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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 7, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. no contract, no work! >> a massive uc worker's strike puts surgeries and thousands of appointments on hold at uc medical centers. >> tomorrow even more workers are set to walk. i'm dan ashley. >> abc 7 newings's kate larson spoke to those on strike and to patients. >> hundreds of uc. ies pictured into the evening hours. >> what are do we want?
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>> they are going for higher wages and better benefits. they worked at the campus for 37 years. >> back in the day, we have better care. they care about the workers and treat the workers right. now they are just outsourcing or job. >> they were picketing in solidarity with the service workers and nurses are joining the strike. they trained replacement workers and had to cancel 300 surgeries >> he was relieved to get a text that the mri was still on the schedule. >> were there any signs of a strike in the hospital? >> no. everything is normal. >> she has been living in the bay since her daughter had open heart surgery and said the care is as goo as weeks prior. >> there is nothing here that has changed. the floor that my daughter on is well taken care of.
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the housekeeping is taken care of and the nurses are taken care of. >> in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> kamala harris pulled out as commencement speaker at uc berkeley. she will not attend because of the speaker boycott called by the striking unions. the chancellor will take her place. new at 11:00, n york's attorney general resigned tonight amid claims of physical assault. abc 7's reporter lillian kim has the story tonight. >> eric schneiderman's resignation came after the new yorker reported that four women accused him of physically assaulting them. as new york's attorney general, eric schneiderman is taking on president trump and harvey weinstein that have come to an abrupt end with his resignation. hooey is accused of choking,
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slapping and hitting those with whom he was intimately involved. he described it as role playing and cons sensual activity, they called for his resignation in a statement. he wrote while the allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, it will effectively prevent me from leading the work at this critical time. i therefore resign my office. >> there is a lot of victim blaming. >> the program director for the domestic violence agency applaud the women who came forward in the detailed allegations. on of the accusers said after the most difficult month of my life, i spoke up for my daughter and all women. >> it brings the issues into light and hopefully more people feel comfortable talking about it. >> he built a reputation
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advocating for women. the deaths of two people found in a sonoma county home are suspicious. they went near orchard station west of petaluma and they were seen selecting evidence. a relative said she had not heard from her sister or sister's husband in a month and mail piled up outside. >> a woman who died in a roll over crash with an ambulance and sedan has been identified. katherine sunday was being rushed to the hospital in san lorenzo. the impact of the crash tipped over the ambulance. two emts and a firefighter and the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. an autopsy will determine whether sunday died from the crash or the medical episode that she originally suffered and was being treated for. >> an suv driver suffered minor
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injuries in the santa cruz mountains. the branches were completely blocking the southbound lane near los gatos. the suv flipped on to its side and came to a rest on the shoulder. traffic was backed up for miles. new details tonight. criminal charges filed in the 2016 death of a worker crushed by the forklift he was operating in san francisco's dog patch neighborhood. three men including the owner of good view roofing have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. court documents allege workplace safety violations led to the man's death. >> let's show you this time lapse video from the big island of hawaii. it's amazing. a fort mustang is devoured b a sea of molten hot lava. the latest piece of property to be destroyed by the kilauea volcano. at least 35 structures have been destroy and 26 of those are
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homes. a couple of new fissures were spotted bringing the total 10. they are spewing out as much as 250 feet in the air. >> with fissures changing at least darryl if not hourly. >> some of the 2,000 evacuated residents are allowed to check on their homes. the volcano erupted four days ago. >> a thief in the east bay saw an opportuty and took advantage again and again. someone broke into 37 car in college park's senior ball friday night at the school's parking lot where people park and were bussed to the off campus dance. >> news aboutests to create more renewab renewable. mandatory solar panels could be around the corner. abc 7 news reporter has the story now from the south bay.
