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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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5. we made it. i michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. we made it to friday and through the holiday gridlock. let's get over to mary for a quick check of the weather. beautiful weather today. great news as we look ahead to friday and into the weekend with temperatures warming up. a lie look with the transamerica camera looking north. temperatures are running in the 50s for many spots. mid-fifties in oakland. livermore, san francisco and san jose. right now in santa rosa a chilly 49. taking you through the day for the coast we see the clouds to stick around a little longer with breezy conditions in the low to mid 60s. for the bay upper 60s and low 70s with the sunshine and heating up inland into the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll talk about that weekend forecast, coming up. it is slow going for the
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super commuters coming in from tracy this morning. on the altamont pass. you can see speeds dipping down we also live with at&t's internet "security." to 21 miles per hour. want to get past that, it is looking good because it is do you know the mother's maiden name? friday light and the day after at&t! there's an army of weirdos outside. the holiday lights. take a look at the south bay drive times. they're just trying to get on your network. you can see that all speeds are why didn't you alert us? alerts aren't really my thing. what is your thing? the green and that is good news ok, i am sensing a little hostility from you, janet. for south bay. east bay drive times are not looking bad either. so i'm going to be the grown-up here and excuse myself. everything is in the green and look at that on a 80, it is a 30 minute drive and once you stop living with at&t. switch to xfinity for real-time security alerts get to the bay bridge toll for all your connected devices. plaza, just a few cars out there heading across the span. it is not bad. here's a look at the bridge ♪ track. it is a little slow on the bay bridge but not bad. an 11 minute drive across the span from the east bay into ♪ fra advisory on ee eel this is how driving should feel. heading over. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. cruisin contra costa county have their hands full, the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility.
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responding to dozens of fires through the night. 37 fires in the span of six ♪ hours. these are photos from one incident in pittsburgh. and the fires or put out quickly, luckily, because extra crews were brought into work the holiday. and san francisco, people set off illegal fireworks from the cities mission district despite warnings from police. this snap chat video shows how dangerously close they were to homes and powerlines. and san jose, dozens of illegal fireworks filling the sky last night on the left-hand side of the screen. people completely disregarding police warnings and check out the scene had east oakland behind the coliseum as soon as it got dark. the illegal fireworks started going off. coming up, there were some bus before the fireworks shot off. we rode along with the police in alameda county as they search for illegal stockpiles. a major aftershock down in southern california. a five point for earthquake hit 10 miles west serous value kern
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county, less than two hours ago. it is one of more than 150 another significant after shots to hit the same earthquake in southern california overnight. area since yesterday's massive cameras were rolling as they six-point for earthquake in checked the with the cbs news team. we're live with an update of the damage. 37 fires in six hours. if you plan to shoot off ridgecrest. 150 miles northeast of los angeles. some people living in the illegal fireworks, bay area nearby town of trying to say the quake was traumatizing. power was knocked out for hours and some homes were damaged. fire officials have a stern you can see this bathroom just trashed with large cracks in warning. good morning. it is friday, july 5. a day the ground. here is the damage left behind after the fourth of july i in some businesses in the area. michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. a quick check of the weather bottles and cans spilled all over the ground. forecast. we are starting off with >> he started shaking and the all called and areas of fog tv fell off of the wall. along part of the bay and some all three rooms of the house inland locations as well. were just caved and. they shook the refrigerator the cloudy and foggy smart into the middle of the kitchen. through the afternoon, enjoying the sunshine and temperatures are warming up, even more compared to yesterday. here is and live look at the transamerica cam east and you no reports of injuries. there ridgecrest called the can see the fog. house to go and flames. temperatures are many in the
