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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  March 19, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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voice and we've had enough of this violence. >> on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, taking matters into their own hands, how bay area communities are coming together to keep asian americans safe. vaccine appointments in santa clara county coming to a screeching halt. this morning, the ongoing shortage setback. >> we are not in the clear yet but sunshine is on the way. we have your weekend forecast coming up in a moment. first, good morning it is friday, march 19. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec. >> i am michelle griego. i am clapping for friday. sprinkles this morning but rest assured it will be nothing like yesterday. mary lee is joining us with the much needed warm weather for the weekend. >> we finally made it. so glad it's friday. thanks for waking up with us and starting your day. we will continue to dry things
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with sunshine this afternoon. on high def doppler you see the activity lighting up our radar screen especially for the north bay. santa rosa, sonoma catching that wet weather as well as over marin wood, san rafael, a few showers this morning. as we head through the day, you see the clearing and sunshine on futurecast this afternoon. temperatures, mid 50s along the coast for daytime highs, upper 50s to about 60 around the bay and low 60s inland. a little bit below average for this time of year. we will see the sunshine, temperatures on the rise for our weekend, looking really nice. let's check with gianna. i know you are tracking a crash. >> north bound 101 at montague expressway. there was concrete debris in the road but they just cleared everything to the right shoulder. that's good news for those heading out getting ready to take the commute out of the
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south bay through san jose. it is slow in the area but hopefully things will start improving as things get moving with everything out of lanes. a closure is still in place for a crash that happened earlier this morning east bound 237 at calavaras, lanes shut down from milpitas to town center. >> thank you. a developing story, it's been a long week for the asian community in the bay area, watching ongoing violence unfold across the country. it's adding up to a shared collective trauma. kpix5's kiet do is live in china town with more on how citizens are trying to speak up and help out. >> reporter: mental health experts tell us watching report after report of the ongoing violence and doing something normal like walking down the street, you end up looking over your shoulder, living in fear. all this is starting to take
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its toll. depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness all symptoms of experiencing a hate crime. when you identify with victims of the group, you are going to feel it too. we caught up with volunteers of asians with attitude. they patrol china town and oakland both to be a visual deterrent and to help protect aapi community and help them feel safe. >> a lot of them here, they don't have a voice. they don't know how to voice. i feel like we are the voice. we've had enough of this violence. >> people are committing these horrible racist acts towards asians see all of us as kind of the same and we are stronger together. >> reporter: according to stop aapi hate which tracks the attacks roughly 3800 antiasian incidents occurred in the last year. 68% of the attacks have involved women. the majority of cases are reported in california with
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hundreds in the bay area. i should mention that just a few seconds before we got here live a lady rolled up to us at the stoplight and started shouting racist comments at us. this is ongoing and happening every day. i should mention there is one particular event in the south bay this weekend on sunday at 1:00 p.m. there is a stop asian hate rally. that is happening on sunday at city hall in san jose. >> i have to tell you, it is horrible to hear that happened this morning. this conversation needs to be had and more communities need to step in to help as well. thanks so much for your reporting. stay safe out there. >> yeah, kiet, really sorry to hear that. also happening today, virtual candle light vigil will be held in honor of oakland resident pak who died after a brutal assault and robbery.
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this events aims to provide a safe space to mourn and spread awareness. the zoom vigil begins at 7:00. two suspects have been arrested in connection with mr. death. today president biden and vice president kamala harris leaving dc heading to atlanta where they'll be meeting with asian american leaders in the aftermath of the spa shootings, new video emerging into the investigation of the attacks that left eight dead. in this video the suspect is seen leaving one of the three spas targeted moments after he allegedly gunned down four people inside. kpix5 is focusing on crime against asian americans in a half hour special this weekend. join kenny choi and elizabeth cook sunday at 6:30 for asians under attack, bay area reacts. a live look at san jose where the mayor says he expects santa clara will move to orange
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tier as early as next week. this good news for the county comes with bad news. thousands more vaccine appointments have been canceled in santa clara due to insufficient supply of doses from the state. supply issues mean the millions of californians who became eligible for shots monday may have to wait weeks to even get an appointment. this isn't the first time the county canceled vaccine appointments. thousands of kaiser patients had their second dose appointments canceled earlier this month also due to a shortage of doses. in a statement santa clara explained all we need to dramatically expand access to vaccinations is more vaccine and we are ready and waiting for it. four sacramento fire paramedics making it their goal to vaccinate people living on the streets. working with uc davis health and homeless advocates they are getting shots into arms of those who need it though tracking transient population is proving to be a little difficult.
