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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 1, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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july this weekend. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be similar over the next few days but for the weekend we are going to heat up. our san j ose camera, temperatures are in the 50s. mid-80s for concord, liver more and fairfield. looking at 71 in oakland, mid- 60s for san francisco and pacifica with breezy conditions. we are going to see the afternoon sunshine and i will talk about the week ahead in a few minutes. we start off with good news. we will end with the bad news at 6:00. that all revolved around the bay bridge. it was a five car pile up but it is blocking one lane and the shoulder in the west bound direction. tow trucks are on the scene,
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but you know how this works, something small or big happens, it's a cascading effect. you are backed up early and badly into the maze this morning. you can see slow and go on the approach. it's a better situation at the bridge in the west bound direction. people are moving smoothly just a little bit slower than normal eastbound. the richmond bridge is backing up there at 580 in the west bound direction. eastbound there is a loan car you have no problems if you are leaving meridian and heading towards the east bay. the main travel times are in the yellow and that travel time is a result of that issue at the bay bridge. you are good to go getting there on highway four and if you are heading out of the south bay you have no problems
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that way. we have new information coming out of that fire crash that happened overnight on highway 101. it was a chain reaction crash that started with that car fire you just saw. we found out one person was arrested for alleged dui in this crash. it happened at 12:30 a.m. you can see several cars involved, some with front or rear-end damage, others in the ditch, one at least overturned. this happened on the southbound lanes and only one person was injured. and lanes were reopened not long after that happened and one person arrested for dui. back to you. happening today a major step in the effort to finely get the transbay transit center up and running. kpix is live there now with the reopening getting under way
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now. >> yeah, good news is that i am inside the sales force transit center, something i have not been able to say for months but the bad news is up and running. you can head up to the park but the bus service will t ck up some time later this summer. the joint powers authority says the 26 transbay bus lines, greyhound and west cat links a service from the bus deck to resume in late summer, 2019. you will call that the $2.2 billion center was closed after two fissures were found in two beams on the third level bus deck. the cause of the fissures were determined and they were repaired and the quality of the steel used and the cracks that formed while the beams were being built was what caused the
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fissures in the first place. it was 20 years ago when voters approved the funding for this new terminal. construction began in 2013 and it finally opened august of 2018 and after that in september the first beam was found cracked and the terminal was evacuated and shut down. that was the last time i was anywhere near this email. the public can get back up to the park but if you will rely on the bus service it will be on the ground level for now. a lot of fun free activities, they have yoga and reading and food trucks. a live look at the golden gate bridge. driving across will cost you more starting today. tolls will go up 35 cents for
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fast track and nonfast track vehicles and they will increase by 2023. >> this is to cover on going maintenance and operational costs here at the golden gate bridge. it covers money to subsidize guses and ferry trips. >> if you choose to skip the bridge, fares will increase between 25 and 50cents each way. new laws are going into effect across the state including a new police body camera law that requires recordings from body worn camera as be released where an officer fires their gun or if the use of force causes death or injury. and all ammunition purchases will require a background check. ammo dealers have to check with the department of justice and each customer will have to pay a one dollar processing fee
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each time they pick up bullets or shotgun shells. a new plastics toxic reduction law will go into effect. all single use food and beverage accessories will be served upon request only. the warriors adevelopment to win a sixth straight championship will be a battle. kevin durant will leave for the nets and the announcement was made official on an instagram account. some fans appear to have a go. >> i hate to tell you he is
