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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 2, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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cracked. good morning. it's tuesday july 2nd. i am michelle growing ao. we join u you with a lock at weather and traffic and seems like everybody is off. >> right. >> but they are taking off on vacation. >> we are here for you. >> yeah. >> you are going to be be by yourself tomorrow and the rest of the week. i am. to glacier national park. >> we will miss you. you will have so much fun. but the weather is looking pretty good. just spectacular. and a beautiful start to the day. check out this sunrise. isn't that just gorgeous. the sunrising over mount diablo. looking east of the bay bridge with clear skies. temperatures are at 60 for you in concord in the mid-50s oakland, livermore, san francisco as well as for san jose. and the upper 40s dropped another degree in santa rosa. as we head through the afternoon seasonal daytime highs with the sunshine. enjoy it. 82 for high in concord. 78 san jose. and 70 in oakland. 72 redwood city.
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67 in san jose. cool and breezy along the coast in the mid-60s. we will talk about the rest of the week with the warmup on the way. in just a few minutes. emily. it's clear there are several people on vacation and they are making our roads much smoother than normal. but there are still people who have to commute along with us. look at 60 # 1 at the main travel times. you have now have two of them in the yellow. but they are not bad honestly. coming through the altamonte pass 37 minutes out of the tracy triangle. and east shore freeway has started to slow down but not too badly. a 22 minute ride to get to the maze. you are in the green on highway 4 heading to the east shore freeway and as you are headed out of the south bay on 101 from san jose. off to mobile 5 on the roadways there. it looks really good. boy, that's an easy ride. a t of coy.t company where the metering lights are on. i will roughout morning. new very many in the hazmat
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situation at menlo park campus of facebook. we are getting an update on thepackage that sparked the concern at the facility. all emergency crews were cleared from the scene just a few hours ago. kpix5 jackie ward joins us live from menlo park with the new information. jackie. >> reporter: initially they thought sarin was in the suspicious package, but we just got the test results in. they came back negative. so the buildings are clear for reentry. they had to be evacuated yesterday. sarin is described as a nerve agent that forces the body's muscle into overdrive and often kills those that come in contact with it. we have video of the package. around 11 yesterday morning, the equipment -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: did a positive for sarin. a clear colorless nerve agent with no taste or odor that can come in liquid or vapor form.
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the hayward based california national guard civil support team was brought in to test the ma. hatereout around 1 this morning after the first emergency crews showed up around 11 yesterday morning. so, 14 hours earlier. it was an ordeal yesterday. san moo te'o county says the meet community around here was never threatened and that the two people who touched the package that may have had sarin initially are fine. in menlo park, jackie ward, kpix5. i am ann makovec and we are getting new numbers out of india about the tragic monsoon. 3 # 2 poem have been killed in this heavy rainfall in mumbai. three retraining walls crashed on homes that killed the 32 people and injured dozens more. also elsewhere in the western part of the country. basically, 14 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. it's just overwhelmed the
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infrastructure. railway syemis paralyzed. just flooded out right now, leaving thousands of people stranded at stations. we had a plane that skidded off a runway. and india declared this a national holiday trying to encourage people to stay home until they can get a handle on this. back to you. one person is dead, two others in the hospital after a horrific car crash at sfo. it happened at around 3 #:30 yesterday afternoon in the arrival section of the international terminal. a witness tells us two men and a woman were loading their suitcases into a car when a black expedition parked at the curb accelerated and rear enheed the vehicle. the car spun smashing into all three pedestrians. one man died at the hospital. the other victims a man and woman suffered life-threeng injuries. police say the driver responsible is cooperating. and there is nothing to suggest that the crash was intentional. a devastating loss for baseball fans in southern
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california. angels pitcher tyler skaggs died. the 17 27-year-old was found dead inside a texas hotel room where he the team was saying. they were scheduled to play against the rangers last night. that game was postponed. the cause of death has not been released but police don't suspect foul play. grieving fans are paying respects at angels stadium. many are still in shock. >> to see this i. turned on my phone and to see that, and unbelievable. >> you have to feel sorry for the the family right now. just a -- my heart goes out to them. >> he was an amazing pitcher, and just honoring him, he earned our respects. >> the angels released this statement saying "tyler has and always been an important part of the angels family. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife carli and entire family during this devaating time. this morning a woman willface a judge. ing a brush
