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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 31, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs studios, this is kpix 5 news at noon. >> a dead weight spotted in the bay. a marine mammal expert is trying to figure out what happened to it. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. >> i just got off the phone with a marine mammal center and they say they have no idea how this whale died, but we should know within a couple of days. taking a live look outside towards angel island. that is where the necropsy will be performed on the whale. this is the view from the camera on top of nobhill. the police called the marine mammal center at about 7:30
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this morning to report a large gray whale floating in the bay about a football field offshore moving into the surfline. the center worked with the army corps of engineers to tow that whale to angel island, where they will be performing the necropsy. there have been an abnormally high number of gray well wheel deaths attributed to ship strikes or malnutrition. at this point, there is no indication of how this whale died. from what they can tell, it is an adult over 30 feet long and no exact timeline right now, on when the necropsy will be performed. likely, later on today or tomorrow. back to you. turning to our weather another warm day on tap as we look live outside the city of san francisco. meteorologist mary lee is here
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with the hot spots. >> our temperatures right now are warmer compared to yesterday at this time with the sunshine. i am watching the temperatures climb this afternoon. a live look with the san francisco camera. temperatures through the day will be about 20 degrees above average for this time of year. we are feeling the heat, with many of us into the 80s. we will likely see record- breaking highs for today. we will see that in many areas coming close to the record high today this afternoon. it is because of strong ridges of high pressure in place for us. the dominant weather feature, and we will continue to warm things up as we look to tomorrow with temperatures soaring once again for tomorrow. we will talk about cooler weather on the way and when we do have the chance to see a few showers coming up. back to you.
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today, contra costa county is jumping on the road to recovery. it is opening a new drive- through vaccination sight. emily turner is with the group next in line to get the coronavirus vaccine. >> reporter: this is the one site in the entire bay area where anybody 16 years old or older can come and get a vaccine. judging by have packed this parking lot is, the demand is high. >> i am ready to get this done. i have college students who doesn't listen to the rules. this will make me feel better. >> reporter: contra costa county is the first place to open the vaccine for everyone, thanks to a "of doses. right now, about 640,000 people have gotten at least one dose in the county. that number is about to spike. there was such a big demand yesterday that people went to the website and they crashed it. you just have to live or work in contra costa county. the county said they made the call to open it up when they
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realized they had appointments going on booked and plenty of doses available. rather then wasting them, they let everybody in, getting them closer to the goal of inoculation. >> we set a goal of vaccinating 1 million doses into arms by july 4th. last week, we move that up to memorial day. we are confident that we will meet that goal and maybe, even sooner. >> reporter: with all of this demand, the county is asking for everybody to have patience. appointments will be opening up. they are starting smaller, with about 2000 appointments per day this week. next week, they are hoping to get it up to 3000, and potentially where thousand a day here in contra costa county. this is a well oiled machine. emily turner, kpix 5. new in news, california senator is putting more
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pressure on fema to keep the coliseum vaccine site open in oakland. the clinic was set to close on april 11th and the senators are calling on fema to provide funds to alameda county so it can take over operations. today, hundreds of farmworkers are getting their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine in morgan hill on cesar chavez day. the clinic is part of an effort to get shots to underserved communities in the bay area. >> today, we entered 1000 of our front-line workers have been vaccinated. that is just incredible. what a legacy. today is a celebration that we are leaving no one behind. leader say farmworkers have been one of the hardest hit group since the start of the pandemic. many fear deportation if they miss work and that deters some from seeking healthcare. pfizer announced its covid vaccine is safe for kids.
