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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  October 24, 2010 6:30am-7:30am PST

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francisco... the giants and the giants win the pennant. >> from the field in philly to streets of san francisco giants and fans are celebrating a trip to the world series. we will wrap up last night's nlcs. a show of solidarity supporters of oscar grant. work stoppage at a local port as sentencing in the deadly case draws near. >> grab your raincoats and umbrellas. a big fall storm is move through the bay area. just how wet and i didn't understandy your sunday will be. it is wet and windy i am ann makovec. >> i am phil matier. we have a lot of news and
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talk to cover in our next half hour. just a little over a week before it is all over election day just around the bend. we will have a conversation with former state assembly speaker willie brown about all the money in the game this election cycle. >> serious political heavy weights have passed through california recently. president obama former president clinton and sarah palin. will their presence really make a difference come november 2nd. we will get to all of that in just a moment. first the big story, and a happy story, on to the world series for san francis giants. a home run late in the game to give the giants the lead. wilson came in to close it out and is celebration was on. san francisco sports, plenty of excitement as fans watched that full-time out. giants maybe. game one giants baby.
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game one giants. yeah. when you get a group of guys that are all trying to accomplish the same thing, pulling together and playing with a lot of heart you can see what happens. and here is the special front page extra edition of the san francisco chronicle it says to the series. that is cody ross named nlcs mvp game one against the rangers, wednesday 5 p.m., at&t park we will have more on last night's game later on in this newscast. the other big story this morn something weather. a big fall storm moving through, jim bernard here early with a quick look what we can expect. >> well, we are taking a turn toward the soggy here this sunday as we have several advisories up to the bay area. wind advisory, high surf, winter storm warning over the mountain, first shot of snow this season. the bulk of moisture will cross through early afternoon into this evening with frontal
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passage as we look toward high- definition doppler here we will see the moisture pooling up across the bay area here as once again we will see the brunt of that energy crossing the region through the early afternoon hours. the bulk of it will be in the north bay, once again we will look for some rain measurable in the onism in the city. out in the hills, two to three inches of rain, tapering off tonight into tomorrow and forecast officially, for the first game of the world series should be no rain in that picture, whatsoever. we will take acolouser look at your rain details here, details coming up. sounds good. a wet weekend but something refreshing jim. a good way to start the weekend. we will check with you in a few. two key pg&e employees on
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duty during the night of the explosion, have not spoken. they reported they were too traumatized to be questioned. ntsb wants to talk about a gas pressure spike that measured just before the pipeline blew. congress woman spear says she expects the board will eventually question the two. the one thing that is important in any of these kinds of explosions, human error is often times the element that is relevant. spear also says pg&e refused so far to give information who was in charge of the pipeline operation that night. justice for oscar grant has been the rally cry in the east bay we are less than two weeks away from the sentencing of if former bart police officer who killed him. hundreds of people came to oakland city hall to demonstrate including some of grants family members, sentencing of meheserle is set
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for november 5th, los angeles he was convicted in july of involuntary manslaughter for shooting grant at the fruit vail bart station last year he said he mistook his gun for his taser. the more stressful it becomes the closer it gets. >> in a show of solidarity yesterday the local long shore man's union stopped work at several ports in the bay area including oakland dozens of members came to protest what they called police brutality over teamsters. federal agents trying to figure out what sparked a fire in roseville. a backpack with possible explosives was left somewhere on the second floor. after a long stand off 23-year- old alexandre piggy was arrested thursday after he locked himself in the galleria and set fire to the mall he claims there were no explosives
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inside the backpack. the count down is down to the single digits, all right. just nine days until the general election november 2nd, millions across the nation already are voting early including here in california. joe here this morning to talk about the home stretch thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. >> very very interesting, clinton, obama, sarah palin, it is a whose who of politics, coming through california and closing days of this election. question is, will we really get the vote out? >> two names matter, barack obama and michelle obama. the rest, michael bloomberg came in for meg whitman. >> mayor of new york. >> one billion air stumping for another billion air. is that going to bring people out? i don't know. they bring in money, obama raised a couple million dollars
