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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and merchants are begging for help thing the neighborhood is under siege from increasingly violent robberies. as we report, it is turning into a showdown over police resources. >> reporter: violent robberies and oakland chinatown are skyrocketing at a time when some are calling for the defunding of the police department. and makes for great political theater, but people here just want him to stop. >> reporter: from the cops to the business rs the peopn the >> there are a lot of robberies around. >> reporter: people are talking about it now? >> yes. >> reporter: videos of women having wallets snatched and fights with people on the sidewalk have people scared. and the police community members out today.
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including one traumatized woman who was robbed and shot in the head with a flare gun. >> they appear to be more violent for whatever reason. that is why we have to stop it now. >> reporter: chinatown merchants are digging for more police patrol. which is supported. >> the relationships will be have with officers and community resource officers helps to create the foundation of a safe community. >> reporter: at the news conference, the mayor called them out for with the council member and try to/the police budget following the black live matters protest . >> they had a proposal to cut $25 million from oakland police department as a political statement not because of financial need. if the proposal had passed, the walking officers would have been gone long ago. >> reporter: the police say they will reallocate resources to the area. facing the city budget deficit
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of $62 million, nobody knows where it will come from. desperate times often produce desperate measures. some in the neighborhood are now advocating for armed citizen patrols >> we need to form a neighborhood watch, whether armed or not armed. >> reporter: you would like it armed? >> yes. the only thing that got respects is if you have a gun. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramis, kpix 5. >> they will maintain the current officers assigned to budget. they are eliminating overtime normally used to add extra patrol. a live look at oakland on february 3rd. thjanuary was the deadliest in two decades with the city seeing 15 homicides. compared to won in january of next year. 64 shootings and murders last month, 129% increase over one
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year ago. a live look at san francisco. he got caught in a straight afternoon shower. let me show you downtown san mateo right now. folks getting ready to do dining outdoors. meteorologist paul heggen showing you what rain is left outside. >> were talking about a little bit. if you have a spotty shower, you hit the jackpot. there is not a whole lot. let's zoom in for a close look at the north they. there are intense sprinkles in sonoma county and northern napa county. activity is moving to the south. every once in awhile, a showers things across the golden gate. that is it. there has not been a widespread shower pattern at all. we are talking about limited rain chances in the forecast, beyond this point. this is the seven-day precipitation outlook from the weather prediction center. thiss e
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is a bit of coastal zero drizzle. a warmer pattern, and we will talk about that in a few minutes. a live look at the white house, where president biden hosted top congressional in rats to discuss the covid-19 relief bill. natalie brand is outside the white house with details on what progress may have been made. >> reporter: today the president spoke to lawmakers, democratic lawmakers in both the senate and the house. sources tell us he expressed a willingness to be flexible on some of the numbers in his proposal. he also reiterated his view that the biggest danger is not going to take, but rather going to small. during a ite house meeting with senate democratic leaders, president biden expressed optimism i getting a bipartisan covid-19 relief package.
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>> united as one, for a big, bold package. >> reporter: senate democrats have made it clear they are willing to move ahead without support from republicans, even as talks continue with both sides. >> we will negotiate in good faith. took two of his closest congressional allies from the home state of delaware say that negotiations continue over sticking points. including direct payments at the local aid. >> if they go forward with no changes from what was originally proposed, i predict not one single republican will support the $1.9 trillion plan. >> reporter: the president called into the weekly meeting to discuss the will $.9 trillion covid relief proposal, as congress has the stage for the next steps . >> the congruent resolution is adopted. >> reporter: the house passed a budget resolution that will allow it to pass with a simple majority. the debate comes as president biden's covid task force ramps up vaccination efforts across the country. >> we are at war with the virus
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. it is critical that congress does his part. >> reporter: the task force coordinator says they have increased vaccination supplies to states, tribes and territories by more than 25%. meanwhile, fema says it has deployed personnel from the agency to around one dozen states to help with vaccination efforts. it includes california. we have learned that this week california, according to fema, received additional funding to establish additional vaccination sites. >> we need all the help we can get. in washington d.c., a solemn ceremony paying tribute to u.s. capitol police officer brian sicknick. he died from injuries received during the c's last month. president ayden and the first lady visited the capitol rotunda where the officer was being honored. it was always his dream to be a police officer. >> he was a peacekeeper who loved his dogs and his . and hi
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family and the new jersey devils. he was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. on a day when peace was shattered. >> he will be laid to rest at limited national cemetery. so far, there have been no arrests in his killing. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a brutal unprovoked attack on an elderly man. to show support there is an answer for the murder charge. the injury that could not come at a worst time. an east bay school district takes a major step to get students back in the classroom. the ambitious testing effort starting today.