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the company plans to submit its latest data to the fda in the coming weeks. it hopes to start vaccinations of that age group before the next school year begins. to find out who is eligible now, and how to sign up for a vaccine in your county, check out our resource guide at president biden is in pittsburgh to lay out his jobs plan. it has a price tag of over $2 trillion over the past few years. more than $620 billion will go towards roads, bridges and airports. $111 billion to replace bridges and ensure clean drinking water. schools and high-speed internet access will be boosted. $100 billion has been allocated to update the nation's electrical system. the president said all of it will be paid for by 21% to 20% corporate tax hike. the white house could soon
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over to trump era policy that largely bans transgender people from serving in the military. the new rules would broaden their access to medical care and gender transitioning. the president said he is calling on every american to join me in uplifting the work and dignity of transgender americans. together, we can stamp out discrimination and deliver on our nation's promise of freedom and equality for all. the news comes two days after the state of arkansas announced several transgender bills. one banning reassignment surgery for anyone under the age of 18. another bill bans trans-girls from participating in school sports. new york police have made an arrest in the latest attack on an asian american woman. the suspect was seen on surveillance video taking the 65-year-old victim to the ground in broad daylight. police say the attacker is a grown man living in a homeless shelter. the assault has called for
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extra outrage because security guards stood by without intervening. the witness testimony has resumed in day three of the derek chauvin trial. fired minneapolis lease officer is charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd. cbs reporter, michael george has the latest. >> reporter: the teenage cashier who took a counterfeit $20 bill from george floyd shortly before he was killed last may testified in the derek chauvin trial. christopher martin says he thought floyd appeared to be under the influence and possibly unaware the $20 bill was fake. martin offered to pay out of his own paycheck. instead, the manager called police and martin watch the deadly arrest. >> disbelief and guilt. >> white guilt? >> because i should have not taken the bill it could've been avoided. >> reporter: tuesdays witnesses included another teenager, donella frazier recorded the widely seen video of floyd's
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death. >> there have been many nights i stayed up apologizing and apologizing to george floyd for not doing more. and, not interacting and not saving his life. >> reporter: the jury has been listening closely to the emotional testimony. %-úwhen fr one juror who is a grandmother and child psychologist was taking notes. derek chauvin's defense has tried to prove the on scene witnesses were a potential threat to officers. and, they might have distracted him from arresting floyd. >> he called on the phone 13 times. >> is that what you counted in the video? >> reporter: witnesses testified no bystander interfered with police. the defense also argued chauvin did as he was trained and floyd's death was caused by a combination of illegal drug use and heart disease. michael george, cbs news,
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minneapolis. >> reporter: chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him. san francisco district attorney is sitting down to 60 minutes plus. he is among the way of newly elected processors trying to reform the criminal justice system by rapidly decreasing the number of people behind bars. the city is seeing an uptick in homicides, arsons, autotest and burglaries. some residents and police officers blame him. our correspondent will talk about his approach. >> he spoke about how growing up as a child of incarcerated parents, he interacted with families that were broken. people who were stripped from their families for years. and yet, not necessarily rehabilitated. it is important to remember that incarcerating someone, depriving them of their freedom is a very saying that a government can do. my impression from our conversation is that his
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inclination is to, when it is possible to avoid it, to avoid it. >> you can see the full interview on 60 minutes plus now streaming on paramount plus. still ahead, kpix 5 and streaming on cbs bay area, relief for people who owe on student loans. the government's latest move. stanford heads to the final four and we will show you their comeback victory. plus, the case of college athletes goes before the supreme court. >> i am natalie brand with the issues that is pitting players against the ncaa.
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stanford is final four bound after if you're a second have come back to defeat louisville. this will be stanford's first in the final four since 2017 and they are set to play south carolina friday night for a chance to play either yukon or arizona and the final. look at the scene in los angeles where ucla fans took to the streets after the bruins clinched a spot in the men's final four. the ncaa will come out a winner emanating more than $1 billion in revenue this year. much of this is from the new england basketball tournaments. natalie brand reports the supreme court is taking up a case that may change the way student-athletes are compensated. >> reporter: the final four is set in the ncaa basketball tournament, and with the nets are cut down next week, march madness will have brought in about three quarters of $1 billion for the athletic
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association. michigan ask a baballplayer, isisaiah liverers told esespn t players don't get their fair share. >> i feel like the university or the ncaa or a conference can make so many off one name and if the guy who is doing all the work to get to that point gets nothing out of it. >> reporter: student athletes are not paid for their services, but received scholarships to go to school. former men's and women's athletes are fighting to remove the cap on compensation, which would give them addiditional educational benefits, such as computers, science equipment and musical instruments. jeffrey kessler is the plaintiff's attorney. >> i don't think there is a fan out there who doesn't think it would be okay if the coaches made a few million dollars less in these athletes could get things like graduate school scholarships and everything else other students can get. >> reporter: the ncaa argued expanding benefits could lead
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to abuses. it cited internships as an example, writing in a court briefing, it would be easy for schools to label such internships related to education, even if a star athlete was given a six-month internship at a sneaker company or auto dealership that played $500,000. the ncaa is in the process of changing its rules, which would allow athletes to earn money outside of their scholarships. the new rules would allow them to profit from their own names, images, and lightness. that could pave the way for athletes to earn money off of deals, such as endorsements, personal appearance or sponsorships. natalie brand, cbs news, washington. the court is not expected to issue its ruling until late june. a reprieve for more people with student loan debt. the government is suspending the collection of more than 1 million federally backed loans that were previously excluded. the updated policy will halt collections on federal loans that are in default held by private companies. the relief will be
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retroactively applied to march 13th of 2020. new york is the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana. residence cannot possess up to three ounces of cannabis advocates of the legislation will help address inequities around marijuana offenses. time now for a check of the weather with meteorologist mary lee. it is warming up out there. >> you can feel it. we stepped outside and it is toasty. 20 of sunshine with temperatures on the rise. warmer compared to yesterday. we will continue to watch temperatures climb through the afternoon. blue skies out there in san francisco and you can see the temperatures are in the low to mid 70s at this lunch time hour with the sunshine. conquered, livermore at 73, 70 degrees for oakland, san francisco for 74. this dominant ridge of high pressure is bringing the sunshine and the warmth.
