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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 15, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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happening last threats, we can see in the coming days . a single winning ticket had the after months of emotional testimony, the ghost ship warehouse trial finally 90 million hour pet. wrapping up, what to expect in it's no resort it's just a walkabout, the restaurant had a court today . the man behind a pair of grand reopening at pacifica, notorious murders and a bay jenna franco takes a look at area beachheads to court today, the fancy fix we learn his fate . good morning everybody it >> everybody is talking about is july 15, thank you for waking up with us, it will be a the iconic talk about cantina, here it is. cool day in the city by the bay inland, inland? not so much. this is the place to be right >> that's right, it's about the microclimate once again today. cool at the coast, to temperatures warming up inland, here's a live look with the up. >> and is crowded in here treasure island camera, a preview of the port of san today. >> we have a nice fancy francisco, we start off the day with clear skies, breezy as gorgeous view of the ocean. well, turning into 60s this look at that. you can also just eat outside morning, let's take you through if you want. the day as we head through the afternoon, looking at highs there is a walk-up window. topping out at 83 san jose, 85 including the renovation the
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biggest differences the taco bell, you can take it anywhere for livermore, 90 concorde and fairfield, mid 70s oakland, else but the patio . upper 60s san francisco and mid >> here is my familyie 60s pacifica, all of us will about traffic, a beautiful see the sun as we head through sunny day like this, you will the day, temperatures are little bit cooler today compared to the hot weekend we get traffic anyway and had and we continue on the cool pacifica, it is the place to be right now, the big difference, down, details on that coming up i have ever seen taco bell so . we are tracking a traffic crowded . alert and the good news, it is the opposite direction of alcohol the mix, of course downtown, but it's two lanes of it will be crowded . >> a big party . >> yes, actually it is awesome to see her, we miss her around here. the freeway, not sure where you still on maternity leave, she's fall on this but hopefully you are not heading out of the bay area via that you short freeway just walking with her family on it is you are down to six miles the beach and saw a long line an hour as a result of an and said what is going on? >> i love how she is so accident right there on eastbound 80 at hilltop, now, responsible, just a nice shot of that side saying no alcohol beyond this point. make it clear they do sell right behind where you see a alcohol here at the taco bell. be responsible . box that says accidents, all >> right. the way from highway 4, past >> be responsible there and on where the accident is, it is slowing things down the westbound direction all the way the roadways. your traffic alert we are down to richmond, so, that talking about this mor to really is slowing down for the commute time. if you are heading in the it, taking a look at the map, you can see exactly where it is westbound direction, i will be in the opposite of the commute checking chp to see what the
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status of that is in the next direction eastbound 80 at this freeway, you are right there at couple minutes, in the meantime, slow is basically all you need to know, coming up, seven miles an hour then llp lanes, there blocked as regular running speed, it's not a result of an overturned box really the issue in this truck. chp is on the scene not going picture, it's more or less the anywhere anytime soon, it will southbound lanes blocked and take time to investigate unfortunate was a fatal crash. all southbound 680 slow, i on the other side of the road, would take 84 westbound instead the westbound commute direction, you can see it is . a look at the live news desk, breaking news, the ends slow and go at 29 mylan hours, as you pass by this because of of assignment protection for many central american migrants who have come to the u.s. via people looking. do not do that, you will slow down the commute. the drive time to get there is about a 24 minute average speed mexico. if they have traveled through another country first, they would not be eligible to stay at 40 miles an hour. here while any asylum claim this a live look from chopper goes through. president trump says basically 5, chp is on the scene, you can see the right-hand two lanes they're trying to close what is blocked, the inside two lanes a legal loophole. are good to go, but is the the question is whether or not opposite of commute direction but it is still slowing things the country they went through down as a result for your before they got to the u.s. is morning commute, the altamont considered safe. pass down to eight miles an so, a lot of questions about hour, 56 miles an hour, slowing the policy announcement this morning and what it would mean for the people being held at
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as you approach livermore but the border. not bad, really the slowing we they certainly will face legal are seeing in the southbound challenges. we will keep an eye on that for direction, 680 as well as westbound on 84, excuse me, they clear the accident but in you. michelle? >> thank you. developing this morning, no reports of any major federal effect, the lanes close southbound on the 880, highway immigration raids so far despite the threat from the trump administration, but that could soon change. the new york time reports is 4 where there is a series of accidents eastbound on highway four, not too much of an issue, that of a massive sweep the westbound, slowing things down operation is being carried out as you come out of pittsburgh, as a series of smaller rates spread out over several days, ice has said they will round up 2000 undocumented immigrants the 242 slow going for you, around the country, folks on final deportation orders. immigrant rights activists say it never materialized but they mass transit information, several lines of muni as well still had a chilling effect in as all of the lines of the latino communities. >> in this neighborhood here in golden gate transit, you are now going to the new and improved 2.0 salesforce transit the mission, the seats are center with mass transit empty, the streets are empty, running on time at this hour. people not in church, shopping, going to the movies, business taking a live look to the owners were complaining people freeway, things are moving did not show up so the owners of the companies had to show up to work on a sunday because they are short of employees.
