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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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be difficult. >> millions of people are eligible for this vaccine but what it does is it really just highlights this severe shortage of the vaccine that we are faced with and many of the people with pre-existing health conditions say they are ru pointmt. there is an inescapable -- at the exact moment when there is less, sometimes a lot less, of the vaccine to go around. >> my partners the type i diabetic. and he is eligible, as i think it is phenomenal that they are next in line, and it is a matter of time until we are in line with it. >> people with existing health conditions like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, sickle cell anemia, heart disease and others now qualify for a shot, even regardless of age. >> that is huge. we know that independent of age and medical conditions can increase your risk of getting severe covid.
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>> in order to be protected you must first get a shot and that is becoming increasingly difficult. in santa clara county, in the face of the severe shortage, they have halted offering shots to new patients as they use the limited supply for second doses. >> some of my friends, they can't even get the appointment, and now there is nobody. i don't see what happens. millions whose health makes them especially vulnerable to the virus are now eligible for the protection of vaccine provides. if of course you can get one. >> i guess they are short on vaccinations, so we were in and out and in very few minutes. >> and people with other health conditions that are not specifically on that list also get vaccinated? >> they spell out a number of health conditions that will make you eligible for the vaccine, some of which we have mentioned but if you have another health condition that is not on that list, and your doctor is very concerned that if you were to get the coronavirus that you might get a severe case, they could write a note and that would make you eligible as well.
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public transit workers are also eligible for the vaccine. coming up at 5:30, how santa clara county is taking action to make sure they have access to the shot, just write the supply issues. for the latest on where and when you can get the vaccine in your county, check out the online resource guide, the link is at the top of our website, to the weather now, little wet. we caught a few stray showers on our tower cameras, looking live at the golden gate toll plaza, the wind is dying down giving way to cold temperatures. joins us. >> cold enough for a frost advisory for parts of the bay area. the balance of the north day and all of solano county are this frost advisory from 3:00 in the morning until nine a.m. on tuesday day. temperatures dropping down to the upper 20s and low 30s so if you have outside that you may want to give them access to being inside pet for a night or at least sheltered spot with plenty of blankets to keep
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warm. make sure you cover that step up because temperatures will drop down to at least near freezing if not below in some's thoughts. we have some scattered showers on the radar, most of it is the south of the golden gate, the actually in the santa cruz mountains, same thing over the diablo range but all of this activity is going to calm down as we head into the next few hours and we are in for dry weather the next couple of days. i am ken bastida in the newsroom with them details on the tentative agreement to get children back in the classroom. they are aiming to start march 30th, but some are pushing back. under this proposal, students would be in class in person for two days a week, on a rotating basis. there are two phases, the first phase darts march 30th, or pre- k, then second grade, and priority students. the second phase begins april 19th for third through fifth graders and at least one higher
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rate. students will have the option of remaining in distance learning at home, full-time. but the district expects 58% of the students to return to the last room. >> some neighborhoods where they have, maybe a little bit more eager to come back and those where they have seen a lot more of the effort. >> this time i would make the district eligible for more than $12 million from the state, and does include bonuses for teachers, those who voluntarily return at the end of the month and all teachers would get a one-time, $2000 stipend when they return mid april when it is mandatory. not everyone is on board with the plan. >> until there is a vaccine that is safe for children, then, and on children can get vaccinated, and so everyone can
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get vaccinated, then these schools must remain those in order to stop the spread. they should remain close for the safety of the community, for the safety of students, and teachers and parents. >> the teachers union is expected to vote on the plan this week, andre mcconnell will have more on this story and some reaction from teachers at 6:00. in the meantime come today alameda unified a hybrid agile for its elementary schools. each class up to fifth grade will be divided into two groups and they will take turns coming into campus for two mornings each week. the rest of the instruction will remain online. some businesses are back open doors in contra costa county. now that it is back in the red tier. some gyms reopened their doors this warning and welcomed members back. they can resume into operations at 10% capacity, indoor dining is now allowed at 25% capacity,
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same for movie theaters, places of worship and museums. schools can also reopened for in person learning. we saw some excited jim go in san ramon who got up before the sun came up. >> opening day, it is like the opening day of the baseball season. the first day back indoors was so excited to be back. >> how about that? you can work out outdoors or indoors, so a huge positive or us. >> there are still lots of restrictions, and events like concerts and nightclubs robots will not allowed to resume. sonoma county also joined the red tier . head to our website for a list of what has reopened. members of the biden administration are on the road to sell the president's nearly 2 trillion-dollar covid relief land. they fanned out on the so- called help is here torpedoes to be a supporter skyler henry is live at the white house with more on a familiar face taps to
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make the rollup smoother. good evening to you. that is gene sperling, around the west wings speaking with the president, pretty regularly as he has been named in charge of implementing this american rescue plan. he was the previous director of the national economic council for the obama and clinton administrations but as you are mentioning before we will see officials all around the country this week including the first lady as well as the vice president and the deck and gentlemen making their way around the country trying to let americans know why they feel as though the american rescue plan will help millions. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: he has tapped gene sperling to oversee the limitation of his $1.9 trillion american rescue plan, shots and arms and money in pockets.
