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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the mcarthur maze. the east bay times reporting a woman was walking in the lanes with a knife. the chp set up a traffic break blocking all westbound travel. the woman was quickly taken into custody and no one was hurt. meanwhile, in rural marin, first responders at the scene of a fuel tanker overturned, leaking some of the load into a dry creek bed. the truck overturned at lucas valley road at big rock ridge. >> the tanker truck was heading to point reyes to make a delivery and the driver decided to take windy lucas valley road. bad idea. lucas valley road has a lot of hairpin turns so they posted signs saying trucks over 36 feet long are prohibited. when the 50-foot long tanker reached this curve, there wasn't enough room to keep the rear tires on the road. >> right side tires in the
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trailer end up going down the hill, pulling the whole truck with it, overturning in the process. >> reporter: the drive escaped with a minor injury but the overturned truck began leaking dpas lean into the soil of the creek bed, causing an army of firefighters from throughout marin county to respond. >> it's holding approximately 6700 gallons of fuel. it's been contained within the vessel itself which is a blessing on our side. >> reporter: officials believe a couple hundred gallons of fuel may have seeped out and crews immediately began laying out plastic tarps downstream to create dams to capture and contain the spilled gas. state wildlife officials say most of it will evaporate but it's possible some residual chemicals could still exist when the rains begin falling. >> once the situation is stabilized and we can get cleanup crews down into the creek, we'll establish cleanup end points so basically it's a standard to where we want the spill to be cleaned up too. >> reporter: meanwhile, back up on the road, another gas truck
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arrived and hoses were attached to begin siphoning all the fuel from the overturned tanker. then comes the delicate process of pulling the whole thing back up on to the road, an operation they say will take hours. >> it's technical from a record position of having to remove a large vehicle like that and then the harzards don't end until we all go home safely. >> they'll have to figure out how much was actually spilled and how feasible it is to remove any of the contaminated dirt. john ramos, kpix 5. >> lucas valley road will remain closed until they finish that cleanup. there's no word yet on whether the truck driver will be cited for the accident. windy conditions and extreme heat fueled a grass fire that burned one home east of lo. reporter greg mills has the latest from chino hills. >> we're at the top of miramonte court in chino hills, the one and only house that burned. firefighters saved all the
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houses around this but this is the one that burned. the family was inside this house when it caught on fire. they were able to get out just fine. they watched their house burn. it's been very, very difficult. lived here 27 years. they designed this house. in fact, the husband and his bodies helped work on this house so just devastating for them. they raised their kids here and they spent the afternoon watching and they're very, very concerned because they believe that the house could have been saved. here's the homeowner. >> they're putting the water on it and putting the water on it. can't they have somebody come and drop some water? they're dropping water on the weeds. trying to drop it on my home. a helicopter come. the one guy misses the house and drops the water on the driveway. and then the second one came, he dropped it, they left. i'm thinking they're going back to get more water. these guys run out of water. the trucks. i think my house could have been saved. >> when the house first started catching ablaze, me and my father were with a little hose until the firefighters came.
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we're still alive. so blessed. >> i spoke with chino valley fire. they said at no time did they run out of water. water pressure was very, very low because the entire system was being taxed by all the firefighters and also civilians trying to save their homes with the hoses. they asked for a boost in the water pressure. they got that and continued on with the water pressure they have. chino valley fire says at no time did they run out of water. in chino valley, greg mills, kpix 5. >> the threat of the same thing happening is what we're hoping to avoid. >> there's some relief on the way for your work week. >> some really good news for tomorrow. i've got to show you the change. look over my shoulder. it might look subtle but you see that stream of low cloud coming in right over alcatraz island. you can tell by how fast those boats are going. but i wanted you to be able to get the visual of relief.
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when you get an onshore flow like that, that's a sign of cooler air coming in. these are the daytime highs from around the region. i've picked up the representative spots. 93 in santa rosa. 88 in san jose. look at the 101 in concord and 102 in livermore. just go over the hill. it was only 79 in oakland. it's really that trivalley area and up around concord where the focus of the heat has been and that's where you'll find the heat advisory everywhere in yellow. we're still in this but we're almost done. going to expire at 11:00 tonight. we do not need a heat advisory for tomorrow because the numbers are going to be as much as 15 degrees cooler for some of us tomorrow afternoon. i cannot wait to show you that in the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. the city of san jose keeping five community centers open until 5:00 tonight. the mayfair, roosevelt, camden, cypress, and seven trees centers.
