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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 4, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego this morning. just about 4:30. we have roqui and roberta here. >> i like that skyline shot because it's an ever changing skyline with the "salesforce" tower now overtaking the pyramid. >> overtaking is the word for it. >> certainly the focal point. >> it's a campus. have you ever driven by there the "salesforce" tower area? every day i have to go through there. it's a campus on both sides of front street first street as you head toward the bay bridge. it's just amazing how fast a structure -- >> millions and millions of dollars. >> and hard work. >> absolutely. >> morning, everybody. let's take a look outside right now. a veil of high, thin clouds across the bay area but we can still see the bright lights of oakland 54 degrees, 48 in santa rosa, mid-40s in redwood city. i wanted to share this with you. the clouds to the north are a veil of clouds drifting ahead of this system that's well poised to the north of the bay area. you know, the end run the is we
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are going to have hazy sunshine, some calling it mostly cloudy. temperatures coming down but still well above average. 70s in the area. full forecast featuring rain and blustery conditions. 4:31. let's check traffic. northbound another 101 in burlingame. two right lanes closed until 6 a.m. good in the area. a lot of green in the area. moving now to a bridge check bay bridge toll plaza looking good right now but if you are expecting that cash lane backup keep in mind you want the fastrak. the maze to downtown will take 10 minutes. san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city a quick drive 15 minutes between 880 and 101. a prostitute convicted of
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killing a google executive walks out of a california jail after two years and is immediately taken into federal custody. kpix 5's betty yu has more from santa cruz where homeland security was just waiting for the call girl's release. >> reporter: she became known as the hooker behind a google executive's desk. this is where alix tichelman spent about 2 years serving her sentence on wednesday walking out of the santa cruz county jail right into the hands of i.c.e. agents. she calls herself a high-end prostitute. she was known in headlines as the call girl killer and the harbor hooker. alix tichelman holds dual citizenship in the u.s. and canada. i.c.e. had requested santa cruz county sheriff's deputies put her on an immigration hold but they refused. so once she became free, the feds waited at the jail to take her into custody. tichelman was a heroin addict
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who injected for a man, a google employee, with a lethal dose of heroin in 2013. it happened aboard his yacht in the santa cruz harbor when the two met for booze, drugs and $4,000 a night sex. 48 hours was granted exclusive access to his yacht which was equipped with surveillance cameras. then investigators captured tichelman stepping over the man and finishing her wine before getting off the boat according to surveillance video. she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. i.c.e. has no comment. in santa cruz, betty yu, kpix 5. >> tichelman has been on the radar for some time the "mercury news" reports that i.c.e. agent put an immigration hold on her a month after her sentencing. in san francisco a young man suspected of killing a 65- year-old woman as she walked to her bus stop has been released with no charges. thelian wu was shot and died.
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two others were shot and are recovering. jonathan santos was arrested on suspicion of murder and two counts of attempted murder but yesterday the d.a.'s office released santos without charges. they only revealed that the investigation is ongoing. one man is dead after a boating accident in the north bay off lawson's landing near dillon beach at the northern end of tomales bay. two men were out boating with their dogs yesterday afternoon. the victim was thrown overboard from the strong waves. the coast guard was able to rescue the other man but could not get to the victim in time. they are still looking for one of the dogs. the abalone season is getting shorter. april and november are slashed from the season. divers will be limited to 12 red abalone in the annual catch down from 18.
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wildlife officials say ocean conditions have reduced the abalone population significantly and officials hope the new rules will lower the harvest by 24%. ♪[ music ] 4:35. big fan of abalone? >> no. >> no. >> i like to look at them. i think they should' precious. i love their shells. >> it's expensive. >> i used to go hunting when i was a college when it was legal. but they are tough eating. it's going to be tough weather. we began on a nice note yesterday. 80 degrees in concord. we end the workweek are with lots of rain and blustery conditions. right now it's a tweener day. we have clouds rolling in from the system to the north of us, as in in between elements going on, thank you. i didn't see any kind of response from you. [ laughter ] >> wasn't sure if you are still awake or if i put you to sleep. transamerica pyramid, temperatures 40s and 50s. 50 in san francisco.
