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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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start your day with us monday morning on kpix 5. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. it was a wild night in san jose as four people are shot. just outside a rental home, known by neighbors to have lots of parties. >> there was another one right now, aftershock. it is all right. it is all right, we are safe. aftershocks continued to rattle southern california, leaving people on edge. go! >> and, the fans go wild. the u.s. wins the women's world cup, but the game did not come without some controversy. we begin with a rowdy house party that ended in house fire
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leaving four people injured. the shooting happened just before midnight last night. police found the victims at hillsdale avenue in san jose, kpix 5's hits doses neighbors are on edge after hearing the gunfire. >> the shooting happened here in the cambria park area. definitely, not an area known for sideshows and shootings. as one neighbor said, we have to take the area back. san jose police flooded the area with officers and found a chaotic dynamics scene, spanning several blocks. they found four victims near the corner of hillsville avenue, who were each shot at least once. the victims were all male, and the injuries were nonlife threatening. investigators say they actually were shot at another location and then drove to the spot.'s neighbor came out and saw one of the victims, injured and sitting in a car. >> she was trying to get the one to respond, he was not responding. and, i seen the driver, and one of the passengers in the car, like freaking out.
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>> pretty nerve-racking, to have been so close to where we live. >> reporter: he lives right in front of where vehicles were performing burnouts, at the corner of kinta and foxworthy, leaving skid marks on the asphalt. he says they were speeding up and down the street, just feet away from his front door, then there was gunfire. >> it was like pop, pop, pop, three noises in they were done. >> reporter: neighbors say crowd of people were seen leaving the area getting into cars and driving away. and, at ground zero for the activity was this home. gary lives right next door, and knew the party, with more than 70 people, was getting out of hand when cars began spinning d >> if you want to go out and yell at them -- that is not the smartest, best thing to do. all i was thinking about was maybe calling the police., i am trying to mind my own business. and i had a feeling it was going to come forward. sooner or later. >> reporter: you do not want to hear about the shooting last night? >> a man who identified him as
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the property owner showed up to the house, but declined an on camera interview. gary says he has talked to his neighbors about renting the house out for multiple large parties. >> that is one thing i asked my neighbors when i seen him, i said did you are to do not know they had 12 parties in a row? i knew the answer was yes, or now. it took him a while and he finally said yes because i heard him cleaning up the beer bottles from last night's party. so, the owner should have known better, for sure. >> reporter: to recap, the party house is here, the driver, spinning donuts, was here. the gunshot victims were found here, about a block away. if there was an airbnb listing, it was deactivated by the time we checked. airbnb told us they are looking into it. he says living near a known rental party house makes him feel unsafe. >> i think they need to that whoever is renting. it certainly needs to be regulated. and, i feel like today that is not happening. >> reporter: in san jose, hits dell, kpix 5. >> in other news, a san man was gored while
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running with the bulls. he is one of five hospitalized, though nearly 50 people were injured. the event marks the event of the festival that attracts more than 50 million people from around the world. some take heart in the dangerous run through narrow cobblestone streets. no word yet on the conditions. two southern california desert communities are rushing to make repairs after friday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake, and thursday's 6.4 shock. our reporter, on the recovery effort underway. >> reporter: people in parts of southern california , on edge in the wake of back-to-back earthquakes. the first on thursday, a 6.4. followed by another, even stronger one, she friday night registering at a 7.1. sunday, officials in kern county say they are working to assess the damage and recover quickly. >> now it is time for recovery. so, we will now move into the
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recovery process. all of our roads and concrete such as sidewalks, gutters, have been infected -- inspected, all roads are in good condition. and you can travel on all of them. >> reporter: officials say there are no injuries. >> we were successful in the operation, anytime that we can, you know, go through a 7.1 earthquake and not report a fatality, major injury, not suffer structural damage, that was a significance, i want to say that is a blessing. >> reporter: people in ridgecrest have experienced nearly 3000 aftershocks, leaving people and easy as they try to resume a sense of normalcy. >> there is one right now, an aftershock. >> wow. >> it is all right, we are safe asked an aftershock. >> we ay, buddy.
