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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  July 26, 2020 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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a group of protesters set fire to a county courthouse in oakland that led to its destruction. details about employees who have died from the coronavirus. millions of americans are left in limbo as unemployment benefits run out. >> i feel anxious about it and scared. it is just about 6 am. good morning. let's get started this morning with a check of our weather. sunday is almost an exact repeat of saturday. i will show you where it is
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cloudy right now and where it is not. it is all in the same exact places. cloudy in the city and cloudy in the east bay which is the view over oakland. it is clear in san jose. very much like yesterday. even for the places i just showed you, we will burn off the clouds for much of the city by the time we get to late morning today. temperatures range from 54 in santa rosa to 62 in oakland. it is a great start for most. it will stay cloudy at the coast all day. there is a warm up coming for later this week. 91 in concord and livermore. it will only be 83 in san jose today. 82, santa rosa. i will be back with more in just a few minutes.
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police windows were smashed and a lobby was set on fire. a crowd on hand as people throw things into the fire. it was set in the library of the alameda county superior court house. just a few protesters took part in that distraction. people broke windows and shot fireworks and used fireworks as projectiles to assault officers. earlier in the evening, protesters spoke out against racism and police miscondu people marched down franklin street and broadway. it was meant to be a show of solidarity for protesters in portland, oregon. protesters are not backing down. thousands gathered on earlier
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this morning authorities cleared a riot after protesters breached of events surrounding a federal courthouse. federal agents had been stationed there. another night of clashes left teargas and at least seven people have been injured. >> a riot declaration is in effect this morning in seattle. police arrested 25 people during large demonstrations there. they deployed flash bang and three officers were injured including one hospitalized with a leg injury from an explosion. at one point someone breached o device blew up leaving an eight inch hole in the precinct wall. we are learning new details about the alameda county technician who died of
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coronavirus yesterday. the 61-year-old had served with the department since 1997. the sheriff described her as a wonderful and loving person with a bright smile. she is survived by several children and 13 grandchildren. they honored her with an escort along the highway. a sheriff's deputy due to complications from coronavirus contracted the virus at the jail. the 57-year-old got sick after an outbreak at the facility last month. this is the department's second deputy that has died from the fibrous. a los angeles police officer also died from covid saying the deaths of these two heroes is a real and painful reminder of the risks these men and women face every single day protecting the people of california. the flag at the state capital
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will be flown at half mast. 15 petaluma crewmembers are in quarantine. the station where that officer worked is close for deep cleaning. they are juggling the schedules to fix the staffing gap. the rancho adobe fire department will help respond to emergencies citywide. 30 million americans have been receiving federal unemployment aid. there is no plan and congress right now to replace that money. we spoke with some unemployed workers who are worried about what lies ahead. >> i feel anxious about it and a little bit scared. >> she is a single mom of thres housekeeper when the pandemic began. she is one of about 30 million
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americans that will lose the extra $600 unemployment boost. >> with the 600 and help me a lot. it paid my bills. i live paycheck to paycheck. >> her unemployment check is about to drop to $450 per week. senate republicans are still finalizing their proposal which they say will prevent anyone from making more on unemployment than they did at work. >> the administration has ditio they ct in theis an unemployment was just enough for her to get by. it is unclear when she will be able to return to the marriott >> i really want to go back to work. i am not that lazy mother who was just depending on
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unemployment. >> that was betty reporting. nancy pelosi will be among the guests on face the nation. you can see that interview this morning. san francisco officials are launching an unprecedented educational assistance program to help children with distance learning needs. kenny choi has details. recreational centers like this one will be transformed into learning centers. it is one way to address disadvantaged students struggling with distance learning in this covid world. >> online learning is a monumental challenge. >> hopefully our youngest, we all know that there is very little learning going on in distance learning capacity. >> that hardship is magnified for low income families.
