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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 22, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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bank of the marine layer that have come in. spot kula san francisco. hot inland your next local update is that 7:26. >> have a great day and do not forget that cbs this morning is coming up next. good morning to you our new tensions with tehran. iran claims to break up a c.i.a. spy ring as britain holds an emergency meeting about a british flag tanker captured by iranian commandos. defying demonstrators. we're in puerto rico where the embattled governor is refusing to resign in the face of growing protests. battleground tracker the latest cbs news poll on the democrats running for president. how three distinct tiers of candidates are emerging. bad review backlash. anna wererner shows us why postg a negative online review of a business could put you at risk of being sued. yikes. monday, july 22nd, 2019.
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here is today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> iran says it has captured 17 spies of the u.s. central intelligence agency. >> tensions escalate in the middle east. iran releasing new video of the moment it seized a british flagged tanker it says violated maritime law. >> across the nation a dangerous heat wave gripping the country has turned deadly. >> so hot. got to carry this dog now. she's panting and can't handle the heat anymore. >> the president is launching another salvo on four democratic congresswomen of color. >> he says he doesn't believe they are capable of loving our country. >> do you believe the president is a racist? >> yes. no doubt about it. >> protesters back out in puerto rico hours after the governor refuses to resign. >> he apologized saying he will not seek re-election. >> in hong kong another day and night of protests ended with police launching tear gas at
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protesters. >> sweden's prime minister says asap rocky will not receive special treatment despite efforts from the president to get him free. >> all that -- >> found pretty good way to beat the heat this weekend. tom brady jumping off a cliff with his daughter. >> the gun show coming out for the reds. they had on their sleeveless jerseys. >> sun's out, guns out all that matters. >> mariano rivera became the first ever unanimous selection to the hall of fame. >> to the fans when i was at yankee stadium, 55,000 people next to me. >> on "cbs this morning." >> what a story at the open championship at royal portrush. >> the first british open to be held in northern ireland in 68 years goes to an irishman. >> and ireland's shane lowry is an open champion. >> never paying for another pint of g guinness in his life. >> my goodness. >> he's only 32 so that's a lot of beer. this morning's eye opener is
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presented by toyota. let's go places. you know my favorite part. sun's out, guns out. >> all right. >> yeah. >> be careful, incredible hulk. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. tony dokoupil is here as always and vladimir duthiers will be joining us. we're in good hands. glad to have you here. iran said overnight it broke up a c.i.a. spy ring and arrested 17 iranians recruited to collect information on the country's nuclear and military sites. this morning secretary of state mike pompeo dismissed the claim and said iran has a history of lying. >> president trump tweeted the report of iran capturing c.i.a. spies is totally false. this all comes as britain convened an emergency meeting over iran's seizure of a british flagged oil tanker in the strait of hormuz.
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iran accused the tanker's crew of various legal infractions and the incidents come amid an escalating showdown between iran and the west as the landmark 2015 nuclear deal continues to unravel. we'll go to the united arab emirates. what is iran saying this morning? >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah. the dramatic news coming from iran's intelligence ministry, saying that they have arrested 17 suspects who they say, and i quote here, that they've confessed to acting as spies for the c.i.a. now, iran has made claims like this before in the past and they're impossible to verify at this stage. but these claims follow dramatic turn of events here in the gulf in which a british flagged tanker was seized by iranian commandos andd is currently in iranian custody. really ratcheting up tensions here. this video released by iran's
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revolutionary guard apparently shows in real time the british flagged oil tanker forced into iranian territorial waters, radio recordings also capturing the moment a british warship warned the iranians not to interfere with the vessel. >> if you obey, you will be safe. alter your course to 360 degrees immediately, over. >> this is british warship foxtrot two three four six. please confirm that you are not intending to violate intenalaw by unlawfully attempting to board. >> reporter: minutes later iranian commandos took control of the vessel apprehending the international crew and replacing the union jack with the flag of iran. this morning the prime minister theresa may is considering retaliation including freezing iranian assets. the seizure of the ship comes just two weeks after the uk's royal marines helped seize an
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iranian tanker off the coast of gibraltar. it is believed the vessel was carrying oil to syria in breach of eu sanctions. iran's foreign minister had this to say about the seizure and economic sanctions from the west. >> this is economic terrorism pure and simple. we need to repeat this again and again. >> reporter: now the u.s. is trying to pull together a sort of maritime coalition to protect the ships that travel through this region. a lot of ships traveling through this region. but they've been struggling to get help particularly from the europeans who we understand are angry that president trump withdrew from that bm era nuclear deal, a deal they say was crucial to preventing things like this from happening and is really behind the spiraling tensions here in the gulf. >> tensions incredly high in the gulf. thank you very much. up to a million protesters are expected in the streets of puerto rico today to protest the
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governor, who says he is not stepping down. governor ricardo rossello announced last night he will not seek re-election but stopped short of resigning. he faces backlash after details of an obscenity laced online chat involving him became public. ctm lead national correspondent david begnaud is in the midst of the protests in san juan. did the governor's announcement appease protesters at all? >> reporter: good morning. the governor has said despite the protests he is not going anywhere. he says he's been watching the protests over the last week but it will be interesting to see what he has to say after he sees what happens today. already there are thousands of people who are gathered here in san juan. they plan to close a major expressway that goes right through the capital. the largest mall, which is right behind the cameraman, has been closed. why don't you spin around and show everybody what the scene looks like as nearly a million
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people are expected to march throughout the island today. >> after governor ricardo rossello's announcement protesters blocked the only entrance to a government building where the governor had met with mayors from his party. the governor was able to get out but there were some lawmakers who were trapped. police moved in after a couple hours, using smoke bombs and pepper spray to disperse the crowd. around san juan people were banging pots and pans in protest. back in front of the governor's mansion -- >> i think he just plaed it worse. >> reporter: -- protesters were nearly unanimous in their reaction to the governor's decision to stay in office. >> i felt, frankly, insulted that he thought he could get away with just not running for governor in 2020, lilike what? this is -- we are not asking to compromise with you, sir. we want you out. >> reporter: they are furious
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after leaked chats showed the governor and associates using profane, homophobic language attacking critics and making fun of people who died during hurricane maria. >> after the hurricane i was hungry. i didn't have water. i didn't have anything. and then this guy was living it up. no, you're not fit to be governor. out. >> it's not even personal anymore. it's more about that rage that we have inside that we have really dumb people running this place and we just want them out. >> reporter: the man you just saw in the story is planning to be here today. it has been so interesting to tell the stories of every day puerto ricans who want to be here today. people who are taking off of work to be here. again, the question becomes, what is the governor going to do? when a man who was elected with 640,000 votes sees upwards of a million people packing the streets all united and calling for his resignation. will he change his mind?