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43-year-old christina haller were seen arguing. she fired flare inead. about res burned nethe niles ne were evacuated. and today will be her first court appearance. >> the technology that led to an arrest in the golden state killer case may have solved another mystery. a man was arrested who worked in federal prisons and lectured at sacramento state university. he is the suspect in a series of violent rain cases in the early 90s in sacramento county. the fbi was able to track him down at his home in georgia using gentleman net he can geology the same technology used to arrest the golden state killer. >> without our ability to use dna and genetic genealogy we wouldn't have the predator in custody and maybe never would. authorities in sacramento are asking other departments to
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review unsolved cases to see if mantefull is linked to other crimes. an east bay police chief is defensing a decision to hire a man fired from another enforcement agency e joined the police department last year. he was terminated from the alameda county sheriff department in 2015. that was after he filed a false police report about alleged vandalism at his home. he admitted he caused the damage himself when he lost his temper during a difficult divorce. but the chief says in a statement although we don't condone the past actions, we can understand the emotionally charged events that precipitations his action. and it's important to understand no criminal charges were filed as a result. new numbers show just how fast san mateo county's homeless population is growing up 21% over the past two years from 1200 to more than 1500 people. the county says a huge increase
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in the number of people living in rvs. homeless population rose by 43% in alameda and contracost county and shot up by 31% in santa clara county. governor newsom will visit emeryville to tour an affordable housing development that's under construction. just days ago he signed a budget including historic investments in housing and construction. they approve the $360 million bill yesterday. it ensent advises housing projects and waves regulations for opening hoes homeless shelters in the state. it includes a process to punish cities that don't meet housing goals. the assembly will vote on it friday. happening today, vaping advocates will launch in effort to rollback the new ban on e- cigarettes. the coalition for reasonable vaping regulation says the law is har har fum for adult choice and the economy. they will submit a petition to
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replace the ban with measures to prevent youth vaping while allowing adults to buy e- cigarettes. it is scheduled to go into effect next year. along time giants ceo larry baer is returning to the team this morning after serving a 3- month suspension. he was suspended without pai after a public altercation with his wife was captured on video. he will keep the title of ceo but will have less power. rob dean will stay in charge with a new tight glel coming up y. one bay area beach is beefing up patrols overnight. and a solar spectacle in just a few hours. how you can watch with the experts. >> amazing. all right. we are starting off the day mainly clear. some patchy fog roll from the pacific of the that is live view. patchy light fog. beautiful of gate. what toexpect taking you through the rest of the week
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and independence day forecast is coming up. >> it's beautiful out there. and it's beautiful on this traffic map. you may not think obut a not lot of red slowing you down. the rest of the commute is coming up. ♪ this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪
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. good tuesday morning. lock at the view with the seats force tower camera looking south of mainly clear skies. just gorge outs to see that with blue skies out there. high cirrus cloud. we will talk about what to expect as we take you through the day. i will show you futurecast going who are by hour as well as that july 4th forecast, coming up. it kind of feels like a holiday on the roadways at 6:13. look at this. mobile 5 on the roadways. looking good. boy, there are hardly any cars out there. as you are headed toward the bay bridge as you are going towards the fast track lanes. not a problem. morning, one ty you what thg the penia is cracking down
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on rowdy beach goers. half-moon bay city leaders are added a security gar at poplar beach and imposed a zero tolerance policy. illegal fireworks users will face a fine of $107 if caught. neighbors say party goers come to the beach after hours, and they leave a mess behind. >> torn's of garbage left behind. people are leaving behind full tables folding tables that they are playing games on and leaving the fires burning and i looked out my window, and there were huge almost professional grade fireworks going off. >> the san mateo county sheriff office is also asking for more funding to go forwards a police do you know biggy that would allow deputies a get down the bluffs. today, the sun will pull a disappearing act across the sky in south america. some of the world's brightest minds in astronomy are gathering in chile to capture the first solar eclipse of