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>> we are working closely with their school district partners to identify these families. >> dozens of recreation facilities, libraries and community centers will serve as learning centers. >> we are trying to serve families who are homeless who are in foster care and who are in our public housing. >> inside the subs children will have access to support staff. it is difficult al for kids with limited parental help. >> kids that they're trying to learn it will allow them access to other parts of the internet and other activities online. >> the program will serve kindergarten through sixth grade students. young children have lower rates of infection. >> we we are asking is to
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provide those services in full studenn school district. because of limited resources, this program will serve 6000 students this wall. we are tracking all the updates as kids prepare back to virtual classrooms. head to back-to- school. mask up or pay up. hunter kelly will authorize fines for anyone puke weing a mask. similar penalties for businesses with range from $250 to $1000. two other counties have
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approved similar fines up to $500. ague summer camp was shut down riding after someone tested positive for the virus. parents are concerned that the camp b monday. open since june. they have divided children into pods for outdoor activities. apparent told kpix 5 that a staff member was infected. workers will claim the facility. one parent says she thinks that is just a mistake. >> i don't know how they are reopening next week. >> the city says this is the first positive case since they open the summer camp.
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there were 350 kids at 22 locations across oakland. alameda county just crossed the 10,000 case mark. santa clara county has 8800 er 500ses,too tay off the state watchlist. recent wilson walker to find out why. >> a lot of business owners are worried that they might have to close down. the county was on the precipice of that state watchlist. they might mathematically have been there, but they never officially landed on that list. that is great news for salon and jim owners. but what about down to the south? >> business has been rough either way. at least being open we had an opportunity.
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>> when we spoke with taylor martin he was worried that he would be closed again by now. despite the situation. nna menlo park, the salon remains open. it would not be if she were any further down el camino. >> i worried because the boundary is already there. >> there is something wrong with the metrics. >> he is a little frustrated with the ins and outs of the watchlist. his county had its own reopening plan that wasn't so heavily focused on what a business did but how it might
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operate safely. >> we have that going for literally two days and then the state stepped in and put us on the watchlist. >> how did san mateo county that does trespass over the benchmark still managed to stay off the tchlist? >> i thinonof the ings is ok atr criaand we are doing rather well. >> san mateo supervisor who thought the county would get listed said they avoided it by making a strong argument in their own defense. >> it looks like the state in that area is taking us seriously. >> there was no such luck on the other side of the county line. >> i think the governor is doing the best he can to up with somngt ne of dealt with he has come up with a better
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way of dealing with these issues. >> san mateo is not totally off that list. the numbers could change and things could go a different direction. one more thing to look out for is san mateo county could very well become the next county to consider businesses that do not enforce rules like mask wearing. we are in redwood city. we know it is tough to keep track of what is open and what is closed. a tropical storm with powerful wind makes landfall. they are already dealing with emergency resources. people in hawaii are getting ready for hurricane douglas now moving towards in oahu.
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what was once a hurricane is now tropical storm hanna. the governor has issued disaster declarations for 32
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counties. it's overwhelming texas hospitals and they have stretched an emergency services stand. 90 mile-per-hour winds torah the roads are brought powerful storm surges. it is expected to skirt the houston area. intense weather conditions, take a look at this video from the southern tip of texas where an 18 wheeler overturned. residents are gearing up for hurricane douglas in hawaii. it is threatening the island was strong winds and flash floods. there is a hurricane warning. the big island and maui remain on hurricane watch is. shelter. >> that opens up a lot more and, opportunity. the shelters can only accommodate so many people. >> the mayor said there could
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be 13 other emergency shelters. everyone must wear a face covering to be admitted to those shelters. >> a convergence of issues and we will see how we balance both covid-19 with other natural disasters. let's take the one heading for hawaii. that is the most up-to-date satellite. you can see the category 1 hurricane sitting off the big island. it is out of the big wrist. there's a fairly narrow cone of uncertainty. and now were looking at perhaps a hit on the north shore of in oahu. that's why honolulu is making preparations. that is sunday night. let's bring it ahead tonight. the next island up is kawai. between tonight and tomorrow morning is where we are going
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to see douglas come to close for comfort. this will be a story to watch t hurricane that made landfall yey,this over. there is a lot of rain to be dropped by tropical storm that is in no hurry to move anywhere. more notably once you start to get over to monterey xico wecould see 18 inches of rain. meanwhile back here at home, you can barely see the top half of the golden gate ridge. in san jose, not a cloud in the sky. san francisco is 1 degree behind you. santa rosa, 54. we will time out the marine layer as it melts back to the coast today. as we get into the 8:00 hour
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and by 10:00, the gray has melted back to the coast and that is where it will sit for most of today. by the time we get into the late afternoon and early evening it will start to creep on shore. here we go into the evening and we see it begin to increase. the daytime high today as a result of what we just saw are identical to yesterday. mid-80s for the south bay. fremont goes to 80. redwood city, low to mid-80s. hot over here in the inland east bay. walnut creek going to 88. oakland only goes to 74 today. it will still be hot in mendocino county with 99 for the daytime high. there's cooled down that i mentioned at the top of the
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forecast. 94 today until 87 on wednesday. things are really moderated. we are in that summer pattern with the marine layer and the sea breeze. >> i feel like those numbers have inched up a degree or two. >> they have. it looked a little bit lower for wednesday. it is a subtle difference and l erside. just hanging out on our fans. >> a black bear has become a regular visitor in one monterey county neighborhood. the bear popped up in their backyard. the young male likely came from a nearby national forest in search of a snk.