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san jose 49. yesterday high 70s. this is an incoming system. this is the leading edge. these are the clouds associated with right now computer models vying a very powerful system -- describing a very powerful system the first of the spring season. we see renegade showers in advance of it but they will filter in bringing down temperatures but we are well above average. 60s around the beaches today, low 70s at the peninsula. 76 morgan hill. low 70s in the rose garden district. east bay mid-70s some high 70s. north bay 65 stinson beach, 78 in sonoma. we'll tract incoming storm and tell you how much rain to expect but first to roqui. >> thank you. okay. it is4:36. bay bridge toll plaza into downtown san francisco, traffic looking good no cash lane backups.
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if you have fastrak you're good to go. the maze to downtown will take up to 10 minutes but the metering lights will turn on around 5:30 and start slowing down. same story across the span of the san mateo bridge traffic mood is both directions between hayward and foster city 15 minutes. that's 880 to 101. also into the peninsula roadwork on northbound 101 burlingame between broadway and burlingame and millbrae avenue. the two right lanes are closed until 6 a.m. but no slowing. moving to our slowest traffic of the morning 30 miles per hour along the way into livermore where it frees up to the dublin interchange. if you are avoiding the roads, bart, ace train, muni and caltrain on time. we're learning more about the suicide bomber who targeted a subway train in russia. authorities say he was a russian citizen born in
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kurdistan with possible links to radical islam. 14 died. russian president vladimir putin was in the city when the bomb went off. he laid flowers outside a subway station but didn't make a public comment. the explosion tore a hole in the side of the train in a tunnel between stations. investigators believe that the 23-year-old suspect had the bomb in a rucksack. a second bomb was found and debe activated. no claim of responsibility. the second bomb was deactivated. the anti-terrorism committee of the russian government says security is being tightened at critical transportation sites. the battle over president trump's supreme court nominee continues in the u.s. senate. >> a partisan party line vote in the committee is sad but it's a reflection on a brokenness in the united states not a problem with the jump. >> a senate committee voted 11- 9 along party lines to advance judge neil gorsuch's nomination to a full vote. did you democrats say they have the votes to block the -- but democrats say they have the
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votes to block the nomination with a filibuster. >> based on judge gorsuch's record at the department of justice, his tenure on the bench, his appearance before the senate, and his written questions for the record, i cannot support this nomination. >> a final vote in the senate is friday. republicans say they are willing to change senate rules and invoke the nuclear option to defeat the filibuster. a tax break that many californians count on could be in jeopardy. republicans in washington want to eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes. that would essentially reduce the amount of a filer's taxable income. the "l.a. times" points out how that could affect california taxpayers. the deductions save californians $101 billion last year. the a's regular season is under way and with two other oakland teams leaving, the a's are finally in the driver's seat to land a new stadium. joe vazquez reports from the coliseum where fans are glad
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that the a's are looking for a new home in oakland. >> reporter: a tailgater's car in the coliseum parking lot burst into flames minutes before the opening day game. what does this mean for the a's? >> i think it means they are on fire this season. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you have to forgive fans for worry it's an omen giving the painful exodus of sports teams, first the warriors to san francisco, then the raiders moving to las vegas. >> the oakland raiders, man, you know what i mean? it hurts. >> reporter: rickey henderson says he is a raiders season ticketholder so he gets why fans are upset. >> i'm really disappointed that the city and the raiders didn't get together and work out a deal for us to keep the team here but a lot of time that has become the business. if you are not working for one another, they gonna move. >> reporter: soon the a's will be the only game in the town. and for now they are determined
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to stay if they can build a new stadium. >> i hope oakland does something big for the a's. >> we want a ballpark village. >> reporter: a waterfront park at the port tower terminal but not close to the freeway or a bart station. another near lainie college which is closer to downtown but might be tough to assemble the needed land. across 880 at brooklyn basin, and finally, here on the site of the coliseum at the freeway and bart but has no neighborhood feel. >> i think all the sites have positives and negatives. we are weighing them. >> are you looking for public money? >> we are focused on building a stadium like at avaya with 100% private financing. >> reporter: the a's president says so far there is no timetable for bringing that new stadium to fruition. in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. big game last night and there was redemption for the tar heels. the university of north carolina men's basketball team
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celebrating a national championship one year after losing a buzzer beater. >> unc against gonzaga with gonzaga with the first-ever title appearance. it wasn't pretty but it was close. zags with a chance to tie it with time running out in the second half. look at that. big block by kennedy meeks. and justin jackson with the finish. seals it. joel berry was named the final four's most outstanding player. >> but i mean, this is a unbelievable feeling and this what we work for and the ups and downs that we have had, um, it's all worth it and, i mean, i can't even describe my feeling right now, but, um, i just glad that i was able to do something with this team because i felt like just the personality and what we went through and i think we just deserved it. >> that's how the students celebrated. this was the scene in chapel hill overnight. fans taking to the streets to
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celebrate the 6th national title in school history for unc. ucla holds the all-time record with 11. ♪[ music ] 4:42. a bay area community bands together to support a restaurant owner who may have been the target of a hate crime. >> plus, why construction workers were blamed for a fire that ripped through bay area neighborhood.