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these are before-and-after images of the epicenter of last week's earthquake. you can see a new crack emerged on the right. after the 7.1 jolt. that was on friday. coming up at 6:00 p.m., we will show you a new disaster preparedness game. witnesses saw a man in this area before a fire started, then he took off running. there might be a link to a nearby encampment. >> as more and more homeless encampments are going up, and we are seeing a lot more of these fires, because the regulations are not there to guide them as of yet, we are still working on them, so, yes, we are seeing more and more. >> passing motorists can sethe fi. nobody was they do not know exactly how the fire started. a defendant in the ghost ship trial is set to take the
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stand tomorrow, derek and max face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each person who died in the fire in december 2016. he was the master tenant at the converted warehouse. his attorneys have tried to cast blame for the deadly fire on others, including the building's owner. but, during his testimony, he is sure to face aggressive cross-examination for prosecutors. everybody is coming home, now, taking a live look at some of the bay area bridges. people are returning home from the fourth of july holiday., apparently not many people. so, traffic looks like it is moving along fine. meanwhile, the new ride- share lot at sfo is experiencing its test today, we were there as holiday travelers d e airport was busy the long today, but just typical of a holiday weekend. you can see there were plenty of spots available at the lot on the north side of the airport ever say that so far that lot has helped alleviate congestion near old bayshore
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road. the americans defeated the netherlands to-0 in today's final in france. we were with enthusiastic fans as they watched the action on a big screen at via stadium. >> reporter: roughly 5000 people came here to a via stadium in san jose to support the women's world cup. many say they were equally inspired by the performance on the field and examples off of it. >> we really like soccer, we are back fan of it. especially the women's world cup. >> this 11-year-old says there is no place she would rather be than watching the u.s. women competing for their second straight world cup. >> we support women, in like everything.
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i think there feminists? yes, we are called feminists, i think. so, yes. >> that was the were. >> reporter: and her older sister agrees. >> i am so proud of them, for like, being there and just being the best they can be. that is really important to me. and i just love how they are a role model for everybody. like, my little sister. >> reporter: the u.s. women had no shortage of supporters in the highest areas, but struggled to breakthrough on the first half. >> it is 0-0, i honestly know america is going to come through. the u.s. women's team is amazing. i think we've got some of the best. >> all! >> reporter: boy, was he right. a penalty kick in the second half put team usa up. >> a lot of my guy friends are all about this. soccer fans hope historic win, will elevate the sport back here at home. >> everybody recognizes excellence, you know, if the
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team is good you're going to get popular. so, i mean, if we still continue to, you know, reduce that excellence i feel like people are going to come in supported. >> reporter: many fans that we talked to to say they were especially proud of team usa, for winning in back to back world cup. in san jose, kpix 5. during the tournament, u.s. team captain megan rapinoe sparked controversy, saying she and the team would not visit the white house if the u.s. won. today, the president tweeted, congratulations to the u.s. women's soccer team on winning the world cup! great and exciting play. america is proud of you all. we will have highlights of today's championship match, coming up in a few minutes in sports. and, coming up elsewhere, president trump, weighing in on the border crisis. why he says he will invite the press. to see the detention centers. >> plus, is not from the white house. the invitation facebook and twitter will not be receiving this week. but, we will be getting a warming trend, eventually. we will have all of the details on the weather ahead this week
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as we look at the weather, after the break. who's dog is this?