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from your oakland cam you can see not much. a thick haze hanging over parts of the bay area. partly because of the hot still air. a wildfire in oregon sending smoke filtering down our way. spare the air alert is in effect through the end of the day. so far no alert has been issued for tomorrow. a new twist this evening in the arrest of two bay area teens accused of murdering an italian police officer. fellow officers joined hundreds of mourners at a church in rome to pay their respects to mario rega. his widow escorted. wilson walkeror photo that recently surfaced is raising questions about how the teen suspects are being treated. >> obviously a lot of discussion about this in mill valley. it's making headlinesro the world. in italy number of hot button issues, making it a very emotional case
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for a number of reasons. >> the first of course is the fate of this policeman, but also a political issue as well because the beginning, the police say responsibility of the killing. there's a lot of tension in italy concerning migration. >> reporter: it appeared to be a flash point over migration from africa, then the arrest of the two young americans from mill valley. while the initial round of newspapers carried photos of the newlywed police officer, today the italian press obtained this photo of one of the suspects in police custody. >> he's american and italian because his father is from italy. >> reporter: paolo is the u.s. bureau chief for italian newspaper. he says the photo itself has become a source of controversy. >> this is a clear violation. that could void all the
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evidence, the confession that were gathered during that interrogation. >> reporter: the blindfold draws the case into italy's debate into police conduct. >> i'm disappointed with this picture. >> reporter: while raising questions about the prosecution of the alleged killers, the case has become an emotional one for many reasons. >> there's a lot of reaction in the united states as well because it's reminding all the discussion of the judiciary system in italy. >> i know it's been a little while and the circumstances of that case in many respects were quite different but i imagine that is just naturally part of the discussion over there in the coverage of this case. >> yes, of course. this was a very emotional case. >> reporter: as for the blindfold photo, police themselves have admitted that was a terrible mistake. they say the person responsible has been reassigned.
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it remains to be seen what impact that might have on the prosecution. just about everything we've heard about this case this weekend has come from the authorities in italy. that may presumably change as the american embassy gets mobilized and the family makes their way over to italy. that may happen in the next couple days. wilson walker, kpix 5. >> as for the suspect's family, we did speak on camera, they said they haven't had any contact since their arrest. the elder family said in a statement today: we plan to go to rome as soon as the state department assures us we'll be able to see our son. we're also aware of the funeral plans for officer rega and wish to be respectful of his family and friends at this devastating time. the principal in mill valley confirms both suspects graduated from the school last year. said in a statement today, we were stunned to learn two members of our community were arrested in connection to the
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killing of a policeman in rome and can add no additional information other than offering sincere condolences to the family and friends who lost a loved one in this tragic situation. a spokesperson for santa barbara city college said natale-hjorth had just finished his first year there. the school had no record of finnegan elder being enrolled. thousands of would-be lawyers set to take the state bar this week now know what's going to be on the test. we'll tell you how that happened. some san francisco police officers are coming out of retirement to help keep union square safe. we'll explain how, next. and is your air conditioner working this weekend? that's especially good. why you might have to replace it anyway though after the new year. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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california state bar is apologizing tonight after accidentally releasing test topics to the deans of several california law schools ahead of the state bar exam later this upcoming week. the agency sent out a statement shortly after discovering the mistake last night saying we have no evidence the information was shared with students but out of an abundance of fairness and caution and an attempt to level the playing field should any applicants had access to the information contained in the memo, on saturday evening we e-mailed the same information verbatim to all those preparing to take the exam. that was quickly followed by a statement saying to all applicants of the july 2019 bar exam, this account has not been hacked. so basically the roughly 9,000 applicants expected to participate in this week's
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two-day exam now have a pretty good idea of exactly what to prepare for. so does that give them an unfair advantage? we asked the state bar. they haven't gotten back to us. retired san francisco police officers will soon be back on the job. what they'll be doing in union square and what they won't. >> $350,000 for seven retired cops. that's the amount of city money being sent on the latest idea to make union scare more hospitable. when you break it down, that's $50 an hour to pay the former cops for the part-time job over the next six months, even though they won't be armed or be able to make arrests. >> there's a lot of tourists. a lot of people walking around. so i don't feel unsafe at all. i don't think it's necessarily needed. i've never had a bad experience. >> there's a lot of interesting