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>> seems to be a challenge to get to the homeless community and make them aware that this is a good thing. >> it is our goal and duty to offer it to people and let them make the decision. >> some criticize the state's deis us to move the homeless to the front of the vaccine line but the immunizations are moving a huge impact on lives of those on the street. on the road to recovery, mount diablo unified school district will have a special board meeting today to ratify a tentative agreement on hybrid learning. the school district is looking to open schools march 25 for pre-k students to 2nd grade and sdc students. grades 3-12 could be back on march 29. in sonoma, santa rosa city school board voted 7-0 to approve a deal that would clear way for elementary schools to continue in a hybrid fashion on
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april 1. secondary students would return on april 26th. live to san francisco, the school district is facing lawsuit over controversial agreement to rename 44 schools. a local law firm filed a legal challenge yesterday calling on officials to resend 6-1 vote claiming the district did not adequately notify the public that the decision would be final. the lawsuit calls for more public input. the district has until april 16 to respond to the suit. california's board of education unanimously approved the nation's first statewide ethnic studies curriculum for high schoolers. years in the making will teach students about history, culture, struggles of racial and ethnic groups. curriculum centers on four historically marginalized groups, african americans, latinos, asian americans, and
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native americans. oh my god, it's going to hit it. oh my god. >> it looks bad but this crazy crash actually has a decent ending. coming up next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. tracking a few showers on high def doppler for parts of the north bay. highs are a bit below average for this time of year, three to five degrees below average, mainly in mid to upper 50s to low 60s. sunshine is expected this weekend. we are monitoring a crash in the north bay, west bound 580 after sir francis drake
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tri valley 59, dublin, berkeley 57, 58 alameda, 60 san leandro and looking at the north bay in the low 60s, 62 sonoma as well as for napa and 61 st. helena. drying out today, more sunshine as we look to our weekend. check out next week. we are going to be warming up as well as we look to tuesday and wednesday in the low 70s inland by next tuesday and wednesday. dealing with severe storms for parts of the southeast. let's check with michelle. new video out of alabama of a tornado ripping through tuscaloosa. check out the storm clouds. the cyclone ripped off roofs of homes and left a path of destruction across the state. thousands are now without electricity. finding a way to change
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their focus. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new program helping teens see the world through a whole new lens.