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as of now, he said he has no plans to. >> and to be continued. thank you, reporting from san juan. tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of hong kong for the seventh weekend in a row. police and protesters clashed in new violence in the chinese controlled territory. this unrest comes as the political crisis there deepens. ramy inocencio reports from hong kong. >> reporter: a new night of chaos as the city seems to be spiraling out of control. protesters clad in black with faces covered again blocked roads and squared off with police. the stand-off between riot police here and antigovernment protesters lasted for about 90 minutes. it was an ebb and flow over that time with police firing several rounds of tear gas as well as rubber bullets until the protesters left. at the same time, new violence
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erupted near hong kong's border with mainland china. video showed a mob of men dressed in white believed to be members of hong kong's gangs beating pro democracy protesters and passengers in a subway station with sticks and bats. the use of gangs is a common tactic in mainland china to take action while avoiding the use of police. the area where this happened strongly supports beijing. residents complained it took an hour for police to respond. nearly 50 people were injured. what started as anger over contentious extradition bill backed by beijing has now evved into a bigger war over hong kong's freedoms and future. we are outside beijing's top office in hong kong, a symbol to many of china's growing power in this city. last night protesters defied police orders, marched here, and defaced the building. the government has since condemned all forms of violence this past weekend and says they are going to bring everyone responsible to justice.
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for cbs this morning, hong kong. at least two deaths are being blamed on the scorching heat that blanketed much of the country. more than half a dozen record high temperatures were broken or tied in the eastern u.s. on saturday and sunday. cooler temperatures are on the way but it brings severe weather. meg oliver is in new brunswick, new jersey just outside new york city. i understand a construction crane collapsed during the violent weather there? >> reporter: that's right. the crane crashed into this house behind me sunday evening in what neighbors describe as a fast moving storm. fortunately, no one was inside at the time. but more storms are expected today following a weekend of widespread, extreme heat and humidity that cut off power to more than 46,000 people in this region alone. severe thunderstorms breaking the weekend's sweltering heat wave are now threatening millions from tennessee to new england with heavy rain and flash flooding.
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in colorado and ohio over the weekend fast moving water inundated roads and back yards. powerful winds brought down trees from minnesota to michigan. damaging homes and causing power outages impacting hundreds of thousands. >> and i came home to all of this and finding everybody safe, thank goodness. >> reporter: during a storm in new jersey heather harris says she and her circumstances college roommates were away from their home when this construction crane sliced through one of their bedrooms. >> it happened probably 30 minutes after i walked out. it just makes me feel like i'm meant to be here. >> reporter: about a thousand miles south in clear water, florida, city officials say lightning injured eight people on the beach. one of them critically. >> just instantly fell. >> you could feel the lightning strike through the ground on the whole beach. >> reporter: but with the dangerous weather came cooler temperatures. following more than two days of
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stifling heat that felt well into the triple digits in cities like memphis, raleigh, and boston. >> we've had heat waves before. this just seemed a little more out of the ordinary. >> reporter: in new york city and neighboring westchester county as many as 50,000 customers lost electricity at one point sunday evening. new york governor andrew cuomo slammed con edison sunday evening saying they should have been better prepared for the heat. tony? >> cooler weather can't come soon enough, meg. thank you very much. our latest cbs news battleground tracker poll finds most americans disagree with president trump's recent controversial tweets about four progressive lawmakers. in fact, 59% say they disagree with his tweets saying the four congresswomen of color should go back to where they came from. 40% on the other hand agree with him. the split is mostly along partisan lines. weijia jiang is at the white house. could the numbers impact the
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president's position? >> reporter: good morning. president trump often factors in his supporters so they could. our cbs news poll shows more than 80% of people who agree with him are republicans and that may explain the whip lash on his position just one day after saying he was unhappy about racist chants from his supporters he called them patriots and now he is continuing those attacks on the congresswomen. after a week of calling four democratic congresswomen of color anti-american -- >> these are people that in my opinion hate our country. the hate-filled extremists. we're dealing with people that hate our country. >> reporter: -- president trump took his attack a step further, claiming he doesn't believe they are capable of loving our country. senior white house adviser steven miller echoed the president's message on sunday. >> these four congresswomen detest america as it exists, as it is currently constructed. they want to tear down the structure of our country. >> reporter: democratic
7:16 am
congressman elijah cummings defended his colleagues and called the president a racist. he warned what that means for the nation. >> we're getting more and more people emboldened with racist, making racist statements and treating people badly. >> reporter: the controversy started when mr. trump tweeted the congresswomen should go back to their original countries. president trump's atarks on representative ilhan omar at a campaign rally prompted a chant of send her back, which went on for 13 seconds. [ chant ] >> send her back. send her back. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news vice president mike pence was one of the people who voiced concerns about the chanting leading the president to distance himself from it for about a day. pence spoke to cbs news chief washington correspondent major garrett. >> the president was very clear. >> was he? >> that he wasn't happy about it and that if it happened again he might -- he'd make an effort to speak out about it. >> all right. shifting gears and looking ahead
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slightly, wednesday robert mueller is scheduled to testify on capitol hill. what's the mood in the white house? >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the mood in the west wing is a collective shrug because they are not worried since the special counsel robert mueller has already said he will not testify beyond what he has already said in his report. the president's personal attorneys tell cbs news they are feeling very confident for the same reason. tony, mr. trump says he doesn't even plan to watch the hearings. >> what are democrats and also republicans then looking for from the hearing? >> reporter: you remember after this report came out the president insisted there was no collusion, no obstruction, even though mueller wrote he could not exonerate the president on the matter of obstruction. so i think they're really going to dig in for him to explain why. of course republicans want to know, want to focus on the origins of this investigation because they claim along with the president that it was unfair to begin with and it never should have happened. >> reporter: thank you very
7:18 am
much. >> thank you very much. we'll bring you a cbs news special report when former special counsel robert mueller testifies before congress on wednesday morning. >> did she say the president said he is not going to watch the hearing? >> i think he'll watch the hearing. >> maybe a little look see. a road trip for an american woman and her boyfriend ends in tragedy. the mystery over what happened to this couple ahead. they were found murdered in one of those days where we notice a big difference between in and heat and coast cool. look at the numbers on screen we are in the low 90s for inland spots. every disco going to 68. we split the difference would 85 for san jose. 75 in oakland. over the next seven days we keep doing this. will be warmer for inland locations to the middle part of this week we go back to the mid- 90s but other than that it is the low to mid 70s in general over the bay, all week long. >> we call it the mother
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we have much more news ahead as singer r. kelly faces serious federal sex crime charges. his crisis manager is in studio 57 for an interview you'll see only on "ctm." plus how posting a negative review online could get you sued. you might want to think twice about leaving the angry comments after an unpleasant customer experience. we talked to one man who was sued for doing just that. we'll show you why, coming up on "cbs this morning." that. we'll tell you why coming up on this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by sun pharma. didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear.