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>> in a statement, i said they along no problems there, last prioritized the arrest and removal of aliens who pose a but not least, the bay bridge the metering lights are on of the backups have begun. threat to national security, public safety and border security, the agency went on to mary? i'm happy to give you better news when it comes to the weather, this is just a say they would not elaborate on spectacular view of the sales force tower camera, just what happened or did not happen this weekend. as the threat of immigration raids loom over the bay area, today protesters are demanding lovingly, blue skies as we start of the day, temperatures amazon cuts ties with ice, this running in the 50s and 60s, on amazons biggest shopping day upper 60s in concorde, upper of the year, jackie ward is 50s oakland, livermore, san francisco. 60 san jose, santa rosa mid 50s. it is a breezy start in some spots this morning, 12 mile an outside amazon in san francisco hour winds at sfo also downtown san francisco, mile an hour with more on what his plans wil winds in san mont, 14 antioch, for two mile an hour winds deliver 270,000 signatures right now in fairfield of the right here on amazon market southwest, the weather headlines clear and breezy, cool to my temperatures, we are street, this proves just how many people disagree with looking at plenty of sunshine as we head to the day, amazons relationship with ice, temperatures not as hot as over amazon reportedly has a the weekend but we will warm up databases from the department of homeland security helping to track and detain immigrants. at inland today, mild for the bay and cool at the coast, we continue with a cool down as we head through the week with a stronger onshore flow, satellite and radar have an noon today, several groups including jobs with justice san francisco plan to protest here
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at the market street office, similar groups will be calling upper level low to the north and the low pressure system is out amazon for what they say is ushering in the shore flow, bad behavior across nine major cities . coming together to say it it really kicks in as we head has to stop, this monopoly for the week, hour by hour on future cast just to show you power and abuse takes the form of abusing warehouse workers clear skies as we go through many are immigrants. the morning and afternoon, abusing the public in terms of using technology to facilitate tomorrow morning, looking at low clouds in areas of fog targeting detention and along the coast and parts of deportation and separation of the bay, we could even see families . patchy drizzle along the coast >> jobs with justice says they first thing in the morning tomorrow then afternoon sunshine, today, temperatures little above average for this time of year for the south bay, 82 for high in santa clara, 83 want amazon to end the contract san jose, 90 morgan hill and 84 with ice and to stop marketing with low 90s in pleasant hill, facial recognition technology to ice officials, protests are happening in seattle, new york concorde, fairfield, pittsburgh, antioch as well as and other major cities across the country, we have reached out amazon a couple different times to get common about the protests happening today, we have yet to hear back. brentwood. anyone detained in berkeley sees a high of 73, 74 immigration have riots u.s. alameda, 80 san leandro, 76 citizen or not includes the oakland, upper 60s san right to counsel. francisco, mid-80s petaluma and however, it is only the right upper 80s ukiah and cloverdale. of access the government does here is the 7 day forecast and what you can expect, temperatures little cooler
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not provide the attorney, friday, by theend ay and much undocumented detainees who choose not to seek counsel can be deported. we continue to monitor the very latest on the threatened ice of the workllbe below raids. for any new development to head to our website, averagr tofyear, . back to you. today the closing stages of the ownership warehouse trial 6:52 right now, the search is on for a california woman in oakland will get underway. who vanished in a matter of the jury will hear from minutes on a camping trip with witnesses this morning then it is closing argument. her husband, the bizarre case, derrico mena and the creative straightahead. director max harris each facing amazon prime day has protesters using it as a 36 counts of involuntary opportunity to tell the tech manslaughter in the deadly 2016 company why they do not agree fire. during the trial, attorneys with a relationship with ice. good morning, up ahead, the risk of flash flooding for millions in the path of heavy argued an unknown arsonist was responsible for setting the fire and blamed the landlord rain, tropical depression barry for conditions at the warehouse . happening today, just a few moves north pushing rivers to hours a sonoma county man near record levels plus what charged with three murders and you think it was like to reach an attempted bombing is due in the moon 50 years ago? we talk about that with a pilot who tells us about his moments court to be sentenced, detective say the 40-year-old at 7:00 on the dot. shawn gallant confessed to three slayings including the double shooting of two engaged camp counselors asleep on
