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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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and expansion of health savings accounts. we sat down with the california insurance commissioner to find out what it means for you. >> just when you think you've seen it all, the republicans go to a more extreme place. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi is leading the charge to stop the republican proposal to repeal and replace the affordable care act. 7 years ago she led the charge to pass it. >> when she says affordable care, he doesn't even have the faintest idea of what he is talking about. >> reporter: it's no surprise pelosi is out front on this issue in addition to being a party leader also a californian and for our state the stakes are especially high. >> california went all in in terms of implementation the affordable care act. >> reporter: david jones is california's insurance commissioner. he says california gets ouyear affordable care act and if that money goes away, the state legislature can't fix it. >> i don't want people to think somehow that the state of california can ride to the
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rescue here. everyone really needs to be focused like a laser beam on their congressional representatives particularly republicans. >> reporter: the republican proposal would also impact the vast majority of californians who get insurance through their employers. right now even private insurance has to provide certain benefits. >> the affordable care act currently there are provisions for all sorts of free preventative care including contraception and those are at risk. >> reporter: because california is the land of startups, freelancers and artists, this state would be hit especially hard apply what he calls job lock. >> where individuals are worried about leaving their current job even if there might be a better opportunity somewhere else but the health insurance somewhere else might not be as good or maybe it's a startup that doesn't offer health insurance. >> another problem for california, dozens of our health insurance laws are tied to the individual mandate. if as republicans have proposed the individual mandate is eliminated, all of those state laws will be affected and the state legislature would have to
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pass a slew of new laws to regulate our health insurance market. melissa caen, kpix 5. for one northern california woman, changes to the healthcare law could mean the difference between life and death! kpix 5's john ramos has her story. >> reporter: president trump recently admitted that the subject of healthcare was really complicated. and that's probably because of people like this woman. >> i feel certain that the affordable care act will be repealed. and, um, it's hard to imagine what that's going to look like for me. >> reporter: four years ago, hill was working part time at a sacramento nonprofit and doing some modeling when she began developing an incurable form of arthritis that also caused her father's spine to fuse into a rigid crooked bone. but it was the affordable care act that gave her the insurance she needed to get treatment for
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the pre-existing condition. >> because of the subsidies available, i could have, um, a better health insurance plan that covered more things that i needed. >> reporter: now, permanently disabled with her savings dwindling she lives in constant pain. her drug treatments only slow progression of the disease. but still, she is terrified by talks that changes to the law would eliminate the only help available to her. >> this isn't just a, like, i'm sick and i need this treatment so that i feel better. it's [ sniffing ] i'm sick and i need access to treatment so i don't die soon. >> reporter: hill's life hangs in the balance. and her story stands in the way of those who seek a simple solution to a complicated problem. in sacramento, john ramos, kpix 5. >> today president trump said he is proud to endorse the house replacement plan. >> this will be a plan where you can choose your doctor,
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this will be a plan where you can choose your plan. it's a complicated process. but actually it's very simple. it's called, good healthcare. >> in the meantime a top house republican is taking heat for how he defended the gop healthcare plan. >> americans have choices and they have to make a choice and so maybe rather than getting that new iphone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars, maybe they should invest in their healthcare. >> the utah senator said he hadn't made his point smoothly but stood by the argument that people need to make choices. and we are getting this story in. the state of hawaii is planning to file the first lawsuit against president trump's revised travel ban. cbs cnn reports that attorneys for the state plan to file a motion tomorrow asking a judge for a temporary restraining order. one attorney told cnn the new ban, quote, suffers from the same constitutional and statutory defects. the revised executive order is set to go into effect march 16.