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6:24. a lot of kids are exposed to effects of gun violence at a young age. a project in washington, dc is hoping to change that and give them something else to focus on. the program called don't shoot guns, shoot cameras is teaching kids to make short films. the organizers are hoping to get them interested in
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something outside of gang violence. comedian rodney grant runs the project after his nephew was shot to death in 2015. >> these kids don't deserve guns in their hands. they don't deserve people not believing in them. they got to have more people believing in them. >> i feel it's important to have people that look like me telling stories about similar life experiences that i went through. >> some students are heading to film school seeing their world through a whole new lens. it's a really cool program. they're looking to expand it worldwide. if you want to find out more, i put a link on my twitter page@anne kpix. 6:25. coming up in our next half hour, bill to expand sick leave awaiting the governor's signature. what some california companies could be required to do. that's next. >> reporter: after an especially violent week against
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asians in our nation, we are checking with the asian american community in the bay area
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our investigation is looking at everything, so nothing is off the table. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new video shedding lite on the spa shootings in georgia, a
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question on if the suspect will be charged with a hate crime. i even don't go out if i don't need to. >> the message, it's okay to not be okay. how mental health experts are weighing in on the impact as attacks on asian americans continue to rise. president biden beating his own vaccine goal in nearly half the time. the amount of shots administered since his first day in office. good morning. it is friday. we can't state that enough. it is march 19. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec for len. it's been a long week. . let's begin with something we can all smile about. we need that sunshine and it's going to be showing up. we are looking at that sunshine, brighter weather ahead. we are starting the day with clouds, patchy fog, as well as areas in some spots with spotty shower activity. but we are going to see sunshine and clearing as we head through the day. it's been a very long week,
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glad to be able to have sunshine. it was nice to have the beneficial rainfall yesterday. changes are ahead today. looking at a few showers near st. helena, marin wood, san rafael, along 101 catching wet weather with showers pushing through. with that patchy fog, checking current visibility this morning and as we go through the afternoon with the clearing, we are going to see sunshine later today and into the weekend. temperatures, upper 50s to about 60 around the bay and low 60s inland. i showed you on high def doppler, the shower activity over the san rafael area. gianna, i know you are tracking a traffic alert in that area. we are still dealing with slick surfaces this morning. unfortunately we have a crash where one of the vehicles in the accident caught fire. latest from chp is they've managed to open at least one lane in the west bound direction. at one point all lanes on the west bound side were completely
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shut down. you have one lane closed east bound but at least traffic is starting to get through in both directions. we are seeing pretty significant delays as a result and there is debris to the concrete barrier in the center divide. that's going to take time to repair. you can use 237 as an alternate if you are out of the east bay heading west to the marin side. on 101 you will see foggy spots especially as you work across the golden gate bridge. president biden and vice president harris will be arriving in georgia shortly to meet with asian american leaders in the wake of course of tuesday's deadly shootings in the atlanta area. the president is going to meet with stacey abrams. new security camera footage shedding lights on attacks at three atlanta spas that left eight dead. six were women of asian descent. this video shows robert aaron long's car pulling up to the spa where he killed four people inside.
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he later went to two other spas killing four more. he told police he was fueled by sexual addiction. >> our investigation is looking at everything. nothing is off the table. >> president biden has ordered flags across the country to be lowered to half staff out of respect for the victims. so far the suspect is facing eight counts of murder. police have not yet charged him with any hate crimes. today back in the bay area, the suspect accused of punching a 76-year-old asian man in the face will be arraigned. the police source identified the suspect as 39-year-old john lawrence. the attack happened in oakland tuesday near 7th and broadway after the victim allegedly said good morning. the victim was rattled but not badly hurt. let's turn it to kiet do live in china town with the mental health impact from all the attacks. there has to be a big impact on mental health. >> reporter: the asian american
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community has a long history of taking its licks, kind of compartmentalizing all the things that happen to us and putting mental health on the back burner, not thinking about it. mental health experts are telling us it is okay to be okay. take the incident that happened tuesday with the elderly woman who got attacked, punched, unprovoked. she beat up her assailant and sent him to the hospital. then throw in the mass shooting of the six asian women in metro atlanta watching report after report. it's building and taking its toll. asian americans are feeling collective trauma trying to process it and do something about it simultaneously in realtime. experts tell us when hate crimes happen to groups you identify with, you feel it too. the asian community in the bay area is living in fear and anxiety. >> i am just so afraid, i even don't even go out as much if i
6:35 am
don't need to. >> the stereotype to speak up as much. i think it is important for parents to model for our children in speaking up against these things. >> reporter: we had checked with the folks in oak land. they're called the asians with attitude. they're a volunteer group that do neighborhood patrols, escorting the elderly, trying to raise awareness and help people feel safe. there is an event in the south bay this weekend. sunday at 1:00 p.m., san jose city hall, another rally for stop asian hate. >> kiet do in china town, thanks so much. bay area researchers say a tweet by former president trump led to a spike in antiasian hate online as covid-19 pandemic began to explode around the world. trump began using terms like these.