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if lofty cells of the 50s per concord 5957 and supermarket. oakland. services go 55. a cool 49 for santa rosa. letter the liquor store for. heading to the day, 89 in fairfield with the sunshine eight in concord. splatter they wanted 20 chance 86 the livermore. 83 for high in san jose. that this location will be 72 and oakland. 67 in san francisco at 53 for having an even bigger earthquake within the next few pacifica. it gets even warmer tomorrow. we have the weekend forecast days that we have not yet seen. the biggest earthquake of the sequence. by governor gavin and gavin coming up. we are tracking a new crash in the east bay south mountain newsom has made an emergency 680 the highway for connector. proclamation.>> some people in the crash has been moved over socal got a warning about the earthquake thanks to the shake to the shoulder and it is not affecting speed in the area. keep in mind southbound 680. alert happened. slow going for the super commuters coming in from tracy. you can see when you hit the altamont pass, be there dipping down to at least 21 miles per it is a system the bay area will get in the coming months. hopefully by then there will be no issues with the system. some users in la say that they hour. they tend to pick up after never got the morning. that. off the driver times are the system is all designed to looking good. alert people when there is a every thing in the green. decent chance of significant the richmond san rafael bridge damage. threshold was set at the not hooking good at the toll magnitude 5.0. the earthquake weakened by the plaza but what you get on the time it actually got to la and span, there is a flowing. there was no alert. and as you can see, castro
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in addition to phones the system can send a warning to street and highway 101 looking everything from fire departments to train stations. like an eight minute drive. >> you can float on the train it is still not bad but a little slow of the bay bridge. and close the water valve and do those things. an 11 minute drive from the you can open the door so that vehicles can get out and all of toll plaza into the city. that can happen in under 10 that is a look at traffic. seconds. spec the city of la said it some scary moments for will over the threshold and more users will be notified in southern california. a magnitude 5 point for the event of an earthquake. earthquakes to >> in the same area as yesterday a powerful six-point for earthquake. make sure that you are carter evans is in ridgecrest ready for the next event. and had the cameras rolling the this is a good reminder. visit for a full list and what you want to pack in an moment the aftershock hit. earthquake kit.>> somebody role.>> that is cbs news, >> so many role. carter evans feeling the told. the big aftershock. role. he is in ridgecrest right now. we are going to hear from him in a live report, coming up in about 30 minutes. >> that is pretty significant. carter evans joins us live from we are learning more about ridgecrest. and we saw the trailer in the a deputy involved shooting in bodega bay. background just start swaying. it happened just after 8 p.m. call what was atli. at the bodega harbor >> reporter: i was calling for the camera the ground was rolling and you could feel it subdivision. heating down up and down.
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officer scott reports of a man attacking people. they rushed to the scene and found multiple victims injured. the suspect is also accused of stealing a car. that is the biggest earthquake police tracked down the suspect i've ever felt lasted for about who allegedly assaulted the 10 seconds. officers, and that is when i there was nothing out here that deputy opened fire. the suspect, and the victims could fall on us and we felt relatively safe. we wanted to make sure we got the camera so that everybody else could see what it looks like out here when you have are at local hospitals. no word on their conditions. happening today, hopefully taking that severe. some traffic relief in an area >> you do not look to nervous, near sfo that has been but you did spend the day in overwhelmed by rideshare cars. ridgecrest as this was kpix 5's jackie ward is live at unfolding. over some of the things that the airport with a solution stood out to you? that drivers and nearby cities truck a lot of the damage was may have been looking for. >> reporter: hopefully is the confined to inside a building. keyword. the lot, the new waiting lot opens at 9 a.m. rideshare drivers are hoping that this is the last morning taking lasted for about 30 of all of that tr seconds from what we are. and going into stores, everything is off of the self. lock. or bottles on the floor and broken glass everywhere. weekend. we will have to wait and see. peoples homes. the cabinets are open. dishes came out there were also right now, uber and >> tom: drivers have to wait on broken water mains broken gas line. downed power lines. some of that caused a couple of asbusy day after the the south side of sfo for a earthquake. all sorts of problems with the pickup call. the new lot is on the north side. adjacent to the cell phone waiting area, it is more than double the size of the current local hospital. there was damage to they had to