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sorts running around here on union square duringncreased presence of safety would be great. >> reporter: starting next month, sfpd says the officers will provide a, quote, visible deterrence and work closely with the station officers to address crime, all while dawning police issued uniforms. the commander told urown phil matier this was london breed's idea. getting $350,000 for this was a struggle according to the union square business improvement district. mayor breed and local merchants wanted double that amount. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the police officers association says bringing back retirees shows just how badly under staffed the department is. summertime spin on the boat went very wrong in vallejo. that looks very wrong. the coast guard had to rescue a group of boaters last night after their 36-foot vessel crashed into a jetty near the
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carquinez bridge. they were transferred to get checked out. a good day to be out on the water boating safely. >> it's the inland valleys really feeling this the most. i kind of want to give you the detail on where this heat wave really made its presence known more than other locations. santa rosa at 93. san jose down south at 88. that's only like 7, 8 degrees above average for today in san jose. 101 in concord. let's drill down and get more detail out of this. 79 in oakland. if we come up here, i want to focus in detail on those inland valleys. let's come into the north into the diablo valley where we're going to find concord, clayton,
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walnut creek. martinez and just on the other side of the hill there, you can see antioch. look at the different shades. you get into the purples, you're well into the 100s. in the reds, these are daytime highs that came in, 97 in martinez. antioch lucks out because it's a little bit closer to the influence of the delta. less of a block in the way of the cool air coming in from the bay and antioch, you got some help as result of that. let's get down to the trivalley. 102 for livermore. 102 in livermore. 82 in hayward. and then 98 up top there for danville. that was then. this is now. that's where we want to be looking. right there off the coast because the marine layer is starting to surge onshore and this is how we're going to start cooling things down. if we watch the progress of that. it's going to be so far inland tomorrow that it's going to get toward places like livermore, which is sitting at 90 right now. it's 94 in concord. the high resolution satellite shows us a little wisp of those clouds sitting right off the
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peninsula. let's switch this into futurecast which picks up on it beautifully. that's a good sign. i'll play it forward into the overnight hours. now we've got clouds covering the trivalley. that's tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. that's how you get out of the heat wave. this is what it looks like for concord after doing 100 yesterday, 102 today. you're only going to 85 for the daytime high tomorrow. then you'll stay in the mid 80s from there. san jose, after doing 89 yesterday, 88 today you're going to go down to 80 and 79 for early in the week. oakland's trend, back down to 70 which is right on the mark for average. and for san francisco, a little bit of a spike because there actually was less of that marine layer for much of the day. we warmed up to 74 but we're going to go back down into the mid 60s for the next several days starting tomorrow. there's the rest of your 7-day forecast. i think we pretty much covered everything here. yes, there's a little warmup that gets us into next weekend but it won't be as bad as the weekend we just had. i'll see you with more on this
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coming up in the next half hour. we're following breaking news out of gilroy. there's police activity at the garlic festival aftereports of a shooting. video posted on twitter shows people running. no word if anyone was hurt. the festival was on its third and final day at christmas hill park. we reached out to gilroy police but have not heard back yet. we've got a crew on the way. we'll be right back. - hey, mike.
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good evening, everybody. guess where i am. on an nfl practice field. that's inenvy of a lot of football fans out there. we've been with the raiders for the last couple days and todayr. the only other thing different is that antonio brown, the all pro wide-out made his debut today with the team in practice in silver and black. brown was one of those guys who
6:22 pm
was signed in the offseason. he was activated off the injured list. had a lengthy practice of the napa heat. they hope he's a big improvement on the offensive side of the ball. they want to prove it on both sides of the ball. defense allowed the most points in the league last year. rookie pass rusher cleland hopes to factor in the turnaround. >> this d-line group hasn't done anything yet and we've got a lot we want to prove. same way with the team. this team right here hasn't lost or won anything. going into it, that's how you've got to look at it. you've got to set your own goals for yourself and really your destiny, everything you want is in front of you. that's how you look at it. we're taking it by the [ bleep ] >> we got baseball. we got bruce bochy. he managed his final game in san diego where he spent 12 seasons before joining the g men.
