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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. raids,ened i.c.e. specifically l thereof. any sign of activity? >> not right now. immigrant rights groups have been monitoring hot lines and rapid response networks all day looking for any sign of i.c.e. activity here in the bay area and they said so far they've not seen anything. in the past couple of days, mayors from cities across the bay area have denounced these rumored raids. here in berkeley the city even went as far to hang a banner reminding everyone berkeley is a sanctuary city. >> the work being done by organizers, activists, and attorneys serves as a major deterrent for those operations. >> reporter: staffing extra
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volunteers and hot lines where people could report i.c.e. activity. but so far today the phones have been quiet. the sweep was supposed to start early this morain up to 2,000 undocumented immigrants on final deportation orders who were living in specifically targeted cities across the country including the bay area. immigrant rights activists say even though the raids never materialized, the preparation did mobilize the community. >> here in the bay area there's been a tremendous amount of support and solidarity and the community has come together to protect each other and stand up and fight as one community against these types of attacks. >> reporter: i.c.e. released a statement about the rumored raids, saying the agency will not offer specific details related to enforcement operations. as always, i.c.e. prioritizes the arrest and removal of unlawfully present aliens who pose a threat to national security, public safety, and border security. >> those activists say it is
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possible there were some type of detention orders carried out today by i.c.e. and they just didn't hear about it. but they said that's very unlikely. they said there were activities carried out in contra costa and santa clara counties. they do not believe those were connected to the rumored raids that did not appear to materialize today. >> in a statement today, governor newsom said, quote, these cruel incessant threats and raids are an afront to our common decency, shared interests and to the core character of our state. if you're caught up in an i.c.e. raid? what are your rights? anyone does have the right to counsel but that's simply a right to access to counsel. the government does not provide
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the attorney. undocumented detainees who choose not to seek counsel can be deported. we're continuing to monitor for any new details on these threatened raids. stay with kpix 5 and for the latest. new at 6:00, the theft of a woman's beloved pet was captured on surveillance video. >> what happened here last night is legally considered a theft of property but that's not how anyone here feels about it. these are the times we live in. people sleep behind steel bars with cameras warning guard. everywhere there are signs warning keep valuables out of sight. last night in front of this japan town market, jenny seta lost what was most valuable to her because she couldn't imagine anyone would want to steal it. >> lily is like really more than a dog. she's been the emotional support
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during a difficult time for my family. >> reporter: lily is a 6-year-old golden retriever jenny raised since a puppy. she tied the dog to a post as she went inside the market. a man in jeans and brown sport coat with a backpack looking closely at lily. he calmly unties the dog's leash and walks away with her. >> really heartbreaking for me to watch the actual abduction of my dog but we're just trying to get the word out to everyone. >> reporter: within 24 hours, lily's facebook page had been viewed more than 10,000 times and jenny's loved ones have gathered to support her, including her father who flew in this morning from boston. >> it's like a kidnapping. to us it's no different from a person being taken. it's that important to us. >> a lot of people, they don't
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own pets. they don't understand. it's almost like a child to you. >> as a loyal companion, lily helped jenny get through the lost of her mother to breast cancer last year. so she's become an important part of the entire family. >> i actually woke up this morning and thought everything was a dream, a bad nightmare. within a minute of being awake, i realized lily really was missing. >> they're hoping someone would spot lily and call police or the person who took her will have a change of heart and realize that to this family she is far more than just property. the family is offering a $1,000 reward for lily's safe return. john ramos, kpix 5. >> anyone with information can call police or use the private e-mail address set up for that purpose. we've posted it on our website. both sides will be back in
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court tomorrow for rebuttal evidence. then they'll give their closing arguments and all that could take a couple days. then it will be up to the jury to decide whether master tenant almena and max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. each defendant is facing 36 counts. one for each person who died in 2016 fire. a school supernintendent allowed a man to run around campus as an active shooter drill. reporter eric rosales asked him what he was thinking. >> i thought, this might not really be a drill and what am i going to do? >> reporter: kim said in her 22-year career as a teacher, she's never gone through anything like this. >> i love these students and i think, wow, am i going to go down like this out at raisin city school? >> reporter: cooper said she and her students tried to stay