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>> sam rash bought this home about three years ago. we see the solar panels on the roof that came preinstalled by the builder. >> there was a small part we had a part to do. >> mandatory solar panels could be the case for almost everyone. they are set to vote on regulations that require solar panels on most new construction starting in 2020. solar does add to the cost of a home, but it also saves money. >> for a few thousand, if it breaks the ability to buy a home, they are going to save money overtime. >> experts expect the requirements will pass easily. >> it's happening, but it happens much more slowly than if we help push things. >> kristin schneider owns a home in this neighborhood and said they save her about $500 a month in energy costs. the house is for sale and she
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hopes it's a selling point. >> the life is 20 to 30 years depending on the canals. if it pays off in five to six years, that's amazing. >> in san jose, katie marzulo, abc 7 news. >> owning a car is optional in many part of the bay area. >> it doesn't make great financial sense. >> is adding a vehicle adding to your life or just an unnecessary expense. michael finny is here to break down the numbers. >> strike a pose and a look at the fashion stand outs at the met gayle a. >> i'm sandy patel and there are signs of summer in the seven-day forecast. we will look at it coming up. >> all of that is ahead for you, but here's a look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live at 11:00. jimmy? >> thanks, dan. get ready for a glimpse into the future. >> you invited my mom tonight and i kid you not, she was like
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. owning a car used to be a symbol of freedom, but for many it's like a ball and chain. >> looking into the tree cost of owning a car and what it takes to leave it all behind. >> the average car cost per year is $9,000. that's how much you are spending per car. a bigger part of the budget than food and less than housing. you need to take a moment and really consider your options. >> i bought it in 2015. >> chelsea is showing us her car. she likes it. >> yeah.
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nice drive. good gas mileage. >> do you know how many miles you put on it a year? >> about 10,000. >> i asked her if anyone wanted me to figure out the actual car cost. >> how much does it cost you a month? >> 231 and some odd cents. >> they think their car cost what their car payment is. that's not 100% accurate. >> matt is an expert with a respected website. matt is using the calculators to run the numbers, figuring chelsea's gas costs, auto insurance, depreciation and maintenance. >> that' about $3600 divided by the 12 months. that's $300 per month in addition to the $231. your car really costs you about $530 a month. >> that's a big difference.
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>> more than double what she thought, but chelsea has no plans to go carless even though there are plenty of other options. timothy burr is director of public policy for lift. >> when you do the math and dive into how much you are spending skpo start to look at the alternatives. if i am utilizing lyft more and walking a bit more, i think you start to recognize it doesn't make great financial sense to own a car. >> timothy got rid of his car and said a quarter of all lift trips start or end at transit agencies. andrew is with uber. >> we're don't see people replacing the one to one with uber. they use a combination of modes. >> that's what ashley is doing. she commutes by bart from oakland to man? walking on both ends. nearly everywhere else, she takes lyft. >> there is a lot of freedom in not having to worry about insurance. >> when are dzhokhars lose their
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gr grip on us. millennials are less likely to own a car. when we live or work near public transit. ease of use is key. >> you are using that car, it's easy to understand. we want to build something as convenient as doing that. >> if you do the math, you may leave the car behind. >> i would say i'm saving at least -- >> ashley is running the monthly numbers. >> $600. you would save about that. uber and lift offer carpool rides and also experimenting with subscriptions so you will know how much a commute will cost you. things are changing very fast and you need to keep track of them. you use your car about 4% of the time. >> i'm time you are awake? >> it's amazing. >> it is changing fast. things will be differently in five or 10 years.
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>> heavenly bodies floated cross the red carpet at the metropolitan museum of art in new york city. celebrities dressed for the met gala's theme. rihanna stunned in her papal pearl and gown. katie perry played a post punk angel in a metallic mini dress with massive wings. jared letto channelled jesus in gucci and sarah jessica parker, the met gala queen wore a neapolitan nativity inspired dress. >> those are some outfits. how did she get in the car? >> no question. >> on to the weather. >> it's changing weather. >> you might top the dress in layers. i want to show you a sunset from e east bay hills camera.
