallets are fueling the fire. the flames jumped into nearby roofs. there is no word on the cause. right now on the kpix 5 news news at 7:00, spring heat . a live look with a some places reaching the 80s earlier today. good evening i am ken bastida.
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the beaches were packed in alameda county today. some more cooling-off and others were working up a sweat on the trail. >> just the fact that the folks were out is fun. it feels like everyone is a little more encouraged. days like this help expect the warm weather gets you lazy. you have to be casey. >> it opens backup tomorrow or friday. you can see not much wind out there as the sun is going to be going down and it is warm along the coast. >> it was nice but we could use a little more rain. >> in the short term it is one more day of near record high temperatures on the way for thursday pick highs today reached up to the 80s for much of the bay area. right along the coast, half moon bay in the 70s.
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the flag in pacifica is hanging there. the lack of the onshore wind reaching the mid-70s and up to 80 degrees in the city. short of record territory. the new record high temperature at the oakland airport. 82 degrees. it got up to 83 in san jose. one degree short of today's record high temperature and made it up to 84 degrees for the high temperature in fairfield. more warmth tomorrow. temperatures along the coast and in the city may be a degree or so cooler than today. low to mid 70s along the coast. upper 70s and close to 80 in san francisco. that will be by early afternoon but a light onshore wind will be kicking in by mid to late afternoon and start to drop the temperatures as the marine influences the rest of the bay area as temperatures make their way up into the mid to upper 80s. more records likely to fall. we will compare to mars highs to to mars record high across the area and we will's room into more of that later.
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we are getting word that calfire crews have stop process and ablaze the broke out right in the czu fire zone. wilson walker reports it could be another long fire season. >> with the lack of rain, chips will could be a long fire season. >> reporter: for cal fire and everyone, the dry winter means more risk and a changing schedule with warnings, inspections and brush clearings we usually say is in may or june is a different potential. >> we may be starting much earlier than anticipated. that is part of the discussions. obviously we are paying attention and the community is paying attention to it. we receive an increased amount
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of questions and concerns about residence. >> people are very anxious about wildfire for sure. >> added fire protection along the siding and roof, melanie is not just anxious about her home expect we are trying to clear out the grass in between the property. >> she is worried about the risk that stretches across the east hills. >> i started a group in this neighborhood. we have about 68 or 70 homes. >> 23 more groups representing 1500 households. they have been pushing for more safety work by the city and trying to get more neighbors engaged. by the end of march, the dry winter and the recent examples of fire catastrophe should have everyone thinking about fire safety year-round. >> we have to consider that we are impermanent deficit in terms of the water that we have available to us. we really need to pay attention to the decadesand decades of overgrowth that has happened in the neighborhoods and suburbs and also the wildlands.
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>> fire season and when the risk elevates that is normally september october. this year cal fire feels in my, month or two early. a bit of a setback. johnson & johnson has halted future shipments for the time being because of a mixup at the manufacturing plant. that plant in baltimore partners with both johnson & johnson and astrazeneca. the new york times reports that somehow the vaccines got combined. it returned about 50 million doses. federal officials have attributed the mistake to human error. the fda is investigating. it is important to note that this does not affect johnson & johnson doses that are currently being delivered and used nationwide. tonight the future of the massive vaccination set at the oakland coliseum up in the air.
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kpix 5 news's andria borba on the push to keep it running. >> reporter: the deadline is rapidly approaching us. just as california is allowing people 50 and older to make their vaccine appointment and a few weeks from now everyone 16 and older will be able to make their appointment. >> local state and federal leaders are urging fema to rethink the closure. >> extended for a couple weeks. work at the plant. i have no problem with the transition to county management. >> the senators have written a letter to fema urging them to keep the max vaccine site open. they administer 10,000 more doses a week than the rest of the county. >> the last thing you want to do is shut down any facility
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because people are going to all of the facilities. we have to be a little bit more competent geographically and culturally in terms of where we set up shot. >> california is distributing $9 million to pop up smaller mobile sites to reach marginalized communities and bring the shots to a location where they feel comfortable. >> they need to be comfortable where they are going. we have found that the population in my zip code is more comfortable showing up at mexican areas than anywhere else. if that is where they would like to, that is where they should set up shop. >> they will do whatever it takes to keep shots going into the arms at the coliseum. >> if i have to drive you there, that is what will happen. >> they put out 7500 vaccine doses a day. not just this site endanger of
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closing. los angeles as a similar site and by fema. it has a deadline of april 11. live in oakland, andria borba , kpix 5. coming up next, another massive vaccination site opens up in the east bay. the ambitious goal for daily doses and who qualifies. this in from the white house. kamala harris will make our first official visit to the bay area as vice president. when we think of stds, sea lions don't usually come to mind but the spread is proving to be deadly here in the bay area. it is the last place you want a bunch of contaminants to be in your nursery. let the fun begin. why thrill seekers will be flocking to the south bay in a matter of hours. a different live look from pacifica. that is mori point in the distance.
