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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 4, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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a huge illegal fireworks bust and alameda county as police cracked down during the fourth of july holiday. the independence day celebration in the nations capital will look a lot different this year. more about the plans, and the criticism this morning. a new effort begins to reduce backups at sfo, stretching all the way on to the highway. is thursday, july 4. happy fourth of july. i michelle griego the holiday is off and mary has been keeping a close eye on our forecast. it will have a big impact on how people celebrate. the all-important fourth of july forecast. fireworks shows tonight. some spots could see low clouds in areas of fog other locations
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with clear skies and it will look fantastic. great fireworks san jose clear skies 56 degrees 50 for 57 in oakland. concord good morning to you and 58. santa rosa we will see clearing for most of us with, a rippling back to the coast. the cloud cover will stick around long the coast. high concord 70 at oakland, mid 60s interpreters go and 63 pacifica taking hour-by-hour undie futurecast coming up, back to you. you can see red white and blue alongside of the building,
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and the ferry building at pier 39 will be a big celebration. kicks off at 3 and a fireworks start at 9. little slice of america americana contra costa county. the fourth of july parade starting in a few hours. it is a really good show and everyone is in a good mood. jackie ward is there, ready to go. >> reporter: in danville on july 4, do as the locals do.. i have a local here with me. mel raymond. he has been doing this for a few years. what is it about this tradition. >> we have been doing it almost 6 years. it is fun animals part of the fourth of july. i am missing my buddy, bill riley, who normally does this with me. has moved down south, and we
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are keeping up with the tradition. i just actually texted him the photo of everyone setting up, because it is just a part of the fourth of july. we just up in our red, white, and blue and come down at the ungodly hour of 5:30 and wait until the streets close and we can save our places and put our seats out for the parade.>> i think i would rather wake up early and got the street closure area, then put them up the night before. i like your method.>> everybody is out here the night before with cocktails and elbowing each other. marking the street off with street it is actually illegal people are doing this and it is another tradition. it is also a lot of fun. >> reporter: you play by the rules and get the best seats. who do you have with you. >> we are primed and ready and
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poised for a great fourth of july. >> reporter: have a wonderful day. thank you for doing this pie we put them on e tr ant out to hifriend, bill. you are missing beautiful nv >> hn ere. you e making fourth july plans, check out our guide to the parade and fireworks going on today on a major fireworks bust and alameda county just in the nick of time. police in san leandro stumbled onto the cache of illegal fireworks on davis street to today. police got the call after two suspicious men were spotted in the area, and when officers arrived, they spotted 2300 pounds of commercial grade explosives. stuffed into the boxes, they discovered the two individuals relocate loading vehicles with illegal fireworks. these were reconcile fireworks that shoot into the air, very
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high up. >> these dangerous fireworks were likely destined for the black market. the 30th confiscated them and say they are still investigating the two men involved. resident trump is getting pushed back over his decision to dramatically overhaul the traditional fourth of july celebration. taking a live look in washington dc where the u.s. military will play a starring role alongside the president. this is the iwo jima memorial in arlington, depicting a moving scene from the pacific, during world war ii. in addition to the traditional fireworks, warplanes will conduct a flyover of the capital along with aircraft from the presidential fleets. and president trump will deliver a speech at the lincoln memorial. to cover the additional cost, the national park service has reportedly diverted $2.5 million from a fund used to repair and approve facilities around the country. washington's congressional representative says the price tag is not the only concern.>> what we are about to see, is an
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all day partisan, political extravaganza donald featuring donald trump. >> reporter: on twitter, president trump insisted the event would be worth the cost for the pentagon and white house refused to say what the cost will be. truck we are getting a look at the suspects responsible at a shooting in tanforan mall that left two people in serious condition. watch to the right of the screen, as one gunman began shooting a short time later a group of young men take off from left to right, as a second gunman starts firing shot into the crowd. two army staff sergeants work at an office inside the mall, and medially jump into action. one of the men took his shirt off and used it to apply pressure to gunshot wounds of one of the victims. >> not a whole lot of blading leading. the kid took it well. i'm pretty proud of him. i hope he is okay.