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gone. >> he is not gone. >> you are in denial. >> no. >> you are in denial about your denial. >> it's not going to take away from golden state. >> and that's right. durant won two title and 2mvp trophies. fans had mixed feelings. >> when we see kevin durant back here what do we do? >> we thank him. i'm not mad at him, but when we see him i will say thank you but i will not be too happy. >> try to beat him. >> we will beat him. >> durant will likely miss the upcoming season after rupturing his achilles and he will be joined in brooklyn by irving and jordan and clay thompson agreed to an extension to keep
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him in the bay area. vern will let us know about an eastern conference all star who could be joining clay in the bay area. check us out online at kpix. com/warriors. president trump is back on u.s. soil. he made history in north korea becoming the first sitting president to cross into the nation. >> stepping across the line was a great honor. >> the president took the step along side kim jong un. the pair met at the demilitary zone for an hour. they agreed to restart talks about denuclearization. president trump announced he holding off imposing additional tariffs on chinese
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imports for now. back in the bay area, one democratic hopeful wild pride crowds by taking shots at president trump. senator kamala harris took the stage yesterday and she had this to say. >> he says he wants to make america great again. for who? i'm running for president. because we are not going back. >> however the senator did not want to talk about her presidential ticket. she did not respond when asked if she would consider joe biden as a running mate or vice- president. thousands of people sported colorful rainbow looks and one
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main spraying his beard with purple glitter. people danced their hearts out in the name of castro. >> from la a lot of people are more superficial. i feel like coming to san francisco everybody is more down to earth, everybody feels each other's vibe, everybody connects with each other more and it's just like i said all about love. >> and all about those earrings too. just minutes after the start of the parade a group of protesters temporarily blocked off the parade and two people were arrested. if you missed the parade we will show you the best of pride this saturday, you can watch it at 8:00 at 11:35 p.m. on kpix5. time is 6:10. two dead and five more hurt in an east bay wrong way crash. we are learning one driver may have been drunk. an elderly man gets lost in
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the wilderness and how he survived for a week. we have an shore flow bringing the clouds and areas of fog along the coast but not on our mountain camera. mostly sunny skies on the camera, we will have the week ahead as well as your july 4th forecast coming up. there are plenty of hot spots on the roadways. let's start with one of the worse, that is the bay bridge. the effects of several accidents this morning are slowing you down on to east shore freeway. i have the rest of your commute coming up.
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we have live pictures out of israel. this is the airport where an airline is about to make an emergency landing. it is a 737 out of germany. one tire exploded on take off
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so we don't know what damage was done to the plane. there are 152 passengers on board. thank you. a driver and his passenger are dead after he went the wrong way on highway 24. investigators say it happened around 2:00 a.m. yesterday. a driver was going east on the west bound lanes when he crashed his car head on into a camry. there is many things we loo for, whether we smell it, see evidence, all of these are prevalent. an autopsy will determine if the driver had alcohol in his system and all five people from the other car are in the
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hospital. we are learning about a hiker who survived a week lost in it the mountains. 73-year-old eugene joe stayed alive by drinking creek water. he was separated after wandering several miles from the trail and joe heard a search party and called for help after a week long. >> i was listening to this story and he knew enough to hunt for frogs and eat wild strawberries and drink from a creek. >> you never know. let me help you out when it comes to the roadways. we are not looking good on the bay bridge as a result of several accidents but looking out there is not a whole lot of red. let me get to those issues. in the south bay we have
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several accidents, one of them is in the northbound direction through san jose. this one at matilda that had lanes blocked and the one that has not is southbound 101 at ellis. luckily that's not effecting anything and it's the northbound part of 101 that will be an issue. this is the result of an accident in poly state park. you are down to 27 miles per hour as you are trying to come through 37. this is bad news because that will compound into the narrows which is almost always a bad spot. so those coming in from santa rosa give yourself extra time for sure. you are down to 12 miles an hour and it's slow going. per usual out of the dublin interchange and everything is back up and running and 84 southbound is slow as well. look at this, in the background