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he previously served as the director of the national economic council under both the clinton and obama administrations. >> together we are going to make sure that the benefits of the american rescue plan go out quickly, and directly to the american people where they belong. >> monday the white house also kicked off what it is calling to help is here tour with top officials fanning out across the country, selling the key points of the american rescue plan. >> we are going to safely open schools. >> the first lady visited a new jersey honorary school. >> reporter: vice president, harris and the second gentlemen are spending part of the week in the west starting in las vegas with a visit to the second -- to the vaccination site. >> we each have a duty to help each other out. ofneed. it is our responsibility. the transportation secretary pete buttigieg highlighted the need in maryland. >> we wanted to make sure to
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draw attention to the critically important work that goes on before we are even able to get a shot. >> reporter: tuesday, they will focus on small businesses. the president will head to pennsylvania where the vice president goes to denver, colorado. and we will see that all throughout the week, where the president is going to be making stops routes different cities, trying to get the word out about the american rescue plan. he and the vice presidents plan on wrapping up the week down in georgia where they will focus on stimulus money, as we reported, but already seen some americans start to see some of that money hits their bank accounts this past weekend. now the biden administration is also focusing on a surge at the border. it is ordering fema to address a wave of unaccompanied minors. >> this is a humanitarian mission. i don't give a rats about immigration policy, what has caused this. why it happens, they are here, they are kids, we are going to treat them that way.
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>> border patrol has 4200 unaccompanied minors in short- term holding facilities. now the law requires them to be transferred to more appropriate facilities within 72 hours but many have been there a lot longer. a group of republican lawmakers visited the border today, they blame the new administration for the crisis. >> the actions taken by president biden of why people think they can come here. >> what they have inherited is a broken system at the border, and they are working to correct that. >> the house is expected to debate to immigration bills this week. one would protect so-called dreamers, immigrants brought to the u.s. as children, and the other would provide legal status for farmworkers. it has bipartisan support, and is cosponsored by southbay congresswoman. streaming on cbsn bay area, a driver plowed into a crowd, killing three people in san
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diego. a witness describes the scary moment the car jumped the sidewalk and kept going. one of the woman arrested in the viral assault on uber charger -- driver faces a judge. the vatican's message about catholics. the new declaration on same-sex emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors.