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new at 6:00 contra costa supervisors have just approved a state of emergency to speed up repairs for a neighborhood cut off after a mudslide. for two weeks the slide blocked morgan territory road between oak hill lane and williams road in rural clayton. kpix 5's jessica flores shows us the damage keeps growing as people who live there try to cope. >> reporter: on morgan territory road the cracks are getting wider. the mudslide deeper. eating away at the road that is for now still open to pedestrians. laurie arthur's home is about a half mile inside the road closure. even with the cane she goes to the car to get to the other side. >> all right. >> reporter: a rough journey she has taken for two weeks now. >> pretty inconvenient getting to town for simple things. it's not easy. >> reporter: today another inconvenience. the power out for most of the day. crews worked on trimming back trees that are leaning on power
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lines. >> without the electricity, the well doesn't work. so, you know, it's part of living out here. it's paradise. but you have to pay a price. >> most of the people out here are on wells so when the power goes down, the well pump can't run so we're out of water, power. >> reporter: no water, no power, and if the road gets any worse, it could mean no more path here for pedestrian. >> that means we have to get back way which is through livermore on morgan territory south. it's a very unsafe road, one lane wide. lots of curves. >> reporter: contra costa county says they can't start working on the slide area until it stop moving. and that could be months. >> starting to really wear on us and a lot of the neighbors i have seen have been extremely frustrated. i feel like we are going to drive our dozers through and make a road somewhere else. >> reporter: in clayton, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> and in pleasanton, some neighbors living along arroyo creek are in fear of their
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backyards crumbling away. this is a race against time or, rather, mother nature. every day neighbors living along arroyo creek are hoping something can be done to stabilize the bank before it rains again. >> you could hear like 100 cubic yards at a time falling into the arroyo. >> reporter: what's going through your mind? >> oh, my god! >> reporter: to give you another view we are on the other side of the creek and now you can see their backyard and get a real sense of just how sheer that cliff is and just how much it's eating away into their backyard. >> but until the zone 7 water agency finishes its surveying and the army corps of engineers signs off on an emergency permit, everyone's hands are tied. rain or no rain. >> there have been two sightings but still no luck arresting a would-be car burglar in the east bay. the suspect was first spotted on carlson boulevard in richmond just after 1 a.m. police say an officer opened fire when the man attempted to
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run him down. the suspect was spotted again today about noon near aquatic park in berkeley. but for a second time, he was able to get away. this time on foot. and in half moon bay two guys who police say hatched a plan to steal an atm are behind bars tonight. over the weekend, police say they were spotted trying to haul away the cash machine from a mall. they were taken into custody after a crash in san jose. what would you do with 29 acres of prime real estate in the north bay? that's the question going on in novato. kpix 5's emily turner tells us, discussions are just starting about what else hamilton field could become. >> reporter: they were once bustling spots on novato's military base and now, three parks have the chance to be busy once again. >> it looks abandoned. looks like an abandoned and then the buildings next to it
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are not very nice looking either. >> reporter: the bachelor's office quarters commissary and old towne centre site a theater are now free for redevelopment. the city worked to deal with the federal government to relieve restrictions on the parcels and now their future is wide open. >> so now the next step is to find out what's really viable and what can be done to enhance that community. >> reporter: but, that work will have to be done by developers even though they are owned by the city. >> it basically comes down to money. the city of novato says it doesn't have enough to rehab these buildings and make them into something that's fitting for the hamilton community. this theater will cost more than $400 a square foot to fix up. and the officers quarters isn't in good shape, either. but already at least one developer has put a proposal forward. the interest makes some in the neighborhood nervous about what might be moving in. but the city says not to worry. nothing will be done without community input. emily turner, kpix 5. >> the city of novato will be holding a community meeting on march 20 to ask folks for input
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on how these parcels can and should be used. today fire investigators were back at the scene of that residential motel fire in vallejo. their focus, units not destroyed in sunday's fire. they tell us they found numerous code violations including 15 units without working smoke detectors. that was something residents complained to us about. the property owners were slapped with a $2,500 fine. well, they should be in hawaii right now. instead, some bay area travelers are fuming! why their plane spent hours circling in the air only to come back home. >> how would you like to speed to l.a. in one of these yellow pods? the bay area team that wants to make tube travel a reality. >> and get ready to pay more for salmon. why this could be the worst season for fishermen in years. >> strong ridge of high pressure just to our south. a very active storm track just to our north. who wins? the answer next. ded a flight,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this morning in san jose... and hoped to watch the sun set in hawaii. a from us stating day for passengers who boarded a flight this morning in san jose hope to be watching the sunset in hawaii. a frustrating day for the passengers. it went from mineta and went 200 miles and got nowhere
