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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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myself, which is why it's especially meaningful to me to be here in front of you to say thank you and to tell you that i truly feel that need to thank you. ( cheers ) because-- in all honesty, we all know that none of us, especially me, wouldn't be standing up here if it weren't for you tonight. so thank you, and give them hell, betty sue. ( cheers and applause ) >> joel: all right, everyone, we have two hours left. i'm kidding. hit the confetti. thank you, everyone. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ,,
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>> rock slides, flooded roads, a lot more rain on the way. your high-def doppler forecast is next. ,,,,
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 new. >> we have break news tonight. a bay area bridge is completely shut down after several trees come crashing down. >> some parts of the bay area are under a flash flood warning. this is just the first of three back to back soakers. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we have team coverage tonight. the big storm first, emily turner. >> yeah, right now, you said it. there is a flash flood warning in effect in southeast sonoma county. it goes into effect until or is into effect until 12:15 tomorrow morning. we are talking santa rosa, petaluma, sonoma, windsor, and graton. make it to higher ground and stay safe. we want everyone to make it through the storm because we have two more to get through after that. taking a look at high-def doppler, you can see scattered showers throughout the bay
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area. the bulk of the heavy storms have made their way out. there are a few remaining pockets of rainfall. zooms into them. all of them headed toward vallejo. moving in toward american canyon. that will move our rainfall totals, close to totals we think. six-and-a-half inches in the north bay. all the way down no 38,100ths of an inch in san jose. this is just the beginning. there is more water, more rain on the heels of this because we have two more storms headed our way. there will be a few showers tomorrow, but i will time it all out for you in a little bit. >> thank you emily. a bay area bridge is completely shut down, kpix5's andria borba is in oakley tonight. >> reporter: well, liz, take a look behind me. this is something you do not see every day. a completely empty toll plaza at the antioch toll bridge.
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it is because of storm damage. let's show you the video and the reason why. ten trees have fallen across highway 160 between the antioch bridge and highway 12. seven smaller trees on sherman island. then brandon island in sacramento county. two larger trees laying across the northbound lanes. boast of the drivers turned around. there were about 20 to 30 drivers who our cameras saw across the bridge who chose to wait it out and in some cases tried to get past the trees and drive underneath them. that is something we do not recommend. now, the chp says the antioch bridge will not reopen until at least 9:00 a.m. on thursday, if you or a loved one have a commute that involving this bridge, it is time to look for an alternate route. anda andria borba, kpix5.
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>> let's get to betty yu who is at the scene of a big mud slide in santa cruz tonight. betty. >> reporter: traffic along southbound highway 17 was tied up for more than an hour tonight because of a mud slide just south of the caps restaurant. traffic began slowing again in the last five minutes when chp reopened the roads. tonight for the county, the concern remains, high winds and steep muddy hillsides that are particularly vulnerable. tonight, steady heavy rain. hammered highway 17. high winds made driving treacherous. earlier today, flooding and downed trees and power lines made for tricky commutes at about a dozen hot spots in the county. check out the massive rock and mud slide two miles south of highway 35. a huge chunk of the cliff along the upper road is gone. and a handful of trees
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uprooted. there was no easy way around it for drivers who dealt with extra long detours. it wasn't much better for people living near the east foothills in san jose. this giant tree was no match for mother nature. it came crashing down over mount hamilton road and it took down power lines. caltrans crews sawed the tree into smaller chunks to help clear the way. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory for the santa cruz mountains and the santa clara valley including san jose through 1:00 a.m. on thursday. live in the santa cruz mountains, betty yu, kpix5. meanwhile, in san francisco, crews are keeping a close eye on this unstable hillside near diamond heights. oceanasi boulevard shut down because of the threat of falling rocks and boulders.
