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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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series of crashes in alameda county. a car slams into a church. and moments later another crashed into a police suv. afternoon i'm anne makovec. >> i am kenny choi.
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a police officer investigating the first crash is out of the hospital after being hit by a different car. jackie ward is in oakland right now to break down all of the chaos. >> reporter: as benefit look the pastor at grace baptist church told me they will be back open this afternoon. >> the exit is not an exit anymore. once they put the doors up, abbott the exit sign backup, we will turn the lights on and start praising the lord. somebody say hallelujah. >> reporter: last night a car crashed right through the front door of grace baptist church on 90th avenue in oakland. luckily, nobody was inside the corporal reverend charles hopkins is been the pastor for 21 years. he said the same thing happened here 10 years ago. it's like i cannot leave the city or the police department. all that i can say is that the driver that was driving should have been able to manage his equipment. >> reporter: after police were investigating this crash, hit- and-run happened just a couple of blocks away. the driver sped off, but did not get far.
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police say the driver intentionally stuck a marked car by the church in an apparent attempt to push the control post, and continued trying to escape. >> it was amazing. it is just one incident after another. >> reporter: officer was in the suv at the time, but has already been released. back at the church, people are lined up for the scheduled food pantry and are carrying on while things are cleaned up. the food pantry will be open until 2 p.m. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. construct police arrested the alleged hit-and-run driver and recovered a loaded gun also stolen. the driver who crashed into the church survived, and now faces unknown charges. double shooting investigation underway in san francisco after one man died, and another is in critical condition. it happened in the bayview district at around 11 pm. it is still not clear exactly what led to the shooting. at this point, no word on any possible suspect. in san francisco, the
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victim of a car break and who start tried to stop the burgers from striking again, wound up getting run over. is happened yesterday when a father and son are slicing at the legion of honor. police say that two men and gray hoodies smashed the backlit windshield of a rental car. the father saw them break into another car, and that is when this happened. >> victim was a victim of the car burglary and was attempting to take photographs of the suspect and the vehicle, at which time, the suspect vehicle stuck the victim, causing severe injuries.>> an image of a silver bmw was recovered from a muni bus surveillance camera as the suspects car drove off. the victim is still in the hospital, but is expected to recover. police are watching his son until the family arrives. today the u.s. geological survey is celebrating the opening of the brand-new campus in the south bay. it is located at moffett field. from the current memo park campus and that has been underway for the last for years.
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the new location will allow scientists to collaborate with nasa and other researchers in the area. in the meantime, the usgs says that aftershocks from the big earthquake in the mojave desert are finally dying down. the probability of another large earthquake is decreasing back in the ridgecrest and trone a areas there are dozens of families without a home. waldmiller comes ahead of tropical storm barry international weather services issuing a tornado warning. take a look. this twister touchdown near the university of new orleans. no word of injuries or damage. officials are warning people in the area to try to stay indoors, and avoid windows. chuckled as flooding. the water nearly covered the tires of this flash flood emergency is ct for the city, we just learned tedwoe.>> we do know yet where the storm will land, but we know that it will be a big storm.
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a significant rain, and storm surge event. >> the governor of louisiana is reminding residents to be prepared. he says that up to 15 inches of rain is expected to fall starting friday. two what -- to washington were alex acosta is answering questions about a 2008 plea deal that he agreed to with the inner financier jeffrey epstein. now as natalie brand reports, jeffrey epstein faces new sex trafficking charges, and acosta faces growing calls to resign.>> the tooth out 2008 article recounts a pleading the ultimatum to plead guilty to more serious charges. charges that require real-time, registration, and restitution, or we roll the dice, and bring a federal indictment. without the work of art prosecutors, jeffrey epstein would have gotten away with just the state charge.
