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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 29, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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condo in san jose. her ex tries to turn himself in.. but a deputy lets him go. tonight we a woman found murdered in a condo in san jose. her ex tries to turn himself in but a deputy let him go. tonight, we ask how does that happen? >> reporter: betty, you have been standing out there telling us of the many problems this jail has had and tonight another one. >> reporter: that's right, veronica, this one involves the correctional deputy and the staffer who got confused and sent an accused killer back out onto the streets. now, this jail is under heavy scrutiny for complaints about deputies behaving badly.
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>> hugo castro had a dark secret and he was ready to tell it when he walk into the main jail lobby two days ago with the note. authorities say it reveals the whereabouts of his ex- girlfriend's body. >> as soon as the correctional deputy found out about it. he directed the accused murder to san jose pd around the quarter. >> he did however followed introductions to report the body. >> here, wem find out we find out what this person is talking about f. it is j our jurisdiction, we'll handle the investigation. >> police arrested hugo for tr murder for the murder of his ex. >> a year ago, she posted third- degree profile with hugo on
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facebook. >> officers found her stabbed in downtown on third street and neither of them lives there. >> today, sharrie smith explains that hugo told a civilian worker that he wanted to find himself holiday inn. the staffer turned things over to a correctional deputy. >> reporter: a statement if these findings are true, the correctional deputy failed to meet the expectations and they'll deal with him accordingly. in the meantime, he's been reassigned. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. yes, she did talk about the cause of house sdg housing and crimes. >> she did talk about her 50th birthday. >> reporter: yes, this is our mayor turning 50 in a couple of weeks.
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to celebrate, she want to give the gift of an education to give it tot 50 lucky students. >> dancing away from the podium to the beat of oakland drummers. >> she talked crimes. this year, we loved 71 of our loved ones to murder. >> and affordable housing. >> we have to have new housing in every income level. the gift she requested ford her 50th birthday, november 12th. this is one thing i want for my birthday and that's to send 50 oakland students who'll be the first in their families all the way threw college. >> she's collecting donations from $150 to $100 and this is
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just the first step. >> 9 graders will go onto graduate for college. >> one word, the mayor did not mention the word "raiders". >> i asked her afrl wards and afterwards and she says she's saving her comments. reporting live in oakland, christine, kpix, 5. >> our u.s. polls show that a lot of oaklanders like livy. >> 42% says the city is moving in the right direction. >> i want to thank all my colleagues here for being civil and not falling for r the traps. >> i have to hand it to ben. we called ben and he was with me 100%. we called in and that's it. >> ben carson making niece tonight at the third republican
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debate. >> mark kelley is here to boil it all down. >> what is the take away here? >> we saw those two being nice. where were the fireworks? >> coming into this, a lot of eyes are on ben carson. >> recent poll numbers had him beating trumps. tonight, the economy does not appear to be the new jury jury row. >> he has not been able to deliver good, strong punchy answer, he has not gotten any applause orlanding any punches. >> the stand out star of the night was florida's rubio, marco rubio. >> forced to answer why a new paper this week called for his
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resignation. >> the junior senator is quick on his feet. >> >> so this is another example of the double standards that exist in the country. >> between the main treem media. >> clearly ready for the question and practices and talked it through with his family and gave it a good answer. >> jeb bush tried to double down. >> this is a six years term and you should not be showing up to work. >> you get like three days where you have to show up. >> coming off of dramatic cuts and to the staff and payments he's making to his ground game. it does not look like his campaign is in really good shape right now. >> the worse lashing tonight appeared to go to the cnbc moderators. >> is this a cam version? >> it is not nicely questioned
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the way you say it. >> let me say something. the questions that's been asked so far on this debate. >> illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> his audience turn on them at fars points because he feels that it was in salting for candidates. >> as carly fiorina tonight, she's been giving solid debate performances. she's not been able enough to get her poll numbers up. >> well, there is another one coming up, november 10th. >> just a few weeks ago. >> that's right. >> thank you. >> the so called under car for tonight's debate proved rather likely. >> here is what he said he will do as the. >> to the chinese when it comes
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to dealing with me. i got a lynch fich and you pick and payty is over and all the dictators. make me commander chief sdr that -- convicted eric smith was in an apartment upstairs. his gun went off and the bullet struck him in the foot. ben went into the floor and hit the boys below. both are expected to survive. >> investigators are still looking in the first place. why was he handing a weapon and that type of a weapon and why was he in presession of that weapon. >> well, we learned late today where san jose police chief is
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going. his new job is in tracy. >> he's been chief since 2018. >> he announced in april that he's retiring. in january and becoming cheap and tracy in february. tonight, only on film. we have learned a plan to raise bare pitch toll. >> it is when to raise those tolls and how much. >> it does not make a rocket sense to see that the bay area has a massive transportation problems. >> 60% in the area, the grand prairie is like the censer of this problem of con jeks, mother understand that this structure is crumbling. they're tired of seeing bridges apart. >> that had local and state lawmakers lying the idea of yet, another priech nol height.
