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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 22, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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. you are looking live at the san francisco skyline. on the left where a shroud of fog has enveloped the top of the new salesforce tower. >> on the right a view of the multi-million light display, but as luck would have it the bay area fog couldn't be outdone.
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>> on a clear night you could see it 20 miles away maybe even farther than that. but certainly not tonight. thank you for joining us. >> san francisco's salesforce tower is officially open. >> it is the tallest building in the city and among the tallest in the west. construction started more than five years ago along a block of mission street. >> nbc 7's news reporter wade freeman got a glimpse of the view from 61 stories high. >> reporter: if 61 stories disappearing into the clouds was not yet a religious experience, today it became one. salesforce tower has transitioned from concept, to controversy to reality with a symbolic ribbon cutting. the ceo in the middle. his company released much of the building from boston properties for at least 15 years and paid $516 million to do so. he calls it a symbol of progress
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and also responsibility. >> we see it as extraordinary wealth, a community with over 70 billionaires but also grinding poverty in the shadow of this very building. >> reporter: 61 floors up the ohana room, as they call it needs some finishing touches. the tower tops at 1,070 feet, high enough to expose some mechanical features of some smaller. >> it's almost like you're in a plane flying over the city. >> reporter: this is an office building, however, and it look like it. the artwork corporate culture, many people do not have assigd desks. the company arranges like minded people in what they call villages. the new digs include free food
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and a mindfulness zone for employee meditation. do you meditate sph. >> i'm still working on it. >> reporter: it appears what goes around, comes around and then up. in san francisco, wade freeman, abc 7 news. >> all right, looking back once again at what we can see of the salesforce tower covered in fog. >> yes. let's bring in meteorologist drew tuma and live doppler 7. >> yeah, ama and dan, that fog tonight we have that drizzle intact. tomorrow and also on thursday it's really just some mist and drizzle we're dealing with. but by friday to finish out the week, yeah, we are tracking some showers. it's not uncommon, though, in may to get rain. we do get rain, it's just not a lot of rain. over 31 days. future tracker rain showing you as that system moves through,
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not a lot of rain once again, but we will be seeing some drops moving through the region to round out the workweek. we're going to be going hour by hour to time this system out there and sho you the much warmer air that moves right in behind this system in that accuweather forecast when i see you guys in just a few minutes. we have new details tonight about a hiker who fell to his death while climbing the steep cliff face of yosemites half dome. rangers recovered his body today. we just talked to one person at the park at the time who said it was raining like crazy. he said it's scary on a sunny day and he can't imagine climbing half dome when it's wet. the man slipped around the time you're looking at right now. new details are coming in from newly released video that shows the chaotic moments a woman deliberately tried to run
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over a santa clara sheriff's deputy during a routine stop that ended with a suspect being shot three times. chris wynn has the latest on the investigation, and let me warn you before we go any farther the video you're about to see may be disturbing. >> reporter: in a matter of minutes a routine patrol stop quickly turns violent. new body cam video gives us an inside look as it all unfolded. the video taken from a body camera on santa cruz sheriff's deputy shows a female suspect striking his partner with one of their patrol cars. that deputy who is not being identified can be heard screaming in pain after the initial attack. this is the view from the camera the second deputy was wearing. the suspect hitting the gas multiple times, forcing him to open fire hitting the woman with three bullets. he's been identifies as 27-year-old jes cow low, a resident who remains in the
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hospital. >> just a reminder how difficult it is that all police and sheriffs have in this country. >> reporter: they encountered lowe and an unidentified man moving plates between two vehicles. the suspects were detained in separate patrol cars and that's when things turned violent. lowe was somehow able to slip out of her handcuff, reach through a partially opened window, open the door and then got into the driver's seat of the patrol car. without warning she drove the vehicle directly at one of the deputies. >> just a reminder how difficult it is. >> reporter: lowe has been charged with attempted murder of a peace officer and six other charges. the deputy returns to week next week. the injured deputy remains out on medical leave. chris wynn, abc 7 news. >> oakland detained several suspects let today after a short pursuit. officers saw a car that