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lot it will potential give the evacuate about 15 of the avenue a break. patient's. some of them had been airlifted as a result of the over from and all of this while we have problem. the aftershocks going on. even highway 101 has all seen in increase in traffic. we felt the big one a couple of hours ago. all transportation network but since then, i felt three or for more little ones. it is a very good reminder cameras where traffic is that we need to be ready in the supposed to kill for pickups at the south side of the impact event of an earthquake, especially here in northern were it is not enough room for california as well. the cars to do that. carter evans live in surrounding streets have become ridgecrest. thank you. a satellite lot. and contra costa county crews had her hands full >> our hope is that this major treat will make the difference and hopefully solve the responding to dozens of fires. these are photos from one incident in pittsburgh. problem. >> reporter: it is worth the fires were luckily put out mentioning at this is now quickly because extra crews direct connection with the other rideshare connection with were brought into work the holiday. and all, firefighters responded to at least 37 fires in the the right pickup connections, span of six hours. in the meantime, a fire destroyed a detached garage and threatened a nearby home on the it is something entirely broke out at around 2 p.m. different. we are not touching that one. this new waiting lot will open at 9 am and rideshare drivers are really hoping it gives them yesterday. the fire grew to 35 acres the ease that they need before before crews got it contained. busy traveling weekend. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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one person is dead after a >> reporter: i'm jackie ward crash on mount hamilton and live at sfo near where a new santa clara county. according to the chp, a waiting lot will be opening. vehicle plunged off of the side and a couple of hours for right of mount hamilton road before midnight. ear drivers. the point is to give them a little bit more space as a way it happened near allen rock to for passengers. right now they have to wait on falls road just outside of san jose. investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. here is a live look from the southside of sfo, for a pickup call and the new lot is on the north side. our a 80 camera and oakland. adjacent to the cell phone and a heads up. waiting area. it is more than double the side chp officers are often forced of the current lot and will this weekend, looking for drivers under the influence. potentially get used to >> the choices you make, when millbrae avenue a break. you're driving, they matter. as a result, streets like used to millbrae avenue and highway you may not think so, but they 101 have all seen an increase matter. in traffic. the problem is that all they matter to you and the transportation network person you are with in the car. the other people on the roadway. be cognizant of what you're companies or traffic as opposed doing when you're driving on the roadway. there are better ways to get home safely. rideshare, taxi, call a friend. to queue for pickups on the designate a sober driver and be south side of the airport. there is not enough room for the cars to do that. the san mateo county sheriffs office has told the right ear smart. plan ahead. company about thchange. a >> this maximum enforcement period will continue through midnight on sunday. this morning, a tenant at like we are going to get things out through social media to the city and sfo is doing the same.
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there reaching out to companies the port of oakland that using like uber and >> tom: to get the word out ssa id cranes will approved air that there is an extra parking space available so they do not have to queue on the south marine has been converting from side. >> it is worth mentioning that this has no direct connection with the other right ear at sfo diesel to battery hybrid and. which deals with the loop it will reportedly cost cut greenhouse gas missions 96 pickup location. we are not touching that one. we are focusing strictly on the percent according to ssa waiting lot. the good news is that will hopefully relieve issues. before the travel. marine, the old and in front up to 12 gallons of diesel in our. jackie ward, kpix 5. the new ones will only burn suspected serial rapist in sacramento will face a judge. about half a gallon per hour. president trump salutes medical worked in federal america. this morning, critics when on prisons lectured at sacramento state university in the early his solve independence. we were with his family 90s. police arrested him earlier this week after using the same other police when they found technologies that led to an this. 200 pounds of illegal arrest and the golden state fireworks. the ongoing crackdown. we are tracking low clouds killer contest. he is expected to be rained at and areas of fog along the coast. parts of the bay and some 1:30 this afternoon. developing news, we learned a billionaire tech unit is inland locations. among sekilled in a high pressure will bid in and that means the temperatures will warm up. not just for today, but for the helicopter crash in the weekend also. the full forecast is coming up. bahamas. the chopper was heading to fort just when you thought you were done painting... lauderdale when it went down the coast of big grand kai