6:36 am
>> china virus, kung flu, china virus. >> a professor studied how the phrases multiplied and mutated on twitter as pandemic raged. research showed there were 1.2 million hash tags associated with president trump's language. >> many believed that it was not a derogatory term. however, our evidence showed that that is not the case and that more negative terms related to antiasian sentiment were associated with chinese virus. >> the doctor says words matter particularly when they come from powerful people. roger cheng says the hash tags have largely been unregulated by facebook and twitter. >> unless it's really obvious and i think this is what is particularly frustrating to asian american communities, a lot of the rhetoric is a bit more subtle. there isn't necessarily the explosive "n" word, isn't a
6:37 am
symbol that necessarily is immediate red flag. >> he says change at the companies regarding antiasian racism is unlikely to move swiftly. there is a half hour special this weekend. join kenny choi an elizabeth cook sunday at 6:30 for asians under attack, bay area reacts. 6:37. stock futures bounced back overnight following a big tech sell off. let's see how it is rounding out the week. dow is down almost 200 points. we'll keep an eye on that. a bill to expand the pandemic redated sick leave is sitting on the governor's desk. it would require companies with at least 25 workers to offer up to two weeks of paid time off for covid related reasons. businesses can then recoup all or part of the cost through a payroll tax credit. law would be retroactive to january 1 when similar legislation expired. looking live at the white
6:38 am
house today at 58 days in office, president biden set to announce more than 100 million covid-19 shots have been administered. mr. biden set a goal of doing that in his first 100 days. >> we're going to beat this. we are way ahead of schedule, but we've got a long way to go. >> infectious disease experts at georgetown university medical center say covid-19 vaccines are not enough to end the pandemic. they believe asymptomatic transmission is driving coronavirus spread and understanding transmission will be key to getting over the pandemic. happening today, paris and more than a dozen other regions across france will begin a month long partial lock down. it comes as the nation faces else third wave of covid-19. starting at midnight nonessential businesses will close and people must stay within 10 kilometers of their home. schools will remain open compared to previous lock
6:39 am
downs. >> another lock down. i hope we can prevent that here. house lawmakers on capitol hill passing two immigration bills yesterday which could lead to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. the future is uncertain as they face plenty opposition in the senate. house vote comes as biden administration deals with surge of migrants at the southern border hoping to seek asylum in u.s. home land security secretary says the border is secure defending the administration's policy toward unaccompanied minors. >> some of the children are as young as 7, 8-year-old girls. we do not expel them back into the desert. we say do not come because it's dangerous. >> temporary shelters have been created including one in dallas to process thousands of unaccompanied teenagers. fema is responsible for food, medical care, security at the sites. on a much more positive note, 20 minutes before 7:00,
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and bounce forward— with comcast business. get started with a great offer, and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. welcome back. it is 6:43. take a look at this shot from our treasure island camera looking at san francisco and the bay bridge. we see low lying clouds and fog. mary told me that before this. did i get it right? >> yes. usc has announced it will hold in person ceremony this spring for the class of 2021 and class of 2020. usc is among first california universities to announce in person ceremonies this spring. six of the nine ucs are
6:44 am
planning virtual commencements. student loan borrowers didn't see debt canceled in the latest package but others have them hopeful. chuck schumer is pushing president biden to eliminate up to $50,000 per borrower by executive order. but there is a preference for college to act on a $10,000 cap. >> my life projectory was the career. it's really tough. >> i still had student loans. all of that was intact for me once covid shut everybody down. >> some argue this can level playing field for those who need help especially those of color who rely more on loans
6:45 am
for their education. google is making a $7 billion investment. diane king hall is joining us live again from new york with our money watch round up. diane. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with the red. what i am wearing matches what's happening on wall street at least in early action with trading underway for a little less than 15 minutes. dow is under pressure down 253 points. sinking lower as we watch now. turning to the tech sector, nasdaq under pressure as well now, that sector down 32. s&p 500 considered broadest benchmark of u.s. stocks lowered by 20. $7billion, that's how much google plans to spend on real estate. the company says money will be used to expand office space and data centers across 19 states and signals return to the workplace for the company that's been largely off site