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pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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a sandy command is behind bars this evening accused of plowing his car into nine people and killing three of them. it all happened around 9:00 this morning near san diego city college. police say several other people are hurt including two who are in critical condition. a witness as he saw the drivers beating down the sidewalk then veered across a four-lane road before coming to stop. >> the way he was going down the sidewalk, he did not take his foot off the gas until he got to the other side of the
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street. i was riding on the front of it, and i was like is this guy ever going to stop? >> the 71-year-old driver appeared to be driving while impaired. it uber passenger accused of assaulting the driver will return to san francisco to face charges. malaysia king appeared in a las vegas courtroom today, and a judge told her that she may also face charges for another incident and in that case she allegedly used a fake i.d. to try to steal money from a bank account. authorities say she assaulted her uber driver last week. police say another passenger, 24-year-old arna kimaiai, a woman on the right of the screen, turned himself into san francisco police. her attorney says she is now posting bail. in the meantime donations continue to pour in for that uber driver. >> the love, support, and the encouragement from this community, and people around the world, has helped me to move forward, and believe in
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humanity, and justice. i will be forever grateful to everybody and i will be using this generous donations really wisely. >> uber has banned all three writers. after police say one person stabbed and killed the others dog. what happened about 11 last thursday night, near belvedere street about two blocks from golden gate park. police say the suspect pepper sprayed the dog and then stabbed the animal in its torso. the dog died soon after. that suspect is now facing animal cruelty charges. the cdc is warning of another potential coronavirus surge, even as more people get vaccinated. the potential factors are warmer weather, spring break, and increased travel. >> we have seen footage of people enjoying spring break festivities, mask list. this is all in the context of
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still 55 -- 50,000 cases per day. they will climb now if we stopped taking precautions when we continue to get more and more people vaccinated. looking like at sfo, more people are hopping on planes nationwide. the tsa has screened more than 1 million people every day is thursday across the country. those are the highest volumes in a year. some european countries are suspending the use of the astrazeneca vaccine. germany, france, italy and spain are concerned over reports of dangerous blood clots but european regulators say there is no evidence that the shot is to blame. it is just one of three vaccines used on the continent. the move is another setbacks for its vaccine rollout. the catholic church says it cannot give its blessing to same-sex unions. and such blessings are not listed if carried out.
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>> essentially what the vatican is saying is you have to choose. >> reporter: make a choice between your faith or live a happy, authentic life. the new vatican statement calling same-sex unions a sin is a step she says in the wrong direction. >> the message i heard months ago from the vatican was that they were in support of civil unions because everyone has the right to be happy and have a family. that was the last thing i heard. it seems as though they are walking that position back. and in doing so, in the middle of a global pandemic, when people need their support systems more than ever before, i think is tragic. >> reporter: clergy cannot bless same-sex unions. the vatican document approved by pope frci, god does m. he ble siul n.his plan of love,
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and allow himself to be changed by him. >> if we bless the union, we are putting them on par with marriage. that for the church is outside what god intended in creation. >> he believes the lgbtq community knows that god loves them, their unions, and families. right now this is a difference of opinion. people can disagree with the pope and that is okay and healthy and i think that they will continue their faith and continue praying to god that they love and believe in. >> the executive director of the new ways ministry and says the vatican decree was disappointing but not surprising. he says catholics will continue to find creative ways to bless the couples that they love and support. there is a winter storm up in the sierra. this is what it looks like a
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few hours ago at the sierra at tahoe resort. a little bit of sunshine and a lot of snow. it looks tearful. exciting news first years and snowboarders. some resorts reopened to a foot of ash powder. a similar scene at squaw valley, alpine meadows. a lot of skiers going up the lift, down the mountains. they reported eight inches overnight, could get more later in the week. let's find out how much rain we got pick a we bring in paul heggen. >> a little bit of snow on top of the very highest peaks like mount hamilton. our camera is covered in snow right now. but we did see beneficial rainfall that is moving out which is why we have plenty of sunshine breaking through as we look out the top of the mark. we got about a half inch but in the north bay, otherwise less than a quarter inch of rain but measurable rainfall, always a good thing as make our way closer to the end of the rainy season, just under a quarter
