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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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them sawing down those limbs and trying to make sure it's out of the roadway so over here in north beach that is where these crews are working to clear this tree that came crashing down about an hour ago. these continue to be a problem and the city has it's hands full trying to clear these streets so expect to see more of these falling in the weeks and months ahead. the entire area is breaking for rain tomorrow. joe's taco lounge is ready for the rain. they showed us hoses a pump and sand bags and the manager has also stock piled shop sacks and a huge pile of towels. >> there's problems with the storm drain so pretty much every year when it rains these two businesses here flood. >> roberta tells me it's likely we'll see more scenes like this
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with trees here tomorrow. no one injured or any property damage or damage we are seeing over here and a city crew is working on. it normally takes them about an hour or so to get this cleared up so we expect this area to be cleared in the next 45 minutes to an hour. we'll continue to check in with this. >> by the way it costs from a few hundred to over $1,000 to clear a tree and the city has to replace the tree with another one. it's supposed to begin this last system didn't have the wind but the next one more so. >> we are going to be getting gusts up to 40 miles per hour. we'll see trees topple easily and they have a number of reasons why they are coming down and it starts at the base and root of these trees and just not been fueled with enough precipitation and water so they get top heavy and you
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got trees growing between pavement and a building not getting enough water. >> leave it to you to get to the root of the problem. >> thank you very much. now we are indoors because we are tracking with doppler radar picking up clutter. otherwise a scattered shower off shore. mostly cloudy skies we are into the 50s otherwise later today day time highs into the 60s pretty seasonal for this time of the year. oakland at 70 degrees with tomby average high low 60s but check this out we have heavy rain arriving overnight tonight through tuesday with the forementioned wind and threat of a thunderstorm each day through wednesday so tuesday wednesday big rain event right here in the bay area leaving us with daily chances of showers on thursday friday and on saturday. >> keeps going doesn't it. i'm surprised we have not
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seen too many incidents on the roads. maybe people are taking awhile getting going after the long holiday weekend. here's a few headlights coming into san francisco. no big hot spots out the door either and all the overnight road work is now clear. here's a live look at oakland airport if you are heading out of town or dropping somebody off and the bay bridge no delays in the fast track lanes. >> maybe people like frank are taking an extra day to recover. >> no doubt about it. happening today a brand new dmv office will open in san jose less than three hours from now. it's on center road north of turley road. this also office will only deal with driver's license transactions. the 32,000 square foot office features 40 touch screen exam term nationals. bead both the senate and
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assembly plan to meet at noon. new members will be sworn in democrat from san francisco and republican catherine baker from the east bay. developing news in berkley police trying to figure out how a bed dead body ended up in aquatic park. officers found of found the body of a middle-aged man on the park's south legend now homicide investigators are looking into whether foul play was involved. police are trying to find a man who opened fire on a busy street yesterday afternoon. the gunfire shattered windows at buster's cheese steak. the gunman responsibility and waiver washington wizards in a car when a pedestrian started yelling racial slurs at him. the gun went off wounding him. >> he started yelling at him and called him and then he and
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took his cane out and whacked his car and just as he did that i said roy you are going to get yourself killed and the guy gets out of his car and pops a cap off. >> the victim has been treated for his injuries and is out of the hospital of the the suspect was last seen drivingway in a stolen gray mazda. civil rights and the fall out from the shooting in ferguson missouri after officer darren wilson resigned after dead threats to him and other police officers. the newly formed commission in missouri the 16 men panel will make recommendations to governor jay nixon. and image has surfaced from portland oregon during protests related to the events in forgiveson. a 12-year-old boy and a police sergeant the boy had a sign that said free hugs. what happened next was this an image recorded by a freelance
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photographer. >> as a photographer you look at that scene and it's powerful especially with what's going on now. >> and when the tears started going away and they started drying up i realized we made a connection. >> they aren't the only ones who felt that connection since the photo first appeared friday. it's been shared with 150,000 people on facebook. the four day thanksgiving weekend was a bit of a let down for retailers in the u.s. a study shows more than 133 million people shopped at stores and on line. sounds like a lot but it's actually down more than 5% from last year total spending from thursday through sunday is expected to be down 11% from 2013. as for today it is cyber monday the big on line shopping day and kp i x5 has more live in san jose. kit? >> good morning. those numbers may be down but they are still huge.