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accidentally starting a fire at an apartment in the haight. the fire departmen construction workers in san francisco are blamed for starting a fire at an apartment in the haight. the fire department says the crew was doing torch work on a building near page and cole streets. the workers apparently dropped burning materials between two of the buildings and the flames spread from there. firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly but they say the damage was extensive. california is one step closer to becoming a sanctuary state. >> the measure passes. >> the senate passed a sanctuary state building yesterday. it would ban state and local
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officers from using their resources to help federal immigration authorities. supporters of the bill gathered in the capital after the measure passed. it now heads to the assembly. one bay area restaurant says it was vandalized because it supports immigrants. kpix 5's christin ayers reports on the damage left behind. >> reporter: she saw it the second she got to work at the restaurant in oakland tuesday. >> it's disgusting. everywhere. >> someone smeared feces on our door where we have a sign saying we are a sanctuary restaurant. >> reporter: the owner believes it was no coincidence. he posted the sign recently touting the restaurant as a place that supports immigrants and refugees. >> i want this to be a safe place for my staff and for myself. and for my customers. and this kind of incident takes away that sense of security. >> reporter: the owner says this is the second incident of
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targeted vandalism at his restaurant this year. the first happened the day donald trump was inaugurated. >> we had someone try to break in one of our windows while i was here. and was smashing a brick against our window. >> reporter: but he says customers have sent bouquets of flowers others simply shipping. >> it's a great disappointment that that kind of thing still happens and it's wrong. >> reporter: employees will not be intimidated. the sign will stay posted. >> if anything, i think we should make it bigger. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> 13 minutes before 5:00. we have been spoiled with a string of nice days. >> yesterday my backyard 81 degrees. it was very nice. allergies a problem but you can't have it all. we are going to get it all this week as far as all your weather
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elements are concerned. blustery day on friday. live weather camera on the top of the transamerica pyramid. the 50 in san francisco. we got the deck of clouds in santa rosa at 48. clouds in oakland 54 degrees. clouds in the area. winds under 10 miles per hour throughout the bay this morning. yesterday 15-mile-an-hour winds. currently under 10 in napa, 13 fairfield. these winds will be slight today. variable winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. this is the leading edge of a system that computer models have been seeing is a powerful unit. it's here -- the core, this is the front and you will notice some of these clouds are running in advance of the front of the that's what i refer to as renegade clouds. we'll have the high, thin veil
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of cloudiness across our sunshine today so filtered sunshine as the day progresses some of the clouds want to thicken up a bit. and as we go in advancement of your thursday, the first band of showers want to come in before the evening commute. that's nothing. those showers all in advance of the main energy that's going to make a wet sloppy morning commute on friday. periods of heavy rain and gusty winds will accompany this system. and if it all stays together on its current past and jogging at its current speed, we could pick up 4 inches of rain in the wettest locations before saturday generally an inch to about an inch and three- quarters around the urban areas but as we back up to today, temperatures in the 70s in the central valley. we are talking about springtime skiing and board egg in the high sierra but that snow level will drop rapidly from friday through saturday as snow moves in. be mindful of that for your weekend plans. 6:49 official sunrise. it sets at 7:35. temperatures across the area still slightly above average.