6:23 pm
dodgers up 1-0. it just stayed fair. two runs scored. the beginning of a huge day for yaz who went 4 for 5 with two doubles. meantime, madison bumgarner's final start before wednesday's trade deadline. hunter renfroe, he got them for a shot to the upper deck. mad bum gave up four runs in 7 innings but didn't factor into the decision. jonathan solano drove in the go-ahead run with that blooper. san francisco had 16 hits. did goes up and gets it up to rob him of the homer. giants beat the padres 7-6. two and a half games back in the wildcard playoff race. meantime, marcus semien named the recipient of baseball's heart and hustle award. with texas bottom 6. chad pender and he matches. a shot off the wall in right. it drove in two.
6:24 pm
as score three runs in the inning to go up 4-2. but the rangers, they go away quietly. a three-spot of their own in the 8th. big blow, willy calhoun. a drive just out of reach. bottom of the 9th. rally caps on. two on for matt olson. singled into right. chris herman going as fast as he could, scored the tying run. rangers walked to load the bases. chris davis drew the walk. the as rally. they won 6-5 on a walk-off walk to claim sole possession of the second wildcard playoff spot. ve the way brooks koepka played this week, you would have thought it was a major. stuck the landing at the fifth hole. never looked back. koepka, began the day one stroke behind rory mcilroy, shot a 65
6:25 pm
to win the st. jude invitational by three strokes. on the senior circuit, languor. lpga. i know you're wondering about that. jin yung ko. that's another major for ko. and from that, how about this. nhra sonoma drag racing legend. he tried for 150th win but he was eliminated in the finals. in the left lane, clocked in at 325 miles per hour. beat matt hagan in the finals to win the funny car division. becomes only the third driver to reach the 50 career win plateau. we'll leave you with this one. indians starter trevor bauer unhappy with his performance, fired the ball over the wall in center. the manager terry francona was
6:26 pm
not impressed. he removed bauer from the game and told him to get in the dugout. kansas city beat cleveland by a final of 9-6. the lesson for that one, always keep your cool. whether you're in front of the camera or on set. in fact, come to think of it, as i go back to the anchors, i've never seen you upset. do you ever get mad? >> hmm. do you ever? we never see you get mad either. keep our cool i guess, huh? thank you. >> just don't take my sandwich away from me. >> the stories we could tell. coming up in our next half hour, president trump lobs another twitter grenade at a major u.s. city and this time he's slamming san francisco. the president defends his latest tweets about a baltimore congressman. why he says they're not racist. double digit rent increases. >> runaway rent control. tonight some san francisco
6:27 pm
tenants tell us large investors are pricing them out by tacking on a laundry list of extra expenses.