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taking you hour by hour in future cast, you can see the sunshine as we go through the day, today. we will continue to see it as we look to tomorrow where daytime highs will be well above average for this time of year. if you suffer from allergies, you know just how bad it is with the pollen counts sky- high. unfortunately, that continues as we look to tomorrow and friday. it is just a bit better, slightly on saturday into the medium high category for the pollen count. sunrise at 7:32. the daytime highs will be 20 degrees above average for this time of year. likely tying or breaking some record highs for the day. 79 in pacifica, 83 san francisco, warming up to 85 for oakland, concord and looking at 88 for san jose. as we go through tomorrow, we will continue with the very warm temperatures and the
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sunshine, well above average for this time of year. we will cool it down a bit as we head through friday and saturday. especially, by easter sunday we will see the clouds returning as well as cooler temperatures. we will continue to call it down into monday and tuesday. there is a slight chance to see shower on monday. at this point, the weather model is in some disagreement. i will have a better idea closer to it. coming up, as if kayaking down a mountain wasn't extreme enough, see what
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there are extreme sports and then, there is this. >> for sure. a kayaker started his journey on top of a snowy mountain in chile. he sped down the slope at more than 60 miles an hour before crashing through a forest and into a river. once in the water he navigated down a waterfall where he performed the first ever double kick twist before landing at the bottom. i have a headache just seeing
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all of this. but, he did a good job. >> he did. you can't do a double kick flip, michelle? >> i don't even know what that is. >> i will show you. people around the bay area may wait to cool off for a day. here is a live look outside for a warm look at our temperatures.
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coming up at 5:00, a decades-old feline mystery solved. scientists that they finally know what is causing the mammals to die from an aggressive form of cancer. what it could also reveal about humans. we will have that story and more at 5:00. we are looking at plenty of sunshine with temperatures that will continue to rise as we head through the afternoon. even though it is the last day of march, it feels more like summer with his temperatures. we are in the low to mid 70s with the sunshine. as we go through the day, today we will see the highs in many locations into the 80s. likely, record-tying a record- breaking highs for today. staying on the one side again for tomorrow with the sunshine and a little cooler through the end of the week. finally, this afternoon what is in your ideal easter basket? a survey by retail me not places
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reese's peanut butter cups is the most popular. jellybeans came in as a close second and cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies came next. at the bottom, the love them or leave them peeps. the survey found 77% of people planned to spend up to $50 on easter candy this year. i already know both of you like peeps, and i have no earthly idea why. >> don't hate on the peeps. >> i will keep hating on the peeps. they are terrible. it is the texture. >> it is all sugar. >>
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♪♪ >> ridge: i thought you said you're gonna give my son a chance. >> brooke: i have no problem with him working here or raising douglas with hope. i just don't want it to go any further. >> ridge: who said anything about it going further? nobody. >> brooke: thomas has always had an unhealthy attraction to hope. >> ridge: had. yes. maybe. that's past tense now. >> brooke: no, ridge, it's still there. i can tell. he may not even know it but he is waiting for an opportunity. and now that hope and liam are separated, i don't want this to be his chance to be with hope. >> hope: thomas is a very talented designer, and so is zende. very lucky to have them both


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