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>> the victim ages 12 and 16 are in the hospital this morning. police say they are both expected to recover. >> in developing news, san jose police are investigating a collision at a cemetery overnight. this is at north capital and madden avenue. this minivan crashed into the cemetery property gates and some tombstones appeared to be damaged as well. officers spent some time searching another car, as well, but they have not said why the investigation underway. the csp responded to another collision on 101 just before highway 17 and the aed junction. motorcyclist is reportedly hit in the crash. he was taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. a new waiting area would open up for uber at >> tom: a drivers, making pickups at sfo. the new lot is meant to reduce the backups that happened stretching all the way to millbrae avenue.
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theis on the north side of do t ofthcurren loinmillbrae. ear er0 nutes ge goes all the way back to the preview. >> our hope is that this major tweak will make the major difference and hopefully solve the problem. start the new lot is set to open at 9 am. sunday is expected to the be the big trouble they. that would be the real test as to whether the new lot alleviate the traffic. the trump a ministration the trump administration abortions are level. the ninth circuit court of appeals the new lawsuits brought in by california that are challenging the restriction rules. the rules be a tax payer taxpayer clinics for maki itilb a federal judge temporarily blocked the ohio heartbeat
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bill. they bar the law from going into effect because he is looking at a lawsuit. the new van would be an abortion that would happen as early as six weeks into pregnancy. hit is supposed to take effect next week. planned parenthood and the american civil liberties union are suing to stop that from happening. it is 6:09. days after california claimed victory in a battle over the upcoming set of, new indications that the fight isn't over yet. strock tahoe is cracking down on nudity for the fourth of july. the incident that prompted the decision. , we live wi we are celebrating july 4 with seasonal conditions across the bay area. we have that stronger onshore flow for today. how that will affect -- ide. they're just trying to get on your network. why didn't you alert us? alerts aren't really my thing. what is your thing? ok, i am sensing a little hostility from you, janet.
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we are taking you out to the east bay. berkeley, good morning and here's a live look with the lawrence hall in science
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camera. you can see the cloudy and foggy started to the date. currently at the uc berkeley campus it is 54 degrees. i will let you know as we take you through the day, when most of us will see that clearing on the futurecast, and when low clouds and areas of fall will redevelop for some of us, and how that will affect the fireworks shows. details are coming up. we are tracking a crash this morning. this is in the south bay, northbound 27 for highway 280. lane is blocked in that area. doesn't seem to be effecting traffic too much. it is a holiday light not a lot of people on the roads. so far, this is one car involved in this crash northbound 87. >> reporter: look at that, fourth of july celebration got underway it earlier in some parts of the country this is a look at the fireworks show the state capital in denver. i will be standing right there the crowd got to enjoy a
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performance by the colorado symphony. >> white is wondering an alley celebration. my friend in florida said this was happening. president trump something to revive the effort to place a citizenship question of the 2020 census request with u.s. supreme court will the trump administration did not provide a good enough reason to ask about citizenship and the upcoming survey. this week the commerce department said the question would not be included and began imprinting the forms. but yesterday on twitter, president trump disputed his statements with a federal judge demanded an explanation of the justice department said it had been instructed to examine whether there is still the best path forward. select the president for medieval whatever reason did not expect or fully understand what his staff was saying about not going forward with this.>> trump administration had claimed the citizenship question was necessary to enforce federal opponent federal rights laws. the that it was would respond.
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california likely to spend tens of millions of dollars to deal with rising sea levels. nationwide, the cost to build the walls to the with higher water levels is expected to top for hundred billion dollars by 2040. that is according to a new study by the center of climate integrity. construction costs are expected to approach $22 billion. florida topped the list of most vulnerable states. they are likely to spend more than $75 million to make improvements over the next two decades. >> if you are hitting the water, in tahoe this weekend, you are going to want to make sure that you are wearing a swimsuit, if you're hanging out. birthday suits are not allowed on the beach. officials are cracking down public nudity. your told increaseforcement on clothing roles come after an awkward encounter with deputies, and nude sunbathers.
