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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i will tell you how the pandemic has shaped the walk for life rally. no massive women's marches in the bay area this year but organizes are still finding a way to keep the spirit of their mission alive. plus the bay area is drying up and not for long. we will tracking the next round of rain and a series of storms on the horizon. >> we begin with hundreds of protesters marching in the
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streets of san francisco calling for an end to abortion. participants in the annual event walk for life march through downtown san francisco today. supporters say the pro-life movement is growing. the march was peaceful starting at the civic center and ending at embarcadero plaza. da lin was there and explains why the demonstrators chose san francisco, one of the most liberal cities in the country. roman the walk for life is one of the most conservative events held in san francisco each year. and participants say there's a reason why they picked this city. >> san francisco is a one-party city. i think they need to be woken up with a seed of tha city that so progressively pro-choice, more than ever we need of pro- life voice to bring the counter message. >> it coincides with the
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anniversary of roe vs. wade. >> i believe in the progressive values of equality, nonviolence and nondiscrimination. none of those are compatible with abortion. >> the pandemic has shaped the antiabortion rally from the much smaller crowd size to know counter protesters. there was a woman who yelled from a bus, her body, her choice. >> it was quite peaceful and prayerful more than normal. >> a lot less controversial. not a lot of people flipping us off. >> many participants did not wear masks. >> it is not very responsible because of the situation we are in right now. if they don't want to wear a mask, it will be there consequence, not mine. >> marched from city hall to the embarcadero.>> there is a great heartbroken is because with trump there was some hope. >> roughly 1000 people marched in today's event and police say it was peaceful.
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>> four years ago thousands of women took to the streets across the bay area to protest the inauguration of president trump and the movement continued ever since. now the new administration in charge, women's march oakland and san francisco came together today online under very different circumstances. they say that their work is far from over.>> we have to recommit to staying informed, being engaged and actively participating in our democracy. understanding that freedom is not free. and the fight for equity, inclusion and equality is an ongoing struggle. we must do what we need to in order to put the pedal to the metal, if you will, to get some of these laws passed. they are going to help towards reversing the systemic inequities that are baked into,
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codified into our laws. >> taking a live look at capitol hill, the group said that while the democrats control the house and the senate over the next two years it is imperative to tackle some of the most pressing issues now when it comes to stamping out inequality and expanding voter rights. switch gears, we did have a little bit of rain over the last couple of days. it was a nice day today but this is all by way of the stage being said for more rain coming in. >> yes, in fact three storms coming our way. and it is really going to be the wednesday and thursday storm that will be the biggest impact. that is the one that will have the big rainfall totals. let me walk you through how this will play out. keep your eye on the timestamp. the first chance of rain comes in tomorrow. we will get some light rain bay area white throughout the day on sunday. and when it's all said and done, the rainfall totals will be pretty modest.
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one 10th of an inch of rain, maybe more in the south bay. that storm number one. not that big of a deal. watch what happens when i take this to tuesday night. let it go tuesday night through thursday. now the numbers got a lot bigger. this will be the most impressive storm of the season so far with rainfall totals perhaps in excess of 2 to 3 inches in communities where we all live. that means minor ponding of water on the roadways, it also means bigger concerns for rain in the santa cruz mountains on the burn scar and in the diablo range as well. when we checked back in on the pleat forecast we will break the storm down it a lot more detail and we will talk about the possibility for the next one after this. that doesn't get here until next weekend. we encourage you to download our kpix 5 news app for up-to-the-minute
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weather coverage. you can also sign up for breaking news alerts. let's give you a live look at the white house, the biden administration is giving public health officials new hope for ramping up covid vaccinations. experts say it could take vaccination of 85% of people to control the pandemic. according to the la times only 4.2% of californians have received a dose. >> we have heard from the biden administration that they will at least offer us more clarity in terms of what we can expect over the coming weeks and months in regards to doses. it's really that absence of clarity that has been a huge challenge. >> public health officials hope more guidance and uniform rollout guidelines will help speed up vaccinating 40 million people. san francisco launched its first weekend of mass covid-19 vaccinations. they partnered with ucsf to administer vaccinations. two more high-volume
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vaccination sites will be in south market and bayview. seniors living in a berkley facility that reported more than a dozen covid that's started to receive the vaccine. the outbreak at silverado memory care home in sacramento street is the second deadliest at a long-term care facility in alameda county. that is according to state data obtained by berkley side. everyone who wanted a vaccine got their first dose this week. additional vaccine clinics are scheduled next month. here is the latest coronavirus data across the state. california is reporting about 23,000 new cases and that is an increase of nearly 1% from the day before. deaths are also on the rise with close to 600 new deaths reported, that is up about 1 1/2%. and for the latest case numbers and to find out how to sign up for the vaccine in your county, visit our online resource page at /basking vaccine.