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2019. they are coming together at the observatory wait for the moment for the moon to block the sun'sdisk for 4 minutes. we won't be able to catch it here, san francisco explore toreium has you covered. watch the solar ellipse clive at the big screen or stream it at the website from 1 to 2 p.m. it's cool option because we won't be able to see it here. >> i know. >> that's really behind us. >> look how gorgeous that is. . >> apropertyly dressed for said sunrise. >> you look like the sunrise. >> planned it out that way. >> we did. and you're welcomed to that and for great traffic this morning. here at 6:15 this morning. look at this map. not a whole lot out there that's orange or yellow or red. you will see instead mostly green which is good news for those of you hitting the roadways. we have a grass fire at dry
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creek road at 101 southbound. heading out of town that way you may be seeing smoke but it doesn't seem is to be to be slowing anything down. we are, however, seeing slow downs on the richmond san rafael bridge. constructions with lane closures. slow and go at the toll plaza. in the meantime northbound on 101, there are lane closures as a result of construction from seminary to tib ron boulevardthis morning and the afternoon. this is westbound 580 at grant line slowing things down a little bit coming out of the tracy triangle down to 17 miles oop hour. but once you get past that accident you are good to go up to a regular running speed. a little bit of slowing on 84 southbound. it looks good right here on 101. elsewhere not too bad. nothing in the red. here's toll plaza. a live look from mobile 5 photographer chris is in the
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stop and go traffic once you approach the toll plaza. moving into san francisco and there are no problems whatsoever. san a te'o bridge starting to get packed and it's a slow drive of the eastbound is okay. golden gate bridge now which is beautiful as that sun is coming up. also beautiful because there's not a whole lot of traffic out there. mary. >> okay, manyly. we are thankful to be living here with beautiful weather. especially compared to the rest of the country. they are dealing with the heat, they are dealing with severe weather and strong storms in spots. i will show you this in a moment. here's a live look with the sales force tower camera looking north. the sun is shining down this morning. we are starting off mainly clear and the temperatures kind of all over the place from 60 in concord in the mid-50s fromoakland, livermore, san francisco, san jose. cooler in santaa in the upper 40s. weather headlines, mainly
6:18 am
clear, and patchy light fog near the water. afternoon highs. and we will keep it going with temps near average through july 4th. so july 4th does look fantastic across the region. july temperatures as we kick off a new month on average, the highs in the low 80s in santa rosa and mid-60s in san francisco. upper 80s in livermore and mid- 80s for san jose. and it will be slight or below average for today and the next few days. here's the satellite view. a low pressure system is to the north. northwest with the storm is getting the brunt of that energy. so, yesterday, in oregon, they what tornado touchdown an ef0 tornado. with this strong storm, low pressure system, we are just getting the ocean breeze with that sea he breeze coming in for the bay area. of course, water temperatures
6:19 am
chilly at 56.3 degrees. heading through the afternoon going hour by hour. we will see clearing with the sunshine. low clouds and areas of fog along the coast. parts of the bay could see patchy drizzle along the coast for tomorrow morning. that sunshine and that will be the case for july 4th as well. ousunrise at 5:51. and sunset at 8:35. daytime highs for the inland locations, in the upper 70s to low to mid-80s. 82 in concord. 80 for livermore. 78 san jose. 70 in oakland. 67 in san francisco. and 64 for pacifica. so looking great for july 4th. seasonably mild. sun for most of us. and if you are heading out to fisherman's wharf for the fireworks show, at 6 p.m., mid- 60s. looking at cool and breezy and sunny skies. by 9 p.m. upper 50s about light patchy fog. the 7-day forecast, temps similar for wednesday and for
6:20 am
july 4th. and as high pressure builds in, we warm up by friday and for the start of the weekend. saturday, right now looks to be the warmest day out of the next several days. michelle. all right thanks. new video out of montana. a light show ahead of the 4th of july who will day. look at brilliant flashes of purple a perching color the night sky. this is video from yesterday asanother storm rolled through the billings area. 6:20 now a seismic shift in bay area sports, warriors and sharks lose star players this morning. which mvp may be next. and, we are heading out to break but before, here's a shot of the beautiful look of the sky and the clouds. this is from the sutro tower cam. 6:20 and we will be right back. just when you thought you were done painting...
