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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. the battle for iowa on the eve of the caucuses. how candidates are changing their tactics to try to pull out a win. a brutal machete attack leaves one dead and another injured. why the second woman is a suspect. the monkey swiped from the sf zoo is safe tonight. what zoo keepers are doing to beef up security and what they admit they can do little about. good evening, i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken. the republican presidential hopefuls are hours away from their first big test of the 2012 presidential election. >> the iowa caucuses take place tomorrow and the race is just too close to call at this point. manny is in des moines where the candidates spent one last day rallying their supporters. manuel. >> reporter: it was a busy day here, dana. we are in the final hours here in iowa. mitt romney is predicting a
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victory. newt gingrich admitted today that he is likely to lose here, but it is still a tight race. perhaps too tight to call because we have so many undecided voters. people tell us they are going to wait until the last minute to choose. >> candidates are shaking hands and pushing hard to persuade as many iowans as possible. >> i need every single vote in this room and i need you to get a couple other votes from your neighborhood. >> latest poll shows mitt romney and ron paul neck and neck. >> the enthusiasm is growing by leaps and bounds. >> but rick santorum is gaining on them. attracting crowds at every stop. >> wear your badge on your coat on the outside. put that bumper sticker on your car. >> rick santorum invested heavily in iowa. making 380 public appearances. at a pizza parlor in newton, he said it begins with them. >> still, more than 40% of
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likely caucus goers haven't settled on a favorite. it's not about who they like, but who can get elected. >> mitt romney has the presidential look. i'm not a mitt romney fan at all. >> i am calling from themy sell bachmann campaign office. >> a bell rings at michele bachmann's headquarters. >> we literally saw thousands of people flip and go from undecided or from another candidate and switch and go our way. >> love to have you vote. >> but rick perry and newt gingrich are running at the back of the pack. >> as for who may drop out after iowa, well perhaps no one. there are two debates this weekend in new hampshire, dana, and the candidates, even though trailing, may just use those debates to further their campaign as a platform. >> i'm wondering. i realize that iowans are
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hearty folks, but the weather forecast, does it have any potential to have an impact in turnout tomorrow? >> it does actually. and we're expecting good weather by iowa standards. clear skies, temperatures in the 30s across much of the state. so that's considered good weather here, even though it's cold tonight. they are expecting 150,000 republican voters to caucus tomorrow and that's about 6% of the adult population of iowa. so not a great percentage, but certainly it can be viewed as a straw poll for the nation. >> there you go. manuel in des moines, thank you very much. and please stay with cbs 5 for continuing coverage of the iowa caucuses. we will have live reports from iowa all day tomorrow and cbs news updates throughout the evening. brutal machete attack over the weekend left one woman dead, another one injured. almost immediately, the second woman was charged with murder. kit on why neighbors are not surprised she's a suspect.
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>> . >> a crime scene cleanup crew was here earlier today. there is still dried blood at the front door. neighbors say the accused killer was not friendly at all. the blood on both the screen door and the threshold are hints of the gruesome crime scene inside this cozy home on johnson avenue in san jose's famed willow glenn district. it started friday night when police say the woman in the ambulance called police saying she had been attacked by a masked man with a machete. told investigators the same intruder murdered kirk. paramedics took her to the hospital where she was treated and released. by the next day, sjpd arrested her, she made up the story about the intruder and killed her with the machete. the neighbor was skeptical when he learned that she wasn't badly injured. >> it didn't sound believable.
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because from what i understand, hers wasn't life threatening. to me, that was a red flag. >> according to a profile, she immigrated from somalia in 196 as a nurse and studying to become a lawyer. the motive is unclear, but neighbors say the victim is the mother of the accused killer's girlfriend and they had past disagreements. the girlfriend spoke with detectives today, but declined an on camera interview. back at the house, someone layed a bouquet of flowers with simple message, rest in peace. now that he's home safe and sound, the san francisco zoo is trying to figure out how someone was able to break in and steal a monkey. and joe vazquez reports, this break in is gaining new international attention. >> we did increase security. >> while banana sam gets comfortable back home at the san francisco zoo, his keepers
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are ramping up security. they tell us they are repositioning surveillance cameras. they are trying to figure out how it could happen. how someone could breakthrough a fence and cut two holes in the monkey exhibit and take off with banana sam. >> how does that happen? >> we are a 99-acre facility. i mean, we are a 99-acre park. when it comes to an act of vandalism and a motivated criminals. if someone is motivated to commit a crime, they're going to do it. >> case has worldwide coverage. now securing its legendary status with this animation video. the same folks who showed us the tiger woods story are giving us a dramatic reenactment of the monkey theft as well as his suspicious rescue. officials say saturday night, somebody claims to have spotted banana sam. a park about a mile away. that person tells police he was able to quickly lure banana sam into his backpack, then he
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called the cops. this weekend, a san francisco police officer told cbs 5 the recovery story seems quote, implausible. and that the finder has not yet been ruled out as a suspect himself. they are leery of people. this monkey cureator says. they are thrilled to have banana sam back. he seems fine, but he's under quarantine just in case. >> he is still in a period of observation. it takes a little time to determine whether or not he may have been exposed to something that may have made him sick. he's doing very well. >> even though banana sam was returned safely, they aren't ready to pay out that $5,000 reward. they will wait until the end of the police investigation. cbs 5. a memorial tonight for a young boy who was killed last week in oakland. family and friends gathered