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the group reportedly made lewd gestures at the deputies. violating the rules will result in a citation. >> keep that in mind. >> you are ruining my plans. >> when you go to tahoe number nudity.>> the water is increasing their. >> you would want more on anyways being up there. let's get a check of the weather because a lot of us want to make sure our fireworks plans are okay. >> the barbecue plans are okay. it will be great with sunshine. enjoy it, and then we are going to see areas of low clouds and fog, for part of the bay area. not for all of us. inland locations will have great fireworks and whether tonight. here is a life look at the mountain backup camera under clear skies. temperatures are in the mid-50s and,more and jose. awkward in the upper 50s, and about 50 for santa rosa. the satellite and radar view. there is a low pressure system,
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closer today, and with that, the marine layer will get even thicker today. that means it a stronger with the onshore flow today, and through the afternoon we are looking at the cloud cover pulling back to the coast. and what heading through tonight. low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and for parts of the bay. it is clear to the rest of the bay area, especially inland into that continues into tomorrow morning along the coast and parts of the bay. tomorrow, afternoon temps will warm up. in the afternoon today, we will see this on for most of us. it is seasonable or a little cooler than average this afternoon. 7740 santa clara. 78 in san jose. 88 in morgan hill. 79 in campbell. 80 in los gatos. the mid 80s in antioch, and brentwood. 84 in concord. 82 in pleasant hill. berkeley with a high in the
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upper 60s, as well as alameda. 70 in oakland, as well as 72 in san leandro. 65 in san francisco. 89 for lakeport. let's talk about tonight. microclimate forecast, taking you down to fisherman to work. low clouds are likely returning between 8, 9, 10 pm when we have the fireworks shows at fisherman to work. expect some low clouds and patchy fog. hopefully, not obscuring the fireworks shows, but that is a possibility. other locations, for the coast in the upper 50s. you see the low clouds tonight heading out for the fireworks shows. the low to mid 60s for the bay. the best location to see the fireworks would be inland, in the low to mid 70s, with clear skies. a nice that 5:52 and the sunset at 8:35. here is the seven-day forecast. the high pressure belt and strengthens for us friday and into the early part of the weekend. that means the temperatures are rising into the low 90s inland friday, and saturday. pulling down early next week.
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we have a traffic alert to tell you about this morning and dublin. two people have died, after an early morning crash, at phelan road and antonia waiver look like a car hit a light pole in the center median just before 2 a. phelan road is expected to be closed in the area for s, an topen by 11. coming up, the giants have scored at least 10 runs or more in the last three games. it is with the long ball again to lead the way last night. it is all coming up. before we go to break, a quick check of our gas. where can find the cheapest prices. today we are checking san jose. you can see hour 76 and the chevron, that is not cheap, but that is what you can find in some spots in the bay area. we will be right back.
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giant rectum 33 runs and 40 for hits. the orange and black were held to single digit runs last night but the hits keep coming. evan longoria cannot continue history. evan longoria hits a 2-1 homer to the left, to tide. that is the fourth home run and three games against the padres and the giants need more runs, and they have the perfect guy at the plate. alex dickerson in the next better if he goes back to back.h ga tiedants yers out there, he missed the ball it drops and donovan solano comes
6:24 am
into score. the giants win 7-5 and they pull off the first week of the season. >> ramon laureano the abe woody the first get the twins. a 3-1 homer tennessee for 14 of the or and they take a 3-1 -- three minutes early. the twins come back 12 extra innings of the game tied at 3. like on the mountain and he gives up basic to mid to cover. a1 run score the game-winning or. the earthquakes head coach, mateos almeida had the squad playing well. the game tied it 1 and the bi mistake as an earthquake serves it up for michael voxel in the minnesota goes on to win 3-1. facing jamaica gold cup semi finals the ninth minute
6:25 am
usa paul student legal the christian is there on the rebound. team usa winning 3-1 they face rival, mexico in the final soldier field at chicago on sunday. rottino coco gauff feet venus williams unwanted she was back out a. she is in her court quick work of magdalena 6-3 off becomes the young woman since jennifer capriotti in 1991 in wilson. playing on friday. 6:25. a scary early morning crash bringing down power lines and santa clara county, when repair work should finally be finished. it is 4 july, which means daniel has the barriers up any
6:26 am
chairs out. now we just need the people here. in just a couple of hours.