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the suspect in and perfect attack that killed an elderly man in san francisco faced a judge for the first time today. during the arraignment, the 19- year-old pled not guilty. the judge asked that we not
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show his face. we also heard from his grandmother. she shouted, i love you. he was hustled out of the courtroom. she spoke to our cameras briefly. >> reporter: what do you want to see happen? >> to walk out the door like i am walking out >> he is charged in the murder in the death of an 84-year-old. the brazen attack happened last thursday morning. it was caught on surveillance video. you can see the suspect, as he charged across the street and slammed into the victim, who falls in the driveway. the victim's family believes the encounter was racially motivated. he is scheduled to be back in court on monday. canada has ed the proud boy terrorist group. it places the proud boys on the same list as the islamic state and al qaeda. the move will help canada freeze the financial i said's and criminalize financing, training and recruitment.
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on capitol hill, house democrats are planning a showdown vote over sticking marjorie taylor greene of her committee assignments tomorrow. it is because the georgia congresswoman previously supported wild racist conspiracy theories and supported violence against democratic lawmakers. top house republican kevin mccarthy has condemned her comments, but stopped short of calling to take action against her. encouraging news against coronavirus. the oxford astrazeneca vaccine not only can prevent serious illness, it also drastically reduces the spread of the virus. british researchers found and offered 76% protection for six months and increased with the second dose. they are the first to document evidence that any covid vaccine can reduce transmission of the virus. they oxford astrazeneca vaccine has not yet been approved in the u. s.. this week, cbs evening news
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has focused on the unique told the coronavirus has taken on women. in the special series, women and the pandemic. managing editor and evening anchor norah o'donnell joins us live from washington d.c. thanks for joining us. >> good evening liz, how are you? >> great. what made you want to tell the stories? >> reporter: we have known that the pandemic has taken it devastating toll on women. we wanted to dive into some of the numbers and tell the stories of women, who feel they are shouldering a huge burden from the pandemic. the numbers, 11 million women have lost their jobs. more than 2.5 million women have decided to leave the workforce because of the burdens at home. taking care of their children, who are home from school. taking care of elderly parents. the economic toll has been devastating. we also hear one in three
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working mothers have considered leaving the workforce. they are calling this a she session. similar to a recession. the question is, what can be done to help women? what are the long-standing consequences of this? there are estimates that there are fewer women are dissipating in the workforce. all the way back to three decades. that is one of the reasons that there is mom reach, according to one expert. the, i cannot do this anymore. when will it end? that is why many women have voluntarily left the workforce because they cannot do it all. >> it is so frustrating because so much is out of their control. already this week, you touch on pregnancy and the vaccine and women in the workforce. what is in store the rest of this week? >> reporter: 10 i, we talk about women and fertility. so many women have asked, is
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the vaccine safe? last night, we answered the question on pregnancy. ut we intervied doctors and lk n to scientists. one doctor who runs a fertility clinic says he gets the question every day. he says yes, the vaccine is safe if you want to have a baby in the future we talk to moms who are hesitant we want to bring the science forward. is a question at the forefront for many women. >> especially as women weight later in life to have children. you will interview president joe biden for his first tv interview as president. what can viewers expect as they watch that ahead of the super bowl? >> reporter: it is super bowl lv right here on cbs. the pregame start at 11:00 a.m. or really early on the west coast. people will start early.