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while he was here. michelle obama is coming in tomorrow she will raise a lot of money. seems like money is a huge part of it. i was doing a story covering oh bomb ma's visit i -- obama's visit i guess thursday i was went to the airport where he was leaving and people were saying they didn't know he was here. >> unless they were trying to get to the airport. bill clinton's trip down to san jose it is a rally. we see the shots of everybody on the stain but how many people really turned out? i brought my flip camera and did a 360 shot. that is beautiful there. tons of people but behind him it was empty empty stands with two thirds filled. >> that can't be because people didn't want to be there. >> well, it was a big night. >> wait a minute i mean seriously, if you have a choice between going to the giants, watching a movie or seeing bill clinton and gerry brown. >> okay the giants thing aside
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that is an obvious thing. >> it is difficult to get people buzzed up. >> sunday night, mad man season finale. giants game. >> down in los angeles barack obama pulled them in. >> 32,000 people but he is a kay rays mattic speaker. young -- charismatic speaker. young people know who he is. they weren't even a bad idea when bill clinton was president. he pulls in like middle aged democrats, people in their 30s and such but younger people,. barack obama is the draw. >> correct. >> on one of the races everyone is stumping for is boxer theory that. it seemed boxer was going to edge it out what happened in the last week. she is in serious trouble the people traditional democratic voters, latinos, african americans, people making under $80,000 are undecided large numbers, she said we need to get these
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people out. she needs some people stumping for her. >> have you seen the latest commercial that is against theory that with her former employees talking about how she took away their jobs. that will go for emotions of so many people laid off. >> boxer is hitting on the job layoff, environment and guns and choice and thee oriana is hitting on choice. that is the way it has gone the the whole race. boxer, she has to hit her on all these social issues because she says near theorian you have been there three terms. there is anti washington feelings. >> that is odd you bring in the washington guns to get everyone out to vote. thanks for joining us joe. >> great to be here. there is one not person who
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needs to endorse, cody ross whoever gets to cody ross endorsement could win. >> i knew you would get it in there. >> now everyone is going for that one. thanks joe. big name endorsements are just part of the game also of course a lot of money to be raised. >> up next san francisco mayor willie brown will talk about people digging deep to help fund these campaigns. >> final sunday streak of the year happening in the tender loin neighbourhood. details and what the weather will be like comi david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers.
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she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing
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social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. not quite raining yet, it could be a little wet later but today is the final sunday street event of the season. this times the making its way through the heart of san francisco. and the streets will be closed. 2.5-mile route passes through civic center and tenderloin neighbourhood a full day of
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live music, performances and music from roller skating to tai chi. there may not be a lot of time between now and election day but candidates are still raising and spending in the millions. >> phil talked with former state assembly speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown. >> and man about town and fundraiser himself, to talk about where all the money is coming from. we sat down and said okay what really puts up this kind of money. here is what he had to say. >> people who have too much money to spend, and they really don't know what to do with it, and it is people who want to be seen and people who want to invest in their own future. being a congressman or ambassador or any of those things. >> it is amazing at these fundraisers, when they get up to the $30,000 mark you sit there and go is it more important to be seen by the
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president or everyone else in the room. it is really absolutely both you want to walk down the theoretical red carpet and be able to wave to all the people there, just for admiration purposes and you really get carried away when the head guy like bill clinton will say willie brown and then you've got it made forever. because it is an interesting dynamic people do follow politics, as if it were horse racing or sport there is a group out there whether they be in silicon valley, knob hill or blackhawk that get a rush out of being at what they per se is the power center. >> and some of the people at the $30,000 crowd didn't put up a penny it is their organization, their political action committee, buys a couple tickets because they intend to make a contribution to the national committee you get chosen to represent them but no
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body knows the difference. >> right. that's usually for lower events gubernatorial or senate hey, i got a couple tickets would you like the go. when it comes to president or bill clinton event that is where the top dogs and cats want to go. >> the head guy. head woman. it is whoever is at the top. what also is interesting to me is sales man ship because i talked with the fundraisers they seem to act as if there is never a problem selling out events. $30,000 events are easier to sell out than $5,000 events because $5,000 events you are looking for individual ticket buyers, $30,000 events you are looking for real playerthere are only a few of them and what you do is you let them know exclusivity of the one on one of smoothing what the head guy will be theirs in a limited populated environment. >> what i really enjoy is --