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. happening today the u.s. women's soccer team takes on england with a spot in the world cup finals on the line. the host country france is in a midst of a heatwave, but temperatures in paris are spec to drop a little by kick off. team usa is look for a record 4th world cup trophy while england has never made it past the semifinals. the ball starts rogue at noon with viewing parties across the bay area. fans can watch the game at noon at sue bierman park and san jose has a watch party. the departure of a pair of nba finals mvps has sports fans wondering who's next. kevin durant and andre iguadola are leaving. durant is teeming team up with irving in brooklyn. next superstar to leave could be giants ace madison balm gardner. her contract is up at the end of the season and he could be
6:25 am
traded for prospects. . >> it's if his time is done with the giants, his time is done. >> if kd leaving is an end of an era. madison feels like they own the coffin of the. >> the sharks will also need to replace their face of the franchise. captain joe send a 21 million dollar deal with the stars after 13 years in san jose. it's of:25. and machining landing caught on camera from inside the cockpit. this morning hear from the pilot who walked away from this disaster. and we just got new video in of a robbery at a jewelry store in san rafael. a burglary you can see rather. you can see how they did it coming up next. clear clear. plus, we are live in fog at thtesus ll share them next. and taking a live look outside this is the bay bridge toll
6:26 am
plaza where you can see traffic is stacking up from east bay into san francisco. look at that. the sun is shining on this tuesday morning. it's 6:26. we will be right back.
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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. newt 6:30, false alarm. a package flagged for poison in facebook mail room is given all
6:30 am
clear. worldwide grounding of the boeing max is forcing airlines to reroute. good morning. it's tuesday july 2nd. i am michelle growing ao. happy birthday to my little one who turns 4. >> she is a cutie. >> yes. >> she is 4 going on honestly like 14. >> 24. >> i love that girl. #. >> she makes me want to represent my hair out i love her too she is cute. this amazing weather is what i love. >> it's so gorgeous. >> yeah. here's a live look taking you to the south bay. san jose waking up to mostly sunny skies in san jose. it's 57 degrees for you. 57 as well for oakland. mid-50s from livermore and san francisco. 60 in concord a mild spot and chilly in santa rosa in the upper 40s. so let's go throughout day. your microclimate forecast for the coast breezy and cool. low to mid-60s. for the bay upper 60s to low 70s and inland spots in the low to mid-80s with plenty of sunshine. we will have that clearing as we head through the day. i will show you that on
6:31 am
futurecast and, of course, that july 4th forecast. emily. let's look at the main travel times here at 6:30. seems like a lot of folks headed out of town which means none of drive times are in the red. in the yellow coming through the pass or if you are on the east shore freeway but not terrible. 24 minutes in the east shore freeway at this hour is good. highway 4 a 43 minute ride and you are in the green on 101 out of the south bay this morning. this is not so good. this is the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction. slow and go moving across the western span. and there's nothing in particular like a crash that is slowing you down. this is general traffic. everybody decided to leave later in the morning and they are all on the bridge at the same time. san rafael bridge is getting packed this morning as well. but at least they are under the sunny skies. . i am jackie ward live in menlo park where the buildings have been cleared for reentry following a hazmat situation. they were evacuated yesterday,
6:32 am
but fortunately today, there are no dangerous chemicals inside. sarin was found in initial test conducted on a suspicious package here. the fbi did further testing to confirm that. but the test results came back negative. sarin is a nerve agent that forces the body's muscles into overdrive and often kills people who come in contact with it. around 11 yesterday morning, the equipment that facebook uses to sound the alarm to screen the mail, well, it sounded that alarm in 2 of 3 tests tested positive for sarin. four facebook buildings had to be evacuated as the hazmat team was called in. plus the united states postal service and the fbi. then the hayward based california national guard civil support team was brought in to test the mail. a former fbi agent handled and prepared for sarin gas. >> the threats that have come into the companies, the actual violent acts that have been committed at the companies are more and more serious about screening packages coming into
6:33 am
the mail room. a lot of places don't even do it on-site. they do it off site in the event there's something they find. . >> reporter: the hazmat teams cleared out of here around 1 # this morning. so just about 5 1/2 hours ago. the first emergency crews showed up around 11 yesterday morning. so, 14 hours earlier. it was quite an ordeal here. san mateo county says there's no immediate threat to the community around here. and the two people who touched that suspicious package are doing just fine this morning. in men lo park jackie ward kpix5. we have some new video just in of a jewelry store burglary in san rafael. you can see the guys there breaking into the front glass door on 4th street in san rafael. once they made it through the door, you can see they quickly went to work there pulling the blankets off of the display cases. and smashing their way in there. they took off with several items. we don't know exactly how much.