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inch for danville. we will take what we can get and there is more on the way later this week and still some falling right now. mainly in the diablo range and the santa cruz mountains, and you can see the colors showing a little bit of winter precipitation mixed and at the very highest elevations, mostly over 2000 feet. there are a few little rater freckles elsewhere, a couple of sprinkles still possible as we head into the next couple of hours, those will fade out quickly as we go into the rest of this evening. drying out today and wednesday but in the storm system is making its way to the west coast. and even lingering into thursday night and early friday. right now to got from sutro tower toward downtown, nice view the overview shadows being cast lingering out cover, temperatures are on the cool side mostly in the low 50s, the warm spot is in the mid-50s in santa rosa at 56 degrees and it will be chilly later on
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tonight, that is why we have a trust advisory in effect for the valleys of the north bay, where temperatures will drop down two or even below freezing all the way down to the upper 20s around santa rosa. most inland parts of the bay area will bottom out in the middle portion of 30s, some warmer spots think around 30 degrees. temperatures warm up nicely from the chilly start tomorrow, highs will reach up into the upper 50s and 60s. very close to 60 degrees if not reaching a degree or two past it. mid to upper 50s around the bay but only low 50s right along the coast. for the next chance of rain arrives on thursday, to cool things off it is a good chance of rain. not going quite with 100% just yet, i think by this time tomorrow we will see that it is going to rain with certainty for thursday, mostly during the afternoon and evening hours, the rain is running out that some of it may bring into early friday, we dry out for the weekend, real very slight chance of passing showers sunday. there's a chance early next week but the forecast data is kind of spreading apart at that point where it is refusing to come together and tell us with
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any certainty whether or not we will see any rain early next week so we will keep you updated on that that -- let's focus on thursday night. and the low end about a quarter inch of rainfall and some of those rain shadow areas like san jose but hey a quarter inch of rain, still very welcome, elsewhere we are talking about a half inch to an inch of total rainfall. that is very nice to see. we will leave it as a chance of showers in the icon for monday's forecast, but a nice pattern overall with a couple of dry days, another chance of rain, couple of dry days for that rain to soak in and another chance early next week. we will track that thursday rain with a look at the future cast coming up in at 5:30. coming up, returning to oracle park, the giants of the game plan fo
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they are set to acquire voyage, self driving startup based in palo alto. the ceo will join them as vice president of product. in the majority of the employees are acted to transfer over as well. voyage currently operates in retirement communities but it is unclear how long that will continue. they focus on launching a robo taxi business in san francisco. exciting news for giants fans, they will be allowed to watch the games in person at oracle park.bucketll be asont h prut theywot eir old seatbecause of o cing les. thill havech tockof cketor lema that point of the fans will be allowed to purchase tickets for april. attendance will be limited to 20%. that means there will be just over 8000 available each game.
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breaking newsnet5: 30, couple of minutes ago we learned of an arrest at a high profile oakland homicide case. a group that has been fighting for months to get the covid vaccine. now getting a boost. transit workers like bus drivers and train operators are now eligible for the vaccine beginning right now. seven-year-old in critical condition after falling out of the window of a northern california hotel. how could something like this happen? disappointments for a bay area artist, the mystery of how to beloved paintings were swiped from what seemed like secure displays. >> subco like, seeing my mom. it's unthinkable to me that i can't see her and i can't hug her. not beinle jus somebody to tie down. o say not beinle jus i love you, to hug y ♪
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so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest east bay area location march 18th, or shop our milpitas, burlingame or san leandro stores, now open. you are watching kpix5 newsnet5: 30. breaking news out of oakland pick within the past few minutes police announcing a second arrest in the deadly attack on an elderly asian man. albert britain is being held on $250,000 bail at the santa rita jail. 75-year-old pak was left brain dead after he was attacked on his morning walk last week. he is expected ra charges tomo also at 5:30, two paintings stolen in san francisco, how the highest is a tough low to the community of artists. new questions raised about total with these the after
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seven-year-old falls from three stories up. first a group of people getting special codes to get vaccinated in the southbay. good evening. santa clara county is reserving 100 doses of the vaccine per day. as kiet do reports, those will be going to public transit workers. >> reporter: they are not wasting any time, 300 transit workers of already been vaccinated with an additional 100 doses per day being set aside just for these workers. the transit operators and drivers that was with today say the doses could not have come soon enough. four weeks, they transported the countless number of at risk and the elderly to levis, the states largest mass vaccination light so they could get their doses. all while they themselves were not vaccinated. since january at as


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