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tonight to remember five-year- old gabriel martinez jr. he was standing near his family's taco truck at 55th and international boulevard on friday night when he was shot. witnesses say the gunman was waiting for his food order when he pulled out the weapon. police don't have a motive or a suspect. there is a $25,000 reward in the case. a rookie reserve sheriff deputy is being called a hero for the arrest of a man who police say is the los angeles arsonist. sherman pulled over a minivan that matched the description of a vehicle that had been seen near several of the fires. more than 50 50 suspicious car fires were set in the last week. two police officers arrived after that traffic stop and arrested 24-year-old harry burkehart. police are sure they have the right man. >> we are very confident in this arrest, but we have a long way to go. >> police release surveillance video to the public yesterday
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and that video led to tips that the man in the footage was burkehart. most of the fires were set in carports next to apartment buildings. police are not saying how the fires were started or what evidence they may have. other bay area headlines, fire crews think a piece of office equipment started a fire in a san mateo high-rise. it broke out on the 11th floor of a building downtown. fire crews called in a third alarm because of the size of the building. they think the automatic sprinklers extinguished the flames. there was minor smoke and water damage. beginning today, the city of alameda has more places where smokers cannot light up. under a new ordinance, smoking is now banned in all outdoor public places. that includes dining and recreation areas, bus stops, atm's, and shopping malls. even tobacco shops are
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included. also, those popular hooka bars. the surf contest draws thousands of people every year. this year it's going to cost those spectators. sharon chin on why organizers say they are now charging to watch the competition. >> wow. >> if you are planning to watch surfing magic, the pillar point beach will be closed to spectators. the new viewing spot will cost you. >> trying to figure out what color he is. >> contest director who pioneered the surf break says this year's new plan avoids the injuries. when a wave knocked down more than a dozen spectators on the beach. >> this is going going to be one of the best events we have ever had. have a viewer's point of view. >> the new epicenter is further away from the water. it will be here at the hotel
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and spa, there will be a festival here. >> the concession train. >> the cost, $25 a ticket. >> you're going to get a commemorative poster. you're going to get a goody bag. you're going to rub shoulders with the competitors. >> for a $100 ticket, you get to meet the surfers and get autographs. for a $500 ticket, you can hang out in the vip tent. for $1,000, you can see the contest up close from a boat and get a reserved seat at the awards dinner. mavericks is selling 8 platinum tickets. >> the whole experience cams to sighing the stoke in their eyes and being part of that. >> mavericks will be more organizes. but not everyone thinks the festival is so swell. >> mavericks was something
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that was open. it was something anyone could come to. it was there for everybody. if they are going to commercialize it, then it changes the whole thing. >> i guess nobody will get hurt out there if the waves come up. >> on thursday night, organizers are holding a meeting to lay out the plan for the public. no date yet for the start of mavericks, but the opening ceremony is set for friday at 2:00 p.m. that event is free. sharon chin, cbs 5. first quarter, she has straight a's. >> the secret to success in school coming up, why gym class may be just as important as study hall. >> and how an unhappy honda driver is handling her grievances against that company. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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activi if you want your child to get better grades, you may want to make sure they are getting physical activity. >> dr. kim with the findings of a new study. >> five-year-old leah and her little sister are having a ball spinning around and bouncing at the playground. >> i play outside and it makes
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me happy. >> her mom brings them here a lot to make sure they are getting plenty of exercise. >> we do not sit and watch tv, that's for sure. we don't do that. >> and the study finds exercise may help her children do well in school. researchers in the netherlands analyze 14 studies from the u.s., canada, and south africa and found strong evidence with a relationship between physical activity and academic performance. >> there's the chemicals that are responsible for behavior and learning. and in terms of attention span. >> most of the studies focused on the activity kids got at school. many programs are schools are cutting programs to save money. >> what we can't do is continue to cut physical activity with the thought it will improve their ac
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academics. >> this kindergartener is active in and outside of school. >> leah gets 45 minutes of recess every day. she has straight a's. i must be doing something right. >> and she's having fun and staying fit at the same time. dr. kim, cbs 5, health watch. >> attorneys and auto makers are closely watching what could be a land mark case that goes to small claims court in los angeles tomorrow. los angeles woman is suing honda over the gas mileage she gets in her honda civic hybrid. she was part of a class action lawsuit against the auto maker that claimed that the company falsely advertised gas mileage of its hybrids. she is unhappy with the proposed settlement and launched a campaign online urging people to reject the offer. >> they are basically offering the $100 to $200. >> maximum award is now up to
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$10,000. but if honda does lose, it can appeal the case, taking it to the superior court. well, you probably heard about it. huge island of sorts in the pacific ocean. that's made up entirely of small plastic debris. now as len shows us, a santa cruz company has come up with an innovative solution to turn that garbage into fuel. >> when it comes to plastic junk floating around in the ocean. >> the problem is huge. it's a long way away. there is a lot of material out there. >> nuke has a big idea. >> ideally, 20, 30, o of these vessels working nonstop cleaning up plastic. >> at a nonprofit, they are working on an idea that could some day put an end to the infamous floating garbage patch. >> we decided to use a sailing catamaran. >> gobble up the plastic and
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feed it into an on board cooker system that converts to fuel. the project plans to use a japanese company that has demonstrated the viability of plastic to fuel technology. as seen in this video, the bless company shows how to turn them into liquid fuel. the missing link to solve one of the earth's biggest problem? >> we don't want to put in a hand fill. and we didn't want to burn the fuel to take it in a landfill. so when we coil across this plastic to fuel technology, it was a dream come true. >> rumored to be the size of texas, in reality, they are constantly moving and splitting apart. >> calmer times, currents rule. patterns get smaller.