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jenner beach in 2004, they also admitted to killing his brother in 2017 and an attempted bombing in 2004. he pleaded no contest after the sonoma county da agreed not to seek the death penalty . compare comcast business to your current provider. developing this morning, a mystery, california woman goes missing while on a camping trip my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. with her husband, her children saying their mother was abductor. and to know that i could save money? >> the possibility of her getting lost out there seems i'd be thrilled. more likely to us that adoption. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you >> the 60-year-old cheryl a full suite of products powell is described as an avid hiker and camper. with great performance and value. friday she had her husband set get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. out to near death valley and that's 120 dollars less a year. according to the family, powell better, faster. i mean sign me up. got out of the car with her comcast business. small dog while her husband beyond fast. parked. the family said within a matter of minutes powell and her dog who was on a leash went missing . every day gets harder and harder, i go through periods where like, i almost lose hope and i just break down into tears that i cannot get my mind
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off of like, all of these potentially horrible things that could be happening. >> search and rescue crews are looking for powell by air and ground, an investigation is underway . the time now is 6:7, new orleans was spared a direct hit, but barry could still cause a lot of problems as it pushes inland today, we will have more on the impact of the powerful storm . 50 years after the moon landing, we're still not sure what happened to some of the rocks brought back to earth, we hear from one man on an ambitious mission to track them down. morning sunrise, a beautiful start to the day, clear skies for many locations, here's a live look at the tower camera looking east, the sun rising above mount diablo, we will talk about it cool down as we head into week, details coming up . a new weekend day for the transit center up and running, and finally, some lines for muni and all the golden gate transit routes now going
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through, just a heads up that i have the rest of your drive times, coming up.
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time for a look at this morning's top stories, the closing stages of the ghost ship warehouse trail will get underway in oakland today, the jury will hear from addled witnesses this morning. after that, it is closing arguments, max harris faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deadly 2016 fire . fire crews mopping up a fire at a three-story apartment complex in martinez, officals say first broke out after four clock this morning but it was soon knockdown. one person was hurt with minor burns, nobody else was hurt . the search is on for a missing california woman and her dog, the family says 60- year-old cheryl powell disappeared on a camping trip with her husband, their children believes their mother was abducted . within the last hour we learned the trump administration is moving to and asylum protections for central american migrants which means migrants seeking asylum in the u.s. would be banned if they travel through another country first. challenges are expected in the coming days . no confirmed ice raids reported in the bay area over
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the weekend despite an expected wave of detention. still, immigrant families are on edge this morning, some reports say the raids will take place over the course of this week . i'm jackie ward in san francisco, protesters expected to deliver 270,000 signatures today, they say this proves how many people are against amazon's relationship with ice. amazon hosts databases for the department of homeland security that help track immigrants and detain them. at noon several groups including jobs for justice san francisco plan to protest, similar groups will call out amazon for what they say is bad behavior across nine major cities, jobs with justice say they want amazon to end the contract with ice and stop marketing facial recognition technology to ice officials, protests are also happening in seattle new york and other major cities across the country we reached out to amazon several times to comment on the
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upcoming protests that have yet to hear back. jackie ward, kpix5 . we are continuing to track a traffic alert eastbound on good monday morning, here's something to brighten your day, east shore freeway slowing this lovely view, this a things down significantly, two lanes shut down, also slowing down westbound as a result of spectacular view from the tower people, drive times westbound, camera looking north from the 24 minutes, also a series of accidents westbound on highway laurel highlands, clear skies as we kick off the day, we talk about what you can expect with 4, these two behind it have the cool down as we head for just popped up you can see it is slow going all the way from the week, details coming up . a live look at the news pittsburgh towards 242, your desk, a map of the fire drive time there is about 42 minutes to get to the east firefighters have been battling shore freeway where you will face a slowdown . let's check out the golden this morning, a three-story apartment complex. flames were shooting off of a gate bridge, stunning this morning. plenty of sunshine all across the region, that continues as second floor balcony. one person was burned. we head through the afternoon, at this point firefighters do have this under control. they will stay on scene and continue to investigate the now let's show you what you can cause. back to you. expect as we are looking at temperatures that will be warming up as we head through parts of the pacific rim on the afternoon. high alert this morning after daytime highs, cooler compared another massive earthquake, a to over the weekend, as we head 6.2 quake rattled papua new guinea after 1:00 this morning, it follows a magnitude 7.3