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today on cyber monday shoppers expected to spend $2.5 billion. here's another eye popping number. 131million people expected to shop or buy something on line today. that is one out of every three americans so the folks over at retail me say research the steals first look for coupon codes and check twitter and facebook feeds for deals and look for deeper discounts in consumer electronics and health and beauty. here's a tip to stay safe. make sure the site you are on is secure and has https ahead of the web address. protect your pass words by not allowing your browser to store them, make sure software is up to date and log out once you are done shopping. if you can offer two step version it's a bit of a wayne but totally worth it.
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>> is wifi okay? >> if you can stay off public wifi. use the cellar connection instead a much safer alternative. live in san jose. you don't have to find a girl scout to buy girl scout cookies. you can order them on line. surprised it's taken them that long. it's called digital cookie. they'll still sell door-to-door and in person outside stores. time now 10:08. how low will they go. gas prices are plumating and why it might be short lived. at least a dozen drivers were forced to leave their cars behind. a very beautiful spot to do it. all the details in a few minutes. another big storm headed this way. we'll track it together. and if you are still a commuter i want to show you the
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roads are slick and first reports of a few accident now in san jose. after the details. first we want to know what drives you crazy by e-mailing or tweeting me to watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,, for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone.
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christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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for causing the rocky mess look at what's happening down south a mudslide in mall busier. rain is blamed for causing that rocky mess yesterday. there were a dozen vehicles marooned. remember when all those cars were during the 1997 new years flood in the bay area. this is on a much smaller scale a wildlife area that was damaged by fire. >> that's a lot of mud. >> i'll say it is. it contributed on sunday. >> also a small mudslide blocking part of southbound 101, mud dirt. that's what all the flares were. there were all of these any flares on the 101 before the tunnel because of a mudslide there. that failed during a lot of rain back in the 70s sometimes
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so that's a mudslide prone area as well but this morning everything is open and running okay. gas prices are still plumating across california but it may be short lived. you can get a gallon of regular for $2.79 or even sheep cheaper. the price has dropped nearly 40 cents in the past month. drivers are happy for any help they can get. >> it's good for the economy at the holiday time. >> that would be awesome if it kept up. >> enjoy it while it lasts. prices could spike by a dime or more. that's when a new carbon tax goes into effect in california. speaking of the roads and everyone gassing up their vehicles and all that good stuff. >> time for traffic. thanks guys. hit the roads so if you are back to work unfortunately today on this monday you'll
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have company out the door. we've got a few incidents to tell you about and wet roadways as well. we'll have your forecast coming up. first to the san jose area northbound 880 approaching the expressway. a two car accident still blocking one lane and we've been monitoring the sensors and still no delay. traffic pretty light and able to get by in the other lanes that remain open but be careful in that area and this crash finally cleared in the pleasanton area eastbound 580 but there was a lot of fog in that area. still drivers reporting a lot of foggy conditions on 580. here's a live look at the toll plaza you can see the pave meant is still a little wet but no rain coming down. no major incidents earth work wrapped up and no metering
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lights. no problems there. here's a live look at 180 in oakland and you may see flashing lights there. there may be a stalled big rig. traffic can get by okay but that's approaching 66 exit in oakland northbound and just a little heads up there but otherwise clear all the way past oakland airport into downtown oakland southbound 880 is fine all the way into hayward and if you are cruising approaching 237 it's the accident on the expressway that may slow you down a little bit. it looks great to sunnyvale and also along the peninsula or ride mass transit everything is back to a regular schedule today after the long holiday weekend and bart is so far on time. that's your latest drive to work. let's get the very latest in your forecast. >> today is the calm before the next storm.