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reportedly involved in a robbery. when they tried to pull it over, the driver took off. initial reports said there were five to six people montana car. police caught up in oakland and detained the group. this happened during the evening commute and as you might expect, there was a significant backup. >> students in an east bay high school have started a petition and plan to protest as well after the district decided to transfer one of their teachers to another high school. many students believe the video prompted that transfer of tyler rust. the video shows him kneeling while the american flag is being raised on campus. abc 7 reporter laura anthony has more from brentwood. >> reporter: he's a teacher from heritage high captured on video kneeling as several of the students rotc raised the campus flag. now that teacher is being transferred from heritage to another school in brentwood. and some students have started an online petition in protest. >> obviously he was off school
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times so what he did then wasn't a big deal. >> it's completely necessary and vital for our school to be open to conversation that has to do with race and the military, because there are things that need to be said. >> reporter: russ told us the real stories that the kids are motivated and want to be heard. this is great example of how citizens can engage in their democracy. the teachers said he's done the same thing five to ten times and always before the start of his workday as always in protesting police brutality and the treatment of african-americans. the student who shot the video told us while he regrets the expletives he directed toward the teacher he and his friends found russ kneeling disrespectful to the flag and the military. in its letter notifying russ of his transfer said the purms of this transfer to address the needs of the district, to minimize the firth disruptions to educational programs. we spoke with mr. russ who told
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us the district wouldn't tell him how he's being disruptive. still he says he won't fight his transfer to liberty high. these students are fighting it. besides the petition they plan to protest at wednesday's school board meeting. >> mr. russ willing to act on his believes encourages us to act on our own. >> and kneeling will be a focus of the nfl owner's meetings this weekend in atlanta. one idea being considered a % 15-yard penalty during the national anthem. also under consideration leaving it up to the home team to decide whether players should be on the field for the star-spangled banner. up next the robbery caught on camera. the video shows the man hammering in the front door of a business. some say he may have done this before. the island turns into a cauldron of fire. the big concern now a power plant right in the path of the
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there's been an arrest in connection with a rash of gold chain snatchings in fremont. police say they've seen a 50% jump in the number of cases this
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year with six happening just within the first three weeks of may. the robber targeted women of east indian descent. victims included mothers who were picking up their children from school. anyone could be a victim. officials said today they arrested this man, germane smith who right now faces one count of robbery. bashing a front door window with a hammer. a man was caught on camera trying to break into an optomry business in san francisco over the weekend. someone apparently the same man broke into a shop nearby. >> reporter: this would-be thief was determined to smash the glass at san francisco's eyes in disguise on union street. when that didn't work he tried to put his arm through the glass and unlock the door. it was no disguise for him as he attempted to break in around 2:30 a.m. sunday.
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>> this is not the first time it happened. >> reporter: the last break in was in january. >> they pulled the display case out into the street and shattered it. >> reporter: getting away with $3,000 worth of chanel glasses. >> they found them on ebay. >> reporter: eyes in disguise enhanced their security, putting in tempered glass and sophisticated cameras. >> this time we were able to photograph him. >> reporter: try as he might the thief got away with nothing. that is who appears to be the same man made his way along union street where he smashed the glass at shah shoes grabbing sunglasses worth thousands. >> pretty upset and couldn't sleep all night after the call. >> reporter: san francisco police say both incidents are open investigations, and the suspect who is unknown may be the same. >> this is new crime that's gaining popularity. >> reporter: just this past december surveillance video captured a man repeatedly throwing a brick into the window
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on clement street. nothing was stolen. police later arrested the suspect after people recognized him from the surveillance video. >> clean our city from these criminals. that's what i like to see. >> reporter: san francisco police told abc 7 news they can't confirm any suspect info at this time. in san francisco melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. tonight hawaii's governor sas the biggest risks have been mitigated at this point as lava from the kilauea volcano creeps ever closer to the plant. if lava interacts with the wells at the plant it could trigger dangerous hydrogen sulfide. this is new video shot from the national guard black hawk helicopter you're watching now. it shows the lava flow and fissure eruptions. abc 7 reporter matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: tonight multiple fissures reactivating, pumping cascades of lava 150 feet high.