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pe in eaern indonesia, through the day, 90 concorde in the shaking sent panicked fairfield, still warm inland, shoppers running out of them 83 for a high in san jose, 76 oakland in the upper 60s san francisco, the cool down heads all, out of a mall. berry has through the week, especially by the end of the work week into the weekend, as will be below average for this time of year, still, looking very nice and pleasant over the next several been downgraded to a tropical days . depression as we take a live look at new orleans bourbon hope you are off to a fantastic start on this monday morning, thank you for watching street, all looks common now, but authorities are warning there can still be dangerous kpix5 news this morning, your flooding. next local update is at 7:26, right now the storm is moving inland. saturday barry became will give you an update on the deadly accident we have been the first hurricane to make covering all morning on east landfall in the u.s. this shore freeway, emily will have season, the storm dumping more an updated just a bit and of than a foot of rain on course you go to our website, committees in louisiana. flash flood watches remain in effect this morning for parts for more information, don't forget, cbs this morning is coming up next, have a great of louisiana and arkansas. just 70 miles south, day, everyone. floodwaters trapped people in their homes, floodwaters over top the levy, the local sheriffs office says it could have been much worse. >> it bothered us to see it flowing over but we are in a
6:14 am
different situation now that we were years ago with systems in place, it stops the surge that good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome comes up and fills the bayous to "cbs this morning." and overflows the banks. battling barry. >> forecasters expecting to let tornadoes and flash flooding threaten millions as the slow us 4 inches of rain in new orleans, there is no worry moving storm moves inland from about the water spilling over the gulf coast. the levees or if there is still racially charged tweets. a threat of flash flooding . president trump goes after four a fire that broke out near female house democrats of color, a golf course under telling them to, quote, go back to where they came from. investigation. the vegetation fire broke out around 5:30 yesterday afternoon how his attacks are playing on divisions in the democratic party and could backfire. in mclaren park near the puerto rico in chaos. clinical golf course. video from citizen app shows we are on the island as the smoke rising up from the burn governor is called to step down zone. crews got it contains 23 acres and there is now a lot of black over leaked chats that have terrain, no one was hurt and no proclaimed sexist and homophobic damage reported . crews gaining ground in comments. this morning we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing. legendary figureke ventura county, the fire was first reported at noon yesterday near fillmore, cal fire says it has grown to 131 acres and is now 60% contained, investigators are still trying to determine the cause .
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the bay area counting down to the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. july 20, 1969, nasa touchdown on the moon after making a three day trip from the kennedy space center in florida. in alameda of the uss hornet will host a days in advance to coincide with all eight days of the original mission. other lunar events include the space center in oakland as well as the san francisco sent me and the exploratory insan francisco. nasa print on more than 80 pounds of moon rocks but questions remain over the whereabouts of some of the rocks. most of them ended up in houston for research at nasa, president nixon gifted small samples from apollo 11 to all 50 states and territories and countries around the world. >> there were a number of moon rocks missing. so, essentially, nobody caps
6:16 am
the $5 million gifts they were given by the nixon administration . >> to that surprise you? >> it shocked me. >> many moon rocks were either lost or sold on the black market, scientists started to track them down and located about 80 so far. it is 6:15, let's check in with emily on the traffic alert, what is going on? >> and is on east shore, good news that is not the commute direction, bad news is it is slowing things down, chopper 5 is on the way, you are taking a live look as it is flying to the east shore freeway, we take a look at the map. let's get down to the issue at hand, in fact there are compounding problems as a result of this, so, the traffic alert is the accident of the ar blocked, unfortunately this is a fatal accident so they will be on scene quite some time, it ur as you ad ound opposite the commute direction, number one, people are slowing down the westbound direction through this but before you get to the you have to do with the
6:17 am
tree and one of the lanes, blocking lanes as well as a stalled blocking another lynn. it is slow going in the commute westbound direction on east shore freeway before you even get to richmond it is slow all the way from highway 4 which you will have to navigate through there, this accident on southbound 680 in the 684 in the process of clearing this, take a look, damage done, 50 miles an hour there but the backup shows drive speeds in the orange near the 84 westbound, little slowing right there at the curve but once you get past that you are much better off. a new accident to report eastbound at the center divide slowing things down in the westbound direction, not on the eastbound direction at this hour. taking a live look where you can see it is slowing down as you are heading northbound, southbound looks good to go, plenty of room on the roadways there, bridge, metering lights on, the sun is coming up and it is pretty mu the course, slow going but once you
6:18 am