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nearly the final destination of honolulu. kpix 5's keit do on the hours long flight that just kept going in circles. kiet. >> reporter: that flight got in three hours ago but about 100 people about half the flight they are still inside the terminal right now trying to rebook the flight. they are supposed to be in hawaii right now but instead, they took a flight to nowhere. sorry, but there will be no l leis, shaved ice or pineapple at this airport. >> this is not what i was expecting. >> reporter: hawaiian flight 43 was supposed to be landing in warm sunny honolulu but after nearly 4 hours in the air, it has landed right back where it took off from chilly, landlocked san jose. passengers say there was troubling from the get-go. crews repaired a generator and the boeing 767 eventually took off two hours late. but about half an hour into the flight, the pilot announced
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that generator had failed again. >> so then we had to turn around to come back to san jose and fly for four hours to burn off fuel. >> reporter: this tracking shows that. the plane circled over and over again over the pacific ocean just off the coast of monterey making at least ten loops. >> you could see the land, see them turning around. >> over and over again. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: the nearly 300 passengers were told to leave the secure area to rebook their flights with just a handful of ticketing agents. some were offered first class seats. others meals. still others got a hotel room. and are you ready for the kicker? the next flight to hawaii leaves tomorrow. annoyed? >> yes. >> it's travel. >> frustrated but not -- tired, wish we were there but it happens. >> reporter: what would make it better for you? >> to be in hawaii right now. ha ha! >> reporter: and so the airline issued a statement in its plain
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jane nuts and bolts describing it as his mechanical issue. it was and it was technically not described as an emergency. live at the airport in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. earlier this afternoon, at mineta, a small plane made an emergency landing. the landing gear collapsed as it touched down. two people on board at the time had just taken on from reid- hillview airport. no injuries. new talk of a curfew to cut down on plane noise on routes near the san carlos airport. the san mateo county board of supervisors will consider banning flights between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. at its meeting in july, with focus groups and town halls before then. cities have complained about the noise from surf airplanes flying in and out of san carlos. last year the new route got complaints from people in sunnyvale. marin county no longer
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holds the lead with complaints about illegal wood-burning. thanks to the wet winter we have had there were only 7 "spare the air" days since november. days when fireplace burning is banned. for the last 7 years, marin has held the lead in complaints, this season santa clara county had 434 complaints. alameda was second with 277 complaints. and there was marin again at 231 wood-burning complaints. new at 6:00 the price of salmon could be going up. way up! don ford explains why it could be one of the worst seasons in years. >> reporter: with all the storms, all the flooding, and all the water, you would think that this would be a great fishing season for salmon but it could be one of the worst. >> the fish that will come back in 2017 are fish that were born in 2014. then it was a bad drought. >> reporter: three years ago
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streams were low, warmer and in some cases, completely dried up. few baby salmon made it to the open ocean back then so the numbers returning now as adults is limited. >> we lost them in super high numbers. >> reporter: it was so bad three years ago, the golden gate salmon association teamed up with the state to deliver the baby salmon straight to the bay. experts say it was only a drop in the bucket compared to normal numbers. now those fish are believed to be the ones returning this year. >> it's been a tough couple of years. >> reporter: larry collins has finished salmon for more than three decades but says even though this year looks lean, the future looks bright. >> everybody that can hold on for a couple more years, i think that we are going to have some pretty good salmon catches, you know, down the road. >> reporter: meanwhile, the price of salmon you know it is going up. while the price of salmon may go up in the short term the deluge of rain we have had this winter may be just what the
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doctor ordered to help replenish the depleted salmon stocks for the future. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. this just in. governor jerry brown minutes ago issuing a major disaster declaration in the wake of winter storms. the governor cites damage to critical infrastructure around the state among other things. the disaster declaration allows caltrans to request federal funds to make much-needed repairs. we have our hans full there so many roads out now and still water coming off hillsides. i still have water running on my property. >> we'll be watching property getting fixed and roads getting fixed in june and july when the tap is off and we can't buy a drop of rain. it will be damage repairs from the storms of january and february. and we'll be cleaning this up for a while. but now we get a break. good 6, seven-day break with warm dry weather here in the bay area. highs today -- this will be the coolest day between now and at least next tuesday or wednesday. we still hit the 60s. san jose high today 62.
