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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded...
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so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. learned just ha >> police got the wrong guy. a dramatic turn in the bryan stow beating case t new development we learned just a half an hour ago. >> san francisco police tell a different story about last weekend's shooting. the evidence they say proves they didn't kill the young man after all.
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good evening, i'm did dana king. >> i'm allen martin. san francisco police are telling a different story now when their officers shot an armed man. >> geovanni ramirez, the man they swore was involved in bryan stow's beating, turns out he had nothing to do about it. this was l.a.'s police chief back in may. >> geovanni ramirez is, and was, and has been our primary suspect on the stow beating. i'm as sure as you need to be to make an arrest and pursue a prosecution. >> but, ever since the chief made those comments, lapd struggled to provide enough evidence and no charges were ever filed. the lapd has arrested two other men for the brutal beating outside dodger stadium and tonight we have learned lapd
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brought in witnesses to identify the suspects. with this comes a biting "told you so" from ramirez's attorney and family. we have reports from stow's family. >> reporter: word spread quickly among the stow family. >> we know that they have a big job to do and they have a lot of work ahead of them and we're just putting all our faith in the lapd right now. >> reporter: the attorney for geovanni ramirez knew all along his client would be cleared. >> we were up front and felt very confident that, if we kept giving him information, it would lead to his exoneration. >> reporter: from the very beginning ramirez's lawyers lawyers were outspoken, he agreed to stand in a lineup. >> i remember talking to him the first time, i was impressed with his sincerity and demean or. he mold me he had been asking the detectives to give hem a polly graph rights from the beginning. >> reporter: a source says two
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people have been arrested and if the da files charges against the suspects he will be exonerated. he is currently in jail on a parole violation. in the past, his family was also very vocal about his innocence. >> they got the wrong guy. >> i can vouch for that. >> you can vouch for that? >> he was at my house. >> i was to opening day myself. >> there was a photo gallery fundraiser tonight for the stow foundation at aric which had playground, a water sports store in san jose, he was an avid surfer and wakeboarder. owner austin watts has never met stow but felt the need to help the family. he said the break in the case was encouraging. >> it's sad that somebody is put in a spot like that after a sporting event, so that's excellent news that someone is going to remain behind bars. >> reporter: here we are live at the fundraiser where they have collected about $600 tonight and bryan stow, right
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now, is in serious condition at san francisco general hospital. he was able to blink his eyes and wiggle his fingers for the doctors today. and as far as the lapped goes they have not made any statement but we expect that tomorrow. >> kiet do in san francisco, thank you. hours ago we've got another surprising announcement in a san francisco case. officers now believe the teenager shot by police in the bay view district also shot himself. elizabeth cook on why investigators believe he killed himself either on purpose or by extent. >> only that the fatal wound on mr. hardees body was self inflicted. >> and with that an already heated police shooting case got more complicated. >> there's one gunshot wound which enters and exits his left leg. there is a second gunshot wound that enters the right side of his neck and was retained in his head. the bullet, which was removed from his head, is not
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consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> reporter: san francisco police use 40 caliber handguns. they say the bullet that killed kenneth harding was from a .380 hand 2001. police say they also found a .380 caliber bullet in harding's pocket. in the bay view jerryd where many were sceptical of the police version of events. >> sometime they blame the policemen, sometime it's not them, but sometimes it is them. >> this latest news won't probably help police overcome community skepticism. the community's long standing frustrations boiled over last night in a public meeting when cops tried to talk about the shooting. paul henderson is an advisor to the mayor and cbs5 legal analyst who grew up in the bay view. >> there is a lot of conflicting reports out there as to what happened on saturday and that just reflects people's frustration in the neighborhood with a long history of being
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disenfranchised. most of the issues they were talking about had very little to do with the incidents that took place saturday. >> reporter: even though police now say they didn't kill harding it will do little to calm frustration. >> anger doesn't go away right away. it takes time for it to go away. >> reporter: now police believe this youtube video shows harding's gun on the ground. they believe this man in the grey hooded sweatshirt took harding's gun. there is now a $1,000 reward for his weapon and they have not confirmed he shot himself on accident or whether he did it on purpose. >> they told undertakes before there was gun residuen on one hand. that just proves he shot a gun. >> just that he shot a gun, not what kind of gun it was or -- >> okay, liz, thanks. we're getting our first- ever look at what happened during another officer-involved shooting that has also caused community uproar. this one 0 the civic center b.a.r.t. platform. they show us what happened when
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they opened fire on a man with not one but two knives. >> reporter: dana, as we all now know from the oscar grant case, even dozens of video were unable to convince everyone of a single series of events, what chance does a single survey ray lance camera have? take a look. two officers are responding to a call about a drunken man on the platform. within about 30 seconds one officer draws his gun and fires at charles blair hill, 35 years old and homeless. it was the third b.a.r.t. police shooting death in three years. demonstrators protesting the shooting closed down the civic center station on monday, july 11th, one woman who said she witnessed the shooting said he was definitely not running or lunging at the officers when they shot and killed him. josi vasquez had this pin.