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ahead, how cutting just 300 calories a day could have a major impact on your health. can you do it? yeah, you can. and one group got a lot
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good morning. i michelle griego. this morning, all lanes are back open after a car caught fire in alameda county. it happened on the northbound lanes of the 80 near tennyson road and fremont. not clear what caused the car to catch fire. >> fire crews are investigating two morning brushfires. one along 680 in concord and the other eight 580 in alameda county. both fires shutdown lanes, but they have since reopened. a san francisco sightseer is recovering life-threatening injuries after eight trade
7:27 am
chain reaction crash that left her husband that the suspect the driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, and running a red light. news updates to the day on your favorite forms including our website, there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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; 27 and let's start with a look at the bay bridge. it is backed up. the metering life are on and you are slow going all the way through to the toll plaza. thing onto the san mateo bridge. a similar story except lots of brake lights in the westbound directions. no issues causing this. a really sloppy commute and last but not least, the golden gate bridge where there is a traffic advisory in effect because of all of that fog. >> the fog in a limited spot looking at sunny skies. they were really get going and staying in place for the next several days. the low to mid 90s for daytime highs. inland locations, meanwhile in the low to mid 70s across the bay. it is like nothing really happened. not a lot of change the closer
7:29 am
you are to the water.
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here's what's happening this morning. >> iran says it detained 17 spies working for the cia as tensions with the u.s. intensify. cooler temperatures will bring reli. a deadly heat wave stretch across half the country. former vice president joe biden still leads in the pact of presidential nominees. why his advantage is shrinking. our common ground series finds out how republicans and demonstrat democrats work together to give prisoners a second chance.
7:31 am
the key to improving your overall health that doesn't involve a crazy diet or exercise. >> go from 30% calories to fat. >> it's 40%. >> whatever. i'm getting a cheese burger. >> i love it. >> i'm with her. >> we all know what to do. it's really not that complicat complicated. figure out what works for you and do that. >> not easy. lots to talk about. >> we'll shoe over it. welcome back to cbs this morning. this is gayles king. anthony mason is on vacation. a man hunt is under way in canada after an american woman and her australian woman were found dead. they were on a road trip in
7:32 am
northern british columbia. it appears they were both shot. what do we know? >> reporter: it is terrible. canadian police aren't saying how exactly the couple died but they are investigating it as homicide. they are asking anyone with information or dash cam footage where they were found to come forward. the family is calling her death devastating. >> she was really adventurous. outgoing. >> reporter: he describes his 24-year-old sister has a free spirit who traveled the world. oftentimes with her boyfriend, luc lucas fowler. >> they are nice and spontaneous. >> reporter: their bodies were found last monday by their van on a highway near the hot springs. a popular tourist destination.
7:33 am
>> it's not clear whether they were targeted or if this was a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: they met them shortly before their deaths. they pulled over to help the couple with their broken down van and left when it appeared they knew how to fix it. >> we were there to help them. yet the same day the complete opposite of humanity hurt them like that. >> reporter: the deaths happened near the highway of tears. 48 hours has previously reported on that remote stretch of road where 18 women in the last 40 years have disappeared or been found murdered. >> at this point we have nothing to indicate that their deaths are linked to any other active and ongoing investigations. >> reporter: he also felt his sister was safe traveling especially while with fowler. he believes the couple was going to get engaged soon. >> it's like a nightmare that
7:34 am
we'll never cawake up from. >> reporter: his father is a police officer in australia. his brother told us her passport was found in the van but it appears the couple's other ids may be missing. this is a horrific case. >> so bizarre. >> the highway of tears they call it. 18 women. >> at the moment it's hundreds of miles long but two other teens may be missing and another body was found about 400 miles away. this highway is notorious. they are don't know if they are connected. >> it will be worse to know you lose a loved one this way but it's got to be worse not to know why, how, what could have happened to them. >> the family has lots of questions. >> we all do. thank you. writing a negative review online could land you in serious legal trouble. ahead, we'll introduce you to a man who was sued after claiming in an online comment that an animal hospital did not do
7:35 am
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many americans rely on online reviews to choose a business or service. 82% of adults say they read online reviews at least some of the time. that's according to a pew research study. but posting a review could put you at risk of being sued. ktm investigative correspondent anna werner has more. >> posting reviews is second nature for many people nowadays. when they have a bad situation with a business, up goes the news to share. what one man thought was a simple review turned into a year-long battle in court. >> i never thought i'd be sued over anything i write. there's no reason to say anything but the truth. >> reporter: but thomas lloyd of deland, florida, says telling the truth got him in trouble. his ordeal began when his 10-year-old poodle rembrandt
7:40 am
suddenly felt ill last year. lloyd rushed him to nearby deland animal hospital when they told him he needed emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen. i said, are you going to do it right now and they said yep. six hours later they told him to pick rembrandt up but was unable to find a surgeon. he took him too another clinic but they said it was too late and that he needed to be euthanized. >> if he'd have died on the operating table, i would have understood. >> reporter: afterward he posted a review on yep saying the staff had wasted six hours of rembrandt's life and destroyed whatever chance he may have had to live. our rembrandt deserved a better last day. weeks later deland animal hospital and veterinarian thomas macphail sued him for dema nation alleging lloyd's statements were false and
7:41 am
published maliciously and recklessly >> i'm finding that isn't always cheap to give an honest review because if the other person has money, they can drive you in the ground. >> reporter: when we spoke with him in may, lloyd owed $26,000 in legal bills, more than his yearly social security income, and he's not the only person who's been sued. last year a new york woman was sued by her doctor for $1 million for posting negative online reviews. a man in kansas was sued over a three-star tripadvisor review of a theme park, and a south carolina woman was sued by a restaurant she claims refused to honor a coupon. >> we're seeing a rise in individuals being sued for speaking out online. >> reporter: evan mascagni says many file lawsuits to intim consolidate.
