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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 31, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. let's get over to darren peck for our wednesday forecast. wednesday will play out very much like tuesday and thursday will be similar as well. by the end of the week we have a bit of a warm-up. let me get you ready for wednesday. we take a look outside looking back towards the bay bridge, it is always a when you can see that with no clouds in the way. we have low stratus clouds across much of the bay. you will notice that as you get out at about. i'm not seeing any issues with. it's not like this is down in the roadway. 60 in concord. 61 in san francisco. it is nice to see a one degree warmer temperature for the bay and city. that will not last long. we are only going to 66. we will make it up to 89 for inland locations today. relatively warm, only about a degree or two above average for inland spot. it is later in the week when things warm-up. i have slightly warmer this weekend and the cards and the forecast. i will be back with more on that in a bit.
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we have a couple of issues taking at the overall travel times. i will use that as a frame of reference. there's an accident e righ side. it is actually just past the dublin interchange if you continue in the westbound direction. the drivetime that 35 minutes chloe started to creep into the yellow. still in the green on the eastshore freeway. at the hercules offramp there is an accident blocking at least one lane. a 60 minute drive. still good to go on highway for and 101. the bay bridge this morning is starting to get busy. should see demeter glisan the next 20 minutes or so, maybe inside consider how busy it is. once you get past the toll plaza your smooth sailing into san francisco. off to the san mateo bridge, have heavy volume this morning. it is not terrible. easy for this time of morning. it eastbound direction it is better. and the construction has
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cleared on the richmond san rafael bridge. i'm kate nielsen. just a w mo 40 people appeared in court in hong kong, charged with writing. activists have been clashing with police since april and this is being called the biggest political crisis in the former british colony since the return to chinese rule more than 20 years ago. the massive demonstration started when city leaders proposed allowing extraditions from hong kong to mainland china. at times, millions of protesters had taken to the streets. there are questions about the use of police force to contain these protesters. the live news desk, i'm kate nielsen. thdead mass sh at the acted alo and me have been planning for a bigger attack. and decatur city discovered a gas mask bullet proof vest, empty boxes of ammunition, anti- gun light at santino legan home
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in mineral county, nevada. they also reportedly found a camouflage backpacked, gun pamphlets and mysterious letter from virginia to santino. investigators say they also found an extra back of ammunition which he used to gain access to the festival, as well is a shotgun inside of the car. the motive is still unclear. some survivors who ran for their lives are just now getting the cars back from christmas hill park. volunteers and vendors need to present proof of ownership and then there escorted by law em r vehicles from two parking lot. it is just one step so process of putting their lives back together. >> it is kind of a heaviness, but a sense of community. there is a little bit of shakiness and everyone you run across the, but also a sense of community that is very strong. >> police are still holding on
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to vehicles and belongings at the crime scene. it could be a few more days before they are released. more than $140,000 has been raised for the families of the gilroy shooting victims. if you want to help, you can find information on our website, the santa clara county sheriffs office is beefing up patrols ahead of the county fair. before the event begins tomorrow. despite what happened in gilroy, one supervisor said he wants to make sure families feel safe.>> what we will be able to tell you is that enough due diligence has gone into it that there is a plan we feel good about. a lot of it is confidential because we do not want people with criminal intent to work around some kind of a public statement. schleicher county says, we have reviewed security plans for the county fair and we are working with the sheriffs office to increase vigilance and to curate measures. organizers fore of arts say ha crash barriers to prevent