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crews set up protective bar barriers there. it would be closed until friday. winds knocked down this huge tree at 15th and martin luther king. no word yet on when the road will reopen. in orinda, it is a race against time to shore up a massive sink hole. kpix5's jessica flores shows us. >> reporter: we are here on miner road in orinda. i want you to take a look at this. it is 22 feet deep. it has been here for about a week. crews have been working around the clock tries to repair it. but of course, this wet weather has slowed things down today. so, what they worked on today was actually over here making sure to secure and stabilize a water main so that people in this area can make sure and get their water. they are stabilizing that. but, they really didn't get a chance today because of the weather to work on this huge sink hole. they plan to have this all
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fixed up in about a month. they say it would cost more than a million dollars. in orinda, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. flooding on 101 in san francisco. our photographer joseph cousins drove through this deep puddle near the 280 split. here is a live look at sfo. the storm forced the cancellation of about 90 flights in and out of the airport. the longest delay was at least two hours. also tonight, napa county issued an emergency declaration from the recent storm damage. county officials say they are asking assistance from the state to clean up damage to public facilities. those liveing in the sierra are asked to keep an eye on their properties. >> reporter: we are in soda springs where this area has gotten a foot of snow. and buried underneath all of this snow are propane tanks.
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this is exactly what you don't want to see. people are being asked to protect your propane tanks. protect your home. things can get dangerous. as caltrans crews prepare for the next round of winter storms keeping road ways open and clear. homeowner ins the area are hard at work. >> this was a lot of work. my wife and i did this. last friday. >> reporter: tim has been a long time president of soda springs and takes pride in protecting his propane tank that heats his home. >> i get all the snow off the top of the tank like this. we keep a big horseshoe around it. >> reporter: propane tanks and natural gas lines can be damaged by deep snow pack results in gas leaks and if that happens. >> we go into the house, the house fills up with propane. and then, when your refrigerator turns on, or an appliance turns on or an alarm or something, it creates a
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spark. and you can have an explosion. >> reporter: in 2010, this neighborhood had to evacuate because of a gas leak. and now, placer county officials are hoping residents in the sierra are aware of this serious safety concern. certainly, a lot of work to do for these residents. if you see your propane tank, buried under the snow, you are asked to get experts out here. check your roof vents and chimneys. >> you can track the storms and check out the high-def in addition doppler any time this body cam video shows police shooting a mentally ill man. excessive force? tonight, you be the judge. >> donald trump is sworn in as president in two days. we are in washington dc with a look at the security. >> turns out governor brown's budget is not exactly as he said. the $2 billion mistake. (break))) toni,,,,,,,,,,
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an unarmed man. did the officers use excessive force? you be the judge. here's kpix 5's joe vazquez. >> san francisco police, did they use excessive force this time? you be the judge, here is kpix5's joe vasquez. >> what the [bleep] you show up this time here? >> i got a call for a service. are you okay? >> i didn't call you. quit showing up at my house if i didn't call you. >> reporter: the body cam shows two san francisco police officers confronting 42-year- old shawn moore who makes it clear he want it is cops to leave. >> get off of my stair! >> reporter: after a few minutes they try to arrest moore for a restraining order violation. >> what's up, come on. >> get off my stair. >> reporter: one cop sprays him
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with pepper spray. then it backfires and gets in the other cop's eyes. eventually, they rush up the stairs using their night sticks. moore lunges at the cops. shots are fired. moore is wounded. but survived. both officers' faces were bloodied. the interim police chief insists his officers did the right thing. >> there have been some allegations the officers were not assaulted in this incident. the footage shows they were assaulted by the suspect. >> reporter: his mother says moore has a history of mental illness. >> my son did not need to be shot. >> it could have been deescalated inside of the continued aggravation. >> reporter: we showed the video to a group camping out at city hall protesting police use of force. >> it is easy for them to walk away. and leave that man alone. he is the officer, he is supposed to deescalate the situation. that is not what he did. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5.
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now, let's go live to washington dc and just two days, donald trump will be sworn in as president of the united states. tonight, law enforcement is already on high alert around the nation's capital. melissa caen is in dc. >> reporter: we just arrived in washington dc and this is as close as we are able to get to the white house. as you can see, it is pretty well barricaded down because they are making room for the bleachers. now, this is where the parade is going to come through. the president will sit in the white structure and wave and salute the thousands of people participating in that parade including a group from california. the merced county sheriff's posse. we have talked to two cab drivers saying it is pretty slow and your hotel right downtown is not fully booked yet. so things are pretty quiet for now. but, we do know that tomorrow, there will be more security, more road closures. and potentially, more people and more activity.