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quiet and gather in the corner of a classroom. >> all of the sudden someone came pounding on the door and trying to open it. >> reporter: she says kids inside were terrified. >> she had one boy who was trying to be very quiet about it but he was sobbing. you can imagine. i'm upset. and i'm a 48-year-old adult because in the back of my mind i think, this could really be happening. >> reporter: thankfully it wasn't real, but a janitor in a max, fake gun, banging on windows. >> do you think it was wrong? >> no, i don't think it was wrong, it was a drill, not training. because usually these drills become routine to students and we wanted to make sure that this was realistic. >> reporter: raisin city superintendent sandoval defends his actions. he says after the drill, all teachers shared a video with the
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students to be better prepared but admits the teachers and students were told nothing before it happened. he says as a team, he wanted to see how his staff would react. >> the emotional strain put on both of them, the students and the teachers. >> well, when it's a real situation, it's worse than that. so teachers and students need to be that this is reality. >> reporter: sandoval adds he's never heard a single complaint and the drill helped him identify issues that need to be fixed. >> didn't hear any single complaint from the board members. >> i heard a number of complaints from parents and from teachers who said this should never have happened with a janitor serving as a masked gunman going on to campus and scaring the kids and their teachers like this. >> well, i don't know that he was scaring the kids. it was a drill. >> that was eric rosales. in a statement the local school board said it will be updating
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their active shooter training procedures and coordinating with law enforcement to improve training efforts. a watsonville man was shot and killed. he allegedly broke into a tent where a couple was sleeping. it happened thursday in the stanislaus national forest north ohio yosemite. authorities say the 36-year-old man barged into the couple's tent around 2:00 in the morning. woman woke up to find the intruder on top of her. she yelled to wake up her boyfriend who opened fire after a confrontation. no names have been released so far and no word yet if the man who fired will face any charges. the sheriffs and d.a.'s office are now investigating. high drama on the high seas. the bay area coast guard crew is coming home tomorrow after intercepting nearly 20 tons of drugs. the number of homeless people is rapidly approaching 10,000 people. it's right now the highest number it's ever been.
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pianos in the park. where professionals and everyday players alike are coming together this weekend to share the joy of music. p
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it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's. it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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that is a bay area coast guard cutter intercepting a semisubmersible drug vessel. that's one of 14 busts the guard members made during a 98-day patrol of the eastern pacific. that cutter monroe intercepted more than 39,000 pounds of cocaine and nearly a thousand pounds of marijuana. it's worth an estimated $569 million. the drugs were off loaded in san diego on thursday. the cutter is scheduled to return to its home port in alameda tomorrow. people in concord have a new option for getting around and it's free. for the next year, the city is offering free rides on three
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county collection bus lines along the busy monument corridor. routes 11, 14, and 16 link the concord batter station to the cities of pleasant hill, walnut creek, and martinez. the free rides run through the end of next june. the goal is to encourage people to get onboard with public transportation. funding for the pilot program comes from the state's cap and trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. check your powerball tickets. somebody in the south bay is worth more than a million. there's plenty of people worth more than a million in the south bay but they're worth a million more now. tickets sold every number in last night's drawing except powerball. still good for about $1.2 million before taxes. saturday's winning numbers were 13, 23, 32, 35, 68, 21. powerball was 21. as for the $198 million jackpot, is that went to a single winner in tennessee. if tickling the ivories
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tickles your fancy, the botanical garden is the place to be. joe vazquez went to check out the event they call flower piano. >> for 12 days we have 12 pianos. everything from the garden of fragrance, to the redwood grove and unexpected places. we have scheduled performances beutwe have lots of time where anyone can come and play. those are some of the most incredible performances. ♪ >> this is so unusual. usually you have to be within some four walls and it's all very formal. here we are in a park. >> that was my dream.