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potential vehicle attack. they've also added surveillance video to the venue. specialized personnel, rent and additional staffing. event will have an observation tower that begins this saturday. performance of listening to dozens of witnesses the german indigo ship warehouse fire trial could get the case soon.>> jackie ward his life in oakland, with more. for >> reporter: the prosecution will continue closing arguments this morning. after that, the case may be in the jury hands. max harris and derick almena face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one count for each person who died in the fire december 2, 2016. the difference roughed up the closing arguments and creamed arson and not criminal negligence is what caused the fire. the defense attorney that the oakland fire department has perjured themselves to the trial and called it conspiracy to protect oakland. inside the courtroom the judge kept reminding family back
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members of the victim to keep any disapproving expressions to themselves. it was not easy to do during the defense closing arguments. >> after this verdict is over, i do not get a break. my lifechanges. known as excused from doing the wrong thing. we all go to school and are raised in going to adult and we know consequences. we know causes. >> reporter: the defense team feels confident but once they presented but admitted it would be close and the drape may take a long time to reach a verdict. if derick almena and harris were found guilty they face anything from probation to 39 years in prison. live in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. day two of the democratic debates and all eyes on senator kamala harris and the former vice president, joe biden. last night it was a battle between the moderates and the progressives. reporter or podesta is in
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detroit with the highlights. >> reporter: right off the bat was not a soda between the leading candidate senators bernie sanders and elizabeth ward. if it was the two senators defending their progressive positions against the more moderate idates. pealth and medicare r all. secoof all -- i know it. i wrote it. >> we are democrats. we are not about trying to take away healthcare from anyone. that is what the republicans are trying to do and we should stop using republican talking points. like it used to be just republicans who wanted to repeal and replace. now many democrats do as well. >> that is a disaster. you may as well fedex election to donald trump. >> more moderate democrats also warned their liberal counterparts to focus on policy it's not political agenda. >> i think it democrats when
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when we run on real solutions. >> is times to stop worrying about what republicans will say. >> if it is true if we embrace far left agenda they will say we are a bunch of crazy socialist. if we embrace a conservative agenda they will say we are a bunch of crazy socialist. with set up for the right policy and go out and defendant. >> 10 mark candidate take to the stage to face off tonight. a lot of eyes are the front runner for russ president joe biden and senator kamala harris. last time, they didn't really get along and this time the former vice president joe biden says his not going to be as polite.>> we will see what happens tonight. to think last night debate teed up any things we may have tonight. >> i think we will hear a lot more questions about
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healthcare, immigration, and race. i think the a lot of the candidates will respond to some of president trump recent tweeted that some have called racist. it will also be interesting to see how cnn changes their moderation. we have received criticism relating a fire between the candidates other than moderating and asking questions that did not put them against each other.>> or podesta, thank you. >> the bay area housing market is red-hot as we all know but one neighborhood in santa clara county is even hotter for a particular group of buyers. we're talking about old palo alto. the area has the highest percentage of foreign buyers. take a look at this century old renovated estate featuring five bedrooms, a wine cellar, and agent. it is on the market for just under $40 million. the ceo says his clients are not the same client he was used
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to seeing. i'm kate nielsen. you are taking a look at the progress 73 cargo craft. this is actually in kazikstan right now. it is scheduled to lift off any moment. this is a resupply ship for the international space station. the ship is loaded with almost three tons of food, fuel, and other supplies that was scheduled in kazikstan. we are about one minute after and you can see some of the clement falling away you are about to see the rock on to take off. looking at this life. this is russians apply spatial petting to the international space station. we are expecting left off momentarily.
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you can see progress 73 launching from kazikstan. it will take about three hours to get up to the international space station. that is a cargo resupply ship, loaded with three tons of food. the progress 73 would actually stay docked at the international space station until mid december. there are already three other ships currently docked there. no doubt the astronauts on the international space station are excited to get new supplies, and hopefully some fresh food and equipment. >> you got a lovely life news desk. she is watching the live feed and we get a chance to see it.