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good morning everybody. according to our latest computer models some portions of the mountains could get hit with up to 5 full inches of rain for the next 48 to 27 hours. a little miss scattered shower between midnight and this present time and that's about it. we will have a scattered shower throughout the day time but nothing like what we experience on sunday. right now it's mild out the door pretty much into the 50s. winds non existent. humidity up to 70% so we have some very dense fog that has developed long the dublin area back into through fremont mostly cloudy today with scattered showers and mild temperatures. heaviest rain on tuesday and wednesday this week. again rain showers have moved out of here. today is the between day to take assessment of the situation. plan on the heaviest rain that
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will be tapping into tropical moisture moving into the bay area overnight tonight and through about this time tomorrow morning. take a look at future cast, watch the hours tick on by. here's your lunch hour with that hit and miss scattered showers and as we go into the overnight hours look what's happening back here. you know what's going to get nailed is the santa cruz mountains 3 to 5-inches rain tuesday and wednesday and watch for the possibility of watches and warning. north bay will get hit with 2- inches of rain. that's about ten degrees above average winds up to 0 miles per hour but tuesday and wednesday those winds ramp up to 30 miles per hour some gusts up to 40. a threat of thunderstorm on tuesday and wednesday ringerring shower possible on thursday and friday and over the weekend mostly cloudy on saturday partial clearing on sunday and the big question is how much snow will fall in
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tahoe because this is more sub tropical in nature so it's the heavier snow. you want to track all this together? we can. get the bay area app and check conditions in your area. search and download the weather opportunity available for iphone and android. i want to get familiar with it and i'm liking it. i really enjoy being able to share pictures and talk about things with the next system coming in. >> good. do you have it on your phone. >> it's right here right now all the time. >> we've been constantly updating it so if you visited it try it notch. you are going to like it even better. >> thanks roberta. they like to do things on a big scale in rio. fire walks inaugurated the largest ever floating christmas tree. look at that. 280 feet tall decorated with
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3.1 million lights. it will be moved around the area until january 6 so the whole city can enjoy it. >> beautiful. take a look at these puppies who have a new lease on life found late october in a trash bin. since then volunteers have been nursing the seven puppies back to full health and now the prognosis for the seven puppies is good. they are believed to be lab mixes and will be put up for adoption. so cute even with their little sweaters. 5:19 right notch a man buys a desk in auction and looks for missing knobs in the drawers but what he found deep inside the desk was truly surprising. the warriors are approaching franchise history and the raiders almost reached franchise history not in a good way. next. what's cool about your school? you are going to e-mail your
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nominations to us. we may feature your school on the show. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people. thanks to some numbers we were alerted to a stall blocking the two middle lanes approaching the north exit. unfortunately traffic got
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really heavy from the 580 split. a full look at your drive times here plus a check of the bay area roadways and mass transit. traffic is just minutes away. good morning everybody. the raiders were hoping for a second straight win yesterday. that hope ended when the first second ticked off the clock in st. louis. tony is not going to want anything to do with this video tape. oakland committed five turnovers and the rams scored touch downs on their first five possessions to win 52-0 the worst loss since the kennedy administration. the could youors had all the with 20 points golden state beat detroit 104-93 two off the franchise record. the bears went down to fresno picking up their fifth win of the year. they beat fresno state 64-57.
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they gave up a season high 87 to depaul and beat stanford. plus at home against montana that races the other way. usf beats montana 76-57 to wrap up their trip to orlando. so all the jim harbaugh rumors he's going to get traded to oakland or the jets get ready for a long week the raiders play the 49ers this up coming weekend. have a great day. time for play of the day from the nba the orlando magic at phoenix third quarter action. watch. >> off the glass and portland dumps it in. >> that's amazing. a temptational play but in the end the magic won 93-90. also dwayne wade returned
5:25 am
from injury and scored 27 points and a win. his post game interview was interrupted by hiss wife actress gabby union. >> it was okay. it was okay. a hamstring pull? wow. yeah. wow to come back with 27 points we are going to talk about the free throws later. >> now that's support. she may have a future as a sports commentator as a wife that was nice. girl scouts of america going high-tech. how ordering your favorite cookie just got a little bit easier. and live in san jose shopping on amazon just like everybody else is. this cyber monday we'll take you inside one of the fulfillment centers to check out the robots. they are pretty cool. ,,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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chaotic situation. s a man is injured when a gunman opens fire in broad daylight outside a san francisco restaurant. what police say sparked this situation. >> heavy rain now heading towards the state of california. you'll track when you can expect those rain drops. and this accident is cleared to the right hand shoulder on 880. we'll show you a live look coming up. good morning everyone it is monday december 1 i'm michelle. >> and i'm brian. frank is off this morning. >> there is more rain on the way as people around the bay area clean up from the storms we have had the last few days. live in north beach area where a fallen tree is being taken