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letter chris klein built a coal empire in west virginia. his wife is also among the seven people killed. all of them were americans. it is not clear what causes the helicopter to crash, but police are investigating. an update on the massive fire that has been burning for days at a jim beam warehouse in kentucky. investigators now believe that it was likely sparked a lightning. they were house was filled with about 45,000 barrels of bourbon when it caught fire on tuesday night. the booze is leaking into nearby waterways and sources of drinking water. firefighters are not now letting the fire burn on its own. a tiny italian island discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! cleaning up after a volcano eruption sent tourists running frogtape is the only painter's tape for their lives. it happened on the island of treated with patented paintblock technology. stromboli. everything there is now coded and asked. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint one visitor describing a war and a mushroom cloud dozens of to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, taurus reportedly jumped into giving you the sharpest lines possible. the sea to escape the following centers. get professional results with frogtape... experts say the volcano is unlikely to erupt again soon no messy lines,
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no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! because this explosion was so powerful. climate change is impacting all ffert aspects of the planet, and wine is on the list rick this morning, we have learned that too much greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has reportedly led to warmer springs, and more humid air and frequent rain in europe. that means that winemakers increasingly have to use pesticides to ward off pests and diseases. it is unclear if any pesticides applied to grapes actually end up in your wineglass. and expensive lawsuit between two big universities in southern california. usc has been ordered to pay uc san diego $50 million over all research. usc obtained data. tens of millions of dollars in contracts and the program start researcher i luring them to a new san diego research center. ucsd and the uc board of ntsoon following that
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sabotage their research. since then, uc san diego has said the program has recovered. with campaign season it's a revolution in sleep. closing in any threat is a murder. manipulative videos and this the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now morning, one bay area lawmakers trying to outlaw deep fakes. there is mounting concern during our lowest prices of the season. doctored videos could spread misinformation the 2020 election. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts the california assembly member mark berman has written a bill to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. to target deep fakes. he said the bill targets so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. intentional manipulation of images, audio, or video don't miss our 4th of july special with the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed now $1299. candidates running for office plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. within 60 days of election. >> whether it is deep fakes or ends sunday. manipulation or videos with sleep number. proven, quality sleep. speaker pelosi and the video or they just floated down, that was very crude and simple technology that made it look like she was drunk when she wasn't. >> reporter: opponents argue the bill can violate first amendment rights with the sacred restrict the use of the technology for entertainment such as satire, or parities. the sculpture of the egypt boy, ownership
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a lot of great weekend of the best of king tut has events across if you're heading been auctioned off for nearly $6 million in london despite out to the summer dance protests from cairo that the festival this weekend in the relic may have been stolen cisco, mild conditions in the decades ago. mid 60s, enjoying the sentence egyptian officials have demanded the auction be called saturday are even warmer, off. but christie's auction house compared to sunday. says aged objects like this are not impossible. to trace back thousands of we will talk about the weekend years and that they have not received any evidence from egyptian authorities that there is a problem. forecast, coming up in a few minutes. the justice department historic heat wave hits facing a deadline on whether to alaska. the jaw-dropping temperatures. accept a supreme court ruling snow on 4 july. blocking a citizenship question from being added to the 2020 sentence. last week the supreme court ruled the trump administration did not provide a reason to ask california skiers hit the slopes. the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the what citizenship in the upcoming survey. the justice department what big board. the dow is down about 135 must tell a federal judge today points. other or not it will fight the we will be right back. decision. senator kamala harris hits the campaign trail in iowa a key primary estate. she is holding a town hall in
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sioux city. other 2020 democratic presidential candidates also hit the campaign trail for the fourth of july. putting iowa and new hampshire. they got up close and personal with voters in their bid to face president trump next fall. national polls social joe biden is a front runner with senator harris and elizabeth warren making gains among primary voters. on the fundraising front, president trump campaign says has raised 54 million dollars for his campaign war chest in the second quarter. democrat pete buttigieg of indiana raised nearly $25 million just ahead of joe biden and bernie sanders, who were both in iowa on thursday. >> i'm going to answer the questions i'm asked and move the democratic debate where they think the party needs to go. >> we have more grassroots enthusiasm than any paint out there. more than 1 million volunteers in this country.