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you can see the east shore freeway. it looks like you are parked and that's the result of these accidents. one is the maze and one is on treasure island. the tow truck is on the scene so hopefully they can clear that lane up but it's a slow crawl into the city. the bridge looks much better than the bay bridge. a new start to the month as wells the work week. it's a short work week with july 4th on thursday. taking you out to the south bay, san jose in the 50s and we will continue to see temperatures through the afternoon warming up to seasonal. so we are starting off the day with low clouds and parts of the bay down to three quarters of a mile. let's check the wind. 19-mile per hour winds and 10 for oakland and berkeley out of
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the southwest and for antioch 24 miles per hour winds and morning low clouds and areas of fog. we will see the sun through the afternoon with seasonal daytime highs and that will continue for not just today but tuesday, wednesday and for july 4. similar conditions over the next few days. high pressure strengthens and we will warm up by the end of the week so by the weekend we will heat up. here is the satellite and radar view. that sea breeze, that on shore flow, which is why we start off the day with those clouds for most of us. through the afternoon here we are at noon on future cast your lunch time hour and for the rest of the afternoon we will see that sunshine. very similar conditions tomorrow morning, low clouds and areas of fog along the coast. parts of the dayer bay could see patchy drizzle and then
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that sunshine. allergy sufferers, great news, we are in the low to medium category and even by july 4. our sunrises at 5:51. daytime highs today are seasonal. for the south bay, san jose at 80 degrees, 82 for you in campbell and concord in the mid- 80s, berkeley, 69, 70 in sal media, 71 for oakland and lake port. here is the seven day forecast, similar conditions tuesday and wednesday and for thursday on july 4 and warming up by friday and into the weekend. morning everybody. how is that coffee? sit back while i tell you
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stories from sunday. you see, sunday was day one of nba free agencies. a lot of players made a lot of moves including this man right here, he was on the west coast but he is part of the eastern conference now. the kd story in a jiff. ♪ ♪
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good morning. he is gone, kevin durant is gone. andrea is gone and a known free agent guard is the newest warrior player all confirmed with this post yesterday. kd saying he was going to the nets. he will take this four year 164 million-dollar deal and hook up with that guy on the right. they will both be part of the
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brooklyn nets. they will be awfully rich. kd will miss next year because of a the injury. here comes to back ups. that's russel coming over from the nets, four years, $117 million. so those are some of the moves. here is the one that really hurts. andrea traded to the grizzlies and that was a cost cutting move to free up more money for the warriors to spend. it's the business of basketball. that's the way it goes. speaking of business, didn't you think he would be a shark for life? after 13 seasons joe goes from the sharks to the stars. will smith is the closer for the giants who was selected for the all star game yesterday. he had a five rbi day and the
6:26 am
giants took care of business. meantime, namaste, a little yoga class in anaheim. the a's were clubbing away like old times: matt had six rbis for the day as the a's took care of business deep down in southern california. that will catch you up this morning on what happened sunday and as for today you will have to check with me later on in the day. a commercial airliner just touched down safely in israel. we have been monitoring the live picture and the latest on what happened next. just when you thought you were done painting...
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now at 6:30, protesters attack government buildings in hong and the situation escalated within the last few minutes. why thousands are matching this morning. and gas prices are making a jump. it is monday, yes, it is monday already, and it is july 1st. where did the weekend and june go? >> i feel like it will be new year's even and we will be like
6:31 am
what? fall has passed? of the week. looking at morning clouds and afternoon sunshine so that rinse and repeat for us here. a live like with the roof camera and you can see the cloudy start to the day. temperatures are in the 50s. morning low clouds and areas of fog, cool and breezy, after sun with seasonal daytime highs and that's the case today but over the next several days through july 4. high pressure strengthens through the rest of the week and warming up by the weekend. well we are tracking real slow downs this morning. a case of the mondays on the roadways. let's start with a look at the overall map and get the big picture. you can see there is slowing coming out trng and the east s freeway is a mess. toll plaza approach and the san ramael bridge.