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concord 61. fremont, napa, half moon bay, all around 60. san francisco 58. we are getting warmer. notice a few showers off the mendocino coastline. that's as close as any rain will get for the next several days and it will feel like spring and we are springing ahead this weekend. please do not forget, set your clocks ahead one hour this saturday night. it will be a 47-hour weekend. sunset on saturday 6:13. the sun will not go down until 7:14 this sunday but, of course, you lose that hour of daylight in the morning so that may throw you off if you are getting up early on sunday morning. storms will miss us. why? we had a strong area of low pressure with the gulf of alaska feeding in moisture in far northern california, southern oregon but we have an equally strong or stronger area of high pressure to our south which will keep that storm track to the north. we'll stay on the warm side of things and we'll stay mainly dry. partly cloudy skies overnight tonight. and with the extra humidity in the air, with the extra cloud cover, no 30s. livermore, tri-valley, 41. napa 44. san francisco 49. we are warmer tomorrow.
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how about 70 degrees? sound good, san jose? you're getting there. how about livermore? 71. concord, 70. fairfield, 70. santa rosa 70. napa 72. we'll stay dry and on the milder side of average for the foreseeable future. your kpix 5 extended forecast warmer thursday and friday could see mid-70s inland. upper 60s near the bay. low 60s along the coast. next week even as the storm track lynch closer toward us, we will stay mainly dry with highs in the 60s. if you want to connect on social media, paul deanno kpix 5 i'll be talking all about sunshine and things blossoming with the skies. it feels like spring. >> going to be a nice week. >> let's hope so. the cia capable of spying on your smartphone and tv. wikileaks exposes how the government has the power to target you. >> the secret is out on the san francisco state gators. no wikileaks required for that story and the 49ers say good- bye to another veteran as the housecleaning continues down there in santa clara. kickoff is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gators men's basketball
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team..they're headed to the divsion two dance and you can't help but get caught up in coach give it up to the san francisco state gators men's basketball team. they are headed to the division 2 dance and you can't help but get caught up in coach paul trevor's enthusiasm. >> it's go time! we have worked for this since august. let's go get it now. and if you can't get up for that, then maybe i shouldn't have you in the game. >> it's back to work for trevor and his gators to get set for the friday regional quarterfinal against cal baptist. it's been so long since san francisco state made the tournament that the center is the only player on the roster that was alive in march of 1994. >> i was in my crib. [ laughter ] >> playing with the toys that my mom and dad probably gave me. i had no idea what was going on around me. so yeah, it's pretty insane. that that long ago, it's incredible.
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>> i received an email from the captain of the '69 team. so proud of you guys the hard work paying off. from someone following from a distance and then all of a sudden to be proud of san francisco state athletics again it means the world to me. >> great stuff, go gators. the saint mary's women were hoping to punch their ticket to the big dance for only the third time in program history. gonzaga plenty to cheer about early as the zags led by up to 23. back come the gaels. turner drilling the three. part of a 16-two-run. the lead down to 6. could it be? but they have no answer for jill who scored 37 points. gonzaga beat saint mary's 86-75 to give the gaels their first ncaa tournament bid since 2001. the 49ers have released a 32-year-old who started all 16 games last season and had one
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year remaining on his contract. the move gives san francisco over $90 million in cap space heading into free agency. martin celebrated his 9th birthday and the team made sure they knew it was his special day. ♪[ music ] >> of course, a mariachi band is never done after just one song. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: they followed martin all over the field. ♪[ music ] [ singing in spanish ] ♪ adios >> how do you concentrate? team mile kyle seager paid for the band then had to pay overtime to keep them around in the batting cage. >> now i know. >> irish rock band for my birthday! coming up in the next half-
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hour she was thrown from a plane and managed to survive. a bay area wombatling for her life after a crash. coming home from a cheerleading competition. her husband opens up about the painful road to recovery. >> change the rules of the road. california could give cyclists a path to roll through stop signs. but is it safe? >> and the tricky rescue to save a horse stuck in mud chest deep.
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area came crashing down in southern california - 2 women .. our top story at 6:30? >> when this plane bound for the bay area came crashing down in southern california, two women who were on board were ejected and survived. for the first time we're hearing about one of those survivors' injuries and the difficult road to recovery ahead. reporter crystal cruz spoke with her family. >> terrified that she won't make it. but i'm putting all my faith in god and and i believe she is going to pull through and we are going to have her home. >> reporter: it's been a week since richard pierce' wife stacey of 20 years boarded her parents' plane home from riverside to san jose in bad
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weather. >> all day i told my wife please take a commercial flight home and she said no we'll be fine. >> reporter: the plane was seen on camera falling from the sky crashing into two homes killing stacey's mother, stepfather, and family friend 22-year-old adine farelas. another friend and stacey survived but both of stacey's legs were amputated and she is not yet talking. >> her face looks like the beautiful face she always had. her back and rear are pretty burned. they are doing skin grafts tomorrow. and she lost her legs. >> reporter: together they have four children. she doesn't remember the crash but her husband filled her in just a little. >> honey you were in a crash. you're going to be fine. when the kids walked in she was excited and the bells and whistles went off. >> reporter: richard hasn't told his wife that her parents died in the crash out here.