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on 4 july, you are allowed to shoot off fireworks in some bay area locations. how one city hopes to keep things from getting out of hand. we are hearing from witnesses, after a nasty rollover crash and santa clara
6:30 am
county. good morning, it is thursday, july 4. i michelle griego. >> i am anne makovec in for kenny choi. we are keeping a close eye on the weather forecast because it will effect a lot of peoples plans for the good news is that there is sunshine through the day. suck we are starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and areas of the bay electric he was 80 s. bay san jose camera with the sunshine. we will continue to see it for most of us with the clearing. temperatures in the 50s and another cool start today. for the coast breezy and cool until the 60s for the bay in the mid to upper 60s and low 70s with the sunshine. the inland locations the upper 70s and low to mid 80s. i will show you the future cast, taking you hour-by-hour and when the skies will clear where you are, and of course, what you can expect for tonight, for fireworks shows. taking a look at the
6:31 am
traffic, you know it is a holiday when you see the bay bridge toll plaza. at 6:30 a.m. not many cars going over the span. if you're heading into san francisco, you have to headed to the airport. taking mass transit today, caltrain on the holidays that schedule. bart and muni on the set a schedule. no service for ace train. if you're heading into them for later today, know that a there are some street closures near fisherman to work. the fireworks show starting up at 9:30 but the street closures will be in effect for most of the day. public transportation is probably the way to go. and san francisco is not the only place you will see fireworks. you will also see them in danville. >> reporter: that is where i am. i am underneath a tent to, surrounded by a lot of tears. it must be the fourth of july. we are just a couple of hours
6:32 am
resident, jenny. you have been coming to this parade in danville for quite a few years. >> 38 years, to be exact. >> reporter: what is it about the parade that you love? >> first, it is the fourth of july. we are like family, and, it is the atmosphere when you were here. he come together as one. had you love united states america. we are proud to be americans. >> it seems like a slice of americana. the small town feel. >> absolutely. we have made friends here at the parade. sam and john were here before us. they actually beat us. we usually beat them. the beat us here this morning and they knew. we are saving this spot. we will do that, because they know the become. >> this is the spot. this is your prime real estate. >> we have settled this corner for 22 years.>> doesn't have your name on it?
6:33 am
>> it should. it should have a plaque. stock how many people are join you? >> right now, we have a three mark joining us. our daughter-in-law and our two grandsons, because our son is a local police officer. because he is on duty. daughter has moved to discovery bay. she used to come with her three kids, and her husband, but it is too far to, the kids. he is a police officer and he is working today. so we continue to do our civil duty every day of the year. is black and we have a better next to us. thank you for your service. what a fun day, and what a great family time. spot that is what it is. it is fun. >> repor hgreat day. thank you so much. the parade starts at 9. if you do not have a chair out here, you better get moving. prime real estate is going fast. >> they are going to push you
6:34 am
out of the way. >> there is always a standing room.>> i guess i am i parade got him. >> san jose, hosting the annual fourth of july parade. the fourth of july parade winding through the roads got a neighborhood, which is lovely. start at 10. the san jose fireworks show is scheduled for 10:00 tonight. and a host of other fourth of july event happening around the bay area. we have all of the details and the guy the to the parade and fireworks shows her website. it is illegal in most bay area cities and one city is selling them depending on what neighborhood you are in. we are talk about gilroy. 15 fireworks stand throughout town. churches, cheerleaders and sports teams. there are a lot of roles about the sellers have to abide by, with the fire danger being high in california, gilroy has dry on a line around hillside
6:35 am
neighborhoods. suck there are no fireworks. we are definitely worried about fireworks coming in. starting a fire. threatening the structures.>> another big role, when it comes to fireworks in gilroy. do not sell to out of town buyers. that is the way it is supposed to work but we did find some slip ups yesterday. >> california the local fire department are waiting to hear from the feds about $9 billion they are owed for firefighting work. nancy pelosi sent a letter to the trump administration, urging them to finally settle the outstanding debt. state fire officials say the federal government tried to change the members met the policies at the height of last years devastating fire season. >> president trump portable plan has hit a new obstacle. the federal appeals court just upheld a ban on using pentagon money to build sections of the wall in arizona and new mexico. president trump had planned on
6:36 am
using the defense department counter drug money to fund the project. >> reporter: president trump dismissing concerns over horrible conditions in detention centers at the southern border. tweeting, if migrants are unhappy with the conditions, they should not come. the images by the homeland security showing family stuff into the cells. inside facilities in south texas. the 16 page report causes an immediate risk to migrants and agents. cbs news spoke with veteran border agents about what he has seen.>> two things hit to off the bat the moment you walk to the doors. you haired kids crying. and you get hit with the smell of people. >> more than for billion dollars designated to help fix the problems, but it is in south texas say that they worry it might be too little, too late. it is official.