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a grim discovery at san mateo county, investigators found a woman's body earlier this morning. officials are not saying too much about the victim's identity, they just call describe her as an asian woman and no word so far on the cause of death. new video out of san bruno, the streets are looking more polished after a countywide cleanup effort. it happened today around huntington avenue yucatc friend mall. that up residents say parking lots in that area have been used as toilets. this is the group's third community cleanup effort.>> i think it is our responsibility as residents to do what we can to help our city out. >> we are trying to encourage our community and city to work together to find a solution to clean our neighborhoods up. >> they hope to have monthly cleanups to encourage more participation from the community. coming up, the broadcasting world has lost a legend, we look back at larry
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king's career and his unusual beginning. after 37 drawings we finally have a winner. one of the largest megamillion jackpots ever, where the lucky ticket was sold. we have a big lineup on the way for you tomorrow starting with the afc championship at 3:30. after the game is a special episode of fbi followed by a special edition of kpix 5 news at 8 and the late, late show in a super bowl preview with sports director dennis o'donnell on the
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i don't know what to say except, to you, my audience, thank you. instead of goodbye, how about so long.>> farewell to legendary broadcaster larry king. the radio and television host died today, weeks after being hospitalized after contracting covid-19. larry king and his iconic suspenders were a fixture on nightly television for a quarter of a century. he interviewed more than 30,000 people on his cnn show, larry king live including residence, international leaders and celebrities. king's first job in radio was cleaning up a station in miami beach. when one of the announcers abruptly quit king was put on the air. in 1985 he jumped to cnn with his own nightly interview show and that is where he stayed for 25 years.>> i listened to
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answers as short questions, and i had a model through my whole career. i never learned anything when i was talking.>> no official cause of death was given by king has battled a number of health problems over the years. today people are leaving flowers at his star on that hollywood walk of fame, he was 87 years old. it took a while but one lucky person is going home with a big prize. a solo ticket in last night's mega millions drawing matched all six numbers in the $1 billion jackpot. it was sold in a kroger supermarket in a detroit suburb. if they choose the cash option they will get $739 million. they can afford a house in palo alto now. last night's drawing was the second largest in mega millions history. some occupants in oakland are getting much needed care thanks to a generous grant. pet smart charities has given
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the oakland animal services shelter $60,000. it will help provide free medical care and also wellness supplies to pets owned by people experiencing homelessness in oakland. bad news for the monarch butterfly. it is getting closer and closer to total extinction according to data collected by volunteers and nearly 250 sites from mendocino to baja california. in all they spotted fewer than 2000 monarchs along the california coast. you are looking at stock footage. that's nearly a 100% drop since the 1980s. one of the monarchs favorite spots in pacific grove, volunteers did not spot a single one. scientists blamed the ongoing destruction of butterfly habitat to make room for everybody moving to the west coast. and the increased use of pesticides and herbicides. some people are leaving the west coast, maybe we will get them back. i want those butterflies back.
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>> hopefully we get them back. >> we don't want people to leave but we want the butterflies to stay. >> hopefully that file footage is not all that is left. if anybody's walk through the grove, that is incredible. let's fix that problem. let's get into the forecast. i'm getting straight into the timing for sunday, there are a lot of things to talk about. this is tomorrow's rain, and as we bring this forward into tomorrow, we've gone into late morning, and it's knocking on the door. 10:00 tomorrow morning, and by the time we get into the late morning and early afternoon, here comes the rain. in the north bay first, down over the city, peninsula and east bay. then it starts to clear the south bay by the time we get past sunset. so, do you remember what the rain was like yesterday? that is pretty much exactly what this will be like.
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the totals are similar, meaning it is not major. and there is one added item here. i'm taking us back to just after sunset in the south bay. as that final band of rain starts to clear out, watch mount hamilton right there. a little bit of light snow. it's cold enough to get a light dusting on some higher peaks. just something cool to look at. so let's talk about rainfall totals. we pick up about 2/10 of an inch of rain for the north bay. maybe, on the high end if you are lucky and then higher amounts down in the south bay. that is sunday's rain story. when the rain clears out it will get windy on the backside of that storm. this is something you will mostly be feeling monday. sunday night into monday that north wind starts ushering in and the main impact with this besides the wind advisory with gusts up to 50 miles per hour, that will make things feel much
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colder. so even though monday does not have rain on it, it will feel cold when you get outside into the elements with that wind. let's look at the next storm after that. this is a big one. so we are looking at tuesday, hasn't gotten here yet but by tuesday night it has. and there is something important about the way this storm looks where we will need to look at it in a little more detail. this gets us through thursday. look at that long trail of rain. you see that thin, narrow band that reaches out to the tropics, that is an atmospheric river. that is your source of higher concentrations of water for this storm to work with. it will be rainy tuesday night through thursday night. then we get a little break on friday. then the next when it gets here into next weekend. i'm already looking at the last few days of january. there's a lot coming. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself.