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e a bear for your window. i have a window that overlooks my backyard and i looked to my kitchen and there was the bear in my backyard. >> fish and wildlife is helping the bear will find its way back to the forest on its own. north korea pushed the city on lockdown signing the first possible case of coronavirus that the government is willing to acknowledge. thousands of people in the phil
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the north korean city has been put under lockdown over coronavirus concerns. kim jong-un put the measure in place on friday afternoon after a person was found with symptoms in a city near the border with south korea. it would be north korea's first confirmed case. the government has said there is no virus cases on its territory. in brazil there are more than 2 million confirmed cases. the country's president says he has tested negative for the virus. he greeted supporters wearing a mask but not social distancing. the president was photographed
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without a mask talking to people at his residence. it is not clear about his negative test result. the president left his palace on a motorcycle ride without a mask in sight. they have criticized a leader for socializing so soon after being infected. he sets a bad example. in the philippines thousands of people are stranded in the stadium amid the pandemic. they are stuck at a sports complex waiting for the government. although most people were face s is difficult to practice healthy social distancing. the government plans to transport more than eight thousand thank thpeople. antigovernment protests are continuing in israel. rallies are bringing together anticorruption campaigners and
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people protesting the government's handling of the pandemic. protesters gathered in front of the prime minister's residence. the number of coronavirus cases has surpassed 60,000 and more than 450 people have died from the virus there. protesters marched against the spanish monarchy against the former king. he's being investigated into a high-speed rail contract. his son has responded to pressure by pronouncing any personal inheritance from his father. he has stopped the annual public stipend paid to the former king. a weeklong traveling ceremony honoring john lewis gets underway. struck a san francisco landmark is getting an upgrade. how it will be transformed to serve
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studios, this is kpix 5 news . welcome back. let's get started with a check of our weather.
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camera behind you. that's nothing out of the ordinary for this time of they. these clouds are the ones that ocean beach. you will see more blue sky here today. we will burn the marine layer back for everybody except at the coast for we will keep the partly cloudy. there is the view looking back at the tower. we are looking south to the east bay. in san jose just like yesterday, sunshine on the buildings there and not a cloud overhead. 59, san jose. you will see that temperature warm up in the warm to mid-80s. we will be clearing by late morning. we will get a nice drop in the middle of the week but we will
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warm up. but first, there is sunday. low 90s inland. upper 70s for much of the bay. san jose, 83. most other places will be below that. six days of events honoring john lewis began yesterday as well as in troy the hometown that help shape his quest for racial justice. he died of cancer late friday. michele miller reports from selma. >> the black national anthem was sung and honor of john lewimemorial service in selma, alabama. the states first black congresswoman remembers her friend and colleague. >> he gave us a roadmap. all we have to do is stare to
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follow with. the human rights activists and oldest living son of dr. martin luther king jr.. >> i derive phenomenal inspiration from his example over and over again. >> earlier on saturday his siblings recall his character. >> he always wanted to improve the lives of other. >> it was right here in selma when lewis and protesters seeking equal voter rights began their 54 mile work to montgomery. they got to the foot of the >>rnaround and disperse. >> they came toward us beating us with nightsticks, using teargas. >> two weeks after the attack lewis and hundreds more completed the march in the ceremony on sunday lewis's
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casket will be brought across the bridge making that inspiring journey one last time. michele miller, cbs news, selma, alabama. over the next week he will lie in state at the capital in washington dc as well as at the alabama and georgia state capitals. people across america our morning regis philbin who died of natural causes at the age of 88. he had a long time presents and begin hosting live with regis and kathy lee. when she exited he was paired with kella ripa for another decade. he also hosted who wants to be a millionaire. there are no words to express her love for her friend. he brought laughter and joy into our homes every day.