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>> democratic national convention in milwaukee was about one year away. >> resident trump let his salute to america and the national lot in washington to celebrate the fourth of july. critics call the event channels attempted to celebrate. >> today we come together as one nation, with this very special salute to america. >> yesterday's event in the nations capital featured tanks and military vehicles, and flyovers by the navy blue angels. pageantry and applause. all ranchers of the armed forces were on hand, and hailed. president trump event generated days of advance criticism from those who accuse him of politicizing independence day. it was marked by protest, like this one on thursday in front of the white house, and in his speech, the president ran for more than two centuries of iconic omens in american history. the audience, he altered clarence henderson who took
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part in a sit in at a north carolina was lunch counter in 1960. the citizens can help spark civil rights movement. the price tag has not been made public what they file for the loan cost tens of thousands of dollars. back in the bay area san leandro spends independence day scarring the city for michelle fireworks headed for the black market in a vacant car in washington manor park last night. officers found 20 pounds of illegal fireworks, including hundreds of them 80s. it was the second major fireworks bust in just two days, but the first one netted 2000 pounds of fireworks. officer say that it has been tough catching violators and act. spot generally we drive away and the second we get around happy friday to you. we see sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. the corner, there back out in if you're heading out to the the street lighting fireworks off. even if they have already confiscated everything upfront. >> san leandro police dedicated giants game. taking on the st. louis cardinals. the first pitch; 15 with cool and breezy conditions in the
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low 60s. extra officers to trying to the jacket. have a great weekend events stop illegal fireworks, and added mart dispatchers to handle additional calls. going on along the region. the alameda county fair this weekend in pleasanton will be a warm day saturday, in the mid- let's get a check on the 80s. the meridian county fair this roads and it is not looking bad weekend and san rafael, looking out there on this day, after the fourth of july holiday. first up, the dumbarton bridge and chp has advised a wind at 80 degrees. a warm day on saturday, all across the region. a little cooler sunday. the sylmar jazz festival this advisory. keep that in mind if you're heading across the span. take a look at the drive for weekend in san francisco was mild temperatures in the mid the super commuters. 60s. low clouds and school disputes are starting to pick up just a bit, but still slow conditions. about going on this weekend. we are still keeping an eye the crash in the east bay, in some cases dipping down to 21 miles per hour over the southbound 680, at the highway altamont pass. want to get past it for the for connector. commuters coming in from tracy, and has been moved over to the it is looking pretty good. shoulder, so it is not looking at your travel times affecting speeds in the area. for the major freeways in the you can see 76 miles per hour bay area, 580 from 205 two 680 in some areas, but keep in mind that we will continue to keep that is a 23 minute drive. an eye on that. it is not looking bad and speed trading resumes on wall are in the green. street. oil prices could be on the taking a look at a 80, and oakland, traffic is moving rights. wanted to let has those stories along pretty nicely. you can see it is not and more in the money watch report.