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forecast is brought to you by the mission crews boardw president trump says he wants reporters to see for themselves what is going on at immigrant detention centers near the southern border. >> i'm going to start showing some of these detention centers. because for the press, i want the press to go in and see them. and, i just spoke to mark morgan, and i just spoke to, as you know, kevin. so, we are going to send people in, we are going . if you coul
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gist of it was that they are going to have the press go in. these images from federal inspectors last month capturing the overcrowding problems at detention centers in south texas. a 16 page office of inspector general report calls this an immediate risk to migrants and agents. investigators also describe children with no access to showers, or hot meals. mr. trump also says his administration will soon begin deporting thousands of undocumented people living in 10 u.s. cities, including san francisco. those raids you remember, were postponed last month. >> an unusual snub for white house's social media summit, among was reportedly not invited, facebook, and twitter. two of the world's biggest social media platforms. the companies say they are not surprised, they expect the meeting will be a right wing grievance session. the white house has said and not said who is invited, to the meeting. sad news for disney fans, actor cameron boise has died. he was best known for the disney show jesse, and the
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movie descendents. there is no word yet on the cause of his death. a spokesperson says he passed away due to an ongoing ethical condition. disney chairman and ceo called boyce a friend and said he was filled with so much talent. boyce was set to appear in the comedy mrs. fletcher, a new hbo series coming out this fall. >> in other news, check out this video of a car being lifted up, and flipped over. it happened on saturday, in new jersey. the national weather service, confirming there was a small tornado in the area. look at the power, it spawned gusty winds, nobody was hurt. it is the fourth tornado for new jersey this year that has already been twice the average. and, missouri dealing with a different kind of disasters, a big sinkhole in the middle of a rural highway. heavy rain's took out the pavement and several feet of the road underneath. residents are being told to stay away.
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>> there are more roads around the state, also damaged, or underwater. >> closer to home, skiers are enjoying the tail end of ski season. take a look at this, squaw valley, and the alpine meadows lift. here they are enjoying some final turndowns negron. skiing and riding officially ends today at squaw valley. the resort says it was the fourth longest season, ever. can you imagine, you could waterski and snow ski in the same day, brian? >> who do i know who was out there waterskiing? >> trying to snow ski the same day too. but that did not work out. >> okay, juliet was off last week and. i have no doubt you remember that. she is back, now. in case you have not noticed. this is looking out towards the embarcadero, it is hot, the numbers today, the numbers at the moment as we look at the
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golden gate bridge, there is low clouds floating in over the golden gate, still warm in east bay, 76 in concord, oakland, 65. things will turn around by the time we hit wednesday, thursday, high pressure over the desert southwest, rebuilt over the west coast so that by weeks end we will be back into the upper 80s, inland. but, we have to wait for it. tomorrow, drizzle by the shoreline, and fog, temperatures uniformly will be in the mid-50s. and, we will start out mostly cloudy. we will get sunshine for sure coming out, inland. thggt that gs will be juiced up enough so we can get drizzle tomorrow morning. and, so, it isfor monday. will turn it around later in the week after the morning drizzle, medical start to the week. warmer weather will return by wednesday, thursday, friday. we will just have to wait for
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it. forecast out of sfo, after the morning fog and winds, seattle has partly cloudy skies, and we get low clouds in the morning, atlanta gets thunderstorms in the afternoon. every afternoon, and temperatures at this time of year, in the low 90s. new york will have showers overnight lows tonight mid-50s, will do it for the bay area. sun up tomorrow morning 5 minutes before 6:00. concord, 79, very pleasant in san jose, mid-70s. 80 before 6:00. concord, 79, very pleasant in san jose, mid-70s. 84 morgan hill, 76 in the , 69 at hayward come out in east bay the numbers will be in the upper 70s, and low 80s. 80 at antioch, 80 at brentwood, 71 for vallejo. in the north bay, numbers in the low to mid 70s. although santa rosa does not quite hit 83 degrees. it will be warm again for you,
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in clear lake, in the mid-80s. extended forecast, we go with status quo, the low clouds in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. and then temperatures recover into the mid to upper 80s by the time we get towards the weekend. so, we start cool, but we finish nice and hot. that is weather, i have no idea if it is dennis or juliet. let's find out? >> it is dennis. i am back from vacation. the warriors decided to retire the number of another player. it is not cousins. the giants are catching fire at the right time. we are up, next.