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fleetwood mac cofounder peter green has died at the age of 73. he passed away peacefully in his sleep. he formed the group fleetwood mac in 19 he wrote some of the best-known songs when the band produced their first three albums under his direction including their debut hit, simply fleetwood mac. stevie next said his guitar playing is what made her excited to join the band and his legacy will live on forever. a board member says it's not out of the question that the agency struggles to move ahead. d-e blre running behind on e rshithe d it may hao consider loans or service reductions to make up the
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difference. a new report from yell ranks that area third in the nation right behind new york and los angeles. the company said san francisco, oakland and hayward alone have seen just over 5000 temporary and permanent closure since march and nearly 370 restaurants are gone for good. santa clara county is borrowing a popular tactic to try to shorten those hour-long coronavirus testing lines. three walk-up sites will be issuing wristbands for people to return at a designated time. in addition to reducing wait times, the system will cut down on the overall crowds at those sites. there will be a limited number of wristbands so people are encouraged to show up early to
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> a piece railway histor is getng emily turner tells us that the historic landmark will be put to a good new use >> it took almost 2 decades but now the past becomes part of a future. it will be the future home of the performing arts workshop. it will serve kids. >> it teaches art and dance classes, they provide a variety of opportunities for kids to gather. they will have a black box theater. >> it is a piece of living history in san francisco. >> the car barn and powerhouse provided power for the city's first electric cars going back
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to 1901. >> the building provided power all the way up to the 19 80s. the earthquake not get out of commission and the building started to fall apart after that. the park department acquired it in 2004 with help from multiple sources. and now is giving neighborhood kids something to look forward to. >> it's been about a 16 year journey to become a reality. however, they are doing distance learning classes so it will just be a little bit longer before the students are in-house. the town of morgan hill maybe giving us a glimpse of the future as they go all in on outdoor dining. surgical green
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hospital blue. thesare thcolorsen one natioing in athankful for everyone who wears these coloth
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we syou. one natioing in athankful for everyone
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outdoor restaurants in downtown were ordered to shut down. they got caught in the crossfire of a bureaucratic battle between the county and the state, and now they are back. the town is doing business alfresco in a big way. >> morgan hill is feeling the other place. this community is showing what you can do when you embre change. >> the sidewalk outside of restaurants are full of tables that extend out into the street. the city government had to ease regulations to make it happen.
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>> with our new norm we have partnered with our community to help our businesses thrive through this pandemic. >> it is not enough just to drag table outside. they are offering grants to businesses to pay for upgrades to make the area more inviting. it might be lighting, new murals or potted all of trees to turn street parking spaces into a european dining experience. >> it brings everyone together and the vibrancy of the trees and everything is beautiful. >> the whole goal is to fight the wind, son, and temperatures . >> he and his op%-útheir resta months before the pandemic hit. they spent a lot of money fixing up the inside another doing it again outdoors.