get the toll plaza you are moving along, sunny skies. we are back at it, a new work weekend a beautiful start to the day with the sunshine. here's a live look at the tower camera looking south, the shallow marine layer also with plenty of sun, temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. here is the winds, at least a look at the wind, we are breezy in spots, 12 sfo also downtown san francisco out of the west. looking at a mile an hour winds with seven in berkeley, 40 mile an hour in antioch and 13 fairfield at this hour. your weather headline sky, cool to miles temperatures, we are cooler compared to a hot weekend that we had, inland today we warm up, mild temperatures cool at the coast with sunshine. cooling down as we head throughout the rest of the week with the stronger onshore flow, here is the satellite and radar, the reason why we have
6:19 am
this trough of low pressure to the north, that is ushering in the seabreeze for us, it really kicks in tomorrow and the rest of the week, that is why temperatures will be dropping to the below average before the end of the week. enjoy the sunshine, we are looking at plenty of sun across the bay area, here we are at 4:00 in the afternoon, low clouds and areas of fog along parts of the bay, you can see patchy drizzle along the coast tomorrow morning, then looking at afternoon sunshine. again, temperatures cooler tomorrow. sunrise 5:59 and sunset 8:30 one, daytime highs today, a little bit above average for this time of year, but much cooler compared to the weekend, 82 santa clara, 83 san jose, 90 morgan hill and 84 cupertino, los gatos, low 90s pleasant hill, concorde, fairfield antioch and brentwood. berkeley you will see a high of 73, 74 alameda, 80 san leandro,
6:20 am
upper 60s san francisco, upper 80s santa rosa and looking upper 80s for ukiah and lakeport, the 7 day forecast of what you can expect, a little cooler as we head through the week, tuesday, wednesday, dropping down even more thursday and friday can you go by the end of the workweek and into the weekend, temperatures below normal for this time of year. back to you. 6:20, an eerie scene in new york city where a massive blackout hit over the weekend, we show you where some primary performers tried to make the best of it. movie night! excuse me.
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all right! what are we watching? living with directv has been a learning experience. let's see what's on tv. directv satellite powers activate! you're kidding. yeah. that's not how that works at all. can you show us streaming apps? sorry. my remote doesn't do voice commands. i guess you could say i'm a little bit old school. lamar, can you dim the lights? stop living with directv. find all of your favorites faster with the xfinity x1 voice remote. today billionaire jeffrey epstein will try to convince a judge he is not a flight risk as he faces sex trafficking charges, this is the feds build
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a case against him, prosecutors say more victims have come forward saying they were abused by him while they were placed onhousarthe ed hearing :0thmorning . burning bright again, hot and humid weekend got dark for tens of thousands of people in the city, a substation failure plunged parts of manhattan into darkness five hours, here is a photo across the river, half of the iconic new york city skyline blacked out, the outage also affected the cbs station in new york. >> lights? lights? >> they say it was not terrorism or a hack, the utility company says it could take weeks to understand what happened. the bright lights of broadway may have flickered out but the show went on the blackout canceled the show so the cast of the broadway musical performed outside for
6:25 am
fans, and fell on the same day th performance on broadway. an exciting new chapter of the cbs evening news begins later today, that is when norah o'donnell moves into her new role as anchor and managing editor of the evening newscast, she recently sat down with kpix5 to talk about the broadcast and its integrity. >> cbs invented the evening news. our brand is the most trusted voice and news. we are going to continue that. we will continue that by doing original reporting. the best investigative pieces and we will help america reveal itself to the election. >> the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell starts tonight at 6:30 right here on kpix5 . a huge sigh of relief this morning for one bay area dog
6:26 am
owner, how police tracked down her missing companion . as a threat of major immigration rapeople come to am to tell them they want the company to cut ties . taking a look outside, chopper 5 live over this accident, a pretty bad accident causing major traffic delays, we have more on that in just a bit. it is 6:26, we will be right back. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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we have breaking news, chopper 5 live over a deadly crash, tracking backups. >> president trump continuing attacks on democratic congresswoman admitted accusations of racism, how bay area lawmakers are responding . a coast guard cutter returning to the bay area after making a series of huge busts in the pacific, we show you what they found. good morning, it is monday, july 15. i'm kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego. we want to get over to emily for more on the deadly crash, emily? a traffic alert will be slowing you down and we want to get you right to chopper 5 where you can see a live look of the accident, the unfortunate news, this is a fatality, chp will be on the
6:31 am