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>> i heard that the police officer shot him on purpose. >> with no reason? >> yes. >> reporter: kent rainy uses the video in an attempt to show the police shooting was justified. >> the officer's mouth was moving to give a command to mr. hill to drop the knife. according to what we know mr. hill raised the knife and came forward towards the officer like that. >> reporter: the video, now posted on the b.a.r.t. web site, highlights with a blue circle the path of what the police say is a knife thrown at an officer. the knife strikes the side of the b.a.r.t. plane and slides across the floor. at the same time a muzzle flare is seen from the end of the gun. we asked his opinion again after he was shown the video. >> the suspect dropped a knife you know. >> reporter: looked like he threw the knife at the cop. >> it was on the floor, though, didn't look like he threw it
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towards him. >> reporter: vasquez not convinced. they hope others will be. you can take a look for yourself at the b.a.r.t. web site at that video. >> at the civic center don knapp, thank you. two lawmakers want to stop government from passing a law banning circumcision. they say their bill is in response to san francisco's effort to put a measure on the november ballot. they say if the san francisco measure passes it could open the door for other cities to also ban male circumcision. supporters of the ban say circumcision is unnecessary. block >> it's a violation of the human rights and bodily genital integrity to operate on a healthy patient without that patient's consent, regardless of gender, all children deserve the right to the bodies with which they were born. >> last month a coalition of jews and muslims blocked a lawsuit to block the measure from the ballot saying it would vy late first amendment rights.
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other bay headlines, in walnut creek two homes went up in flames and a third was damaged in creek dale and castle green roads. 5 acres of brush also burned and they say the fire started by downed power lines or in a shed near one of those homes. in front of the grand hyatt. was one of 9 rallie [ chanting ] >> san francisco police cited 80 protestors for failing to obey officers and being in the road in front of the grand hyatt hotel. this is one of 9 rallies in front of hyatt hotels across the country. some employees complain of dangerous work loads, others are fighting to union eyes non- union hotels. they tell the business times that the union called unite here is holding up talks in order to beef up its membership. he also says san francisco's union i've had high at are ready to sign a contract. are you ready for some football? well nfl owners are. dennis o'donnell says it's up
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to the players to approve a new labor deal so that the season can begin on time. fingers are crossed here dennis. >> you got that right dana. a new 10-year deal has been approved by the owners. but how soon can they play football? the nfl commissioner laid out that timeline today. >> we will be prepared to open the training facilities beginning on saturday, this saturday. we will then be prepared to start the nude league -- new league year next wednesday, subject to the players ratifying the agreement as a unit. >> that's the key, ratification. upon review player ratification is no slam dunks. in the words of one player we feel tricked, duped, led astray, hoodwinked. they lead off on august 5 on
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cbs5. dana? >> we hope so. we'll see you in a little bit. schwarzenegger is saying no way. the money that arnold doesn't want maria to get. >> debt talks seem to be making progress. tonight it looks like not only will some americans not pay more taxes, they'll pay even less. >> and the shuttle era came to an end today. tonight the plans google has to shoot for the moon.
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petition for divorce. he says he will not pay spousal support 's fees. a former governor, arnold schwarzenegger, has now responded to maria shriver's petition for divorce, he says that he will not pay spousal support nor will he pay her attorney's fees. the dispute may have little impact on the divorce since the couple is expected to reach a confidential out of court settlement. the couple announced back in may that they had split. that was after schwarzenegger revealed he had fathered a child with a member of their household staff. well, depending upon who you ask the white house and congress are either close to a deal to cut spending and raise the debt limit, or nowhere near an agreement. nancy core diswith the latest on negotiations. >> reporter: rumors started swirling at midday that the president and speaker boehner
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were nearing a deal. briefly speaking stocks before the speaker's office and the white house said it wasn't true. >> the fact is there is no progress to report but we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package possible. >> reporter: still, congressional democrats expressed alarm over word that talks were now centring around a package of cuts to domestic spending and entitlement programs worth more than $3 trillion. the increased tax revenues democrats have been demanding as part of a balanced deal would be put off for a year or more to give congress time to tackle comprehensive tacts reform. that would be a partial victory for house republicans who said they would not vote for a new deal that included tax revenue. i know you have a lot of members that don't like the idea of a compromise or don't want to raise the debt ceiling. have you told them than any deal is going to have to involve a compromise? have you prepared them for
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that? >> i have. >> reporter: and he added. >> at the end of the day we have a responsibility to act. >> reporter: that was the message officials from snp, the financial rating agency, delivered to dozens of mostly freshmen republicans today about the consequences of default. >> i think it's quite clear, based on what we just heard, that obviously nobody thinks default is an option. >> reporter: they tell cbs news the deal in the works would require lawmakers to overhaul the tax code by 2012, closing corporate loopholes and reducing personal tax deductions in exchange for lowering income tax rates and the corporate rate. if congress did not meet that dead lineup, the bush tax cuts would be allowed to expire. for those making more than $250,000 a year. but democrats say that's not a fair trade off because the bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of 2012 anyway. they are furious, which is why the white house is insisting that nothing is set in stone,
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and the president invited democratic leaders to the white house for a last-minute meeting thursday night. nancy core dos, cbs news, capitol hill. tears on the runway after space shuttle atlantis returns to earth for the last time. >> mission complete houston, after serving the world for over 30 years the space shuttle has found its place in space history. >> that pre-dawn landing marks the first time there is no shuttle in orbit or waiting to take off in three years. the job ended today and that puts 2,000 people out of work. they will explore exploring mars and astroids, they say that could happen in 3 to 5 years. google is dangling a $30 million prize to speed up the private race to the moon. the challenge is to land a robot on the moon, travel at least 1/3 of a mile on the moon surface and bring back high definition video from that
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exploration. so far, 29 teams have signed up. and that includes a silicon valley group called moon express. in fact, tonight, they held a little party to celebrate a flight test of a lunar lander. even the toot fairy is feeling a bite from this tough economy. according to a new survey kids across america got an average $2.60 per toot this year. that's 20 cents less than last year. the bay area, however, bucks the trend. the average so far this year is $2.80 which is up a dime. the survey was conducted by visa in case you don't have any cash on you. >> the card? >> yeah. good evening everybody. roberta gonzalez from the cbs weather center in san francisco where today's high temperature was 65 trees, that's down from the average high of 69 degrees. we're taking a lookout towards the transamerica building, it's a live weather camera, and you can see the influx of the low clouds and fog.