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the national guard flying above that hel scape. the only way to capture the scope of it is from the air. right by that fountain of lava the area's geothermal plant supplying 30% of the island's electricity. officials say they've removed 50,000 gallons of flammable gas and are right now racing to cap a final well. in the helicopter we followed those rushing rivers of lava to the ocean. it's incredible when you fly right above you can actually feel the heat generated 2,000 feet above them. the air in the southern part of the island increasingly toxic. and you can see what this wind is doing. it is kicking up all this steam and sulfur dioxide. now, that's hazardous to breathe and multiple times more sulfur dioxide in the air than just a few days ago.
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racing to evacuate their idyllic homes and now returning hoechl home to this. a huge mud slide closed a highway in sierra, nevada. the slide happened when up to an inch of rain fell last night. the highway is in the area of the topaz lake and about 50 miles southeast of lake tahoe. all right, let's turn our attention to the forecast. >> meteorologist drew teama. >> tonight that cloud cover is thick and lowering as we speak. and tomorrow morning we're going to be dealing with some drizzle not only confine today the coast. live doppler 7 showing you a lot of gray on the screen overhead. that's the cloud cover. switching to visibility rogight
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nw. and tomorrow morning some patchy dense fog is likely to be expected. our south beach camera showing the san francisco skyline right now. shot in half essentially as that mist, that drizzle falls across the city. most spots are relaxed, but we saw some issues through the delta. fairfield right now gusting about 37 miles per hour, where elsewhere it's generally less than that. tomorrow afternoon the winds will pick up. temperature-wise we drop into the 50s in most spots. 53 and misty in san francisco right now. about 55 in oakland, and napa 52 degrees. over the next 12 hours the clouds will continue to fill in. we're all going to kind of settle in the low 50s over night tonight. you can see those pops of green on the screen indicating that mist not only confined to the coast but in and around the immediate shoreline. maybe use the windshield wipers
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for a few moments or so on your commute. there's this persistent area of low pressure to our east. this has been there for much of the month. continue tuesday drag in that cooler air. we're watching another system that's going to dive in from the gulf of alaska, and this will bring us a chance of showers as we get to your wednesday. about 71 with san francisco sthoo and about 72 the high in antioch. well, fast forward into your friday. future weather 6:00 in the morning you'll see the green on your screen, we'll likely be dodging a few drops for your friday morning commute. even in the afternoon we keep that chance of a scattered shower in the picture. but as we go through the saturday the system moves out and behind it is warmer weather.
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to finish outlet the month and future tracker temperature watch this. saturday we're getting closer to average. temperatures mainly in the 60s and in the 70s to start off the weekend. as you head into sunday these numbers will quickly ramp up. wii sunday afternoon, look at this, your warmest spot well into the 80s. and then even warmer air moves in here for memorial day on monday. here we go. this is likely very warm to hot across the entire region. near 90 in san jose, and inland we're well into the midif not upper 90s. so warmer weather will be on its way. just going to take its time by next week. you're stuck in this cloudy cool zrizly pattern, wednesday, thursday. there's that chance on friday. and much warmer boon sunday and then just warm to hot over the holiday many and a similar picture tuesday. finally feels like summer to round out the month. >> 90. >> yeah, going close to monday.
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all right, well up next bart says the numbers prove it. the system is safer. >> abc 7 news at 9:00 continues. crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. bart says its system is getting safer. so far this year bart has seen a 90% drop so far this year. however, aggravated assaults increased 26%. property crimes including auto thefts are down 2%. bart has been hiring more police officers and as of last july has been installing more cameras in more train cars. tesla is already responding to a consumer report's review of the model 3 as we reported to you. its brakes perform worse than a ford f150 pickup truck.