6:32 am
there is this accident at treasure island and tow trucks just got on the scene at 6:00. that is slow and go on the approach to the bay bridge. all of these have been cleared but you know how this works coming out of the east bay, there is one thing and then all of a sudden it is back said up for the rest of the day. the east shore freeway is slow and go big down. in the south bay there are a couple of accidents and both are in the southbound direction. you can see it is slow as you approach that and at 237 southbound that is backing things up on 237 as well in the south bay. let's go back to the north bay where we have another big trouble spot out of the narrows. a lane is blocked and it will be slow and go through
6:33 am
meridian. it is slow and go. i want to get you updated on a couple of breaking stories. this is new video of that plane that just made an emergency landing safely in israel. this is a german airline that blew a tire upon take off and then had to ditch some of its fuel before it made this landing but that all went smoothly so all is well. but boy, protests are getting off the chain right now in hong kong. we told you about this where protesters dressed in protective gear, hard hats and masks broke through the front door of the government building and broke through a metal barrier inside. this is all protests over the extradition bill that has been a seed of controversy for about
6:34 am
a month now and we don't know what they are going to do now that they are inside the building. fairs are going up today but only if you pay cash for the numi. a single right will cost three bucks if you pay with cash or buy a limited use tick. for clipper card holders fares stay at 250. but monthly passes will go up three dollars and the price for an a pass to use bart and muni is $98. ac transit will go up and children and seniors and disabled will have to pay a dollar and 25 cents. the cost for children and seniors will go up by four dollars. ac transit will use the
6:35 am
additional revenue to provide safe and efficient service. the california gas tax is set to increase six cents, bringing the total to 47 cents per gallon. >> i don't like it because any increase will make a hole in my pocket. >> a tax increase is only okay if the money actually goes to the purpose it was intended. >> average gas prices range from $3.75 to $3.85. good news for workers in bay area cities the minimum wage will rise. going from 12 to $13.50 an
6:36 am
hour. san francisco is going up to $15.59. i'm jacky ward live. i am in sales force park finely it has reopened after eight months of being closed. there is a seating area and beer and wine and food that is available and space for people to come hang out. it is open to the public. those are the escalator and there is this nice walking path here. we are next to the sales force tower itself. this is a brand new park and bus service is still suspended and will be for a little while longer. the center was temporarily closed in september after two fissures were found in two beams on the bus deck. since then the tjpa determined the cause of the fissures and
6:37 am
repaired and reinforced that area. we are standing on top of that area so it better be reinforced so as far as the bus station it will be until the end of summer until buses come through here. we were super excited to makure way into the parks but every time we pass the door it says bus station temporarily closed. live in san francisco, kpix five. out of texas an the investigation is underway after a plane crashed into an aircraft hanger killing all 10 people on board. it happened moments after take off yesterday north of dallas. officials say as the plane left the ground it veered left, crashing into the structure and
6:38 am
bursting into flames.. no one was inside the hanger. >> we cannot confirm there was an engine failure. there are any number of possibilities that could have occurred and we are not in a position to speculate on those things. >> eight passengers and two crew members were killed but their identitied have not been released yesterday. right now is search is on for a man missing in the grand canyon. peter was last seen friday and was reported missing after going on a hike. crews continue to look through the area and are asking hikers to contact the park service if they saw him. san francisco police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in the western
6:39 am
addition. witnesses saw two men leaving in a possible get away car. this morning a mother in central california is facing murder charges for her own child's death. >> we are looking into that right now. there is a lot of social media reports there might be history. i can't comment on it at this time. >> public records into the county says sherry tried to drown her baby in the river. her 12-year-old and 7-year-old sons were found unresponsive in a ditch. the oldest son died and the youngest is in critical condition. the university of utah is set to hold a virgil in memory of a student who disappeared before her remains were found
6:40 am
by police. the suspect was arrested on murder charges. you can see flowers and candles are lining parts of the campus. this morning the oakland police are investigating a street race that ended in a deadly crash. police say a driver racing another car slammed into a light pole and the impact bent his vehicle in half. as the fourth approaches the county is hosting a fireworks take back program. it comes two weeks after fire crews blamed illegal fireworks for sparking a brush fire. now to prevent this from happening the county says you can drop off illegal fireworks no questions asked. >> you can face up to a misdemeanor or felony and we will give you the opportunity
6:41 am
to bring them in. >> fire stations are ic drop off events. time now is 6:41. drink up, new research suggests coffee could help you lose weight but there is a catch. and a heartwarming story of human kindness and how a stranger went above and beyond to make a flight easier for a child. taking a look at the big board the dow is up 284 points.