scene quite some time, this will not clear any time soon, you can see part of the guard rail is blocking the outer two lanes as cars slowly go by in the two left lanes of the east shore freeway, on the map this is what it looks like, chp right there through san pablo, you are down to nine miles an hour as you approach the accident and eastbound direction, the good news, this is the opposite of the commute direction, and the westbound direction, it is slow going thanks to people slowing down to watch, my advice, do not, just keep going, the backup as a result due to hazards in the rose way in the westbound direction as well, it is slowing the commute all the way to highway 4. be careful driving in the westbound commute direction, do not slow down to take a look, we are now starting to see slowing at the bridge as well. coming through the altamont pass you are down to eight miles an hour once you get past their, you are good to go, the accident at the 84 in the 660 is cleared but delays continue all the way from the dublin interchange but instead i would ta eastbound 884.
6:32 am
mary? i have better news in the weather department, it is a gorgeous start to the day. clear skies, a live look at the san jose camera with sunshine this morning. actually all across the bay area, we are waking up to son, temperatures running in the 50s and 60s this morning, your microclimate forecast taking you through the day along the coast, sunny and breezy with temperatures in the mid 60s for the bay, upper 60s to low mid 70s, mild, breezy and sunny across the bay and inland locations topping out in the mid to upper 80s to about 90 degrees with plenty of sun, the cool down as we head through the week, details of that coming up, back to you. developing news, many immigrants on high alert this morning even though the raids have not materialized so far. the new york times report says instead of one message sweep the ice operation is being carried out as a series of smaller raids spread out over several days, about 2000 people are believed to be targeted by the raids, the white house says
6:33 am
each person has been issued a final order of removal from an immigration judge. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward in san francisco, protesters say they will drop off a quarter million signatures they say proves just how many people are against amazons relationship with ice. today, they will focus specifically on privacy concerns that have been ongoing but today, they will specifically focus on those relationships with immigrants and how it could potentially come to tracking and identifying immigrants, they also have databases from the department of home insecurity, several workers including jobs with justice san francisco plan to protest the amazon san francisco office, we spoke to one of the organizers who spoke more about the groups purpose . >> one of those is the amazon web service. another developing his facial recognition technology. together, a lot of technology is being used by ice. >> protesters also happening in
6:34 am
other major cities across the country, we reached out to amazon for comment times but have yet to hear back. jackie ward, kpix5 . east bay congresswoman barbara lee today joins fellow lawmakers on a tour of a child detention center in florida amid nationwide outrage on conditions at such facilities, and follows reports of migrants forced to live in unsanitary and inhumane conditions, lawmakers who visited the facilities have documented the visit showing detainees cramped on concrete floors and and caged holding cells, this morning president trump has once again taken to twitter to bash democratic congresswoman of his administration treatment of migrants. over the weekend, the president tweeted progressive democratic congresswoman who originally came from other countries and should go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. he was likely referring toyoidt
6:35 am
anomar of minnesota and diana presley of massachusetts. all four are women of color, critics were quick to condemn the comments as racist and >> go back to where you came from, you know, you might hear it on the street but you should never hear it from the president of the united states. this guy does not understand his responsibility. >> three of the congresswoman were born in the u.s. while ilhan omar is a naturalized citizen born in somalia. a look at the live news desk at a major policy from the trump administration when it comes to migrants, basically ending asylum protections for any migrant from central america who comes through another country first, like mexico. this is leaving the future up in the air for the tens of
6:36 am
thousands of people who are now at the border in custody, tens of thousands of families going through the process. so, there will be questions about this law whether or not the country the migrants pass through were coer a legal looph trump administration says they now want to close, the new rule announced this morning well certainly be facing challenges along the way. lily and her owner have been reunited. tied to a post while her owner ducked into a market in japantown. and it matter of minutes she was taken by a man in a brown sports coat. the video you can see him calmly untie the dog and walker away as shoppers passed by. >> lily is more than a dog, she is the greatest emotional lyhro
6:37 am
difficulme . >> i woke up this morning and thought everything was a dream. i thought it was a bad nightmare. >> police say when they found lily last night she was not with the man in the surveillance video, officers found a couple walking her about a mile and a half from the market, they told police they found the dog. and it just a few hours a coast guard cutter will arrive back in the bay area after intercepting a semi submersible drug vessel off the coast of south america. this is video of one of 14 busts that guard members made during a 90 day patrol of the eastern pacific. the cutter monroe will dock and alameda later this morning. during the latest deployment the crew intercepted more than 39,000 pounds of cocaine and nearly 1000 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $569 million. the drugs were uploaded in san diego thursday .
