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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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now everything is gone. the pictures. all the memorabilia. everything is gone. >> now at 11:00, a tragic fire tears through two homes in contra costa county. tonight, victims tell us the heartbreaking recovery ahead. an intense standoff with san jose police ends with three people detained and neighbors shaken up. >> and, the annual running of the bulls hits home here in the bay area. the condition of the san francisco man who was gored. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm julietgorich. we begin with a large fire that scorched two homes in the east bay and fire crews are on the scene. it broke out at 21 old ranch in
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pleasant grove hills. joe vasquez joins us with the latest. >> reporter: they put up fencing around the two homes destroyed. take a close look. looks like a bomb went off here. one of the homeowners tells me she heard a strange noise before realizing her house was on fire. >> we heard a lot of crackling noises and popping noises. and by the time he went outside to the side of the house, it just already was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: renee matsutani says her boyfriend grabbed the garden hose but the fire grew too intensely. mark crow shot this video with his cell phone. he turned the corner to watch the fire spread to the house next door and caused the car in that driveway to explode. >> as i came through, the corner of this house was on fire. out of the gas main. and, just escalated extremely quick from the wind. it came alive. >> reporter: both families were inside when the fire started. they got out to watch their
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homes go up in flames. >> i lost my husband seven years ago. he died in this house. we were here over 30 years. now everything is gone. pictures. memorabilia. everything is gone. >> reporter: renee says her family is still looking for their two cats gracey and miki. they are praying they were able to escape. >> they are still inside the house as far as i know but we left the bedroom door and the front door open. so we are hoping that they got out okay. >> reporter: the cats have not yet emerged but firefighters say they haven't found any evidence of them inside either so there is still hope. and i should mention one firefighter was hurt. he twisted his ankle pretty badly while battling the flames. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. an hours long standoff in san jose finally over after police detained three people who barricaded themselves inside a house. it all started with a welfare
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check around 11:30 this morning around stone avenue in south san jose. kpix5's betty yu spoke to neighbors who say it is not the first time police have been called to the home. >> reporter: the stand off say it involved a man possibly armed barricaded inside this home on stone avenue near kirtner. >> you got him. >> reporter: san jose's merge unit or swat team could be seen dragging a man on the ground before officers put him in handcuffs. moments later, they pulled another man toward them before restraining him. police said thuse pa announcements and negotiators to convince a woman and two men to exit the home. the drama began when san jose police got a call to do a welfare check on the home. there was a possible dispute happening inside involving a gun. brian tucker says his friend
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needed help and asked him to pick her up from the residence. >> she said some saul her and to just come and get her out of there. and the cops were already here. her dad called the public police for her. i guess one of the men had a gun. >> reporter: when officers couldn't make contact with the people inside, the merge unit moved in. >> i was terrified the whole time for her safety. i didn't know what was going on. i knew someone had a gun and there were all these police here. >> reporter: neighbors showed us the damage done by police. she says they had to break her window to reach the home next door. she says that tenant moved in recently and there has been a lot of suspicious activity ever since. her son didn't want to show his face on camera. >> when you know something is just not right, it is just, you know, what they were doing when they came down to arguing. and, like i said, when they came to the nighttime, it is just, one person. and another person. >> reporter: he says police were called to the residence
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about two months ago. >> and especially from day one, the gunfire, the arguing, it was started off with the gunfire. >> reporter: and san jose police were able to reopen the street by 8:00 p.m. in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. also in san jose, four men are injured after a shooting late last night in the cambrian park area. the vehicles were doing donuts before crowds of people got into several dozen cars and drove away. investigators think the activity might be linked to a house on kinto way that is often rented for parties. >> i think they need to vet whoever is renting. it certainly need to be tightly regulated and i feel like today that is not happening. >> the victims are described on shooting began. turning now to the fallout from last night's powerful earthquakes in southern california, so many aftershocks have been recorded since july 4 that some families are afraid to stay at home.
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a lot of them are choosing to sleep under the stars tonight. >> reporter: it's an upsetting sight inside this home on f street. cracked walls, shattered mirrors. >> they broke. they came tumbling down. >> reporter: shaneen jackson's mother sits in the middle of the broken mementos. >> our feelings plight be a little bit hurt. >> reporter: she lived in the home since 1983. her daughter took us around the my mo oh, there you shook. go, aftershock. right there. >> reporter: another aftershock interrupted our interview. >> you handled that like a pro. not everyone would be riding it out like that. >> we have been having aftershock after after shock. >> reporter: they don't think it is safe to live here anymore. so last night, they slept outside. in ridge crest, this woman hit the ground during the quake.