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great news if you suffer from allergies. we continue to watch pollen levels drop. low to medium over the next several days and we are almost out of allergy season. l taabwhat you can expect for the week ahead.
6:45 am
>> as far as traffic is concerned you are not out of that. mobile five is sitting in it. stuck in the approach to the bay bridge, it is slow and go. that's the result of compounding accidents this morning as the bridge is yet to recover. looking at the bridges this morning you are a 15 minute ride from the maze to the other side. it's not a great situation there. >> facebook is proving details on its effort to prevent interference in the election after a host of problems last time around. they are working on new protections against voter interference and is adding a policy that prohibits ads urging people not to vote. they will tighten policies surrounding offensive material. alcohol use among teens is down but still problematic. by the end of 12th great, 53%
6:46 am
of students consumed more than just a few sips coand 43% of 12th graders reported being drunk at least once. your favorite cup of joe can help you fight fat. coffee helps stimulate brown fat reservice which play a role in how quickly you burn calories. coffee helps boost their fat busting power. a 7-year-old with autism was afraid to take his first flight but it was made easy thanks to the help of a stranger. landon was not sure how his mom would do so she wrote this note to a neighbor and stuck some cash inside as a thank you. >> we were cracking jokes and after a while he asked me to
6:47 am
quit making dad jokes. >> do you think you made a new friend? >> i did. >> and i love he called him out for his bad jokes. thanks to his mother to assure that everything went well. ben donated the $10 to the autism society in ben's name. i love this story. because so many times we get on the plane and we don't talk to anyone. we are ear buds in but this guy took the time out and look what happened. he made a new friend. and he tells the same kinds of jokes i do. >> bad ones? >> yeah. >> i have some friends who will laugh at my jokes. it's not a laughing matter on the roadways this morning. we are backed up. look at the bay bridge. it is not good. in the far background you can see the east shore freeway is
6:48 am
slowly crawling as a result of several accidents. one at the treasure island west bound has cleared up and the bridge is not much better, the drive time is in the red crossing on 92. you have plenty of company in that commute direction, eastbound looks good. you are backed up at the richmond bridge, it is slow and go approaching the toll plaza. you are good to go once you ges past there. east shore freeway is one big red stripe and southbound past the bridge that's also not great. i will zoom in and hit as much as i can. you can see all of these accidents through the maze and is in the clearing stages. they are flatbed trucks to get two cars out and in the south bay two lanes are blocked due to an accident on 37 southbound. you can see you are backed up driving times and speeds in the
6:49 am
red there. southbound 101 atellis is not causing a delay. there was a brush fire on free mont which you might see. back to the north bay this is a bad problem coming through the narrows and trying to get out of it as you approach nevado. old poly state park there is one lane blocks and look at the drive speeds you are 25 miles an hour. now back off to the mmex where there is an accident. you are slow going from san leandro through union city. that's a crawl for most of you. up to the pass where this is easing up but you are down to 16 miles an hour. once you get through that a renning speed of 65. a lot of red and orange but nothing but blue skies. that's right. we are looking at areas of low clouds and fog along parts of the bay but skies, upper 50s
6:50 am
for you in san j ose. so your climate forecast for the coast, cool and breezy, mid- 60s for the bay, breezy and mild in the mid-to upper 60s and low 70s and the warmest spots in the mid-to upper 80s. i will show you satellite and radar view. high pressure in control and with that upper level low close to us, catching the sea breeze, that's why many of us are waking up to a cloudy start and through the afternoon enjoy the sunshine. taking you hour by hour with the clouds and through the rest of the afternoon we will continue to see clearing. if tomorrow, very similar. areas of low clouds and fog, parts of bay could see patchy drizzle along the coast tomorrow morning and then the clearing. the uv index forecast is nine,
6:51 am
that's a very high number so limit your mid-day exposure when uv radiation is at its greatest and it could take 15 to 25 minutes to get a sunburn for today. through the afternoon we are going to see temperatures for the south bay in the mid-70s, 80 for a high in san jose, 82 in campbell, mid-80s for fairfield and concord, upper 60s for you in berkeley, low 70s from alameda and oakland and 78 for pata luma. the fourth forecast is spectacular. coastal clouds, sunshine, seasonal daytime highs for your thursday. so temperatures similar over the next few days through the rest of the week by friday into the weekend with high pressure
6:52 am
strengthening we will warm and heat up and you can see saturday and sunday inland in the low 90s. back to you. time is 6:52, a chain reaction crash lands one person in handcuffs. the good news is we are in the sales force park, the bad news is the bus service is temporarily closed.