6:34 am
and then, made the get away in a gold mercedes. they were wearing ski masks so very difficult obviously to identify them. but, the san rafael police say the m.o. matched several other open cases of jowlry store burglaries in the bay area. if you want to take another look at that video i have it posted on my facebook and twitter. find me at@ann kpix michelle. >> thank you. new this morning, taking a live look at oakland airport shall starting saturday you will no longer be able to fly american airlines to or from dallas for the next two months. the airline is suspending the route for the first time since the boeing 737 max aircraft was grounded worldwide. according to business insider, american airlines had difficult finding enough planes since the max planes were grounded. the route will be suspend from july 6th to september 4th. e war words continues between the trump administration and iranian leaders as iran confirms it is
6:35 am
no longer complying with one of the main provisions of the 2015 nuclear deal. >> such action by the republic of iran would to the preserve the plan or secure the economic web fits for the iranian people. . >> the u.n. confirms iran has exceeded the limit in enriched eu rainian stockpiles set by the deal. last year the president with duty u.s. from the agreement. since then, he has imposed sanctions that have hobbled the iranian economy. . >> no. no message to iran. they know what they are doing. they know what they are playing with. and i think they are playing with fire. so no message to iran whatsoever. . >> iran was officially in compliance with the nuclear deal when the u.s. pulled out. yesterday, white house issued a statement saying tehran was violating the terms "even before the deal's existence. it's unclear what the trump administration was suggesting. iran's foreign minister had a one word response saying
6:36 am
seriously. iran is seeking relief from u.s. sanctions and now says it will further enrich out rainium if the eu fails to offer a new deal by next week. . a live look at the nation's capitol where the president signed an emergency funning measure to deal with the humanitarian crisis at the border. the bill provides 4.6 billion dollars to bolster care forthousands of arrivals. humanitarian it's a package sets guide lanes for how migrant are treated. local leaders and activists are take part in the close the camp protest across country here in the bay area. they are demanding the closure of migrant detention centers. at noon, protests will take place in palo alto, santa rosa and at senator diane feinstein's office in san francisco. more demonstrations are set for later this evening in oakland and walnut creek. today's protest one day after a vigil at st. clemens church in hayward brought
6:37 am
families together. this woman says she and other undocumented families are scared about the new border policies and angry about how border agents are treating children in detention facilities. . >> to think there's humans that can do that. i know it's their job, but, i mean can they not see what's happening? can they not see the kids are crying? >> this morning, some border agents are in hot water for reportedly making cruel and disturbing posts in facebook group. many showcased an unsympathetic attitude towards migrants families including questioning whether a highly publicized photo of a dead immigrant and his young daughter was real. as for the treatment of children in the if a filths, one professor says he never has seen anything like it in his 45 years as an immigration attorney. . the board pear patrol border patrol being a months we don't have the capacity to care for children. our job is to guard them. >> he says the children he observed were not taken from
6:38 am
their moms and dads but had been caught crossing with an uncle or an aunt. happening today, a wake for nypd detective lou alvarez he died saturday of colorectal cancer brought on by toxic air at ground zero. he gave emotional testimony pressing law makers to exten the victim's compensation fund which is running out of money he be honored with a funeral organized by the nypd and u.s. military. federal officials in texas have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the private plane that crashed shortly after take off. the crash happened sunday at addison airport north of dallas. officials say the plane just left the ground when it began losing power and altitude. it veered left sharply and crashing into an aircraft hangar. all ten people on board were killed including a family of four. a preliminary crash report is expected in the next two weeks. and emergency landing in