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>> straightahead, a youtube software engineer accused of going on a drug fueled rampage. the dramatic new video that was just released. all smooth sailing at the weather department for the next couple of days. we warm back up a bit for the weekend. it will not be like the heat of last weekend. but still a change. i will have that the details, coming up. clearly taking a live look at the richmond san rafael ridge. there are a few delays over to the right-hand side. we will be checking in on the rest of the commute and just a moment. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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new body cam video showing the night a youtube software engineer allegedly went on a drug fueled rampage in bodega bay. france a 32-year-old took lsd back on july 4. they say hidden tax them and took off to the nearby home. he is accused of stabbing the security guard with an outdoor light >> before stealing the guards truck and moments later, you can see the same truck running down two woman walking along the roadway. >> [ ]>officers
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located the man far away. they told him to get out of the truck, and that is what they say he drove towards them and officer shot him at least three times. he survived and is facing multiple charges including attempted murder. his attorney says he will likely undergo rehab for once. a massive wildfire near the california oregon border is burning out of control. the tucker fire arrested on sunday and has spread to more than 14,000 acres. that would make it the largest fire on national forest lands this year and it is now 10 percent contained. down south, about 100 homeless people forced out of this homeless encampment near los angeles after a large grass fire account. the fire ignited near and seen on. officials say the amestank fire crews ced the lfe is aski
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finding a piece of equipment that was stolen and it is pretty hard to miss. this bright orange portable water tank was stolen sometime between friday night and saturday morning from the scene of a fire. it happened near highway 36 d and red bluff. calfire is hoping that somebody spots it. >> can we not steal from calfire. spec of all of the people that need every resource -- >> they're trying to do their jobs. we are keeping our eye out for traffic collisions. there are new ones into the real-time traffic center. let's take a look at the overall big picture. the good news is that most of this is still in the green. we are seeing a few issues as w ramp. there is an accident with debris in the roadway. 19 is blocked as well as the shoulder. the hp is on the case and they are getting there to clean it
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up and clear it out of the roadways. the altamont pass is starting to slow down. your backed into the tracy triangle. 15 miles per hour. and moving right along, no problems until you approach the dublin interchange where there is just a little bit of flowing. there is an accident as you are headed into walnut creek southbound, 680. not causing any delays on this map. other maps say it is a little slow as you approach walnut creek as the result of the collision with debris in the roadway. yourself some extra time to take it slow if you're headed in that direction. your main travel times are only in the yellow. 37 minutes. have actually gotten a minute back. everywhere else is in the green. no problems to report on the main travel times. the bay bridge metering lights rotted you can see the traffic stacking up under the flyover. not quite to the front of the maze into the background. the eastshore freeway is moving along very well. the san mateo bridge is busy but the ti morning anthe commut
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the westbound direction. eastbound things look good to go. the richmond san rafael bridge has no problems to report. the construction and lane closures have been cleared. no issues. we have been having a pretty easy july. and it interesting statistic we dug out. it is a fact you have to go back to 2012 if you want to find a july where we did not get warmer than 75. this is the first time 75 was the highest temperature that we had since 2012. if you have been thinking, it has been uneventful, temperature-wise, i know we had our heatwave over the weekend in the inland valleys practice has been one of those months where the heat waves were not experienced equally across the bay area and the closer you have been to the water, the really has not been a whole lot going on. there is something to see from the camera that sits on top of the sales force cannot. bay brge, could be deceiving.