7:42 am
cracking down on businesses who put gag clauses in their consumer contracts in violation of the consumer fairness contract. >> why is it important enough that the government needs to step in? >> online reviews has grown and people's reviews have grown. people have stories to tell and they're not able to get them out because they feel like they're going to be threatened. >> reporter: thomas lloyd stuck to his guns and countersued. earlier this year two former veterinarians from deland gave
7:43 am
sworn affidavits saying even though they lacked experience doing the emergency surgery lloyd's dog needed, vetd nairian macphail declined to do the surgery and instead left for vacation. after the animal hospital's attorney learned of the interview with lloyd, the case quickly settled. >> they shouldn't financially try to break somebody just because you don't like what you say. >> the deland animal hospital is under new ownership. veterinarian macphail is no locker working at the hospital. he did not respond to our repeated requests for comments or this story. >> i so feel for mr. lloyd. you can still see his pain. he's just speaking from what happened in his own experience. he didn't strike me as a malicious man. so what can you put in an online review? you can't say anything negative? >> stick to your own experience. don't say this pharmacy is the worst in history. >> isn't that what he did?
7:44 am
>> that's the point. even if you do that, that doesn't mean somebody can't sue you. they can sue you if they want to sue you. >> isn't opinion protected even if you do say it? >> but if somebody sues you, you'll have to go to court and say it is my opinion and it's protected. in some states there are anti-slapp laws, but the protections vary across the country. there's no federal statute. depending on your state, it might not hurt if it gets in the weeds, but maybe you can read about your own state's law. >> i never thought i'd say let the online negative reviewers have their day. >> you may win, but you end up spending a lot in legal fees. >> potential lirks yes. >> thank you very much. still ahead, sugar over school
7:45 am
we started a warm up over the weekend for inland locations. you no doubt noticed it sunday. for monday, we keep it going. temperatures in the low 90s for most spot. it hasn't really changed a whole lot for the bay, and certainly not for the coast. that is the theme we care for the seven-day forecast. we did most of the wa up, and now we will sit here and add on a few more degrees by the middle of the week. it means to mid 90s are in store by wednesday of this week. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ♪ graham? ♪ ♪ that's my daughter! hey. dad. what an incredible set! love the wig.
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for an amazing clean, try mr. clean magic eraser, and now, new mr. clean magic eraser sheets. a bit of a role reversal here. "cbs this morning: saturday" co-host michelle miller is here. what's up. >> does it look good. >> it does. here are a few stories we think you'll be talking about today. equifax has reached a deal to settle the largest consumer data breach on record. an investigation found the credit reporting agency's failure to maintain a reasonable security system enabled hackers to penetrate its system. the 2017 hack affected more than half of all american adults. as part of the coalition made with 50 attorneys general, equifax will pay up to $425
7:50 am
million to those affected consumers and $175 million to the states. you remember when we covered this -- >> i do. >> -- back in 2017. it took them 76 days to notice this. >> it's a lot of money, but at the same time, if your social security number is gone, it ain't coming back. somebody has it. >> yeah. a lot of information went out the window. a school district in pennsylvania is being criticized for threatening to send some children to foster care for not paying their school lunch debt. the school sent a letter to about a thousand families. it was obtained by cbs scranton affiliate wyou. it says in part your child has been sent to school every day without money and without breakfast and/or lunch. this is a failure to provide your child with proper nutrition. the result may be your child being removed from your home and placed in foster care. the vice president of the school
7:51 am
board said the letter had been written by an unauthorized official who later apologized, but, you know -- >> i thought it was a joke. >> it really seems awful because, you know what? 20,000 people -- $20,000 in school lunch debt, 14% of the families in the school district live below the poverty line. that's 10% higher than the rates throughout the entire state, and one interesting note nationwide it says that 75% of school districts report having unpaid school meal debts. >> it happens. >> it's a problem. >> when i was a little kid, single mom for the first couple of years after she got divorced. i was on a school lunch program. this story hits home. embarrassing when you're on the virtuosoer program. it seems like a slap in the face. >> it does. and a great white gave a
7:52 am
family a frightening look. take a look. doug nelson and his family were reeling in their catch when the shark jumped out of the water, just snatched the fish right off the line. it was confirmed to be a great white shark. and, you know, breaching is a rare occurrence. >> i've never seen it on the east coast. michelle, we'll see you all week. ahead, a rapper remains in custody. president trump tries to get him out. nice. it offers an industry-first power-up/-down tailgate. i kinda didn't expect that to happen. but that's not all... whoo! oh my... whoa! the silverado has more cargo volume than any competitor. very impressive. it's got 20% more than f-150. that is really nice. is there a buy it now button on there too?
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it is; 56. all lanes back open after a car caught fire in alameda county. this happened this morning on northbound lanes of a 80 near tennyson road in fremont. fire crews and chp quickly put out the flames and mopped up the mess. is not clear what caused the fire to catch fire. please looking for driver killed a motorcyclist and left the scene after midnight yesterday on concord boulevard. the impact sent the motorcycle flying into a neighbors fence. his name has not been released. >> april his right to vote rally scheduled for san
7:57 am
francisco. the proposed ballot measure would give tens of thousands of people who have served their time a chance to vote in local state and federal elections. we have news updates to the day on your favorite platforms, including our website, ffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
7:58 am
morning at 7:58 let's start with the real-time traffic center with your real-time traffic drive times. you are still in the red through the altamont pass. there was an earlier brushfire that is out. the delays are long-lasting. 45 minutes coming out of the altamont pass. now the eastshore freeway highway for and one-to-one with the drive times in the yellow. the bay bridge is slow and go, all the way to the maze the a 85 over mid relatively cloudy skies. that is set to clear. by the time you get to the late afternoon sunshine with also clearing up to skies. for the limited patch over the bridge. the bay bridge daytime highs us back to the low 90s in and and we are sitting in the low to
7:59 am
mid 80s for many areas across the rest of the bay and in the 70s the seven-day forecast we repeat the low 90s for the most part inland and a few 90s before the end of the week.