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our top story at 6:30, police are responding to the gilroy garlic festival after res bl shooting. the video posted to twitter shows people running. no word on any injuries. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. chopper 5 is headed there as well. we'll bring you any new information just as soon as we get it. in other news tonight, better to have a few rats than
6:30 pm
to be one. that was the scathing response from the baltimore sun editorial board to a series of tweets president trump directed at maryland congressman elijah cummings. the president is not backing down. on the contrary, he's ramping up his attacks. >> reporter: president trump doubled down on his attacks of maryland congressman elijah cummings and his baltimore district while defending himself. there is nothing racist in stating what most people already know, that elijah has done a terrible job. widespread backlash continues to mount after the president on saturday called cummings' district a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess where no human being would want to live. >> unbelievable that we have a president of the united states who attacks american cities, who attacks americans. >> reporter: the headline of a scathing editorial in the
6:31 pm
baltimore sun reads: better to have a few rats than to be one. on cbs "face the nation," white house acting chief of staff nick mulvaney said the tweets were not racist. >> the president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong. it's how he's done it in the past and continue to do it in the future. >> reporter: mulvaney says he's reacting to comments about conditions at federal migrant detention centers at the border. cummings had this recent exchange with acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces? can't take a shower. come on, man. >> reporter: cummings, who is chairman of the house oversight committee, is leading multiple investigations aimed at the president. in another followup tweet, the president attacked san francisco, saying, quote, speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what's happening to nancy pelosi's district? it's not even recognizable
6:32 pm
lately. something must be done before it's too late. the dems should stop wasting time on the witch hunt chaos and start focusing on our country. president trump has threatened to declare the far left group antifa a terrorist organization. he called them a group of, quote, gutless radical left whack jobs who go around hitting people over the heads with baseball bats and said branding them as a major organization of terror along with ms 13 and others would make it easier for police to do their job. president's threat comes days after two republican senators introduced legislation to designate antifa a terrorist organization. civil rights activists call that a dangerous infringement on political free speech. during senate testimony last week, fbi director christopher wray said his agency sees antifa as an ideology rather than an organization. he added that most domestic terrorism cases involve white supremacy.
6:33 pm
ansh t trump administration tonight. the director of national intelligence is stepping down. dan coats has held the job for two years acting as a link between the administration and the republican establishment but he has often been at odds with president trump on points like u.s. policy toward russia and the president's own attacks on the intelligence community. coats is set to leave on august 15th. mr. trump says he will nominate congressman john ratcliff of texas to be the next director. ratcliff has frequently defended the president including during last week's house testimony by former special counsel robert mueller. another twist in puerto rico's political crisis. the woman expected to replace the embattled governor says she doesn't want the job. justice secretary wanda vazquez had been in line to take over te departing governor can appoint a new secretary of state before he resigns on friday and then that person would take the top job. all of this follows days of massive protests in puerto rico
6:34 pm
and the governor ricardo rossello's decision to resign. protesters are angry at the government that they view as corrupt and out of touch. tomorrow immigrant rights advocates will converge on city hall and daily city to speak out against cooperation with i.c.e.. they're upset about the case of lopez. according to the advancing justice asian law caucus, police pulled him over back in may and asked about his immigration status. then they looked into his background and discovered he had an outstanding deportation order. the police transferred him over to i.c.e.. he's currently in federal custody in bakersfield facing possible deportation to el salvador. daily city officials say the transfer was an isolated incident. they say police are being retrained to comply with californiato step up cyber secur an alarming new report. the county's online election channels including its social
6:35 pm
media accounts are vulnerable to cyber attacks. the report says hackers could repeat a 2010 attack. it also said a cyber attack would discourage voters from participating in future elections. the county's chief election officer is having a look at the findings. attorneys in the ghost ship warehouse trial will make their final cases tomorrow to the jury. codefendants derek almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say the warehouse was illegally converted into a living space and lacked basic fire safety features but the defense argues the fire was an act of arson, that the defendants could not have prevented. the actual cause of the fire was never determined. the jury begins its deliberations august fifth. more than 80,000 kaiser
6:36 pm
permanente workers will begin voting tomorrow on whether to walk off the job. if authorized, the labor stoppage would be the biggest since the teamster strike in 1997. workers are demanding more money, better benefits and a solid plan to combat staffing shortages. they've been working without a contract since september. talks broke down earlier this month. kids who have parents in prison had a day in the sun to play football with the pros. >> we just want them to have a fun day, where they feel encouragement, lifted up and have a good time. >> they hosted a barbecue and all day tournament in redwood city featuring super bowl champs and other pro players. more than 300 kids with incarcerated parents joined in the fun. the organizers say it's important to reach a prisoner's entire family in order to heal the community. air conditioner repairs are costing some homeowners hundreds
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we want to give you an update now on breaking news in gilroy. police are responding to the gilroy garlic festival after reports of a possible shooting. what you're looking at now is video posted to twitter. it's showing people running in the crowd. we're told there are ambulances on the scene and they're tending to possible injuries there. we're getting word people are calling into our station to give us more information and we'll definitely report that back to you. initial information coming in that was a report of a shooting at the festival. this video happens to be sent to us from instagram and you can see some of the chaos unfolding right now.