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it does not look like there are any clouds at all. if you go up to the top of the sales force tower and look at the same direction, you can tell the bay bridge is there. now it is out of view because the clouds are a little bit higher. this tells us the marine layer has been able to increase in height a little. the high pressure has weakened to allow it to do that. we still have clout. they are not necessarily down on the ground. if we take a look at the numbers, 60 in concord. 51 in santa rosa. let's see where the clouds are. reviews the latest futurecast. coming for a close-up look doing a good job of depicting where the low clouds are. your they are in the east bay. not on the ground. if you look up, you will see alt over towards the city if we work our way towards the north, in napa valley we are seeing a pretty good expanse of the low clouds. we wake up to gray skies. most everyone else will have sunshine as the san jose has clear skies overhead and so will santa
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rosa. if we look at the temperatures, these are pretty much right on the mark this time of year. that means 82 in san jose. 10 degrees warmer in oakland where it will be 72. this is a good example of what july numbers will be like and you can see the spread on a typical day across the bay area from 66 in san francisco to the upper 80s in concord. 89 in concord today. there in santa rosa on top going to 87. we are going to start warming up. by the time you get to the end of the week, and into the weekend. you see the low to mid 90s. it is not big. this will not be the kind of heat we had at the end of last week and this weekend. no heat advisories. the low 90s for inland spot and noticeably warmer than today. everyone else goes back up into the low to mid 70s. in the right place, at the right time twice. how two bus drivers the same city lent a helping hands to
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good morning. we are taking a live look out to the dublin to change. this is the busiest live camera. take a look at all of the traffic that is headed into work this morning. you have plenty of company. the drivetime is in the yellow to get to the dublin interchange but you are smooth sailing. just a little bit of heavier volume. two bus drivers being praised for helping two separate lost hundred the same day. spec it all happened on july 5 in milwaukee, wisconsin. before sunrise i tell there was spotted alone near an intersection crying, barefoot, leopde from his grandmothers house. later in the morning, a gardener saw a little girl
5:26 am
walking along the road wearing pajamas and also crying. >> she was just walking with a blanket saying she was going where her mother was and when i asked her where her mother was she said georgia and i was like, okay. come here. suck both drivers say they are grateful that they were in the right place to help. thankfully was them that found the two little kids but forcing. spot that a said. coming up, we are on the scene in gilroy as the festival shooting investigation intensified. what we have learned this morning. two rocket launches that we are following the live news death. the latest is coming. forstmann choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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investigators and go right searching for clues. why they believe the shooter is
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planning a bigger attack. a violent attack in broad daylight. the suspects in the video are still on the loose. >> colorful see thoughts at the board. the professor that found a way for kids in america and mexico to play together. it is wednesday, july 31 i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. darren peck is in fort mary lee with the forecast. we have them all covered and it looks a lot like yesterday. there is really not a lot to be seeing in the mother department. it is up for the weekend. not a heatwave. we are going to get a little warmer than what we are enjoying the time we get to friday and saturday. it is 60 in concord. 57 in san francisco. 51 in santa rosa. a beautiful shot from the camera on treasure island looking back towards the city. 66 for the daytime high in san francisco. exactly what you consider
5:31 am
average. that is the same across much of the bay. look at the inland temperature at 89. that is about 2 degrees warmer than average. will probably be more like five or 7 degrees of above average by friday and that is where the bottom line and headlines say. slightly warmer this weekend. if you patchy clouds for the bay area. will track where you are most likely to see that, coming up in the forecast, in a few minutes. we are starting to heat up and have some trouble spots. let's take a look at the overall travel times. altamont pass is the only one the yellow. accident to report your creeping up closer to the 40 minute mark driving out the tracy trying to. something to report as far as eastshore freeway at highway for a concerned. if either one of the highways or interstates is a part of the commute, there is a big rig stalled walking one lane at 80 and highway for. that may cause you a little bit of trouble and you will start to see the commute times creep up a little longer in the next couple of minutes.
5:32 am
it is a big rig stall. 101 out of the south bay still looks good. coming out the altamont pass, the dublin interchange looks good. now major issues to report. just regular rush-hour traffic with plenty of volume headed northbound or sout fing the aon you are und. backze on to the a 80 flower. the volume is starting to pick up. here is a life look at christmas hill park in gilroy. and skaters tried to piece out exactly how the garlic hostile shooting unfolded and this morning, police are unable to determine a motive for the deadly rampage. they believe the gunman, santino legan acted alone when he killed three people and injured nearly 2 dozen on sunday. he was shot and killed by police officers patrolling the festival.