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this is what i showed you at the top of the newscast, i will at the rainfall totals play from tuesday night into thursday night. and those are up to perhaps three inch totals for many cities in the bay area. higher amounts in the santa cruz mountains. i think we could see more than 4 inches. and that is where probably the biggest concern from this rainmaker comes into play. there will be a lot of rain focused on the santa cruz mountains southward. that brings into concern debris flows, mudslides, landslides for the burn scars. and yes, this will be a huge snow producer in the sierra. more on that as we get closer to it. so just know if you plan on traveling in the sierra from tuesday through thursday it will be a mess. and it will take you a long time to get where you want to go. so there's the rain from the big storm. there's the rain that then
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shows up should hold together for next weekend. straight ahead, you want to see the san jose sharks play in the south bay? that we got a little longer. and, what if the 49ers made him move with a quarterback, would you be good with it? what if it was that guy running
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nhl laptop, and your san jose sharks, already on the road for eight games to start the season. their home games? not at the corner of ottoman santa clara streets. today the team made it official, the sharks will play their first two home games february 1 and third in glendale arizona due to santa clara county's ban on contact sports. this is where they held their training camp. the earliest that they could
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play is february 13. in the meantime, college basco, ucla and stanford, less than a minute to play, look at campbell go up and in, forcing overtime. ucla turnover in the extra period, this capped by an alley oop. stanford up 6. but back in the bruins. campbell, the drive, the bucket in the free-throw, with five seconds left and here is how stanford pulled it off. how about that? oscar da silva, the leading scorer got wide open, got the shot often stanford won the game 73-72. handed the bruins their first pac-12 loss. nba, the warriors are along the great salt lake, with the utah
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jazz. this was vice president kamala female vice president in u.s. history was definitely on the minds of steffan curry and the warriors. they shipped her one of these cool oakland jerseys dub nation style. >> madam vice president, not saying you have to put this up at the white house but it's probably a good idea. congratulations. it's been like this mean so much to me. i will proudly, proudly display this in the office of the vice president of the united states, in office i'm t enough. >> nfl, reports are that the mayans and quarterback matthew stafford have mutually agreed to part ways and will start fielding trade offers this week. the 49ers could be among the teams interested in the 33-year- old who was the number one overall pick i the lions in
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2009. i don't know how much the new head coach is smiling now but he is looking for a new order back. he introduced campbell on thursday and he did immense words. >> we are kicking you in the teeth when he punches back we will smile at you. when you knock us down we will get up and on the way up we will bite the kneecap off, then we will stand up and will take two more shots to knock us down. and on the way take your other kneecap, and then we will get up and will take three shots to get us down. then when we do we will take another hunk out of you. before long we will be the last one standing. >> did you get that? february is around the corner and for high school sports in california it is time. it is past time to let these student athletes lay in all sports. we've had parents and students across the bay area hold rallies like here leem ay
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californ initiative. a pa of prominent out front lead blocking, trying to work with government officials and safely restart high school sports.>> the data and science is showing that we don't need to kick the can down the road any further. other states have proven they can do it, so let's give these kids the opportunity that others have. february 15 will be a great start, three weeks acclamation period. we will get it to full month season. >> i know you did a great life shut livermore about that. february 15 is that target where they really want to get the ball rolling. as a point of reference the state of north carolina, they are starting high school football the first week of
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february to end sometime
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check that out, minnesota residents now have a half-mile long ice maze to explore. being touted as the largest ice maze in the nation. i didn't know there was competition. it has more than 1500 blocks of ice each weighing more than 350 pounds. it's complete with ice
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sculptures and drones for photo ops and ice slides.>> that is it ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, vaccines interrupted, hospitals and pharmacies in some states running out, appointments canceled, even as some doses go unused. the deepening distribution crisis, as the virus mutates. also tonight, president biden uses the power of his pen to fight covid. can he deliver with congress divided? and dr. deborah birx, now on the outside looking back. people ini >> there are people in the white house-- and i think people around this country-- who definitely believed that this was a hoax. >> diaz: wuhan's mystery virus, one year later. cbs news is there. plus, those signature suspenders, that unmistakable voice...


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