6:38 am
and concorde a new option for getting around town is free for the next year this will be free rides on three county connection bus rides along the busy monument corridor. 11, 14 and 16 bart station two cities of pleasant hill, walnut creek and martinez, the free rides run through the end of next june. the pilot program is meant to encourage the use of public transportation, funding comes from the trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions . 6:38, air travelers can expect more problems connected to the grounding of boeing 737 max eight, the latest announcement . plus, sunny in the bay area holding a million-dollar ticket after the latest powerball drawing, where was it sold? let's get a quick look at the big board, you can see the dow was down about 18 points, coming up we get up date from our financial reporter jason brooks . let's take another live
6:39 am
look from chopper 5 over this fatal accident in the easty. co back.
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good monday morning to you, plenty of sunshine as we head through the day, temperatures a little cooler compared to the hot weekend we had. allergy sufferers, the allergy report is low to medium and drops lower tomorrow then it creeps back up wednesday and thursday. into the medium category. let's check in with emily for a serious traffic or . i'm continuing to track chp status on this, and his not really changed, you still have the two right-hand lanes shut down in the eastbound direction of the east shore freeway, you are sub 10 miles an hour as he tried to my on the inside
6:43 am
lanes, chopper 5 live over the scene there, unfortunately does not go anywhere anytime soon, this a fatal traffic accident they will take the time investigated, the good news it's the opposite of the commute direction, i will tell you that drive time, coming up . governor newsom sending states task force members to louisiana to help with the aftermath of tropical storm barry, this morning barry is no longer the a threat once feared but the danger is not quite over. the storm dumped more than a foot of rain on some committees in louisiana as of this morning barry has been downgraded to a tropical depression but, it is moving inland and authorities warned there could still be flooding. let's take a live look now at urban street in new orleans where you can see the roads are wet and forecasters expect another 2-4 inches of rain in the area before the storm is . a series of ravaging floods turned deadly in south asia after a heavy monsoon season, at least a dozen in the state of the here and 65 people in nepal dead after torrential rains, officials say rising floodwaters continue to pose a threat to millions of the
6:44 am
region. officials also say bangladesh is at risk usmo of flight cancellations e trbled boeing 7 the latencaffects about 115 flights a day, the 737 max's has been grounded worldwide since march following two deadly crashes, southwest and united also canceling dozens of flights every day while boeing works on a software fix . this morning a big silicon valley merger shelved, our financial reporter jason brooks joins us with details. a big deal apparently not happening, broad calm is dropping a deal to buy symantec, earlier this morning there have been reports they just secured the financing to make the $23 billion deal, symantec stocks surged higher earlier this month with reports that the san jose chipmaker was
6:45 am
interested in buying the company and as a result symantec stock is dropping big time on the news, it is down 14% of the early going, meanwhile broad calm is having a bit higher. spotlight on amazon today, the fourth annual prime day event, this time 48 hours long, last year amazon sold around 100 million items in the prime day event with an estimate billion in sales this year, the number of other rivals also putting big sales out there including target, walmart and ebay. stock market started often record territory for all three major averages today, a flat start to the day, let's go to the big board and see how we are doing so far, the dow lower by 20 points, nasdaq up 4., the s&p done by one point. michelle and kenny, back to . thank you . check lotto tickets, somebody in the bay area is more than $1 million richer,
6:46 am
the 7-eleven store on moorpark avenue in san jose sold a powerball ticket with five out of the five winning numbers, that ticket is worth an estimated one $.2 million before federal ghhere.
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