5:33 am
investigator say they discovered more evidence at his home in nevada including gas car gilroullet proof d in sar atace and power academy where she attended school. >> you cannot really describe how bad it shooting unfolded the family was separated. kayla salazar was last seen helping a relative who walked with a cane. elsewhere in san jose the family of the of the youngest victim also gathered for a private vigil held at his store school, spark academy. i'm kate nelson at the live news desk. right now, progress, 73 cargo craft on its way to the international space station. we showed you the rocket taking
5:34 am
off. we showed it to you live around 5:10 this morning. the space craft took off kazakhstan and a resupply mission for the international space station loaded up with almost 3 tons of food, fuel, and other supplies. estate docked at the international space station until december. also today, north korea tested missiles for the second time in less than a week. overnight the north korean military fired two short range ballistic missiles which appear to be similar to the ones launched six days ago. the form policy analysts say the missile test could be aimed at boosting pressure on the u.s. to renew nuclear talks. military experts say the types of missiles they are testing capable of carrying nuclear weapons. happening today, crucial
5:35 am
deadline for pg&e. has to file a patent statement with the federal court in response that the utility failed to properly maintain its electric system. a recent wall street journal report says they were aware the powerlines could ignite wildfires but did not repair or replace the parts of the system that were outdated. they could've the high-voltage power line in butte county that started the devastating camp fire. the judge the case is the same judge overseeing probation for the role ended of the pipeline explosion in san bruno, in 2010. new details about the deadly shooting at a mississippi one at store. the suspect gunman is not being charged with two counts of murder. prosecutors and desoto county said martez abram was the smothered after an incident where he showed a knife to a coworker. he remained hospitalized after he was shot by a police officer yesterday. the two people shot and killed were walmart employees.
5:36 am
two teenage murder suspects are still on the loose in canada. tip that led authorities to a remote area did not pan out and police are still searching for kam mcleod and 18-year-old they e accused of killing three people in british columbia including an american woman. investigator say they have searched more than 500 homes so far. several cisco police are on the hunt for three men expect suspected in a violent attack in chinatown. take a look. they released this surveillance video of the suspects. police a on july 15 the suspect for one man to the ground. a 69-year-old man stepped in to try to help, but they allegedly knocked him unconscious. police say they stole one of the victims watches. both victims will be okay. supervisor: calling a police to release democratic that are victims of crimes over the past 10 years. he says the asian community is increasingly becoming a target of robberies, and high-profile
5:37 am
crimes.>> the information will indicate whether certain communities or demographic groups are disproportionately impacted by specific types of crimes. >> the providers has releasing the numbers will be critical to developing more effective crime prevention strategies. new number so more than 900 shouldn't have been separated from their families at the us- mexico border sends a judge ordered last year practice be sharply decreased. that is according to the american civil the parties unit. in a court filing in n diego the aclu claimed 911 kids had been separated from their families since the court order. to include 678 whose parents faced allegations of criminal conduct. two bay area professors are behind an unusual display the southern border. they were actual results at th border. between mexico and new mexico.
5:38 am
it was installed and taken apart in one day. it was the brainchild of san rafael san fratello and ron ryal. thought there is a tremendous amount of beauty and this is what is forgotten to be told. professor ron arroyo id n rao said a group helped them build it. so far this year at least 20 were children have died after being left behind in hot cars. it is a tragedy that happens frequently, whether it is 70 degrees or 90 degrees. the temperature inside of a car can jump more than 30 degrees and 30 minutes. several new cars have come up with technology that reminds parents they put something in the backseat. safety advocates pushing congress to pass the hot car act that would require all car makers to adapt similar
5:39 am
technology. >> how could we not say something that within the length of a precious child does not appear of paramount importance.>> a 14 year old from virginia has a low-tech solution to help parents talk to children that died in her hometown. a two-sided tag tells the driver if there is a child. she teamed up with local law enforcement to about the tax. defense are expected to give a big announcement about just rates. they can call his life was much more in money watch. the stocks fell slightly tuesday. the dow was down 23 points. the nasdaq dropped 19 and the s&p 500 lost 7. the fed will wrap up a two-day policy meeting and is expected to cut interest rates for the first time in over a decade. this sets the standard for many business and consumer loan standing at a rate and 2 1/4 and 2.5 percent. trade talks between u.s. and chinhey ted. was officials traveled to china yesterday and left today
5:40 am
after the war of words ratcheted up your president trump accused beijing of stalling negotiations well china foreign ministry said trump was stalling. >> the credit kate made by apple will debut in august. tim cook made the announcement during the companies earnings call yesterday. apple will make a physical call where consumers can use your iphone and a payment terminal. this mr. server is disturbing. it shows your delivery person have gotten into your food before you. >> here is the deal. in a recent survey by u.s. foods, 28 percent of delivery people admitted to nibbling on food from an order. most consumer surveyed found it unacceptable for a carrier to take a few fries but a small percentage said it was okay. 85 of consumers said they would like restaurant to use tamper evident containers. a spot who said that was okay? that grosses me out.>> there are a few pe
5:41 am
you t are hippies that are like, no big deal. >> thanking home. have a great day. it is amazing to trust for people when it comes to food. saving pennies to find love. why millennials say they are too for to find a relationship. tempers are climbing heading into the coming weekend. i will have that in the forecast, coming up. your commute is starting to heat up. they are in of the commute directions. i will tell you how that is effected, in just a minute. so this is how it's gonna go down.