6:37 am
the sample fiscal juvenile hall will close by theof 2021, despite getting london breed approval. the board of supervisors voted to close the facility last month, even without the mayors support. the order netflix to replace jail time for under eight defenders, with job training and youth enrichment programs. the sample cisco is the first city in the country to close juvenile hall to and the jailing of children. santa clara county hit with a series of vehicle crashes overnight in milpitas. a car slammed into a powerful round down and piedmont roads. it overturned and landed in an abatement near a creek. police say the driver was able to get out on entered, at officers conducted a sobriety test, right is not clear that the dui was a cause of the crash. pg -- pg&e will be at the scene fixing the downlines until 11. another crash. you see this car upside down after slamming into a tree. branches are scattered around the vehicle and one person was taken to the hospital the word on the can present condition neighbor says the crash happened out of nowhere>> we
6:38 am
both came out of the van and looked down their. the car came screaming down and hit the median and went through the to trees. had cut right through that first tree and cut in half.>> the causes under investigation. palo alto police looking for a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman. police released this surveillance video of the man. they say he approached a woma in her 20s, and groped her. it happened last week on university avenue. he was last seen leaving the area in a white audi sedan. if you recognize the suspect or vehicle, police want to hear from you. bart trying a new plan to help cut down on drug use inside of its stations. we will let you know how that is working. heading into the peak of wildfire season, one northern california county taking steps to make sure that residence are aware of any potential danger.
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happy fourth. we are starting off the day with low clouds and areas of fog. theater east bay berkeley camera. good morning a berkeley. the lawrence hall and signs camera with county and foggy conditions. right now the uc berkeley campus, 54 degrees. i will let you know to take user hour-by-hour on the futurecast, when the skies will clear, for most of us, and what you can expect for fireworks shows, tonight. taking a look outside, a 80 in oakland and you can see that traffic is moving along pretty nicely. hardly any cows cars out of their. a whole different story when it is a holiday. and then we are going to take a look at the 580 and 680 dublin interchange. a little hard to see because of the fog that mary was just talking about. it looks like some traffic just a little bit but making maybe people are making their way out of town. we know that traffic in los angeles can be a nightmare. this is a whole other level. this is at lax. you can see all of the cars,
6:43 am
virtually a parking lot. nobody is moving at all, ahead of the holiday weekend. hopefully people do not miss their flights, are grandmas waiting at the curve, waiting to be picked up at the airport. >> that is another reason not to live in san joaquin county have their hands full. flames charging down a dry hillside. it is called the hollow fire in a broke out around 4 p.m. yesterday, just southwest of tracy. they quickly spread sand by highway to dry conditions. this morning, firefighters are getting the upper hand here calfire said it is 50 percent contained. it burned just under 300 acres. crews are working to douse the flames and the cause is still under investigation. in the sierra, nevada county quebeckers bracing for wildfires. red flag warnings will now be marked with actual red flags. that is on days with high temperatures, low humidity, and strong wind. people who cole
6:44 am
of years ago they hope this will help them be better prepared. >> not everyone is connected 24/7 and this is a great way to get this message out to other people who might not see it if they are not following social media closely.>> a total of 42 flexible fly county wide. the effort will coincide with social media, and other forms of messaging. time for a look at what is coming up later on cbs. tony the couple joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy fourth of july. i don't know if she can hear me. happy birthday america. coming up, and executive order of interview with a border patrol with her blower. he told us about the conditions inside one detention facility, and why agents cannot provide formant meals or showers, plus, the cost of president trump fourth of july celebration. some people are calling it a spectacle to washington dc and this year their tanks and flyovers involved.
6:45 am
we will tell you what servicemembers have been told to say. u.s. women's soccer player join us from fan france ahead of the world cup final. we have her response to the girls controversial goal celebrations. we will see you at 7. >> i can hear you. i actually said happy fourth that he also but my microphone was off.>> happy fourth.>> you will be watching the fireworks? are you have to work early? >> the kids can stay awake in time and i will be watching the fireworks. >> my three-year-old puts her hands over her ears. she doesn't want any part of this. >> give them an afternoon nap and then they can stay up as late as they want.>> thank you so much. we will see you tomorrow. home that sold in los angeles just made the bay area look cheap. >> it is all relative. >> the million per dimension is built for the late hollywood producer, aaron spelling. bigger than the white house
6:46 am
with square footage similar to a football field, asked for what is inside, a bowling alley, a barbershop, and the humidity -controlled room, designed for storing silver. the closing price is the highest in california's history. >> i have a confession to make. i went to la when i was in college. my friend and i got a stars map and we went and found this house. i know. it is probably not a good thing to do but it is a beautiful home and apparently when they lived there, aaron spellings wife had a house just for with a room for dolls.>> that almost sounds creepy. this is not creepy. 15-year-old tennis prodigy, coco gauff making a splash across the pond. >> first she beat her idol, venus williams and as mike lieberman explains she is accenting her stay by defeating and another top tennis star.