6:39 am
the mojave desert is caught on camera. the pilot's wife captured the moments after the engine failed midair. mark and his wife left the townof needles for chino they were taking the beechcraft for a test run after maintenance. he is not sure why the engine suddenly lost oil and he woke his sleeping wife and told her to get ready. >> i said hey, we are going to land in the desert. and she said i don't want to i said the engine is going to quit and we are not going to have a choice and she said when i said immediately like 30 seconds from now. . >> 30 seconds to prepare. it was a rough landing in unpredictable terrain. when the plane came to a rest, the couple was able to walk away. . time now is 6:39. your lake tahoe vacation looks a little different this morning. why beaches are disappearing. and a 95-year-old war veteran thlong distance goal. why he is walking across
6:40 am
america. and the market opened up 10 minute ago. let's look at the big board here. the dow is down about 25 points. coming up, we will get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter.
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. i'm ann makovec we have live video of nasa launching a mock orhine spacecraft key designed to carry humans to the moon. they hosted this launch this morning and sent it at former ballistic missile to test the lawnp abort system and everything appeared to have functioned properly. this is one the rare times you want the abort system to go off the hardware that crashed into the ocean. and eventualthisgo rythe t woman to the moon in the year 2024 michelle. >> all right make sure it works. thanks so much. new this morning, growers express is recalling fresh vegetable products for possible
6:44 am
listeria contamination of the including butter nut squash, cauliflower zucchini and select veggie bowls. they were sold under the green giant fresh trader joe's and signature farms brands. most of the products are labeled with a best if used by date for june 26th through june 29th. and so far no illnesses have been reported. the u.s. is threatening tariffs on european imports and apple is facing a potential branding problem. joining us now is kcbs radiofinancial reporter jason bronx. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. and china making headway in trade talks with the trade truce for the g20 summit over the past weekend. however, a city analyst says there could be lasting problem for apple in china. says that it could face a brand problem in china thuld suthsale half in the country. that would be a big deal for apple. in the quarter, they posted over $10 billion in revenue in
6:45 am
thegreater china region including hong con. and that's almost 1/5 of the overall revenue in the quarter. apple shares right now are moving slightly higher in the early going. u.s. also looking to increase the tariff list against eu imports. the u.s. is embroiled in a long running dispute over subsidiesgiven to airbus and boeing before the world trade organization. it has 21 billion dollar list of potential tariffs on european imports. another 4 billion worth being added to that. and that includes things like italian cheese, scotch whiskey, metals and chemical. stock market pulling back in the early going after the s&p touched a high yesterday on word of the trade truce. right now the dow moving lower by just over 30 points. nasdaq down 3. s&p down by mito you. t. >> jason brooks thank you. housing prices soar. some bay area billionaires are
6:46 am
upgrading to luxury compound. what brian acton purchases 7 hours in palo alto. neighbors tell us they were off market sales. the area has seen multiple property buyouts before. . >> it's just surprising, i think, to everybody that a home could sell for so much money and essentially be demolished. . >> there are a few compounds around, by people who, you know, are billionaires. . >> in west atherton, what's app cofounder purchased 5 properties and the combined price of the 12 properties is about 143 million dollars. this morning, a world war ii veteran is making his second trip across the country on foot. 95-year-old ernest left georgia on thursday and is making his way to california. he is trying to raise money to transport a world war ii era ship back to normandy to create a d-day memorial.