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a pretty have you from the top of the sales force camera waiting for sunrise. you have the times coming up but can you see the clouds in the distance. east bay waking up to some mid- level clouds. for many of us, it will be clear skies to start. we will show you what that means for daytime highs, coming right up. we have some crazy new video out of china showing heart stopping moment as a three-year-old boy is dangling from his six story high-rise building. he is clinging to the balcony and he loses his grip. down he goes, but check it out. there blankets ready to catch him. amazingly, he was not hurt.
5:45 am
socket is hard to watch. >> it is amazing it works out. an ongoing study is now claiming climate change may not be so bad for one species on earth. research from the red with climate change initiative found the rising high temperatures driving out the fog which typically shrouds the caliber to coast. fewer foggy days means some hit the red with redwoods leading to the trees growing at a more rapid pace. everything delivered to your door means a lot of boxes. to cut out a waste, amazon is putting vendors on a cardboard diet. the move will also reduce shipping costs, according to emmett at amazon it could reduce packing volume by up to 80 percent. this means no more giant box when you're getting a small product. more compact packaging should be easier to open. amazon will add a two dollar surcharge to products have failed to comply. in an effort to go green one of the world biggest hotel
5:46 am
chains is ditching the many toiletries. the decision affects intercontinental troops which owns how the income at crowne plaza. they will get rid of miniature sized plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel. they will be replaced with bulk size toiletries into rooms by 2021. intercontinental says it uses about 200 million travel size toiletries a year. stratfor get saving up for a house or a car. >> millennials are so squeezed for cash they're having to save up there pennies for love. a new survey found that 30 percent of millennials say they are just too poor to see a relationship with student debt and high housing costs. with little left over with the oppressive date night out. some say it custom to the lever first day. i don't know why you would have an elaborate first date. you do not even know if you like the person. like you just want a coffee. >> just a low investment.
5:47 am
>> we have the tips. >> this sounds like a millennial. let's talk about millennials. they are not watching anyways. this sounds like a millennial excuse. i am not buying it. >> did it jlo say doesn't cost anything. left get to the traffic. we can dissect your love life later. we talk about the traffic at 5:47 not a lot of ride. the trouble shots number 2:38. 30 miles an hour headed out of the dublin interchange. hey 80 at 2:38. so ago as a result of an accident. the stall for the semi is on play. waiting for a tow truck to get the big rick out of the way
5:48 am
down to 60 miles an hour at the interchange but other than that looks different than 10 minutes ago. this however is a compounding problem that continues to get worse. take a look at 232 through concord. it is in the red. for those of you who can highway for two 680 southbound. then he can skip the worst of the backup. that is the risk of an accident and debris in the roadway. headed out of pleasant hill and walnut page. over to the altamont pass, where your backed up into the tracy trotter go and down to 15 miles per hour through the altamont pass, start to speed up. speeding to the dublin interchange were things look much better. also went to lasix eddie southbound in the westbound direction. the ultima pass cribbing to the 50 minute mark. you are still in the green. no problem to report. the dublin interchange is busy. a pretty looking sky across
5:49 am
san jose.? the camera in the south bay. you tell there might be a few patchy hours of low status. for the most part you're looking straight up at clear skies. many of us are having that experience this morning. not all of us. it is a typical start to relate to my day. we have gotten some of the marine layer for part of the bay. that is what it looks like over those are called overhead. that is were all of the darkness is coming from. no-fault on the roadways. it is not like we have a real thick marine layer to start. tell you a detailed view on where we are likely to see the clouds. take a look at the east bay. that is where we see them through alameda county filled out before you get to hayward. interestingly enough in the napa valley, the low clouds to start today but clear skies for
5:50 am