6:46 am
since last year. anne. >> google is placed in the bay area. so speaking of signals expanding to other states, we have been seeing more and more of that. it's cheaper for them. we'll see if that has impact. thanks. happening today, children's ferry land in oakland is finally reopening. tickets are on sale right now. the park will be open in two daily sessions. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. no rides will open until the city is in the orange tier which can happen soon. capacity is maxed out at 25%. disney fans who snagged tickets for a reservation only event had the chance to get back to california adventure. >> i know you tried, anne, but no tickets available now. the theme park opened doors yesterday for the touch of disney experience. rides aren't open yet but visitors can dig into famous park food like the churos. they can take pictures with
6:47 am
characters and hit shops with souvenirs. this is the first time fans are able to get back into california adventure since it closed last year. it's 6:46. let's get another check on our morning commute with gianna. >> i've got better news on the trouble spot we have been monitoring in the san rafael area at st. francis drake boulevard. we've got a traffic alert in effect and unfortunately it is still blocking lanes. at one point all lanes were blocked. it is a little bit better for commuters making the ride out of the east bay across the bay into marin county. on the east bound side as well they have one lane blocked. this is involving two cars. one vehicle did catch fire and there is concrete debris in the road way. tow crews are on the scene trying to get the cars out of the way. right now about 30 minutes across richmond san rafael bridge. if you want to stick with 37, you can do that.
6:48 am
things are looking better through there. on 101 south after alameda, we have a crash on the left shoulder and left lane blocked. it looks like things are slow as you approach the scene. again that's off of 101. at the golden gate bridge it's a little foggy. just a heads up as you cross the span. we are dealing with wet weather in marin, slick surfaces out there. be extra careful. it's a slow ride into the altamont pass away from the 580, 205 connector where brake lights begin. stay slow to north flynn with travel time improving. we are back in the green. that's good news. right now no troubles for the commute across east shore freeway. as you inch closer to the bay bridge it looks like metering lights were flipped on and traffic is a little slow as you approach the toll plaza. it is 6:48. tracking this for you on high def doppler, few spotty lingering showers especially for the north bay this morning.
6:49 am
zooming in, you see light showers pushing over st. helena, eld ridge as well as san rafael. here is the foggy look with our golden gate bridge camera. not only dealing with spotty showers but also areas of fog this morning. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. checking current visibility about three miles half moon bay. we are looking at three quarters of a mile with the fog for concord as well as livermore at this hour. be prepared and be cautious on the roadways. we are looking at a beach hazard statement in effect from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. swells 13 to 15 feet at 15 seconds so we are looking at dangerous sneaker waves, sudden breakers, strong rip currents. use extra caution at beaches. let's walk you through the day in san francisco. we are going to see the
6:50 am
sunshine and clearing and it should be a lovely day in the city with 59 for a high temperature. east bay in oakland, you are going to see sunshine topping out at 60 degrees by 3:00 p.m. in oakland. concord, you are going to see that sunshine with the high of 61. let's check the tri valley. as we walk you through your day in livermore by this afternoon, you will see breaks in the clouds and sunshine looking at 60 in livermore. for the south bay it will take a little bit longer for the sun to come out. we will see mostly cloudy skies for most of the day and eventually clouds will break up by 5:00 p.m. looking at 62 degrees just before sun set there. we are looking at drier weather today. as we look to our weekend, quieter weather. temperatures will be on the rise through a warmer day for saturday and especially by sunday into next week with the dry conditions with the strong ridge of high pressure building in for us. here we are on futurecast at noon. we are going to have that
6:51 am
clearing. there is an outside chance to see a spotty shower. i think for the most part, drying out for your friday with more sunshine as we look to saturday and sunday. snow in the sierra with a winter weather advisory in effect for west slopes of sierra until midnight tonight. difficult travel over mountain passes. here we go with what you can expect for south bay, 62 for a high in santa clara, campbell, morgan hill. east bay pleasant hill 61. tri valley 59 in dublin. around the bay daly city 57, east bay shoreline, a the me today 58, 57 berkeley and north bay, low 60s this afternoon. here we go with the extended forecast, more sunshine as we head through our weekend. spring officially arrives saturday and feeling like spring as we look to next week. the warmest days outs of extended forecast with highs inland in the low 70s by next tuesday and wednesday. back to you. >> we look forward to it.