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>> the bay area voted twice. there is conversations about proposing to do that than putting on the ballot. >> ere tucking about $1000 or $200. >> we don't know the details yet. >> a number of the assembly members talked about the possibility 6789 >> you may go as big as you can. >> it is just a start but you know transportation issues. they have a way of taking it step by step and the next step is legislatures and for them to get a package. that could come next year or 2018. whatever the case, the final say will be up for you and me. >> kpix 5. not pa live look outside right now. the weather is clearing in time for the big ellington john on treasure island today. today, got off to a messy
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start. >> causing this driver to lose control. along with coast, you saw a big wave today. and you can expect more tomorrow. paul, not a lot of rain but we'll take it. >> beats nothing but it was pretty close to nothing. one part is the bay area and. . the wettest spot that i can tiend is 1. 5 of happiness. a high school cafeteria turns into a fight club and a california corral try to break it up and this is what happens. >> a huge grand opening at silicon valley tonight. no, not al ps but fishing polls. >> the night over the popular hunted house in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is just isn't any stor it was a frenzy in san jose tonight, thousands of people showed up for the opening of a new store. >> a bass proshop, aun ya andrea, knows the story well. >> reporter: well, i may have gotten some christmas prison for us tonight. this storm is huge, people are excited about it. how big is it? >> well, there is 30, 000 items of the section alone. >> the sail con valley siemny chhuon form was replaced by come mraj and at least one night. >> bass pro shop just opened his stores. >> it is like disneyland.
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>> that's the best profounder, johnny morris, the bait is already on the hook and outdoors man were just waiting for clens to fight. >> chris of sanz says he won't miss the drive. >> throughout the 110 square foot store. >> the line is just as long. oh my god. >> as little eyes began littling the odds of telling fish tale of the heart of truck tale. >> how big is the fish? >> very big. now, traffic was pretty intrens out here as the ribbon guards got under way >> the parking lot was filled.