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his >> reporter: the white house is defending labor secretary alex acosta, over his handling the plea deal for billionaire financier jeffrey epstein, when acosta was a u.s. attorney in miami. select the defense attorneys in the case exit try to get alex a reload because they thought he was an aggressive prosecutor. >> reporter: epstein was given a 13 month sentence allowed him to leave jail and go to work six days a week. acosta also made an agreement with epstein's attorneys to keep the plea deal a secret from the victims in the case. something a florida judge ruled that the this year was illegal.>> i reached out to mr. acosta numerous time saying, just sit down with us and explain why. >> reporter: many lawmakers are asking the same question, and they want a justice disbarred justice department probe launched examining the jeffrey epstein plea deal to be made public. epstein's attorney in the agreement defended the plea deal thing the federal government did not have enough evidence to prosecute his
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client. >> they got him to be a registered sex offender, to pay vast amounts of money to all of the woman, and get him to plead and go to jail, and expose them for the world to see as a sex offender. i think the feds thought it was the best thing to do. choking about to get a who worked in the case told the miami herald that the evidence supporting the girls stories was overwhelming. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. jeffrey epstein is facing federal charges of sex trafficking of children in new york, while the scooters they a rate of is home turned up hundreds of photos. we will have more the story including local political action coming up on kpix 5 news at 5:00, and online on cooperton ambassador to the u.s. has resigned just days after president trump lashed out on him on twitter. tensions flared with the daily mail published leaked memos mental memos describing the trump administrator from the as
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dysfunctional on printable, and clumsy. in the resignation letter he said that under the current circumstances, there responsible course is to allow the appointment of a new ambassador. i'm emily turner at the live news desk where we have news on the economy. at this point, the chairman of the federal reserve, jerome powell, has testified that the fed at this point is very likely to cut interest rates. this of course as a result of trade tensions, and a decreasing global economy. he says that as a result of this -- let's take a look at a big board. the dow jones at this hour has responded. and it seems to have responded favorably. we will try to get the big board up there. in the meantime, you can see on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. it is up 75 points as a result of the possibility of interest rates being cup. cut. emily turner, back to you.
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it ip ccer pis,fans. that he was honored with a parade in new york city after winning against the netherlands. but the battles have been going beyond the field. members of the team filed a lawsuit in march if a have shown the same skill of the the men, but they played more games, generated more money, and performed better all while receiving a fraction of the pay.>> i think this would was another step in the right direction, and it shows that we do deserve it.>> be more, be better and be bigger than you've ever been before. if he's team is any representation of what you cabe >> as the team waits to mediate the lawsuit with u.s. soccer federation, kenneth craig reports that they celebrate the victory with fans and the nation. >> reporter: the world champion u.s. women's soccer team rolled through what is called the
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canyon of heroes. showered with a blizzard of paper and cheers.>> they just won the world cup. >> reporter: thousands of soccer cup lined the route in lower manhattan to celebrate with team usa. slife captured a spirit that makes all of us feel like a champions. we wanted to be here to to more sun. >> reporter: the last time they did this was when the u.s. women's team took the world cup back in 2015. alex missed the last parade, but not this one. >> i wanted to come for years ago and i did not come. i regretted it. i'm here today. and i am proud. >> reporter: while the focus today is on rating, team usa has had some controversy. the cocaptain megan rupinoe said she will not visit the white house if invited. and several members have used their success, and platform to fight for equal pay for women on the field, and and all
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workplaces. >> reporter: what is it means you. >> they are role models. >> they're using their voice and the best way. they are inspiring all of these young people to be seen. >> reporter: team usa defeated the netherlands on sunday in france, to win the fourth women's world cup since the competition started in 1991. today, the women also received keys to the city. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. it could be a big boost at the alameda county plant. what is driving tesla to ramp up its production. corporations and government agencies get hacked all of the time. hear from a hacker firsthand on how criminals are getting in so easily. we are watching the skies clear this afternoon. temperatures are warmer, compared to yesterday at this time. here is a live look with the transamerica camera looking north of the golden gate. we will talk about a bigger
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warm-up as we had through the next several days. details are coming up.
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tesla is preparing to boost production at its alameda county plant. the company says it made nearly 90,000 cars in the second quarter. according to bloomberg news, tesla is making preparations at its fremont factory for quarter three. although it is not clear how. tesla is also reportedly expected to hire more hands to help. we are hearing for the first time from a glendale
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couple, whose embryo was given to the wrong mother, who lives in new york.>> me, mywife al had to suffer physically. >> the child robbed me of my ability to carry my own child. my baby boy, to be with him the first few moments of his life.>> the family is suing the percent fertility center, located in los angeles, as well as the start the director and other medical staff. this case is believed to be the first in u.s. history that a family has to go to court to recover their offspring from a mother who unwittingly bore a child as a result of a fertility center error. it seems almost every day we hear about another corporation or a government agency gettinged hillary lena sat down with a white hat hacker to find out how they are gaining access.