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stormy, weather controls, pattern relaxes. >> clean oceans project is talking to invest torse all over the world and if it works as planned, they could have a prototype boat out this noon. cbs 5. >> from the cbs weather center, good evening, everyone. today we had highs 58 degrees in san francisco. also to 65 degrees in half-moon bay. now a few passing clouds across the horizon. tomorrow will pan out to be a warmer day, but the day that will hit 70. we'll pinpoint that as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news here on cbs 5. today in the high sierra, the great lake tahoe area had a record high temperature in the mid 50s and tomorrow will be a snow survey day. it could get very ugly very quickly. this is the theme right now. we had a high of 58 degrees. it's spot on for this time of the year.
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number wise, averaging between 2 and 5 degrees above normal. a few passing clouds. temperature wise, 52 in san francisco. we still have a spare the air night into effect and with the patchy fog and a few clouds, we are looking at 40 degrees in san jose. 47 in san francisco. tomorrow's daytime highs slightly warmer than today. again, above average in the santa clara valley. pinpointing locations, 61 degrees in oakland. mid 60s in rapid view. wrap it around, 60s. looks like the fairfield area lost our camera shot there. it panned out to be the second and third driest on record. san francisco, the third driest december on record and we are entering january on an extremely dry note. it's getting dire rapidly. san jose 30% of normal. last year, over 100%. don't get me wrong.
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we have storms stacking up out there. we had a weak front pass through and it washed out as it bent over the northern portion of the bay area. 33 degrees. 40 in san jose. extended forecast, nearly 70 inland on wednesday and thursday and not a rain drop in sight for the next 8 to 10 days. that's the pinpoint forecast, here's kim in sports. >> the warriors hit the road for the first time this season and could stanford end the andrew luck era with a fiesta bowl win? sports is next.
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andrew luck era for stanford ended tonight in the fiesta bowl. the heisman runner up playing in his final game before heading to the nfl. he had four incomplete passes. tie montgomery for a 53-yard touchdown. the cardinals on the board first. tied at 21. not for long. to zach, a 16-yard touchdown. the considereddal retakes the lead. osu may stand for offense because stanford couldn't slow down justin blackman.
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186 receiving yards and three touchdowns. cardinals up 7. 177 yards and two touchdowns. three seconds left, jordan williams to win it from 35 yards left. the game is headed to overtime. keeping his teammates focused. they get the ball first and have to settle for 3. but williams tried for 43 is left again. the red shirt freshman missed three of four kicks. sharp doesexactly that. the cardinals lose 41-30. finishing the year 11-2. luck leaves stanford in better shape than when he arrived. >> at the end of the day, we lost. >> he's a football player that, you know, they come around every 20 years or so. you know, he hates to hear that, but it's true.
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once again, it has nothing to do with how he throws the ball. >> the granddaddy of them all, the rose bowl. mascots would get quite a workout this afternoon. oregon and washington combined for 83 points. darren thomas rolls up and fires a strike. oregon beats wisconsin for their first rose bowl win since 1917. the warriors hit the road for the first time this season, but they were without david lee who missed this afternoon's game in phoenix with an illness. montae willis back after going home for his grandmother's funeral. a pass to dominic mcguire. he had 14 points, but steve nash 13 of his 21 points. the suns win 102-91. the warriors have lost 30 straight. joe thorne son and the sharks in vancouver for the first time
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since losing in the western conference finals. they went to a shootout and michael is the hero. san jose starts 2012 with a win and more importantly, they finally beat the canucks. >> nobody was starving, the 49ers held their annual dinner at the house of prime rib in san francisco. approximately 50-pounds of beef was consumed. the rookie had the most, 4- pound touch. this is one of joe's favorite daily movies. >> all day, all they yesterday. this lase has come close to me. >> over 25 years they have been doing this. randy and joe started it together. they felt like offensive lineman. >> four pounds. >> we'll be right back.
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well happy new year. hope you had a wonderful holiday. because now it's back to work. back to reality. >> yeah. >> it will be a great year. >> david letterman is


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