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actually i was always dreaming. why don't i just put piano out? i'm tired to play home or somewhere at restaurants. i want to play outside. and my dream come true in the beautiful forest. >> when she sits down and plays, everybody gathers around. they're so enchanted. being in the botanical gardens with the pianos, it's kind of a magical experience, watching the kids and watching the adults who are actually professionals. there are young children saying that tune sounds familiar and it warms my heart because it's not as appreciated, and now it's more and more appreciated because of events like this.
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♪ >> what a good idea. that was joe vazquez reporting. this is day four of flower piano. it runs until july 22nd. >> that's a good idea. happy bit of news. so is the weather. we've got cool coming inland. temperatures in the mid 90s in the upcoming week and we've got the usual clouds to keep things moderate. close to the coast as we overlook san francisco and the highs today, we managed only 62 in the city. in oakland, 69. that was the same high as yesterday. san jose, 78. the same high as yesterday. santa rosa is 89. same high as yesterday. concord and livermore did cool down to 90 and 87 degrees.
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the numbers right now, warm in concord at 89. high pressure is over the west coast. it's finally going to begin to decrease. the winds rchsh are out of the northwest. futurecast shows a few row clouds will be forming again overnight but we'll be keeping it mostly sunny clear as we get a little bit inland. there's the remnants of barry continuing to unleash tons of rain over the delta, eastern louisiana, arkansas and mississippi. out on the west coast we get one more warm day and then things are going to begin to cool down. tonight low clouds roll in. tomorrow sun comes out. the inland highs will lower to mid 80s beginning on tuesday and stay there through next weekend. partly cloudy if you're heading
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out of sfo. a high tomorrow of 73 degrees. in seattle, 76. chicago it's 92. same for atlanta. new york is in the mid 80s. overnight lows, mid to upper 50s. sun up at a minute before 6:00 a.m. and high temperatures tomorrow will be a little higher than average. concord, 90 degrees. still in the 90s inland in spots. san jose at 83. and oakland, 75. warm in the south bay tomorrow. numbers will be in the low 80s in general at redwood city, former home of the national weather service after it was booted out of san francisco, it went to redwood city and now it's been booted out of the bay area. national weather service is down in monterey now. in the east bay, the numbers, 90 at fairfield, concord. 90 at concord. 91 in brentwood. 89 for santa rosa. 84 in petaluma. 82 for san rafael. up around ukiah and clear lake and lake portland and
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cloverdale, 91 degrees tomorrow. still warm out there. in the extended forecast, we'll all be cooling down into the mid 80s as the low clouds make a return tuesday through the weekend. mild along the bay shoreline and coast. that's the summary of weather. as for sports, there's a lot happening on sunday. we're settling in right here at 6:00 and ahead, who was the man with a racket in his hand and a grass surface? they pulled off a double today for one team. this team in green. it just keeps getting better.
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ah, the hint of baseball. open with a shot of the field. >> that's right. it's the second season underway. the second half of the season i should say. these bay area teams, they're just soaring. they're trending up as the research says. we've got baseball up top. how about those as. two months ago the as had a record of 19-25. now a grass from second and the wildcard playoff position. started with homer bailey. they got him from the royals today just to help out. it cost the as a minor leaguer. kids, help your mom. ballpark food. yummy. as working on a sweep of the white sox. jimenez took anderson's pitch away and gone. gave chicago a 2-1 lead. home half of the inning.
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liriano, that's a solo blast. his 18th. game was tied at 2. next inning. as with two on. nobody out. chris davis down the right field line. look at the throw by ryan cordel. punched out matt chapman. a review of it says he might have gotten in there. grounded to short. look at this. a throwing error for jose rendon. the runner was going all the way from 1st base. oakland won it 3-2. swept the series to hold on to that second wildcard playoff spot. giant rookie tyler beede. what a day he had. brandon crawford, the only giant infielder on the left side. so much for the shift.