6:40 pm
we're waiting to get more information. as it unfolds we'll certainly bring it to you just as soon as possible. in other news tonight, air conditioners have been cranked up across the bay area this weekend. and if you've had your ac unit repaired, you might have noticed it's getting a lot more expensive. that's because freon is being phased out in favor of a new coolant that won't punch a hole in the ozone layer. the hole is punching a hole in plenty of wallets. >> the air conditioning business is heating up. the coolant inside many ac units will soon we obsolete. >> we're converting an air conditioning system from the old refrig aren't to the environmentally-friendly replacement. >> reporter: on january 1st, 2020 the environmental protection agency is banning the production of r22 gas, which is known as freon and helps create cool air.
6:41 pm
>> r22 is very efficient but it has a chlorine base, which is ozone depleting, so it's been deemed bad for the environment. >> reporter: homeowners that need to refill their units are seeing prices of r22 soar because supplies are so low. what used to cost just a few hundred dollars can now run up to $1600. newer air conditioners typically use the environmentally friendly r410 which can't be used in old systems. >> i'd say if they're having issues with the system, the cost factors for repairs become exorbitant. >> reporr: replacing old r22 units can run anywhere b size o. >> the government is offering businesses a tax break of up to $5,000 to replace commercial ac systems but for homeowners,
6:42 pm
homeowners are not eligible. thinking about ordering in for dinner tonight? you might not get everything you paid for. a new survey from u.s. foods found more than a quarter of delivery drivers admitted to sampling your food before they bring it to your door, and more than half say they're tempted to. still to come, claims of runaway rent control in san francisco. >> it's san francisco's largest landlord. why are low income tenants facing rent increases to pay off their mortgage? >> debt servicing pass-throughs are not appropriate. >> and it shot to musical stardom in the '60s before falling into disrepair. and we're about to see as much as a 15-degree drop in the temperatures for tomorrow's daytime highs. if you're inland, this is your forecast.
6:43 pm
i've got great news and we'll talk about everybody else through the coast and entire bay coming right up.
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. we want to update you now on that breaking news in gilroy. police are responding to the gilroy garlic festival afterpo g at the venue which is in the
6:46 pm
south part of town at christmas hill park. what you're looking at right now, this is video posted to twitter. it's showing people running but we don't have details beyond that. i can tell you that there's been information coming into our newsroom that there are multiple emergency crews at the scene and there was the report of an active shooter. we're not sure the status of that right now so we don't want to give too much information or misinformation but we don't want to go back to this and show you this video off of twitter that was sent to us. it's reports of a shooting at the gilroy garlic festival and of course we're getting a lot of information on social media but we want to get it confirmed. i've been hearing from some people that i do know that they were in that area and taken to an amphitheater just to be safe and in the meantime to see what's happening but theyct wt's happening at the festival. >> you can see people, somhing's got their attention. the garlic festival has been in gilroy since 1979. while we don't have specific
6:47 pm
figures on the number of people there today, it generally attracts about 100,000 people in all to the weekend festival the last weekend of july. we got reports filtering in about 20 minutes ago that gunshots were heard. beyond that, and beyond what you can see, people alarmed are running and then being assembled in an amphitheater that's in christmas hill park. >> we have video of ambulances arriving to the scene. obviously traffic currently unable to leave the park on east 10th street to north ramp 101. we do have a reporter, betty yu, who's going to be on the scene momentarily to bring us live reports and the information we're waiting to hear. you're looking at social media video of people running. there were reports of an active shooter at the festival and through some of our reports that we've been receiving, there's
6:48 pm
been paramedics arriving, ambulances to the scene. because of the possibility of an active shooter. another person that did some information said their daughter was at the gilroy festival. be calling into us shortly after talking to her. she's been escorted to an amphitheater. they have certain people taken there for safety but they weren't quite clear why. they knew they needed to be there just to be safe. this is a map of the area. this is a shooting at the garlic festival if you're just joining us at christmas hill park and of course we have crews arriving at the scene and a lot of police activity is at the scene right now. >> and if, and we hope it's not necessary, if it's necessary to take some people by ambulances that are apparently on scene to the hospital, the hospital is not far away. christmas hill park is on the south edge of town. they'd go up miller and i think down 6th street. the hospital is on 6th street about six or seven blocks away so at least if it's necessary, we have no idea if it is, hospital is nearby. it's not that close to the 101.