just about everyone else. ywon what is a typical day in e are it. 66e dierence in oakland, going to 72. a 10 degrees spread from oakland and san jose and you go over the hill and we are back to the upper 80s. this is actually a couple of degrees warmer than average at this time of year. not a big deal for now but that will become a little more extreme over the next few days. look at the seven-day forecast by the time we get to friday. more noticeably into saturday and sunday. this is not the kind of warm-up that gets us back into heatwave territory. not like what we did this past weekend. it is still noticeably warmer than today and that is the main thing that stands out in the forecast. the weekend. i like last week, is the warmest part of the whole thing. what else if you're the bay will not notice as much of a change. thismore ming up later. avocado lovers, this one is for you. it is national avocado day. just do not cut and avocado while it is in your hand. put it on the counter because emily did that and she has a
5:51 am
huge bandage on her hand. if you're looking to celebrate, 888 is giving guacamole away for free with nl purchase of the company meal purchase on the company apple website. other chains are also giving away guacamole to celebrate. there you go. just be careful. >> that is true. we all learned emilys lesson. straightahead, the garrett community is showing strength in the face of a tragedy. we will show you how you can help. here is a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. 5:51 this wednesday morning. we will be right back. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
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a beautiful day for many of us because it will start off clear and you will stay that way for the rest of the day. the south bay is a good example of that. a little warm-up in store for the weekend. i will talk to you about why this weekend will not be like this last one but it will still feel different than today. we have a couple of trouble spots. taking a look at the overall big picture, you can see some of trouble spots. one of their at 2:38 to 30 in the 80 findings down. south run 680 and 242 getting there is also backed up. most things on the financial entity north bay or south bay, things
5:55 am
are looking good. i will continue to track the rest of your commute times, just ahead. >> rf horrific events like sundays possible shooting puts communities to the test. >> friends and neighbors are standing strong and wearing at probabget were strong and they can barely keep up with demand. all of the proceeds go to victims and their families. no one had to push the cure elementary students to raise money for victims. parents ate with the kids idea to set up this lemonade stand. >> a horrible thing happened and right now we are trying to make it right.>> we are raising money to help the victims. >> the big change for us has been seeing our kids smile because they have been terrified. that been terrified this hit so close to home. >> they are doing a good job. the standard is run by students from rutger elementary school selling cookies and lemonade to raise one dollar at a time. so far more than $140,000 has been raised for the family of the governed shooting victims.
5:56 am
if you want to help, you can find more information on our website, strike the field at democratic presidential hopefuls could narrow after today's debates wrapping up tonight in detroit. we will have highlights from night one. we are following the breaking story out of utah where a wildfire was burning close to homes. the latest is coming up. we are live in oakland. the ghost ship trial is finally nearing an and. today the prosecution will continue his closing arguments.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are live and go right where a memorial to the victims of the garlic festival shootish kamala harris foceident joe bid square off once again at
6:00 am
tonight democratic debate. at this time could be different. wednesday, july 21 i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. how is it the last day of july already. >> darren peck has a july like forecast for us. the numbers are right on the mark for with an average daytime high would be like. not a lot of big headlines in the weather department today. it will be a little bit different for the weekend. i will talk to you about that coming up. let me get you out the door and ready for the last day of july. the marine layer is covering the baby it is not down in the south bay. over the bay bridge we are waking up to clear skies in san jose. is fairly typical this time of year. if we look at the daytime high in san francisco, 66 degrees. look across the rest of the bay area. 89 inland, not a particularly hot day, 89 is about 2 to 3 degrees above average in general for la


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