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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  June 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon. breaking news in oakland a body of a sound about an hour
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ago and a channel adjacent to the coliseum and it's under not clear if the body is a man or woman and we don't know the matter of federal law in the body was there with police and emergency responders on the scene. a similar discovery elsewhere this morning and oakland a woman's body found around 130 your freeway interchange. people driving by discovered her in the oakland hills and police said the woman had been shot the people the found to perform cpr but unable to revive her. but about as the early morning fire in oakland yielding a surprising discovery with firefighters across a major marijuana growing operation. telling us that there may be a link between that and the cause of the fire. bother fighting the fire inside the residence the determine the weak grow. after this i reported this house on the seventh of a block
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of lazy avenue in oakland this morning. grill is not a concern that there were warehouse but for house it's a substantial size. the death of the plan to the street value of $30,000 and took them with low supplies away and boarded up the house. the fire started with this electrical box working overtime. generally your pg&e bill spark or show higher than normal. to the tune of $7,000 pg&e bill. the rest of been made but they do have the suspect that the actively pursuing. san jose police the few programs to combat gang violence. the timing of this new effort is no accident. if the summer rising temperatures in san jose comes a rise in the inactivity. a very similar pattern
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lusher is the weather heated up wreck before school got out had a number of related incidents with. the task force added a fifth space program and we provided religious leaders to intervene in stick in coming and current gang members away and added to the doses of the game and prevention task force budget. are not afraid to try news thing that's why with been so successful because we will try new innovative approaches. this is the best way to combat gay activist to build bridges with the committee. some of money will fund prevention efforts like providing summer activities to keep other kids from joining. what other preventive measures we can take providing access to young kids to summer camps and linking them to work community centers and sports leagues. critics different perspective some gang activity represented
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from the as the first responders. will we lose a young patient its dramatic and senseless and i wonder what type of life that person might have. and loves the fill the lasting effects. we're devastated of what happened to my little brother is not fair for them to do something to him her brother died after being brutally beaten by the gang members and roosevelt park last april he was only 14 and is an unsolved murder is an example by the city is continuing to build the task force and why they need your help. critics accused of beating the giants fan pleaded not guilty in a los angeles courtroom this warning. they're standing trial for the march 31st attack outside of the dodger stadium leaving him with permanent brain damage attorneys are not asking for $50 million in damages in a civil lawsuit
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against the dodgers. lawyers back to the sand as the courtroom this afternoon that the jury is staying home until monday pleading not guilty to beating the father and a retirement home pieces he and his brother were sexually abused by him when they were children. it attacks messages used against the census was suspended chair for out suggesting a sense of urgency soon after police learned of possible domestic violence. this exceeded the text messages as part of the case to remove him from office for official misconduct and the alleged violence happen on new year's eve and then on january 4th where lopez said the text saying " call me it's an emergency comes the same data neighbor took place about him having of crews on her arm how much relief from argument with him the campaign manager have also become aware of the police report and sends a message saying can you call me if urgent
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regarding her i need to talk to you to protect to call me. later in the book described the case against him as " a political witch hunt and the messages are part of the mayor's case that it tried to dissuade witnesses and the ethics commission hearing continues next week. seven cisco will be a lot more colorful as the first of the bay area's big pride celebrations gets under way in the gay community is ready to party. where police are already in case it goes little too far. now on the efforts to make it a safe and fun even for everyone. expected at 2 million people to participate in these activities wrote tree is blocked off behind me with a line of porta potty always a sign of the crowd is expected and that's what will see this weekend for pride 2012. get ready for a private weekend in san francisco. it's just fun.
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thousands come for the festival in the civic center in the big parade down market street on sunday the castro district expecting a party all weekend long. even in the daytime it's busy in the weather doesn't appear to me that great symbol probably be busier. he barton's the first gay bar to not have plucked out windows this year's prize theme is global equality act is the happiness to everybody of the gay people get together from every country in so many people come and celebrate. on saturday of march in the street party in the event in the new shooting death two years ago and lashed to someone opened fired near post great festival injuring five and this year police will be out in force. will love extra officers on foot in vehicles and bicycles holes in uniform and plain clothes.