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we will be here covering all of that for you live. in washington dc, melissa caen, kpix5. >> and melissa will be in dc throughout the week. tune in for her live reports starting tomorrow. a new cbs news poll shows trump with the lowest favorability wraithing since ronald reagan. only 32% of americans have a favorable opinion of mr. trump. americans are evenly split on his cabinet picks. about 39% approve, 40% disapprove. kpix5's allen martin shows us some of the nominees are getting a tough grilling on capitol hill. >> we are a compassionate society. >> no we are not. >> democrats interrogated two of so intensely, one of them mistook the room for a courtroom. scott pruett filed lawsuits against the agency he wans to
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lead. >> do you agree that global warming is is a hoax? >> i do not, senator. >> but he would not concede that humans are primarily to blame. >> i believe it is subject to more debate on whether human activity contribute to it. >> on the other end of the hallway, democrats came down hard on georgia congressman tom price. >> i am very frightened about what you are going to do. >> as secretary of health and human services, price would help lead trump's effort to repeal and replace obama care. >> i believe and i look forward to working with you to make sure every single american has access to the highest quality care and coverage that is possible. >> has access to does not mean that they are guaranteed healthcare. i have access to boying a $10 million home, but not the money to do that. >> democrats and republicans are negotiating on how many of trump's cabinet nominees will be confirmed on inauguration day. allen martin, kpix5. tonight, police in rohnert
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park are investigating a sexual assault on a development tally disabled person. they say the suspect and a woman approached the victim last night at a shopping center on rohnert park expressway. is suspect followed the victim to the victim's apartment where the assault happened. so far, no arrests have been made. two people in the south bay are in the hospital tonight battling bad burns. they were injured after their apartment on florence avenue caught fire this afternoon. the flames destroyed one unit, damaged five others. paramedics rushed the two burn victims to the hospital. another resident suffered smoke inhalation. investigators are still looking into the cause. a nearly $2 billion blunder by jerry brown's administration. it turns out that california's debt may not be as bad as we thought. veronica de la cruz joins us with more details. >> reporter: that's right. the governor's administration miscalculated the cost of the
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medical program by $1.9 billion last year. they discovered the mistakes last fall. he called for $3 billion in cuts in a state budget proposal. the department of finance did not account for the rebates from drug makers the state owes the federal government in a statement, a spokesperson for the department of finance says there is no other way to describe this other than a straight up error in accounting which we deeply regret. they also miscaltrans miscalculated $1.4 billion if others. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. the stock hit nearly $144 a share today, the company netflix announced it added more than 7 million subscribers. its biggest growth in company history. netflix says at least 5 million
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more subscribers could be added this quarter. after a successful weekend blastoff and landing, the spacex falcon 9 rocket is now docked in los angeles. erica mandy reports visitors are getting an up close look. >> it is awesome. >> amazing. >> i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: people who came to the port of los angeles to see the spacex falcon 9 reusable rocket are not just taking picture. they are taking a moment to consider what this means. >> you can actually bring this back and reuse it. >> i grew up during the early years of the space age. and this is beyond anything that i could have ever imagined. >> ever been this close to something that has been to space? >> no. >> reporter: it is 160 feet tall and proud after a successful launch saturday. it took off from the vandenberg air force base. delivered ten communication sat lithes the size of a small car
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and landed in the pacific ocean. it and its barge were towed here to san pedro to be retooled and reused. >> cost launch is very expensive and this reduces the cost of launch. >> spacex really working on reducing the cost of putting satellites up. and, that is really amazing work. >> reporter: it is getting plenty of people to talk off from their couch just to see it. spacex won't say how much longer this rocket booster will be here. we do know the company plans six more launches from california this year. in san pedro, erica mandy, kpix5. new snow piling up in the sierra again making for very slick conditions on interstate- 80. don't believe me? check this out. chp has to help push a big rig up an icy incline near donor lake. the big raying has chains on the tires. the area has picked up more than a foot of new snow. and obviously, chains are required. emily turner in tonight for
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kpix5 meteorologist paul deanno. emily, more storms are on the way. >> reporter: more storms, more rain, more snow for the sierra, not the snow, but the lain -- rain you can see on the high- def doppler. a few scattered showers. most of the heavy stuff has made its way out of the area. there are still pockets of heavier showers. let's zoom in quickly. you can see around marinwood, moving further east. toward vallejo, ultimately, american canyon. moving northeastward, you are getting some wet weather right now. and, there are a few more showers that we will see over the next 24 hours but all this rain here means just like you saw there, some snow in the sierra. heavy snow. in fact, they are under a winter storm warning until thursday at noon. in the higher peaks. they might even see three feet of snow. but, as we saw, travel delays are going to be likely. so, you will need chains. you be not be able to get back if you go otherwise.