6:49 pm
101 is at least a 5-minute drive from christmas hill park which is on the main thoroughfare out to gavilan college. again, we've got these reports about 15 or 20 minutes ago of gunshots ringing out. >> we do have our caller on the phone. bob, are you on the line right now? we did have bob calling in. once we do get him, we'll get information from him. if you can hear us, please let us know. until we get bob, just to recap, the report is coming in. a shooting at the garlic festival. this video you're seeing was taken within the hour. and this i from twitter. so as you see here, people running in the area, chaotic. because of reports of gunshots. streaming in through social media and twitter we're hearing there was an active shooter. we do know there are paramedics
6:50 pm
on the scene. we do know there was a huge police response and we do know some people have been taken to an amphitheater for safety. they've been trying to get into our newsroom. we did have bob on the phone. it might have been the same bob reaching out to us via social media. his daughter was the one taken to the amphitheater. we'll certainly circle back with him. >> this is where the gilroy garlic festival is held every year. no doubt there's a lot of people there, especially in the closing days. 1500 volunteer organizations that go down. it's all in a good cause. you'd hate to hear about something like this happening in a small-ish town down in the south bay which has been violence-free and usually a good time had by everyone. as you can see, there's something that got people's attention that have them alarmed and we haven't heard anything official from law enforcement
6:51 pm
personnel yet. there is a response by them to christmas hill park and at the moment we're waiting to get more information. i think we have betty, i u betty yu on the way. bob, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> bob, thank you. can you tell us your location and your relation? are you at the festival? >> no, my daughter is relaying the information to us from the festival. she's there. >> so you're the one who reached out to us on social media. thank you for calling in. tell us what she told you. >> right now the police had put the ones they could find, put them into hiding at the amphitheater and trying to get them on the trailer to take them over to las animas elementary school but she called back and said she's in a panic. i guess apparently they said originally 11 people were down, now they've raised it to 20
6:52 pm
down. she said she walked past a 3-year-old who was down on the ground. >> we'd seen that report. >> the shooters are still active. she says there was multiple, at least two, maybe three shooters. >> what a frightening phone call for you to get. if you need to get more information, please don't hesitate. but we did want to make sure we can verify what's happening there and tell us, when she called in, what was she telling you? >> that she had heard the shots, she'd been in a different part of the park and she'd heard the shots of people screaming and trying to get out. they weren't letting anybody out. so she tried to find shelter and then the police came and took them to the amphitheater. >> how many people is she with? is she surrounded by a number of people from the festival? have they been escorted to a safer area? >> they're trying to, then they told her they were going to take those people there, try to get them on a trail out the back of the park somehow and get them over to the school. they were going to use the
6:53 pm
school as a holding ground or something, las animas school. they're trying to get people out buthove t'tnow where the shooters are. >> i think the most frightening thing she reported to you is there were people down. can you tell us what she told you? >> that's all she told me was she saw a 3-year-old down and they had told them that 11 people were down and they raised it to -- said 20 people. so it's anywhere from 11 to 20 people that have been i guess shot. >> bob, thank you. please stay on the line. i just want to tell our viewers if you're tuning in, this is twitter video from the event at the garlic festival, report of a shooting at the festival. we have bob on the phone. his daughter is there. she's been taken to a safer spot. but reports of shooting and numerous people injured. and what else did she tell you? obviously she must have been frightened and you must have heard a lot of kay chaos in the background. >> she said a bunch of police
6:54 pm
just got coming through with their guns out. they made everybody put their hands up in the air. >> bob, can she still hear -- i don't know if you asked her this but can she still hear shots from where she's been taken to that amphitheater? >> they're in the process of escorting them from the amphitheater to try to get them to the school. >> we don't want to take up your line if she's calling you. is she's texting you or she was able to call you? >> her phone is on the last bit of her battery so she was able to make a quick call before the battery was dead. >> she did let you know she is okay. >> at this moment, but she's very panicked. they don't know where the shooter is and they're trying to keep everybody together. they've got their hands in the air and trying to march them i guess out of the park. >> we do know it's a popular festival.