8:00 am
♪ if. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, july 22nd, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows a tightening race for the democratic presidential nomination as the candidates divide into three distinct tiers. plus, how vice president mike pence calls conditions at immigrant detention facilities, quote, unacceptable. and only our crisis manager telling us about tr. kelly's struggles as he facing struggles. iran said it broke a cia spy
8:01 am
ring to collect information. >> iran's intelligence ministry saying that they have arrested 17 suspects. >> thousands of people gathered here in san juan. the governor has said, despite the protests, he is not going anywhere. >> the standoff between riot place and anti-government protesters lasted 90 minutes. there was a ebb and flow with police firing several rounds of tear gas. >> a train crashed into this house behind me sunday evening. more storms are expected today following a weekend of widespread extreme heat and humidity. >> just one day after saying he was unhappy with racist chants from his supporters, he called them patriots. now he istinuing those attacks on the congresswomen. >> lifted to left. back at the wall. it's outta here! and this game is over!
8:02 am
unbelievable. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. that's called a walk-off home run. >> yes. >> a really good weekend. i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil and anthony mason. anthony mason is off. don't worry. we are in good hands because vladimir duthiers is at the table. >> good to be here. >> always good to have you here. we begin with this. a new cbs news poll, u gov poll finds joe biden holding on to his lead in the pack of dirk presidential nominees. the former vice president's advantage is shrinking in the early primary states. political correspondent ed o'keefe is in washington with more on the story. ed, i'm curious about this. what else did we learn from this latest set of polling? >> it's now easier to group the candidates into three distinct tiers. former vice president joe biden and senators elizabeth warren, kamala harris and bernie sanders
8:03 am
are in that first tier. indiana mayor pete buttigieg, former congressman beto o'rourke and julian castro in the second tier. everyone else polls at 1% or less and they are in the third tier. warren and harris and sanders are gaining ground mainly because each top tier candidate has carved out their own niche. >> i believe we are literally, not figuratively -- >> reporter: most democrats are more concerned about hearing from candidates how they defeat president trump next year, not how they differ from their primary opponents. that's what makes biden tops. he is the first choice of democrats in the early states. three in four democrats considering biden saying he would beat mr. trump. a higher number than those considering his opponents. and biden's backers want someone with a more polite and civil tone. catching up are massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and california senator kamala harris. fading back a bit vermont
8:04 am
senator bernie sanders. >> wall street is sucking values out of the rest of the economy. >> reporter: warren is considered the candidate to fight the most for people. >> we have to put a stop for that. >> reporter: and harris considered the most strong thanks to her standout debate performance last month. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in america? >> reporter: on the issues, health care leads. but it's the cost that concerns voters. most democrats support a medicare for all health care plan first pushed by sanders. >> it is absurd we are the only major country on earth to not guarantee health care to all people. >> reporter: many want to learn more about the potential costs. >> that's what this campaign is about. people want medicare for all. >> it's getting harder for the lesser known third tier candidates to raise money and attract attention some say they are likely to drop out at some
8:05 am
point after next week's debates, likely by the end of the summer. >> interesting resumts there. president trump will meet with chuck schumer as soon as possible to discuss the situation at the southern border. schumer posted photos and videos on twitter friday showing democratic senators touring several detention centers run by customs and border protection. in one video a child says he has not been able to brush his teeth. they called it inhumane and talked about overcrowding and a harsh odor. >> vice president mike pence visited border facilities this month. he spoke to major garrett about what he saw in an interview for the takeout podcast. >> everything about those conditions is acceptable? >> well, i'm -- look, what many of these same members of congress and others have said is that children are being mistreated, and it's simply not the case. i visited a facility, brought the cameras in. no restrictions.
8:06 am
we saw lots of supplies, air-conditioning, kids were watching cartoons, drinking juice boxes, told me they were all being well taken care of. but the truth is we went to a detention facility for adult men , men who had been apprehended coming in illegally, not seeking asylum, and we saw the overcrowding that we expected to see. >> reporter: are you satisfied with what you saw in its totality? >> i'm very satisfied with the way that families and vol nesule children are being treated. the overcrowding is not acceptable. >> he said the overcrowding is a result of the crisis at the border. senate democrats have requested the trump administration brief them by today on how it plans to spend the money in the $4.6 billion border funding bill. president trump is personally advocating for an american rapper facing legal
8:07 am
trouble in sweden. but sweden's prime minister says that the president cannot influence how asam rocky is treated in an assault case there. video captured the rapper in a fight last month, and he was taken into custody days later. mola lenghi on why asap rocky says he is a victim here. >> i have been called by so many people asking me to help asap rocky. >> reporter: president trump is now working with swedish authorities to demand asap rocky's release and credited the first lady with bringing his case to light. >> we are working with the state department and we hope to get him home soon. >> reporter: video from june 30th shows asap rocky and three others confronted by two men on a stockholm street. in one tense moment one of the men tries to punch and throws headphones at rocky's bodyguard. >> we don't want to fight y'all. >> reporter: leading rocky can and others to try to dehe is skate escalate the situation. you can hear them ask the men to
8:08 am
leave them alone several times. >> we don't want no problem. they keep following us. >> reporter: minutes later a second video appears to show the rapper and his friends violently throw one of the men to the ground, punching and kicking him repeatedly. they were arrested for assault. kanye and kim kardashian west among a core of celebrities calling for rocky's release. tyler the creator tweeted he'd boy scott sweden forever. >> he was being taunted and harassed. >> reporter: leading the charge is congressman adriano espaillat. >> one that sees the video understands that these young men were pushed to a corner and they are, in fact, the victims. >> that was melania moulton fol. sweden not typically on the wrong side of an incarceration story. >> you think of them as a neutral party. there seemed to be some provocation in that video. i am curious how many asap rocky
8:09 am
songs the president has os his playlist. seems funny to hear him say asap rocky. >> all the tweets for the president to look into it. then he says it was his idea. >> to be continued. >> indeed. >> that was mola lenghi for us reporting. thank you very much. r. kelly is behind bars as he prepares to fight new sex crime charges. ahead only on "cbs this morning," his crisis manager
8:10 am
8:11 am
the first major change to the nation's prison system in a generation is giving thousands of former inmates a second chance. ahead in common ground, how one man is making up for lost time with his family. you're watching "cbs this morning." this morning." we are weakening our enamel