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whittle also the pride run tomorrow. a lot of people as all of the bar is the this leaking jet saturday morning and have a healthy start. also the construction of the pink triangle on twin peaks. tonight the transition to march from delors park and the big party at the un plaza and a few more information we have more on our website. soap will combine hold off for the private celebrations in san francisco? tracking the latest conditions joining us with more. summer in the bay area with a cold front moving in and a marine layer with drizzle of low cloud cover and to get moisture right now with scattered showers especially the north bay. a stronger brand just off of coast line expected to push on starting to sag further to the south as we head to up the day
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today. kachina couple of scrag elusive moving through our it could have a couple of light rain drops making the way even if the south bay but will it dry out in time for the weekend and will warm us up coming up in a few minutes. should recalls nearly a half a million cars of toxic ingredients hidden in an everyday accessories. it's kind of shocking. greta the dangers discovery found in purses and wallets. this is of such a great personal love me but they don't even really know me. an outpouring of support for bullied grandmother and is now apologizing. read your engines nascar rolling into northern california why this weekend's race,,,,,,,,,
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the boys that taught taunted a bus monitor and now getting death threats and a vacation fund for the woman is not up to half a million dollars. the latest on the barrel video that has now been dancing around the world. greta this apology was the start for the bus monitor karen klein. robert is the father of one of the four seventh grade boys who picked on klein on the bus. twitter there's no excuse to mark going to get to the bottom of it but i relate it broke my heart and a shuttle lot of tears thinking about the whole thing and i just want you to know that my family all of us are deeply upset about this whole thing. the humiliation recorded
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posted on you-tube and in view around the world. now there's a backlash some of the boys are receiving death threats and that upsets karen klein. klein been getting calls from people touched by what happened to her people have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fed to send the 68 program and on vacation and help retire. the sale of such a great personal let me but they don't even really know me. issues such as the what criminal charges brought against the boys and she doesn't want them expelled from school and she thinks committee service might be the appropriate punishment and also wants an apology from the students but she's not quite ready to hear from them yet. i'd rather read a while. also thinks the boy should be banned from taking the bus for year. client is willing to get back on the bus and go work but
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for she might take the vacation americas plan for her that nearly half a million dollars and growing. general motors recalling nearly half a million show decreases because of a fire hazard. chris evans build a distant plants between 2010 amid this year 475,000 cars and all the luck to modify into shield underneath each vehicle because the contract includes an raise the risk of fire gm knows of no accidents linked to the problem. some diseases was topics as freeze have an unflattering side let still turning up in purses and wallets two years after manufacturers agreed to stop making items with the toxic metal. they tested the recent bags of wallet for bay area stores and 43, 15 percent contained high levels of lead the group said the problem lies in the pigment used to dye them. ones that were synthetic
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leather leg of vinyl or more likely to have the lead and once that had guys like yellow or red or green eyes were also more likely. the sixth year of the worst offenders with at least 30 times the acceptable level of lead this yellow clutch had 200 times the limit the designer said they're investigating. hollywood vs. the dmv why ashton kutcher is suing the department for more than a million dollars. think before you proceed to the giants cuddle a lesson the driver had to learn the hard way. plenty of cloud cover include temperatures and,,,,,,,,
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a man reminder that when there is a big pool of water and the road don't drive through it especially if there's a giant sinkhole hidden underneath. this driver in wyoming found out the hard way and sold up the public out works crew was called in to drive to get the driver to safety and i imagine the car is under repair. some time to think you can get through it. reed used today it was one that took the house today it's a car. be careful out there be a strange weather outside with fog at the cloud cover and drizzle and the of a couple of rain drops around the bay area. let showers not making the way across the area but more to come
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as a hint about the day to day not with a heavy rain that the bands of showers trying to make the land sure the main focus so far is been merely no. the golden gate bridge painter the afternoon it's all going to begin to go further to the south. this afternoon it still going to stay on the school said the chance of rain drops throughout the night and looks like a dry and very cool weekend outside with temperatures running well below the average for this time of year. low pressure in the west coast ushering in the cool air throughout the weekend the temptress staying way down a good 12 to 14 degrees below average. some of the conqueror making its weight in with the cold front sliding in late in the day with the chance of light sprinkles throughout the evening and the nighttime hours. overnight tonight it was car at the low cloud cover in the fog with more sunshine over the weekend still on the cool side no matter what.
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the temperatures down with highs in all warm and only in the low 70's and with plenty of '60s and around the bay and '50s to the immediate coast line things through the weekend dry out 7 through the weekend weather in much cooler than normal with highs in the top and topping out in the '70s. high pressure in the bay area with its image is warmed up toward normal on wednesday and thursday and we have a big game the bay bridge series set in this week in the mostly cloudy tonight a little cool and the little trussel out of the game if you're headed out there. on going to the game tonight. address very warm it's going to be chilly out there. today the handover new model as cars to the first people who ordered them. governor brown and a sermon in this afternoon of the production facility in fremont the former plant. it's their first electric car
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designed for mass production is starting prices under $50,000 after a federal tax credit. ready for racing nascar fans during up for a big weekend in racing up the cinema raceway as nascar takes over the wine country. things are ramping up here in sonoma. the no. 17 car the name of a lot of folks are familiar with big- time nascar driver and its big- time racing here this weekend as 100,000 people are going to pack the race with to catch a glimpse of really good nascar racing. and this is a road course for the first time this season is cars are going to drive to the right. up close and down those of course is challenged even some of the greatest drivers of all time but some do really well here. jeff gordon winning five times and they think he could be a very likely pick to win the race this weekend and the weather is
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supposed to be exceptionally good it despite the cloud cover keeping the track cold and drivers like that. officials said tickets are still available and have family pricing as well and when you come here often you can do a lot closer than you might imagine so great family event could weekend to come out and watch for the only time this season will nascar racing right here in northern california are you for sure and with the dmv? so is ashton kutcher. the actors tv production companies in the department over alleged reality show deal catalyst media reported asking for nearly one-half million dollars in damages and costs. said he was working on a half- hour read reality show about the taping live and said the state agency. one cool cats the guitar playing
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feline that cannot be shaken,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] today's tip is a red plum right now there's 14 different ridings of comes out there and the most common is the red plums
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and priced great. when you buy them beautiful color all the way around in the skin free from shriveling and a slight give to the touch. when you bring them home store them on the counter because on the counter they get sweet and juicy and to put them in the refrigerator is ok but if you eat them when they're called they just don't taste as good as room temperature. by working for a couple of days and then go back to the market and buy some more. if you put them in the refrigerator and held them for a week the knock on the taste as good. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that is good. i like the mentality enjoy it for a day. talk about " cats. now take all the this is
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steven the catties cooler filled strumming his owners guitar and tuesday of a 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck mel bourne australia. ♪ he just keeps on going. it's funny because he stopped and and it keeps going paillette
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