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and you and i have seen it, various rope lines that you have to pass through the reception, that is for $5,000, dinner $30,000 you thing you are the cream there and then you get word that oh, by the way he is having an after thing burger thing back at the hotel room he is saying for the real big guygals for down the line for the presidential down the line that is the ultimate room to be in. >> that is the steve jobs room and very few people ever get to the steve jobs room, unless you are a real personal friend. in bill clinton's case you never even bother to leave the room you would be in his room before the concert or before whatever you call it, that happens for him outside you stay in the room you order room service and when he comes back he throws the tie off, kicks his heels up and you have been there and start discussing the ball game. all right so since i will
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never be ininvited to one of these things what goes on in the room? he doesn't know half these people what are they talking about? >> some of these events major room, ballroom up in the front says the a 60 person thing paying 30,000. they set up tables around each table has say 10 people there is one empty seat at every table the president comes in and after a few remarks he will table hop from table to table, saying hello to everyone getting a picture taken and take that seat to about 10 minutes, of talk with that table answer a couple questions, move on to the next table, next table and then leave >> i can only imagine everybody is just staring at him. i would think there would be an awkward vibe in the room maybe. >> i think they have enough money and smiles going everybody knows the drill to keep it going. >> very interesting. >> speaking of awkward vibes do we have one outside there in the weather? >> nothing awkward about it, just wet. like willie said they are talking about the ball game.
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as we see a foggy sunday taking shape around the bay, taking a lookout side, rain on the golden gate, as well as the most of the roadways in and around the bay this morning. however, the heaviest amounts of rain are falling in the north bay, santa rosa, ukiah, looking at heavy rain that will be glancing off towards the valley here, through the next couple hours. now we are not going to miss that rain entirely but the bulk will remain to our east here you see the light rain showers, light to moderate moving into the bay area at this hour. bulk of moisture to our north looks like it is sliding east ward a little earlier than expected that may reduce our total rainfall amount in greater bay area, but we are talking a matter of a quarter inch or so because it will be wet none the less. winds are expected to ramp up frontal system passing the bay area late this afternoon between now and then we will be looking at conditions ramping up with more rain and wind expected as we take a look
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again at advisories we have a wind advisory up, winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. higher across the head lands, high surf and in the high country we will catch the brunt of this moisture, winter snow warning, levels down to 7500 feet as we take a look at the satellite image, we will see that the cloud cover is moving mainly north here, we are right on the southern edge of it and that is where we will remain through the day again there is still plenty of rain in our future i don't think we will see the bulk of the energy as once again central valley and northern mountains picking that up through the day tapering off showers tonight into early tomorrow morning look for more rain and wind on the way here through the afternoon hours, and that will be our scenario here in tomorrow morning before we see a nice break taking shape as moisture working its way across the valley into high country here leaving us high and dry, beginning tuesday and
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wednesday just in time for the first world series game, another round of showers headed our way looks like by the end of the week. so there you go your soggy sunday taking shape should peak over the next 3 or 4 hours. >> all right keep an eye on that one, and go to a movie, enjoy cbs 5. on this rainy sunday, giants fan are soaking up the celebration. our team going to the world series. >> a closer look at last night's big win and celebration up next [ male announcer ] california jobs gone,
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and barbara boxer plays politics. her hometown paper refused to endorse her, saying we deserve a senator who is effective, willing to reach across party lines. when bickering ends, solutions begin. no partisan games. i'll reach across the aisle, work with others, oppose my party if needed. your agenda, not mine. i'm carly fiorina and i approve this message.
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the san francisco giants are headed to the world series, last night they won nlcs. >> you noticed that. >> yeah you know i heard the cheering and honking from my bedroom window i was sad i had to wake up so early and miss out on the celebrating. >> now we have gary here with highlights from last night's game. go for it gary. >> hey, good morning giants have never won a world series in san francisco they get their chance wednesday night game one against the rangers last night they captured their national league pennant. phillys starter, roy pitching, wildly the first by posey. howard can't hold on, huff would come in to score, half
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inning later things get cooky, ball back to sanchez. words exchanged sanchez pulled by bruce after pitching only 2 innings he also walked two. that turned out to be a great decision. kept the bat scoreless, juan breaks the tie with that shot there, solo shot to the opposite field won game 4 sack fly put the giants in the drivers seat game 6th. bottom of the 9th. two outs, two on two outs, slugger ryan howard looks at the pitch. brian wilson freezes him. giants win the national league pennant. >> giants win it final of 3-2. >> that will do it all you giants fans i am sure you are pumped up i got my hat early they are the champs go ahead and get yours have a great morning. nice. >> he will need that hat today. >> that's right we are going to be dodging rain drops this
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sunday. the first big fall storm of the season is dumping a lot of rain a final check on your ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55? just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger.