6:47 am
he says he didn't make enough money the first time did he this walk in 2013, so, he is doing it again. . >> people should know freedom is not free. and what it takes to keep the country free. >> at last check he was making his way through florida. and at the pace he is at now he won't make it to california until he is 100 years old. but, he is in good spirits and he says he is not going to stop until he gets to his goal. >> 95 years old. >> wow. >> i know right. >> that's incredible. >> he is doing something great though. i think you note story before this with the billionaires give your money over to ernie. >> this would be great. >> he doesn't need spend the next five years walking across the condition fly i love his spirit. so cool. we are going to get a check on weather and traffic. what is it looking like now? are people taking off the whole we will. >> some people left town. and they have skipped out which i can't blame them because i am about to do the same in a couple hours. but in the meantime, for those
6:48 am
of us who are still here, or about to hit the roadways. let's give you a look at trouble spots. because they are starting to pop. see the icons on the map thcity francisco where right there atcesar chavez in the southbound direction at least one lane is closed due to an accident. you are slow going to 40 miles an hour or so. there's a new one popped u up on 101 further north than that. i will check in with chp in a second. and also if you are leaving town via the bay bridge, there is an accident on the right- hand side. this is on the eastbound direction of the bay bridge. there's an accident in oakland. this is southbound 880 right near the embarcadero and you are slow as you head through there. it's also quite a bit of slowing at the maze. approaching the richmond san rafael bridge you will feel the effects of the emergency construction. 10 miles an hour and to the approach through the toll plaza then once you get halfway across the span you are good to
6:49 am
go. the other construction in marin in the northbound direction not causing delays. this crash in the clearing stages westbound 508 at grant line. you are slow and go onto a 5 out of tracy but past that back up to running speed in the green. no problems with just a little bit of slowing southbound on the 680. this is the richmond san rafael bridge where you see the delays. the golden gate bridge looking pretty good for this time of the morning. mary. it's amazing when you think about the incredibly wet winter that we had and spring and it was a hot month in june. and now, finally, we have perfect weather. seasonal daytime highs exactly where we should be for this time of year. and enjoy it. here's a live look with thecamera look east of the golden gate. the sun shining down on the beautiful golden gate. our temperatures in the mid-50s for most us. from oakland, livermore, san francisco and for san jose.
6:50 am
a mild start for you in concord at 60 degrees. and coinsain the upper 40s. your weather headlines mainly clear skies this morning, but patchy light fog near the water. afternoon sun as we go through the day with seasonal daytime highs. and our temps will stay near average through july 4th. even for july 4th as we celebrate the independence, it looks fantastic. well for us, of course, we have that ocean breeze because of a storm system to the north. and that did bring severe weather to the pacific northwest. at the national weather service, they he confirmed a ef0 tornado hit north portland yesterday. this is from our cbs affiliate in portland of that tornado before it touched down. so here's the sal saturdayel light and radar view. there's the upper-level low nefor the pacific northwest. for us, it's drying in the ocean breeze that keeps oncoming for us. so, as we go through the day, clearing, and then as we head through tomorrow, morning low
6:51 am
clouds and areas of fog along the coast. parts of the bay that afternoon sunshine. so daytime highs at or slightly below average for the south bay. looking at 77 in santa clara. 78 in san jose. and 28 for a high in morgan hill as well as for los gatos. brentwood a high of 84. 80 for livermore and 82 in concord. and we will see highs in the low 70s from berkeley alameda as well as for oakland. upper 60s in san leandro. 67 in san francisco. upper 70sin petaluma. mid-80s for cloverdale. seasonly mild for most of us. fireworks show if you are checking that out for thursday evening upper 50s for the coast. low 60s for the bay and mid-70s and mainly clear for inland spots. similar conditions wednesday and for july 4th and we heat up friday and into the start of the weekend. michelle. visitors to lake tahoe take note. there may be less room this summer for your beach chair.