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the u.s. women began the world cup with a 13-0 win over thailand and never really looked back. a dominant showing in france, the cup trophy has been handed out 8 times, the u.s. is hoping to grab four of them, since it began in 1991. the score of the second half against the netherlands, but then stephanie van de graaff caught alex morgan a little high. that is a foul and a penalty kick. the sixth goal of the world cup, she won the gold ball for the top layer and the golden boot for the top score. they put the game away, in the 69th minute, becoming a world cup record, 26 goals, a defeat the netherlands to-0, they have
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won the world cup in 91, 99, 2015 and 2019. they joined germany as the only back-to-back winners . baseball, matt chapman will participate in the home run derby tomorrow night. he was picked to replace another player, he plans to have his dad with him, do not forget this year's winner gets $1 million. the other matt, maybe a little jealous, he did not get the invite. also in a three-run blast in the third, is 19 home run in the last 51 games, second only to mike trout, over that stretch. later in the first, base hit, left side, goes through the leg, of dylan moore, that is going all the way to the wall. oakland jumped out to a 5-0 lead, meanwhile, mariners catcher omar nevarez kept seattle in the game, he took him deep for the first of two home runs today, he is .4 minus format, drove in all four runs. up 6-3, he built his third home
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run this month, 7-4, they reached the all-star break at 50-41, a game and a half behind cleveland for the second wild- card spot. the giants are in the midst of their best stretch of the season. team president, joking that even the skipper is in a good mood, for now. >> he smiled a few times the last week. things are going well. i'm in, do not get me wrong, he still gives me that look. >> the dog days of summer are coming early to the oracle. instead of a leadoff home run, there it is, he catches it in front of the yahoo sign. they settle in after a close call, retiring 18 of the first 19 batters he faced.
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he is working out a shutout of his own, top six, a little help, kevin pilar, rob goldsmith, tossing seven scoreless innings for the second time this season. bottom of the seventh, giants still looking for the first hit, they took care of that. solo shot, halfway up the bleachers, fifth home run in six games gives san francisco a 1-0 lay. will smith did what he has done the entire first half, he gets into the game, ending a double play, smith, a perfect 23-23, in saves. they hit the brakes, winning six of seven. he was in the hunt for his first pga tour win at the outside of minneapolis. he had to wait, eagle on 18, outrightly. meanwhile, 20-year-old matthew
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wolf with a shot behind. the dude has one of the funkiest swings you'll ever see. but, it gets results. he had his own look at eagle, on 18. so, everybody was thinking two put for birdie, and a playoff, right? no. he won the tournament with that shot. look at his face when he realizes what had taken place. will get his first pga win after going pro, and walks away with $1.1 million. warriors and grizzlies made the trade for the player official today. he said the team plans to retire the number, and he spent six seasons with golden state and was the final mvp in 2015. this is a crazy week, in the nba, especially in southern california. tonight, jim hill, my colleague, on cbs-tv will be on game day tonight. with the giants.
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and, on whether the giants are buyers instead of sellers at the deadline. >> all right, that is a lot going on. >> thank you. >> we will be right back.
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renting an apartment in the bay area is not cheap. >> one option could save you cash, bunk bentz is part of a new home service called podshare. you get access to foods like
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cereal and ramen, a cost between 1000 access to foods like cereal and ramen, a cost between $1000-$1200 a month. what happened, there? >> we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> see you tonight. ♪ >> jacobson: world champions. team u.s.a. wins it all at the women's world cup. >> we have no quit in us. we'll do anything to win. >> jacobson: also tonight, the president's popularity. mr. trump's approval rating hits an all-time high. what does that mean for campaign 2020? california clean-up as residents recover from two large earthquakes, many worry there could soon be another. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. >> jacobson: plus military injustice. was a world war i soldier denied the medal of honor because of the color of his skin? >> when you look at caucasian members of the military, if they were to perform the same action, they would be given the medal of honor in a heartbeat.


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