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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00, a busy night for bay area restaurants on the first weekend of outdoor dining this year. we are just so overjoyed to see this tonight. we really just -- it feels really good. >> plus after being shut down, a large homeless encampment in oakland is back again, tonight why neighbors say the city is not doing enough. we need the city to step up. i mean, there's -- we know this is a crisis. >> that plus a grew some murder live streamed on social media tonight. we're getting a look at the suspected killer. but first breaking news out of contra costa county. all westbound lanes are shut down after a shooting on the
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freeway. the chp is on scene and they're diverting traffic right now. so far there's no word if anyone was injured. it happened just after 9:30 tonight. we'll keep monitoring this developing story and bring you any updates as they become available. and good evening, i'm juliet goodrich. >> and i'm brian taking a live look out of san francisco. big weekend for restaurants after a break in the rain as betty yu reports turn out is giving restaurant owners new hope for the future. >> outdoor dining brought a kind of energy and vibrancy to the streets of san francisco that people had not experienced since late last year. packed restaurants are giving owners hope and a desperately needed boost in business. for the first time in fearly two months, outdoor dining literally lit up the streets er with activity tonight. after temporarily closing for most of the stay-at-home order,
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kitchen at tapas restaurant bask is busy again, and customers are socializing over dinner on the sidewalk, owner sabrina says it's been a full house since opening at 5:30, we're just so overjoyed to see this tonight. we really just -- it feels really good. everybody that's come in tonight or this weekend has been so -- they've been so pleasant and so happy and so eager to be here. >> just ask frederick who came in from oakland to dine at his favorite spot. >> they could serve me cat food, i would eat it with pleasure. because i would eat anything. the food is not important any more. it's the people. it's the people around me. it's fantastic. >> under the city's rules, tables can only seat up to six from two households. and tables must be six feet apart. it was a similar scene in the east bay today. restaurants were full of diners
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in downtown pleasanton. and on the peninsula, there was a 20 minute wait. cooks and servers were nonstop all night. >> our first sad since we opened. and you know, we were expecting people to go out and enjoy dinner. >> judging by the turn out, they did. >> we think the set up is really nice. and we were just saying we hope they will keep it this way in perpetuity. >> there's a social element to outdoor dining and being with your family. it's nice to do it again and support local businesses. betty yu, kpix 5. stores pittsburgh police say a suspect was shot by one of its officers. it happened outside of a busy on harper street. police say they were called to the scene on reports of a man on the roof, when they arrived the suspect was armed with a gun in the parking lot. he tried to get away and pointed a gun at the officer.
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the officer opened fire shooting the suspect in the arm. he's expected to be okay. tonight we're getting a first look at the man suspected if a gruesome crime in vacaville. raymond webber. his social media live stream led police to a murder scene at a military veteran's housing complex, over night police responded to a welfare check. the 911 caller said a man was on social media live streaming himself. holding a gun with two women lying on the floor not moving. more than seven hours later, police arrested webster but not before a brief struggle after he barricaded himself inside the apartment. >> very sudden. i'm praying for my city. i believe god loves the city. but it's really sad to hear these violent things happening. >> police are still trying to figure out how the woman died. their identities have not been released. law enforcement investigating escalating threats of death and violence
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against the governor, his family, and the businesses he founded. a voice mail and emails provided to the sacramento b contain graphic abusive language about the governor and his family. one included a threat to burn down a winery owned by the governor's hospitality company. the company told the sacramento b they have received hundreds of threats through social media. phone calls and emails, the report says management has hired armed guards to protect employees. >> tonight new coronavirus strains first identified in brazil and the uk have arrived in the bay area, bay area news group reports they were protected by stanford researchers now there are worries the strains will mutate before enough people are vaccinated to slow it all down. meanwhile a free clinic in east palo alto is expanding vaccine access to some of the hardest hit communities during the pandemic. hundreds of seniors and caregivers lined up to get a shot at the ravens wood health
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center. josh becker says counties are trying to get more control over where vaccine supply ses get distributed. he says today's clinic helping in under served areas is a model example. we have patients that receive medical. some have no insurance or are under insured. we have people who are undocumented and have no other access to care, we know where covid had the biggest effects. we stro get the vaccine to those communities. taking a live look at capitol hill tonight. former president donald trump loses his top impeachment lawyers with a little more than a week before his trial. a source familiar with the situation says two lawyers have left his defense team and what one person describes as a mutual decision. trump is set to stand trial on february 8th on a charge that he incited the riot at the u.s. capitol. tonight oakland police are hoping the public can help make
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a breakthrough on a cold case, family members and investigators are making a plea for information leading to an arrest in the murder of davis. davis and another man were gunned down in oakland in april 2019. police say somebody opened fire on them when their car pulled up to the intersection of 18th avenue and international boulevard. officers released these images of the suspect's car. police and crime stoppers of oakland are offering up to $20,000 for information leading toty a rest of the killers. new at 11:00, there's a push to remove a controversial statue in san jose. the chronicle reports several people called in to the mayor's forum last night urging them to get rid of it. here's video of the thomas fallon statue when it was vandalized in june. many people have called it a symbol of oppression since he raised the american flag over san jose two months after congress declared war on mexico. the mayor says it will cost
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$400,000 to have the statue removed since its considered a permanent piece of public art. the artist and city council could have a say in this process. neighbors are scared. and nearby businesses want to move out. all because of this large east bay homeless encampment. i'll tell you why they feel helpless. and there's fresh snow in the sierra. it drew big crowds and that forced some ski resorts to turn people away. the earliest i've ever seen this reach capacity in my ten years here. this next round of rain coming our way monday is not as impressive as the storm we had this week. but some parts of the bay area could still get as much as an inch out of this one. we'll time this out and look at all the details coming up. it's hard to have an invisible illness. like depression.