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8:15 am
♪ running back singer r. kelly will appear in brooklyn next month to face new sex crime charges. federal prosecutors in illinois and new york charging the musician with a combined 18
8:16 am
counts, including child pornography. kelly is accused of sexually exploiting women and girls over two decades. he has denied all allegations. in an exclusive interview in march, kelly maintained he is innocent of any wrongdoing. >> have you ever had sex -- >> no. >> with anyone under the age of 17? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> kelly is being held in a chicago jail without bond. his crisis manager darrell john johnson is with us only on "cbs this morning." god t good to see you. i wasn't expecting him to say, yes irk have. he was arrested walking his dog ten days ago, facing 195 years in prison based on the chicago charges alone. your feeling? his feeling this time around is what? >> well, mr. kelly is a mess right now. >> how so? >> he is afraid. he is scared. he is isolated. >> let's focus on the allegations and we will get back
8:17 am
to his mental state. your feeling about these later charges? does he feel he will be acquitted of them? does it feel different this time? >> it does feel different. i said if you have the book, the book has to keep. 20 tapes, if you read the indictment. it's five tapes. it's not 20 tapes. >> i don't think the number of the tapes is the issue. i think what's on the tapes is the issue. now comes word that one of the victims in 2008 is cooperating with authorities. doesn't this make this case different this sometime? >> i don't see how. if she said that nothing happened, it wasn't her, her mother said it wasn't her, her father said it wasn't her -- >> she is cooperating this time, allegedly. >> well, he was acquitted in this case. >> he will kelly said he doesn't have money. he can't make any because he can't perform. how is he paying for his legal defense? are other musicians providing him money? >> he does have royalties that
8:18 am
come in. he is living off some of his royalties. early on fans and friends made a lot of donations. >> how do you explain these allegations? i know mr. kelly and yourself and his team said he is absolutely nbt. y innocent. so many women are telling the same story for a long period of years. are all of these women just not telling the truth? >> here is what i think. i would never call anybody a liar. i came on seven months ago. i walked into a front door and i seen mr. kelly being a normal person. i seen the two women, they -- i came in unsuspected. i arrived. mr. kelly was recording. 20 minutes later they walked in with shopping bags. no security. free. doing what they wanted to do. and i spent a lot of time with mr. kelly. i still say my eye is trained.
8:19 am
i haven't seen anything that would cause me to be suspicious -- >> darrell, of course -- i saw mr. kelly being a normal person, too. >> right. >> sitting at his kitchen counter drinking tea, all of that. i saw that, too. we are not going to see that type of behavior. the question is, all of these women through decades now have been telling the same story. >> right. >> of course, you and i aren't going to see that. what do you say to saul all of women? it's a question that haunts many people. >> absolutely, i understand that. what i say is, again, they have indicted mr. kelly. he is in jail right now. he will have his day in court. and they will have to bring the evidence. that's what has to be done. if the evidence sticks, mr. kelly will spend life in the penitentiary. >> you have a 20 something year old daughter. would you allow -- >> absolutely not. >> would you leave him with r. kelly? >> i wouldn't leave my daughter
8:20 am
with anybody accused of pedophilia. i would not. >> that doesn't seem like a contradiction to you? >> absolutely -- >> you are defending r. kelly. at the same time saying you wouldn't leave your daughter with him. >> i wouldn't leave my daughter with anyone. i will say it again. he is accused of being a pedophile. >> you started talking about mr. kelly's mental health. what is his mental health? he is under suicide watch? >> i am concerned about mr. kelly. >> is he under suicide watch? >> i would assume he is. he is a mess. i heard statements that he is happy and this is going on and he wanted to be at this particular place. that's not te. no one wants to be locked down 24 hours, no tv. he can't read and write, so he can't read a book. he has already been -- a jury has convicted him. >> are you concerned about him harming himself while he is in prison? >> i am. absolutely. >> harming himself how? >> i don't know. and when you are in the state of mind mr. kelly is in right now,
8:21 am
any person, including myself or you, would probably want to -- the authorities to be cautious of what is taking place. >> thank you, darrell johnson. >> hollywood is breaking down barriers with a series of new movies. ahead, how natalie portman is coming back to the marvel cinematic universe. the new superhero she will play when she returns to the big screen. you are watching "cbs this morning." screen. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ so kim, you going for our big drive safe & save discount? yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? don't mess with my discount! uh hem. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save
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♪ people changing what you eat, like an english muffin instead of a bagel could have a huge impact on your health.
8:25 am
samantha heller is in our toyota green room to talk about why cutting 300 calories a day could make a big difference. your local news is next. good morning. i michelle griego. deputies are searching for a suspected thief who escaped into some trees. deputy state two men burglarized the home improvement at santa rosa last night. one man was arrested after running into a tree grow. the city of berkeley is launching an online system for purchasing and renewing residential parking permits. and soda bumper stickers, license plate will tell traffic enforcement was allowed to park their. silicon valley will be the cannabis capital of the country. the sixth annual national
8:26 am
cannabis industry association business summit and expo kicks off in san jose. we have news updates through the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
on morning from your real- time traffic center, we start with the main travel times. for those of you hitting the road race, none of them are in the red. just and the yellow. you are in the green on highway for. and the altamont pass has eased up a little bit. the bay bridge is low and go but look at the backup. it is not bad. not even to the a 80 flyover. that is good news for those of you headed into the city.
8:28 am
the san mateo bridge is not quite the same story. it has eased up and the westbound direction. it is still busy heading towards the peninsula. eastbound, not a problem at all. the golden gate bridge has a fog advisory in effect. you cannot see him well as you are headed into into or out of san francisco this morning via the golden gate park as you move along, let's go over to the richmond san rafael bridge and i will pop that over there. you can see it is slow and go at the toll plaza want to get into marin, it is good to go north or south bond on one-to- one. at least it looks like there is son breaking over the richmond bridge. he told a different story as you just showed us reckless show you what this means for daytime highs. we are warm inland. the low 90s. 91 in concord in livermore. 92 in fairfield. we did a lot of the warm up over the weekend and now we just here for a while and get a little bit warmer by the end of the week. if you're in the bay or the coast you have not much of a change. it is the mid-80s and a little above average this time of year. it is not bear bad and there is
8:29 am
the seven-day showing you more of the same. to mid 90s and particularly the 95 showing up on wednesday and then saturday and sunday.