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top fifth, tied at 1. his 11th home run for the season. go back to the bottom of the sixth. reigning mvp christian yelich. and he did not miss. this baby tied the game up at 2. but we got more. top 7. beede at the plate. smacks the single to drive in the go-ahead run. donovan solano, he had two hits in the same inning. giants send 11 men to the plate and scored six runs in the 7th. he beat milwaukee 8-3. however they lost evan longoria. he had to leave the game earlier because of an injured foot. mri pending. tennis. the matter of another grand slam event is in the books. just throwing it out, has anybody out there actually played tennis on grass?
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we had a viewer, jim santos from dublin check in. he says the closest grass courts to the bay area is fresno. federer. top seed novak djokovic. in the fifth set, check federer. the crowd erupted. that's their version of going crazy. djokovic responded. overcame two championship points. evens the set at 8-8. he had won five of these and refueled as the match approached five hours. federer near court serving. got aggressive. this evened the set at 12-12. fifth set tiebreaker in grand slam history. the crowd got the cell phones out and caughter with a mishit on match point and we're
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done here. djokovic won the longest final ever. four hours 55 minutes. this was his 16th career grand slam title. any chance we get to see stephen curry dunk on a tahoe tee box, we'll take it. final round of the event. he finished tied for seventh. more importantly, ahead of his dad. later at 18, former quarterback and current cbs football analyst tony romo chipped in nearly from the fringe. wire to wire. won this event for the second straight year. i'll just go ahead and say it. size i guess doesn't matter with a tractor involved. nice putt. final round of the john deere classic. he's out of cal. second straight top 5 finish.
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at 10, a chip in there. he shot a 7 under 64. went by 2 strokes his first pga career victory. he made next week's british open field. great day for him. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, president trump ignites a new twitter war after suggesting some congresswomen of color should go back where they came from. barry is moving north. the latest on the storm. and the homeless count in santa clara county has hit an all time high, but it's not necessarily because more people are living on the streets.
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our top story, twitter attack on four democratic congresswomen, calling them foreign born trouble makers, the press advised them to go back to where they came from. >> all four are u.s. citizens, all but one born here. the fallout now includes nancy pelosi. >> reporter: in a series of tweets today, president trump wrote, progressive democrat congresswomen who originally came from other countries should go back and fix the crime infested places from which they came. it appears the congresswomen the president was referring to are representatives alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york,
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rashida tlaib of michigan, omar of minnesota and presley of massachusetts. the four women have been critical of the president's immigration policy. house speaker nancy pelosi has been publically feuding with a group of women recently but quickly came to their defense today, tweeting his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again. here's new jersey senator and presidential candidate cory booker. >> i haven't seen the tweets but what he just said to me are racist dog whistles. it divides this country and that's what trump wants. >> reporter: later ocasio-cortez tweeted, mr. president, the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states. and on top of not accepting an america that elected us, you cannot accept that we don't fear you either. melissa caen, kpix 5. now to t seional g inis termat what was hurricane barry.