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it was a lot of people out here very excited about all of the products inside. i know you are one of them and i know you like to punish. do you need anything? >> if they have a flight fishing session at this mrar store, tlar store. i know they do it. just go inside and check oit. >> watch what happens when the va, florence high school and e lupts and chaos. >> the man you see getting slammed in the ground, that's the principal. >> three children were under arrest tonight. the principal was trying to break up the brawl. the deputy seen on tape draging girl inside the classroom has been fire td. ben field over turning the opportunity's death. the deputies say he's gone too
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far. one lawsuit against the man kids called officer slam. the hunted house that the teenager has been building in his mom's drive way the last several years. >> the haunted house can stay with one condition. >> this 15 years old will get his halloween wish. after theirly two hours, neighbors going back and forth. >> it is in fat tom forted about us. >> >> this yaer, i have gone through all the proper channel and vovt at all evolve and when construction is going on. we cannot be leer until 10:00. >> but, with the condition, it is only opened for two days. >> you can see this haunted house of a haunted mess and sams only have somedays to put
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together the challenge nightmare in time of halloween. >> the haunted houses have been moved to the backyard. >> gary is hoping this does not burn in his family in the years to come. >> make sure to say this,--[ indiscernible audio ] >> kpix 5. as sand points out for the haunted house raised money for the food bank. this movie is called fur-- >> his pattern is to protect themselves. admiration has been known to contain of $250, 000 furs. that's amazing. >> that's the natural wildlife refugees. they >> big stuff and passing that
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south. for the winter, if you are plan to head to the beach tomorrow, watch out, storms will be about ion to 12 feet. if you go in water, twiem with extreme caution. >> oakland tonight, 57 and 55 cooler with clear sky and 52 degrees and santa rosa combak in the 40s with you. coming up next for halloween. >> weather will cop rate, mainly clear skies and saturday even, 55 to 65 degrees and then we gain an hour this weekend. it is a 49 hours weekend, the longest one of the year. >> that's, quick 12 will be my sunset but on sunday, the sun will go down around 5:00. >> let's talk a little bit more of the system that moves through the area and also in the state of nevada. the fire hose which causes the
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front to get much juicier and the north. >> they can see ten inches of rainfall, we did not get that streit scream ports. no rain for the next three days. it is all about this big strong ridge. you heard a lot about this the past years. >> then the next front arrives on sunday and the first day of november will be cooler and cloudy duiier. duiparen0, 13 intervals and 3 and jade. >> partly cloudy tonight, sunny and warm and tomorrow, i will throw in frit and saturday as well. >> big changes coming up on tund. sunshine, sunshine tomorrow, very pleasant, 75 degrees
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>> sunnyvale, 73 in san francisco, berkeley, cal campus. 74. lake port for tomorrow, sunshine at 77 degrees. extended forecast carries the sunshine through saturday, halloween will be beautiful to get outdoors. what's also beautiful is some rainfall. scattered showers on sunday and scattered showers on monday. oo look at those highs. we'll see you everybody. snie of 79 degrees. temperatures will be running below afternoon >> we anyway not get a tun of rainfalls. >> it is going to be wetter sweater >> yeah, it will be dark yearier. >> i earlier. >> coming up a military blimp on the lose for hours chased by fire jets.
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scrambled into action todayo capture a renogade blimp. the 243-foot long army blimp se from its tether a maryland scrambles in action to catchture a blimp. >> 243 feet long. >> it floated out in control and deflated and touched down there in pennsylvania and the trees more than 100 miles away from brooke broke lose. >> that blimp is part of a $2 million and no word on how that brandon rittiman p got lose >> i was watching out and cove
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coverage of what they're dpoing to do. >> they had spider jets up there. should we shoot it out if it gets too high. >> i really need to get a live. >> [ laughter ] >> oh, --as the 49 escapes go, it was the long locked match before the loser gets a ,,,,,,,,
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thursday on social media, si guess we'll have to settle r way well, we are minutes away from throw back thursday on social media. we have to settle for way back wednesday today. a year ago, i was reporting from compton studio. >> it is like the giants, i'm siting home right now. the mets expected to win tonight. in the fifth, he wan into some trouble. air tie got the eater.
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the complete game in the world eerz or from 7-1, they need it 2 games to none. >> well, it is good enough. >> 3 theerd, score ons the vashville break away. >> that was the difference maker. >> is there trouble between collin kaepernick and his keep mates? >> he's just alone an on island inside that locker room, there is not much that he could wekt this. wekt this week >> if he's set up to be the escaped road, it is the bad season >> i hope not. for me, i give everything i can to the organization and my teammates.
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>> captain on a pham ellie and family and stuff. >> i want to be in front of that before anything comes up. >> [ laughter ] >> you know, i have said time and time again. some of the parking lots, it is not just kaepernick, the pence sif players and so many key defensive players. >> you cannot hang it on one guy. we'll be right back. colbert is next.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tom the late show of stephen colbert is up next >> our next newscast starts at 4:30. have a great night. >> good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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