6:47 am
>> reporter: 15-year-old coco gauff continues her historic run, at the all england club. she is already the youngest player ever to come through qualifying for wilton in the open era, with a second straight set victory yesterday, she becomes the youngest player to reach the tournaments third round vents for capriotti in 1991. coco gauff friends and family reacting to her win over the former with the built-in some if semifinalist magdalena rybarikova. >> she keeps playing how she is, and she could win the tournament. >> reporter: on monday coco gauff registered at the national radar, defeating her idol, 39-year-old venus williams, straight set. >> and never thought that this would happen. and i'm literally living my dream. troll coco gauff who grew up in florida, says she has always looked up to the williams sisters, after upsetting the five-time wimbledon champ earlier this week, coco had
6:48 am
nothing but praise for venus. >> after a match i told her thank you for everything that she did and i would not be here if it was not for her. i was just telling her she is inspiring. >> reporter: the 15-year-old also made history this week by becoming the first player to win a full match, under the wimbledon new court one roof. klaman, cbs news, new york.>> coco gauff will face plena herzog of sylvania and the third round tomorrow. let's get a check on the weather. the red white and blue. we planned perfectly because we look at very patriotic. and it is fitting because it is the fourth of july.>> people are having barbecues. are in the locations in san jose, concorde vacaville, it is okay. but if you are in san francisco, and might be a bit of a different story. here is i live look with the
6:49 am
camera out there and you can see, if the cloudy skies. a beautiful star to the sky. you caferry building and downtown tampa cisco the financial district through the afternoon, we will see thatst of the bay area for today with a cloud cover pulling back to the coast. the south bay, good morning to you and plenty of sunshine through the day in san jose heading through tonight to, for the fireworks shows, it looks spectacular with clear skies a great fireworks killing the weather for inland locations. san jose at 56. 33 and cisco. 50 for livermore. oakland at 56. 50 in concord and 54 santa rosa. the weather headlines with clouds in areas of fog, with equal and breezy conditions. and heading through the afternoon, we will have the clearing with mild temperatures and as we go through tonight, the cloud cover comes back for
6:50 am
the coast, and part of the bay. it is because of the stronger sea breeze that the marine layer will get thicker because the low pressure system will get even closer to us for today. and that is why that tonight, for some locations, you will see the low clouds for the fireworks shows. taking you hour-by-hour, here we are at 4 p.m. the cloud cover pushes back to the coast, and heading through tonight, you can see the low cloud action and areas of father will increase along the coast and for part of the bay. that continues into tomorrow and with high-pressure building and friday, temperatures will be heating up for sure. 84 for the high concorde, later on today. 70 in san jose. with the sunshine, 70 in oakland. mid-sixties in san francisco and 63 in pacifica. it doesn't look like a fantastic day, if you're heading out later on this morning for parades, as well as barbecues and salivating july 4. let's take you to the
6:51 am
microclimate lever down to fichman to work with low clouds and patchy fog likely returning between a mac p.m. and 10 pm. that is when we have the fireworks show at fishman dwarf. be prepared as you head out. there is the chance to see the obscuring the view of the fireworks show. hopefully not, but that is a possibility for the coast for the upper 50s, cloudy and breezy. heading out for fireworks shows for the bay. low to mid 60s with in other locations mainly clear how the low to mid 70s. here is the seven-day forecast with the high-pressure building and. temperatures heating up. by friday and saturday inland, in the low 90s inkling back down by early next week. back to you. has up bart writers vicki transit agency setting a limit on how much time you can spend inside of the restrooms, if you dare go in one of the restrooms. the new time is 10 minutes. that is limits. the parts that the policy is
6:52 am
meant to cut down on iv drug use in the bathrooms. many passengers say it is long overdue. the signs are posted outside of the doors warning about the time limits and we sent a reporter inside and he stayed in there for nearly 20 minutes. he said nobody came to check on him. >> there is usually only one person working the booth. i think they are very understaffed and a lot of stations. >> my general impression is that it is not very clean or sanitary. i do not use restaurants and the bart system. >> several said they appreciate the effort on the bathroom policy but safety remains the number one priority. it is 5:52. and investigation is underway after a van goes careening into a santa clara county cemetery. what we have learned so far about the overnight crash. >> we are here along with thousands of tears it starts in a couple of hours, the parade