8:30 am
welcome back to welcome back to "cbs this morning." that time to bring you some of the stories we call the talk of the fable. there's a table, we're talking. this is where we each pick a story we would like to share with you and everybody else. who's going first? >> i'm going first. i'm talking about a story out of oregon. the state legislature and the governor signed it as a new law, one of the first of its kind in the country. high school kids can miss school if they're physically sick. under the new law, they can claim mental health days. so it's unique because these will now be approved absences, and it elevates mental health to
8:31 am
an equal footing with physical health, which a ought of people say is important, particularly at this time when suicide rates are increasing around the country. a 30% increase since 1999. >> i thing this is a really good idea. sometimes when you're at work, i hear people saying i'm taking mental health days. for this, i think it's a good idea to start it younger, too. take away the stigma. >> i'm a fan. >> me too. >> all right, so me? >> yep. >> what happened? >> it's the mighty thor. it's perfect. >> wardrobe malfunction. marvel is making cinematic history again. there's a couple things happening. they're bringing the first female thor to the big screen. >> who is it. >> natalie portman. she got thor's hammer. this case is dropping the hammer. she's going to be amazing. the other big news in the marvel cinema, i was geeking out the entire weekend because comic-con is going on.
8:32 am
mahershala ali is playing blade. >> we like that too. >> blade is coming back to the big screen. that was huge. and the first asian american cast in a marvel cinematic universe movie. he'll play the lead in one of their big movies. >> in masters of kung fu. >> no. >> that's what it says. >> no, the comic that was based off the character. >> for people who don't go to comic-con, you're talking about blade. i don't know what any of this. >> i'm with you, tony. you're excited so i'm excited for you. >> i'm geeking out. >> not as excited as you, but a lot of people are excited about that. here's what i have. in anticipation of this blistering heat, depending on where you were anywhere in the country, chances are you were sweltering. much of the country over the weekend. police in braintree, massachusetts, have a sense of humor. they put out a message telling would-be criminals to chill. i love this story. this is what it says in part. conducting criminal activity in
8:33 am
this extreme heat is next level henchman status. also very dangerous, so stay home, blast the ac, binge stranger things season 3, play with the faceapp, practice karate in your basement. we'll all meet again on monday when it's cooler. now, of course, that's very tongue in cheek, but i think it's funny. braintree, massachusetts, reached 95 degrees over the weekend but it felt like 106. a lot of people were sweltering. >> did the crime rate there fall? >> i don't know the answer, but you have cops with a good sense of humor. >> that's good advice, especially if you haven't started watching stranger things. perfect opportunity to binge it. >> no good time to commit a crime, but certainly not in the heat. >> that's right. >> in today's morning rounds, a new study finds that cutting just 300 calories a day could have a huge impact on your overall health. researchers followed grouped for two years and told them they could eat whatever they wanted to. but they had to restrict calories. so on average, the group cut
8:34 am
about 300 calories. that's the equivalent of about two chocolate chip cookies or about a cup of ice cream. samantha heller is a registered dietician at nyu langone health and she joins us now. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing very well. everybody knows what they need to do. to lose weight and to be healthy. it's just really, really hard to do it. so what are the health benefits? >> i think people think they know what they need to do, but they might be surprised it can be easier than we do think. it doesn't have to be severe calorie restriction. we don't have to starve ourselves. we don't have to do extreme diets. what this study found in healthy or just slightly overweight people is that restricting as little as 300 calories, which is almost nothing, as you pointed out, can result in significant weight loss, about 16 pound over two years. not everybody is that patient. >> yeah. i have two weeks before the wedding. >> or the beach. >> but they had better cardio
8:35 am
metabolic profiles, better triglyceride levels, lower cholesterol, their bodies got healthier, their heart got healthier, what was interesting and i think and they didn't discuss this in the study is because people are saying how am i going to cut these calories today, i think they became more mindful eaters. >> it does make you accountable when you really pay attention. when you have to write it down or log it in some way, but first, what is visceral fat, what is that? >> that's the fat that accumulated deep under your belly. you can't see it. that's a more dangerous kind of fat. it increases inflammation and our risk for heart disease and liver disease. >> i thought visceral was something you could see like muffin top. very familiar. >> the pain of looking in the mirror. >> i always heard calories in, calories out. it doesn't matter hot the quality of the calorie. do you think that's true? >> i don't. i think that you can lose weight eating cupcakes but it's not healthy. >> really? >> if you eat fewer cupcakes
8:36 am
than you normally eat in terms of calories a day, you'll probably lose weight. >> so the quality of the calories matters. >> i want people to focus on being healthy and not being skinny. i think what we can take home from the study is when you're going to eat something, say, is this healthy for me today? how is this going to make me feel when i finish eating it? is this respecting this body trying to keep me alive all day? >> i fear the cupcake diet may be trending on twitter after this segment. we mentioned 300 calories a day, about two chocolate chip cookies. if you're not able to count in your head, how do people track the calories? >> look at the nutrition fact labels. >> it can match the serving side. >> sometimes that's tricky. >> i use an app called lose it that works reallyual. it's free and allows me to put in what i'm eating. i can even take a photo of the bar code and it immediately goes into the app and tells me the nutritional value and i can add it to my counter of calories and fat and carbs. >> the portion is what gets dicy
8:37 am
when we're using some of those apps. so it may underestimate your calorie intake, but 300 calories is a soda and a bag of chips or as you said, a couple cookies. really pretty easy to cut 300 calories a day. >> i use weight watchers now. i think there's many ways you can count your calories, but for those of us who don't use all these apps, do you have something that's quick and a good recommendation that you should cut x, y, and z. i hate the word cut, by the way, samantha. >> i won't use the word. >> i don't want to deprive myself. do you have recommendations on easy switches? >> instead of piling cheese on everything we eat, you know, once ounce of cheese is about 100 calories. i think it's illegal to only eat that much cheese. we eat a lot of cheese. cut back on your cheese consumption. don't put five slices on your sandwich. put one or two. measure your portions of rice and pasta. add a lot of nonstarchy vegetables, broccoli, kale, spinach, fill it out with that
8:38 am
and have healthy protein with that. be thoughtful. >> i have been living the 300 calorie a day cut life since i read about this because i was doing the space coverage and the astronauts were 165 pounds and exactly my heavier. >> is it working? >> i'll let you know in two years. samantha, thank you for being here. >> coming up, senators from across the aisle share how they found common ground to push through a historic bill to reform the criminal justice system. >> this is a cancer, this problem is a cancer on the soul of our country. >> ahead, we see the law in action as we follow a man who waited 16 years to be released from prison and be we started a warm up over the weekend for inland locations. you already noticed it sunday but for monday we keep it going. temperatures in the low 90s for
8:39 am
most spot. has not changed a lot for the bay and not for the coast regatta 16 we carry through the seven-day forecast. we did most of the warm up already and now we are just going to sit here and add a few more degrees by the middle of the week. this means that the mid-90s are in store by wednesday of this week. ross has the brands you wt for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. good song for this. in our series "common ground," on friday the justice department announced the first set of inmates released. that's a bipartisan bill president trump signed into law last december. we recently met with two former colleagues. senator cory booker on your left and senator mike lee on your
8:43 am
right to discuss the groundbreaking legislation. jeff, this was a bipartisan achievement, so it is possible. >> it sure is. >> it is possible. >> it sure is. good morning. for the first time in over a decade republicans and democrats came together to act on reforms to make our criminal justice system more fair. i was a proud co-sponsor of the first step achlkt for those who benefit, it's nothing less than a second chance. >> it's an overwhelming feeling and i'm just glad to be free. >> eric mall -- ba-- balcom has been released. >> i have to be thankful for the new memories i can make. >> new memories with his family.