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stacey's 83-year-old stepfather with decades of experience piloted that plane. >> he is a great pilot can't be them. this wouldn't happen to us. i have flown with them many, many times. he is very focused. >> reporter: the group was heading home from stacey's daughter, brook's cheer competition. >> first place. >> reporter: brook has flown on the plane more times than she can count but this time there was too much luggage on board so brook took a bus home with her cheer team. i don't i'm just blessed. >> reporter: i'm crystal cruz in riverside, kpix 5. >> the other survivor is the mother of a dean. bystanders may have saved her life by dragging her body away from the flames. wikileaks says the cia targeted everyday gadgets including smartphones, as part of a surveillance program. wikileaks says that it obtained a trove of documents from a former government hacker or contractor. they revealed tools that can take over smart tvs and record
6:33 pm
audio. the sky can also collect audio and text from apps like "whatsapp" and others while bypassing encryption. security analyst jeff harp says the agency spent a long time developing the capabilities. >> they understand that hey, this process, this is a document or this is an electronic device that the bad guys use so we need to know how to tap into that. so this kind of research goes on for years and years. >> the worst part is the cia appears to be keeping vulnerabilities that they find in our devices and not giving them to the companies so that the devices can be made more secure and that puts us all at risk. >> the cia allegedly has been using the hacking tools to monitor the communication of terror groups. today democrats grilled the president's pick for deputy attorney general over how he would handle probes of russian meddling with the presidential election. rosenstein sized up calls to appoint a special prosecutor.
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>> if you decline to name a special prosecutor, will you commit to come before this committee and explain why? >> when i take that oath i cannot take it conditioned upon conditioned how i'm going to handle a particular taste. >> he will take over the fbi's investigations into russia. attorney general jeff sessions recused himself after failing to disclose that he met with russian's ambassador twice in the last year. the national park service is setting the record straight about the size of president trump's inauguration crowd. new photos show a clear difference in the crowd size that former president obama's first inauguration on the left and president trump's on january 20th. the photos contradict trump's statement that the crowd stretched to the washington monument. pretty scary ride on muni today a passenger takes out his cell phone and he is forced to walk through a tunnel just to get to safety. a j-church train malfunctioned near the van ness station and passengers had 20 walk through the tunnel -- had to walk
6:35 pm
through the tunnel to get out. a passenger shot the video. it's a little walkway there. the train was cleared about 1:30 p.m. and a close call for shoppers at this concord department store on ygnacio valley road. a pt cruiser came crashing through the front doors about 2 p.m. police say the 77-year-old driver stepped on the gas instead of the brake. no one was hurt. the rules of the road might be changing. there's a push to let cyclists roll right through stop signs. so is it really a good idea? here's kpix 5's jackie ward. >> reporter: everyone knows about the california roll. you know, when you don't come to a complete stop at a stop sign and instead treat it as more of a yield? phil ting a state assemblymen who represents parts of san francisco and daly city is introducing a measure that would make that role legal. but just for bicyclists. >> there's been a study by a professor that if they looked at this to he would tensionally move bikes off busier streets
6:36 pm
like this one here on to more streets with stop signs. >> reporter: tinge says the longer a bicycle is at an intersection the more likely they are to get hit by a car. what about pedestrians who waited for a crosswalk who might not see a bicycle who is not stopping? >> no biker is going to challenge a car because they will lose. so anytime a biker sees a car they are going to stop and yield. and again, bikers and cars have to yield for pedestrians but that doesn't change. >> reporter: under his proposal this bill would still force bicyclists to stop at red lights and stresses they would only be allowed to go through a stop sign if it was safe. >> bikers going up the hill, down the hill, doesn't matter. they have to yield to pedestrians. >> reporter: opponents say if passed it would encourage bad habits and leave too much up to the bicyclist's discretion. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. idaho is the only state in the country with a law like this and it saw a decline in bike-related injuries after that law passed. face to face with a flood damage.