6:53 am
in danville. but the people are ready now. taking a live look outside from our mount vac a cam on this fourth of july holiday. it is 6:52 and we will be right back. honey, this gig-speed internet
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jackie ward wife and hearth avenue with thousands of people getting ready for the parade. have their chairs out and staked out their spot. some people put them out yesterday and other waiting onto the roads were closed off to get premium seating. this is the place to enjoy a cup of coffee on the fourth of july. it is really beautiful. we spoke to people earlier, but it is usually hot by now. this is quite a pleasant. just a perfect temperature to wear an extra later. get your chair in for this thre- hour parade that is coming up this morning. it is a mile long and there
6:57 am
should be plenty of seating spaces for everyone. it is a little competitive. the city of danville doesn't want you using chalk or tape or you will be putting yourself and your family pray because that kind of sticks around for a long time. they want you to use a chair. it is easier to clean up and you're responsible for cleaning it up. the parade starts at 9 and. it is a mile-long route and it will have 100 or more contingent. it should be a really great time. a great way to enjoy the fourth. live in danville, jackie ward, kpix 5. it is time for this morning top stories. tens of thousands of people expected to pack the san francisco waterfront for the independent day celebration. i live look at the embarcadero. the major fourth of july celebration is kicking off at pier 39 at 3. the fireworks are around 9. there will be a lot of public transportation available today for the extra visitors. in honor of independence day, trouble hold a salute to america on the national mall. it is a expected to be a show of strength with the u.s.
6:58 am
military playing the starring role alongside of mr. trump. officials at ffo have -- ffo have a solution for congestion. a writer opening tomorrow and 9 i am hopefully solving the existing bottleneck were uber and lyft jarvis will wait to be assigned passengers at the north side of the airport at the cell phone waiting lot. police released new video showing the suspects responsible in the shooting at tanforan mall that led left to people in serious condition. the victims that are 12 and 16 are in the hospital this morning. police say that they are both expected to recover. an investigation underway in san jose after a minivan crashed into a cemetery. this is at north capital. officers searched another car. it is not clear why. mass transit is on a modified schedule today. caltrain is on i holiday schedule. bart and muni on a sunday
6:59 am
schedule. the ace train has no service for the fourth of july holiday. we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is how you know it is a holiday, when you do not see hardly any vehicles heading across the span. spot that is cool. >> it is a strange sight, but it is the fourth of july. the fireworks into samples of go tonight, the fireworks show starts at 9:30. the streets are closed fishman dwarf. keep in mind. public transportation is probably the way to go. and everyone wants to know whether they will be able to see the fireworks show from san francisco. the all-important important forecast tonight. we are looking at low clouds and areas of fog moving back into night for the coast, and the san francisco bay. if you head out to fishman dwarf, to expect low clouds and patchy fog. as we head through the afternoon with clearing, most of us will see sunshine. a beautiful day across the bay. a beautiful day this july 4. 70 in san jose. 70 in oakland and the mid- sixties for several cisco. read up on friday, and saturday as high-pressure build and,
7:00 am
what a beautiful and spectacular it independence day across the region. the fireworks show in san francisco is not the only game in town. >> that is true. spot go to our website. including this parade in danville. >> it is kicking off into hours. have a great holiday. good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning.." >> presidential salute. new questions for the white house over the cost of washington, d.c.'s expanded fourth of july event featuring president trump and military hardware. >> border whistleblower. a border patrol agent speaks to cbs news about poor conditions at migrant detention centers. he said his facility was never built for this. >> bacteria beach warning. growing concerns for beachgoers as deadly infections continue to rise. what you need to know to protect yourself. >> and sea to shining sea. >> a


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