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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> occupy san francisco reigniting but the takeover of a vacant building in what they set up inside >> dry weather around the bay area but there is another storm headed our way so far so good, including this live peak across the san mateo bridge. >> good morning everybody, it is monday. good to have you with us. >> the time now is 430. the coast guard rescues to injured sailors in a dangerous operation on razzies >> the operation was needed after a wave hit a racing yacht for hundred miles off the coast. >> they're just hours away from hitting land and i'm sure they will be thankful for that. right now the two injured sailors are with coast guard crews aboard a cutters.
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we want you to look at this fresh new video of the dramatic rescue from the scene. the coast guard working really hard despite the rough seas. strong winds and choppy waves made this very difficult for cruz. this was not the first rescue attempt, yesterday the first one did not go as well as the plant. you're looking at video of a coast guard chopper returning back to san francisco after a failed attempt to rescue the two sailors. the crew tried to drop supplies to the damaged yacht and they tried to hoist up the injured sailors but they say the bad weather kept them from doing so. all in all they say there is a good ending to this rafter knee. >> the important thing to remember is that everyone is safe and sound. everyone is on their way back and we will be able to get the
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200 passengers the medical attention they need >> the sailors were part of a round the world yacht race from china to the bay area in san francisco and they were actually about 400 mi. away went 60 mi. per hour wind caused a wave to get their boat. that caused a lot of damage, taking everything that was not tied down. those injured include two people from england. they are expected back today and they were only part of a crew on the ship. those crewmembers are safe but they are continuing to sale using a backup system. >> it is for 32, 31 people are dead after a passenger plane crash this morning in the russian region of siberia. the twin-engine turboprop and just taken off when it went down in a snowy field. a dozen people on board did survive.
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all the survivors are hospitalized in serious condition. >> occupy san francisco protesters are trying a new tactic of taking over a vacant building. late yesterday about 100 activists took up residence in a vacant two-story building. inside they have set up sleeping areas to serve as a shelter and a center for the homeless. the building is owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. church officials say they asked police not to take any immediate action and they will revisit the situation later this morning. police say the weekly occupy oakland march cause thousands of dollars in damages. 10-15 demonstrators dressed in black used hammers to smash windows on small businesses including starbucks and quiz nos. they also spray-painted slogans on downtown buildings. investigators say they will study surveillance video to identify those responsible >> time to get you out the door
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nice in early with weather and traffic. >> on saturday i cosied up and watch movies all day long. >> yesterday was amazing >> good to see you guys this morning, i am wide awake and ready to go today. a lot of sunshine coming our way. if you're headed out the door we have 41 degrees in livermore. 48 in san francisco, 42 in santa rosa. we will see a lot of high clouds swirling across the top of the very weak ridge. no threat of any rain. high surf the advisory along the coastline with swells at 13-15 ft. but it looks like by the afternoon, temperatures in the '60s and '70s. >> let's take you outside and
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show you some live traffic cameras. this is coming out of the altamont pass. 883 oakland so far is a pretty good start. like i said, and bridges are looking well. westbound 92, crews and all the way it to a word. back to the desk >> it is for 35, san jose police say nobody was injured in an officer involved shooting on alum rock ave. police responding to a robbery alarm on richards' boulevard at about 830 last night. it is not yet clear why at least one officer fired his weapon. >> the family of a missing or in help teenager is a turning to
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the internet for help. they hope to generate new leads in the case. it is being called a 24-hour online vigil. >> i think that will be helpful getting the picture out there. it is much faster than posting flyers which is one thing we have been doing but we are taking advantage about that. >> hundreds of volunteers showed up over the weekend to search for clues including forty-niners quarterback alex smith. among the areas search was mounted on a county park. sierra lamar was last seen march 16th near dorothy and palm avenue just north of morgan hill >> investigators in pacific that are trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire. two people and, a boy and a man inside, were killed. they were among 14 people who actually lived in the structure.
