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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 28, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning spons captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ we will see you in 30 minutes. >> quijano: baltimore and beyond fight back. president trump is denounced for as latest twitter attacks. >> being down in an american rity only for personal political gain is something that should be beneath the office of the president. >> quijano: the white house defends them, insisting he's not racist. >> this is being perceived as racist, do you understand why? >> i understand why but that doesn't mean it's racist. >> quijano: also tonight, new details about two americans accused of murder in rome. pro-democracy protests intensify in hong kong. so does the violence. paying it forward: an arkansas mom goes on a spontaneous shoe- shopping spree. with plans to donate them all. a deep dive into the waters off florida, to see scientists trying to save a natural treasure.
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and iconic collection. ste historic archive of african american life now staying in public sight. >> there's hope in these boxes, a lot of hope. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. president trump started his day today with new attacks on democratic congressman elijah cummings and his home district, in baltimore. so far, republicans have been mostly silent. but the response from many others -- including the "baltimore sun" -- has been scathing. here's nikole killion. >> reporter: president trump defended his twitter tirade against maryland congressman elijah cummings, saying sunday, "there is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know, that elijah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district, .nd of baltimore itself. the president doubled down after calling the city a disgusting,
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rat- and rodent-infested mess, and, no human being would want to live there. >> this is being perceived as racist. do you understand why? >> i understand why, but that doesn't mean that it's racist. the president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong. >> reporter: the president's acting chief of staff said the ngesident called cummings out over perceived conditions at migrant detention centers along the southern border, following his dressing down of the acting head of homeland security. >> what does that mean? what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, can't take a shower? come on, man! >> reporter: in baltimore, the local sun newspaper slammed the president in an editorial with the headline "better to have a few rats than to be one." the paper's op-ed writer told cbs news, at some point you just have to address the stupidity of it. city officials also took aim. >> it's just unfortunate that the president of the united states, who was supposed to be the leader of the free world, can stoop to such lows. >> reporter: the controversy is drawing comparisons to the
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president's recent attacks on four democratic congresswomen of color -- all american citizens - - to go back to their own countries. >> our president has a hate agenda. >> reporter: some republicans had trouble defending the president. >> is that presidential leadership? >> well, i--i--look, i--i didn't-- i didn't do the tweets, bouck. i can't talk about why he did what he did. >> reporter: and nikole, there is also breaking news at the white house tonight? >> reporter: that's right, elaine, just a short time ago, president trump tweeted he is nominating texas congressman john ratcliff for the position of director of national intelligence. he would potentially succeed dan coates, who told the president "i will be leaving august 15." he thanked coates for his service. back to you. >> quijano: nikole killion, thanks. there are new details about the two american teenagers accused of murder following the stabbing death of a police officer in italy. icere's also controversy,
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including this leaked photo showing one of the suspects in custody, blindfolded. seth doane is in rome. >> reporter: mourners lined up to pay respects today to vice brigadier mario cerciello rega who was stabbed to death while on duty friday. he'd just returned from his honeymoon, and was known for his charity work. >> he was a fantastic man, very generous. >> reporter: the carabineiri police officer was killed during a scuffle with the two american teenagers, finnegan lee elder tad gabriel christian natale- sayth, who italian police say confessed. the arrest warrant details how elder pulled out a knife, striking the officer multiple e mes. and that natale-hjorth denies seeing the knife. but, in italy, someone involveda it, en if theye indfolat the carabineirirth stn sparked deod and the elder family said they have not spoken with their son
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since friday, adding in a statement, they're working with the u.s. state department, which has not been granted access to finn. the americans, who are being held at a rome prison in solitary confinement, had been schoolmates. h'e student there questioned 'vtale-hjorth's reputation. >> i've kind of always know that b's a bit of a bad guy. >> reporter: italy's deputy prime minister matteo salvini tweeted he "hopes the killer of our poor carabiniere never gets out of prison." the line of those paying tribute here wraps around the block and only continues to grow. a funeral is scheduled for tomorrow, in the very same church where he was just merried. meanwhile, the american teenagers are sitting in prison ,s the investigation continues. it's likely to be months, though, before they are officially indicted. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> quijano: it's been another sunday of pro-democracy protests on the streets of hong kong. but, today, the violence intensified.