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this low pressure system is the second storm that is going the be ushered in by all of the winds that we will be seeing on friday morning. in fact, taking a look at the futurecast, right now, it is mostly cloudy with a few scattered storms here and there. and then, tomorrow morning, pretty much the same thing. this is going to be the story moving through thursday. it will be unsettled. mostly cloudy. a few scattered showers here and there until thursday evening then look at this. friday morning that is when a second round of storms will be moving through right in time for your morning commute. so, a few showers overnight. rain showers on thursday. storm number two is arriving on friday. highs tomorrow, pretty easy. mid to high 50s . 55 to 57. looking at the seven day forecast, you can see the showers on thursday. second round hitting on friday. and then, saturday, and sunday, that is when the next round starts to move in. we will see storms 3.0 on sunday. and then, look at that. something to look forward to.
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tuesday and wednesday, things will start to dry out. and, we have some sunny weather that i was looking. it might last through next weekend. >> that could be great. >> dennis o'donnell alongside. and, that hall of fame nomination time. >> a lot of giants fans had their fingers crossed were their big slug tore night. did barry bonds get into baseball's hall of fame? the votes are in. we have the results. wait until you hear the reaction caused by this play at tonight's warrior game. tipoff is next. (((break))) the nba will be looking at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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the thunder- warriors game.. ken bastid >> i think the nba will be looking at the post game comments from russell westbrook. ken bastida thinks everybody travels. look at westbrook. look at that. you have to dribble the basketball, man. >> call it. >> fireworks right out of the gate for durant. monster dunk. a rough night for westbrook. he had ten turnovers. not leveled by zaza. got off the floor with the game tied at the break. a flop.
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warriors pulled away in the third. ian clark misses the layup here. durant, though, there to clean it up. two of his season high 40 points tonight. warriors win 121-100. not a game russell westbrook will forget. >> sorry, i will get him back. straight up. he hit me hard. >> did you notice him standing over the top of him. >> not until now. i will get him back. >> uh-oh. commissioner line one. another year will go by with barry bonds not in the hall of fame. he got 54% of baseball writer's votes up about 9% over last year. unfortunately, you have to get 75% to get a ticket to cooperstown. he has five more years of eligibility remaining. so, who got in? jeff bagwell. tim rains. rains in his final year of
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eligibility. pudge got. no . ahead, the sharks fans, they beat la one last time this season. plus, anxious moments in the atlantic ocean. one bay area rower looking for history. ,,,,,,
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darryl sutter jacked out of his mind for the final meeting with the sharks this season.. san jose up a goal >> canes coach darryl sutter jacked out of his mind. san jose up a goal in the second. joe pavelski stuffs it in. yes, for the lead. sharks win 3-2. they take the season series from the kings. now, we have been tracking bay area rower matt brown for over a month as he and teammates race across the atlantic ocean in a row boat. >> when you tell them about what you are about to do, what do they say? [ laughter ] >> they say you are crazy. >> look at how big he looks there. brown was spending much of his time on the grueling trip. this was the scene tonight in antigua where the boat made landfall after 35.5 days. that is the fastest time.
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he got off the boat, went straight to his wife and daughter who had not seen him at christmas this year. congratulations. right? >> that is incredible. >> yeah. >> they didn't recognize him because he only weighed 62 pounds. >> that's right. lost a little weight. >> we reported he got seasickness and man. >> crossing the atlantic in a row boat? you have to get used to getting seasick. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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