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the storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression as it continues its slow crawl northward. reporter hillary lane is in new orleans where many people are breathing a sigh of relief. >> we absolutely made it through the storm. >> reporter: with barry, the big easy had it relatively easy. >> beyond lucky. we were spared. it seemed as those bands moved closer to new orleans, it seemed to just go around us. >> reporter: new orleans mayor cantrell held what she said would be her final news conference about the storm which put the city, louisiana, and other gulf states on alert for days. rain fell in new orleans sunday as barry continued to weaken from its brief time as a category 1 hurricane on saturday. for the gulf states, there are still concerns about flooding. potential tornados and power outages. >> the tropical storm threat as you know is over. but rain remains the
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possibility. >> even though new orleans is still under a flood watch, it's opened up the floodgates behind me. these women who were in town for a sorority convention say it all worked out after their conference was cut two and a half days short. >> given us life, kept us healthy and together. >> reporter: forecasters downgrade rainfall estimates to between 2 to 4 inches, far below earlier predictions. another sign of a return to normal, planes at the new orleans airport resumed on sunday. at least one person was killed when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck eastern indonesia today. that 7.3 sent panicked shoppers streaming out of a mall. some homes were damaged but at this point there were no reports of any widespread introduction. that quake hit hours after a magnitude 6.5 shook up some
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coastal communities in western australia. about 2,000 miles to the south. president reported feeling the ground shake 15 to 20 seconds but so far they just have minor damage. american airlines is extending flight cancellations involving the trouble boeing 737 max. it's been grounded worldwide following two deadly crashes linked to the plane's anti-stalling software. it's affecting about 115 flights per day. southwest and united are also canceling dozens of flights every day. all of those airlines are trying to use other planes on those routes whenever they can. giant of the tech world will field questions this week on capitol hill. executives from amazon and apple and facebook and google will appear on tuesday to testify before the house judiciary committee's anti-trust subcommittee. both democrats and republicans are raising concerns. republicans worry conservative
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voices are getting short rifd online. the ftc is fining facebook for falling short on user privacy. no word on if the people's privacy was abused is going to be getting back from the cambridge analytica scandal. back here in the bay area, new numbers reveal the homeless crisis is worsening. kit do shows us many of the city's homeless people aren't necessarily living on the street. >> so the final report for the homeless census count is out. the number of homeless in santa clara county has now reached an all time high. >> reporter: this year's survey tells us the problem is going from bad to worse, after years of hovering around 7,000, the number of homeless in santa clara county has shot up.
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it's rapidly closing in on the 10,000 mark for the first time. the number one reason? 30% say loss of a job. 36% say it's their first time being homeless. sunnyvale saw the highest rate of increase going up 147%. milpitas nearly doubled its number. as for obstacleess to permanent housing, 66% say they can't afford the rent. and perhaps the most eye catching statistic, the number of people living inside a vehicle went from 8% in 2017 to 18% this year. that means 1 out of every 5 homeless people are in a car, van, rv or camper. >> it is a concern that people living in vehicles is trending up. >> reporter: lisa is the mayor of mountain view, home to one of the most visible and well known clusters of rv in the bay area. dozens of them have lined up for years. the city is still deciding whether or not to let them stay or move them into sanctioned
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parking lots with proper sanitation, security, and counselors. the mayor says the challenge iss refuse government help. >> when case workers stop by, they might not answer the door so to speak. not everyone is open to engaging with case workers. >> reporter: the city is on track to build 10,000 housing units with a fair portion set aside for affordable housing and says other south bay cities need to step it up and carry their weight. >> we need all the surrounding cities to do the same thing. >> do you want to name any names? >> no, i'll let the other cities speak for themselves. there's an exciting new chapter of the "cbs evening news" which begins tomorrow. that's when nora o'donnell moves into her new role of anchor and managing editor of the evening newscast. she recently sat down with ken
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bastida and elizabeth cook to talk about the broadcast and its integrity. >> cbs invented the evening new. we're going to continue that by doing original reporting, the best investigative pieces. and we're going to help america reveal itself through this election. >> the antecedents of the "cbs evening news" on television go all the way back to 1941. "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell starts tomorrow at 6:30 right here on kpix 5. taking steps to protect your brain as you age may be as simple as taking steps. and speaking of taking steps, that's exactly what thousands of people in san francisco did today. their relentless march against a.i.d.s..