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the big step today to put a price tag on relief in san jose. and the frustration tonight over red tape. >> and how a bay area teen wants to change the future of transportation with that yellow pod. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for people who were flooded out of their homes in san jose. on the left - it has been a long couple of weeks for people who were flooded out of their homes in san jose. on the left, it's what it looked like then. on the right, chopper 5 video from today. as you can see, there's still a lot of clean-up that's left to do. and today, while the state and local officials toured that damage, residents told devin fehely, they are getting fed up with the red tape. >> reporter: piles of trash and rows of flooded cars. these images from chopper 5 offer a glimpse of how much work remains to be done in flooded san jose neighborhoods. state officials for the office of emergency services got their first up close look at the storm damage in san jose from the ground touring several
6:40 pm
recovering neighborhoods this afternoon. >> they are conducting a preliminary damage assessment which gets basically, you know, boots on the ground to look directly at the homes and businesses that are impacted. >> reporter: it's also the first step in figuring out what state and federal money or other assistance may be available to flood victims. >> i realistically think if we push it we can do it within a month. >> reporter: constantine owns a apartment in the city's rocksprings neighborhood. he says despite promises from city hall, bureaucratic red tape is still standing in the way of many business owners rebuilding. >> she said, we will eliminate all of the red tape, all the bureaucracy. we will have people out there all day long and issuing permits on the spot. >> reporter: the mayor and city council approved a plan to waive inspection and permit fees for flood victims but say they must strike a balance between speeding up process and ensuring the work is done
6:41 pm
properly. >> permitting process has to be followed. we can't just get out of the way. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. google has big plans to expand in mountain view. google is hoping to get final approval tonight for a covered complex along north bayshore boulevard. 600,000 square feet of space. the canopy is a solar array. it won't be just for employees. parts of it will be open to the public. coming up, how one bay area city could make it easier for new moms to get back to work. >> january wet february wet, and san francisco march already 1.5" of rainfall. that's half our average for the month during the first week. we are taking a break. coming up find out how long the break from the rain will last. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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yellow pod.. and hurtling toward los angeles at 700 miles an hour?? can you imagine getting inside this thing? this little yellow pod and hurdling toward los angeles at 700 miles an hour? kpix 5's len ramirez reports this isn't the stuff of sci-fi.
6:45 pm
engineers in menlo park are hoping it will become reality reporter: you're looking at the future of high speed transportation a vehicle that neither flies nor rides on rails but actually does a little of both. >> the entire pod will lift up in this direction. it's essentially floating. >> reporter: crowd funded on indiegogo and designed by a worldwide team of engineers who came together on the internet, the pod is a working prototype for elon musk's hyperloop challenge. it's a new form of transportation to move people in vacuum tubes at700 miles an hour. >> it's high speed. it cuts down the transit time, 30 minutes from san francisco to los angeles. >> reporter: a network of volunteers was formed some who never met in person was formed into a nonprofit called rloop.
6:46 pm
the team came together here in some r&d lab space donated in menlo park. >> i think it's remarkable that they have found each other on the web and that they were able to complete the pod the way they did. >> reporter: from designing and building a new type of battery system to the technology that uses spinning magnetic motors to ride on a cushion of air nothing like this had ever been built before. and the team won hyperloop's innovation award. >> it's a lot of things that actually already exist. it's a matter of putting them in a smart way to create the final product. >> reporter: the pod nicknamed infera will get its first real word test at the test track in hawthorne next summer. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> san francisco may soon have a strong lactation policy the strongest in the nation. legislation introduced at tonight's board of supervisors aims to help working mothers
6:47 pm
continue to breast-feed. supervisor katie tang has pushed for the policy. it requires employers to talk to new mothers about how they will support their breast- feeding needs. tang says forcing employers to talking to women prevents them from having to ask for support on their own. >> one of the big barriers is continuing to breast-feed. it's hard in general but a huge barrier is having a conversation to the employer and finding a space in your workplace. >> i think san francisco and the rest of the country here frankly is very behind and i think that, you know, many mothers they don't have a choice about whether they get to return to work or not. >> the legislation will be voted on by the supervisors board within the next three months. a horse and its rider got in trouble this afternoon in the santa cruz mountains. check this out. as bad as this looks, it has a happy ending. the horse was on a trail and got up into the chest across a