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we have an update on breaking news out of contra costa county. westbound lanes are open after a shooting on the freeway. lanes shut down so far. no word if anyone was injured. it happened just after 9:301 tonight. let's take a live look now in oakland where a massive homeless encampment ain toght n kpix 5 roars neighbors are
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begging the city to resolve the issue. >> fence and took over this lot next to the east oakland home depot about three months ago. now it's packed with rvs, cars and tents. and it's not just within the lot, they're parked on several streets in the area. this is alameda avenue. the sidewalk is also blocked off by trash. business owners say they're fed up. >> oftentimes i've described it as kind of like a thunder dome environment. >> it's like a third world country. people are not being taken care of. >> we have wanted to move for a while because we done feel supported. we had an opportunity this summer but when covid struck, that was taken away. >> jennifer and matthew engel own bay island gymnastics on alameda avenue. they say it's become a safety issue with pe m'life. staff studen
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>> we've had things thrown at my employees. we've had people completely expose themselves to my employees. >> a manager at the nearby car wash tells me a home lest woman tried to stab him and attacked other workers. neighbors say they're seeing a rise in burglaries as well. >> home depot has once again challenged us, if we don't clear this, they're leaving oakland. >> the councilman says he's frustrated with the look of enforcement of basic parking laws. he's asked the city administrator to solve the problem. yet it keeps getting worse. >> there's no excuse. it comes to incompetence. they cleaned up the site and moved the homeless to a city run rv lot in december of 2019. neighbors say the problem is bigger than bever. >> ask for the city to do the right thick and try to help these people. in helping these people in return it will help the
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businesses. citysn't offered anda lynn, kpi tonight san francisco police have reportedly made an arrest in connection with an attack against high profile private investigator, jack paladino. he's on life support after suffering severe head injuries during an attempted robbery outside his home. chronicle reports authorities have someone in custody. they're looking for at least one other suspect. police say that paladino just stepped out to try out a new camera. a car pulled up and a man jumped out and tried to grab it. pulling him to the grouped. he and his wife conducted the investigations after their home for decades. his clients included president bill clinton, the hells angels, and the family of patty hurst. he spent years investigating the 1978 mass suicide of more than 900 members of the
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people's temple religious cult at joans town. new drone video of a massive -- debris flowing watched out a chunk of that road at creek. tonight monterey and san luis obispo counties are under a state of emergency after taking the brunt of the damage. big sir is still open from the north on the caramel side. all right now to the winter storm in the sierra. take a look at this photo from the national weather service. it shows the blanket of snow a croc the region tonight. compared to ten days ago. what a difference. that means the slopes. so res vingto turn people away. it was a packed snow day in the sierra with many people heading up the mountain the play in this fresh poledder many turning to tahoe to unwind.
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hector chavez's family heading back to sacramento after a day on the mountain.
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more snow for sure. storms are still coming in. not only the snow in the mountains. it's rain here for us on monday. monday looks like it will be a pretty good rainmaker. not like this last week was. but still a good rainmaker. and i don't want to skip over the fact that we've got rain now
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it stalls out over the south bay. the santa cruz mountains. good rain for a couple hours down there. i know that has shades of what we went through last week. and it will be a decent storm for us. it's just not going to be as intense as what we had this last tuesday and wednesday. but look at the rainfall totals.