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federal wildland firefighting authorities are increasing mental health resources following an apparent
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increase in firefighter suicides in recent years. officials at the national interagency fire center in boise say it's difficult to track the number of suicides because many federal agencies can't tally fatalities outside of work hours and some families don't want the cause of death released. reasons for the rise are unclear. though some cite longer and tougher wildfire seasons and post-traumatic stress. new research suggests a healthy lifestyle which is good for so many other things could also cut your risk of developing or other forms of dementia. even people with high genetic risk for it. a trio of international studies uncovered a combination of healthy habits that could lower your risk of cognitive decline. no surprise it includes no smoking, getting at least 115 minutes of exercise a week. eating brain healthy foods. cutting back on booze. and doing puzzles and other activities to keep your brain sharp. one of the studies was performed
6:42 pm
at uc san francisco. it found smokers had twice the risk of cognitive decline as nonsmokers. thousands of people walked through golden gate park today for the annual san francisco a.i.d.s. walk. kpix 5 devin fehely on the relentless strides toward a cure. >> the san francisco a.i.d.s. walk began in 1987. while a lot has changed since then, organizers say undiagnosed and untreated, a.i.d.s. remains as deadly as ever. >> reporter: some walked for those they've lost. >> once you have hiv, your immune system is always compromised. there's still not a cure. i will wear this bracelet until there's a cure. i've had on this bracelet for 22 years. i will not take it off. >> reporter: others walked with those they have yet to save. >> age is one of those diseases that affects everybody. everybody kind of knows somebody who's been affected by it. if all i can do is walk to raise awareness for it, then that's definitely what i want to do.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: thousands took part in san francisco's annual a.i.d.s. walk in golden gate park at a time of promise and equally great peril for communities threatened by the disease. life-saving drugs advocates say an a.i.d.s. diagnosis is no longer a death sentence, but a cure remains illusive. >> you have to continue to take the medication. we'll see clients write that they'll get ill and the reason they get ill is because they stop taking medication. >> reporter: advocates say new medication, testing, and treatment are all steps in the right direction, hopefully bringing them closer to the ultimate goal of a cure. >> the bottom line is we don't have a cure for it at this point. and that is difficult because what we find is that people don't take it seriously and also there's still an incredible amount of stigma about getting tested. >> the san francisco a.i.d.s. walk has raised more than $90 million in its 30-plus-year history. in san francisco, devin fehely, kpix 5.
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coming up after the break, we still don't know what caused the massive black-out that left half of manhattan in the dark but we know what didn't. and we know what's ahead in the weather. things are going to be cooling off in the bay area as we look for a spectacular finish this sunday evening. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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there you have it. the lights back on in new york city after a massive power outage left much of manhattan's west side in the dark. subways went dark. elevators shut down and traffic lights stopped working along a 40-block stretch that included times square. music fans were evacuated from madison square garden after the outage silenced jennifer lopez in the middle of a concert. the pop star says the show will be rescheduled. broadway theaters also lost power. they made the street their stage. this is the cast of "waitress" singing to a crowd in midtown
6:48 pm
manhattan. check out the eerie image of the city skyline cut in half by the black-out. the exact cause of the outage still under investigation. demand on the power grid was not the problem. don't go anywhere. we've been talking about earthquake preparedness, a vital topic in this the metropolitan area, the most populated city sitting on top of an earthquake fault. we want to do lesser known facts about quake preparedness. the quake hits. in the aftermath, you should turn off the gas. if you smell gas, turn off the gas. or wait for pg&e to advise you? >> am i answering this? >> you get time to contemplate it. as we have a look at the city of san francisco, san francisco did hit 62. same for oakland, san jose,
6:49 pm
santa rosa. concrd and livermore did coolho. livermore is 87. f rea in the low 90s. warm in concord. santa rosa, 84. here's how it looks. high pressure is finally beginning to weaken over the west coast. it will be breezy along the shoreline. the numbers will still be near the 90-degree range inland and along the shoreline. we've got low clouds blossoming overnight and coming back in by tomorrow evening. that will keep the shoreline cool yet again. they're getting rain from the remnants of barry which is now just an extra tropical low. high pressure means warm weather again inland for one more day then this low pressure on the way from the gulf will give us mild weather for the rest of the week. we'll be in the mid 80s inland. the sum up is like this. low clouds will thicken
6:50 pm
overnight. cool at the coastline then we'll all cool off a little bit. inland to the mid 80s where the heat has been a factor. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 50s. 61 up tomorrow morning at a minute before 6:00. daytime highs tomorrow will be a little bit above average. 75 at oakland. on the south bay tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. santa clara, 82. over in the east bay, we're down to the upper 80s. low 90s. 90 at fairfield. 86 in san ramon. santa rosa, 89 degrees. 82 for san rafael. clear skies. plenty of sunshine and 90 at clear lake. extended forecast. usual low clouds along the shoreline. sun in the afternoon. back down to the mid 80s midweek. we'll keep it there right through the weekend. in the aftermath of a quake, if you smell gas, you should turn off the gas. is that a surprise? >> i thought you were going to
6:51 pm
have me give you the answer first. >> i hit the button too quickly. [ laughter ] that is the right answer. because if there's a big quake and everybody turns off the gas, it could take months for you to get it back on. so they advise if you smell gas, yes, turn it off. but if you don't, don't turn it off. because it could in a big quake take months to turn it back on. we'll be right back.