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friday life but it is the holiday light as well. the san mateo bridge traffic is moving along that is a 12 >> reporter: investors this minute drive from haywood into morning are waiting for the june employment report. foster cities. that is good news for people economist expect it to show heading into that direction and the babe it told us that not many cars on the bridge. metering lights out on today as 160,000 new jobs were created traffic is moving much lighter. last month. mass transit caltrain all on and they protect the unemployment rate helped study historically low 3.6 percent. time. bart has a slightly modified any sign of a phone economy could give the federal reserve schedule because of the holiday reason to cut interest rates and no service on the ace this year. wall street kicks back into train. action today after markets were we love the holiday light. closed for the fourth of july. the stocks finished on wednesday, short for holiday of course we had skiers and tahoe, yesterday july 4 we just session with the records. the dow jumped 179 points to an checked the sierra snowpack with the record snowfall that all-time closing high of we had this past winter. check this out. the north sierra at 108 percent 26,966. the nasdaq gained 61. the s&p 500 rose 22, to a new of average. and the south sierra at 27 milestone. keep an eye in oil prices percent of average. it is just incredible, all of after authorities in gibraltar intercepted an iranian this snowfall that we had this past winter and spring. supertanker at the request of here is a look with the the united states. it was believed to be violating transamerica camera. it is hard to see anything because of the fog this european union sanctions. a spanish official says syri
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morning. looking at temperatures mainly in the 50s. 59 in concord. oakland 57. that is the cbs money watch livermore, and services go 55. report. 56 in san jose and a chilly 49 for more, go to cbs money in santa rosa. let's check the visibility, as wendy gillett. no fireworks on the fourth in alaska and it is just too hot and dry here in anchorage we are tracking the low clouds and areas of fog along the coast. and hit 89 degrees yesterday. part of the bay and some inland spot. five miles of half moon bay. the highest temperature ever in foreign livermore and santa the state. rosa, still at a quarter of a this follows the warmest and driest june on the record. the national weather service mile. says the june was the 16th consecutive month of above the dense thick fog for parts of the north bay. let's also talk about the wind. average temperatures. the heat is expected to michelle is mentioning the continue, and more records are breezy and windy conditions. expected to fall. 60 mile-per-hour wind for san back in california, more ramon at the south southwest looking at half moon bay, at 7. people celebrate the fourth of july in the snow. dozens of people skipped barbecues and headed for squaw valley. 8 and oakland. 10 a berkeley. many of them were skiing in t- 11 mile-per-hour wind in vallejo, as well as for concord shirts and shorts. the snow was not exactly the windiest spot and fearful 22 mile-per-hour winds out of pristine powder, but the dedicated skiers did not seem to mind. locaons. yo weather henes with >> it is crazy that we can dress like this, while skiing.>> way better than expected. i thought there would be a thgh thtri an
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afternoon. little trail. but there is actually skiing in sunny and warm weather, not just today, but tomorrow as well. the onshore flow kicks back in starting sunday and into early july. >> if you are inspired and next week temperatures going back down. thinking of hitting the slopes, the reason why we are going to you have time. warm up is because of the ridge squaw valley is open until sunday. >> you can wear a to to. that is cool. of high pressure that is only going to move closer to us as we move through today and with it, the temperatures will be it is time for a look at heating up. what is coming up later on cbs especially inland to the low 90s for some of the warmest this morning. joining us is gayle king. >> reporter: hello, michelle. it is good to see you. another two were talking to spot. the future cast hour-by-hour, you can see the clearing going carter evans earlier today. we will talk to him also and through the day with the clouds pulling back to the coast. continue the conversation. the clouds are hanging around coming up on cbs, the aftermath of the biggest earthquake in 20 for you along the coast and years, in southern california. tomorrow morning, check this in addition to scientists we out. less cloud cover to start the are joined with one who tells day. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon for saturday with temperatures warmer than today. the reason why the north westerly flow, it is a warm but not hot conditions expected for tomorrow across the region. us why he thinks you're getting too closer to the big one. for sunrise, at 5:53 and the helicopter crash in the sunset at 8:30 for, daytime bahama killed seven americans on the fourth of july. what we are learning about the victims today, including a highs warmer compared to billionaire tyco that s on yesterday. 88 in concord. 83 in san jose.
