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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 9, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. now at noon, back on the witness stand. new testimony from the key defendant in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm mckayla maroney. ghost ship fire defendant is on the stand today in oakland. jackie ward was inside the
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courtroom today where he was pointing fingers at the city. . >> reporr: his first full day on the stand, he blamed city officials for not making the warehouse safe. continuing the testimony from yesterday, the master tenant of the warehouse said the city officials, including the oakland fire department, police department, and child protective services, visited and inspected the warehouse 50 times from july 10th, 2014, to the night before the fire, december 1st, 2016. 33 people from the city and state stepped inside the warehouse and never told him it was dangerous. he claims he tried getting the landlord to make it a safer space. he asked for a sprinkler system, a side door, and the bars to be removed from the windows. he said the landlord refused. he seemed to be more composed to start this morning's proceedings. yesterday, he broke down on the stand saying he was broken harded. he believed the warehouse was
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safe when he signed the lease. he was tricked and misled by the landlord. last august, the judge tossed the plea deal. the lawyer said this is his client being genuine. >> and he is weeping. he's not a tough guy. he's not a criminal. least an artist. and this is destroying him as well as everyone else. >> reporter: held continue to testify this afternoon and is expected to stay on the stand all week. jackie ward, kpix5. and much more on the story at 5:00. and online at >miurner. haveing nt to the fire storm of 2015, specifically, the tubs fire. we have just gotten word firefighters that battled the napa and sonoma blaze tested as
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troubling levels for toxic exposure, specially elevated levels of chemical compounds associated with firefighters fumes. this is the result of the san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation testing done with a group of about 150 firefighters who volunteered to be part of the study. they were all tested about three weeks after they got home from fighting the tubs fire. and at this point, what they found from the test results is startling. again, elevated mercury levels and elevated levels of chemical compounds associated with fire fighting foams. wilson walker is at the press coverage as we speak. you can follow him on twitter. in the live news desk, i'm emily turner. back to you. and new at noon, the faa is awarding $477 million in grants to airports across the country and four bay area airports are set to receive some cash. san francisco international
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airport gets the largest grant at $14.6 million. it's meant for improvements, including runway reconstruction. oakland international airport will get $3 and a half million. that money will be used for runway rehabilitation and service road and taxi way rehabilitation. and concord gets $3.7 million for runway and runway lighting rehab. and liver moore will0,0 for taxy reconstruction. i spoke with an official about the investments. >> the grant program that we're talking about here today is specifically focused on not only expanding that system of airports, but maintaining it at a very high level of safety and security. >> a total of 276 grants were announced today to be given in 44 states. the pacific islands, and the district of columbia.
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and in santa clara county, nurses on the picket line demanding better care for patients and nurses. they lined the hospital at the region medical center and good samaritan. nurses asking the management to address turnover rates and focus on retaining staff. it affects patients in the long run. >> i'm hoping the hospital can see how important it is to the nurses that this contract is important to us, that patient care is important to us. that the nurses that have all of the experience and seniority don't leave. they're needed in the hospital and the community. . >> nurses went back to work at 9:00 a.m. no comment from the hospitals. and federal help is on the way for victims of the southern california earthquakes. president trump approved an emergency declaration. last week's 7.1 on friday rattled buildings in ridgecrest a day after a 6.4 earthquake.
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it allows for recovery efforts in kern and san bernardino counties. and now campaign 2020. tom styer is running for president. he threw his hat in the ring this morning. he's an advocate of impeaching president trump. he joins two dozen democrats vying for the 2020 spot. another billionaire who twice ran railroad president died. ross perot passed away at the age of 89 after a battle with leukemia. . >> reporter: ross perot launched an independent bid for the white house in 1992, facing off against president george h.w. bush and bill clinton. . >> i have lived the american dream. i came modest background. >> reporter: his first job was delivering newspapers on the back oa top sales man for ibm ad
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founded electronic data systems and sold the computer services company in 1984, earning billions. >> the candidate is ross perot. the issue is the national debt. . >> reporter: he got into the 1992 presidential race on a platform of balancing the budget and ending the outsourcing of u.s. jobs. clinton won the election and some republicans blamed perot for bush's loss. he drew 19% of the vote. and he ran again in 1996. he reefed a special award from the veterans administration in 2009 for his work on veterans issues. he continued to speak out against unchecked federal spending. >> the american people are good. but they have was diagnosed
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with leukemia in february. in a statement, the family remembered him as a true american patriot and a man of vision, principle and compassion. >> in 1979, he financed a raid to free employees in iran. and jeffery epstein is awaiting a bail hearing on sex trafficking charges and there's focus on the labor secretary. he negotiated a secret plea deal in 2008 for epstein. it allows him to avoid federal charges and a potential life sentence. a growing number of democrats are calling for him to step down. president trump said the case is being looked at. >> i can only say this from what i know and what i do know is that he's been a really great secretary of labor. the rest of it we'll have to
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look at very carefully. >> and new york officials requesting epstein remain in custody until trial, saying he is an extreme flight risk. and new, we're hearing from the attorney representing the indiana family whose toddler died after falling overboard/a cruise and why he said the windows are a hidden danger. the girl was with her grandfather in the play area. he took her to bang on the glass windows. when he put her on a wws, s felo her death.>>wa real think royib woulou in passes open? as've ience wit walking inlass k >> tsnacionthe fedom of the seal
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caribbean cruise and was docked in puerto rico. the grandfather is under investigation. and still ahead, blocking cyber bullies from instagram. the website's new tools to keep posts positive. and virgin galactic's latest move meant to keep it at the front of the space tourism race. we are beginning the warm-up today. here's the dublin camera with blue skies out there. the temperatures slowly warming up through the afternoon. i'll let you know when highs inland top out in the 90s this week in a few minutes.