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the ripple sent water gushing out of her pool. the violent shaking cracked highway 178 open again. and tonight, volunteers are bringing food to the red cross shelter in town where some families are still too scared to stay indoors. >> we hear there will come another big earthquake. >> reporter: caesar says his family is willing to sleep outside in tents the next several days if necessary. until they feel absolutely certain that they will not have a larger quake here. reporting in ridge crest, nicole comstock, kpix5. many are left wondering if they should by earthquake insurance. traffic on the organization's website is up 10 times since thursday and friday's shakers. the earthquake authority says most people in our state do not have earthquake coverage. those looking to get insurance can check their rates on the
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organization's website. >> first focus on what the policy is based. it is not based on the appraised value for your house. rather the cost to rebuild. >> i do not have earthquake insurance. >> the reason is that the deductible is just, it is not cost effective. it is just so high. >> another thing to keep in high, earthquake coverage begins 15 days after the main quake, so people in ridge crest area would have until july 20 for their coverage to kick in. san francisco man recovering tonight after being injured during spain's famous running of the bulls. the 46-year-old man was gored in the neck. the hospital is listed his condition as grave. after he underwent surgery. another american and a were also seriously injured during the frantic foot race. the annual event tracks about a million visitors from around the world. the thrill seekers among them are chased by bull it is
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through narrow city streets to the bull run. the red cross says it treated about 50 people for mostly minor injuries. well, it was a giant viewing party earlier today for the women's world cup final. >> go! >> thousands of bay area soccer fans watched the match. they cheered as the u.s. team triumphed. younger fans say the team's performance is an inspiration. >> i'm so proud of them for being there being the best they can be. that is really important to . l model for everyone. >> fans say they are especially proud of team usa were for winning back to back world cups. kpix5's dennis o'donnell has the highlights. >> reporter: the u.s. women began the world cup with the 13- 0 win over thailand and never
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look back. a dominant showing in france. the cup trophy has been handed out eight times. the u.s. was hoping to grab four of them since it began in 1991. scoreless in the second half against the netherlands. then stephanie vandergraft caught alex morgan up high. she won the golden ball for the top player and the golden boot for top scorer. and they put the game away in the 69th minute. 24-year-old rose lavelle gave the u.s. a world cup record 26 goals. they defeat the netherlands 2-0 and have world wins in 1991. 1999, 2015, and, 2019. >> cheers. >> we could not do it without you guys. >> we could not do it without you. >> we love you fans.
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>> let's go! >> a parade for the united states women will be held in new york for wednesday. players on the women's national team hope to gain more leverage for equal compensation and looks like fans are behind them. >> that chant rang out at today's championship match. an ongoing lawsuit alleges discrimination by the u.s. soccer federation demanding computation equivalent to what players on the men's team make so as the women celebrate their latest trophy, they still have their eyes on another prize. >> i think everyone is ready for this conversation to move to the next step. i think we are done with are we worth it. should we have equal pay. >> seems like a clear cut example of sex and gender discrimination. the women's national team is much more successful.