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firefighters decided by the fire was so intense that it was too dangerous to go inside. >> is very difficult. rescue is the first priority and as i said, they had to pull out because of the intensity and the safety to themselves. >> at 9:00 it was safe enough to get inside and that is when they found two bodies. the red cross is now working to find shelters for the others >> as controversy continues over the shooting death of a teenager in florida, two forensic experts are offering their opinions about 911 recording. a woman called to report screaming and fighting the night of february 26th when george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. the orlando sentinel contacted to experts with different methods of voice analysis and both concluded that the voice in the background dealing for help
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is not that of zimmerman who says he shot martin in self- defense. there mow protest over the weekend calling for simmons arrest. >> people have grown tired and frustrated with seeing him go free and not be charged and not be locked up were brought to justice. >> buckets were circulated in the crowd to collect money to help martin family pay legal fees and travel expenses >> members of united nations special counsel will get an update this morning. sofia non will have the latest on the peace plan that the syrian president accepted a week ago. the republican presidential hopefuls are going up for yet another set of contest. the latest polls show front runner mitt romney leading rick santorum.
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romney is clearly focusing on november's big showdown with president obama >> this president cannot run on his record so he will try whatever you can't to deliver some other kind of attack and try to have people disqualify our nominee which will probably be me >> rick santorum is vowing to stay and raise the matter what the results are tomorrow. >> problems with plastic. >> the outage affecting millions of credit card users. a lousy service >> an unexpected actor to play the role of steve jobs on the big scr,,
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>> fire victims in colorado can finally get back into their homes. all those who were forced out of their homes last week are
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being allowed back in. residents of 50 homes were still being kept away yesterday but there was some snow overnight and the fire is nearly 100 percent contained. to detroit automakers say they are cooperating with the government into looking into engine fires. the traffic since the administration has reports of 10 fires including two different vehicles. two of them were 2011 model chevy cruises. both those cars were destroyed and there were eight reports of fires in the 2010 model jeep wrangler >> many customers with visa cards are able to use those cards again today. . to bay area u.s. postal service processing centers will find out this month will need to shut their doors. distribution centers in burlingame and petaluma are among the two entered 50 locations around the country
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that could close and that is expected to save the struggling service $3 billion. the move would practically eliminate overnight mail and regular mail to take one extra day >> distracted driving used to be a code for someone on a cellphone but times are changing. agencies across california are cracking down on the other as well. a zero tolerance policy this month for putting on makeup, reading or eating behind the wheel. that is if an officer determines you are affected in your driving >> the goal is not to write citations, it is to get people to comply with a lot and hopefully save lives >> distracted driving ticket will cost a minimum of $159. the san mateo police department says that drivers using hand- held devices are four times more likely to get into crashers >> i've actually seen someone
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eating a bowl of cereal behind the wheel. amazing. >> san francisco international airport has been named one of the world's top airports >> a travel publisher says sfo is in the top seven and cites the airports wide variety of food options and the newly installed yoga room. it also praises terminal to for being been greenest terminal in the u.s.. yoga at the airport? >> whatever it takes to mellow out. jump starting the state's high speed rail >> why the total cost is dropping about $30 million >> queen of talk to appear on cbs this morning. >> the life of steve jobs on the big screen. the new cbs actor who will take up the challenge >> if you're catching a flight today, looking pretty good with
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sunny skies and a high of 64 degrees. a couple of trouble spots across the country, houston looking at the thundershowers, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> california high speed rail officials will be in fresno today to formally unveil a revised plan that is supposed to cut the cost of the project. the projected cost is $68.5 billion, quite a bit lower than the $98 billion projected last fall. the latest plan has the first leg going between merced and the san fernandez valley. >> it is for 47, researchers say
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airline performances actually got better lately in 40 categories. hawaii airlines is first on time performance at 93%. jet blue pumps the fewest passengers from its flights. southwest airlines has been the subject of the few complaints to transportation officials. wife of aid jet blue pilot of who was focused on his recovery. the pilot became increasingly incoherent last tuesday on a flight from new york to las vegas. the co-pilot landed the plane safely in texas >> the storm that blew through the bay area over the weekend is leaving its mark in the southern part of the state. in large tree toppled onto a home in l.a. county yesterday. no word if anyone was hurt.