6:21 am
72 and oakland. board with his daughter. new questions out the h.who 67 in san francisco. the seven-day forecast and what you can expect with temperatures warming up. we will take a look at what is the cooldown sunday into the early part of next week, and behind it alarming number of warm up to the middle and the accidents. we will see you at be au're end of next week. coming up, the u.s. women's laying there and the next thing you know, your hit by a deep. spot that is not good at all. doesn't really happen here but it pismo beach there is a lot national team on the verge of of driving on the beach. making world cup history. people have to be careful. we will have more on the have a good weekend. matchup, and what is planned here in the bay area. a quick check of the getaway gas. here is where you could find >> all right. the cheapest prices in the see you. it is also a thing in area. today we are checking hayward florida, i think that is where they do it more, in the south. significantly less than san we have so many regulations in francisco below 320s. in some spots. [ technical difficulties - california. note driving on the beach. please stand by ]. but there is driving on the honey, this gig-speed internet roads and not much of that because of this they after the fourth of july holiday. the supercomputers, they will have a little bit of slowing when they get to the altamont pass. it is always that drive in from tracy. speed at 21 miles per hour. take a look at other travel
6:22 am
times think everything is in the green and that is good. live look out at a 80 in oakland. traffic is moving along pretty nicely. not many cars in either direction. chp has issued a wind advisory on the dumbarton bridge. just keep both hands on the wheel this morning as you are heading across the span. san mateo bridge is looking pretty good, even and the commute direction. a 12 minute drive from hayward into foster city. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. are the any cars from the east bay into san francisco. little bit of slowing once you get on the spanned, but it is not too bad in the lemon minute drive into the city. is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. taking a look at mass transit, you have caltrans, bart, and keeping up with the ford's. muni on time. bart his eyes lightly modified keeping up with the garcia's. schedule because they're not the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. anticipating a lot of riders this morning and now service on no one is going to have internet like this. ace train. that is a look at traffic. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses here is mary with the weather. simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet?
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we've got you covered. or check out our other amazing speed options. i am so glad that it is get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. friday and we are going to see plenty of sunshine, with temperatures warming up. not just today, but tomorrow as click, call or visit a store today. well. if you're thinking about hitting the beach today, conditions at the coast are cool and breezy. the clouds will stick around. for today along the coast, 10 or 20 mile-per-hour wind. wave height at 46 feet and i just checked the san francisco blowing off the coast and the water temperature at 55 degrees. the water temperature is chili do to the upwelling that we typically see this time of year and the wave height at for .9 feet. just use caution if you are thinking about heading to the coast today. here's a live look with the transamerica camera and it continues to see the foggy conditions this morning. temperatures warming in the 50s. 59 to one of the milder bath and concord. mid-50s in oakland, livermore, services go and san jose. the coolest spata santa rosa at 50 degrees for low clouds and
6:24 am
areas of fog coast. part of the bay and some inland checkout livermore at three miles. seven miles at half moon bay and a mile at a quarter for santa rosa. and checking the wind, breezy and windy conditions this morning and some locations. 16 mile-per-hour wind and the south southwest in san ramon. tenant brooke eight in oakland. 11 mile-per-hour wind in vallejo the windiest spot once again, fairfield the weather headlines, cloudy and foggy start for most of us. sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon and then saturday the and then a kick second 30 sunday in the early part of next week. temperatures will be cooling down in the meantime high pressure moving closer in the low pressure system moving to the east. this is what you can expect hour-by-hour and the future cast, in the afternoon clearing
6:25 am
u.s. tennis prodigy coco for most of us. the clouds are still along the gauff is lacing up for the coast and tomorrow morning, les third round of wimbledon. the 15-year-old is facing off cloud cover to start off the with paulina herzog of slovenia. she will be headlining a day with plenty of sunshine and the temperatures warmer for federal court. your saturday. and it is all because of the coco gauff is the of its player northwest flow tomorrow. to qualify for impotency in the it is a warm but not hot conditions for saturday across open and the youngest to reach the region. the tournament third round all daytime highs, seasonal if not that after being the i don't a little above average taking venus williams earlier this lot to the south day 82 in week. busy holiday weekend for santa clara. 83 and morgan hill, 86. the u.s. women's national soccer team. >> the spot is getting ready for the women's world cup final 90 in pittsburgh and for brentwood. heating up, 88 in concord. against the netherlands. >> is the ladies beat the dutch berkeley, a high of 70. 72 in oakland. 70 for in san leandro. in france will be the fourth looking at 70 in sausalito. 67 in san francisco. went into the international competition. the low 90s. back here in the bay, fans want to see them at the fee for the seven-day forecast with women's title kickoff. temperatures warming up it is a 8 and with a vengeance tomorrow and cooling back down around the bay opening up as early ckett pais takingplace at on sunday, and into early next week. rebounding and warming up by the and part of next sunday. fans can watch the women squad week. a legal -- illegal on the path to lori for free. to come just reserva spot
6:26 am
online. aftershocks rattle and fireworks and one county saw nearly 40 fires and six hours already taken southern overnight. had of a busy travel california overnight. we're live at the epicenter, weekend, is a full opening a new waiting lot for right your next. drivers. sfo is trying to fix the right ear pickup with overflow parking. we tell you about a new lot opening in a couple of hours. taking a live look outside, ok, so, we live with at&t. before he had to break. this is from the mount vacco cam. a beautiful day and it is 6:53. we will be right back. honey, this gig-speed internet is ridiculously fast. we are seriously keeping up with the joneses. keeping up with the ford's. keeping up with the garcia's. the romeros. patels. the wahh-the-wahh wolanske's. right. no one is going to have internet like this. xfinity makes keeping up with the joneses simple. easy. awesome. want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered.