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those are good. the primary timeframe for this is the second half of monday through about the first half of tuesday. where we'll pick up any where from 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch of rain. and yeah this storm will bring its own wind as well. and watch what happens as we go into monday evening. those are 40-mile an hour gusts. strong winds coming up from the south. so same theme on this as the rain was going to be. this is windy. but it's not bad enough for a wind advisory. and it won't be as windy as the last storm was. i don't really want to stress that too much. because this is still going to be a decent rainmaker. a goodwin wind maker and more snow in the sierra. as we play out the seven-day forecast, even though it's monday and tuesday where we see the focus for the rain, we will get a break by wednesday, thursday, and friday of next week, and you can see plenty of sunshine coming back and daytime highs that will climb back up in the low 60 once again by the time we've gotten
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there and if i can just go back i want to show you one other element of that storm on monday and tuesday since we showed you the great pictures of snow in the sierra. watch what happens here from tuesday into wednesday. another foot and a half to two feet of snow this will be a good rainmaker for us. . second half of monday through the first half of tuesday. but it should not bring the kind of damages that we saw from the last storm. all right, vern, your turn. >> how about i rain sports tonight. straight ahead. two for saturday night noe t gm . no wn
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season, it was definitely up for your golden state warriors. they got a record of seven and one imens sub par teams and detroit was one of them tonight. businesses today are looking to tomorrow. adapting. innovating. st. you fbi— businesses today are looking to tomorrow. adapting. innovating. advanced technology. with serious security. and reliable
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the warriors did what they needed. they fed off a sub 500 team and they needed to do it. clay thompson on the mike tonight. this one's going to be good. the play starter with steph curry who poked it. andrew wiggins did the rest. defense created the feps and like old times, wiggins scored 20 tonight. final minute of the quarter. watch out for the one time hammer from kelly oubre. he was strong.
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18 points tonight. up 12. third quarter, lob city. draymond green, wise man, a little alley on the writs. but he stayed in the game. valient scoring. it took the heat off curry. made six three tonight. scored 28. clay, impressed. fourth quarter, good ball movement here. jordan took the shot, a hit. a good send off to the g league. he scored a season high 16. it was the warriors in a cake walk, 118-91. and then the curry thompson one on one show. >> how much longer until you break the record? >> i mean you're in the booth right now. it's your job to know the stats to do the quick math. >> oh man, i don't foe, what do you think? 40 games ? he's 400 behind clay. moments.
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big time playmakers, dame yand lillard of portland, chicago up two. lillard for the win. he scored 44. none bigger than that. portland 123/chicago 122. and we're just getting started. what a saturday night. in segment two, the trade, maybe 49er empire was waiting for. but as mick jagger said, you can't always get what you want.
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flfl sports eye popping news of the night. wait, the weekend, quarterback matthew stafford traded to the rams. number one over all pick of 2009 is coming to los angeles for jared goff and two future number one draft picks. a steep price. wow. stafford joins his high school teammate, dodgers clayton kershaw. the tom draft pick by l.a. in 2016. led the rams to the super bowl just two years ago. so how do i follow that up? bill walton, a face of
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cupcake. arizona state. against stanford tonight. the air ball one way. the sun devils made them pay. marcus bagley the jam. arizona stayed up four. under 90 seconds left. stanford down one. cardinal led for about a sip of coffee. the sun devils retook the lead. sanford despite the desperation scramble could not get the key bucket. it was the sun desms night. 79-75. stanford still in the pac-12 mix. 6 and 4 in the conference. cal men's head coach mark all ready down twelve in arizona. down 15 in the second half. a cal turn over. here came the wildcats. the bib pas. he set up a die dynamic player. here he was from deep.
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he led the cats with 20. they won 71-50. and kept cal dead last in the pac-12. matthew stafford is an l.a. ram now. after all the talking the sports talk this week about stafford possibly being a niner, i kept saying it, you never heard from 49ers, not a peep out of them. by the time they do get in front of the mike,tail say what are you talking about? jimmy garoppolo, he was our guy the whole time. >> that's how it goes. i've seen it happen before. >> if there's anything that this year has taught us, it's the things that matter: family. health. that's it. we found help at covered california. now we have a plan we can afford. enrollment ends january 31st.
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it's hard to explain what depression feels like. but i can tell you what it feels like when someone offers to help. every plan through covered california is comprehensive - with mental health coverage and financial help for people who need it. enrollment ends january 31st. thanks for watching our next news cast is tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 7:00. wsd weatheupdates always on for now, good night.
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