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good evening, our high temperatures across the bay area today varied from 63 degrees in half moon bay to 93 degrees in livermore. what's that? oh, listen, we're service neednading you tonight. he is so generous, what a night in the city by the bay. i want the music to continue guys. we do have some most low cloudy skies in san francisco and the clouds are now sweeping across the bay. overnight everybody becomes cloudy from 50 in santa rosa and allen rock in santa clara. now for the morning commute we're grey with temperatures in the 50s, a little drizzle next to the bay and also the coast side. due to this right here t marine layer not quite as far inland as the ultimate pass and nevertheless it will reach due east towards concord. area of low pressure, boy this has been here for about 10 days spinning its wheels. that does enhance the marine layer from time to time.
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we're going to return to westerly flow. 10 to 20 miles per hour, that means the winds below from the ocean on shore. just going to rush that air mass on to shore. the temperatures will be going down in comparison to today. 62 in stinson beach with barely any clearing in any at all. 85 degrees in sonoma, in napa. east of the bay 60s and 70s, close to that body of water, otherwise up to the mid-and high 80s, 86 livermore down from today's high of 83 degrees. 50s, 60s at the beaches, warmer than that in morgan hill. very little fluctuation in the temperatures each and every day with partial clearing at the coast. that's the pinpoint forecast. look who just entered the studio. >> well, you know, you can servicenade me any time eh roberta. >> where have you been all my life. >> any time. a former caddy tees off on tiger woods.
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hear what he said next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by accura. accura, advance. >> well a a few months after locking out the players the
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owners did approve the collective bargaining agreement. the raiders abstained because they didn't like the deal. apparently the players aren't okay with it either. one texas running back put it this way. just got my call from my agent. i will be joining kobe bryant to play basketball in turkey. not good. yesterday, tiger woods fired his long-time caddy, steve williams. today, williams responded, and was upset over the timing of the announcement after he stood by woods a during his off the course issues. >> i wouldn't hit somebody when the chips are down, i stuck by tiger and he put myself in a difficult position there for quite a period of entitlement, i stuck by him and was loyal to him, i'm not disappointed with the fact i got fired, that's part of the job. when you're in this business there is no hidden agenda. but the timing of it ised extraordinary to me. basically you could say i wasted two years of my life.
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suggestionses for tiger's bill muir ray who has won more tournaments than tiger this year. well how about jon gruden who once spent an afternoon on the bag for john daly and has plenty of free time now that he is not coaching. or maybe a guy that knows a thing or two about closing, brian wilson, and eh, the last time we saw tiger, he had facial hair too. i think that this is a perfect fit. >> i have in my hand the thursday night top 5. number 5, if you ever wondered what we do in the sports department when the giants or a's are both off, here you go. bull riding. cody deshawntae making it look easy and he won the event in montana tonight. at number 4, 38-year-old chris blanks is one of only 21 gol terse under par at the canadian open and he is your leader after an open round 67 thanks to shots like that. number 3, it's the cameron maybin portion of the show. the padres center fielder races to make the nice diving catch.
11:31 pm
number 2 you saw maybin come in. how about watching him go out? he leans up against the wall, robs morrison of a home run. he did all this against his former team. good day. number 1, how about one more play from the padres. orlando hudson makes the catch in foul territory, crashes into the wall, he would be carried off the field on a stretcher, but after the locker room, was walking around and tweeting and he said he'd be okay. he hopes to be back in the lineup this weekend. >> wow. >> so he was okay. it's all good. >> didn't drop the ball. >> didn't drop the ball. yeah. >> that's amazing. >> yeah, and he is a good player, one the padres can't afford to lose. >> professional bull riding. >> yes. and brian wilson is our next push tiger woods' caddy. >> because that's entertainment. >> i see that. >> exactly. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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that's a pretty shot. >> nice night. >> nice night here but we're talking about what's going on in new york city. >> 100 degrees there tomorrow,


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