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wind it up to 50 m.p.h. and high wind caused huge swells of the coast. >> we're not complaining because sunday was unbelievable. >> it was dry outside and we still have some big swells out at the coast line right now. a high surf the advisory continues there. mostly cleared out over the bay. temperatures are a little bit chilly in spots. currently 48 degrees in san francisco. a couple of patches of fog and watch out for the high surf near the coastline. this afternoon we are looking good. 60s and even some low seventies. looks like a great day ahead with mild temperatures. i pressure is staying in control for now but there is this system to the north and eventually we will see some of
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the weather rollover and maybe some rain falls towards the middle of the week. about 62 degrees in pacifica. 60s and low 70's in much of the east bay. 65 degrees in san francisco, 70 in santa rosa. cool in stinson beach the next couple of days. we could see some showers moving and, a chance of showers overnight tuesday and into wednesday. leaving a chance of showers in the forecast for about a week. it looks like a goat to weekend, sunny with mild temperatures of around the bay area. >> the waves are pretty incredible this week as well
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with the high surf warning in effect. let's go live towards 11 and san jose. so far everything is moving at top speed on this monday morning. across the south bay we're looking pretty good. everything moving at the limit but we are covering this developing story right now in san mateo county. streets might be blocked for a too alarmed structure fire so we're working to get more details on this right now. no word on injuries. we're sending a reporter out so-so hopefully we will bring you a live report shortly. this is a live look of the san mateo bridge. so far it looks pretty good in both directions. this is a look at the centers across the south bay. 280 is moving up to speed at 64
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m.p.h.. marin county commuters, here is a live look across the golden gate bridge. no major problems on this monday morning and here is a live look at what it looks like for mass transit. if you are about to head out the door and want to get the latest information you can turn to our radio partners at 106.9 fm. >> items owned by whitney houston went on the auction block this weekend. peters played $80,000 for clothing and jewelry once owned by the grammy award winner. five dresses and three ensembles were being sold to settle a previous debt. the top item was a boost the a embellished with beating and pearls which sold for $20,000. >> oprah winfrey arrived in n.y. for an appearance with charlie
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rose. they will talk about oprah's new life on television after ending her show. she will discuss her leadership academy and review her friendship with gail can. the show begins at 7:00 this morning and i believe it is one of her first attempts into morning talk show. if you stayed up late the country music awards were last night, honoring all of their favorites >> a big night for blake shelton and his wife memoranda lambert. shelton not only co hosted the show, he also took, male vocalist of the year. when no. 1 female vocalist of the year and album of the year >> we look at the awards every day, don't get me wrong >> taylor swift one over the
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fans who voted her entertainer of the year. she was supposed to attend the show with cancer patient kevin maguire but he was too sick to make it >> i called him yesterday and told him that the next award show that he is well for, we're going >> this year's awards included stars outside the country world. ashton kutcher even took a crack at singing and lionel richie performed one of his class tickets with a country flare. >> is not that i'm going country, the songs have already gone country and i'm joining my songs >> this year featured more music than ever and fans even got to see a wedding. the two were married during the show. both lost their spouses three years ago and met in a support group. during the ceremony marking the macbride sang marry me. i talked to the couple when
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they picked up her wedding dress. >> our life has come full circle >> their families watch the wedding from home along with millions of country music fans. >> it is funny to see kids out there on the stage. so do you think is the best actor to portray steve jobs? >> how about ashton kutcher? the movie will be called jobs. the hollywood reporter says it is scheduled to start report shooting in may. it will follow jobs from being a hippie all the way to his ceo days. sony is working on another product as well. he would be better in a bi topic about kiss or death leopard. it was a sweep for adam sandler is movie jack and jill >> we're talking about the
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razzies awards which recognizes the worst movies of the year. the movie won all 10 awards it was nominated for. adam sandler one for worst actor and actress for his dual roles in jack and jill. the movie also won worst couple and worst screenplay. saturday night he won a favorite actor award at the kids choice awards. i have not seen the movie. >> it is pretty bad. beyond a whopper >> the historic menu change at burger king >> mitt romney gets prank on april fool's day. coming up. >> a dramatic rescue at sea, two injured sailors on their way back to the bay area and we will tell you how many times it took crews to get to him. >> the movement is back, the,,
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>> to injured sailors plucked from a crippled racing yacht. this morning, our first look at the dramatic coast guard rescue >> a new tactic by occupy san francisco. >> mostly clear now with storm clouds on the horizon. >> we're off to a great start on this monday morning. here is a live look at the south bay. >> it is monday april 2nd, good morning >> a daring rescue far out in the pacific as the coast guard helps to injured sailors >> the rescue came after a wave hit a racing yacht for hundred miles off the northern california coast. he is in alameda where the injured sailors are expected to arrive today >> those injured sailors are facing


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