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>> reporter: stephanie carruthers spent her day trying to infiltrate corporations. she is not a criminal. she is a security expert who works for ibm, and teaches companies how to keep the bad guys out. like when i'm going on doing research, i look for things that people are posting online. >> reporter: carruthers says the hector hackers often break into a companies network by targeting an employee. >> i was able to find information on you once i google searched. >> reporter: a quick search for my name brought up my twitter feed, revealing where i want to college. she then customize an email asking me to speak at an event. >> this email address looks so realistic. it is so believable. truck she bought the address, alumni at, which is very similar to the universities alumni email address. it is how criminals get people to click on a link loaded with malware.
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>> reporter: if i click a link and downloaded an attachment, what happened? >> i would have access to your information, and anything on your machine, and possibly get into your network. >> reporter: it is not just email. the phone can be a criminal tool. she downloaded a spoofing and r number, and then called me. >> reporter: it says mom.>> yes. stroke i would answer this because i would think it is my mom. >> reporter: even a flower delivery can be vulnerable. scanning the qr code may let a hacker into the phone. spot this is one of the ways we like to show the organizations that we work with, that there is more than one way that attackers can come in. >> reporter: whether a delivery email, or a phone call. carruthers said employees need to be aware of the potential danger to keep their company and their information safe pill killer elaine, cbs news, new york. it is time for the check on the weather. it is clearing out. black and it is a beautiful afternoon. you can see looking east, blue skies after starting off the
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day cloudy and foggy. temperatures are running in the 60s and in the 70s. it is warmer compared to yesterday at this hour. in the mid-70s from concord, as well as for livermore. mid-sixties in oakland. the low 60s in san francisco, and the low to mid 60s for san jose and santa rosa. 24-hour temperature change and we are several degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. 5 degrees warmer in oakland. 3 degrees warmer for hayward, mountain view, san jose. sister gets warmer in napa. looking at 5 degrees warmer also for fairfield into livermore. it is also a breezy afternoon. checking the wind, west northwestern went at 14 and downtown tampa cisco. 12 in oakland. 30 mile-per-hour wind in vallejo and 60 mile-per-hour wind in fairfield as well as for antioch. here is the satellite and radar. there is the upper-level flow.
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an unusually strong storm storm system bringing them into the pacific northwest, that will continue to move away from us. the ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest will be moving in. that is my the temperatures will be on the rise heading through the week. enjoy the sun as we go through the afternoon. as we start off today tomorrow morning, low clouds and areas of fog. or senate tomorrow in the afternoon. the sunset at a: 33 of the sunrise at 5:37. the daytime highs today, seasonal for this time of year. and i-44 a high in concord. 85 in concorde. 81 in san jose. 72 in oakland. the mid-sixties in cisco. here is the seven-day forecast. this is what you can expect. starting tomorrow we see temperatures inland in the low 90s and we stay in the 90s inland friday into the weekend. for the beginning part of next week also. we will be right back.
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bay area tech giant will had to capitol hill to testify before congress about the power they wield online. top executives from google, apple, and facebook as well as amazon be questioned by the house antitrust subcommittee. the companies are accused of having too much dominaerwill
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automatically block robo calls. the blocking future will start with newly activated lines and eventually apply to existing accounts. it would mostly be a default feature that users can then turn off.>> if you have a consumer problem, or a question, email us. at garage at kpix 5 orc -- or call the hotline.
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just make sure that you wash it first. i am tony the fresh grocer and remember to eat fresh and say i watched this one and i'm going to go. i feel healthier and sweeter already. coming up, and east bay city wants to take energy efficiency to a whole new level. we look at the proposal to be on natural gas and buildings. we have that story and more coming up tonight at 5:00. thank you for joining us today. the bold and beautiful is coming up next. >> allen and veronica will see you at 5. have a wonderful wednesday.
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>> katie: hope is engaged? >> donna: that's wonderful! >> brooke: do i look happy to you? >> katie: oh, come on, you -- we all thought that the annulment was a bad idea, but if hope and liam had to break up to find their way back to each other, then it's good. >> katie: what? >> liam: this is not what you wanted, hope. >> hope: i can't have what i want. >> liam: if you still wanted a husband, you'd have one. don't marry thomas. >> hope: well, a date hasn't been set yet. >> liam: don't kid yourself. he's not gonna give you enough time to think about what you're doing, if he can help it. why the rush to propose? he knows you and i are still adjusting to being apart. >> hope: well, you seem to be


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