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out of the way this morning. ryan? >> that's right michelle another free falling down this one an hour and a half ago we showed you the city crews cutting down those loose limbs. right now they are waiting to pick up the pile of those limbs that have come down and they are clearing and inspecting it right now as we have a live look at the city crew's action right now. the city has it's hands full trying to clear these trees and expect more of these to fall in the weeks and months ahead. the city is scrambling to take them down but doesn't have the resources it. it costs up to $1,000 to replace it with another. this all comes as the bay area is bracing for another big round of rain tomorrow and
5:31 am
wednesday too. taco lounge in mill centrally is ready. they showed us hoses a pump and sand bags they have at the ready. the manager tells us he's stock piled several shop vacuums and a huge pile of towels. look at this huge pile of debris on the ground. we haven't heard of injuries or property damages associated with this fallen free in north beach and i asked the country right here how long they expect to clean this up they said maybe an hour or two. live in san francisco. >> they've got trees coming down now wait until the winds begin to blow. i've been wanting to talk to you about this so we've been playing tag team weather back in the 90s when i first came here to forecast 5 to 1 inches of rain was very common and the last 5 to 10 years we've really dried up. we are talking about 5-inches
5:32 am
of rain over the next two days in the bay area actually the next three days when it starts tonight overnight forecasting up to five full inches by wednesday evening. right now high definition doppler radar picking up a scattered hit and miss shower and that's all. winds are non existent. liver more reporting visibility due to areas of dense fog. later today number 60s and 70 degrees in oakland, 71 in gill roy. that is unseason burglary mild for this time of the year. heavy rain at times tuesday and wednesday with a daily threat of a thunderstorm. this is tropical moisture and very gusty winds tracking this together impacts on traffic. >> thanks. out the door we check the day bridge and it's back to work monday so it's starting to fill in a little bit over at the bay bridge. no lights yet but this is
5:33 am
typical for 5:32 or so in the morning middle lanes are getting by okay if you have a fast track pass but cash lanes are backed up to mid parking lot coming out of oakland. the rain isn't really coming down hard we really haven't seen too many incidents. we've had a spin out or two but nothing significant to cause a huge hot spot. a few delays in some of those cash lanes. that is traffic. coming up a check of mass transit. in the meantime back to you guys. elizabeth thank you. happening today a new construction detour south of market could cause delays for drivers fourth street between harrison and bryant streets will be closed for the next three months to accommodate work on the central subway an $82 million light rail project. crews will be tunneling in that area through february. frustrating end to a holiday weekend across the country. flights were backed up all day
5:34 am
because of the weather. the rain here made for long lines and long waits for those who had to fly and and that was the last thing one man needed after spending thanksgiving in the bay area. >> i have to write an essay tonight. >> at least he wasn't flying out of chicago. at midway the security line there was reportedly a mile long at one point. gunfire shattered windows a driver upset about a pedestrian yelling racial slurs at him pistol whipped the man and his gun went off. the victim is out of the hospital and no one else was hurt. he drove away in a stolen gray mazda and has not been caught. a suspected burglar held police at bay for more than half the day. police were called to a house at south second and martha street downtown. they found a window broken and
5:35 am
a man on the roof appearing to be under the influence and ignored them to come down. he started throwing things and tried to light the house on fire. police decided they had enough and put an end to the stand off. >> we had teams on scene and went on for 13 hours. we had to deploy tear gas to convince him to surrender. >> he had cut his hand whenbroke a window. nobody else was hurt. today is cyber monday the day on line retailers try to entice holiday shoppers with special sales. the research firm expects people to spend about $2.5 billion on line today. we should know store if it makes up for the four day spending weekend when retail was down from last year. one giant is increasing it's use of robots this season. kit joe is kicking back where your shopping has begun.
5:36 am
hi kit. >> my inbow has been flooded with deals and i'm shopping like everybody else here and in the past two years amazon has been quietly refining the use of their robots. today they pulled back the curtain to let us see how it all works. in the past the workers walked up and down the aisles pulling things from the shelves but now it's coming to them. >> more than 3,000 of them cruise the warehouse floor. >> the little orange robot goes out and picks the right pod of inventory and brings it back just at the right time for the person to pick it up and put it in the shipment. >> it can lift up to 750 pounds. they have motion sensors to detective objects in their way and can travel between three and five miles an hour. it allows it to squeeze 50% more inventory into the