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elon musk tweeted that a firm wear update should come in the next few days, and that should fix the car's brake capabilities and that the model 3 now has improved ride comfort and other issues. for its part consumer report says it would be open to retesting the car, and that it would be an industry first if tesla can improve brake performance remotely. up next the miracle survivors. the jet that took off from austin, texas, crashing and breaking in half. there are several americans aboard. also. >> it doesn't happen, maybe it'll happen later. >> the new doubts tonight about that upcoming summit between the united states and north korea. and how to get banned from amazon. the policy rule that few people know
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good evening once again. we'll start this half-hour with a plane ripped apart on landing enhonduras. >> amazingly all six people including five americans survived. abc news reporter maggie ruly has their remarkable tale of survival. >> reporter: this gulf stream private jet now cracked in two. rescuers and bystanders battling against time as they pulled survivors from the wreckage. some try to lift the door, others using fire extinguishers around the plane as firefighters cover it with foam. the plane took off around 9:30 a.m. local time from austin, texas and was attempting to land in honduras' capital. >> you're turning and very close
9:30 pm
to the ground the whole way. >> reporter: onboard six people including five americans. local reports say the red cross took them to the hospital and all are expected to survive. the airport there is surrounded by mountains and notorious for being one of the most difficult to approach. in 2011 a commercial airliner crashed while attempting to land killing 14 people onboard. >> this afrpt will always be among the most dangerous airports in the world because the city has grown up around the airport, which isn't leaving them any room to extend the runways. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy says they're providing assistance to the families of the survivors. >> incredible. today a tweet by the president cast doubt on a potential summit with north korea. however, while meeting with south korea's president at the white house president trump said plans are still moving forward. abc news reporter jonathan carl has the latest.
9:31 pm
>> reporter: president trump today greeted south korea's president, leading him by hand into the west wing to huddle about the summit with kim jong-un. a summit the president now says may or may not happen. >> there's a chance it'll work out. there's a very substantial chance it won't work out, and that's okay. it doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time. but it may not work out for june 12th. >> reporter: it was the north koreans who first raised the possibility of canceling, objecting to demands from the u.s. they give up their entire nuclear program before getting anything in return. today the president suggested he could back down from insisting that kim gives up all his nukes at once. >> it would certainly be better if it were all in one. does it have to be? i don't think i want to totally commit myself, but all in one would be a lot better. >> reporter: president trump seemed to blame china for the complications saying kim jong-un change said his tune after having a second unannounced meeting with the chinese president. >> i think there was a little change in attitude from kim
9:32 pm
jong-un. so i don't like that. i don't like that. president trump made it clear he is willing to offer a lot to north korea's dictator. >> i will guarantee his safety, yes. he will be safe. he will be happy, his country will be rich. >> reporter: he says japan, china and south korea will pitch in too. >> they will be wiing to help and i believe invest very, very large sums of money into helping to make north korea great. >> reporter: the president has relished talk of the summit as a path to the nobel prize. >> that's very nice, thank you. that's very nice. nobel. >> reporter: a military office assigned to the white house has already created a comemerative continue for the summit referring to quote as quote, supreme leader. as the president said he would like to get what he calls an all in one deal with north korea, he left the door open to accepting something less.
9:33 pm
and make no mistake rewarding north korea before it gives up its entire nuclear program would be a major concession. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. the dow dropped following that announcement from president trump. analysts also blame today's losses on the president's dissatisfaction with the u.s. china trade talks. the dow closed down, and the nasdaq lost 15, and the s&p 500 dipped nearly nine points. privacy advocates want amazon to stop the facial recognition. they can use this technology to automate the identification and tracking of anyone. one sheriff's office in oregon in fact is already using the software to check against its database of mug shots. it could fast track facial recognition in other places like public security cameras, for
9:34 pm
example. amazon admitted today it occasionally bans customers who sends back too many itemsch. >> one customer complained there was no warning after the company terminated her account this month. >> it doesn't tell customers returning too manyimes can get them kicked out. but its conditions of use says the company determines the rights to terminate at discretion. a new york couple going to court to kick their son out of their home. he's 30 years old and refuses to go. >> reporter: tonight a bizarre case of parents versus son. mark and christina telling a judge through an attorney that their 30-year-old son must move out of their home. >> they have no obligation to provide support. he's well over the age of 21. >> reporter: in a lawsuit they say they've sent him five letters in the past two months like this one, you must leave this house immediately telling him you have to work. even giving him more than $1,000
9:35 pm
to find a new place. >> there is no reason for these people to have him in their home. >> reporter: michael says he's planning to leave in a few months. >> i'm not a burden to them in the home. they don't provide laundry or food. it's really a moot point for them to seek me to be ejected. >> reporter: the judge in the end side ing with the parents. >> it sounded like they said you need to vacate today. >> it sounded like that too. >> reporter: and now michael says he has his own web business and he plans to appeal, but it did not go unnoticed when he left the courthouse he went right back to his parent's house. abc news, bigmten, new york. now to a video that sparked nationwide outrage. new york attorney is now apologizing for his rant you may have seen. this video shows him yelling at restaurant employees for
9:36 pm
speaking spanish instead of english saying, coat, this is america. slauszberi slauszberg now apologizing and saying he's not a racist. see who's helping out a south bay teacher whose love of music helped inspire hundreds. stay with us. it's not just any streaming.