6:55 pm
it draws hundreds if not thousands of people every year. the video is showing people running. this was from awitter feed. it's a chaotic scene but we don't have clarification as to if it's still an active shooter or exactly how many shooters but we do know there are police and paramedics on the scene and that as you said, your daughter and others have been taken to a safer area. the shooting happening at garlic festival christmas hill park. when she called you, was she calling you to let you know what had happened and she's okay? and obviously you're waiting to hear more information. >> started by texting us then we made the phone call back to her because she was texting us how frightened and scared everybody was. they didn't know what was going on. >> there was some talk there was an active shooter. what did she think was going on? >> h gunshot andthen sawhe peopg
6:56 pm
and running and that's when she decided to try to -- she wanted to get out but she said they weren't letting anybody leave. they were keeping everybody inside. >> and they meaning the people at the park or paramedics or law enforcement? >> law enforcement, she said law enforcement with guns drawn and going through the park and that's where they came this last time and told them to get up. >> we're seeing video now of ambulances and all that. bob, please take her call if she calls you. we do appreciate the information you've given us, just to be able to clarify and make sure that we have the right information to our viewers because obviously it's a scary situation. it's an active situation. and multiple people down after reports of the shooting in gilroy as your daughter heard and possibly witnessed. just from social media accounts, which we don't want to have that be as on record, but i'm reading there was a child injured and you're saying that's just many
6:57 pm
that possibly were injured there and your daughter was sharing that about a young child. >> yeah, she says about a 3-year-old. >> are you doing okay? >> yeah. >> obviously tough to hear and i know you want to get more information. do you want to check back with her? >> no, her mother is on the phone waiting right now. we're in morgan hill right now. we were on the road when we got the call. i noticed numerous s.w.a.t. teams from morgan hill heading that direction. >> and obviously she was calling you to let you know what was happening and that she was okay. is this something -- she's gone to this festival, is she a teen, in college? was she with friends? >> shy was with friends. she's about 46 years old. >> so with a number of people. >> basically trying to give us -- in case she didn't make it, she was trying to saygoodby oesound like she's in a safe area and sounds like the emergency personnel there are doing what they can to make sure
6:58 pm
they corral all the people that need to be in a safe area and it sounds like your daughter and a number of people thankfully are okay. but again, we're still following up on other information. >> one thing too, if you're coming down from morgan hill to get into the area, miller avenue is the main thoroughfare into the park. they've got that road closed. but gavilan college, the junior college down there that's out on santa theresa boulevard, that's where they've set a reunification center. what we understand is they're trying to evacuate people at christmas hill park which are there enjoying the gilroy garlic festival. the elementary school that's a little bit further south and a hike through the woods from christmas hill park. but the reunification center for folks to meet people who are being evacuated from the park apparently is out of gavilan college which is a couple miles away but just to let folks know who are concerned, they've got miller avenue closed going into the park. traffic is just a mess on
6:59 pm
gettysburg way. it's obviously quite the scene down there. but they're trying to escort the people from the park to las animas elementary and setting up a reunification center at gavilan junior college out there kind of outside of downtown gilroy. >> if you're just joining us now, we're following up on witness accounts of multiple people down after a shooting in gilroy. this is snapchat video of paramedics arriving to the scene. we had earlier video of people leaving and running in droves after hearing shots of gunfire. we have bob on the phone right now. his daughter was at the gilroy garlic festival and has been taken to a safer location. your wife is waiting to get another call from her to get further updates. is that correct? >> that's correct. when she first called in, maybe from viewers tuning in again, so we can get more information out to our other viewers, what
7:00 pm
exactly did she tell you? thank you for repeating it over and over. >> first was the text, there was active shooting going on at the garlic festival. and she was very scared and she could hear the gunfire and there were people panicking and running toward the exits. they were trying to get people over to the amphitheater. police had them put their hands in the air and marched everybody out of the amphitheater toward the trail. she said there was more than one shooter. multiple. 11 people were down, then they


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