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a disturbing mystery about a severe heart disease in dogs might be linked to a popular diet. >> tonight the researcher who reported the cases to federal investigators is speaking out. >> nearly half the dog food market inhe is grain-free, but could certain ingredients in this diet do more harm than good? according to one vet, you better think twice before you feed it to fido, or in this case, bear and b
6:54 pm
>> the fda warning is saying this is a real issue. >> reporter: veterinary cardiologist and geneticist dr. stern of uc davis is pleased with the new fda report. >> they went as far as to name the diets of which is hugely helpful for the pet owning public to go ahead and try to avoid this problem in their pets. >> reporter: last year kpix 5 introduced you to four of stern's furry patients. baker, who lives in the east bay. >> he's my buddy is what he's in. he's like my child. >> reporter: as well as suva, reef, and fiji, who live near silicon valley. >> they're part of my family. they are my family now. >> reporter: these goldeness all developed a life-threatening heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy or dcm for short. it can lead to heart failure, even sudden cardiac death. the dogs had no history of heart disease. >> he was only 5. how can a dog get heart failure? it was a mystery. there had to be something else going on.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: the dogs had something else in common. >> peas, garbanzo beans, a lot of lentils, green beans and things like that. >> reporter: they all ate a grain-free diet that included high levels of peas and lentils. lab tests also revealed the dogs had low levels of tureen in their blood, an amino acid critical for heart health. dr. stern discovered the heart disease was reversible. >> we changed their diet and added supplements to their diet. they got better. >> reporter: in the past few years, stern saw a dramatic surge in cases of dcm in dogs eating a similar diet. he contacted the fda. last july the fda began its investigation. they were very forthcoming to put out updates. >> reporter: the latest update, over 500 reports of dcm in a wide range of dog breeds. nearly 30 different types all ages, sizes, and weights.
6:56 pm
nearly 90% ate grain-free diets. 93% of the foods contained peas and/or lentils as a main ingredient. at this time the fda is not advising pet owners to switch diets but to talk to their vets if they have any concerns. dr. stern, however, takes a firmer line. >> if you're feeding a diet that showed up in the fda list of most associated diets of this condition, then you need to think twice about that. talk with their veterinarian and see about getting their dogs screened. >> reporter: kpix news contacted several of the companies who make the foods on the list. in general, they said there's no scientific evidence, even from the fda, that directly links their diet, certain ingredients, or any dog's diet to dcm. one company said the problem is genetic, that these dogs inherited or were simply born with the problem. stern says those remarks are unfortunate. >> we're seeing those companies try and discredit the science and move in the same direction
6:57 pm
we saw the tobacco industry use many decades ago when the link between lung cancer and smoking was first revealed. the pet owning public isn't going to stand for that. >> reporter: as for the four goldens, most are almost back to full health. here's a photo of baker celebrating the fourth of july. >> for the full fda report and statements from the companies making the food, you can always go to >> you've got two dogs. what do you feed them? >> a lot of people wrote in, what do you feed them? ask your vet. look at the first 10 ingredients on any dog food. if there's suspect things like peas and lentils, as your vet.
6:58 pm
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( ticking ) >> i love the book! >> oh, thank you so much. >> if you don't know john green, the teenagers in your life do. >> hi!


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