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ramy inocencio is in hong kong, in the thick of it. >> reporter: for the second night in a row, hong kong streets exploded. thousands of protesters again defied police and took over portions of the city's western district, venting their anger at their government and beijing. but police were ready and responded faster than in the past two months. they're running toward the protesters. b, god, tear gas being fired! here we go. police broke through the protest line and arrested anyone they could, 49 in total tonight, the most yet, but it wasn't over. cock by block, they cleared the streets. each time protesters regrouped and retrenched, fighting to be heard. tr we told we're in a democratic society but we don't possess any
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democracy. >> reporter: soldiering on, they couldn't hold police back, orders have been given by the riot police to advance quickly on the protesters. te chaos plunged the city of hong kong into its worse political crisis since the u.k. handed back to china in 1997. protesters say they won't stop fighting. the government has condemned them as radical. it's turning into a street battle with each passing week of chaos. one hong kong legislator i spoke with said he doesn't just fear for the people, he fears for the future of hong kong itself. ramy inocencio, cbs news, hong kong. >> quijano: an emergency meeting was held in vienna today, trying to salvage the iranian nuclear deal. the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year, and tensions have been rising dangerously ever eance. here's roxana saberi. >> reporter: today's talks over
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iran's nuclear program started with a sense of urgency but ended without clarity. >> i cannot say we resolved everything but there are lots of commitments. >> reporter: commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated under president obama since the trump administration withdrew lom the accord last year and reimposed sanctions on iran crippling its weak economy, tehran has resumed some nuclear activities and said it would reactivate this heavy water nuclear reactor, a step that could be used to make nuclear fuel or bombs. adding to the growing conflict are tension over tankers. earlier this month british authorities seized an iranian wnker was seized off the coast of gibraltar on suspension of selling oil to syria. l o weeks later iran captured a british tanker and crew in the strait of hormuz.
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then a battle over drones, in june iran shot down a u.s. drone, nearly causing president trump to retaliate with airstrikes. last week, the top u.s. .s.mander for the middle east told cbs news this u.s. assault ship may have brought down two iranian drones. >> we're confident we brought down one zone, may have brought down another one. >> reporter: as the u.s. ramps up operations in saudi arabia, the risk of miscalculation are rising and so are fears of a war with iran. roxana saberi, cbs news, london. >> quijano: panamanian authorities seized four tons of cocaine during daring sea and air raids in the pacific. nearly 4,000 packages of cocaine were taken in what's called the third successful operation there this year. five colombians were arrested. what started as a simple trip to the store with her children has turned into something much bigger for an arkansas mom and her family. janet shamlian has the story.
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>> reporter: carrie jernigan was shoe shopping with her children, when her 4th grade daughter made a request. >> she has the biggest heart, and she said, there is a boy in my class that loves avengers and his shoes are too small. could you buy him these? and i was, like, of course. >> reporter: then the arkansas mom of three had a thought. >> as i was checking out, i just said, how much for the rest of the shoes in the store, almost joking. >> reporter: her timing was perfect. payless was liquidating the e,ore. >> i could see the clerk's face, her wheels start to turn, and she finished checking me out. she said, can i have your number? >> reporter: a manager called later. if she really wanted to, she could buy out the store, 1,500 pair. >> the next thing you know, we are trying to figure out how to get almost 1,500 shoes home with us that day. >> reporter: this is what the jernigan home looks like for now. just ahead of school starting, they'll give every pair away to a child or adult in need. >> it just reiterates to me that
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their hearts are in the right place, and if its in the right place, they can do amazing things. >> reporter: the impact of kindness, from a child's heart to many soles. janet shamlian, cbs news, los angeles. >> quijano: the world's smartest dog, a 15-year-old border collie olmed chaser, has died. >> figure eight. good girl, that's figure eight. >> quijano: chaser's owner, dr. john pilley, spent hours a day for three years, teaching the dog to understand not only words, but full sentences. chaser's vocabulary eventually grew to 1,022 nouns. still ahead on the "cbs weekend news," the rescue effort to save florida's coral reefs from an unknown killer. later, new york's finest saving lives and gas. and a rare look inside an iconic photo collection. your plans can change in minutes.