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now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend. "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids,
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to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. complete with taco bar, hot appetizers, and scrumptious deserts -- is just $7.99 for lunch!! what a lunch!!! $7.99! sizzler. welcome back. >> the question is how much rain and how long will it last. jim bernard can you give us an
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update. >> looks like rainfall amounts will be much less than expected most energy is going by to our north we will see showers but not quite the deluge as advertised temperatures to cool off mid-to low 60s. low 60s upper 50s coming up tomorrow again the raiderbroncos, 55 there and 49ers taking on the panthers, 74, as we will be cool and soggy locally but clearing out just in time for the world series on wednesday. football is really taking a backseat until we wrap up this world series. >> before we go let's show you more of the giants celebration after clenching the national league pennant in philly. >> they are flying back home. they will arrive this afternoon. game one texas rangers at&t park. cody ross, clutch hitting mvp, ,
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you're a really good kite flyer! thanks, but when i fly a kite, i like keeping my foot firmly on the ground! hey, look what's on this paper! someone painted a picture! wow! nice work! that's really good! it looks like this painting blew away before the artist got to finish it. i think you're right, sally. i wonder who that artist could be? hmm... so do i, lowly. (news van beeps) huckle, sally and lowly: busytown action bug news! (tires screech, lift whirs) goldbug here, reporting for busytown action news! huckle, what can you tell us about this marvelous painting you've found? (wind gusts) whoaaa! actually, the painting sort of found us. you've probably noticed it's very windy out today. yes, i've noticed. any idea who the artist might be? no, goldbug. that seems to be... a mystery!
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a mystery! yes! and we're going to solve it by finding out who the mystery artist is! sally and lowly: yay! ready for it? here it goes! ♪ who? what? why? how? ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ ♪ who? what? when? ♪ who?where? why? how? ♪ ? ? ? ♪ solve a mystery ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ sally: let's get busytown! there you have it, folks! huckle and his team have a mystery to solve. who is the mysterious artist who lost the unfinished painting? i'm goldbug, and that's the buzz in busytown! goldbug out! (lift whirs) where should we look for clues to find the artist, huckle? well, we could start by looking carefully at the unfinished painting. let's see! it's a painting of a man in a uniform. so, if we can find the man in the uniform... we can ask him who was painting his picture!
8:19 am
exactly! so, who would know who the man in the uniform is? pig will: let me have a look! i know just about everyone in busytown. no you don't, pig will. i know more! well, i know annie alligator! so there! no you don't, because it's alice alligator. so there! (hot dog car sputters by) oh... well, i know lizzy lion! pig won't: no you don't, because it's lily lion! lowly and sally: (giggle) hmm... check out this hat in the picture! you know, i've seen a lot of different kinds of hats, but i've never seen one that looks like that before. maybe we can ask someone who knows all about hats to help us. yeah! like mr. hatfield at the hat shop! good thinking. come on, team, to the hat shop! let's get busytown! (traffic whirs) customer: no, that hat is too plain looking. no, no, it's not fancy enough.
8:20 am
no. i want something with more sparkles and more feathers. (door opens, chimes jingle, door closes) welcome to hatfield's hats. have a look around. if you need anything, just ask. huckle, sally and lowly: thanks. okay. sure. lowly: howdy, partner! which way is it to the tumbleweed ranch? huckle and sally: (laugh) i'm little bo peep. i've lost my sheep. huckle and lowly: (laugh) (french accent) i'm chef huckle, and i am going to make the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich you have ever tasted! mmmuah! sally and lowly: (laugh) hey, look! there's a hat like the one in the picture! huckle: yup! that's it! good spotting, sally. thanks. huckle: excuse me, mr. hatfield. who would wear a hat like this one? certainly not me! no feathers, no sparkles...