5:37 am
warehouse and improve efficiency by 5020%. the process starts with products arrive by the truck load. >> in this new generation fulfillment center we have societies taking it off the cart and putting it onto the shelves moved by the robots. >> they wait to retrieve an item. from there items are hand picked and whisked away of miles of conveyor belts packed and ships. while some may wait that's not their intention. >> our focus on automation is about helping people do their jobs not replacing people. >> so far 10 of the 50 amazon fulfillment centers? the united states have integrated the robots. >> the tracy fulfillment center at it's peak can ship 700,000 items per day and robots helping out in that regard. >> i have to tell you i like
5:38 am
your socks. they are cool. >> with all the this efficiency how will it effect the cutoff times for orders. >> right now same day shipping the cutoff time is noon. they think with the use of technology they can push it back at least a couple more hours into the early or late afternoon. live in san jose. our international markets are lowered today and future trading suggests wall street will head down when trading begins this morning. >> jill wagner has all the details. good morning. >> good morning brian and michelle. here in wall street stocks open in record high territory after a short trading day on friday. it was enough to close at another record high. nasdaq added about 4 points. black friday shopping weekend could be losing it's appeal according to estimates by the
5:39 am
national retail federation spending fell by 11% from 2013. part of the reason retailers are offering deals days or weeks before the holiday weekend. and as we know today is cyber monday the biggest on line shopping kay of the year. companies looking to cut down on shopping at work might want to start in the corner office. a survey found that senior level employees like managers and supervisors are 7% more likely to use work hours to shop on line as compared with entry level workers so no one should feel guilty shopping on line brian and michelle. >> i'll remember that later this morning after the show. okay. well apparently you can buy girl scout cookies on line now. >> exactly. the first time ever girl scouts will be allowed to sell cookies on line or using a mobile app. each scout can set-up her own cookie website and customers
5:40 am
with buy cookies using credit cards and get them shipped straight to their house but this is dangerous. i need the whole office involved in this thin mint box or else i'm done. >> jill thin mints are my favorite too. i love them. >> thin mints are my favorite too. >> they are so good and addicting. >> yes they are. jill thank you. >> nice to be on thin mints. one of the new bills goes to work and sacramento is aimed in extending health insurance to all undocumented immigrants the health for all act by long beach state senator ricardo. one reason it was the lack of funding. hundreds to mark ward aids day happening every year focusing on prevention and treatment. among actors will be recognized for their activism at the aids
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memorial grove and a tree of hope will be illuminated at grace cathedral. what we now think of low prices has drivers cheerful for the holidays. details on why the relief will be short lived. cameras are rolling when a sinkhole opens up in the middle of a busy intersection. drivers react to avoid it but it's what happens next to one driver that may make your gasp. ,, here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition.
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in just a few minutes. take a look at this video... it is the first day of a brand new month and a brand new storm headed this way. we track the rain drops together as the news continues. take a look at this video. a truck drives through a busy intersection in china after it
5:44 am
passes a sinkhole opening up. another turns right into it. they stop as the front tire drops. the passenger hopped out right before the car tumbled in. >> good thing the driver got out in no time. if you were on the road you probably noticed a drop in gas prices. they are the lowest holiday prices in five years. mark kelly explains why. >> gas prices swing up and down and at this element station in berkley they are way down. $2.79 will get you a gallon of regular. >> i can fill up and it's not a problem. >> at it's worst it costs julie $65 to fill up her car. not today. >> i have to check actually. $46. >> much better. >> very good.
5:45 am
>> prices have plumated. 38 cents since mid october. the golden state is leading the price drop nationwide. >> one wig reason for the relief oil prices have been steadily falling for months. still the oil cartel decided today not to lower supply sending a barrel of crude below $70. david has his hunch decision to is purely political. >> it's their way of telling the world they don't care for all the u.s. oil frackers bringing oil to the market and they don't care for put i n and i support it. >> weather you agree with the message or not gas prices look to be staying low during the
5:46 am
holidays and that's gives much deserved cheer. >> this is good at the holiday time. >> we have to hope keeps up. >> that would be awesome. in berkley mark kelly. >> how cheap because they have it stripped but what is the cheapest you ever remember paying for a gallon of gas. >> 88 cents. we were just talking about that. >> at the roadrunner gasoline station it was 25 cents a gallon. >> how long ago was that? >> this was back in the 30s. speaking of the 30s let's get a look at traffic. you are making us feel young we appreciate it. let's go out the door speaking effect gas and traffic maybe you are back to work or headed to an airport so check the live everywhere. they are on so already it's filling in in the middle lanes.