6:52 am
eight minutes before 7:00. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> more appointments canceled in santa clara county. the insufficient supply from the state. straight ahead. >> reporter: it has been a particularly long week of violence against asian american community all across the nation. we'll check in here in the bay area in a live report. ahead on cbs this morning dr. fauci will talk about latest information on covid variants and vaccinations. also uncertainties of pandemic are adding to stress of being pregnant. how vaccinating expectant mothers may also protect their babies. investigators won't call atlanta spa shootings a hate crime. why victims of violence against asian americans are asking the president to help protect them. host of popular podcast still processing will join
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>> reporter: i am kiet do live from china town in san francisco where we are checking with the asian american community in light of all the attacks happening across the nation. mental health experts tell us as we watch all the reports of the ongoing violence against asians that is starting to take its toll. it's been a particularly rough week. we had the incident tuesday where the elderly woman was attacked on market street where she fought back and sent her assailant to the hospital. then the mass shooting shortly after in metro atlanta that left six asian women dead. roughly 3800 antiasian incidents occurred in the last year. 68% of the attacks involved women. the majority of cases reported in california with hundreds in the bay area, asian americans feeling collective trauma,
6:57 am
trying to process it, do something about it. we checked with volunteers with asians with attitude. they're going strong, patrol streets of china town and oakland, trying to be a visual deterrent to keep the folks in the community safe. there is a rally happening this weekend. kiet do, kpix5. three minutes now before 7:00. it's time for a look at the other top stories. suspect accused of punching a 76-year-old asian man in the face in oak land will be arraigned today. a police source identified the suspect as 39-year-old john lawrence. the attack happened tuesday after the victim allegedly said good morning. the victim was rattled but not badly hurt. new video into the atlanta attacks that left eight dead. the suspect is seen leaving a spa moments after he allegedly gunned down four people inside. so far he has not been charged
6:58 am
with a hate crime. kpix5 focusing on crime against asian americans in a half hour special. join kenny choi and elizabeth cook sunday at 6:30 for "asians under attack. the bay area reacts ." thousands more vaccine appointments cancels in santa clara because of insufficient supply from the states. millions who became eligible may have to wait weeks to get an appointment. 58 days in office president biden is set to announce more than 100 million covid-19 shots have been administered nationwide. he had set the goal to do that during his first 100 days. streaming on cbsn bay area, a new basketball movie named boogie is out. we got to talk to one of the stars all about it. watch on or on the kpix app. as we look at the roadways, traffic alert continues west
6:59 am
bound 580 before sir francis drake boulevard. they're in the process of moving everything to the right shoulder. it's still pretty slow in both directions. we are seeing brake lights across richmond san rafael bridge. give yourself about 30 minutes to work across the span. a look at the golden gate bridge, foggy into the city. i am tracking areas of fog and even dense fog in spots. high def doppler is quiet but you see spotty showers across parts of the north bay this morning and dealing with dense fog in the tri valley, quarter mile in livermore. through the day we will catch clearing and sunshine this afternoon, quieter weather ahead looking at upper 50s to about 60 around the bay, low 60s inland. plenty sunshine as we look to the weekend. back to you. >> sounds great. >> we are all looking forward to the weekend. special shout out to director christian because
7:00 am
today is his birthday. >> happy birthday. we love you christian. >> happy birthday. >> we do. he is the wind bene h good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, march 19, 2021. kalg of a in atlanta at three spas, wa we are learning. and a new study that focuses on pregnant women for the first time. we'll ask dr. anthony fauci about that and a tense exchange over masks on capitol hill. police are investigating actor armie hammer over investigations of sexual assault. what his accusers are


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