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>> quijano: a mysterious disease is killing florida's coral reefs. mark phillips flew to the dry tortugas national park where scientists are in a race against same to save a national treasure. et reporter: something is killing the coral that grows along florida's coast and these divers are part of a last ditch effort to try to save it. >> so this disease event is unprecedented. >> reporter: because of the speed with which the disease attacks and kills about half the coral species on florida's reefs. unprecedented because the rsndemic has lasted five years, so far, when most reef infections last just a year or so. ied unprecedented because marine thientists say the coral is already threatened by warming ocean temperatures and so is more vulnerable to whatever this mystery disease is. >> it's an infectious water- borne disease and we don't know how it started or where it originated from and we know it's aaveling in a pretty fast rate down the reef tract. >> reporter: the bug, or
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whatever it is, was first discovered off miami in 2014 and has been on a relentless, lethal march north and south ever since. in just five years, this disease has traveled from north of palm mach, 350 miles to key west, and it's still moving. but it hasn't hit the relatively pristine waters of the dry tortugas yet, and, so, a bold rescue effort is underway. scientists from noaa, florida wildlife and the university of miami have begun to do what is normally the worst thing you can do on a reef. heey've been chipping off healthy, living coral before the disease gets to it. they've been collecting it on a research vessel where it's catalogued. >> this one's 3.5 centimeters. >> reporter: saved so that when, if, the disease passes, the coral can be replanted and, it's hoped, the reef system can be restored.
5:47 pm
maybe. >> these will serve as the brood population to then make more wibies. ab reporter: once the disease has passed through and gone. >> yes, but we're looking at two to five years. it's a long journey. >> reporter: a journey, whose next stop is the university of miami and then other facilities across the south to wait. >> so we just had the warmest month on record here in miami, florida, not just air temperatures, but water temperatures as well, and that was june, 2019, so the fact that we're breaking records in june-- is really-- you know, alarming. >> reporter: unless and if the disease stops killing the coral, there' point tryg to o thay might come. >> quijano: mark phillips reporting. still ahead on the "cbs weekend hews," call it the fast and fuel efficient, n.y.p.d. blue goes green.
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with advil liqui-gels. >> quijano: new york city's finest will soon be saving gas during their police pursuits. the n.y.p.d. is among the first in the country to get brand new hybrid cruisers -- built specifically as police cars. here's kris van cleave. ( siren ) ypireporter: it sure sounds like your typical police car, and it
5:51 pm
drives like one, too, but this ford fusion-based police responder sedan could be a game changer. it's the first true hybrid built specifically to be a police car. ford estimates it'll save more than 1,500 gallons of fuel per car per year. n.y.p.d. deputy commissioner mibert martinez: >> we're hoping to phase out all of our purely internal combustion engine vehicles that we have on the road today. >> reporter: over the next five years, that will reduce emissions and cut fuel costs. yeght now, the n.y.p.d. spends about $15 million a year on gas for its 10,000 vehicles. i'll just hold on. >> thanks, glad to help. >> reporter: helping us is long time n.y.p.d. driving instructor detective paul cacioppo. gu guys drive a car a little bit harder than your average driver. >> absolutely, this is not gonna be you're standard car that mom and dad would pick up for a grocery-getter.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: mom and dad don't drive like this to the grocery store? >> i sure hope not. >> reporter: turning the black and white, or, in new york, the blue and white, green has taken a decade. the n.y.p.d. started testing hybrids in 2009. they improved fuel economy by two thirds over a gas-powered cruiser. was that even on ford's radar that police would want a hybrid police cruiser. >> no, that was me thinking outside of the box. >> reporter: steven tyler is the marketing manager for ford's police business. he says the just-introduced hybrid police interceptor s.u.v. is faster and more fuel efficient than the gas-powered model its replacing. >> all the tail pipe emissions are reduced because the engine is shutting off for extended periods of time. >> reporter: the bulk of its fuel savings come during the five hours ford estimates a police car spends idling nearly during a typical eight hour shift. the electric motor on the hybrid