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. new at noon, a federal appeals court ruled that president trump cannot ban critics from his twitter account. they said it violates the first amendment. the move is as mr. trump is set to hold a social media summit on thursday. and instagram is testing a tool to change the way users limit access to their accounts. it's meant to help when users believe blocking bullies could make the situation worse. >> reporter: so have you blocked someone and you run into them? what is that like? >> awkward. >> reporter: awkward. >> yeah, very. >> and more awkward when you have class with them and you have to be with them every day.
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>> reporter: the head of instagram says the new feature will make blocking a little more private. the teens told us that. it's awkward to block someone and then you see them. >> yes. >> reporter: they know you blocked them. >> the idea we're exploring is one called restrict. it's an action on a account that preserves plausible deny blt. they can't find out. if they comment on the posts, you get to decide whether or not anybody else can see the comment or not. the direct messages show up in the other inbox and you see it if i decide to go to that space. and how can we give you control of the experience on the platform without the bully finding out. you can keep tabs on what's happening and not be quite at the mercy oft gayle king reporting. and instagram is releasing a feature that asks users to
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reconsider before posting an offensive comment. and new at noon, an inside look at one of san francisco's largest water storage reservoir. it's been empty for the last two months for maintenance and inspection. some compare it to a cave. it holds more than 160 -- wait, 176 million gallons of water. that serves about 60% of san francisco. >> we replaced the bolts, the gaskets and made it operable. >> that process is expected to take about a week. san francisco has a total of 15 reservoirs and nine tanks that store drinking water pumps in. and wall street the turning the focus back to the fed. investors gearing up for two days of testimony from the federal reserve chair who heads
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to capitol hill tomorrow. they're looking for clues about potential interest rate moves. and the big board. the dow this afternoon, about 45 minutes before the closing bell, down about 75 points. and virgin has taken the lead in the space tourism. the company announced plans to be public after a deal with a social capital company. the company is taking a 49% stake. they face stiff competition from spacex and blue origin. and let's get a check of this tuesday afternoon forecast with mary. >> okay. and you can see a live look with the sales force tower camera. patches of blue out there. the clouds starting to break up. this is looking east at the bay bridge. and now the temperatures. so low 70s from concord and santa rosa. 60 in oakland. upper 60s liver mosh. upper 60s in san francisco and
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san jose. the satellite and radar view, we're tracking the strong storm impacting the pacific northwest and not affecting us. it is bringing rain to the pacific northwest and over the border there. and this is the weather system that will dominate our weather. there's a ridge of high pressure building in from the desert southwest and we will be warming up as we go through the week. today, the start of a warming trend for us. through the rest of the afternoon, we will catch the sun, especially inland where you are already seeing the sunshine. mostly cloudy to partly sunny for the bay and a cloudy cool and breezy day along the coast. for tomorrow morning, other gray start. and then a little bit more sunshine with temperatures a little bit warmer. and as we go through the rest of the workweek and the weekend with the ridge of high pressure
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building in for us, heating up inland in the 90s. and allergy sufferers, great news. still in the low to medium category for the pollen report. it drops a little bit lower for tomorrow. almost done with the allergy season. the sunset, 8:33. sunrise, 55:56 daytime highs seasonal. warmer compared to yesterday. 83 in concord. and mid 60s for san francisco. is seven-day forecast, temperatures warming up through the workweek and the weekend with plenty of sunshine. daytime highs above average thhee and into the weekend. >> all right. not bad. thanks. and still ahead, an increase in studems. threlags you need to look beforyou thepak. we'll be rac
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. welcome back. the fda issued an update on a troubling trend involving
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hundreds of dogs. >> the concern is over a popular diet and its potential link to heart disease. these bay area dogs helped launch the federal investigation. and this vet and researcher spotted the surge in california cases. and discovered how the condition may be reversible. >> low and behold, we changed the diet and added supplements to their diet, they got better. >> we have the exclusive scoop from the vet detective and his advice to pet owners. that is night on the new kpix news at 7:00. the bbb is warning people about an increase in fraudulent texts, e-mails, and voice mails promising student loan debt relief. the red flags include people looking for an upfront fee and also promises of loan forgiveness and asking for personal data and demands to act now. if you suspect a loan scam, you
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should file a complaint at and change your pass word and revoke legal authorizations and stop payments. and a reminder. if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail us,, or call the hot line, 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back.
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. well, the tip of the day is rose mary. now that summer grilling started, on whatever you grill, steak, chicken, add rose mary. vegetables, add it. i'm telling you, it brings out the flavor in different dishes. selection and storage is a very, very important part of the rosemary. make sure it's green like pine needles. if they start to break apart and fall down, it's been around way too long. and it will lose the wonderful flavor. when you bring it home, store it in the refrigerator. no too long or they'll lose the wonderful aroma and everything it does to enhance the dish. rosemary, and when you're done with the leaves, the branch, i
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use that. i put chicken on it like skewer. good tip. i'm tony tantillo, the fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay healthy. and did only megamreks movie theater shut down. how it's a struggle for the city. that and much more coming up at 5:00. >> tune in for that. and that's it for the news at noon. >> thanks for joining us. enjoy your tuesday afternoon.
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