6:52 am
many of the lake's beaches are narrower so we are completely under water. there are more than 20 beaches along the lake 70 plus miles of shoreline. massive snow melt resulted in run off that has the lakes swollen to capacity. kings beach is one example of how different the lake is compared to years past. >> during our drought years, if you looked towards the end of the pier, that's where the beach was. you could walk out. >> for now, there is plenty of room to hang out but it will be a different story on the 4th of july. you will want to get there early to get a good spot. time is 6:5 # 2. coming up a car slams into pedestrian at sfo this morning. at lowest one peadwhatare about deadly collision. . >> reporter: plus, activity is getting back to normal on facebook campus in menlo park after a hazmat situation took day yesterday. . >> and looking live outside this is from the sales force
6:53 am
tower camera. looking east, look at that a beautiful clear sky with the sun shining on this tuesday morning. it's 6:52. we will be right back. honey, this gig-speed internet
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. i am jackie ward live at facebook's menlo park campus where things are getting back to normal after a 14-hour hazmat situation yesterday. these buildings have been cleared for reentry. they have had to be evacuated yesterday because around 11 yesterday morning the equipment that facebook uses to screen the mail sounded an alarm. two of three tests on a large mail bag tested pos if i for sarin a clear colorless nerve agent with no taste or odor that can occur in liquid form. the california national guard's civil support team was brought in. they were testing out the mail. the hazmat team cleared around 1 this morning. but they originally showed up at 11 yesterday morning so this
6:57 am
was a 14 hour ordeal. san mateo county officials tell us that there was never a public threat to the surrounding community and the two people who were touching that package are just fine this in menlo park, jackie ward, kpix5. time for look at this morning's top stories. one person is dead, two others in the hospital after a horrific car crash at sfo. it happened yesterday afternoon in the arrivals section of the international terminal. a witness tells us two men and a woman were loading the suitcases into a car when it was hit by another vehicle. police say there's nothing to suggest that the crash was intentional. we are still waiting word on the cause of death for angels pitcher tyler skaggs. the 27-year-old was found dead in a texas hotel room yesterday morning. where the team was staying. the game against the rangers last night was postponed. a woman charged with starting a brush fire in fremont will face a judge today. police say 43-year-old christina haller and a man were
6:58 am
seen arguing last month. hall earthen allegedly fired a flare at him and missed him. it ignited a fire instead. today, vaping advocates will submit a petition to rollback the ban on e-seg rites to prevent youth vaping and allowing adults to buy e-sigh retes. and today is the first solar eclipse of 20 the moon will block the sun across the sky in south america. san francisco's explore toreium is streaming it live at the museum and on the website from 1 a 2 p.m. . and taking a live look out to the realtime traffic map, you can see things are popping up all along the east bay at the face of the san mateo bridge as well as the bay bridge and richmond san rafael bridge. let's zoom in to some of the troubled spots in the north bay them. one lane blocked due to an accident on southbound 101 at san pedro road. and another one on the east shore freeway right there at solano avenue in the mouth direction. also for those of you taking
6:59 am
cal train, it's stopping in burlingame due to low hanging wires. no word on when they will resume that. mary. okay. here is a beautiful live look with the sales force tower camera looking north of the sun shining down at coit tower and alcatraz. heading through the afternoon enjoy the sunshine. highs in the upper 70s to mid-80s inland. and from 78 in san jose and 82in concord. 70 in oakland. 67 in san francisco with breezy conditions. and mid-60s for pacifica. we will keep that going heading through wednesday and thursday for july 4th. it looks fantastic. temps warming up by friday and into saturday. saturday right now the warm of the day out of the week but for all of those july 4th celebrations, it looks great. >> okay. so all the barbecues will be outside and it will be great weather. >> the hiking that i will be doing. >> you will be dock doing hiking but you will be cold i will be thinking of you. >> we will see you in a little bit. in about 25 minutes.
7:00 am
thanks for watching everybody. our next local update at 7:26. emily will stick around for that. cbs this morning is up next. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." the border patrol condemns agents who reportedly used a private facebook group to mock migrants. los angeles angels pitcher tyler skaggs is found dead in a hotel room. we'll take you on board a bus from minnesota to canada where people are traveling more than 800 miles to find the life saving drug at a price they can afford. and wimbledon


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