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we should be at 61, 62 san francisco. instead, 66. mid-70s inland. outside number today about 78 degrees in the pleasanton area. 80 on wednesday with a little bit more sunshine before the system begins to roll in on thursday, friday on-again, off- again rain showers through your saturday then again on monday. it's a baseball game tonight. the oakland a's undefeated. we are going to try to make it two in a row. not bad conditions in the low 60s. roqui, you, me, we're going to a game. >> no, seriously, we are. just let me know when. and i'll be there. all right. to enjoy that weather, by the way, i know a lot of people are going to dolores park and lake merritt in oakland, i'll be there. 4:50. let's take a look at your bay area roads starting with roadwork. on the peninsula roadwork northbound 101 between broadway and millbrae avenue those two right lanes are closed until 6 a.m. and then in oakland, let's move over the water there we have roadwork on eastbound 580 and that's at broadway webster
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street off-ramp closed until 6 a.m. no delays in the area. moving to our roads the bay bridge toll plaza looking good if you are heading into downtown san francisco. the maze to downtown a quick 10 minutes. and then let's take a look at the slow traffic of the morning the altamont pass. you're at below 20 unless you get off 205 in tracy and up to 35 at north flynn road frees up on the dublin interchange. tonight 7:30 p.m. golden state warriors and timberwolves. so if you are going there expect delays on the nimitz. and also in the south bay we have a game vancouver canucks and sharks, woo! >> woo woo! >> puck drops at 7:30. that's traffic. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. one california couple decided that the day they say i do had to end with a feast of fries and double-doubles. >> after tying the knot vanessa and juan headed straight for in- n-out and all of their loved ones went with them for the
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fast food ride. the couple did officially become man and wife in a church and the groom says that their dinner decision wasn't any kind of stunt. instead, it stemmed from a craving he couldn't deny. >> i'm currently stationed in new mexico and there's no n and outs there. no endorsement going out. [ laughter ] >> they are venturing far from their favorite restaurant in saturday. they will be flying to england for a honeymoon. >> that's the way to save money on the big banquet. time 4:52. a bizarre incident at a bay area bus stop where a man is ticketed for eating pizza. we'll explain. >> and more than 100 firefighters rushed to the scene after a california food plant erupts in flames. ,,,,
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good morning. it is april 4. our temperatures are still averaging 4 degrees above normal in san francisco but 10 degrees above average in concord. filter sunshine. 60s at the beaches, 70s at the peninsula, 73 redwood city and san jose and the santa clara valley through willow glen. fremont low 70s. east bay numbers coming down from yesterday when we topped off at 80 in concord. today about 78. but again, not the abundance of sunshine. some filtered sun in san rafael at 76 down from 78 yesterday. napa in the low to mid site of back through sonoma. we'll have mostly cloudy conditions in ukiah into saint
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helena in the mid-70s. let's take a look at traffic now. if you had heading into peninsula across the span of the san mateo bridge here's a live look at that smooth moving traffic between hayward and foster city. but not so smooth along the altamont pass. new this morning, a massive fire finally under control in los angeles. it started around 8 p.m. at a commercial food processing building. officials say it was fueled by leaking gas lines. witnesses reported hearing explosions from inside the building. arson investigators are looking into it. a san francisco man may have to pay the city hundreds of dollars because he couldn't pass up on a hot slice of pizza. police gave him this ticket for eating in a prohibited area. the man told the san francisco coalition on homelessness that he bought a pizza for his friend's birthday but when he got to this bus stop on 7th and market he opened the box. the coalition says this kind of crackdown shouldn't be the city's top priority. >> we have housing and health
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crisis and we can't be responding with law enforcement. it makes no sense. and this is an example of how it really doesn't make sense. >> according to the law first time offenders could pay a fine of $250 and have to complete up to 48 hours of community service. a cleaner form of electricity is now in use in silicon valley. >> 3, 2, 1, whoo! [ applause ] >> that was the start of a ceremony held yesterday by the nonprofit silicon valley clean energy. it is now supplying carbon free electricity to customers in 12 south bay cities. >> now that we have started delivering power, you will able to plug in and we will buy for you electricity that's 100% carbon-free making your electric vehicle truly greenhouse gas free. >> all pg&e customers in that service area will be automatically switched into the clean energy program unless
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they opt out. pg&e will continue to handle distribution and billing. we're learning more about what happened when city inspectors visited a west oakland building days before it burned down killing four people. >> reporter: and across the country, businesses are recognizing equal payday as a raise to raise awareness of the wage gap between genders. we'll tell you what bay area companies are participating. ,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm anne makovec, in for michelle. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... statute everythinggood morning. -- good morning, it is tuesday, april 4. a live look at 580 in dublin on the right. look at the headlights and taillights and on the left, we got a beautiful shot from emeryville looking towards the bay bridge and the city of san


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