6:48 pm
creek. rescue teams diverted some water and firmed up the sand so the horse could get out. the horse and rider rode off eventually. >> they are both fine. so good news there. ♪[ music ] creeks will be going down because rain is staying to our north. we'll be dry and mild and warm because some of you will hit 70 coming up tomorrow. beautiful tonight clear at the golden gate. a little bit of color in the sky still. by this time next week it will be bright outside. san jose 56. oakland 57. concord 56. livermore santa rosa san francisco 54. there are a few showers about two hours north and west of ukiah. humboldt county with showers overnight. none for us. there's a lot of snow in the mountains:
6:49 pm
700 inches of snow certainly in parts of the sierra this winter. we are getting milder at night because of the humidity and cloud cover. mountain view 46. pacifica 48. a battle in the atmosphere this time we win with sunshine. low pressure will stay to the north. active storm track stays to our north within 2 or 300 miles but close is not rainfall. we'll stay dry because of this ridge of high pressure building in our direction. we stay dry and temperatures will warm up tomorrow by about 10 degrees. we'll see how close it is. rain not in the futurecast here but the leading edge of the cloud cover will still be with you in north sonoma county tomorrow. it will stay there for much of the day. dry and sunny and perhaps a marine layer developing and pushing onshore which may impact temperatures in santa cruz and capitola also pacifica
6:50 pm
and half moon bay. overall dry and sunny. three to six inches of rain to the oregon coastline and the olympic mountains in washington. we stay warm and dry through the weekend. look at the 70s on the map tomorrow. that's san jose 5 degrees above average. 70 for you. 71 los gatos, cupertino, palo alto right around 70. mid-60s for the coast. san ramon close to 70. 70 santa rosa. napa 72. beautiful day in sausalito. of 5 degrees. mill valley 68. novato 69. even cloverdale 72 degrees ukiah mid-60s with clouds in the morning. sunshine in the afternoon. mid-70s thursday and friday. mild through the weekend. and we'll see that jet stream get closer cooling us off by a few degrees but mainly dry all the way through the middle of next week. over to dennis. >> we have a family affair in
6:51 pm
san jose. how two men had changed two teams. got their story. >> and coming up tonight at 10:00 on the bay area nightbeat, we are taking a closer look at the documents wikileaks is releasing against the cia. the claim that they have been hacking into phones and televisions. tonight we're asking you, what do you think is more important, privacy or national security? htbeat over on kbcw... 44 cable 12. join us on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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6:54 pm
"two" basketba good to kick off sports. >> great story but turning a losing basketball team into a winner is hard enough. but can one family help turn around two basketball programs? >> reporter: the occasions are few and far between when dave can take his son jake to a basketball game. jake is in the throws of the post-season at bellarmine prep. >> it's hard because i want to see him play. >> reporter: dave won 18 games in his first three seasons with
6:55 pm
the spartans. he already has 14 this year. >> people told me not to take the job. they have never won they are never going to win it's not the right thing to say to me. >> i knew he was going to turn the program around. >> reporter: life is good in the house. they won their first league title in 16 years. >> i would rather be involved in the situation where where tonight i have no control. >> reporter: dave is a journeyman coach. he had eight jobs since jake was born. >> once he started high school no matter where we were we weren't going to move him. >> reporter: now jake has developed into one of the area's better players and has committed verbally to siena college in new york. not san jose state. >> i have always grown up saying i want to play for my dad but now as i grow older i mean i want to do my own thing. >> he will have a good career
6:56 pm
there but something happens i would love to have him come play for me. i'm going to have a hard time because i never get to see him play. >> reporter: dad has a year to convince jake otherwise sitting around the dinner table. do you drive your mom crazy with all the basketball talk? you must, right? >> yeah. >> she deals with it, put it that way. >> reporter: she has to. >> yeah, right. you know, dave wojcik has a tough job because san jose state is recruiting against teams like santa clara, usf, stanford, cal, saint mary's. so it's hard not to recruit and then you hire assistant coaches in an area where it costs a million dollars to buy a house so there are a lot of obstacles to winning in san jose state so thumbs up for coach wojcik. >> love the cal state colleges coming on, san jose, san francisco, looking good. >> go gators. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on oin us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
6:57 pm
see us back here tonight at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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