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a music teacher who introduced a young generation of students to chinese flute is being honored after he died last thursday while fishing near monterey. the students say teacher gow as he was called developed their talent and earned respect by promoting traditional chinese music. >> reporter: in chinese they called him teacher gow. for the past six years he's been teaching traditional chinese flute to dozens of aspiring musicians including 13-year-old may gem, and 10-year-old angeli angelina shu. >> reporter: last thursday he went fishing but was swept across the rocks and didn't make it back to shore.
9:41 pm
>> it just feels like a huge chunk of me is missing. >> reporter: he leaves behind his wife and two young sons plus hundreds of students who he taught this instrument. his students and their families are trying to raise money for teacher gow's family. >> he's always smiling and not only to the students, to the parents. it's a huge loss. >> reporter: in just three days a gofundme page setup by student vivian chang has raised nearly $8,000. a smaller group teacher gow created called small ambassadors and a number of schools and colleges. >> now every time i play the flute i get emotional because i remember how much and how long he spent working on and he spent getting me to this level. >> reporter: the students all say they will continue to play.
9:42 pm
>> i'm going to continue playing. i just want to make shy teacher very, very proud. >> reporter: teacher gow was only 34. in castro valley, david louie, abc 7 news. >> and as david mentioned there is a gofundme account setup to help his family. it's approaching $90,000. we have a link on our website, if you'd like to donate. >> tonight california remembers harvey mimic on what would have been his 88th birthday. heez and t he and the mayor was assassinated. he championed anti-discrimination measures. there arecurrently eight openly lgbt state lawmakers serving, the highest number in california's history. all right, meteorologist drew tuma is next with an update on our forecast. >> and a big honor has prompted
9:43 pm
a big question, who is this? the reaeason everyone
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if you think popping a pill will somehow keep your skin safe while you tan, think again. the u.s. administration issued today a warning. the fda says such pills are not delivering the advertised benefit. instead they're misleading consumers and putting people at risk. the fda commissioner says no pill or capsule can replace your sunscreen. >> good news is you don't have were about that the next couple of days because it's dreary out there. >> tomorrow a similar setup. a lot of cloud cover that's been sturben to clear for most of us. live doppler 7 along with
9:47 pm
satellite showing you you've got a fair amount of cloud cover over night tonight. we're tracking that drizzle alonghe coast also in and around the immediate shoreline. we get you through your 12-hour planner, morning drizzle, gray start to the day. limited sunshine throughout the day. it'll be breezy again in the afternoon, and temperatures will be below average for this time of year. so highs on your wednesday, we're kind of used to this unfortunately. it's been several days now we've been stuck in this pattern. 63 in oakland, 71 in san jose, 69 in concord, and 66 the high in napa. bottle rock will begin on friday, unfortunately we're tracking light showers. the forecast does improve over the weekend. dry saturday and much warmer on sunday. tons of sunshine and temperatures jump to finish out the festival. tomorrow all about that morning drizzle, cloud cover and chance late of a sprinkle thursday
9:48 pm
night. i think the best bet of some showers will come friday in the morning and then we track big changes over the weekend. much warmer weather in the way of sunshine and then it's down right warm to hot. >> thanks, drew. they say art is in the eye of the beholder. >> that's right. and many who have seen the honor given to brandon chastain a over. >> reporter: it's brandy chastain as you've never seen her. this was the plaque presented to the san jose native and soccer icon when she and other bay area legends were inducted into the local sports hall of fame last night. >> the more i looked at it closely, the more i was like, wow, maybe this isn't exactly the picture i thought it was going to be. >> reporter: it's your guess who this looks like, certainly not chastain. >> i heard every from rickey
9:49 pm
moony to gary busy to jimmy carter. >> reporter: talk about a good sport, literally. >> the wealth of actors i get to choose from of whose playing my lifetime series part is bigger than i thought. >> reporter: the president tells me there's never been anyone male or female really happy with their plaque. but jimmy heart aways looks pretty good and so does pitcher matt cane. chastain known worldwide for this photo after her 1999 world cup penalty kick looks nothing like ther likeness. chastain says this gives her a chance to promote what's reel important, the mission of the bay area sports hall of fame, which funds at risk youth. >> they support such wonderful programming. >> reporter: the organization has offered a do over, and despite critics calling the bust a total bust, chastain says last night was a huge success.