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they have household names. they draw in more revenue. >> the two sides have tentatively agreed to mediation. today u.s. team captain megan rapinoe and the team says they will not be visiting the white house. despite that, the president tweeted congratulations to the team on winning. great and exciting play. america is proud of you all. still ahead, new polling on the democratic party's top presidential contenders. how joe biden and kamala harris are doing compared to the president. it was humbling to have to conform to their fire u.s. firefighters lending a hand to our friends up north. theyhow w different it is to fight blazes in canada. >> an unusual sight in alaska where record setting temperatures are changing the scenery. >> we are not setting any records. we are just cooling it down as we look live toward
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♪ ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ . back and forth over race relations continues over joe n and ch in south carolina and again, apologized for remarks a few weeks ago about working with southern segregationists. about 100 miles away in another south carolina town, harris said biden still should say
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more to make amends. >> we cannot rewrite history about what segregationists were doing at that time on a number of issues including opposing busing. >> this is about the future. not about the past. and i'm proud of my past. have i made mistakes? yes. did we grow? yes. >> a new poll shows that biden is still the only democratic candidate with a sizable advantage over president trump. biden has a tenpoint lead in a head to head matchup compared arris with two points and bernie sanders with one. 100 wild land firefighters from the u.s. forest service have returned from battling fires in western canada. >> returning crews say the canadian blazes present challenges different from wild fires in the u.s. >> reporter: a massive fire continues to rage in northwest
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alberta canada burning 800,000 acres. crews from across the u.s. have mobilized to assist including 100 u.s. hot shot firefighters. >> we brought our experience. we brought our training. but it was humbling to have to conform to their way of fire fighting. >> reporter: sunday, u.s. forest service firefighters returned home after battling wild fires in canada for about two weeks. >> we were very effective and well thanked. well received. >> reporter: but the dry conditions and severe weather did not come without its challenges especially in relation to the way the u.s. fights fires versus canada. >> the main challenge was just becoming familiar with the fire behavior. the fuel type. not having our own equipment. >> boreal forests. canada is in a severe drought. so they are getting a lot of fire activity. >> reporter: and crews say they
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were harder to control. but they adjusted. >> it burns a lot deeper in the soil. it burns fast. >> reporter: an international mutual aid relationship in a time of crisis. >> we help them in time of need and have access to their firefighters when we have need in the states. >> 260 u.s. forest service records. ers are also battling 's reporter jonathan are hear t glacier where it is so warm i can walk around in shorts in a polo. the state of alaska is heating up at a rate twice as fast as the rest of the planet. if you don't want to believe those numbers, then just come here to anchorage where this weekend, we saw temperatures
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about 25 degrees above normal. that is the hottest it has been here in alaska in the state's history. and to put that in perspective, it was as hot here on july 4 as it was all the way south on miami beach. scientists say there is no doubt, this is climate change. the consequences are dangerous. also, all this sun reflecting arctic ice here in alaska is melting quicker and earlier. and, of course, you can't forget the wild fires. more acres have burned this year than all of last year and we have six more months to go. meteorologists say the temperatures will drop back to the 70s . but they warn these alaska heat waves could be the new normal. we have fog and low clouds rolling in again. san jose had beautiful blue skies today. nice day. and tomorrow will be nice as
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well. we managed 78 in san jose. san francisco hit only 62. while concord fell 10 degrees from saturday's highs. it is the view from the top of the sales force tower cam looking into fog. oakland, 61. here's what's happening the next 24 hours, increasing clouds in advance of low pressure. that will deepen the marine layer. we get a chance of drizzle by the shoreline tomorrow morning. temperatures will cool down tomorrow. but, then, high pressure over the desert southwest begins to nudge into northern california midweek. as t temperatures but that's wednesday, thursday, friday. in the meantime, here's what will happen overnight and early going tomorrow. little bit of drizzle forms. low clouds come in. inland will be fine. north bay, south bay, okay later in the day.
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in the early going, partly cloudy for sfo. thunderstorms rumble throughout atlanta. 92 degrees for a high there. showers in new york, and 77. partly starry skies inland. warmer weather returns midweek. tomorrow, sun up at five minutes before 6:00. daytime highs are still well below average. in the south bay, we are looking for numbers in the mid70s . in the east bay, look at all the green indicating numbers in the 70s . a few low 80s by the time you get to pittsburgh and famid 70s . and still warm up around ukiah and cloverdale. stratus quo in the morning. the usually low clouds. we warm it up later in the week. have a good one. still ahead, a disney star
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passed away too soon. what his family says happened. plus, mulan, the live action movie trailer just dropped but there's a big deviation from the disney classic in this version. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up on game day, how did the clippers get kawhi leonard? and marty leury. buyers or sellers for the san francisco giants? >> they are selling. >> who is going and possibly, the giants trade deadline coming up. marty and jim next on game day.
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a disney channel star has died in his sleep. 20-year-old cameron boyce could not be revived when paramedics rushed to his home. he had an ongoing medical condition and died afr a seizure. he starred in the descendants. the first trailer for the live action remake of mulan aired during the women's world cup finals. well, gripping. this new remake will star
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well, a superhero animation music. there is something for everyone in theaters this weekend.
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>> i don't think we saw a single one. here are the top three. that's the musical fantasy yesterday. it came in third. movie about a world that has never heard of the beatles. and it is up to the main character to remind them who they were. >> pixar's toy story 4 keeps a strong presence. the disney classic brought in $34.4 millions domestically. >> you okay? >> and, spiderman, far from home, stormed out of the gates. $93.5million from friday through today. it had the best six-day opening ever for a tuesday debut. >> all right, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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