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i will be back with what to expect
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today was the official launch of a new mass vaccination site and conquered the waterpark. people 16 and older are eligible to get the vaccine in the county. right now officials say they plan to give 2000 shots a day at the site. they hope to get that up to 4000 by next week. i've got a college student that doesn't listen to the rules. it will make me feel better. >> you can check out the vaccine resource guide on the app and downloaded by scanning the code on your screen right
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now and we will show it again before we go to pick six flags discovery kingdom reopening its rides. some of them. screaming with enjoyment will be allowed like in japan. six flags is hoping they will have the admission on saturday. it will be reduced capacity. paula is back. good weather to ride the roller coasters. it is perfect. the weekend will be cooler with the big changes that will kick in eventually but for right now enjoy it the unusual mild evening. beautiful as we look out across the bay. current temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s. as of 7:00 in the evening this is weird for late march. the first day of april is going to bring more of the same. we will start off with slightly above average in early april but to mars high temperatures
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is a different story. 15-20 degrees above average. is 280 degrees in the city into the low 80s for the east bay and mid 80s further inland. san jose and conklin. temperatures along the coast in the low to mid 70s. the highs will be early afternoon. later afternoon a light on shore breeze but the on shore breeze will kick in and drop temperatures. same for san francisco. temperatures around the south end of the bay in the mid 80s across the santa clara valley and the same thing for the valley with upper 80s. diablo range will be the warm spot. fairfield and rent would. temperatures normal short of 80 in san francisco. cooler by this time on thursday. low 80s on the east side of the bay. great weather for the a's season opener. first pitch at 7:07. gametime temperatures around 70. for the north county's
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temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees above normal. in livermore and concord has temperatures reaching up to 86 degrees. it will be unusually warm either way. easter weekend is a whole different thing. temperatures close to average for easter sunday. highs around 70 degrees in lent and low 60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s along the coast. that will feel cool compared to the record high temperatures that we are getting for the middle of the week more clouds by easter weekend but any chance of showers will hold off until after sunset sunday evening and it will be sunday night for a slight chance of showers. best chance of rain will be monday and tuesday. don't get the hopes up for a big rainfall event. we are talking a few hundredths of an inch of rain. maybe a 10th of an inch but we will take what we can get. below average temperatures moving in along with the rain chances monday and tuesday. sticking around for the rest of
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next week and the long-range data is hinting at another rain chance trying to make its way toward us by the end of next week. that is a long way down the line. another update on to mars warmth and the rain chances at 11:00. here is a look at the top headlines and alive look at capitol hill were congress was agreeing on how to pay for president biden's to trillion dollar infrastructure plan. it provides more than 600 billion to improve roads and bridges. billions toward upgrades for airports and schools. the white house said it would be paid for by changes to the nation's corporate tax policies. something that is likely to cause a battle between lawmakers. >> it is big, yes. it is bold, yes and we can get it done. >> it is called infrastructure but inside the trojan horse is going to be more and more money and massive tax increases on
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all of the productive parts of our economy. >>, harris announced she will be speaking in oakland for the first time as vice president. she is expected to be here on monday. there hasn't been too many details about the visit with the vp will focus on small businesses and water infrastructure. harris was born in oakland and started her career as a prosecutor in the alameda county district attorney's office. the supreme court said to weigh in on the fight to pay college athletes. former athletes are fighting to remove the cap on education benefits like computers and science equipment. the ansi apple day said the benefits are enough to cover athletes education. the organization argues the extra benefits would fundamentally change amateur athletics. the court may issue a ruling this summer. at this time tomorrow night, baseball fans will finally be watching baseball live and in person.
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the a's kickoff the season at the coliseum tomorrow at 7:00 against the astros. most tickets are sold out but there are some still left in the upper decks. the giants begin the season in seattle. buster posey is back in the lineup after opting out last season. hehe is hoping t to have a more memorablble opening-daday than did atat home lastst july. i don't rememberer. yes, it was a normal day because that is what i did every day. i don't know specifics of that day. >> he is about ready to become a dad. the giants don't have the home opener until friday and take on the rockies. still ahead, the stinky discovery on a popular bay area beach were scientists towed the dead whale. sea lions are dying and how new
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research could also help save human lives. >> a sexually transmitted virus. it is quite an efficient way to spread the virus. why today was extra special for one of the younger golden state warriors. >> we've got good laughs out of that. a lucky guy.
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a surprising explanation for what is causing mysterious sea lion deaths. for decades the west coast sea lions have been dying of a cancer called urogenital carcinoma. they recently discovered it is caused by a sea lion form of herpes. something they say mankind triggered by dumping pesticides into the ocean near the channel islands back in the 1970s.
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>> it is a sexually transmitted virus, which is an efficient way to spread the virus because you have to reproduce to keep the species going. >> we can utilize the animals and respect them by taking advantage of learning as much as we can from them. >> ironically and unfortunately the cancer is very similar to human cervical cancer. scientists hope that studying the disease may unlock answers on how to prevent it and people. scientists will be investigating the death of a gray well found in the bay. the animals was spotted this morning. chrissy field. the army corps of engineers towed the angel island. they will perform a necropsy to determine how they died. coming up to my special day for one of the newest
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the warriors center, james wiseman is no longer a teenager. the rookie turned 20. can't really go out and sell in miami but the head coach, steve kerr did acknowledge the big day in the film session earlier. >> we had a birthday video for him. we all got some good laughs out of that. i can't even remember 20. a lucky guy. >> he is only 20 years old. >> what an upside the kid has. >> he can play another 20. >>
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