8:44 am
>> god is good. >> including his dautdser tear ka. ironically she's a corrections officer in florida. there balcom wreunites with his mother who is suffering from'. at 23 he was sentenced to prison, the crime, selling 93.2 grams of crack. >> when they say life, somebody could have committed a crime in 2003 and been home before i was. >> in prison he said he rehabilitated himself, taking more than 60 courses working and even sugar as a suicide companion. he's free because of the first step act, a law that reverses the harsh sentence aimed at the war on drugs era of the 1980s and 1990s.
8:45 am
>> this problem is a cancer on the soul of our country. >> democratic new jersey senator cory booker and senator mike lee spent months on the bill. >> you're a strish senator from the state of utah and a former prosecutor, some would say an unlily candidate of this. why are you interested in this? >> interested in it not in spite of but because as a former prosecutor i saw a number of abuses of federal law. i saw a young man get sentenced to 5 years in prison for selling three dime bags of pot over a 72-hour period. this is wrong. the judge sentencing him at the time said it's wrong and only congress can fix the problem. >> senator bookier, take us behind? >> sometimes it matters. i'm sitting next to a guy from utah, not the most diverse state, that he's concerned that we have more african-americans
8:46 am
here. he and i have a real friendship and it made for a good foundation. >> a foundation that president trump's son-in-law jared kushner built upon. >> jared was a solid ally and one without whom we couldn't have gotten this past. >> was there a moment you thought it would all fall apart? >> in the midst of the kavanaugh hearings, i remember getting on the phone with jared and him and i being at an impasse and me being angry and having my back up and jared said, let's conference with lindsey graham and this is a moment when people on my side of the aisle were not happy with lindsey graham to put it mildly. i remember lindsey getting on the phone and being hard at jared saying we kent do this without cory, we need to keep
8:47 am
this coalition together. >> it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. >> what can you say to people like eric and others who have bee released under this program? >> there's an anguish in my communities. we live in a nation where our criminal justice system is still deeply biased against low income people, against minorities. this was a step. >> i just want to tell you that i'm sorry. >> a step that gave eric balcom the opportunity to finally apologize to his son. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to do you like that. >> for balcom, it's just another step on the long road to redemption. >> boy. >> sadly eric balcom's mother passed away a few weeks ago and
8:48 am
he was able to spend some sometime with his mother. >> nice to see him with his son too. >> what was difference at the federal level and is there any chance states get on board because most are in state penitentiaries. >> the interesting thing is some states have moved ahead. that provide a lot of impetus for government to move ahead. texas is another. a lot of people cam forward. they were building two or three a year. some wanted to have less recidivism and to use the faith community to get involved. for whatever reason they all came together. eight years later they closed a couple of prisons. recidivism is down, crime rate is down. we looked at that and thought, it works. i can't tell you what a partisan environment we were in in december and still for the congress to come together on an issue like this says something. >> very powerful reporting,
8:49 am
senator. >> and says that it's possible. there are so many issues we need to follow suit on. >> right. >> wonderful. >> before we go, see how a carp
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
carpenter received a thank-you as he spent his entire retirement savings to send dozens to college. he lived a frugal life before he died in 2005. >> he had two pairs of pants and two pairs of jeans, church jeans and work jeans. his lawyer said he could not believe it when he said he wanted to donate nearly 3 million students to help rural students in iowa. he gave 33 student as chance to go to college for free.
8:53 am
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good morning. i michelle griego. all lanes are back open after a car caught fire in alameda county. it happened on the northbound lanes of a 80 near tennyson road and fremont. it is not clear what caused the car to catch fire. san francisco sightseer is recovering from life- threatening injuries after a chain reaction crash that left her husband dead. the suspect the driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and running a red light. construct a new mercury news report claims i.c.e. has been flying tens of thousands of detained immigrants out of oakland
8:56 am
international airport. the report found that i.c.e. charter nearly 1000 flights between 2010 and 2018. news updates to the day in your favorite platforms including our website, game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. let's start with a look at main travel times. the good news is that it looks better than it did earlier this
8:58 am
morning with one exception. you are getting slower and slower out of the south bay on one-to-one. a 70 four-minute ride in the green on highway for. eastshore freeway and altamont pass are in the yellow, which is great news. take a look at this. the bay bridge is a breeze. you are smooth sailing into san francisco this morning. and the san mateo bridge is not so much smooth sailing. you are a little busy. bright lights in the westbound direction in the peninsula and the eastbound direction, everything looks good to go. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge if i can find that button. you not see a whole lot of it as a visibility issue with the result of the fog. >> that has been persistent at the golden gate all day. most of us are looking at your skies and we can see that reflected in the temperatures. look at how high we are going inland. it will be 91 in concord. 91 in livermore. 90 in santa rosa. 85 for san jose. everybody else closer to the water will have a pretty typical day for this time of year. where are only hitting 2 to 3 degrees above average for most of us if you are inland, a different story. the low to mid 90s for much of the seven-day forecast. it is low 90s today and tomorrow. we made it to the mid-90s with
8:59 am
a 95 by the time we get to wednesday, we keep the numbers going into the weekend as well. 95 saturday, and 90 for on sunday.
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