8:21 am
not fancy enough. this is an admiral's hat. what's an admiral? an admiral is sort of like the captain of a ship! all sailors onboard! sail to the high seas! (chuckling) whoops! heh heh. ah, so sorry, madam! huckle and sally: (giggles) thanks, mr. hatfield! well, if an admiral is someone you'd find on a ship, we need to go to the ocean where there are ships! come on, team, to the ocean! lowly: hmm... how are we going to get out there to find which ship the admiral is on? yeah, huckle. we don't have a boat. true. hmm... (gasps) hey! maybe we can borrow that floatie. woo-hoooo! this umbrella makes a great sail! weeeeeee! lowly, sally and huckle: (laughing)
8:22 am
look, huckle! over there! it looks like the admiral in the painting! he's even holding the same kind of steering wheel! good work, sally! let's sail over there! sally: (laughs)
8:23 am
8:24 am
huckle: ahoy, admiral! we need some help finding the artist who painted your portrait. someone painted a portrait of me? oh no! he doesn't look like the admiral in the picture after all! hmm... hmm... uh, heh. sorry we bothered you, sir. we thought you were the admiral in this picture, but you're not him. admiral mouse: (in admiration) ahh! the great admiral hornblast. the first commander of the busytown sailing fleet. sally: (gasps) he knows him! now we're getting somewhere! you should have no problem finding admiral hornblast. go to busytown central square;
8:25 am
he's always there. you can't miss him. huckle, sally and lowly: thank you, sir! glad i could be of service. raise the sail! we're going ashore! (wind gusts) (traffic rumbles) lowly: i thought he said admiral hornblast is always here in central square? yeah, but no one here looks like him. maybe he went home for lunch? excuse me, sir. we're looking for- admiral hornblast? (chuckling) you walked right past him. huckle: we did? lowly: i didn't see him. sally: where is he now? that's him. admiral hornblast. huckle, sally and lowly: he's a statue?! the mystery painter was painting a picture of this statue! but a statue can't talk, so he can't tell us who the mystery painter is!
8:26 am
hey! look at these paint spots. they match the colour in the painting! you're right, lowly! maybe the artist spilled the paint when the wind blew his painting away! look, more paint drips to follow! lowly: maybe they'll lead us to the mystery artist. let's follow that paint! these paint drips have to stop somewhere. all: (impact grunts) (chuckles) looks like our paint trail ends here. vincent van goat art studio. hello. were you knocking? (chuckling) sort of. yup. that was us! excuse me, mr. van goat, but did you paint a picture of the statue in central square? (gasps) yes, but the wind blew it away before i could finish it. oh, and it was going to be a masterpiece! is this it?
8:27 am
yes! you found my painting! now i can finish it! thank you so much! lowly, huckle and sally: you're welcome! (news van beeps) goldbug here, with an exciting news update! huckle, how did you find the artist behind the unfinished painting? well, goldbug, here's how it happened. we noticed the funny hat in the painting, so we went to see mr. hatfield who told us it was an admiral's hat. then we went to sea and found an admiral, but he wasn't the right one. then we found the right admiral, but he was a statue who couldn't talk. finally, we followed the paint drips back to vincent van goat's art studio, and the painting does belong to him! lowly, sally and pig twins: hurray for huckle! of course, i couldn't have done it without my busytown buds! ♪ everybody, all together ♪ solved a mystery with huckle ♪ ♪ you can solve one too!
8:28 am
there you have it, folks! the missing masterpiece is back with mr. van goat, thanks to the masters of mystery solving: huckle, lowly and sally! this is goldbug, and that's the big picture in busytown! huckle: i'm glad you can finish your painting now, mr. van goat. so am i. even better, now that i can add my new friends to the picture! pig will and pig won't: (laughing and oinking) pig won't: what about me?! pig will: and me! i'm more strong and handsome! pig won't: no you're not, pig will. i am! pig will: no way, pig won't. i am! pig won't: no you're not. ask anyone! vincent van goat: here you go. a picture, just for you! both: huh?! ah, did i mention i like to draw cartoons as well? sally, lowly and huckle: (laughing) lowly and sally: that's funny! good one! now that's a masterpiece!
8:29 am
i don't look like that. yes you do, but i don't. huckle, sally and lowly: (laughing)


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