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a few clouds to give us that extra color tonight. it was spectacular. more of the high clouds into tomorrow, but one thing that started to change is in addition to the high clouds as you check out live doppler 7, we have the fog back in along the san mateo coast. tomorrow morning you will be waking up to the fog near the coastline. temperatures in the 50s. a look at the highlights in our tower camera and a beautiful view of fran. breezy and cooler the next two days and warmer thursday and near 90 inland by the end of the week. let's check out the temperatures for concord and you will see what i'm talking about. the numbers will fall the next couple of days from 80 to 76. look at friday and saturday. you are close to 90 degrees inland which is a hint of summer in the bay area. a live picture and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you will deal
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with the fog. it will be near the beaches and parts of the east bay and north bay as well. when you take the kids to cool, watch out for the fog and it will hang tight near the coastline for the rest of you, you are looking at clearing skies. temperatures in the mid 40s to low 50s, but mostly upper 40s to low 50s. fog is going to be a problem in the morning for the afternoon. it will be a breezy day and temperatures drop. today was warmer in many areas we go the opposite direction. low 80s inland and 60s and mild inland. a mix of sun and high clouds. here's the forecast for the next friday, saturday, and sunday. sunshine mid 60s to upper 80s. you will start to notice or summer microclimates and for mother's day, fog and temperatures starting to fall. it should be nice for any plans you have for mom. the seven-day forecast with
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morning fog and a cooler afternoon tomorrow. cooler and breezier on wednesday and the temperatures do a turn around. the rising readings. friday and saturday close to 90 inland. mid 60s coast side. temperatures come down and mod r5i9i i rating and into monday it will drop more. you can check out the temperatures any time you want. >> getting warm by the weekend. >> time for the beach. >> thanks. bay area footies find out which of your favorite eateries chewed up the competition to take on the top culinary awards. >> inside the met ga and a recap of the hottest looks. former contestant and host of dancing with the stars breaks down the episode. be sure to tune in, but stay with us. we will be back.
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crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. . the warriors have lost more game this is postseason than all of last year when nay went on the remarkable 16-1 run. they can close out new orleans tomorrow night at ocle and they know it won't be easy after getting rolled out, they roared back and took a commanding lead on sunday. draymond green close to another triple double. he keeps warning his guys the playoff run was the exception, not the rule. >> year after year in the nba champion has to go through so much to get there and that's why you pour champagne on each other. it's supposed to be hard. the rest of the playoff no matter how long it goes, it's going to be difficult.
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>> nba hoops, lebron and the cavs going for the sweep. the behind the back pass to kevin love. the nasty spin move and lay up and the cavs are in control and the shot of the day from behind the backboard, he goes in. certainly worth another look. 29 points and 11 assists. 1 128-93. lebron is going to the eastern conference finals for the tenth time in the past 12 years. the out fielder was not with the team tonight. he is mourning the loss of his mother, gretchen who lost her battle with als. she passed away last night at the age of 55. as for the game, houston scoring early and auchk. george springer crushing the brett anderson offering into orbit. 462 feet, 5-0 after two.
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springer went 6-6 and the first to do it since joe morgan in 1966 and houston rolls to a 16-2 win. giants opening the set in philly. the deep drive. hernandez has a beat on it and leap, leap, and grab it. it goes over the wallnd it is a three-run homer for carlos santana. they had a goal on it and the phillies roll, the final 11-0. abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. the warriors in action tonight. always have to grab it. thanks very much. >> abc 7 news continues on line and facebook and your mobile devices with your app.
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the james beard awards are the oscars of the culinary world and we have local winners. >> outstanding baker went to belinda and michael in san francisco. trendy bakery is known for their queen cake. >> best service went to zuni cafe in san francisco and best chef is dominique kren in san francisco. >> fancy, fancy. i'm hungry now. >> it's sports we need to talk about. >> we areare cooking up highlig. bay area teams gave up 27 runs and scored just two. lebron james owns the east. how king james has the kafs up
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against the raptors


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