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need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit it is time for a look at this mornings top stories. a major aftershock in southern california a five point for earthquake hit 10 miles near sears valley in kern county, lefan three hours ago. cameras are rolling on a recorder, the moment a hit. it is one of more than 150 aftershocks the same area since yesterday six-point for earthquake in ridgecrest, 150 miles northeast of los angeles.
6:30 am
so far, no reports of any serious injuries. cruisin contra costa county had her hands full, responding to dozens of players through the night. 37 players in the span of six hours. these are photos from an incident in pittsburgh. an investigation underway for a deputy involved shooting in bodega bay. police a man accused of stealing a car attacked multiple people last night. that allegedly assaulted officers when a deputy opened fire. one person at that after a crash on mount hamilton and santa clara county. according to the chp, a vehicle plunged off the side of met hamilton road before midnight and investigators trying to figure out how it happened. the justice department faces a deadline and whether to accept a supreme court ruling blocking the citizenship question being added to the 2020 sentence. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward live at as a fellow when and a couple of hours there opening a waiting lot for rideshare drivers. drivers say they're hoping this
6:31 am
is the last morning of gridlock before it eases uber ith dre southside of sfo with a lot in the to outgrow. the north side edges into the cell phone waiting area. it is more than double the size of the currlaw will potentially give east millbrae avenue a break. as a result of the overflow east millbrae avenue value even highway one-to-one have seen an increase in traffic. the problem is that all transportation network companies are supposed to queue for pickups on the south side of the airport, where there is not enough room for the cars to do it. surrounding streets have become a satellite lot of sorts. and it is worth mentioning that there is no direct connection with the other writer headache happening at sfo when it comes to the pickup locations. a lot of riders and passengers have been having to deal with that. and this is unrelated. this is due to traffic headaches and they're hoping the lot will ease some of the problems. and opens at 9 am. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5.
6:32 am
there may be a traffic headache at sfo, but pretty good the rest of the bait area. this is a look at the south bay. everything in the green. the day after the holiday, not many people on the road took a look at the east bay drive times, not bad. if you're heading into the bay bridge, a little bit of slow. 90 minutes from 230 to the macarthur maze. once you hit the bay bridge toll plaza, look at that. it is clear and metering lights are not on. >> i wish the traffic could be like this every day. here's a live look. you can see the cloudy and foggy start. some areas of called fog and ebay and in and communities as well. sunny and warmer through the afternoon. eight in concord. 83 and san jose. 72 and let them. 72 in san francisco. warmer tomorrow as high pressure continues to building, and strengthen. a little cooler sunday into early next week.>> i will take
6:33 am
it. it is good. >> remember the it is national workaholics a day. we can all feel very proud about being here the day after a holiday. >> i am going on vacation. >> you have a few more hours. work it. morning." earthquake emergency, southern california waits for aftershocks after the biggest earthquake in 20 years. why it may be a sign that the big one is coming. deadly chopper crash, seven americans including a coal billionaire are killed when their helicopter goes down in the bahamas. soggy salute. president trump praises america's heroes and avoids a political fight in a rain-soaked fourth of july celebration. buying on impulse, how to avoid sudden unplanned purchases on this busy holiday shopping weekend. >> it's friday, july
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