9:50 pm
abc 7 news. >> kind of looks like gary busy. >> i thought jimmy carter, actually. dead on jimmy carter. >> we can all agree not brandy. you can catch her reaction to plaque on jimmy kimmel live tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. not a good reaction to the game tonight, either. >> oh, wow, what an ending. >> it's really a good thing i don't coach because i would be throwing stuff all over the place. warriors they're at home, had a big early lead, just couldn't close. we saw a vintage curry flurry.
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
oracle arena ready for a par-tay. all warriors to open the game five minutes in, houston had yet to score. kevin durant knocks down a three. it's 12-0. steph curry careless pass and draymond green didn't see it coming. and they only had 14 assists, their goal was 30. rockets surging with authority. that is harden with a facial on draymond. early turning point for the rockets, 30 for the beard. steph gets hot in the third quarter, curry with a three. a little salsa shimmy goes to 28. chris paul and the rockets are up by one. warriors struggling late. it curry, the drive, finishing with a left. and one, so it's a 2-point game. here comes the dagger. warriors get lost on defense. 94-89 houston. a three for the tie, and curry
9:55 pm
no good. rockets stunned the doves. snapped their 16-game home court playoff. 95-92 is the final. >> i felt like in the fourth quarter, you know, we just ran out of gas. we scored 12 points, tried to buy a little bit of rest for our guys, but, yeah, theyjustgot played in the fourth. >> you got to tip your hats to houston. they came out and we just got to regroup and be better next game. >> try to be more assertive when it comes to what we want to get out of each possession down the stretch in the last six minutes. >> they were completely discombobulated late in the fourth. onto baseball, the giants open up a two game series in houston against the defending world series champs. it did not go well. allonzo spent last year with the astros, and apparently he taught
9:56 pm
the stros t well. george springer around to score. they pounce on andrew suarez. 5-0 now in the fifth. this is brandon crawford hitting one oo the crawford balks. a ray of hope there. but the runners in second and third for jose in the sixth. and he brings it home. the giants got blasted for a final of 11-2. how about a's and mariners? look that that smile right there? a's up 1-0 in the fifth. it was cold out there tonight. a's take a 2 run lead. mike zanino says hello and high deep, and we are tied. it's now 3-2 seattle, and they are in the 11th. the san jose sharks were knocked out of the stanley cup playoff, but there is good news tonight according to sports net canada,
9:57 pm
the sharks have agreed in principle with a new deal, it's a whopper. seven years, $49 million. now, the team hasn't confirmed this yet, but the 26-year-old scored nine games and 26 for the sharks in the playoffs. so keeping him in teal is absolutely huge to get that deal done. as for the warriors game five thursday, got to hope that gudolla and the conitution on his heel is healed. everybody else was gassed. eve kerr played his starters. you know, they were on fumes at the end. >> okay, well, coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 as larry just told you the warriors lost tonight. but so did a bunch of vendors outside oracle arena. at 11:00 why the money you spend outside the arena may not be going where you think it is. >> we'll explain, and more on yesterday's tragic death on half dome, the clymimber who slippedn
9:58 pm
wet conditions. you're going to hear from a bay area climber who was injured this month in jose miyoetin yosl talk about the dangers of that route. we caught up with artists from as they setup a pop up store inside a san francisco bart. their big sellers are these camouflage jackets. >> yeah, check them out. jake frasier makes them by cutting up old warriors gear and selling vintage wariar patches on retro fabrics. >> they all start whispering. something about these really seem to get people's attention. >> they are eye grabbers.
9:59 pm
other unique items include cats on the pocket. >> that was fancy. and warriors t-shirts that are inspired by american artists. you can check out more of these creations on >> they sell more of that stuff when the warriors win. >> pretty creative. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. >> from drew, larry, all of us thanks for watching. >> we'll see you again in one hour over on the big 7.
10:00 pm
(ominous music) - [joe] i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco.


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