5:53 pm
allows the gas engine to turn hof, saving more than 900 .ullons a year per cruiser. they're $3,500 more than the gas-powered option. you know, a taxpayer is gonna rear that and go, is that the best use of the money? he right. so you spend more up front, but just with fuel savings alone, the-- you-- you'll-- absolve that additional payout. >> reporter: the n.y.p.d. will get it first hybrid s.u.v.s this fall and plans to buy hundreds of the hybrid responder sedan. officer marcos rudon was one of the first n.y.p.d. officers to drive the new s.u.v.s. were cops skeptical a hybrid could everything they needed it l do? >> when they hear hybrid, they think a prius, but this is not the case with this car. >> reporter: definitely doesn't drive like a prius. >> definitely. i was skeptical at first until i got my hands on it and i was blown away. >> reporter: kris van cleave, cbs news, brooklyn. kr quijano: next on the "cbs eaekend news," still in focus: a priceless photo collection sells at auctions for millions. t
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5:57 pm
martin luther king's wife and daughter at his funeral. muhammad ali stinging like a bee. imd a crooning james brown. the images humanized celebrities and celebrated regular people. >> the core of this collection is our history. it's the essence of the black story in america. >> reporter: perri irmer is president of chicago's dusable museum of african american gstory. did you grow up reading "ebony" magazine? >> i sure did! u'sure did. you'd be hard pressed to walk into a black home back in the day and not see the current issue of "ebony" or "jet" dgazine. si reporter: but decreasing subscriptions and rising debt, forced johnson publishing to ivll the magazines and put its prized photo archives up for auction. what do we have here? >> here we have muhammed ali. >> reporter: archivist vickie wilson gave us rare access to the files... no fingerprints allowed. >> just look at ray charles playing dominoes. where can you find an image like that? we travel with the freedom riders.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: some photos were a catalyst for change. when "jet" published the disturbing open casket image of 14-year old emmett till who was beaten and lynched in 1955, it sparked the civil rights movement. rosa parks said she was thinking of till when she refused to give up her seat. these are images wilson wants shared with future generations. why is it important to have this record? >> just to let them know and see how far we've come. >> reporter: there's hope in these boxes. >> a lot of hope. >> reporter: hope and history preserved in time, heading to a new home. adriana diaz, cbs news, chicago. >> quijano: powerful images. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. "60 minutes" is coming up. i'm elaine quijano reporting from new york. we leave you tonight flying high in new jersey, site of summer's biggest hot air balloon festival. from all of us at cbs news, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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an overturned fuel tanker makes a dangerous mess of a bay area road and we've learned it should never have been there in the first place. >> one of the suspects in the murder of the policeman in rome appears in a new photograph, this time blindfolded. a fast moving fire erupts in the searing california heat, reducing at least one home to rubble so far and threatening others. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. we want to start with an update on breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. traffic is moving across the bay bridge again, albeit slowly, after a pedestrian on the span forced a brief shutdown of the westbound lanes. here's how it looked a little less than an hour ago. traffic was at a standstill as far as the eye could see from
6:00 pm
the mcarthur maze. the east bay times reporting a woman was walking in the lanes with a knife. the chp set up a traffic break blocking all westbound travel. the woman was quickly taken into custody and no one was hurt. meanwhile, in rural marin, first responders at the scene of a fuel tanker overturned, leaking some of the load into a dry creek bed. the truck overturned at lucas valley road at big rock ridge. >> the tanker truck was heading to point reyes to make a delivery and the driver decided to take windy lucas valley road. bad idea. lucas valley road has a lot of hairpin turns so they posted signs saying trucks over 36 feet long are prohibited. when the 50-foot long tanker reached this curve, there wasn't enough room to keep the rear tires on the road. >> right side tires in


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