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get started now for as low as $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today.
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we are watching some massive protests in hong kong. this is video from inside of the legislative building where hundreds of protesters broke in within the last hour and a half. this is the second wave of protesters, first you can see they busted through the glass front door of the main government of hong kong and then there was a break and then they busted through a metal barrier to be able to get inside. thousands of protesters have been out in the street. this is the anniversary of hong kong's hand over to china's rule. back to you. it is 6:56. time for a look at the top stories. one person is in custody after
6:57 am
a fire chain reaction crash on highway 101. the suspect was driving under the influence and it happened around 12:30 a.m. in the northbound lanes south of the tulley road exit. we are awaiting word on injuries. a host of new state laws take effect today that includes a new policy on body camera video on police shootings and cruc of force. new price hikes take effect including at the gas pump. the gas tax is going up nearly six cents. that's the most expensive in the country. a pair of former finals mvps are leaving the warriors. i'm jacky ward live from sales force park. we are next to the sales force
6:58 am
tower. it is open after eight months of being closed. it was closed because two fissures were found in two beams at the third level bus deck. this is a beautiful walkway. the sales force tower is right there and there is plenty of area for people to sit and enjoy the outdoors. this is six acres, a lot going on here so the tjpa determined the cause of the fissures and repaired them and reinforced them and we are above where the fissures were so hopefully this is nice and sturdy ground but the bus service will be temporarily closed and on the ground level until later this summer. well here at 6:58. let's check in with your main travel times. it's the read that drive time through the pass, 39 minutes and 37 minutes heading on the east shore freeway because the
6:59 am
bay bridge is backed up. highway four is slow and go. you are good to go coming out of the south bay this morning. out to the freeway everything is moving right along, no problems north or south. check out the camera looking east of the fog and the low clouds and the sun above that. through the afternoon we are going to see that sunshine so daytime highs are seasonal, inland locations mid-to upper 80s for the bay and low 70s and in the mid-60sfor the coast. we keep that going over the next several days and even on july 4 very similar with our conditions compared to today. we warm up with high pressure building in friday into the weekend and that means by saturday and sunday inland in the low 90s but beautiful weather over the next several days. great to know about the holiday because a loft of barbecues and people watching the fireworks.
7:00 am
the professional fireworks. thank you for watching. your next local update is at 7:00. have a great day. good morning to you, our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." plane crash mystery. the ntsb investigates why a small plane plunged into a hangar near dallas in a fiery crash killing all ten people onboard. photo-op or breakthrough? president trump enters north korea for a first of its kind meeting with kim jong-un. the potential long-term impact on nuclear weapons talks. suspected killer. the troubling past of the man likely to be charged with murdering university of utah student mackenzie lueck. >> donation reunion. a patient who received a life-saving liver transplant meets her donor. a man who had given an organ to someone else. >> nice


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