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what used vey holds tables. next says the new additions have improved their sales from 20% of normal up to 70%. >> so hopefully we are thinking about what this means long- term. >> and morgan hill they are just trying to hang on. they are embracing a model of alfresco living placing an all in bet that the public will enjoy yet. they are discovering that being kicked to the curb may not be so bad after all. in the market, we've got you covered. just had to work better together section. let's get caught up on this forecast. gray skies for much of the bay. it doesn't last
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that is what we will do again today. i will show that to you in detail hour by hour. let's go to our live you. we have plenty of gray there but the beauty shot of the morning is in the south bay was san jose. all of that dereck sunshine. 59, san jose, we will go to the mid-80s in san jose today and see temperatures get nowhere near that in the city. an update on both tropical storms what is now tropical storm hanna and hurricane douglas heading hawaweovof thos let me get you caught up on what happens today. we will watch the marine layer go back. there is 9:00 and there is 10
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am. any gray on here by 10:00 is back at the coastline. it will stay that way throughout the day. this will take us through the afternoon and then you can see a classic pattern as we get toward sunset the clouds start to build again. we have been doing this for the last month. the thing about today's temperatures are they will be identical to yesterday. mid-80s for much of the south bay. we we'll top out in the low 90s. dublin, 87. we will hit 70 in san rafael. 80 in santa rosa. those numbers for sonoma county come in quite nice for this time of year. we will keep some of those locations a couple of degrees below average. if you are in the far inland east bay, it will be hot.
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mid-90s today. we do cooldown by wednesday. highs in the upper 80s. that cooldown does not last long. the next warm up is in sight for next weekend and that means we will go back up into the mid- 90s again. big changes this time of year really only occur for the top line inland spots. if you look at the bay and you look at the coast you moderate up and down a little but you don't notice much of a dramatic change one way or another. orn s eithnks thofal about water. if you are inland you will feel a swing. >> touppermost temperatures you really have to go inland. >> yes. san jose is getting a bit of a
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benefit. is not that bad in san jose. it will warm up by next weekend, but it shouldn't be the mid-90s. drive-ins are having a bit of a renaissance right now. is coming to san francisco. the floating cinema will be made up of many boats holding up to eight family members and a social bubble. tickets are not on sale just yet. it is expected to include some new wish movies and golden oldies. a pandemic and otes ov ♪
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need.
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and until thishts over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit.
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john peers name can be found on buildings and wildlife preserves across california. the sierra club is calling out the questionable pass of its founder. they say he associated himself with white supremacists and indigenous populations were inferior. >> the young john muir was not the john muir in his later writings. if we want to be part of a movement with justice and equity we need to be sure that we come to terms with our past. we are not trying to erase history. we are trying to learn from it. >> every time you read john muir the problem set up, now are readily apparent.
6:52 am
he certainly thought that indian peoples were inferior. >> the sierra club says they will acknowledge that his perspective changed over the course of his life. a bay area student found himself in a whirlwind when the pandemic hit. she found even new challenges. the coronavirus and protests over racial injustice. how she is working to make her mark. >> she is reeling after her recent trip home from south africa. her study abroad program was abruptly cut shot by covid-19. >> i was upset. >> the 22-year-old took a flight back to the bay area as
6:53 am
her host country went into lockdown. online classes followed with instructors half a world away. and then a new reality. a social of people gripped her community. >> people want to see justice and change. >> quite a bit for anyone to unpack. she is wise beyond her years. her time in south africa making a lifetime of impact. >> it reminded me that racism is an issue everywhere. i experienced it and it is similar in south africa. in the rld havea lot ging, and. things that we need to work on. i have been writing a lot about black lives matter.
6:54 am
>> a four-year of fare reflecting her own journey through challenging times. >> writing about it has helped me understand how i am feeling about it and the message i want to give to the world. her message is simple and powerful. >> i want black lives matter to continue doing what they are doing. i am going to continue making music centered around my experience. >> for students rising above, i am michele diego. to
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is time for a look at this
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morning's top stories. hundreds gathered to protest. some of the demonstrators became destructive. they smashed the lobby and the alameda courthouse was set on fire. the protest began quietly where speakers address racism and police misconduct. many demonstrators marched down broadway as a show of solidarity for protesters in portland, oregon. a sheriff technician has died of covid-19. he served the department since 1997. last week the deputy also died from a virus. 15 crew members are in isolation after a firefighter tested positive for the virus. the station is close for ying t bridge the staffing gaps.
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benefits are expiring and there was no plan in place to replace them. locals losing those benefits are anxious and scared about the situation. we will show you how the clouds have filled in. as we check out ocean beach, they likely will clear a whole lot here today. we will keep a good amount of that great around. you will see sunshine on the east bay within the next couple of hours. it never clouded over in san jose. the numbers right now are right around 60. look how much we will warm-up mid-for places like inlandamedan
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