5:47 am
some of the lanes still looking okay but obviously traffic beginning to fill in to the busiest spots. so the community commute has begun at the bay bridge. we also have an earlier stall where they tell us it's very foggy so watch out for bad traffic until you approach the exit and even beyond if it's gone but the 205 is pretty backed up. if you are heading to sfo this morning area airports look clear on 101 and 880. that is traffic. roberta has been very busy checking your latest forecast. here she is. >> it's a brand new month and we have a brand new area of low pressure a brand new storm headed this way so we are tracking it together. what we are looking at this time is a little bit of light precipitation and areas of yellow. that's a moderate downfall just shy of highway 1 outside of
5:48 am
forest mills. otherwise mostly cloudy skies as you head out this monday it would be advisable to carry an umbrella because we will have a scattered shower. humidity is at 93%. winds are calm so visibility down to a quarter of a mile due to areas of heavy fog. heaviest rain tuesday and wednesday. let's track it today is a between day a day to get outside and assess the situation around your house and whether or not you'll need sand bags because this is going to tap into tropical moisture. a plume is going to move into the bay area overnight tonight through tuesday and wednesday sparking that potential of a stray thunderstorm. this is your future cast a scattered shower throughout the day and to the south we start to see tropical moisture in towards the mountains by this time tomorrow morning so by the time it's all said and done by
5:49 am
wednesday night we could see up to five inches of rain in santa cruz translating to two feet of snow above 1,000 feet between tuesday and thursday with winter storm in effect for the high sierra. temperatures 70s in oakland 10 degrees above average 71 today in gill roy with the impending rain on tuesday and wednesday comes a southeast wind up to 30 miles per hour and the highest elevations the santa cruz and north bay mountains winds up to 30 gusts up to 40 and by the time the wind tapers off on thursday friday and saturday a chance of a lingering shower and partly cloudy conditions on sunday. >> so it's going to be windy this time with the next storm. >> we have the potential of more downed power lines trees and mudslides in the mountains five inches of rain. we'll be watching. >> tomorrow morning.
5:50 am
>> beginning overnight tonight through tuesday into wednesday. >> got it, okay. good deal. thanks roberta. a massachusetts man was looking for a broken knob to a desk he bought at auction. >> instead he found something a lot more valuable. his winning bid was $40 so he gets it for $40. a broken foot and knob was missing but he still wanted it and he knew it was famous for having hidden compartments. when he took it home to look for the knob an envelope fell out with $127,000. >> it was absolutely amazing. we found 50s, 100s, 200s, 500s and a stack of six $10,000 bonds. >> with the help of the auction house he tracked down the seller and gave the money back. it turns out the man was selling things to help pay for his father's healthcare and now he has more than enough to cover it. >> that's what the season is
5:51 am
all about. >> isn't it? >> great story. grinches stealing packages from your front door. how to protect your porch from package pirates. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! there are a few steps you c
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take ng like this well unfortunately this is also the season for thieves to start swiping packages waiting at your front door. there's a few steps you can take from something like this happening to you. you can ask for a set time or pick it up yourself or ask a neighbor to keep an eye out and have them pick it up for you. the u.s. superior court is picking up a case that could effect what people post ostial media sites. reverse killing his estranged wife and shooting up a school. he made it clear he was only kidding but was convicted and sentenced to prison. the question before the court is whether the posts were threats or free speech. >> if you know the person you are talking about is going to be placed in fear at that point it becomes criminal. the key is whether he knew they were frightening and said them
5:55 am
anyway. >> threats are not merely words and it's not true that words can never hurt. threats like that are terrorizing. >> a court rejected the claim they were protected under the first amendment. people in oakland held a vigil against the decision to not indict darren wilson. the gathering offered people a chance to reflect. the national action network and naacp were at the service. they want to end police brutality and racial stereo typing in oakland. in the next half our our winter weather isn't over by a long shot. rain is on the way and wind. when we can expect to get really wet again. and live in san jose doing what everybody else is doing on cyber monday. a couple of tips to help keep you safe as you do on line
5:56 am
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it's cyber monday the biggest on line shopping day of the year. about 127 million shoppers plan to take advantage of the deals but watch out for those scammers. get ready the bay area is in for a good soaking. heavy rain and thunderstorms are on the way. some places in the north bay are already putting their sand bags out. >> hit my head, everybody conducted down quickly. >> a bizarre shooting blows out the windows at a diner and police are looking for the suspect. police officers who care about trying to have a relationship with the community. >> today president obama will discuss the furtherrest in missouri shooting with members of the cabinet. from across the bay to around the world the stories that
6:00 am
matter on kp i x5 news this morning. good morning everyone i'm michelle. >> and i'm brian. do you believe it's december now? >> already. >> it is 6 in the morning and it is wet in spots this morning. going to get wetter. here's roberta. >> just to be on the safe side carry an umbrella. you can see where we have hit or miss scattered showers. a cell continued pretty moderate rain fall at this time. liver more a calm wind with relative humidity at 93% and air temperature at 51, pockets of heavy fog and currently in the mid 50s in san francisco, 51 degrees in san jose going up toll a high of 68 degrees. scattered showers but overnight tonight start to


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