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we will interview president ayden and is the first television interview since he has been in the whhouse. we will talk a little foball. president biden has declared himself a wartime president in terms of the need to battle the coronavirus and crush the pandemic can the white house do anything to speed up production on these vaccines? what more can be done? and the big questions about the covid rescue plan and relief plan before congress. will the president much or what most americans get to 1400 list and list check that the democrats want to pass in the next few weeks? >> a lot of important issues out there. we will see later th >> reporter: take care liz. >> you watch the latest estimate of women and the pandemic tonight of the "cbs evening news with norah o'donnell" got right here on
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kpix 5 at six 130 p.m. . despite series of storms and several feet in this era, where below normal. the permit of water resources measured the snow pack and recorded 63 inches of rasnow thn , which is very good. statewide, the snowpack is 70% of average. due to the early-season dry spell. we are trying to make up for the dry time. >> in terms of the ring deficit and snowfall deficit in. 93% is fantastic. it is out by lower readings in this era. overall, statewide average is at 70%. we will have more, coming up at 6:00. let's look atthe radar. there are tiny showers, mainly in the north bay. making a run across the golden gate intournt.
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it depends where your lhtshowers. we switch to futurecast and it will fall apart entirely over the next few hours. if you do not get any water in the garden over the next 2 1/2 and three hours things will settle down. clear skies and chilly temperatures by early tomorrow morning. the next chance of rain is seven or nine days in the future. long reach out to says no significant until after presidents date we can. we will hope for a little more lo noat teeratur clos haal is year. a warming trend is in store as we head to the next few days point a chilly night and drop into a chillier temperature. close to freezing tomorrow morning.
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temperatures will work up and around average for this time of year. high temperatures on thursday or within a degree or two of what is normal for early february. let's zoom in. along the coast, mid 50s. mid to upper 50s for south bay. temperatures exceeding 60 degrees inland and santa clara valley. most of the tri-valley in upper 50s to around are just above 60 degrees. fairfield will be a warm >> at 63. around the central bay mid to upper 50s. close to 60 in east bay. we will get a light, offshore wind. as it flows downhill, it will warm up a little bit more. high temperatures in the lower half of the 60s for most of the north bay. further north, mostly 60s. hire 50s aroundhead through the weekend. mid-60s on friday and saturday
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and sunday. a minor cooldown of the next week. a few more clouds on monday. again, no rain in sight through the extended forecast we will look at the limited amounts we picked up so far today. we take what we can get. coming up at 5:30 p.m. coming up, busted thanks to a bear. a suspected bank robbers fashion choice came back to haunt him. a big reopening for the oakland zo
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the warriors will be without karen vaughn money for the next two weeks. >> he sprained his ankle. with the rookies sidelines, the warriors are down three centers. and they do not have a player tell her that 6'7" on the roster.
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happening at the zoo. the oakland zoo reopened and reservations are required. it has been so popular the online system has been flooded by the high demand. indoor exhibits, restaurants and rides and playgrounds are still closed. number of visitors will the limited to a four social distancing >> right now, our staff is enthusiastic and happy to be open again. we can have animals and plants, but the zoo is not the zoo without visitors. >> because of the recent stay at home order from the state, it has been closed for two months. a critical step to getting students back into class. >> they are unsung heroes. >> ms testing operation a what it will take to meet the ambitious deadline. it is not just vaccine supply that is an issue. how one area county is getting creative to make sure there are enough workers to give the shots.
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and has taken 20 years, but light at the end of the tunnel for one of the most gridlocked
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you are watching kpix 5 news at five 130 p.m. 5 reamin more relief from the notorious commute. the final stretch to a project
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20 years in the making. barely caught. how a suspected robert is busted by his fashion choice. a bay area district just launched a plan to get students back into the classroom. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. they hope to get students back on campus in one month from now. and ken bastida reports . >> teachers and students were not first on the list for testing today. the opening phase started with those who have been on campus during the shutdowns. >> are some of esamscho there but tests today. food service workers, custodians and clerical employees. >> folks who have been here since march, keeping things flowing so that we are ready when it is time to come back. >> reporter: after this phase, thgs


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